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Simulation for Renovation the Architectural Associate Beijing Visiting School Super Real 2.0 Instructor: Kunkun Chen Site: BAITASI, Beijing Research: Team Work Team: Wentao Gao, Kun Fan, Zhuoni Yang Yuxi Huang

Role in Team: Research Design, Simulational Drawings, Programming, Site Modeling, Presentations

Design: Individual Work

The Site locates BAITASI Hutong District, which has a really severe problem that traditional Siheyuan form has gradually collapsed by shanty constructions. These slum dwelling messed courtyard space which used to be tidy and ordered. However, these slum constructions do have its necessity to exist as rents for poor or young people who immigranted to Beijing for jobs. Thus our concentration of research is possibilities and accordance on renovation of this Siheyuan for people who live in here to obtain a better living environment.



Portfolio of wentaodextergao for intern  
Portfolio of wentaodextergao for intern