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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

With the world economy in a downturn and people not buying as they should, finding ways to increase sales takes on a new sense of urgency for businesses that are struggling. Finding ways to increase sales levels does not only relate to businesses in trouble; companies that are doing well but want to increase their bottom line can also benefit from the information contained in this article. Many businesses believe that increasing sales figures means targeting new business; this can be true to some extent; however it has been proven through research that it is far more profitable to get existing customers to buy again. One of the best sales prospects is a consumer who is already a current customer. You need to adopt focused methods of selling to existing customers, enticing them to buy again and convincing them that they absolutely cannot do without your product. As you increase sales you are also building customer loyalty. Get your sales people to sell more: When your sales person up-sells a product, he is in effect adding on related products to the main product and selling it to the customer as a must have package. Your customer has to be convinced that he needs all of the additional products together with the original product and that the benefits far outweigh the expenditure outlay.The sales person has to be dynamic enough and observant enough to find ways to work additional products into the sale and convince the customer of the necessity in having the products and the convenience of buying them right away. Sales incentive programs: You are dependent on your sales staff to sell and expect them to increase sales whenever you put up their targets. How do you motivate your sales staff to sell for you; they need to have some sort of driving force and for sales people in a word it is 'incentives'. Giving your sales people something to work towards makes all the difference to their selling attitude. If you had a trip to the Far East to look forward to, provided you met your quarterly sales target, I bet they will be out there knocking on doors come rain or shine! That is one way to go about motivating people to sell. Always keep your customers informed: Telling customers about upcoming sales promotions means you are encouraging them to come back when items are cheaper. Sure you may lose 20% or so off a sale if the customer does not buy immediately but decides to come back during the sale. However, what you need to understand about buyer psychology is that in addition to the item the customer originally intended to buy, they are sure to end up picking up a couple of additional items because of the sale. Moreover, customers who have knowledge of upcoming sales promotions always pass on the

good word, so you have free word of mouth advertising as well. Customer loyalty rewards: Always take care of your customers. Big businesses make it a practice to look after their clients and its true they have the resources to do so. However, any business, irrespective of the size should be able to take care of loyal, repeat customers. A good way to do this is to set up customer rewards programs. Look after your customers and they will come back to you, thereby helping you to increase sales.

Bill Glass has coached, consulted and held workshops with numerous business owners, CEO's and professionals on marketing, employee relations and creating a customer service philosophy and culture. He is a platinum expert author at and a certified business coach and an authorized marketing consultant. He can be reached at:

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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