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OURMISSION St. Thomas More Catholic High School educates students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character and “God’s servant first.”



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Fax: (337) 988-2911 3 | F O RSt.E V ER MORE | WINTER 2014 Thomas More Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin.

RICHARD LAVERGNE PRINCIPAL Welcome to the inaugural issue of Forever More. This magazine is published so that you -- our parents, alumni and friends -- can stay connected to St. Thomas More Catholic High School. From the Principal Meet and Greet in August to the fall musical Godspell in December, the first semester has been filled with pleasure and excitement. We honored 434 students with an Academic Pep Rally for scholastic achievements and perfect attendance. During Breakfast of Champions, we saluted 42 students, nominated by faculty members, whose character reflects our mission statement, “to be seekers of truth, individuals of character, and God’s servant first.” Along with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, we recognized five STM senior athletes with 4.0 GPA’s that placed them on the Composite Academic All State Teams. As the fall sports season came to an end, enthusiasm rose in the STM Community. The Lady Cougar volleyball team swept Vandebilt Catholic in three sets to defend their State Championship title. The STM Cougar football team qualified for the state playoffs as number five seed. The girls’ cross country team won the 4-A state title and the boys’ cross country team finished as state runner-up. Fall sports concluded with the girl’s swim team placing 2nd at the Southwest Louisiana Swim League. St. Thomas More prides itself in preparing well-rounded students. Not only do our students excel in academics and athletics, but also in co-curricular activities. The band boasts three students in District Honor Band and two students in the All State Honor Band for the Southwestern Louisiana Band Directors Association. The Quiz Bowl took 2nd Place in the Cade Cane Classic Tournament and three students placed 3rd at the Beta District Day. After 39 years in education, I am truly blessed with the tremendous opportunity to be a part of this wonderful STM community. It is an honor to serve with such a dedicated faculty and staff. A faculty and staff that strive to lead our students to academic, athletic and co-curricular excellence in a Catholic, Christ-centered environment.



By Belinda Edwards and Cinde Sulik Before St Thomas More High School, there were people of vision who laid the foundation and worked, often behind the scenes, to build a new Catholic high school. One of these early builders was Madlyn Boustany (now Hilliard). Madlyn, a graduate of Mount Carmel of New Iberia, had a close relationship with the Mount Carmel nuns. In the 1970s, she was the mother of ten children, most of whom attended or were attending Cathedral Carmel. Because of her connection to the Mt. Carmel sisters, Madlyn was contacted by the Mother General when the order decided to sell the property where Cathedral Carmel Elementary was located. Bishop Frey asked Dr. Frank “Happy” Davis to help raise money for a new Catholic high school; Davis agreed on the condition that Madlyn help chair the effort. The two, along with Gerry Favalora, planned the first phase of fundraising for what would eventually become STM. These people were part of a round table group that set a fundraising goal of $6,000,000 for the new school. Madlyn raised a substantial amount as she approached friends, family and long-standing Cathedral alums. Her efforts were an early step toward the creation of the new school. Madlyn credits Msgr. Sigur’s vision and determination as key to the eventual opening of STM. She says he was really the heart of the entire process: “No one worked harder than Monsignor 5 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

Sigur.” Sigur remembered her early contributions to STM when he needed help providing services for the homeless in Lafayette. Madlyn came up with the idea of capitalizing on Lafayette’s Carnival season and started the event known as the Bishop’s Charity Ball. She is modest about all of her charity work and emphasizes the impact Msgr. Sigur had on the Lafayette Catholic community and especially on STM. However, her contributions have been key. She is one of the original Utopian members, has had three children who attended STM, and has continued her connection through her grandchildren. Another early builder was Kathy Killeen, the first STM School Board president. She was serving on the Our Lady of Fatima School Board when there was discussion of combining Cathedral Carmel and Fatima. A consensus about the best way to assign the elementary, middle and high-school grade levels to the available three campuses had not been reached. Then, at one meeting, Superintendent Jerry Dill announced that Bishop Frey had approved the sale of the Mt. Carmel property to First Baptist Church. A parent in the group immediately said, “There’s nothing to do but build a school.” Kathy was on the interim school board, which had to make major decisions concerning the new school. Led by Msgr. Sigur with his vision of what STM could become and chairman Roy Billeaud with his commitment to Catholic education, this board began meeting in the summer of 1980 and dealt with issues such as budget, curriculum, enrollment and admissions. A real effort was made to give Fatima

