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Synergy TAS Tax Seminar Specialist

GST is Malaysia’s new tax system which affects all walks of life, it will change the way we do business, purchasing policies and record keeping be it a small or multinational companies.

GST : INTERMEDIATE Peace of mind for Goods and Services Tax - Registration and compliance 17 & 18 June 2014 ( 9 – 3 PM ) | DR CHOONG KWAI FATT | FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON, KUCHING HRDF Claimable (Subject to employer’s application to PSMB)

10 CPD

Early bird until 16 May 2014


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Objective What is the seminar about Why this seminar is special Who is it for About speaker Program timeline Pricing How to enrol Contact us


Since the announcement of GST to be implemented with effect from 1 April 2015 and announcing its registration commencing from May 2014, GST seems to be a nightmare haunting everyone especially on business entrepreneur, corporate directors and also those involve in administrative matters, not forgetting the accountants with the increased workloads and GST risks.



Synergy TAS


Tax Seminar Specialist

 Well researched content to shorten your learning curve  Provide step by step approach to ease GST Implementation  An examination of the effect and impact of GST on business operators  Guide to selection of GST software  Guide to avoid pitfall in GST implementation  Identify potential technical errors in GST implementation



“ The "time bomb" is ticking and requires business operator and decision maker to act immediately to guard against easily avoided tax risk and loss out on tax planning opportunities. “ Ease your transition into the new tax era of Goods and Services Tax. Malaysian taxation will never be the same. It does not only change the tax law, it will also change the way we do business, record keeping and documentation 5


What is the seminar about_ The course content (not exhaustive) The Goods and Services Tax is taking off on 1 April 2015. GST is a single consumption tax at 6%, based on value added concept. Companies are given an onerous task to embed the Malaysian GST model into its business and accounting system within these 13 months which is definitely not an easy mission to accomplish.

GST is growing on a continuous and progressive

The transitional period prior to implementation of GST during migrating to GST has great impact on stock, capital equipment that must be considered along with impact of business profitability and cash flow. The impact of 6% GST on its prices and the consumer reaction cannot be ignored.

manner, with new guides and ruling being introduced by Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC),

These 1 day course will unlock the Malaysia GST model, its mechanism, conceptual framework to assist you in the GST implementation. This is an event created based on request by our existing participant to assist you in comprehending as to how to embed GST into your business.

the content listed is not exhaustive, it will be further expanded.

(a) GST registration with RMC Office and obtain a GST license (b) The meaning of GST being consumption tax, its concept and its mechanism

(c) The meaning of supply, mix supply and deemed supply (d) Valuation concept on supply 6

(e) Designing tax invoice to capture

(j) Promotional expenses, incentive

GST output and other invoice’s

scheme of manufacturers

features (k) GST treatment on goods returned, (f) Identifying purchases and

treatment of stock written off

overhead expenses (with GST paid) that can qualify for input


The scope and meaning of a

tax refund/credit to be deducted

“good accounting system” as

from GST output

required by Royal Malaysian

Knowledge is important; Implementation plan is also the main focus for this seminar.

Customs (g) Studying whether group registration is beneficial for your companies (h)

Suggesting software features to be incorporated for GST

(m) Rate of GST : standard rate, zero rated and exempt (n) Transition from existing indirect tax into GST

compliance (o) Technical errors possible to be (i) Treatment of bad debts

The workshop also includes GST administration on: (a) How to carry out GST returns, book recording, and payment of GST

accounted with GST

(b) Claiming a refund on GST paid on input


(c) Group registration for GST

As more implementation matter is announced by RMC, the content will be updated.


Why this seminar is special : here’s why_


Implementation, implementation, implementation… !


Knowing and able to state all GST theories may seem impressive and “perceived” as an expert, but it is not effective unless and until the participant acquired the necessary skills for practical implementation. Time is ticking with so much GST implementation steps to be carried out. No time to be wasted on public display of “perceived” knowledge, we focus on delivering practical implementation skill and plan.

4 hours of precious Q & A session



Applied knowledge is what we plan to deliver. With 2 hours of Q & A at the end of each day, it will provide answers to participants on practical implementation concerns. A precious and useful learning ground for all participants.

