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SOCIAL ARCHITECTURE, VIA CIVITAVECCHIA, MILAN, ITALY program: social housing and urban spaces connected size: 11.590 sqm status: completed in 2010 credit: consalez rossi, VP, 02arch, studio orlandini e arienti costomer: municipality of milan

The independent is a consequence of the victory of the international competition “ Living in Milan / 1” area of the via Civitavecchia. The intention of the project is based on the reconnection of the Lambro Park with the city. The idea is reflected in the urban planimetric mechanism , which draws a part of town that enters the park and, conversely, advances the existing

park in the city . There are two types adopted for residences : the tower , urban building par excellence, is a block designed for almost sculptural character and the classic “ stick “ building developed longitudinally . The latter is constructed as a modular system of six types of accommodation which can be combined according to need . The combination of housing , however, remains not

merely the expression of aggregation mechanism but look - both in form and color - to identify, an accomplished architectural character within the category of the local.

foto dell’ intervento


VILLA C, BERGAMO, ITALY program: designing a house for a family size: 300 sqm status: completed in 2010 credit: 02arch costomer: private

The project is conceived as an independent pavilion in the countryside where the rules of composition are determined by precise bioclimatic factors to meet the requirements of a passive construction that needs minimal heating and artificial lighting. Heart of the house is the living room illuminated by a solar col-

lector which, in winter, warm a central wall thus spreading the heat inside the house. The materials used are classic but the combination and use appear to be contemporary. Expanded metal is used as the external enclosure and the horizontal slats of wood frame the openings in the façade. The relationship with the land-

scape is strong and its shape fits perfectly with the natural surroundings. The quality of the intervention and the unique environment of the area lead to a use as possible and designed ingenious of the lot.

on the left: view of ‘external view of the kitchen right: view of the patio view of the pool


PROGETTO DI RECUPERO, BORGO TOSCIO ITALY program: 27 residences in the design of green size: 3.500 sqm status: completed in 2012 credit: 02arch, FP costomer:Toscio srl

The project, on the hills of Lecco, provides for the renovation of a village of the ‘500 combined the creation of a new building in mountainous character. The interesting intervention is the combination of architecture historical, modern and a unique natural environment where each element interacts skillfully with each other. The study of the characteristics of contemporary living, the respect of the existing places and bond with the surrounding landscape are the key elements of the project. a destra: detteglio di un edificio in basso: vista del complesso on the next page: intervention plan


ENHANCEMENT OF A MONASTIC COMPLEX IN LECCO, ITALY program: recovery of the monastic complex size: 5000 sqm status: in progress credit: 02arch costomer: private

With the project of restoration of the interior, which will lead to the recovery of the old areas of the architectural complex, a hermitage in the province of Lecco will be found to accommodate a corps as detached residential housing already existing that will enhance the character of historic / architectural property, enhancing , the possibility of fruition.

The building is composed of different buildings that chase at different angles. is located on the summit of a hill, in a place of great beauty. The nineteenth-century church of San Giuseppe (built after the demolition of the existing church) in the center is surrounded by a manor house; The volumes are all characteri-

zed by a search for simplicity and clean and covered with a simple wooden roof with a pitched tiled roof. The natural place and landscape finally had a strong influence becoming a stimulus for action in harmony with the place

Photos of area and planimetry on the previous page: render of interior


BUILDING FOR OFFICE AND EXPOSITION QUINDAO, CINA program: recovery of the monastic complex size: 2000+800 sqm status: completed in 2010 credit: caruso torricella + 02arch costomer: private

with this project created specifically for the Tenaris, we have developed a multipurpose building, a part of the building has been designed with an entrance for customers and suppliers, which have been studied in detail all the spaces to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for Tenaris’s customers. Within this area has been prepared an exhibition,

Photos of ‘intervention on the previous page: detail of interior

in order to display the object to shapes and primary colors was cient. In the second part, the one dictated by the characteristics of with the greatest volume, were the product. designed offices for employees. The project aligns perfectly with the surrounding context, keeping pure and simple forms. Also decided about the color we aligned the same strategy, choosing shades of gray and primary colors. The choice of the pure