and Cathedral parents an equal voice throughout the process. One of the earliest decisions was naming a Christian Brother as principal and Mrs. Yvonne Jumonville (then Fatima principal) as assistant. The board addressed concerns about uniting the two schools, combined athletic programs, eligibility, school pride and tradition. To help meet these concerns, the board approved a proposal by Sister Donna (Donna Lemaire, current principal of St. Pius X Elementary) to have a convention where students could build unity and choose the school colors and mascot. Board members also chaired subcommittees to address specific areas. Kathy’s particular focus was on establishing the Foundation, but she praised the efforts of the entire group: “I was so honored to work with Roy Billeaud, Gerry Favaloro, Suzanne Greenwood and Tom Butcher, and later, Don Doiron, Anne Sonnier, Pat McCarthy and Robert Trahan.” Kathy called Roy the right man to chair that first board: “He was no-nonsense; if a rule was passed, you followed it.” She agreed with Billeaud’s daughter Barbara Melebeck, current STM teacher, who said, “He had the vision to see what was possible, to see 6 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

what a bigger school could become.” While the early board members accomplished much, they also faced big issues. Class size and total enrollment were discussed as the board had to balance the desire to offer an expanded curriculum with the commitment to stay small enough to give personal attention to students. Because the school had to be built more quickly than originally planned, finances were a huge concern, especially when the oil crunch hit Lafayette soon after STM opened. While the board was unanimous that a Christian Brother would be principal, the shortage of brothers made this impossible after Principal Brother Bernard Kinneavy returned to Denver after year three. Of those early years, Kathy says, “It was a lot of hard work and worries—Were we doing it right? But everything was done with love and the conviction that STM would be a gift to our diocese.”

Note: In the next issue, Anne Sonnier Calhoun and Tom Butcher discuss their memories of the early years of STM.


THEFABFIVE Faces of Each Future Year

By Jill Doise ‘94

Six years ago, as another Thursday Mass concluded, I took my seat, suddenly feeling short and out of place. If you haven’t been to a STM mass in the past ten years, then you would undoubtedly feel the same; however, hearing a thousand voices sing our “Alma Mater” that morning, I found myself emotionally

members who have been part of STM for the entire 30 years of the school’s history. Stephanie Stevenson ‘83, Math Department Chair and our school’s first homecoming queen said, “can’t see this place without them.” But we don’t put them on a pedestal to be “dragged out on special occasions” (as Edwards and

moved by the “tribute” to the “memories” and the “treasures” of our school. I am one of twenty STM faculty and staff members who have previously walked the halls in our navy, grey, and maroon, and for every year we return, we find inspiration in our memories.

Sulik laughingly claim). We celebrate them because they are the very foundation of our memories.

However, while some faculty alums come from the original 1983 graduating class, others are the true memory experts. We call these individuals the “fab five” – Danny Broussard, Belinda Edwards, Cinde Sulik, Doug Taylor, and Terry Tidwell – our five faculty 8 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

AP Calculus instructor Elizabeth Oge ‘94 asserts, “Coach Taylor was the best teacher my husband and I ever had.” Stevenson always “felt successful” in Sulik’s and Edwards’s classes “because of how they explained and showed relevance.” Math teacher Stephanie Ray ’07 remembers Coach Danny’s Friday jokes and how he always made math fun. Campus Minister and football coach Lance Strother ’96 recalls Terry Tidwell as “a passionate and demanding coach.”

For those of us who have made the shift from student to faculty, the “fab five” are a support system. “Cinde and Belinda are still my teachers. When I need something, they help me in any way they can,” recognizes Melanie Lauer ‘96. Mark Jennings ‘04 identifies Terry Tidwell as a mentor teacher who is “always available” and Coach Taylor as a department chair who offers “compassion and guidance.” Strother finds inspiration in the energy and enthusiasm that Coach Danny continues to bring to our students year after year. Current teacher Terrie St. Martin was on faculty in 1983 but is not included in the “fab five” because she left STM and later returned. The distinction doesn’t bother her, however, when it is about celebrating their “dedication to one purpose and cause.” In addition to their commitment to our school, the “fab five” all assert that there are a number of teachers worthy of similar praise and attention. Coach Kim Broussard and Coach Jim Hightower joined the STM faculty not long after that first year, and there are teachers we remember fondly who are no longer with us. Rita McGrath’s unique combination of stern discipline and caring encouragement made me a better student and teacher. Brother Ephrem, a model of Christian manhood, tutored kids in Spanish before school even in his final years. Coach Margo Comeaux, despite ongoing cancer treatments, still pushed us to our limits and beyond in P.E. Judy Domingue, as the yearbook adviser in the early 90s, learned how to use a computer, because 9 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

