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How many times do the words we speak prevent us from achieving our goal to increase sales? Common every day words can spell disaster for salespersons. Yet, many of these very smart folks do not realize how just one word can easily become the barrier to converting a qualified potential customer (a.k.a. prospect) into a loyal customer. Much is written about 4 letter words, but there is far less written about five letter words. So what is this commonly spoken word? Simply speaking, the word I am referring to is "stuff." How many times do you hear a sales professional or someone on the radio or mass media using the word stuff. From, "we have a lot of stuff in our warehouse" to "there is so much stuff involved" this word is used day in and day out. Unfortunately, for whatever the reasons, salespersons and probably many others who are also involved in selling, but do not receive compensation for their efforts have decided to speak in short sound bites. The descriptive words of the past have been left in the dust to be replaced with short, all inclusive words that lack details, but provide brevity. Now what would happen if the salespersons began speak substituting specific words for stuff.

Would this not bring greater clarity? Would this not lessen confusion? Would this not make the seller sound far more educated?

Selling is all about relationship building. To achieve this goal requires you demonstrate professional sales skills including communicating with purpose. Words like stuff are not purpose driven and truly make you sound like all the other gray suits in the market place. If you want to win more sales, to stand out, to be noticed first and truly be the Red Jacket in a sea of gray, then expand your vocabulary by being specific. And the one additional benefit to this tactic is it will not cost you anything, but a little effort.

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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