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yoga (which is different from Bikram Yoga) to Ashtanga and Vinyasa to Iyengar and on and on. We aren’t going to tell you about each one, but if you’ve ever had a desire to try yoga in any of its incarnations try one of the many free classes offered all over town on Free Yoga Day, September 6. If you want a non-stop cardio intense workout, try a faster paced class like Vinyasa flow. If you want a more challenging class, try Ashtanga or Forrest Yoga. If flexibility is what you crave, Bikram yoga and hot yoga’s heat will help you get closer to your toes. Just remember to make sure you go to a certified studio, as you don’t want to risk injury.

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Yoga One is just one of many fantastic studios in town. Husband and wife duo Roger and Albina Rippy push the limits when it comes to yoga offering students a variety of classes to choose from. Check out creative ones like the Sunset Yoga featuring the tunes of DJ Sun. Their studio is state-of-the-art created from years of research of studios and practices all over the world. Here’s what’s in store for August, so grab a mat and strike a pose! August 7, 2-4pm – The Art of Sensual Dance and Flow with Lidieth Macicek This workshop will help women find ways of rediscovering

PilatesNMENT ALIG SURPRISING AS IT MAY BE, I NEVER REALLY JUMPED ON THE PILATES BANDWAGON. IN ALL HONESTY, IT SOUNDED RATHER COMPLICATED TO ME. BUT I RECENTLY HAD MY FIRST ONEON-ONE LESSON WITH HILARY OVER AT WASHINGTON PILATES AND LEFT HAPPILY SURPRISED. Pilates is different, to say the least. It’s intense in a different sort of way. It’s not crazy cardio, dripping wet sweaty (unless you are like me and are by nature a sweater). I took four classes with Hilary and in them learned more about my body than anything else I’ve ever done. First of all, my core is not nearly as strong as I thought! The ab work is much slower and meticulous; you must use your abs, there’s no cheating here. When you cheat, you are cheating yourself out of not only wicked results but also your hard-earned cash! Plus, if you don’t do the work properly it could result in you catapulting off something – but never fear, it won’t happen. That’s why Hilary is there, to catch you if you fall.

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10 classes are recommended to truly get comfortable and see results, sessions last 1-hour. Wear form-fitting clothes since machines are involved, i.e., reformer, cadillac, etc. Be patient and pay attention. If you’re doing it right you’ll feel it and see results.

that powerful being that resides within them. Learn to love your body just the way it is and to treat it with gentleness and compassion. Most importantly get your Vinyasa flow hotness on! This workshop is appropriate for all levels; no yoga or dance experience is required. August 14, 6:30-8pm – Rock-n-Roll Yoga with Roger Rippy A sweaty Vinyasa class that celebrates the euphoric combination of music and movement. Inspired by many different styles of yoga. Labor Day, Monday, September 6 – Free Day of Yoga. Please visit the Yoga One website for details as well as cost and registration and a list of free classes available on the 6th. Another local studio full of options is Joy Winkler’s Joy Yoga on Washington. With a consistent presence on most of the city’s best lists, you can’t go wrong with this studio either. August 14, 2-4pm – Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Guest instructor Zymirrah leads this fundamentals class, exploring posture, body isolations, hand articulation, hip work and simple spinning techniques to create some playful belly dance combinations. Open to all levels. September 6, Free Day of Yoga! 9-10:15am – Free Beginner class and 10:30-11:45am – Free Intermediate class. For more information on these events, visit www.JoyYogaCenter.com or call 713.868.YOGA (9642)..

YOGA ONE STUDIOS 3030 Travis St., Ste. E | Houston, TX 77006 713.522.0876 | www.yogaonehouston.com JOY YOGA CENTER 4500 Washington, Ste. 900 | Houston, TX 77007 713.868.9642 | www.joyyogacenter.com By Carla Valencia de Martinez

You really get out of this what you put into it. I had done some of the exercises in other classes but Pilates gets down to the nitty-gritty, working smaller hidden muscles. Hence the awkward soreness felt after a session. Some of the movements are able to target my tight hips in a way that not even my regular yoga practice can. In a lot of senses, it’s the fact that Pilates targets a very specified set of muscles in a very specified way – which is why a certified instructor is pivotal to your success. Washington Pilates takes duets, meaning you can train with a friend, BUT make sure that partner is at the same level of fitness, or you guessed it – you’re cheating yourself! The amount of machines you can work on paired with the thousands of exercises developed for them would be impossible to learn. Hilary was fantastic at seamlessly threading me from machine-to-machine, adjusting springs and pulleys and fuzzies and bars to make my hour worth my while. The clientspecific workout is definitely for someone who is serious about getting fit, and learning to control your body. You must be in sync with your alignment, breathing, etc., so your body becomes a fine-tuned machine. My sync is still a little cattywompus but I’m looking forward to exploring more Pilates to straighten me out!

Washington Ave. Pilates | 2203 Washington 281.352.5791 | www.wapilates.com By Carla Valencia de Martinez | Photo by Carl Cramer

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