Presentation skill : Interesting presentation & makes thing “feels” easy When we regard something as interesting and have passion about it, it does feel a lot easier to comprehend. GST is a whole new tax system , with some intellectually challenged complicated components. Our speaker, Dr Choong Kwai Fatt is known for his ability to make taxation LIVELY, FUN and PRACTICAL. It gives you the encouragement to learn much more and commit to memory better. 8

Who is it for_


Accountants GST Compliance Officer (Personnel involved in implementing GST) The one who is given the honours and duty to figure out how to implement GST in your organisation. (applicable to all industry).

Decision Makers (CEO, CFO, General Manager and Financial Controller) Major changes and substantial decision making has to be made to embed GST into company’s activities and affect substantial buying , selling and conclusion of contracts.

Administrative managers You are the one who will oversee the purchase and distribution of goods in your company. It is the right time to learn up on the implementation of GST. How your action need to be refined to embed GST system into your operation.

Applying a new MFRS is tough enough, what more a whole new GST system which is transactional based and cut across all transactions in your entity. The record keeping and recording of historical transaction has a new role to play, it is paramount important for you to understand all the ins and outs of GST implementation. How it will affect your documentation from now onwards and all the compliance requirements and thresholds table involved. There are ample work to prepare before the shift.

Professionals (auditor, tax agents and company secretary) The advisors to businesses please gear up and patch up your dose of GST knowledge and implementation action plan. Auditor has a substantial role to play during transitional period.

IT personnel For those involved in designing software that is to be used in GST implementation. Implementation of GST is transactional based. The aid of accounting software with GST’s features has never been so crucial for taxation until now


What people says about him :

About Speaker_ Get to know more about your wonderful speaker

“He is my lecturer for ACCA paper, now a tax lawyer, after so many years he is still humorous, able to make complex and boring taxation into a humorous and fun event. Definitely coming back for more.”

DR CHOONG KWAI FATT is the pioneer in GST. He is appointed by the Ministry of Finance as one of the panel members reviewing tax reforms in Malaysia, inclusive of the formulation of GST. With his research work on GST being published in 2006 and articles in 2007. He has more than 24 years’ experience of providing consultancy services to listed companies, audit firms and the Government. Dr Choong is a highly sought GST & tax consultant and speaker. He is highly qualified with both professional accounting qualification and legal qualification. With chartered accountancy from 6 professional bodies and called to bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia. Also an avid researcher equipped with a PhD in taxation. He has won various awards for excellent in tax research and published GST & taxation articles in reputable journals in and outside Malaysia. His research works have been quoted in many tax cases and have influenced the formulation of tax policy in Malaysia. He is known by attendee of his seminar as a man with heart of gold. He is passionate about helping the tax professionals, accountants, senior executive, lawyers and business owners to enhance in taxation skills, knowledge and wealth through mitigating of GST risk and implementation. Having more than 20 years of experience in public speaking, participants love him for this passion in taxation and ability to make complex tax concept understandable by different walks of life.


He is the expert of experts in terms of GST & tax planning, where he provided advice and personally trained corporate accountants and professional firms on tax planning and GST implementation. Get ready to take good notes when you attend his GST implementation seminars.

Tax Consultant, Advocate and Solicitor (High Court of Malaya) 10 B.Acc(Hons)(Malaya),LL.B(Hons)(London), CLP, MCL(IIUM),PhD(IIUM), FCCA(UK), CPA(M), CA(M), ACA(ICAEW), , CA(Aust.),CPA(Aust.), CGA(Can), FCCS.

Get Ready_ Tie up your shoe lace, buckle up. Get ready to dive into a full day seminar of high impact, compact and intense path towards mastering GST.