– according to Edwards – she “wanted her kids to be on the cutting edge” and “trusted them enough to do a good job.” This past year, we lost Yvonne Jumonville and Tricia Hawkins. According to St. Martin, as “an administrator and as a mother, Jumonville knew all the tricks of the trade and had a dry sense of humor.” A gifted English teacher, Hawkins brought to life pilgrimages to Canterbury and dark travels through Dante’s Inferno. We could continue to sing the praises of our faculty. Those of us who are alumni (and those who aren’t) are lucky to be part of the STM family. We continue to single out the “fab five” because they are the roots of our family tree. No matter who we are, we all have some connection to these five people. When I think of “each future year” I face as a teacher at STM, I only hope to bring a small piece of the passion, knowledge, and work ethic that these five have given to our school. Strother, reflecting on what the “fab five” mean to him, said, “I feel I owe them a great deal because of all they invested in me.” In this sentiment Strother articulates the feelings of all of us who have returned home to our “alma mater.” While these five may one day (hopefully one day far off in the future) decide to retire, they will remain because, in all they have given us, they have shaped the faces of each future year.


EAST MEETS WEST: CHINA COMES TO STM Written by Emma McKay ‘14 Interviewed by Brennan Robideaux ‘13 Everyone on campus knows the name “Ding Li.” However, the extent of knowledge that goes beyond the name is, for most of us, minimal. Ding traveled from China to attend St. Thomas More as an international foreign exchange student at a sophomore level. Ding knows Chinese, Japanese, and English—as well as a computer language—but is broadening his horizons by taking Spanish this year as well. Beyond academics, Ding also harbors an amazing story. Ding has an uncle named Chong who traveled from China to America to attend the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Ding was a witness to how studying in America benefited his uncle and wanted

undetermined because he was still too young to live

to make the experience his own. Chong coordinated

on his own, and St. Thomas More does not provide

numerous times with Natalie Broussard, STM

housing for international students. Chong solved the

Admissions Director, to ensure transcripts and other

problem by arranging for Ding to live with Chong’s

documents were in place so that Ding would be able

former UL English professor. After school, when Ding

to attend St. Thomas More. However, there was a

went home to the professor’s house, they would study

minor obstacle that had to be taken care of to make

English so that being completely surrounded at school

Ding’s dream a reality.

by everyone who spoke a different language would be a little easier. The professor also brought Ding

Chong lives in Texas for work and travels frequently.

to church on Sundays. This American custom was

Therefore, living conditions for Ding were

another new activity for him.


The courage that it took for Ding to travel across the

Ding likes STM very much. “Everyone is so nice

world to engage in our STM Christian community

to me; I feel at home.” He especially appreciates

is incomprehensible. He came to America to

his English and speech classes. He says his writing

receive an education in an atmosphere completely

and speaking have improved tremendously.

different from what he was used to. He said, “I was

When reading a difficult text, he reads the Chinese

so confused [at first]. Everyone spoke a different

translation first and then reads the text in English

language. Everyone was friendly, but I couldn’t

so that he can understand the class discussion and

understand. In China we stayed in one classroom.

the test questions. His English teacher Jill Doise

This [changing classrooms seven times a day]

said, “Ding wants to be treated like any other kid,

was very different.” Most of the students in our

and it bothers him to sometimes need additional

community are used to the nurturing atmosphere of

assistance. His commitment to learning for learning’s

family life. Ding was willing to temporarily sacrifice

sake is something I wish all my students possessed.”

being surrounded by any sort of family in order to learn. Whereas most students would do anything to miss class, Ding would do anything to be at school. On one of the first days he was living alone, Ding slept through his alarm and woke up at 9 o’clock. He says it was a very sad day Now that Ding is more comfortable speaking English, he participates in more school activities. “One of my favorite events was Hopefest. I never had this kind of experience in China. The juniors did everything themselves. This made me feel that American students are smart and independent,” he said. He amazed everyone who attended the