WAITING ROOM G BUZZI HOSPITAL, MILAN, ITALY program: Humanization in a hospital size: 480 sqm status: completed in 2010 credit: 02arch costomer: OBM, ospedale dei bambini, milano

side-view of the games of the day hospital pages percedenti the lobby

The new entrance hall Buzzi Hospital in Milan has been designed as a playful and cheerful space to lighten the patient waiting. Intervene in a children’s hospital is not easy because there are many factors that must be taken into account, the well-being and perception of space for children in particular. A colorful curve connects all areas of the hospital and takes people to the various pavilions. A key element of the project is the use of colors. The range of choice is the iris set on a pastel tone flanked by bright colors to soften the place, children in particular.

design concept the ‘s waiting room with descriptive panels


WAITING ROOM G BUZZI HOSPITAL, MILAN, ITALY program: Humanization in a hospital size: 120 sqm status: completed in 2013 credit: 02arch costomer: OBM, ospedale dei bambini, milano


mobile washing/changing mobile and wall units with floor to balance


partition h.220

plaster walls with clear window (hight from 2.00m to 2.65)







the new hospital nursery Buzzi has been designed to accommodate as best the new mothers and infants, in a relaxed and playful, it was decided to propose the idea of the house pitched very slanted through the shaping of cabinets. the space has been redistributed to risevare a part for infants, a private area for breastfeeding, and a new area washrooms. The study and research of materials that would guarantee the maximum hygiene and functionality in the same way. colors selected were chosen for their soothing properties to the eye, but at the same time lively.


APARTMENT IN VIALE ABRUZZI 12, MILAN, ITALY program: renovation of an apartment size: 85 sqm status: completed in 2011 credit: 02arch, costomer: privato

The project is organized through a new distribution environments, there is no longer a division between the sleeping area and the living area and the kitchen is an element passing, transition, furnishing a space to inhabit. Consistent with our approach to the transformation of environments with a historical experience, we have tried to preserve the most characteristic elements of the house by combining other contemporaries. The ultimate goal is to emphasize the relationship with the existing intervention thereby giving the research of empathy unique spaces.

above: detail of the furniture right: Picture of the room below: section on the library


ART GALLERY IN VIA MORONE 2, MILAN, ITALY program: creation of an art gallery size: 80+9 sqm status: completato nel 2011 credit: 02arch, costomer: privato

Designing is an art gallery, for an architect, always an interesting stimulus. The project was a research experience where they are compared and are flanked by different types of “making architecture.” The succession of history is highlighted in the intervention emphasizing the characteristics of a Milanese palace of the seventeenth century. The project is therefore historical elements of the house matched materials and contemporary languages​​. The columns of granite and wood finishes are hand-crafted, also reflected in the resin floor causing the space to transmit a unique experience. above: detail of the iron staircase right: detail photo below: longitudinal section

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


APARTMENT 22+7 VIA APPIANI, MILAN, ITALY program: reorganization of space for residential use size: 29 sqm status: realizzato nel 2009 credit: 02arch costomer: privato

22 +7 is one of the more extreme. In the small space of 22 square meters, the challenge has been to include a living room, bedroom with walk-in closet, a kitchen and a bathroom. The result is a perfect combination between plan and section where each space is studied and then tapped into every detail. Outside there is a magnificent terrace makes this an ideal apartment studio and contemporary art.

plants and design section detail photo


HOUSE ATTIC PIAZZA FERRARI, MILAN, ITALY program: An apartment on the top floor design size: 80 sqm status: completed in 2013 credit: 02arch costomer: privato

The project is divided in plan and section following a perfectly interlocking volumes studied. The living room is the hub of the home, where the despotic living room dining room and kitchen. The apartment has been studied on the basis of the inclination of the aquifer, which has large skylights that illuminate to perfection all the spaces. The lighting and the view over the rooftops of Milan stimulates all the senses and enhances the project. The bedroom has been designed and built in such a way as to exploit the spaces with headboard with double function: bedside table and a bookcase. The details are meticulously maintained in order to make every space enjoyed.

