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An entrepreneur naturally looks for new connections, different ways to do things, and is always walking to the beat of their own personal drummer. Some entrepreneurs go into business for themselves. And others don't. There is more to being in business for yourself than the idea. YOU are the major factor in creating your own online business. What qualities of the natural entrepreneur do you need in order to create a viable internet business? The Natural Entrepreneur is Passionate The whole point of being in business for yourself is to be able to follow your passion, wherever it leads you - to take your dreams and bring them into reality. So don't choose an idea because it might make you money, choose it because you HAVE to do it, you NEED to do it, you WANT to make a difference the lives of the people you will serve. The Natural Entrepreneur is Flexible Entrepreneur Magazine says 2010 will be the year of the entrepreneur because unlike a large company we are fluid and flexible and can respond quickly. Are you flexible? Can you change directions easily? I sometimes get going so thoroughly in one direction that to turn me is like stopping a freight train. I could handle that better if I would periodically stop and question my direction along the way to see how things are working. If I still want to go in that direction - great. If it needs tweaking - tweak. If it needs to be abandoned have the courage to drop it. So flexibility is a necessary quality. The ability to change direction, to toss out something that isn't working and expand on something that is. To respond quickly, to know you own mind, to make decisions quickly and surely, and be prepared to change direction if you chose wrong. The Natural Entrepreneur is Creative Having an idea is creative. Bringing that idea into form is an art. It is about the ability to look for new ways to do something, new applications, new insights, and new approaches. There is a constant questioning quality here, of choosing everything with fresh eyes. The natural entrepreneur sees connections that others don't and sees possibilities where none seem to be. He/she is flooded with ideas and has to work at choosing the best ones. Managing ideas and shaping them into form is very creative, whether they turn out to be organized ideas on a page or a gizmo that makes something work better. Ideas are the gift of possibility. The Natural Entrepreneur is Independent The natural entrepreneur has a willingness to be different, to stand apart from others, to stand

alone if necessary. The entrepreneur is seldom part of a herd - unless maybe it's a herd of other entrepreneurs and then that's like trying to herd cats. There is a bit of bravery involved here, to be willing to go it alone, or do it your way when no one else seems to be going in that direction. It can be a bit lonely, but with every step you stay true to yourself and follow your own passion, your own dreams and your own intuition. The natural entrepreneur can manage criticism - if it is good they will absorb it and implement it. If it is not they will ignore it. They stay true to their vision while being open to change. The Natural Entrepreneur is a Visionary A visionary sees potential, explores possibilities, and always presses against their own boundaries. Seth Godin in Lynchpin suggested that working "outside the box" was not what we wanted to do because we are all alone out there. He thinks we should always work along the edges of the box - pushing those boundaries further and further out to expand the entire contents of the box - which includes everyone. However, when we let our vision stay too close to what we know on the physical plane, we naturally accept the limitations of the physical plane. When we actually sit down to vision, we must allow ourselves to wander in the field of infinite possibilities and allow the connection to the earthplane limitations to break so we can really go exploring into new territory. If you've ever been around a visionary who is sharing a great idea, the worker bees are all sitting there saying "how do we get that done" And the point is, the visionary does not stop her vision based on how it can happen. If you think it can happen. it can. The Natural Entrepreneur Believes in Themselves Natural Entrepreneurs have a strong belief in their own value, what they have to offer and their ability to deliver it. They are tuned into their inner calling and simply go make it happen. They maintain a positive attitude and know that they can figure out how to do or get done by others, anything they want to accomplish. There are driven by their belief that they can! The Natural Entrepreneur is Constant Learner There is a consistent curiosity about a natural entrepreneur, they are always learning new things, taking classes, reading books and blogs on their topic, and networking with others in their field. They try new ways to accomplish tasks; they look for and see new connections between the things they learn, and they rush out to share what they have discovered with others. The Natural Entrepreneur is Committed Whether racing across the finish line in the lead, or consistently moving forward one step at a time, a natural entrepreneur maintains a steady and persistent forward motion toward their goals. They are not discouraged by small steps; in fact they break their work down into small projects so they can see a completed step and a steady progress. The keep their eye on the top of the mountain and move steadily and persistently up the path leading to the summit.

The Natural Entrepreneur is Resourceful There is always another way to do something that might be easier, faster, or more lucrative. The natural entrepreneur finds the way around the barrier, or a short path to the top of the hill. They are the scout that leads the pioneers across the mountains. They explore, they examine, they consider, and they choose. And if one way is blocked they find another way. Are you a Natural Entrepreneur? It's OK if you're not, but if you want to be you can always develop the qualities that will help you reach your goals. Look at your strengths. Build on them. Forgive yourself your weak areas. They aren't really weak; they are for someone else to enjoy doing. Follow your passion, be flexible, know that bringing your ideas to life is an art form, take time to vision and find a new path, be committed and resourceful and always believe you can!!!!

Cara Lumen, Your Idea Optimizer keeps you passionately on purpose and helps you buils your successful business from your inside out. A Business Coach, Content Developer and Educator her Magnetic Marketing Method Program takes you step by step through the skills you need to succeed. You can keep in touch with Cara through her blog at and her Passionately On Purpose emagazine at

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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