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nature pattern

Modual 3 Project of Week 7-10 _

by Jiayili556382--2013/05


Snail shell

-cut by the photo taken from the nature world.

Ideation and design- overview

According to my clay model, use the pipe to imitate the model. Then, drawing them in one line and then pipe it to form the different kind of feeling.

Use the Golden Egle theorem by my mentioned in Moduel 2. I panelling the Moduel in pyromid 1.


Use tabs and then find it hard to fold.

And the overlap let me try again.

Second unroll-The way to slove the overlaps.

Use dash and then find it easy to lost the angel

Prototye 2

It shows hard to link and no shape at all.

Third try on model and at this time, I change the paneling on the model to fix the part that don’t need that complex.

Unroll and the third time prototype 3

Method of unrolling

Mark the number as the rhino shows. To make each part in a right way.

Unfortunately, the scale of it is so large and out of my imagine and I decide to o make the forth time. I chage it scale and unroll ways to make it become more clean tHowever the result is the unroll pieces are just like the first time that hard to group and show the more rough. Although I failed to show the compelete model by wasting two days but give me a lot of think on the new model. Sorry for the poor work on Modual 3. I will catch it by this weekends.

Reading and reflective

About the readings, I fund the reading’ Architecture in the Digital Age’ is highly related to what we are doing in Virtual Environments. The reading mentioned how computer technologies helped architecture design. What I think is that technology does not encourage new ideas, but its more facilitation the communication of ideas. For example, we have Rhino to display 3D models, but paneling tools could do something more: it repeats panels and create each unique one by computer calculations. If this technology did not exist designers would have to do all the calculations themselves and put the panels together. Modern software can emulate how build fits into the site when the building is not even built. All these technologies help others to understand the ideas. The second reading is similar as first one which also based on the computer technology and designing. However, it more depends on the accurate of the software to build in a real world. It focuses on the irregular shape and surface. So that these soft wares really can make the virtual things apply on the real world and help builders to save the effort, improve the efficiency. During this project, objectively, despite I was ill for one week. I estimate my ability in a wrong way and spend less time than others while my model is more complex than others. Therefore, everything seems to in a hurry and I can not make sure the clean model can be made in a hurry way. Haste Makes Waste, I will try my best to do this in peaceful and catch the process in this weekends. My entire lantern wants to show is to hold in hand and see the light in spiral.

Moduel 3  

Moduel 3 presentation

Moduel 3  

Moduel 3 presentation