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The IMVU Model Regionals

At the Regionals, Model Agencies across IMVU come together with their best Model and go head to head for the top spot for IMVU’s Top Model.

Every 2 months a Top Model will be chosen along with two runners up to win prizes for themselves and the Agency they represent, and every year these 5 Gold Award holders go head to head for the Diamond Award for the Ultimate IMVU Top Model.


Regionals Prizes 6) The Winner and two runner ups will receive the items shown in the following showcase… This consists of: • Crown: gold for The winner and flowered for the two runners up • Bouquets as shown in the image •

1st gold, 2nd silver and 3rd bronze place Sash for each of the three


2) The Winner and 2 Runners up will each receive an award sticker to display proudly on their Homepage as shown in the following image… • Winner: Gold Ribbon •

1st Runner up: Silver Ribbon

2nd Runner up: Bronze Ribbon

3) The Winner will receive a minimum of three free gifts a week from our sponsors Catalogue (Note The gifts given will be chosen by the Sponsor) The 1st Runner up will receive two gifts from our sponsors catalogue of their choice and a free full outfit from our sponsors (chosen by me) – this outfit will be featured for the fashion pick in our next issue of IMAGINE magazine

The 2nd Runner up will receive 2 gifts of their choice From any of our sponsors Catalogue 4) The Winner and 2 Runners Up images will be featured on this group wall until The Finals are completed.


5) The Winner and 1st Runner up will be featured in our calendar with a theme of their choice…(except for already themed months February, April, October, December). This calendar will be made available to every agency and on DeviantArt. The Winner will feature on the Cover and fashion pages in the next issue of Imagine Magazine (Outfits will be supplied by me) and the 1 st runner up will Feature in the Quaterly Fashion Pick in the next issue. This magazine is available to every Model Agency. 6) Credit prizes are as follows:• The Winning Model: 1000cr • The Winning Model Agency: 3000cr •

1st Runner Up Agency: 1750cr

2nd Runner Up Agency: 1000cr

**The only changes that ever could be made here is credit prizes could go up The Winning Model and Agency will go through to the Finals to go up against 5 other Models for the Diamond Award at the end of the Year (Prizes are posted for this but could change by the time Finals come round.) Bonus Prizes will be awarded to non-winners. *Prizes are Subject to change before the competition begins depending on circumstances.


Dec/Jan Winners


1st Place – VendettaSiren 2nd Place – MrsYessiColotl 3rd Place – Tiffaknee01


1. How long have you been modelling for? I have been modelling for 6 months

2. What got you started in the industry? I love fashion in general and I was encouraged by several close friends that I should give it a try.

3. What is your favourite parts about modelling? I like all the different styles of clothing and being able to show off my creativity.

4. What are the worst parts? Seeing other model's choices and thinking that you could have done better or seeing different style choices that look just as amazing as your own and asking yourself "Why didn't I think of that?"

5. What do you do besides modelling? I DJ for fun and I am also a beginning creator.

6. what was the best part of competing in the IMVU Model Regionals? Pushing my own limits and stepping outside my comfort zone to find the right "look" for each of the different challenges.

7. What was the worst part of competing in the IMVU Model Regionals? The three part outfit for the catwalk. I don't think I have ever spent so much time in the shop over a single outfit! Literally I was shopping for 1 hour for EACH one.


8. How did you feel when you found out you won? I was excited and relieved at the same time because I wanted to represent my modeling agency the best that I could. It was very rewarding to see that all my efforts had been recognized and my visions had been understood and appreciated.

9. Are you looking forward to the Finals in September? How do you feel about that? Yes, because I expect a greater challenge from the competitors, having won in their own cycles.

Any tips for future competitors? Really put your effort into your clothing choices, if you only take 20 minutes to throw an outfit together then you aren't doing enough and you should re-evaluate your final decision. Since you don't really have to edit much, you should refocus all the time into having the best outfit possible. Also choose your poses wisely; make sure they aren't messing with your clothing or making your hair cut drastically into your body. When you make minimal efforts, it shows. The top models will always stand out from the rest of the pack, so aspire to be the top model.


Overview 2014 is the year to broaden your horizons and fly the friendly skies, Aquarius. The emphasis is on long-distance travel, philosophy and all forms of conscious awareness. If you've been hiding out at home, this is the year to get packing. Unprecedented adventure awaits. Life is sure to take you on some important journeys (literally, figuratively or both) on the quest for revealing the kind of mind-blowing truths that can only come from direct experience. You'll have Mars firing up your house of travel for the entire first half of the year and quickly joined by the North Node of Fate in March. Wanderlust and travel fever could easily become daily themes, especially during the first half of the year. If you're not able to physically travel, opt for activities that expand your mental and spiritual horizons, even if that means learning a foreign language or furthering your education.

Jupiter will keep you plenty busy for the first half of the year as the planet of abundance brings work -- and more work. Your daily routine will be filled to the max, but rich and nurturing nonetheless. You may wonder if you'll ever have time to pause and catch your breath, but luckily the energy will shift in July. You'll move into a new phase where your relationships become primary, and the daily grind slips into the background. Saturn continues to hold court at the top of your horoscope for another year. This high-powered status position only comes about once every 29 years – so work it, Aquarius! The prestige continues, as does the heavy load of responsibility that comes with it. You have even surprised yourself with the level of dedication and determination you've demonstrated over the past year. Your stellar discipline is paying off, and this inspires you to work even harder. Starting in March, you're being called to consider the bigger picture.


Romance Travel and romance are quite synonymous in 2014. It's even possible you could fall in love with someone from a foreign country or at least while visiting one. Then again, maybe you just fall in love with the country itself. In any case, you have the fabulous influence of Jupiter bringing huge blessings to your relationship zone starting this summer. This not only bodes well socially but also in terms of potential partners. You can expect to have quite an expansive pool to choose from. Jupiter brings opportunities in ample amounts, almost to the point of exaggeration so expect a jackpot of potential suitors. If you're already romantically hooked up, Jupiter will help take your commitment beyond the current plateau. It's all about expansion and adventure in 2014, Aquarius. The more you jet, the happier and luckier your love life!

There's a crazy spirit of generosity and playful energy that kicks in this summer. There are times when you approach your love life in a more practical and detached manner, treating your beloved more like your friend. And then there are times like this summer when your child-like spirit triumphs and the underlying (and often hidden) romantic side of your personality takes over. Enjoy the return of this super fun and spontaneous spurt that lasts from July until the end of the year. Your love life will blissfully feel more like a playground than a battleground for once. The North Node of Fate is moving into the sign of relationships in March setting the stage for everyone to work on finding more harmony and balance in relationships. This may require some adapting and some compromise on your part, Aquarius, but the flow and love that results is totally worth it. If you're willing to put in the work, you'll definitely find more contentment in your love life in 2014 than you have for years.


Career Work and career goals continue to be top priorities for you in 2014, Aquarius. You've got loads of planetary support to keep you thriving in whatever new projects you decide to take on. It's easy to overdo it with your scheduling during the first half of the year, so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. The steady stream of work will continue, so don't be afraid to turn down a few projects if only to save your health and sanity. Plus, when the North Node of Fate moves into the sign of balance, you'll feel a strong need to calm the frenzy. You're totally in a power position all year long with Saturn still sitting pretty at the top of your horoscope (in his favorite position). You radiate authority and magnetism without having to make a big fuss.

Jupiter will move into your house of clients and partnerships in July, making it extremely advantageous to team up with the right people. Choose to partner with those who compliment your strengths and balance your weak areas. This is not a year to play out any of your Aquarian lone-wolf tendencies. Although you're the master at collecting groups of people to collaborate with, your challenge this year is to adapt to more intimate one-on-one work dynamics. This may feel highly uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first, but you'll soon glean the powerful potential. It's all about choosing the right match, and this in itself is an art you'll be practicing all year long. The other big lesson is to watch your tongue and any spontaneous but aggressive outbursts that have ruined business relations in the past. You have a way of seeming more detached than you really are; when tensions finally mount, others are shocked when you swiftly and unexpectedly chop them right out of your world. 2014 is the year of diplomacy, tolerance and compromise.


