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Copleston High School

Copleston Reading Champions Sept 2013 Year 7

Name: __________________________

Award Log Use this table to keep a record of your progress through the Copleston Reading Champions scheme.

AWARD Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Copleston Reading Champions Did you read one book every half term last year? If you did, then this year you could win a special BRONZE READING AWARD for doing the same. If a book a week is more your pace, then you could become the first person in your form to win a Copleston GOLD READING AWARD. This booklet explains what you need to do to win BRONZE, then SILVER, then GOLD and finally PLATINUM READING AWARDS. Here’s your chance to get some credit as well as enjoyment from reading in competition with your friends. If you’re unsure where to get the books from, try the School Library, your English room, Public Library or you could borrow them from your friends. You could also look on the Library FROG pages and Eclipse.NET for information, reviews and updates on new books.


What are the Awards? The awards are certificates printed on card, suitable for framing. They will normally be given to you in assembly. They are a record of your reading. You can work towards an award at any time during Years 7and 8, as long as your responses are checked by a member of the Library team. It is up to you to make sure that your responses have your name and any genre written on them. They must then be handed in to a member of the Library team to be marked and stamped. Your record card will then be updated. You need to complete each award before starting the next. Reviews on Eclipse do not appear live on the system immediately, but will be checked and then added.

Reading responses Below are some suggestions for different responses you might like to do. Avoid doing more than 2 of each type of response for each award. Your English teacher and a member of the Library team will need to see each response before you can earn your award.                

Book review (skeleton, tortoise, football) Design a new front cover Devise a 15 question book quiz Write a letter to the author Write a different ending Write a short sequel set years later Create a school or police report for a main character Write a diary, letter, or log entry from a minor character’s viewpoint Design a cartoon strip for an exciting section of the book Design a map of the area the book is set in Write a “problem page” letter from a character and the reply Write a blog between yourself and the author Design a web page for the author Complete a recommendation bubble Complete a castaway character review Write a review on

Or you might have your own idea – these are not the only responses you can do!

Writing responses As part of the CRC, you have to review the books that you have read. As explained on the previous page, there are a number of different types of responses you can do. If you choose to do a “traditional� book review, there are a number of things that you should include in this. The printed templates will help you to do this, but if you are designing your own review you should make sure that you include: The title and the author of the book The Setting - Where did the story take place? Was it in a city or on a farm? Was it a made-up place or somewhere in outer space? Give a good description of the place with as much detail as possible. The Characters - Who was the story about? Was there just one main character or were there a few? When you write about the characters, include their names and what they look like. Did you have a favourite character? Were the characters real?

The Story - What happened in the book? Was there a problem the characters were trying to solve? Were the characters on some sort of an adventure? Did the story keep you guessing, or was it predictable? Remember that every book has a beginning, a middle and an end—but try not to spoil the ending for people who haven’t read the book yet Your Thoughts - Did you like the book? Write a little bit about why you liked or didn’t like the book. Talk about how the book made you feel – happy, sad, excited. Would you tell your friends to read this book? Did you have a favourite part of the book? When you have finished your review, remember to check it for any spelling and punctuation mistakes. Remember to include your name and English group on all your responses. Also, if you are working towards either your Silver, Gold or Platinum Award, please write the genre on your response. Many books fit into more than 1 genre and we need to make sure that it goes into the genre that you want it to. You can write a review about why you didn’t like the book. This can be harder to do sometimes, but is equally important—remember, not everyone likes the same type of books!

Bronze Award To receive a Bronze Award you need to have read 5 fiction books by 5 different authors. One of the authors, however, has to be from the list below, or be an author you have seen in school.

Holly Black Meg Cabot Eoin Colfer Roald Dahl Morris Gleitzman Anthony Horowitz Pete Johnson Michael Lawrence Karen McCombie Phillip Pullman Rick Riordan J K Rowling Darren Shan Jeff Stone Jacqueline Wilson

Adam Blade Cathy Cassidy Cressida Cowell Tony DiTerlizzi Cathy Hopkins Paul Jennings Derek Landy Anthony Masters Michael Morpurgo Chris Riddell Malcolm Rose Chris Ryan Paul Stewart Mark Walden

As well as reading the 5 books, you need to write 4 responses for your CRC folder. Your final response needs to be spoken to a member of Staff.

Silver Award To achieve a Silver Award you have to have read another 10 books and write 9 responses for your CRC folder. The other response must be a spoken response. This time you should read more widely from 5 different genres. Read one book from each of these genres. You can mix and match fiction and non-fiction: Humorous novel Ghost/supernatural novel OR Book on the unknown Graphic novel OR Book of poems Adventure book Sport novel OR Book about your hobby The other 5 books are your own free choice. Read them in whatever order you like, but remember to do the responses when you have finished a book!

Happy reading!

Gold Award To receive a Gold Award you have to have read another 15 books, including 5 more advanced genres and a Biography. You can only read 2 books by the same author.

You also need to write 15 responses for your CRC folder. THE GOLDEN GENRES Book of short stories Historical novel OR Book about a period or person in history Multicultural novel OR Book about another country Fantasy/Science-fiction novel OR Book about real science “Problem” novel OR Book about real problems in life There are various posters around the Library for ideas about books for these genres. If you need any more help – ASK!

Platinum Award This is the ultimate award. In addition to the usual certificate, successful pupils will also receive a small gift. To qualify for this exceptional award, you need to read a further 25 books of your own choice, with a minimum of 20 written responses. However, at least 5 of the books must have been written before 1950.

Can you reach the highest target?

Bronze Award Record Sheet To achieve your Bronze Award, read 5 fiction books, complete 4 written responses and 1 spoken one. The 5 books must be written by 5 different authors, 1 of which must be a listed author.

Spoken response

Listed author: ______________________________

Silver Award Record Sheet To achieve your Silver Award, read 10 books, complete 9 written responses and 1 spoken one. 5 of the books must be from the genres in the rings. You must not complete more than 2 responses on books by the same author. Ghost



Spoken response: _________________________________

Graphic novel/ Poems


Gold Award Record Sheet To achieve your Gold Award, read 15 books and complete 15 written responses. 5 of the responses must be from the genres in the boxes and 1 must be a Biography. You can only read 2 books by the same author.





Short stories


Platinum Award Record Sheet To achieve your Platinum Award, read 25 books, 5 of which must be written before 1950. You must complete a minimum of 20 responses as well, at least 2 of which must be for books written before 1950. You can only read 2 books by the same author.



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          

My favourite author is: ______________________________________________________

My favourite book is: ______________________________________________________

The last book I read was: ______________________________________________________

Useful words and phrases I enjoyed this book because ... I didn’t enjoy this book because ...













Use the correct one! There, their, they’re To, too, two Where, were, we’re Whose, who’s Your, you’re Our, are

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