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Many independent restaurant owners have more menu than they need. Being efficient in the restaurant business is very important. It's difficult for your employees to be efficient or fast with an expanded menu. You cannot sell everything and trying to do so will cause you to order, store, inventory and pay for more food than is necessary. That will hurt your profits and it also makes it more complicated to train your crew because now everyone has much more to learn. A better method may be to specialize in something. Maybe hot dogs, hamburgers, spaghetti, BBQ or Mexican food, then add a few side items. Now you have a simple menu that is both simple and efficient. You will find, in the restaurant business, that customer service will be the key to success and a simple menu will improve your customer service because now your crew will have less to learn. With a simple menu of this sort you will need less storage space and you will have less money tied up in inventory. That means higher profits. Being an independent restaurant owner, you cannot afford to have items on your menu that don't sell, if you do all your money will be tied up in inventory. If you do have a slow moving menu item, monitor the sales of that item for an entire week. If this item is less than 1% of your sales, you may consider taking it off your menu because this item is costing you money. If you did have such an item on your menu what are all the things you could trim from your inventory because of this item? Let's say that you have salads on your menu and for one reason or other, they would not sell. You could eliminate the containers you package them with, all of your salad dressings, bacon bits, crotons and crackers. This will drastically reduce you inventory and add this money to your profits where it belongs. Keep you menu simple. Learn more at

Tom C. Bradburn has have been involved in the restaurant business as an employee, manager and owner since 1962. Mr. Bradburn the author of "The Independent Re$taurant" and "How to Open a Re$taurant and Keep it Open"! and have conducted 478 restaurant seminars. Find more

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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