Overview 2014 is the year of major transformation and rebirth, Pisces. You're about to undertake such a massive personal renovation project that your inner world will never quite look or feel the same. Of course, this will in turn revolutionize your outer world in the most fantastic ways imaginable. The first half of the year continues to celebrate romance and pleasure in a big and fabulous fashion. The overwhelming abundance of love that started crashing into your dreamy world last summer will continue to flourish straight through July. It's not a question of falling madly in love -- it's a question of why it seems to be a daily occurrence. The spell won't be broken until summer, so enjoy this incredible fantasy. Once summer comes you may have to choose and commit. This lovely Jupiter influence has also been spectacular for your creative life, and will continue to be for the first half of the year. Consider this your second (or third or fourth) childhood as you're being reminded how much fun it is to play!

Perhaps the best news is that your work is about to totally take off this summer. If you've been in a bit of an uninspired slump, mope no more! Lucky and generous Jupiter will be moving into your work zone to bring you more work opportunities than you can possibly handle. You'll have to choose carefully, or you may not sleep until 2015. This is also the year to strive for more balance in all life arenas -- especially with money. You're over owing anyone anything, and this is the year to start putting your creative talents into wiping out as much debt as possible. You know how to manifest like nobody's business but often forget to put such magic into practice. Once you get a vision about something, it's only a matter of time before it becomes reality, Pisces.


Romance The outrageously delicious romantic influence that began last summer continues for the first half of the year. Be sure to take advantage of this amorous time to celebrate your current love or to attract a new flame. Either way, the love energy is still peaking until July. Your instincts to nurture and be nurtured are exceptionally strong until July.

Saturn continues his tour through sexy Scorpio this year, making another sweet and supportive aspect to your very own watery stars. You're learning deep lessons about commitment, passion and facing your deepest fears when it comes to intimate relationships. You may have never even realized until now that you have some commitment issues. When responsibility starts drifting toward you, you have a tendency to swim the other way. As romantic as you are, you have a deep-seated terror of life becoming too predictable and mundane. You live for fantasy and glamour, Pisces. But alas, reality has a way of catching up to you and asking you if you're ready to step up to the plate. This is your big decision in 2014: How far are you willing to go for love, and what would you be willing to sacrifice?

The North Node of Fate will move into the sign of relationships (Libra) close to your birthday for the remainder of the year, putting the emphasis on partnering. Considering how influenced you are by your environment, the coupling theme surrounding you is sure to feel contagious. You may find yourself longing for companionship despite your usual solitary bent. You can always make room for both in your life. 2014 is the year for you to merge your dreams with your reality.


Career The stars are demanding that you find your passion and get practical about it, Pisces. You're a gypsy and a total free spirit by nature, but this year you're being asked to concentrate your energies and really focus on your passion. Yes, this means coming down from dreamland and getting serious about your career goals, but that doesn't mean you can't use those amazing visions you have while sleeping or daydreaming. In fact, the more you use them this year, the more powerful your career. You know how to work the powers of visualization better than anyone, and with Neptune and Chiron still cruising through your stars this year, you're the master at turning imagery into profit. Money tends to be the least of your priorities, but you're realizing it certainly doesn't hurt. You prefer glamour and experience, but why not get paid a handsome salary for your talents? Of course you'll just generously shower any wealth you accumulate on your loved ones.

The planet of wealth and abundance moves into your work sector this summer, so get ready for a pile-up of projects, Pisces. You'll wonder how it was that you ever complained about not having enough work. This phase -- from July until the end of the year -- is guaranteed to keep you so busy, you'll be challenged to keep your head above water. Time management is key to keeping afloat because the demands will be a bit overwhelming -- exhilarating but overwhelming, nonetheless. Be sure to get plenty of rest, and strive toward more balance in your life despite your hectic schedule. Refuse to let your health suffer as a result of working harder than ever. Don't forget you're hypersensitive to the energies around you and thus require copious amounts of downtime to replenish your energy and imagination.


Overview This year focuses so heavily on all themes related to your love life and integrating your opposite polarity (Libra). Get ready for a serious indoctrination on beauty, peace and justice. 2014 promises to deliver endless opportunities to perfect your skills in being the best lover and partner you can possibly be. This doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your authentic, individual Fire-warrior spirit, but it does mean you're about to learn the art of compromise in a colossal way. Starting in March, the Nodes of Fate will move into your stars right before your birthday, preparing you for a new cycle focused on the ever-elusive balance between 'self' and 'other'. You may feel you are still shedding old aspects of your personality that no longer serve you or your partnerships -- but the payoff is so worth it. You're a true romantic at heart, ever in search of a truly beautiful and harmonious partnership, and this year just might be the year you get to truly live and experience this like never before.

Your ruling planet, Mars, starts off the year applying added fuel to your relationship zone and continues to work this part of your horoscope for an unusually extended stay (until July). You'll be highly motivated to put more work and energy into making your partnerships as equal and harmonious as possible. The first half of the year will ask you to really conserve your energy and avoid unnecessary battles. There are so many lessons surrounding peace, diplomacy and grace that you may wonder what happened to your Fire. Not to worry, it will be back in the summer. The Nodes of Fate have a huge impact on your relationship world starting in February and lasting until the end of the year. There's a fated feeling around all new encounters, whether romantic or business. If you're still single, don't be surprised if a very important merger begins to form early this spring (if not sooner).


Romance This year could definitely go down as the one to remember when it comes to love and partnerships. You're being called to relinquish any impulsive tendencies in exchange for a more lasting and harmonious union with a true partner. So instead of indulging in a string of sexy love affairs, the cosmos is urging you to experience the harder but ultimately more rewarding work of long-term commitment. By no means does this mean you must sacrifice the excitement or the fire. In fact, it's just the opposite. Once you have the solid foundation of a balanced and committed partnership, it can easily lay the groundwork for some of the most passionate intimacy of your life. The only difference is that you will go deeper with one person instead of the more experimental influence of the past few years.

The Nodes of the Moon will shift into your sign and your relationship zone respectively this February and stay there for the remainder of the year. You're being asked to shift your focus and attention from 'I, me, mine' to accommodating and considering the needs of the other. This may feel totally against your grain in the beginning, but there's so much wisdom and potential rounding out of your personality through these lessons in compromise that you'll soon gladly embrace the other side.

Jupiter moves into your house of romance in July and will continue to bring you all the luck and goodness you need in the pleasure department. You can enjoy this influence until the end of the year. You'll definitely feel a fiery boost as Jupiter will be in fellow Fire sign Leo during the latter half of the year. You'll be less wrapped up in family concerns and feel an abundance of joy and play. You haven't experienced this kind of pure childlike fun in 12 years. Enjoy!


Career The year starts off with the influence of Venus retrograding in your career zone for the month of January. If you've wanted to rework your image, mission statement or just reintroduce more creativity into your career, this is the year to do it, Aries! It's time to bring more sweetness and beauty to your brand. Get an early start because Venus goes direct in February. In fact, the first quarter of the year is ideal for putting some extra love into your work. This is not a year to procrastinate because the stars want to most strongly support your projects from the get-go and start to lose steam later in the year when pleasure becomes a higher priority.

There is a slow building influence (2008-2023) that requires much releasing of your old concepts around status and worldly success. Now that you're five years into this evolutionary trajectory, you're starting to get the hang of the whole destroy-to-rebuild theme. You've spent a considerable amount of energy over the past few years pondering and psychoanalyzing what your deeper purpose is here on Earth and the mark you ultimately want to leave on this world. Now that the Pluto-Uranus war is dying down, you have a chance to integrate your pioneering spirit with the need to build something lasting.

