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also offers exclusive services of biological and physicochemical characterization of nanostructures and products containing them, for optimizing their performance as a first step to their previous use in biotechnological applications. The company has highly qualified and internationally recognized human resources, stateof-the-art laboratory capabilities, standardized protocols. Finally, nanoimmunotech has the know-how to proper advice and validate the design and production of various nanosystems as well as the design of biosensors thanks to its proprietary technologies. nanoimmunotech

is a new European company in the nanobiotechnology sector, founded in August 2009. nanoimmunotech core business consists in the bioconjugation of micro/nanoparticles and biomolecules aiming to massively simplify the production of conjugates that are needed for research and for biotechnological applications in different sectors (biomedical, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, veterinary, agro-food, environmental, etc…). nanoimmunotech




the simplest, quickest and most versatile bioconjugation

technology (mono-and multifunctionalization solution)

NITZIPPER is a family of products ready to be used in an easy, immediate and effective conjugation through a new and revolutionary bioconjugation technology that allows you to combine many different types of micro/ nanostructures, biomolecules (antibodies, dyes, enzymes, linkers, drugs and other molecules), in practically any combination in an oriented way and without modifying their properties.

NITZIPPER is also a multi-functionalization tool that allows you to join not just two different types of molecules or micro/nanostructures with each other, but many of them simultaneously, allowing you to create a multitude of new micro/nanosystems for their use in infinite applications. It is not a specific solution for a specific application. It is a technology that you can use for improving traditional applications (antibody labeling, immunoassays, flow cytometry, ELISA, biosensing, magnetic separation, and many others) but also for exploring the ones you can possibly imagine or need. A strong and stable union between the different pieces of the micro/nanosystems is performed thanks to matching linkers named Linker U and Linker T, each one on the surface of NITZIPPER pieces. More information on


biological (in vitro & in vivo)

characterization services of nanosystems

NITBIOSAFE is the quality brand offered worldwide by nanoimmunotech, gathering all the necessary services for consultancy and biological (in vitro & in vivo) characterization of nanostructured materials.

NITBIOSAFE offers you a wide range of characterization techniques that will allow you to easily and quickly access the true biological properties of your nanostructures: biocompatibility studies Aggregation

tests, sterilization, nanotoxicity, lethal dosis determination, biodistribution.

immunologic studies Dendritic

cells differentiation, coagulation induction by leucocytes, leucocytes proliferation study, nitric oxyde production, chemotaxis assay, phagocytosis assay, etc.

hematologic studies Interaction

of plasmatic proteins, complement activation, coagulation study.

efficiency studies NITBIOSAFE

assays are based on standardized protocols and experimental environments that ensure optimal laboratory results, implementing USA recommendations and all EU regulation regarding nanosafety.

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physicochemical characterization services of micro/nanosystems

NITCHARACTER is the quality brand offered worldwide by nanoimmunotech, gathering a complete portfolio of physicochemical characterization services of micro/nanomaterials.

NITCHARACTER provides consultancy and high precision testing using techniques that will allow you to easily and quickly access the true character of your micro/nanostructures, such as the following techniques: –  Size and size distribution (DLS, SEM, TEM) - Morphological analysis (TEM, SEM)

–  Surface net charge determination (Zeta Potential).

– Chemical and structural composition (EDX, Elemental analysis, ICP-MS, FTIR, XPS, RMN-1H, TGA).

–  Instrinsic properties (SQUID, UV-vis spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy).

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the marketplace for your complete particle needs

NITPARTICLES aims to offer to its customers the opportunity to find, in a centralized manner, a large variety of high quality particles (micro- and nanoparticles), some developed by worldwide highly prestigious companies and others developed in nanoimmunotech’s own laboratories, covering almost all comprehensive needs. Accordingly, NITPARTICLES offers a particles distribution service of reliable companies specialized in the development and production of all types of particles such as magnetic, metal, polymer particles, among others. More information on


High-precision analytical tools for your bio-applications

Thanks to the built-up knowledge of nanoimmunotech in bioconjugation and aiming to respond to the increasing demand of analytical tools in a variety of biotechnological applications, nanoimmunotech has developed a new quality brand, NITBIOSENSING, offering its proprietary revolutionary biosensor technologies.

NITBIOSENSING currently offers two leading biosensor technologies, a colorimetric biosensor and a thermal biosensor, with highly attractive characteristics, including their specificity, high sensitivity, and response capacity leading to a short analysis time, versatility and low cost. colorimetric biosensor


biosensor is based on the detection of an analyte by a colorimetric method with the use of gold nanoparticles, obtaining a high sensitivity in detecting the analyte concentration.

thermal biosensor The

biosensor technology is based on the visual detection of an analyte by the color change in the support areas where the analyte is present, produced as a result of the heat generated by the metal nanoparticles when they are irradiated with an external light source.

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