Program Timeline_ 17 & 18 June 2014 The estimated timeline to master GST implementation and registration concerns Day 1 - 17 June 2014 (Tuesday)

8.30 AM

11.00 AM


11.30 AM

Studying whether group registration is beneficial for


your company 9.00 AM

GST registration with Royal Malaysia Customs (RMC) and obtain a GST license

Suggesting software to be used for GST compliance

Concept of “consumption” tax and its mechanism

Treatment of bad debts

Designing tax invoice to capture GST output 1.00 PM

Q & A Session

3.00 PM

End of Day 1

Identifying purchases and overhead expenses (with GST paid) that can qualify for input tax refund/credit to be deducted from GST output


Day 2 - 18 June 2014 (Wednesday)

8.30 AM

11.00 AM


11.30 AM

How to carry out GST returns, book recording,


and payment of GST

9.00 PM

GST treatment on goods returned, treatment of

Claiming a refund on GST paid on input

stock written off

Group registration for GST The scope and meaning of a “good accounting system” as required by Royal Malaysian Customs

1.00 PM

Q & A Session

GST Rates: standard rate, zero rated and exempt

3.00 PM

End of Day 2

Transition from existing indirect tax into GST Burning Question Highlight of this event is the 2 hours Q & A session from 1 – 3 PM each day. Where participants will address their GST concerns and get

Send us your burning questions on GST ! 13

them answered by Dr Choong. Various companies have found this to be extremely useful and practical, the opportunity to tap into the speaker’s insight on issues arising in their company is priceless. Email us two of your GST Burning Questions to be addressed by the speaker during Q & A session.

Why participants love us_

10 CPD

May be you will like us for the same reason

HRDF claimable Seminars conducted by Synergy TAS are eligible for HRDF claims under the Skim Bantuan Latihan (SBL) Scheme, subject to prior application to HRDF by the employers and its approval.


Content not exhaustive Taxation is a field which grows continuously be it arising from the parliament, the court or the Custom authority. As such the list of topics covered is not exhaustive. We will add on new current topics as it arises until the event to ensure we bring you a seminar packed with maximum GST implementation ideas.

Expert of the experts We engage Dr Choong Kwai Fatt to conduct this GST seminar. Tap into the creative yet practical mind of Dr Choong.

10 CPD is awarded and certification issued by Malaysia's Asia eUniversity. Our participants came from different professional bodies. We partner with the university to provide you with a certification accepted by the various professional bodies.

4 hours Q & A This is the highlight of the event. 2 hours of non-stop QUESTION AND ANSWER by the expert on your GST concerns on each day of the seminar. GST implementation is about knowing the strategy to apply in specific scenario to maximise tax saving in a legal manner. Sharing of such experience is vital to both practitioners and decision maker / GST implementer.

Pricing_ Choose the right rate for you. .

3 – 4 pax

1 -2 pax

After 16 May 2014 onwards the full fee is RM1,280. With group

RM100 off

5 or more RM200 off

registration discount of RM100 and RM200 respectively still applicable after early bird discount of RM 192. Registration by 16 May 2014






Registration after 16 May 2014

Register RM192 off when * Enjoys you register by 16 May


2014. Having 3 or more participants enjoys additional RM 100 off or 5 or more gets RM 200 off per participant.

Register egister three or more * Rparticipants to enjoy

Register egister five or more * Rparticipants to enjoy

additional RM 200 off from additional RM 100 off from early bird price (RM 1,280 early bird price (RM 1,280 RM 192 early bird discount RM 192 early bird discount RM 200 group registration RM 100 group registration discount = RM 888). This price discount = RM 988). This price is valid until 16 May 2014. is valid until 16 May 2014.







Visit our website to fill up the registration form online

When you submit the registration form, an invoice will be generated automatically and delivered through email to the person listed as contact person for billing.

$ 16

Upon making payment into our acount, please email the bank in slip to


EVENT REMINDER One week before the event we will remind you again through email, SMS or call

Pay to : "SYNERGY TAS" [Maybank : 5141 7863 3603]




See you on 17 & 18 June 2014

Contact us for any clarification. We look forward to seeing you.

Synergy TAS Tax Seminar Specialist

Suite 203, PG-20A, Ground Floor, Jaya 33, No. 3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor P. (016) 302 6109 / (019) 311 0625 E. w.

Brochure kuching (17 , 18 june 2014)  

GST Intermediate course by Synergy TAS. With Dr Choong Kwai Fatt being its speaker. Visit the event site at .

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