JULY 2012

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Is thIs your Intended career path? If not, how dId you get here? actually, what I do now is far from my intended career path. Maybe that’s part of what makes it so much more rewarding. I studied economics at rice and then got my Md from Baylor college of Medicine. those that know me, however, knew how passionate I was about all facets of business, particularly anything that involves negotiating. I had been dabbling in real estate for 15 years, and I think it’s rare people are truly passionate about their jobs, so one day after graduating from med school, I just did an about-face, and decided to give construction a whirl. I figured worst case scenario, I’d fail miserably and return to practice medicine. Luckily, I don’t think I’m ever going back.

what dId you want to Be when you grew up? I remember wanting to be a neurosurgeon. In a class project in 5th grade I talked about doing the first brain transplant, ha! ha! that was a long time ago. why houston? I’ve been in houston since I was 4. It’s the only city I’d ever really known growing up. now that I’m older, I think the never-ending opportunities, world-defying economy, and low cost of living despite having all the amenities of a large city, make it impossible to call any place but houston home.

who Is your BIggest InspIratIon? hands down my father. If everyone worked half as hard and cared half as much about their children as he does, the world would be a better place. I owe everything I am to him.

BIggest LIfe Lesson Learned? no matter how many strikes life may deal you, you are never out until you say you’re out. It’s kept me going, and I’m now reaping the rewards. the baseball gurus have it wrong.

how do you want to Be reMeMBered? a friendly neighbor. a supportive friend. a loving husband. a doting father. an appreciative son.

fIrst joB? I bought colorful jumbo shoelaces and plastic bracelets from Michael’s in first grade and used to sell them to kids out of my school bag. (I feel kind of bad, in hindsight, because I think I had a lot of kids’ lunch money!)

what do you pLan on doIng when you retIre? I have no intentions of retiring. ever. I’d be too bored. retiring is for people that have nothing else left to do. I always have my hands full.

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what Luxury IteM do you wIsh you couLd InduLge In? I am not sure most people would consider this a luxury, but I wish, more than anything, that I could run over my cell phone and that I would not feel compelled to find out whose calls or texts I was missing for a week. just one week. how Many MagazInes do you suBscrIBe to? 0. never noticed that about myself ‘til now. I read a huge assortment of information, but tend not to stick to any one source.

texans stILL have a reputatIon for BraggIng. what wouLd you Brag aBout? where do I start? there are so many great things about texas.....I’ll name two. texas has the best nBa teams of any state in the country, bar none. and no state income tax.

If you couLd stop and do anythIng you wanted toMorrow, thIs weekend, whenever – what wouLd It Be? honestly, life is good. I have no complaints. I would do the same thing I do every tomorrow, and every weekend. I wouldn’t change a thing.