Pluto will go retrograde in your house of career between April and September, giving you a chance to peel away another layer of whatever hasn't been working so well. You have many opportunities to revamp your whole approach to your life's work this year, so don't be afraid to make some big changes. All you have to do is crack the code and commit to what your greatest passion is. No more settling for second best, Aries. Never forget your trailblazing nature!


Overview 2014 is the year of expansion, fulfilling work and stellar wellbeing, Taurus! If you've fallen prey to the typical Taurus legacy of neglecting your own needs and taking care of everyone else's problems, this is the year to take your power and your life force back so that you can invest in a brand-new life. No, this does not make you selfish or uncaring, this makes you true yourself and with a greater capacity to give to your loved ones because you will no longer be running on empty -- which is probably how you've felt over the past few years. You've been letting go of so many things -- from material possessions to antiquated concepts around values and security. In fact, you've relinquished so much that you may barely recognize your life at this point, Taurus. You've certainly learned to simplify your world in 2013, and now you're getting ready to go rebuild towards greater beauty and harmony. The focus of 2014 is all about communication, work and daily ritual. Use this positive influence to turn any negative thought patterns into more optimistic, big-picture thinking. This is your year to find your inspiration, hope and purpose. If you've been struggling to figure out what you came to this Earth to do, you can count on 2014 to deliver the vision.

There is a big emphasis this year on your work and health zone, so plan to direct the majority of your energy towards your daily affairs, projects and your wellbeing in 2014. You're learning the art of balance and beauty, and finding new ways to make your work more creative and less dreary. This is because your entire mindset is changing for the better and you're realizing that just because you're loyal, hardworking and full of more perseverance than most doesn't mean that you have to stick it out in what feels more like drudgery and duty than work that you love.


Romance The lessons around commitment and intimacy get deeper as Saturn continues his two-and-a-half-year sojourn through your partnership house, Taurus. This is an important time to face all fears and insecurities when it comes to relationships. You've been forced to face every personal demon you never knew you had over the past year and now you're getting to see just how strong and loyal you really are. Despite your placid outer nature, there is a very passionate and sensitive side to you that you're finally getting to experience in your relationships.

Your ruling planet (lovely Venus) starts off the year in one of her more rare retrograde phases in sister Earth sign, Capricorn. You'll feel like you're covering old ground, if not encountering lovers from the past under this influence. Either way, you'll be revisiting some of your more entrenched relationship patterns. All of this is to test what you want -- and don't want -- in a partnership. There's a chance to finally get clear on where your boundaries are with others. This is also an excellent influence for building on all of the relationship lessons you've had over the past few years. Your integrity is getting more solid every day, and this will do wonders for either attracting or keeping an amazing partner.

Lucky Jupiter will be adding romance and more heartfelt connection in your love life over the second half of the year (starting in July). You'll be ready for more pleasure and less family duty for a refreshing change. You'll feel a strong calling to embrace your childlike spirit and surrender to love in a way you haven't felt in 12 years. This is your year to throw all caution to the wind when it comes to embracing the needs of your heart.


Career 2014 starts off with Mars -- the planet of drive and ambition -- amping up your work zone. In fact, this aggressive planet will be running an unusually long stint in this part of your horoscope (six months to be exact). This gives you the entire first half of the year to apply your energies wholeheartedly to your work. The new goal is to bring more beauty and creativity into every aspect of your creative process and daily rituals. You'll be amazed at how much you get done and how much drive you have to excel and accomplish more than you ever thought possible, Taurus. There may be a pause and revise phase with your projects that takes place between March and May, but after that prepare for full speed ahead until July. Expect to grow a ton in the career department. 2014 brings you one opportunity after the next to truly live out your dream and actually make money doing it.

Be sure to work the lucky influence of Jupiter in your networking and correspondence zone during the first half of 2014. You've got great fortune on your side, plus a way with words this year, Taurus. Put yourself and your message out there in a big way. It's best to appeal to people's feelings more than their minds under this year's watery and emotional influence. Trust your gut exclusively when making any major business decisions because your intuition is spot on this year -- especially up through July. Saturn continues to teach you valuable lessons around the integrity of contracts highly discerning with your choice of associates and allies. After more disappointing situations with colleagues and/or business partners than you care to count, you're seeing how crucial it is to align yourself with those who share your values, patience and most importantly -- your loyalty.


Overview All of your hard work is totally paying off in 2014, Gemini! The rewards started trickling in throughout 2013, but the real windfall of success is still yet to come. This is the year of perseverance and pay-off. Plus, the super lucky money spree that began late last year continues in 2014. The bounty that started last July will continue all the way until summer, so stash some of this awesome surplus for potential rainy days down the road.

Perhaps, the best news of the year is the dramatic shift from work to play. Instead of focusing the majority of your time and energy on projects and the daily grind, you're now feeling desperately inclined to devote more of your waking hours to creativity and romantic pursuits. The North Node of Fate is finally leaving your work zone and backing up into your house of love, starting this February. This puts the emphasis on the people, places and things you adore most. The desires of your heart take priority this year. Think of 2014 as a chance to live out your second childhood, Gemini! Your creativity is sure to skyrocket in a way that you haven't experienced in close to 20 years. This isn't to say that you won't still be hard at work, but you will realize that it's just as important to make time for love and leisure.

Communication, travel and learning become major areas of interest and opportunities for expanding your income in 2014. Watch how your travel schedule is suddenly jam-packed from July onward. You thrive when you're exploring new places, so this should feel like a welcome gift from the universe. Plus, your legendary curiosity reaches new heights as you're suddenly struck with the strong desire to dabble in as many new areas of interest as possible.


Romantic Your love life takes a destined turn this year, Gemini. The North Node will move into your house of love and romance this February and spend the remainder of the year there. The desire for partnership could feel surprisingly overwhelming, turning your free-spirited ways upside down. If you're already committed, this could be a renaissance in your relationship where pleasure and romance become the essentials. If you're still a free agent, you may be shocked by your sudden need to go straight from dating to mating. In any case, this year promises to bring serious lessons in love and partnering. You're about to learn the whole art of compromise and putting the needs of your beloved before your own when necessary.

Commitment is a theme in all areas of your life in 2014, and romance is no exception. Saturn is asking you to get serious about your sexuality and how you direct your life force in general. As much as you love to flit and flirt, you'll gain more if you go deeper with just one person. Even if this feels like it goes against your fickle essence, you'll be surprised at how satisfying and fulfilling it can be to just stick it out even when the going gets tough or the tough gets boring. The bigger rewards come from staying put and working through the rough patches rather than jumping ship and looking for something lighter and easier. Although that may prove to be an alluring quick fix, in your heart of hearts some part of you knows that it's just another escape hatch and will only leave you lonely in the end. Try not to give in to what's comfortable this year because the real magic happens when you go beyond what's familiar and safe.


Career All work and no play was turning Gemini into one cranky camper last year. But not to worry, that level of burnout is so 2013. Work is the means; love, money and security are the ends. You're learning the art of working smarter instead of harder by getting just the right people to help you out so that you can delegate some of your more time-consuming tasks and reclaim your lost social life. In 2014 you'll find just the right balance between ambition and leisure. You'll be approaching everything creatively in your professional world in 2014. Your goal is to bring more streamlined loveliness into all facets of production next year.

Be sure to take advantage of the ongoing lucky influence of Jupiter in your money house all the way through until July, Gemini. This is the best time to take risks in order to expand your earning potential. If you've been limiting yourself to just plugging along and trying to make ends meet over the past few years, Jupiter has come to assist you in expanding your moneymaking horizons. Chances are, there are many opportunities you've been overlooking or just too busy to incorporate into your current career plans. But now is the time to really dream large-scale.