Ding is grateful for everything that his parents

annual academic pep rally in September when he

and life at STM have done for him. He plans to

demonstrated his ability to play the piano at the ninth

attend college in the U.S. and major in engineering

level (in China there are only ten). Although he has

or physics. Because he is so humble, he never

been studying piano since he was five years old, he

brags or boasts about his academic or musical

has put his music on hold to focus on his studies. In

accomplishments. The STM family is happy to call

September, Ding was named a Cougar of the Month,

Ding Li one of their own. Ding sets powerful example

an honor that goes to one senior boy and girl who

in a subtle way, inspiring all of us to work harder.

embody St. Thomas More ideals and the mission statement.


STM OPTIONS By Maria Cortez ’08 and Brittney Griffin ‘09 The Options Program began when we were students at St. Thomas More. At that time there were only three students in the program. The mentor program started that same year and consisted of about thirty girls who sat with the three students at lunch. We both became mentors and enjoyed spending time with the Options students, but we really didn’t know much about the program itself. Our high school years flew by and we graduated, but neither one of us had any idea that the program would continue to grow and become what it is today.

in a diversified life-skills curriculum. The program’s four teachers are Ms. Danielle Price (director of the Options Program), Mrs. Barbara Melebeck, Ms. Maria Cortez, and Ms. Brittney Griffin. Each teacher handles a variety of classes such as math, language, science, and life skills, while the paraprofessional is there to assist students in their regular education classes.

We are now back at STM working in the Options Program as a paraprofessional and a teacher. We are amazed to see how much the program has expanded and so happy to see what wonderful opportunities these students are getting through Options. The program now has 14 students and is still growing. We also have about 100 mentors (both girls and guys) who are much more involved. The mentors stop by the classroom regularly to say hello to the students, sit with them at lunch and at mass, and help the students in their regular education classes. They are just what their name implies…true mentors. The Options students look up to their mentors, and in return the mentors help bridge the gap between these kids and the rest of the student body.

The students stay very busy throughout the school day by participating in many different activities. They are enrolled in inclusion classes like religion, drama, art, P.E., multimedia, and band, with the paraprofessional with them in case they need modifications or other assistance. Options students also participate in 4H and have a complete garden on campus where we plant, grow, and harvest all of the produce. They also participate in multiple Special Olympics sports such as softball, horseshoes, basketball, bowling, swimming, and track and field. Two teams composed of Options students and mentors played in the Special Olympics softball tournament this year. The Cougars placed both 1st and 2nd, and earned the Special Olympics “Spirit Stick” for the state of Louisiana for exhibiting the true meaning of Special Olympics. Both the students and the mentors had fun and were very proud of their success.

The Options program is a modified academic inclusion program that strives to prepare each student for the transition from high school to a life of independent living. Students experience an academically rich curriculum while also participating

In addition to participating in Special Olympics and 4H, the Options Program is greatly involved within the school community. We sponsor fundraisers and service projects and run the “Cougar Closet” in the mall on campus. This year for our service project



we held a “Kiss the Pig” contest which was a huge success, and all of the proceeds were donated to the Miles Perret Cancer Center. As our fundraiser, we sold jars of “Christmas Crunch” which the students made and packaged in the classroom. Of course, we lured everyone in with the smells of popcorn and melting chocolate coming from our classroom!

DANIELLE PRICE OPTIONS DIRECTOR Since 1998, Danielle Price has been called to teach and mentor young people. Throughout her 15 years of service, she has touched many lives through her unselfish dedication, loyalty, and hard work. She has always been a strong advocate for students with disabilities and inspired many within the community to become involved with her Options students through peer mentoring, athletics, lunch buddies, and job training with various businesses in the area. Because of her guidance, the Options program at St. Thomas More has become one of the elite special needs programs in the state of Louisiana. Danielle strives to live her life as “God’s servant first” as is evident by her dedication and loyalty to her community, students, athletes, and peers. She consistently inspires those around her to be better students, to be better athletes, and most importantly to be better people. She is a true champion of character and very deserving of the 2013 Governor’s Outstanding Leadership in Disabilities 1 4 | F O –R EEducator V E R M OofRthe E | Year W I NAward. TER 2014

