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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

To be very straight forward the easiest way to get more sales is simply by using email marketing. This subject gathered a lot of controversy over the years simply because people are using it THE WRONG WAY. A lot of the gurus out there tell you not to use such methods because they are risky. Indeed they are but if they are used wisely and responsibly nobody will have any problem with it, trust me. Ok so let's get to the point. You probably know that the most effective way to market products on the internet is via email. But getting those emails is hard. To be completely honest it's not that hard at all, but as I mentioned before it can be risky if used in an unprofessional manner. This mostly happens because people get spammed with things they never intended to get information about and people who advertise never have an "unsubscribe" link. (unsubscribe link is a MUST HAVE) I will give a set of rules for you to take in consideration before going on your search for the perfect leads. RULE #1 >> never and I mean NEVER! buy or even think about getting close to something that reads: "50+ fresh new emails every month". All you will get is a big fat slap on the face along with a software that reads "success your ad has been sent to 50 mil recipients". Who is stupid to believe something like this? RULE #2 >> always make sure that what you are getting offers no more and no less then 10 000 - 70 000 leads per week. Everything above and under may smell as scam or as a waste of your money. RULE #3 >> make sure that the person who is selling the leads has a lot of personal information about each and every single person in his list. This is a high indication that the product is not a scam and that HE the seller is gathering helpful information for you in order to receive leads that have a general interest in your area of business. RULE #4 >> this is the last and most important rule. Make sure that HE the seller has each and every lead's consent on giving his information to third parties. The respectable lead sellers have forms that people fill out not just a pop-up asking for the email. This is vital as SPAM can get you in a lot of trouble. I have looked for the easiest way to get more sales in the past. Email marketing is by far the best. I found a service that provides me with leads and I am happy to say that I am getting 50 000 every week with a sale conversion rate of 1 in 600, it's probably my product but still you only need 2 sales and you have paid for the leads.

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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