During the second half of 2014, Jupiter will leave your money house and move into your zone of learning and education. If there are new areas of interest that you know could increase your skill set and marketability, by all means jump on them. Any investment in furthering your knowledge proves to be extremely lucrative, so don't be afraid to take the time and resources necessary to make that happen. You'll also be learning a ton through your everyday experiences, and luck can happen through chance encounters with strangers, neighbours and potentially even siblings.


Overview You're still riding high as lucky Jupiter continues his generous tour through your stars in 2014. Maximize this amazing good fortune for the first six months of the year before Jupiter moves on to your neighboring sign of Leo in July. The good news is that starting in July you'll have the benefit of the big planet working on your money house for a year.If you've been waiting for a windfall in your finances, watch how drastically your money situation improves starting this summer. Your confidence has been on the rise since last year, and the increase in self-esteem is about to pay off in myriad ways, Cancer. The focus on intense relationship karma continues in 2014, Cancer. At this point you're probably feeling like you've had enough drama to last an entire lifetime. Saturn and Pluto are still working hard on your love and partnership zones respectively over the next year, asking you to commit to working on your own psychological issues while working on the relationship. The two are mutually independent now. You're realizing that you can no longer simply afford to blame the other if you're not happy with the state of the relationship.

Furthermore, you're feeling more humbled and clear about your own personal boundaries. More and more you're seeing how important it is for you to author your own life and live by the rules that you set for yourself rather than judgments and expectations of others. You're starting to really master the subtle workings of knowing your limits and asking for what you need without sounding needy. First, you're getting clear about who you are and what is essential to make your life flourish. And then second, you're learning how to ask directly and clearly for exactly that.


Romance Your love life is a major focus again this year, with two of the heavyweight planets working for your relationship cause. This is not a time to date lightly, Cancer. If you've been struggling with the whole question of long-term versus short-term, this is the time to think duration. It's been a hard road of having to face your own shadow in relationships. Everything that irritates you about your beloved is pointing a glaring mirror right in your own face. Although this may feel highly painful during the process, trust that it's so worth the potential for insight and wisdom about yourself. The reason you're able to endure such an intense confrontation with yourself and your own demons now is that you've got the power of love on your side.

Finding harmony and peace of mind in your relationships (especially with family) will require the majority of your attention and energy in 2014. The North Node of Fate shifts into the sign of beauty and balance early in the year, urging you to focus on where you need more equilibrium in your life. Of course this will require tempering some extremes, but the graceful flow that follows is worth it. If there are any hidden selfish tendencies that have a way of destroying the beauty of your connections, this is the year to weed them out and learn the art of compromise. You have a tendency to be the emotional caretaker in your family, but this year you're being asked to work on balancing that out by taking better care of yourself. It might feel selfish at first, but you'll soon realize this actually allows you to have more to give. Establishing clear and firm boundaries with those who might take advantage of your emotional generosity is another important lesson of the year. Every relationship and love lesson will be a profound opportunity to come home to yourself this year, Cancer.


Career Your worldly life and professional dreams should still feel incredibly blessed in 2014. Having the support of Jupiter in your stars backing your biggest hopes and dreams isn't shabby. You'll be working that influence most strongly during the first half of the year right up to your birthday until the big guy moves on to your money zone in July. At that point, you'll be moving the focus from building your self-esteem and public image to dreaming about how to double, if not triple, your earning potential. Jupiter brought much wisdom about polishing your personal image and working your brand, and now you're ready to cash in on all of that knowledge.

You may be experiencing a bit of an inner tug of war as the Nodes of Fate pull between your domestic and career zones. The domestic loving side of your nature is fighting with the ambitious side. The North Node in Libra at the base of your horoscope is asking to spend more time with yourself in the quest for more balance. The South Node in your career zone may be vying for more of your efforts towards pushing your goals to the next level. If you take care of yourself, your family and strive toward greater overall balance, your career will automatically flourish as a result. This is easier said than done, of course, but if anyone can find a way to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, it's you, Moon child!

Continue to be highly selective in your choice of colleagues this year, Cancer. If you're going to be investing your hard energy, heart and trust, then you have to be sure to put your potential ally to the test.


Overview Your star is about to rise and shine in 2014, Leo. This summer, the planet of fame and fortune (Jupiter) moves into your stars, catapulting you to the rock star status you so desire and so deserve! Use the first half of the year to prepare on an inner level because the second half is going to explode beyond your wildest imagination. You're dance card will be so beyond full, it'll leave you very little time to keep up with yourself. Leo, you're about to enter a cycle of goodness that only comes around once every 12 years, so prepare to party and live large like the royalty you are! Watch your words in 2014! It's nearly impossible to avoid extremes this year, and yet you'll be forced to temper some of your more dramatic verbal forms of expression. Get ready to learn the art of diplomacy and compromise in order to keep the flow between you and your loved ones. This doesn't mean you're not entitled to your strong opinions, Leo. Nor does it mean you have to sacrifice the headstrong power you're so known and loved for. What it does mean is that you're learning the precious significance of tact and timing when it comes to delivering your truth serum. You're also learning how important it is to truly take into consideration the point of view of the other in order for the highest level of communication to flourish.

The intense levels of personal transformation that began in 2013 will only get stronger and deeper this year. You are getting to know yourself on such a profoundly intimate level that there will be no room for any kind of self-deception or even subtle psychological betrayal. Self-knowledge is uber powerful. This is the year to apply all that you've learned in the realm of personal partnerships. Now that you are very clear on your own lines in the sand and what you will and will not tolerate, your value in the eyes of others is sure to skyrocket.


Romance Leo, 2014 is filled with so much luck and opportunity for you that love is sure to be a huge part of the mix. The lessons that began in late 2012 around emotional and sexual intimacy are only getting deeper in 2014. Chances are, you're already in the throes of a very powerful relationship in order to reveal all of the complex layers that only relationships can mirror. If you happen to be single, your friendships are certainly a source of depth and intimacy for you to bridge the gap until your next romantic encounter. Of course, it's quite rare for a Leo to go for very long before falling madly in love all over again. And besides, this year you're simply in love with life all around!

This is a year to return to your childlike spirit when it comes to love and romance. If you've been taking yourself or your love life a bit too seriously, you can rectify that situation by getting back into a playful mode. You're at your best when you live from your heart and allow your silly side to shine. After all, you're just a big kid at your core and that's exactly what others find the most attractive about you, Leo.

You may feel more domestic and less romantic during the first half of the year, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. You're still in a bit of a self-nurturing mode until July, when Jupiter comes out of your house of retreat and brings major abundance to the relationship axis of your horoscope. Your generous and big-hearted tendencies are about to become exaggerated in an irresistible way starting this summer. The only downfall to this big Jupiter transit is that you may feel so invincible you forget to be gracious in moments when a little humility might be necessary. If you remember to cultivate gratitude for this fabulous windfall of prosperity on all levels, you won't have to suffer that inevitable fall from grace. Keep love at the forefront of all you do, and spoil the ones you adore. If pride threatens your love buzz, simply say no and get back to what you do best: radiating your passionate and gigantic heart!


Career You're the golden child in 2014, Leo! This is your year to make your next big mark on the world and take your rightful spot in the spotlight. Everything you've been working on for the past 12 years is ready for the pay-off zone! You'll feel a colossal boost in status kick-in starting in July when Jupiter enters your stars. This is a time when you've got luck on your side. Expansion and risk-taking are favored because you've got the support of guardian angel planet surrounding you with blissful fortune and divine protection. If you've been playing small in any way with your career, you'll quickly see how crazy and out of touch that mentality is with your true potential. You were born for greatness and the fiery side of your personality is dying to blaze its own trail this year. You're the leader of the pack; it's just a matter of stepping into those bigger shoes. Courage is your middle name now. Travel becomes an important component in furthering your career this year. You're ready to expand your kingdom. Don't turn down any opportunities for travel. You'll be astonished at how many connections you make just by traveling abroad. It's as though your luck doubles just by crossing the pond. Plus, the wanderlust is so overwhelming it will make it hard to stay focused on work when confined to a limited setting. This is the year to expand your personal and professional horizons. Communication is a key theme in your career as the Nodes of Fate move into your mental zones early in the year. You'll be called to pay attention to the way you put yourself out into the world via social networking sites, email, websites, blogs, etc. Your image in the world of social media plays a huge part in taking you to the next level with your professional reputation. Choose every word, photo and message with utmost care. The social media world is paying close attention to your every move. Ban those drunken party photos from your newsfeed!