Students have also been working very hard in the Cougar Closet, a spirit shop where students can buy balloons, clothes, and other STM gear. During the lunch periods the Options students sell merchandise, blow up balloons, and stock the shelves. These activities are part of their life skills curriculum where they practice important social and business skills such as counting money and properly greeting customers. The goal is to make sure the students practice job skills and develop faith in their ability to succeed in the real world. When we graduated from STM, we had no idea that this is where we would end up, but we are so truly blessed that God has placed us here. We have fallen in love with not only our jobs, but the students that we teach everyday. In our short time back at STM, we have been amazed at the expansion and success of the program and also at the awesome interaction between the Options students and the general student population. These kids are now the heart of the school; they provide a tangible reminder for everyone to see the beauty, joy, and hope in our everyday lives. We have quickly learned that these special students don’t make it easy for us to have “bad days.” They rarely run out of smiles or hugs. Some people say that it takes a special person to do this job, but we don’t agree with that…we think you just have to be lucky.

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AR License #224517. Annuities are long-term insurance products. Before you purchase, be sure to ask your financial professional about the annuity’s features, benefits, and fees, and whether the annuity is appropriate for you, based on your financial situation and objectives. All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Ameriprise Financial cannot guarantee future financial results. © 2013 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. 15 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

CAMPUS MINISTRY Briley Higginbotham ‘14 “Okay, we’re going to suspend someone from the rafters” is a phrase that can only be casually tossed around in a senior Campus Ministry meeting. Sadly, the idea has never come to fruition, but fortunately, Campus Ministry does not need flying teenagers to attract the STM student body to its events. The reader may be asking, what events? What Campus Ministry? What rafters? STM Campus Ministry is an environment in which students and faculty can reconnect—or connect for the first time—with God, echoing St. Thomas More’s promise to be “God’s servant first.”

Campus Ministry is made up of a community of imperfect people who encourage each other to live a Christ-centered life, be it by verbal affirmation, a listening ear, or holy laughter at Coach Lance Strother, Campus Ministry Director, zipping through the halls in his Heelys. In his words, Campus Ministry is “a team of servant-leaders committed, through service and prayer, to providing opportunity for others to authentically engage their relationship with Jesus regardless of where they’re at in life.” This community has numerous opportunities to gather throughout the year.


Every year starts off with an STM Revival to which all are invited. A band plays in the mall - while people eat, chat, or dance. Confession is available, and the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in the chapel. The night ends with Adoration. It is an inspiring way to start the school year. Light Nights take place twice a semester and every student is invited. These nights are planned by senior campus ministers on the Cornerstone team and are filled with fun, music, and food. The Campus Ministry band, composed of Benny Littell and STM alumni, plays upbeat music. The “fun” may include an obstacle course, whipped cream to the face, and ridiculous costumes. Then, the night takes a turn for the serious with a talk or a testimony which never fails to inspire. Next, the students split up into small groups to share their thoughts and struggles. It is in these groups that many students find the inspiration to persevere in their faith and keep going through the late-night study sessions. Homebase, run by the Cornerstone team, is also a twice-a-semester event, but it is reserved for campus ministers. The evening begins with praise and worship. A talk or testimony is given, and students break into small groups. The throng of parents who

join them after their Parents for Light meeting adds to the aura of love and community. Homebase is special; while each person is at a different point on his or her road, each person there has a thirst for the Lord; each one can encourage or be encouraged. Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings, referred to as FCA huddles, provide an opportunity for athletes to see their sports leaders share their deep-rooted faith. They share how they keep God at the center of their lives, both on and off the field (or court, swimming pool, etc.). Non-athletes are also invited, and the cafeteria is always full.

Senior campus ministers organize and staff three retreats during the year. In the fall, about 300 freshmen and sophomores participate in Quest. Then Crossroads is held in the spring, but it is a much smaller retreat, designed to be more faith-intense. Throughout the year, a small section of senior campus ministers plan and staff four Kairos retreats for juniors and seniors. Many students report that Kairos is life-changing. Junior campus ministers have the opportunity to lead retreats on the Light Retreat team, which hosts retreats for students from feeder schools in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.