above: detail headboard below: Â kitchen and dining room

top: section bottom: study and library


RESIDENCE VIA ARNOLFO DI CAMBIO, MILAN, ITALY program: design of an apartment for a residence dimensione: 80 sqm status: completed in 2013 credit: 02arch costomer: privat

We were tasked with 5 other architects, to design the “our” part of a residential apartment for short and long stay in Milan. The result was the creation of this little unit in a big city. A minimum of space where you can find everything you need to make “home”. The choice of materials and finishes outlines contemporary house with strong roots in the past, as to represent the city of Milan, between past and present. above: the bedroom at the bottom and the other page: views and drawings of the living room


IDEAS COMPETITION PUBLIC LIBRARY, BRESSANONE, ITALY program: library public size: 840 sqm status: competition credit: 02arch, Humusstudio, studio ing. Cavadini costomer: municipality of Bressanone

The library building is part of a historical character. Particular attention was given to the placement of the new volume that puts a contemporary accent to the south of the historic center of Bressanone, entering at the same time in the urban fabric of the city. The alignments of the walls of the building are the result of a careful study of the urban grid and Brixen in more detail the tensions generated by the buildings of the court and finance with which the volume must confront and relate to. The plant of 窶話uilding which consequently results is given instead by the axes from the lines of the historical buildings.

at the top: render the project below: longitudinal section on the next page: detail section view of the dining room


INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION COMMUNITY TO GROW, MILAN, ITALY program: residential area for social housing size: 11.750 sqm status: competition, second prize credit: consalez rossi, ES arch, Orlandini strutture costomer: fondazione cariplo

The project was inspired by the desire to build places that are able to represent and inspire a new identity represents a way of life more attentive to the needs of the environment. The hierarchy of the neighborhood is built on open spaces. The proposal under the guidance of the public life of the neighborhood to the south. The view on the street / square becomes the meeting place of the complex and, at the same time, the new centrality of the neighborhood. Inside, between the fronts of the houses, executes a sequence of four green spaces articulated along a private road. From the park to the farm Turrets a line connecting, through the court of the diamond-shaped complex, the square of the towers and the garden to the south, on the border with urban gardens.

Top: diagram of the routes Bottom: view


COMPETITION OF IDEAS FOR THE DESIGN OF TWO RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS program: residential neighborhood for social housing size: 3000 sqm status: competition, 8th pirce credit: consalez rossi, F. Cesa BIanchi, R. Robustini costomer: fondazione rho

The building density and the demands on housing program pose as the main design objective the reconciliation of an urban design quality and the search for spatial solutions that enable flexible forms of living with the desire to bring the buildings to the precise rules of bioclimatic architecture . The project follows two parallel paths . The formation of bioclimatic loggias , Thermal mediation spaces for housing and buildings , is the instrument of expression that characterizes the housing model , determines the orientation of the buildings, allows for a flexible use of space and rule bioclimaticamente housing. The most efficient in terms of energy are determined by the initial choices of the project. To describe linearly the bioclimatic approach we illustrate the sequence of choices with the following order of importance : 1 shape and orientation - definition of the housing 2 - 3 organization of the interior - 4 system choices


COMPETITION THE SUSTAINABLE VILLAGE FIGINO program: residential neighborhood for social housing size: 50.000 sqm status: competition credit: consalez rossi, ES arch, costomer: fondazione cariplo

Building a neighborhood of 300 housing means, before anything else, ask about the size. The measure is such as to bring the project to the boundary between architectural design and planning. In addition, the presence of the historic village of Figino, of which the amount at stake configure the doubling, and the isolated nature of the context to suggest an actual urban foundation. These considerations have suggested a point of view that, without

compositional schemes plan and elevation view of the neighborhood

renouncing to the reasons of the architectural design, be able to draw conceptual origin by geography and urban topography. A sort of Broadacre city that draws its forms, almost by subtraction, the encounter between the mesh and the signs of the planning area (fields, springs, existing buildings), and voluntarily waives the illusion of governing the design of the territory through the ‘imposition of a figure.


