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por tfolio 2013-2015


paper model

Making the same box,for nothing but precision. It looks like same, but each peice we did our best effort. For the perfect,for the precise.

1 : 1

pro j e c t

T his is the tran sfo r m f r om t he c ellphone. Tak i n g th e me an f r o m m y p h o n e . Tak i n g th e fo rm fr o m m y p h o n e .


Phone is the media can control my sentiment. Sentiment is metabolism, is influence. Streching out as the centre of the circle.


A plenty of the media we get from the phone replace our sense. It seems like getting more, but our message has been filtered. Can we see clearly by phone?

Dismantling the phone, use the material to developing the form. restructuring,digesting,pondering,change the meaning and the form from my cellphone.

K e i ji Ashizawa wor k sh o p

To make the place be more useful and playful, we decided to making this place like the park. Finding the site advantage, use the fence and the ground. Change the cold place being warm.

li ttl e s p ace p ro j ec t

The light is the main character. it controls all the atmosphere. the light sprinkles from the french windows, rendering trough the curve. Making the space likes in the dream, sober in it.

br i d g e wo r k s h op

Coworking with NTU Civil Engineering, combined the design and structure. The first time coworked with orthers school, and build the bridge by ourselves. Two curve contected together,make it more slighter. Make the site have a convience way and reduce the height disparity.