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Week 6  

Use tracing   paper   to   sketch   from   the   construction   drawings.   Then,   divide   the   whole   patterning   into   several   parts   and   make   copies   on   cardboard.   After   that,   cut   out   all   parts.   The   last   step   is   using   glue   to   stick   all   parts   together.   Finally,   we   get   the   simple  model  of  the  building  ERC.  

Wind and   earthquake   forces   need   to   be   concerned   when   structures   re   designed   by   engineers.   The   strategies   to   resist   lateral   forces   and   provide   stability   can   be   similar.   Rigid   horizontal   planes   such   as   floors   and   roofs   can   collect   lateral   forces   and   transfer   them  to  vertical  elements  such  as  walls  and   columns.   The   frame   can  be   made  rigid  with   ERC   building   is   typically   W   shape   columns   moment   joints   between   vertical   and   and   mass   construction   with   a   cladding   in   horizontal  structures.   metal  and  glass.  

Solid shear  walls  can  also  collect  lateral  loads.  

Construction week 6  
Construction week 6