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3 KimsDolly KimsDolly Name: Location: Name: Kim Kim Location: UK UK Owner of IMVU Regionals. Creating for Owner of IMVU Regionals. Creating for 33 years. years. Creates Creates Layouts Layouts and and Pixel Pixel Art. Art.

DarkSinfulDesires DarkSinfulDesires Name: Location: Name: Dark Dark Location: USA USA Creating Creating for for 33 years. years. Enjoys Enjoys Creating Creating and and loves loves PVC. PVC.

llxKaotikxll llxKaotikxll Name: Location: Name: Kaotik Kaotik Location: USA USA Creating Creating for for 33 years. years. Enjoys Enjoys Djing Djing and and Creating. Creating.

FirstLookDeveloping FirstLookDeveloping AA group group of of Developers Developers that that have have united united under FirstLook, creating amazing under FirstLook, creating amazing products products to to suit suit everyone’s everyone’s needs. needs.

4 The IMVU Model Regionals

At the Regionals, Model Agencies across IMVU come together with their best Model and go head to head for the top spot for IMVU’s Top Model.

Every 2 months a Top Model will be chosen along with two runners up to win prizes for themselves and the Agency they represent, and every year these 5 Gold Award holders go head to head for the Diamond Award for the Ultimate IMVU Top Model.

5 Regionals Prizes 6) The Winner and two runner ups will receive the items shown in the following showcase… This consists of: • Crown: gold for The winner and flowered for the two runners up • Bouquets as shown in the image •

1st gold, 2nd silver and 3rd bronze place Sash for each of the three

6 2) The Winner and 2 Runners up will each receive an award sticker to display proudly on their Homepage as shown in the following image… • Winner: Gold Ribbon •

1st Runner up: Silver Ribbon

2nd Runner up: Bronze Ribbon

3) The Winner will receive a minimum of three free gifts a week from our sponsors Catalogue (Note The gifts given will be chosen by the Sponsor) The 1st Runner up will receive two gifts from our sponsors catalogue of their choice and a free full outfit from our sponsors (chosen by me) – this outfit will be featured for the fashion pick in our next issue of IMAGINE magazine

The 2nd Runner up will receive 2 gifts of their choice From any of our sponsors Catalogue 4) The Winner and 2 Runners Up images will be featured on this group wall until The Finals are completed.

7 5) The Winner and 1st Runner up will be featured in our calendar with a theme of their choice…(except for already themed months February, April, October, December). This calendar will be made available to every agency and on DeviantArt. The Winner will feature on the Cover and fashion pages in the next issue of Imagine Magazine (Outfits will be supplied by me) and the 1 st runner up will Feature in the Quaterly Fashion Pick in the next issue. This magazine is available to every Model Agency. 6) Credit prizes are as follows:• The Winning Model: 1000cr • The Winning Model Agency: 3000cr •

1st Runner Up Agency: 1750cr

2nd Runner Up Agency: 1000cr

**The only changes that ever could be made here is credit prizes could go up The Winning Model and Agency will go through to the Finals to go up against 5 other Models for the Diamond Award at the end of the Year (Prizes are posted for this but could change by the time Finals come round.) Bonus Prizes will be awarded to non-winners. *Prizes are Subject to change before the competition begins depending on circumstances.

8 Oct/Nov Winners

Congratulations to the Winners! Gold Winner: MissyMaliceSinn Silver Winner: babychae123 Bronze Winner: RoslinRozeDacu

10 Meet MissyMaliceSinn As the First Winner of Regionals, Missy shows great promise. In her spare time she enjoys Dj-ing and hunting for the perfect fashion. She loves her job and adores animals of all kinds. She’s highly commited to her Modelling Agency, Vanity Modelling, and speaks of their high quality and dedication to all their Models.

1) How did you get into modelling? It happened a couple of years ago when I was room hopping and I discovered there was an Model Agency, I had wanted to model ever since I was young so thought I would bring the dream alive on IMVU. 2) What do you love most about modelling? The Fashion, Hunting up great outfits and the challenge and creativity of putting together unique styles. 3) Which part of the IMVU Model Regionals did you enjoy the most? I absolutely loved everything about it! The competition was quite good and I was completely surprised that I had won. 4) Are you looking forward to the Finals in September 2014? What are your thoughts about the upcoming Finals? I am definitely looking forward to finals. I cannot wait to see who my competition will be and I hope they bring their ‘A’ game like the others have so far. 5) What are your plans for the future? One day I hope to model for well-known Developers, male and female.

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