Overview This is the year for vacation and retreat, Virgo! You're known as the proverbial workaholic, but this year you're about to totally transform your image. If ever there was a time to learn how to kick back and relax, it's now. Although the first half of 2014 will continue with the crazy social frenzy that began in 2013, by summer you'll be ready to enter a phase of serious seclusion. Too much socializing proves to be incredibly taxing on your nerves, Virgo. You're more sensitive than most, and it's hard for you not to feel the pressure of wanting to help, nurture and support all those who come to you for your brilliant guidance.

The total mental makeover that began in late 2012 is really taking root. Your thinking and communication skills are sharper than ever. You've also had to work hard at uprooting any self-defeating thought patterns, and that transformation is starting to pay off as you discover the power of controlling your own mind. Chances are you've figured out how important it is to clear you mind if only by exercising or taking a long walk once a day. Too much mental activity is purely exhausting for you, and you've had to learn how to turn off your thinking in order to find respite and rejuvenation. That has been the art that Saturn in your house of thinking has taught you over the past year.

Money and debt become key themes for you in 2014 as the Nodes of Fate move into the financial zones. You're finally fed up with rollercoaster spending sprees, and feel committed to working towards more balance and intention with both earning and spending. You'll suddenly find that your determination to keep a balanced budget takes precedence over almost anything else in your world. When your finances are settled, your mind becomes calm and your creativity soars. It's worth the extra effort and small sacrifices in order to achieve your goals. You'll love how your money picture looks a year from now, Virgo.


Romantic Your love life has been undergoing a total transformation that began in 2008, and you're not even halfway to the finish mark. This said, expect another layer of profound life lessons and experience in the love department this year. Regardless of your current relationship status, you're sure to be heavily involved at some point with either your current partner or someone brand new that rocks your world.

Love is a constant journey into your own psyche and shadow, which may be why part of you wishes you could just run away and be a hermit in the woods at times. You value deep connection with another and will find it incredibly satisfying to partner up with someone who feels more like your equal. Relationships are grounding for you, especially those that allow you your own space to roam and heal and explore. This is the year where you may be more willing to sacrifice your need for a lot of alone time in order to receive the gift of consistent companionship.

Saturn continues to teach deep lessons on sexuality and intimacy in 2014. This is the last year that the cosmic taskmaster will be inhabiting the sign of Scorpio, so take full advantage of this sexy and deeply transformative time, Virgo. You're learning how important communication is in relationships. If you don't first meet in the mind, it's very hard for you to feel a deep connection. You adore a partner with genius potential. You've learned over the past year plus how you simply cannot compromise on your strong desire for mental compatibility no matter how beautiful the person is. It's actually become a dealbreaker for you as you find yourself way too turned off and frustrated when you cannot have a meaningful conversation. Finally, Saturn in Scorpio has taught you how important it is to devote yourself wholeheartedly to the one you love. Once committed, you've learned that staying-the-course is the only way to a deep and fulfilling partnership. No more wavering or second-guessing, Virgo.


Career This is the year for really honing in on the powers of visualization and your imagination, Virgo. Work smarter not harder in 2014, especially after July. In fact, this summer you may be ready for a serious retreat, so you may want to get as much off your plate as possible during the first half of the year. Reward yourself in the summer with a blissful escape into nature.

Money, investments and debt play a huge role in your professional life for the next few years. You're learning so much about the power of building a nest egg so that you can grow your business and your other worldly goals. As tempting as it may have been to spend freely and luxuriously over the past few years, you're starting to realize how important it is to let go of the whole hand-to-mouth habit. You're one of the smartest and most resourceful signs of the zodiac, so there's no need to scrape along. Use your top-notch organizational skills to get double if not triple your earning potential. Once that happens, you can start stashing away the cash for your extended summer vacation.

Saturn will continue to put excessive pressure on you to get your message out there. If you've felt media shy in the past, you're realizing you have no choice but to hook up with as many social networking sites to expand your audience and widen your sphere of influence. You've also been learning (perhaps the hard way) how important integrity is to your solidifying your image. That may be why you used to find it intimidating to fully promote yourself online due to how exploitive that medium can be. But if anyone can refine some of the ugliness of social networking, it's you, Virgo. Plus, you'll have the bonus of extreme creative power this year with an extended run of Venus in your zone of self-expression. Pluto continues his long tour through your creative zone until 2023, so you're actually becoming a master of artistic expression and learning how to use this to your advantage.


Overview If you've been a sad and solo Libra, fear not; relationships take ridiculously high precedence in 2014! You surely will not be alone. If you're already hitched, expect a series of mind-blowing lessons and non-stop insight in the realms of romance and long-term commitment. This is your year to uncover and break through any co-dependent patterns once and for all. The big shift takes place in March when the North Node of Fate moves into your constellation triggering a series of very fated, life-altering events and destined relationships that will unfold over the next few years. All of your relationships (not just romantic) will be radically transformed, as will you. The themes of balance, justice, and beauty will be all consuming starting in March. You'll feel right in your element as others will also be learning all about the art of diplomacy and compromise with you for a change. Jupiter continues to bring luck and bounty to your career zone during the first half of the year, so take full advantage of this fortunate influence while its hot. The attention and accolades that began last year will continue to take you and your professional status to the next level. If you've been hemming and hawing about how to put yourself out there in the world, this is your year to decide and go for it! Plus, you definitely do not want to miss this amazing opportunity that comes only once every 12 years. After July, you'll have the same lucky bonus in your house of goals and long-term plans and ambition. Your social life is about to explode with more networking opportunities and party invites than you will know what to do with. Starting this summer your friends and social zone are highlighted for the next year. The people you meet will seem like angels and kindred spirits. Your playful and childlike nature is accentuated during this time and life is just filled with fun and pleasure. Your creativity is top notch this year as well because you're feeling more passionate and driven than you have felt in ages.


Romance This is the year to take your love life to the next level, Libra. Even if you've been married forever, refuse to take your relationship for granted. If you're single, this is your year to get serious. If you're wavering about commitment, this is the time to make up your mind and stick to your guns. In any case, relationships will be the priority if not the obsession in 2014. In fact, it may be hard to focus on anything else after March comes, so you may want to get as much non-relationship business out of the way during the first two months of the year. The year kicks off with your ruling planet of love (Venus) in retrograde, sending you on a nostalgic trip through relationships past. You can use the first two months of the year to really review your past patterns in partnering. Look at what worked and what didn't, and make any necessary adjustments in preparation for your next big commitment phase starting in March. You've had the opportunity to break through loads of relationship blocks and outworn patterns in the past couple of years with the assistance of Uranus in your house of partnerships. And now that you're finally free of the old ways, you can really take a fresh approach to love and relating.

You're the romantic of the zodiac, Libra, but commitment is often another issue. You're letting go of any love-'em-and-leave-'em defenses as the planets push you to get super serious about your relationships. You often like to keep one foot out the door just in case you change your mind (even if your beloved has no idea you're still going back and forth internally) but that can often due more damage to your love life than you realize. You'll be uprooting these fickle patterns and realizing how they've only served to sabotage your relationships in the past. You're ready for something real and lasting now -- even if it requires hard work!


