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ENGLISH CORNER 17.01.2017.

Issue 2

A unique, creative magazine for primary school children


Winter is a very

when nature is

hockey and sledge

cold season, with

sleeping under a

too. Some children

short days and long

white soft blanket

go to the ice rink.

nights, with frost

of snow. Some

You may have fun

and snow.

animals hibernate

with your family and

December, January

during the winter.

friends making snow

and February are

angels, snowmen and

the winter months.

building snow castles

The weather is cold

or playing snowballs.

and frosty, it

Winter is a

usually snows.

wonderful season

Sometimes we see

for children too.

snowstorms and

They have holidays

snowfalls. There

Inside this issue: Let’s learn some winter vocabulary


Winter poems


The Snowman


Present Simple


True/False statements


Seasons, days, months


Winter Cloze


are white trees and

The rivers and lakes

white houses

freeze and we can

everywhere. But it

go skating and

is a beautiful season

skiing, you can play

because many schools take breaks during this period.

In winter people wear warm clothes: a winter coat, a warm sweater, a knitted woolen hat, gloves or mittens, a scarf and warm fur boots. I like winter and you?

E ’











It’s Snowing...

I'm a little snowman, short

It’s snowing, It’s snowing

and fat

What a lot of snow!

Here is my broomstick, here

Let us make some

is my hat.

snowballs We all like to throw. It’s snowing, it’s snowing. Let us sledge and ski! When I’m dashing downhill Clear the way for me!

When the jolly sunshine comes to stay Then I slowly melt away!

The Snowman—reading comprehension Once upon a time there was a little boy called James. One morning in December he woke up, looked out of the window. 'Ah! It's snowing!' he said. He got dressed quickly. He put on his red pullover, and his blue jeans, and said to his mother, 'Can I go outside, please?' And she said, 'Yes, James'. 1) _______ First he made a small snowball for the head and then a larger one for the body. He gave him a scarf and a hat, a tangerine for a nose, and lumps of coal for his buttons and his eyes. 2) ________ James was very happy and said, 'He's smiling!' Soon it was time for bed. He brushed his teeth and at eight o'clock he looked out of the window at the snowman. His mother said, 'Good-night, James' and at nine o 'clock he was asleep. At eleven o'clock he woke up and got out of bed and looked out of the window at the snowman. 3) ______ He went back to bed but couldn't sleep. At midnight he got up. He put on his dressing-gown, went downstairs and opened the door. 'How do you do!' said the snowman. James couldn't believe his ears! 'Hello, Snowman! I'm James. Sssh! Come in!' said James. 'Thank you', said Snowman. 4) _______ 'This is the sitting- room. This is the television! This is the radiator!' 'I don't like hot things', said Snowman. 'Come on, then', said James. 'This is the kitchen! This is the cold water!' Snowman turned on the hot water. 'I don't like hot things', he said. 5) ________ 'I like cold things. I like the fridge!' he said. They went upstairs. 'Sssh!' said James. 'This is my parents' bed­room!' And Snowman dressed up in their clothes. He put on a tie, a pair of glasses, a pair of trousers and a hat. 'Come on!' said James. 'This is my bedroom. Look, I can skateboard!' 'Let me try!' said Snowman. 'Oooooh! I can't skateboard!' 'Are you all right?' said James. 'Yes, I think so!' replied Snowman. 'Look, I can box!' 'Oooooh, I can't box!' 'Oh, poor Snowman', said James. 'Look, this is my torch!' 6) ________ Then they went downstairs. 'This is the garage!' Snowman was feeling hot so he climbed into the freezer to cool down. They had some­thing to eat and then Snowman took James by the hand. They ran into the garden, across the snow and up, up into the air. 7) ______ They flew for miles through the cold moonlight air. It was wonderful! Then Snowman said, 'It's six o'clock! We must go back!' 8) ______ At last he went to sleep. Complete the story with the sentences below: - They were flying! - He was still there! - He put on his black boots and his red hat and ran into the garden. - James thanked Snowman and said good-night. - James showed him round the house. - James gave Snowman some ice. - Finally, he drew a mouth. - And they played with balloons in the light of the torch.

Present simple Fill in the correct form of the verb 1. I often ………… mittens in winter. (wear) 2. Bob ………… skiing very much. (love) 3. Brenda …………… a snowman. (make) 4. We often …………… hot tea in winter. (drink) 5.There ………… a lot of snow in our garden. (be) 6. Joe ………….… a snowballs at Tim. (throw) 7. People ………… the paths from the snow. (clear) 8. Snow ………….… down to the ground. (fall) 9. Winter boots …………… your feet warm. (keep) 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

You ………… warm boots. (need) The trees ………… so lovely with all that snow on them. (look) Tommy ………… got a red nose because it ………… so cold. (have – be) Ice ………… lakes and ponds. (cover) Every child ………… for Christmas. (wait) Jane and Angelina ………… presents for Christmas. (buy)

17. 18. 19. 20.

On Christmas morning Timmy ………… his presents. (open) My sister ………… biscuits for Christmas. (bake) The small presents ………… in the stockings. (be) I ……………………. the Christmas tree, but my mum ………… it. (not decorate


Read the text and choose True (T) or False (F) statements: Hi! My name is Laura. I’m a student and I live with my parents. My favourite season is winter and I’d like to tell you about it. Usually winter comes unexpectedly. You wake up and see that the ground, the houses, the trees are covered with snow. Everything is white. It is simply a fairy tale! The snow is sparkling like silver, especially when it is sunny. Children like this season because they can do a lot of things. They can ski in the forest; they can skate on the skating-rink or on the river, because it is covered with ice. They can make snowmen. They play hockey or snowballs. The boys from my class always win all hockey tournaments. I’m proud of them. I also like winter because there are two greatest holidays. I adore Christmas and New Year. We usually decorate our house and the fir tree at home. I prepare presents for my parents and friends. I love winter! Statements: 1. Winter is the worst season for Laura. 2. Winter comes unexpectedly. 3. Snow is grey and awful. 4. Children can do a lot of things in winter. 5. They can only ski and that’s all. 6. The boys win all hockey tournaments. 7. Laura doesn’t like holidays in winter.

Fill in the blanks with words from the box: snowmen season icicles hot chocolate slide snowfall scarves

blizzards fireplace blackouts enjoy freezes keep boots

frost breaking snow angels heavy below forms catch

build slip gloves snowball drop covers hockey

Winter Weather Winter is the _________________ when temperatures ________________, snow _____________ the ground, ________________ covers windows and ________________ hang from roofs. When the temperature is _______________ zero, water ___________________ and ice ________________ on puddles, ponds and lakes. Children have great fun _________________ the ice in puddles on their way to school. Winter Fun After a heavy __________________, children play in the snow. They _____________ snow forts, make _______________ and ______________, and have _________________ fights. People also ________________ skiing, skating, and sledding in the winter. Another popular winter sport is _______________. Winter Dangers The cold weather can also be dangerous; people ______________ on the ice and cars ______________ down hills crashing into each other. As well, heavy snowstorms called _________________ can knock down power lines and cause _________________. Some people also _________________ a cold when they stay out in the cold. Keeping Warm Because winter is so cold, people have to find ways to ________________ warm. People wear ___________ coats, ______________ for their necks, _______________ for their hands, and ______________ on their feet. Children drink __________________ when they come in from the cold. And families sit around the _________________ at night and talk about what they did during the day.

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