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Project of Week 3_

ideal--snail shell

by Jiayili556382--2013/03

nature pattern

Snail shell

-cut by the photo taken from the nature world.


--like the radiation, the balance of snail shell is start from the dot and become bigger and bigger.


--the movement of the snail shell is continued and have many direction from one point. Anyway, it always circled of the start point so that it can has millions changes .


--The symmetric pattern is come out from the whatever the the snail shell pattern changes, it always the same one .

Paper model

Thinking Process

By thinking the things holden on the spiral, the first thing comes out of mind is the circle which the only one shape can touch the outline of the edge of spiral and also touch with intersaction each other. However, when I drew by circle, I found the difficlut that to calculate the each one circle. Excepet the first three circles, the following are most the same. According to the rules of spiral, I drew the square which center same as the spiral and divided by 4 small one and keep and then drew the circle in the squares like the follwing one.

and then I drew in rhino is the right one.

Keep thinking, that all lives in the nature are growing in the horizental and vertical both way.So that I use the rihno pipe to create the horizental circle that begin with 2 and end 3 to obviously show the compare between this two demsion. And finallly to combine this two model.

Model 1 According to the formula of Archimedes spiral, I calculate the distance of each center point of cirles which throuth the spiral in the middle of the arms of spiral. And then I drew the triangle in the each circle to calculate each side which as well as the radius of the circle. After I make them in ratio, it forms the series1,2,3,4,5.... Make this in 1:5 so that I dtrew from 5, the first length of the clay line is 5 and the following is ascending by 1. This is my original form of the model whcih present the the circle change inside the spiral depending on the time .

Process of calculate

Model 2 This one is just the graph of the following chat and arrange them from long to short like the spiral, prensent the graph in a spiral way.


This one maybe can belong to the development of the first model, any way I am not sure whether it is better than the first one.It change the line in twist first and change the form in a spiral of it arrange, this can be divided in two parts which can handle in both hands and also can combine together in one. Maybe it can be called spiral in a horizental and the first is in a vertical.

Model 3

This clay model is thought by the ideal of golden angle I make the point at the ratio of 0.618 at the diameter of the circle and make these points form the spiral while the circles are equal.



The lighting I want is like this way, the shadow of the model is like the spiral and maybe with the moving people can see the shadow rotate.

Model 1  
Model 1  

week 3 presentation