Career Your career continues to explode off the charts, Libra! Lucky Jupiter started bringing you the goods for success, opportunities galore and perhaps even a bit of fame. This awesome abundance continues in 2014 -- especially during the first half of the year. Ride the wave of fabulousness, dear. You so deserve it! Some may have accused you of being lazy in the past, but your own sweet rhythm gets the job done in your own time. Others are finally starting to see that you work quietly behind the scenes in your own relaxed but productive fashion. You just don't appear as stressed out as others. But now you're ready to put yourself out there and on the map in a major way. Saturn continues to teach you some powerful lessons around money and value. Consider him your ally not your enemy because you are totally starting to see how important it is to create a budget and stick to it in order to take your dreams and goals to the next notch. Saturn is helping you to restructure the way you work with money in general, and allowing you not to waste your time or resources -- and that's worth a million, Libra! The key is to make sure you're only spending time and money on things you deem precious in your life. Make a list of your values and then make a list of where you money is going and see if these things line up. If not, make any necessary adjustments throughout the course of 2014 and you'll adore the results!

Overall, the career outlook could not look better for you this year, Libra. You're totally on top of your game and being recognized for the beauty you bring into the world of others. All of your hard work over the past 12 years is paying off. In July, your career focus will shift toward long-term goals. If you haven't already, make a list of everything you would like to achieve in your career over the next 5 to 10 years. If that feels too far into the future, do it anyway. You'll be amazed at how it puts your current plans and priorities into proper perspective.


Overview The intensity continues, Scorpio! You've been through quite a ride in 2013 and you're very clear that change is the only constant. With all of the trials and tribulations endured, you're certainly stronger than ever. The metaphor of the Phoenix rising from the ashes (often associated with your sign) could not be more apropos this year. You've let go of so much during the last year and now you're preparing for a major rebirth. After shedding layers upon layers and ancient attachments, you're ready for the new. This is your year to get crystal clear on what you're most passionate about and commit to it in the deepest way possible. You are an all-or-nothing sign to begin with, and this is a year when you simply must embrace your all-encompassing nature. You want to live life to the fullest, even if that means going to hell and back. It's what keeps you feeling on fire and stretched to your max. You want to know that you're growing and facing your deepest fears and insecurities, and coming back stronger for having done so.

You've got both Saturn and the North Node of Fate in your constellation again this year, creating a powerful feeling of destiny. The North Node will move out of your stars in March, so you may be concluding a powerful evolutionary chapter around this time around intimacy and commitment fears. You're about to then enter a phase where you're being asked to look inward and reflect on the relationship you have with yourself, Scorpio. Put all of those hard lessons you survived in 2013 via your love life to the test by closely examining the relationship you have with yourself.

With Saturn continuing to push you to your highest level of growth and maturity, you're feeling tested on a daily basis. Although this might be quite a grueling experience as Saturn can create a feeling of isolation or separation, you're being given the gift of finding out what you're really made of.


Romance You've been through the romantic ringer during the past few years, Scorpio! At this point you're just ready to land somewhere safe and sound -- preferably in the arms of a solid and loving partner! You're craving stability and security like mad, but you're starting to learn that the real rootedness you seek is within. No more giving your power away -- been there, done that! You're becoming a total tower of strength, and that is damn sexy to potential partners (or if you're already committed, to your current beloved.) In any case, you're still being tested on your devotion and tolerance levels in romantic relationships. Intimacy is what you most desire, Scorpio, but that doesn't come easily while Saturn is still rocking your stars. You've got to face all of your demons -- and then some -- if you want your relationship to survive and deepen.

Mars (your ruling planet) is going to be in the sign of relationships for the entire first half of the year, putting a major emphasis on partnering. Mars shows where and how we direct our energy. So while Mars spends an unusually long time in the sign of harmony and coupling, your focus is going to be on finding the beauty and balance with significant others. In March, Mars will go retrograde until May, asking you to revisit old relationship patterns. There's a huge emphasis on peace, equality and negotiation. Mars is not a happy camper in the sign of Libra because it feels compromised to assert its will, and thus passive-aggressive measures could take over. It's harder to be direct with your beloved this year because of the emphasis on harmony and cooperation. You're afraid to rock the boat. The plus side is that you're learning to see the point of view of your partners before demanding that you have it your way or the highway. The downside is that you're feeling like you can't directly assert what you want or need as things come up, which could lead to later explosions that totally blindside your partner. Not to worry, Scorpio. In July you'll be back in your fiery power as Mars enters his home turf until September.


Career You've totally got the good graces of Jupiter working some serious magic in your career zone in 2014. You are a fortress of money-generating power. Plus you're more determined to stay on top of your debt than ever before -- even if that means working yourself to the bone. You have the gift of maximizing your resources and connections with powerful people and marveling at how quickly your good fortune expands. This is one of those rare times when people practically want to throw money in your lap. Although you're just as lucky when it comes to getting loans, you may want to opt out as Saturn in Scorpio asks you to remain debt free.

Keep your heart and arms wide open and graciously receive. This is easier said than done as you pride yourself on being super self-reliant. But others are coming to your support. You can return the favor in the summer when your money is flowing and you've finally got a little extra cash to spare. You love lavishing your friends, colleagues and lovers with decadent gifts. Your imagination is getting fired up with Mars spending the entire first half of the year in your dream zone. Pay close attentions to the messages, symbols and images that show up in both your waking and dream state. You're doing some of your best work while unconscious in preparation for the major surge that begins this summer when Mars fires up your stars!

Starting this summer, you'll have Jupiter blessing the top of your horoscope, which is an excellent indicator of big-scale success. Next, this fall you'll have Mars powering up your money zone, bringing all the energy and ambition you need to generate greater income. You're thinking about ways to expand your horizons financially during the latter half of the year and have the awesome backing of Jupiter all year long to make your biggest dreams a reality. Go way beyond your normal concept of success and push the limits on what you think is possible. You'll happily surprise yourself with the enormity you're truly capable of, Scorpio!


Overview 2014 could prove to be one of your most social years on record, Sag! The isolation you endured in 2013 is finally coming to an end. Nothing is more unbearable to your free-bird soul than the feeling of being sequestered! Luckily, 2014 proves to be just the opposite. If anything, you'll be craving a retreat by the end of the year just to recover from the non-stop mixing and mingling. There's so much emphasis on your house of groups, friendships and long-term goals that you'll happily be back in the ambitious saddle this year. You live for goals, challenges and aiming sky-high. This is your year to totally push past every limit imaginable. You'll even surprise yourself with how resourceful you can be. Plus, you've got so much support from friends, family and colleagues that you cannot possibly lose. The emphasis is on your friendships and allies this year. You've never needed or appreciated the help of your friends more than you will in 2014. The beauty and brilliance of this year is how your tribe will faithfully come through for you again and again. There's nothing more valuable. Friends and community are your saving grace and source of endless celebration. This is also one of the best years on record to gather together your favourite like-minded people to accomplish greatness. It doesn't matter whether you rally for business, creativity, spirituality or all of the above. The point is to congregate. There is crazy strength in numbers this year. Your money situation looks incredibly bright in 2014. You can ask for big loans and other forms of financial support and investments that would normally seem a bit daunting or unrealistic. This is a year for building not depleting your bank accounts, and considering the surging levels of creativity you're about to experience, you'll have no problem manifesting all that you want. Finally, travel looks spectacular starting this summer until the end of the year. You're lucky jet-setting streak kicks in full force by July.