Campus Ministry offers three trips for the spiritual and adventurous. In January, a group flies to Washington, DC for the Pro-Life March. In the spring, students can spend a week doing mission work in Puerto Rico. Every summer, Coach Strother leads a group on a trip into the great outdoors for “an adventure of a lifetime”—and he preaches the truth. The trip is called 10,000 Feet, so named because the camp is located in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Those who went on this retreat agree that they will never forget the breathtaking sights or the marvelous experiences—such as having an outdoor mass on the shore of a lake, summiting Mount Matchless,

or witnessing Coach Shane Savoie’s awe-inspiring dance moves. Every trip promises fun as well as an opportunity to grow deeper in one’s faith. Campus Ministry has a strong presence in the STM community. Coach Strother’s favorite aspect is “the relationships that begin and develop through the different retreats, trips, events, and service that we do” as well as being able to “witness someone come into their relationship with Jesus for the first time.” Students and faculty can attest to the fact that Campus Ministry is one of the many traits of STM that make it so special.

ATRADITION RESURRECTED By Meghan Perks ‘14 I could certainly sense the excitement among my fellow seniors. It was almost 12:30, and the teachers were hastily ushering us into the cafeteria, herding us like a pack of lazy sheep. Yes, the time had come for us seniors to check another one of those special privileges off the list. Today was the senior performance of this year’s stage production.

To those who are unaware, Godspell, in the early years of STM’s history, was performed often enough so that each class would get a chance to take part in this special show. Godspell takes its viewers on a ride through Jesus’s teachings in the Gospel. From telling the Beatitudes to replaying the parable of the Good Samaritan, Godspell has it all, speaking from the viewpoint of modern people dressed in modern clothes. Filled with song, dance, and important church teachings, Godspell has the power to suck you in as you think you will just be entertained for an hour and a half, and spit you out with a little seed of faith growing in your mind. I left the theater—I mean the cafeteria—with the important thoughts of “Love your neighbor,” “Avoid being judgmental,” and “Be faithful at all times to God.” In any school, it is important to establish traditions, especially ones that impact both the students and the faculty for the better. Whether fun dress up days or special cheers at sporting events, a school 18 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

without traditions is a school without spirit. Without a doubt, Godspell is one of those special traditions at STM. How fitting it is that a Catholic school performs Godspell! It is practically coded in STM’s genes to spread the Gospel, and what a fantastic venue to use. Katherine Lantier, a senior in the production this year, says, “This play is not only special because it is funny, entertaining, and full of energy, but also because its purpose is to evangelize. Its depiction of the ministries and crucifixion of Jesus Christ give the audience a personal and modern story of faith and love.” Having this as a school tradition truly speaks to the kind of “spirit” that STM desires to cultivate, one not based on silly customs but on traditions that feed the soul and promote lives of faith. Upholding Godspell as a school tradition accurately speaks of our desire to be “God’s servants first.”

When asked about the importance of Godspell, Sharon McCarthy, a retired STM teacher, replied with enthusiasm, “It’s inspirational, and the students get a lot out of the performance! If Godspell isn’t performed often, that’s a shame.” Rosalind Robertson, STM alumni and teacher who participated in Godspell during her time at STM, says, “I think it is very important that we continue this tradition because it shows that we are rooted in Christ in all that we do. To this day, it is one of my fondest high school memories.” Not only is Godspell an important opportunity for the entire school to grow in faith, but it

also presents an opportunity for the actors to develop tight, long-lasting bonds. Katherine expresses this sentiment perfectly when she says, “The ones [cast members] I have come to know are some of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I consider them to be part of my family.” Though this tradition has lain dormant for many years, it is very exciting to see it “resurrected” during my senior year. I hope that every four years, starting now, Godspell will be performed again and again and again, and I hope that every student that sees it appreciates it as much as I have. Godspell is one 19 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

of those traditions that links the present to the future and to the past. It provides a common ground that all STM alumni can share and enjoy, and as Katherine states, “I can’t wait to come back to STM to see Godspell performances of the future, because this play truly holds a special place in my heart.” As all of us seniors face graduation in the spring, I sincerely hope that in college, we will remember the messages given to us in Godspell and will “day by day” seek God and grow closer to Him.