IDEAS COMPETITION NEW SCHOOL CAMPUS, SIRTORI program: roject for a kindergarten size: 1200 sqm status: competition credit: 02arch, Humusstudio, ing Arienti costomer: comune di Sirtori

The project has as its goal the creation of a place that can offer a new approach to ‘teaching architecture in harmony with the surrounding environment. The building, a compositional level, consists of three levels: a basement accessible only to teachers, a ground floor with common tasks and a first floor with the entrance for children and

educational places. The complex is set in motion by the three volumes of the classrooms lined with chestnut wood. These are inserted with different orientations, such as boxes within the main volume. The roof is flat and covered with plants arranged in an exploratory path suitable for children.

in alto: pianta piano terra in basso: prospetto frontale


TABLET - TABLE program: tavolo credit: 02arch

A project for a table. On a simple linear structure in painted iron are mounted on simple support one or more floors. The plan may be varied in different compositions, also depending on the function of the table: one or two panels typically work / rest, a side panel with a grommet for use in

the office, that can become for the kitchen a panel of solid wood cutting board. The panels can have different finishes, colors and materials.


SPIN - KITCHEN programma: kitchen counter credit: 02arch

It is a work counter for the kitchen, which can rotate on itself. The counter has a stainless steel worktop on which the stove is installed. The cabinet contains different containers: drawers, shelves closed with doors, open shelves, a hole for the accommodation of the rolling pin. Depending on the need of movement within a kitchen the counter you can rotate. While it is at the stove, the “cook� choose the location of the counter in order to stay up front for guests / friends.


DOUBLE - FACE programma: table - consolle credit: 02arch

This console-table has been created for a stay that transforms into the dining room. A “rest� is presented as a console, slender and thin, to be placed on the wall. The console can double the size of transforming itself into a large dining table. The aperture and overlapping of floors of the structure depending on the position to create different combinations of color.

in alto: pianta piano terra in basso: prospetto frontale


02ARCH is a professional firm founded in Milan, italy, in 2010. Partners Ettore Bergamasco and Andrea Starr Stabile have gained considerable experience in the design and management of complex interventions, thanks to their continued partnerships with leading architectural firms in italy and europe. The firm is a workspace that involves aspects such as landscape design, architecture and design, addressing each as a careful single operation. 02ARCH-design is the main activity of the study focuses of interior design that is studied on small-scale contexts through a careful study conditions of contemporary living. 02arch-architecture is based on the relationship that is created between the new building and the context within which it is placed 02ARCH-landscape is oriented on urban and rural areas by studying the relationship that is hidden between architecture, landscape and nature. 02ARCH-research and reflections on what it is oriented to the study are the forces and instruments that shape contemporary areas. The team of 02ARCH is based on the research done at Politecnico di Milano with prof Consalez and Caravatti together with the development of projects from design to large scale. Thank to the placement of two international competitions and some private tasks, the studio is able to settle down a professional team going forward to the processing and developing of urban projects. 02ARCH studio, at the moment, is made of nine young innovative architects around 30 years old.


ettore bergamo founder I graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 2004 after an experience in chile at the technical university federico santa maria. I trained in the studio of Italian and internazional architecture as: freyrie & pestalozza, david chipperfield, caruso torricella, consalez and rossi 2008-2011 I worked in a lecture of architectural design at the Politecnico di Milano as an assistant prof. consalez. since 2012 I work in lecture of “natural building� held by profs. caravatti at the Politecnico di Milano as an assistant.

andrea starr stable founder I graduated at Politecnico di Milano in 2003 after an experience at the university in portugal lisbon lusiada. my training was held at the studios of architecture: fabio azzolina, anri azuma, humusstudio and consalez and rossi Since 2006 I work in the course of architectural design at the Politecnico di Milano as assistant to profs. consalez and scaramellini.


elena bigioni in charge of home interior design I graduated at the Politecnico di Milano in 2010. I am a 02arch from February 2011

annalisa desole in charge of shop interior design I graduated at the Politecnico di Milano in 2010. I am a 02arch from June 2013

francesca pedrazzi in charge of architecture and landscape 02arch’s junior architects enrico serventi francesco caliò nicolò olivieri

I graduated at the Politecnico di Milano in 2009. I am a 02arch from Sept. 2010



02arch book 2013  

our work in 2013

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