Romance Your friendship and romance zones are getting hit hard by this year's eclipse patterns speeding up your evolution when it comes to understanding the connection between romance and friendship. The key is to put more romance into your friendships and more friendship into your love life in 2014. The North Node of the Moon is putting the emphasis on partnering with your friends. You're being directed to put more energy into understanding the dynamics that help create more balance with friends, colleagues and allies, which may require less energy spent focused on romantic desires and problems. This doesn't mean you have to kiss your love life goodbye, it just means you'll thrive if you make it less of an obsessive priority than you have in past years. The irony is that the more you focus on your friendships and long-term goals, the better and more spontaneous your love life will be. Your super-lucky governing planet (Jupiter) continues to grace your sex sector for the first half of 2014. This should bring ample opportunities to express your deepest, sexiest life force. Intimate connections prove to be incredibly nurturing during the first part of the year. The second half of the year brings together travel and romance when Jupiter moves into your sector of long-distance travel. Not only will you have the good graces to roam the globe, but if you're single there's a good chance you could meet someone special along the way. Saturn, the planet of testing and commitment, continues his tour of your house of dreams, retreat and imagination. This means that you may be craving more intimacy with yourself and your own inner world than getting lost in the needs and dramas of another. Even if you're already entrenched in a serious commitment, you may still be craving more solitude and time to focus inwardly for one more year. You're preparing for an entirely new and improved approach to yourself, life and relationships in general.


Career 2014 is all about who you know, Sag, and luckily you'll be bombarded by the enthusiasm and support of friends and colleagues all year long. The biggest theme is on social networking, so don't underestimate the power of connecting. Always carry your business cards with you, and rarely turn down a party invite this year. Doors are pretty much guaranteed to fly open via friends. Just use your sparkling and contagious enthusiasm to get others interested in rallying for your current cause. You'll be thrilled at how people want nothing more than to support you in your professional ventures in 2014. Your ruler (Jupiter) will be showering you with the generosity of other people's money all year long. It's easy to garner loans and other sources of investors throughout the first half of the year, so don't be afraid to ask for help. It's only once every 12 years that you have this kind of superb planetary financial backing in your Eighth House of other people's money.

The planet ruling money (Venus) starts off the year retrograding in your financial zone, which could throw your banking into a bit of chaos. Not to worry though, this will quickly improve after January. Use the opening of the 2014 as a course corrector to your money patterns for the rest of the year. Just vow to pay close attention to your banking details (as tedious as that may feel) and try to conserve your spending as much as you can until the storm passes in February. The rest of the year looks quite splendid in terms of financial abundance, so you have nothing to worry about. Long-distance travel and career opportunities could be synonymous starting in July. You'll have the good fortune of Jupiter moving into your house of jet-setting and expansion starting this summer for a whole year, bringing you opportunities to broaden your horizons -- both personally and professionally. Overall, 2014 looks totally rockin' for taking your long-range goals and group affiliations to the next level.


Overview Get ready for one stellar career year, Capricorn! 2014 could easily be one of your most successful years on record. For one thing you'll have the planet of drive powering up the top of your horoscope for an extended stay, January through July. Plus, the North Node of Fate will meet up with Mars in March in your professional zone through the end of the year, making the push to excel a dire necessity. Finally, add to all of this ambition the fact that lovely Venus will be kicking off the year in your stars for the first two months. She'll be retrograde during your birthday month in January, urging you to revisit old values and relationships. You may even see old friends or lovers crawling out of the woodwork.

Saturn, your ruling planet continues his tour through your house of friends and large-scale life ambition in 2014. The work you began last year in terms of restructuring your values around both your social life and long-term goals continues to solidify as you deepen your commitment level. You appreciate the time it takes to make something solid, and you're starting to see some major pay-offs this year. You're also now realizing how important business partners, friends and colleagues are in supporting your life goals and keeping you emotionally balanced. Never will you take any of these precious allies for granted for even a second.

Family life and domestic issues are another important theme in 2014. You will happily be letting go of many ancient family patterns. This is a year to shed any ongoing family baggage. You don't need it anymore, Capricorn. It's also the year to give up the fight in favor of greater peace of mind. It's just not worth battling with relatives or family members over the same issues year after year. Now you'll be ready put your foot down, refusing to participate in any more drama. This doesn't make you a bad person, so don't let the typical Capricorn guilt set in once you free yourself from the chains.


Romance The year begins with the planet of love and beauty (Venus) in your sign -- but going retrograde. This means you're in a more nostalgic and reflective zone around relationships. Old lovers may reappear if there's any unfinished business. Or you may just be thinking about your past patterns and cycles in love relationships. Either way, it's a time of powerful introspection and reflection. If you're in a committed relationship, you may be craving a pause if not a serious time-out. It's not a time for big decisions or rushing forward with partners. If you've been fighting over money with your beloved, you may want to put any big financial planning talks on hold until February. The upside to this transit in January is that your appreciation for the sweetness and beauty in your relationships is enhanced.

Venus will come out of retrograde in February, allowing you to feel like you're finally moving forward with relationships. You can now apply all that you've learned during the Venus retrograde phase for the rest of the year. It's another year of breaking negative or addictive cycles in love. You've been on both sides of the power spectrum, Capricorn, and you're learning that you would most thrive in a coupling of equals. Of course, this is easier said than done, but you're getting closer than ever to attracting a harmonious match -- or reworking the power dynamics in your current commitment.

Jupiter will move into your zone of sexuality and intimacy this summer, bringing you plenty of opportunities to get passionate and deep with your beloved. Yes, this may require exploring some of the skeletons in your own psychic closet along the way, but it's worth the sexy rewards. If you're willing to face some of your darkest fears and insecurities this year, the level of connection you'll feel with your beloved will be off the charts!


Career To say that 2014 promises to go down as a career year for you to remember is no exaggeration, Capricorn. You've been working your tail off the past few years with Pluto and Saturn pushing you past any remaining comfort zones -- and the rewards are just beginning to peak. Plus, with Mars pushing you hard for the entire first half of 2014, there'll be no rest for the weary. But not to worry because you're at your best -- and often happiest -- whilst being an industrious little goat. Achievement is incredibly fulfilling, and this year the planets are bringing you ample opportunities to excel.

Saturn (your governing planet) continues to underscore your zone of group associations and long-term plans in 2014. The more people you can enlist to support your cause, the stronger your campaign. Although you pride yourself on being a strong and independent pioneer, having a superstar team to back you is priceless this year. In fact, networking continues to be key in 2014, and socializing proves to be more constructive than frivolous. Carve out time in your busy schedule to get yourself out there. You never know who you will meet, and this year you're sure to rub elbows some serious heavyweights in your chosen field.

Lucky Jupiter will move into your house of other people's money starting in July. This is an excellent influence if you need to borrow money or garner investors to support your bigger plans. You'll be wildly surprised by the generosity of others in 2014. It's rare for you to ask for any kind of financial help as it goes against your self-reliant nature. However, this is just a means to an end, Capricorn. You're bound to be so successful that you'll pay it all back in no time. Your moneymaking mojo is especially strong in February, so you may want to stash away that cash for future plans.


The Valentine’s Day Origins By SilentHillNightmare

St. Valentine’s Day or the Feast of St Valentine is a holiday reserved annually on February 14th which normally is still a working day in some countries. Valentine’s day started as a celebration for the Christian saint Valentinus. Now you must be asking who was St. Valentinus? Well there are many stories who he was and what he did One was from martyrology, which says he was imprisoned for marrying soldiers who was not allowed to be married and ministering to christians who were persecuted by the Roman Empire. It was also said during Saint Valentinus’s imprisonment he healed his keeper’s daughter named Asterius. This legend also stated before Valentinus was executed he wrote a farewell letter to Asterius signed,”From Your Valentine”. Today, Saint Valentines day is a day of feast on the Anglican Communion and the Lutheran Church. Unlike the traditional celebration date of February 14th in the east places like the Eastern Orthodox Church, they celebrated on July 6th and July 30th. They say the reasoning for that is because its to represent the date in honor of the Roman presbyter Saint Valentine and the other date for the honour of Hieromartyr Valentine as known as the Bishop of Interamna. Another place that celebrates a different date is Brazil which is celebrated on June 12th. Another legend states that the day was started by the romantic love in high Middle ages in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer, when the tradition of courtly love was upon them. In England about 18th-century the tradition evolved in which lovers began to exchange flowers, candy and cards. The symbol of Valentine's Day has been made as a figure of a winged cupid, a heart and doves.Later in the 19th-century, businesses took the handwritten valentine’s and turned them into official greeting cards.


