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==== ==== Here are your quick viral traffic tips. ==== ====

Using a viral system to generate traffic can be powerfully effective, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here's a great case study using free tools... The site concerned is a music site. The band runs local jam session in the area, where anyone can turn up and have a play, good or bad. For his website, the chap that runs the band and the jams uses a free myspace site. It doesn't have to be a myspace site, but he makes a classic use of the viral traffic technique. At every jam, he records all the performances - nothing fancy, just a hand held mp3 recorder propped against the bar, (these jams are always held in pubs). Then, that night after the jam, he uses the free music player available on myspace to put the performances for anyone to hear. What this does is encourage the acts to not only visit his site the day after every jam, but it also encourages them to send their friends to the site. A lot of people at jams will never have heard themselves recorded live, so this is a huge thing for them. The site owner has provided value, but with no cost to him or the other players, yet generates free traffic. Also, to tweak the technique even further, because runs 3 or 4 jam nights a week, the songs only stay up there for a short while, 1 to 2 days. So not only is the traffic forced to go to his site to get their free listen, they are forced to go there within 2 days of the event! This is superb viral marketing! On his site he advertises himself, and future jams. What a great example of how to viral marketing to generate traffic. You can provide something for free to others, and if it provides value, and they are forced to come to your site to get the full benefit, plus they are properly motivated to pass it on to others, you have

got it right, and it is *other* people generating targeted traffic to your site!

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==== ==== Here are your quick viral traffic tips. ==== ====

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