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Well let's be clear, I am not talking about being a jerk to your customers, co-workers, or anyone else. What I want to discuss here is that really good salesperson; you know the one I mean. They have a game face in front of the customer; they have a game face for their co-workers; and this game face is effective... but it is not necessarily nice. The typical professional salesperson should have many qualities. They should be professional, enthusiastic, confident, polite, and even witty, but not nice. I know what you're about to ask. But Rich, why not nice? Aren't we all supposed to be nice to each other? My response is this. What is nice? Nice is that always wanting to please everyone quality; it's the don't get in anyone's way, never make anyone uncomfortable, always ask for permission quality in you... that's nice. And that is exactly why not nice. As salespeople, if you're going to have consistently strong sales results you will in fact, not please everyone all the time (we're often interrupting our prospects when we cold-call), get in people's way (you must occasionally crush a second-basemen that gets in the way), and you will occasionally make people uncomfortable. Oh yeah, and to close more sales, really good salespeople tell their prospects what to do and never ask permission (except to continue the conversation...come on we have to be polite). Being a nice guy in sales gets you to only one place... last. Nice guys are the ones that say, "Okay I'll come back another time" because their prospect is with a customer or another appointment instead of having the temerity to wait and see the prospect face to face. Nice guys are the ones that are wondering if you might possibly have some time for them next week. Guess what... no, they don't. Nice guys are the ones telling you how much they'd like to meet with you but are never able to really give a good reason as to why you should take the meeting. It's not about nice. It is about being professional, confident, competent, enthusiastic, and polite. For your prospects it's about the benefit they get when buying your product or service, period. Stop being nice and start being professional and confident in yourself and your product and the value it brings to your prospect. The more confident, professional, and enthusiastic you are, the more you'll control the sale and add value to your prospects life. To sum up, it's not about being nice... it's about being valuable.

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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