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The most common question every salesperson, sales manager, and business owner wants the answer to is how to close more sales. Believe it or not the answer really isn't that elusive. The answer to the question of how to close more sales is simple, turning that answer into results is quite a bit more challenging. Where do we start on our quest to close more sales? The first place we need to look is at our sales process. Do we have adequate prospecting materials? Are we consistently making time to prospect? What happens when we schedule a meeting or are in front of the customer? Do we have what we need to close the sale on the first meeting? What happens after the sale closes? In other words, how does the company and in turn its sales staff get paid? These questions can all be answered through the sales process. If you have a well thought out sales process you are well on your way to closing more sales. Maximizing The Process to Close More Sales. You have the process thought through. The next step to close more sales is simply to ensure that each stage of the process is done well. We start with prospecting. Make sure your sales team is well-trained to prospect in whatever manner they choose. There should be more than one as they should be well-rounded and able to cold-call by phone, network, send direct mail, etc. But make sure it's consistently done and they are engaged and in the moment when prospecting. Next track those prospecting activities and results. By the way, you care more about the results than the activities. Use Questions To Close More Sales. From there, move on to the actual interaction with your customers. How is the meeting run? Are the salespeople effectively building value and asking good discovery questions that will lead to a seamless close? Or are they running at the mouth losing the attention of everyone to which they are speaking? This is a key aspect of how well a salesperson closes a sale. The best salespeople get their prospects to buy and never have to close...or at least not very hard. They do this by asking really good questions and getting the prospect to tell them what their buying motivations are and how to sell them whatever it is they're selling. How Do We Close More Sales? In short we 1) make sure every part of the process is working, and working well. 2) We make sure our staff is well-trained and that they are prospecting regularly. 3) And we make sure they are effective in front of the customer by controlling that meeting and asking great questions that build

value in our product. Every one of these steps will help you close more sales.

Richard Garvey is the owner of Sales Results Fast, a Minneapolis, MN based sales training and consulting firm. He has been featured in articles of the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal and works with companies from a hundred thousand dollars to a hundred million dollars in annual revenue. Sales Results Fast offer engaging and interactive classroom training, sales team consulting and building, and individual coaching. Set more appointments, close more sales and make more money. You can start today with our classroom training. Read what our raving fans have to say about us at or for information on classes and event schedules please visit us at:

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==== ==== Here are your business tips to help increase your profits. ==== ====

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