TECHNOLOGYPROGRAM: KICKING IT UP By Anna LaGrange ‘14 The 2011-2012 school year brought much change to St. Thomas More. Along with 1000+ students and 100+ faculty and staff, I began school that August just a little more anxious than usual. This was the year that we would receive our Fujitsu. I remember wondering, “What the heck’s a Fujitsu?” The name itself sounded foreign—little did we know at the time how foreign our educational experience was going to feel with the addition of this new tool. It became clear early into STM’s 1:1 program that schooling and education as we had once known it was gone forever. The students were unaccustomed to using a computer in the classroom. Teachers, many who had been teaching for decades, were being asked to leap out of their comfort zone and teach with a device that they may not even know how to use. Veteran teachers felt like first-year teachers, while young, beginning teachers were often asked to be the mentors. The first year was quite an eye-opening experience. Some students learned the hard way that the tablet was a tool for learning and not a toy for playing. Others embraced the new way of learning, appreciating the opportunities it afforded. STM’s student-run help desk, under the direction of Robin Herrington, was hired to keep the tablets repaired. However, help desk employees were asked to do much more than they could have ever dreamed. They worked with the network, installed projectors, rewired offices, became Fujitsu and A+ certified, and learned to troubleshoot . . .everything. Teachers 20 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

developed new methodologies for instruction. No longer did the teacher have to feed the information to the students but could lead the students to the knowledge and let them grow as scholars. Now, in the third year of the 1:1 program, teachers and students alike have learned to embrace the new model of teaching and learning. The faculty has collectively devoted thousands of hours to professional development under the guidance of the full-time Technology Integration Specialist Sandra LaGrange. The Fujitsu, which once felt very foreign in the classroom, has become another appendage. It is so engrained into the core of our school work that we would feel lost without it. Senior English teacher Jill Doise, when asked what her reaction would be to no longer having our computer program, stated, “ I cannot imagine what my classes would be like without them. Yes, I could still teach without computers in the classroom, but I would definitely miss the amazing tools for student research and interaction, not to mention the ways I can instantaneously collect data on what my students understand and provide feedback to them when they need it.” The Senior Class of 2014, which I am proud to call family, is the only remaining class who has known an STM classroom without a 1:1 program. We remember “old school” methodology and have learned to embrace new methodology as well. We feel blessed to be part of a program that changed the face of what will soon be our alma mater.

New School



ATHLETICS By Chance LeMaire ‘14 St. Thomas More athletics has set a high bar in terms of success. You don’t have to look any further than this past year to see the level of success that is expected year in and year out. Five different teams last year reached the state championship game, including volleyball, girls and boys basketball, softball, and baseball. It is no question that STM has one of the best athletic programs in the state, and athletic director Kim Broussard thinks he has a reason for the success the Cougars have had. “First of all, the head coach has to be someone who is passionate about that sport. Having someone with that passion will give those athletes an edge with regard to training and knowledge of the sport and wanting to be the very best. I’ve been very fortunate at STM to be able to do provide that. Also, tradition is a big factor. Once you establish a tradition of success, it becomes habitual and no one wants to be the team that did not meet those expectations of success.” As a basketball player, I can certainly attest to that. Coach Danny has earned the respect of every single player who has ever played for him through his fiery passion and excellent coaching ability. He is a man that you never


want to let down or disappoint, and I am positive that every other sport has a leader who is the exact same way. The difference between STM athletes and the athletes of other schools in the state is that the athletes here are well-rounded students on top of everything. No school has more academic lettermen than right here at STM. As Coach Kim adds, “It is a proven fact that students involved in co-curricular activities do achieve a higher rate of success, in particular maintaining a higher G.P.A., than those who are not involved in any co-curricular activity. Through athletics, students have instilled in themselves a sense of responsibility, discipline and time management that otherwise they would not have if they were not involved.” Not only do athletes take on the responsibility of keeping their grades up, they are also relied upon to give back to the community everything they take from it. Every sport has a service project that helps in giving back to the community, and every single athlete is much better for it.



FALL 2013


ALUMNIASSOCIATION couples have become husband and wife and future generations now wear the maroon, grey and navy because our parents made the decision to give us a foundation to base our lives upon. I’ll admit, I’m biased. I get up every morning and go to work because of a decades old friendship. Both of my sisters are married to men they started dating when they were at STM and this year, my nephew became the first of our family’s “little ones” to put on the uniform. STM is a school, but it so much more than bricks and mortar. By Amy Jones ‘92 In November of 2009, I got a phone call that would change my life. Will Bailey (’89) had gotten my number and asked the question that would alter my future for good – “Amy Jones, do you want to open a company together?” I hadn’t talked to him since we were in high school, but I found myself trusting a relationship that started when I was fourteen and a freshman at STM. I said, “Yes.” We both packed up where we were living, he was in Covington, I was in Washington, DC, we moved back to Lafayette and Jones + Bailey Communications was born. The story of our business proves a very important lesson we should all heed as graduates of STM – the relationships we form between our freshman and senior years of high school will most likely be some of the most positive, influential and lasting that we will have our entire lives. Businesses have been born, 26 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014