Valentine’s day evolved differently every time and began more famous for example the first official recording of valentines was a Parlement of Foules Geoffrey Chaucer.“Chaucer’s Love Birds” was written 1382. Another example is in the 1400’s during the English Resistance and Medieval time, the High Court Of love or Courtly Love judges was selected by poems for women. Which was said to be based by the grandson not Chaucer but rumors say it was really the Princess who wrote them. The surviving valentines was made in 15th-century by Charles d’Orleans and a mention of valentines was by William Shakespeare in his play Hamlet spoken by his character Ophelia. In the late 20th-century the tradition of exchanging cards and giving flowers evolved to the theme flower of roses, jewelry and boxes of chocolate. In fact today, there are now e-cards, love coupons, and some people think valentine’s Day is the best day to renew marriage vows. Valentine’s Day is always evolving, enjoy it.


Easter Traditions around the world Kids in the U.S. and other Countries grow up expecting a delivery of eggs and candy from the Easter bunny each year, but it may seem odd to many other countries. Brought to this country by German immigrants in the 1700s, the practice is rooted in the belief that rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility and rebirth. While this may be the norm in America, however, other cultures have their their own, unique Easter celebrations. Whether it’s drenching one another with water in Poland or reading crime novels in Norway, check out 10 Easter traditions from around the globe and the history behind them. Finland Children in this Scandinavian country go begging in the streets with sooty faces and scarves around their heads, carrying broomsticks, coffeepots and bunches of willow twigs. In some parts of Western Finland, people burn bonfires on Easter Sunday, a Nordic tradition stemming from the belief that the flames ward off witches who fly around on brooms between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Poland Pouring water on one another is a Polish Easter tradition called Smingus-Dyngus. On Easter Monday, boys try to drench other people with buckets of water, squirt guns or anything they can get their hands on. Legend says girls who get soaked will marry within the year. The refreshing tradition has its origins in the baptism of Polish Prince Mieszko on Easter Monday in 966 AD.

Haux, France Don’t forget a fork if you’re in this southern French town on Easter Monday. Each year a giant omelet is served up in the town’s main square. And when we say


giant, we mean giant: The omelet uses more than 4,500 eggs and feeds up to 1,000 people. The story goes, when Napoleon and his army were traveling through the south of France, they stopped in a small town and ate omelets. Napoleon liked his so much that he ordered the townspeople to gather their eggs and make a giant omelet for his army the next day. Corfu, Greece On the morning of Holy Saturday, the traditional “Pot Throwing” takes place on the Greek island of Corfu: People throw pots, pans and other earthenware out of their windows, smashing them on the street. Some say the custom derives from the Venetians, who on New Year’s Day used to throw out all of their old items. Others believe the throwing of the pots welcomes spring, symbolizing the new crops that will be gathered in the new pots.

Norway Easter is such a popular time for Norwegians to read crime novels that publishers actually come out with special “Easter Thrillers” known as Paaskekrimmen. The tradition is said to have started in 1923 when a book publisher promoted its new crime novel on the front pages of newspapers. The ads resembled news so much that people didn’t know it was a publicity stunt. Rome, Italy On Good Friday the Pope commemorates the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) at the Colosseum: A huge cross with burning torches illuminates the sky as the 14 Stations of the Cross are described in several languages. Mass is celebrated on the evening of Holy Saturday, and on Easter Sunday, thousands of visitors congregate in St. Peter’s Square to await the Pope’s blessing from the church’s balcony, known as “Urbi et Orbi” (“To the City and to the World”).


Czech Republic and Slovakia There’s an Easter Monday tradition in which men spank women with handmade whips made of willow and decorated with ribbons. According to legend, the willow is the first tree to bloom in the spring, so the branches are supposed to transfer the tree’s vitality and fertility to the women. This playful spanking is all in good fun and isn’t meant to cause pain.

Verges, Spain On Holy Thursday in the Medieval town of Verges, Spain, the traditional “dansa de la mort” or “death dance” is performed. To reenact scenes from The Passion, everyone dresses in skeleton costumes and parades through the streets. The procession ends with frightening skeletons carrying boxes of ashes. The macabre dance begins at midnight and continues for three hours into the early morning.

Washington, DC For 130 years, the White House has hosted the Easter Egg Roll on its South Lawn. The main activity involves rolling a colored hard-boiled egg with a large serving spoon, but now the event boasts many more amusements, like musical groups, an egg hunt, sports and crafts. This year’s theme is “Ready, Set, Go!” and will promote health and wellness, featuring activities that encourage children to lead healthy and active lives.

Hungary “Sprinkling,” a popular Hungarian Easter tradition, is observed on Easter Monday, which is also known as “Ducking Monday.” Boys playfully sprinkle perfume or perfumed water on girls. Young men used to pour buckets of water over young women's heads, but now they spray perfume, cologne or just plain water, and ask for a kiss. People used to believe that water had a cleaning, healing and fertility-inducing effect.


Quiz: Does he love me? Unsure if he loves you? Is he blowing hot and cold so much that your heads spinning? Why not take this quiz to give you some guidance!

Q 1) How did he came to know about you? a) Your friend introduced you to him. b) He enquired about you through a common friend. c) He came to know about you over a discussion amongst your friends. d) Through Facebook – you were in his friend's 'friends list' e) He approached you directly after seeing you at a party, workplace or in public.

Q 2) What happened after you both started to share a chat application like Skype, WhatsApp, etc.? a) He pings you often to start a chat b) He pings you only for work related matters. c) He doesn't ping you at all. d) Doesn't pings himself but gets into a good long conversation once you ping him e) Even if you pinged him, he replies to the point and ends the chat soon by giving one or the other reason.

Q 3) How often does he gives you compliments? a) He gives you a compliment once in a blue moon when meeting at a party. b) He gives you a compliment once a week. c) He gives you a compliment daily for one or the other reason. d) He never gave you a compliment. e) He gives you a compliment 2-3 times in a week.


Q 4) So you are friends and have exchanged contact numbers. Now what? a) He keeps himself informed about your whereabouts. b) He keeps on asking if you had your meals on time or not. c) Calls only for work reasons. d) Calls and talks to you at late hours. e) you never got a call from him unless there's some urgency.

Q 5) What he did on your first birthday after you have known each other for quite some time? a) He planned a surprise party for you along with your common friends. b) He just called you up and wished you. c) He forgot your birthday. d) He gave you a pleasant surprise, all planned by him alone. e) Bought you a nice present, but only because you invited him for your birthday party


We have given the scores of each option in front of them. You just need to check out the marks awarded to the options clicked by you and add them.

Q.1) a) 0 marks b) 3 marks c) 0 marks d) 1 marks e) 5 marks Q. 2) a) 5 marks b) 1 marks c) 0 marks d) 3 marks e) 0 marks Q. 3) a) 1 marks b) 2 marks c) 5 marks d) 0 marks e) 3 marks Q. 4) a) 3 marks b) 5 marks c) 0 marks d) 5 marks e) 0 marks Q. 5) a) 3 marks b) 1 mark

c) 0 marks d) 5 marks e) 2 marks


Results If the score is (0-1) - You shouldn't be giving yourselves any false hopes at all and start thinking of someone else.

If the score is (2-6) - The situation is little better but still not good enough to involve the heart into the matter.

If the score is (7-11) - He's not much into you but things might work out if you go ahead and express what you feel for him. You may end up getting into a relationship.

If the score is (12-19) - The possibilities of him liking you are very bright. May be he's just very shy to express his feelings for you or the fear of rejection is keeping him from doing that.

If the score is 20 & above - Love is in the air for sure. He's crazy about you and is dying to have you in his life.



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