Our alma mater intertwines so many of us and it was that realization that became the impotence of relaunching the STM Alumni Association. We wanted to create an organization that will give back, give much and give opportunity. We want our alumni to have insight into the school and what it has become and engage on a regular basis. We are also planning regular social events and with each one, we are seeing attendance increase. Most importantly, we are creating a network to work with one another and be a stepping stone to help recent graduates find their footing in the work world as well. While graduation day sent us all on so many different paths, we are all connected. The Alumni Association is about embracing our roots and solidifying the legacy of a place that holds years of memories for us all. It’s our Alumni Association and together, we will grow it to stand proud Forever More.

To join the Alumni Association contact Danny Broussard, at



Top left - Erin Landry (Jacque), Crystal Miciotto (Buck), Stephanie Abdalla (Adam),Danny Broussard and Konni Ashy (DJ) Top right - Caroline Bayard (James), Leah Gerami (Fankie), Erin Landry (Jacque), Crystal Miciotto (Buck), Stephanie Abdalla (Adam), Danny Broussard and Konni Ashy (DJ) Middle left - Leah Gerami (Frankie) , Emily Judice Foreman, Elizabeth Laborde, Nicole Comeaux Zaunbrecher and Holly Guidry (Robert) MIddle right - William Kaufman, Michelle Domgueax, Jenny Duos Fangue and Danny Broussard Bottom Left - Pamela Domingue, Raegan Wetzel Gupta and Ashley Cahill Noto Bottom Right - Chris Matt, John Fell, Dennis Smith, Tim Zaunbrecher, Jacque Landry, Danny Broussard, James Bayard, Robert Guidry, Frankie Gerami and Andrew Foreman





Top left - Allison Strojny, Mrs. David Bernard, David Bernard and Charles Keller Top right - Allison and Stephen Strojny Middle left - Danny Broussard, Jeanne DeHart (Scott) and Jennifer Keller (Charles) Middle right - Kelli Chachere, Angela Barry Hutchison , Danny Broussard and Emmy Ladousa Breaux Bottom left - Marty Cannon, Will Bayard , Danny Broussard, Zach Leathem and Stephen Strojny Bottom right - John Michael Chachere, Danny Broussard and Scott Hutchison




Top left - Stacey Curtis Yeager, Danny Broussard and Trisha Cole Marullo Top right - Jason Ambroise, Kelly Cobb, Amy Landry, Mary Guilbeau Quoyeser and Louise Thompson Lambert Middle left - Elizabeth Bell, Marcus Brown, Danny Broussard, Jennifer McCallum Bull and Louise Thompson Lambert Middle right - Trenaise Lapoint-Hebert, Danny Broussard and Louise Thompson Lambert Bottom right Danny Broussard, Jeff Elmore, Jan Knox Elmore, and Bridgitte Hyde Quebedeaux




Top left - Class of 1983 Top right - Mark Balser, Ron Whitney, Michael Thibodeaux, Stacy Fisher Brown, Mark Jumonville and Mary Coleman Middle left - Jeanette Green Hopkins, Leslie Mouton Maddox, Ben Mouton and Catherine Terrebonne Middle right - Phil Lewis, Patton Drewett and Andre Celestine Bottom left - Lisa Smith Killeen and Dan Killeen Bottom right - Patton Drewett, Trudy Dumesnil Trahan, Madlyn Boustany Juneau, Mary Menard Dominique, Courtney Cole Travis and David Koke



FRIDAY, JULY 18 – SATURDAY, JULY 19 Quintana Landing, Cypremort Point






2:25 PM

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Ira Laurent Cormier born May 10, 2012 to Ryan ’02 and Heather Cormier Lily Ann Vince born May 19, 2012 to Ryan and Lindsey Trahan ‘96 Vince June Alexander Mouton born July 11, 2102 to Ross ’03 and Kristin Pool ’02 Mouton Juliette Marie Voitier born January 11, 2013 to Matt and Ashley Roy ’98 Voitier’ Elise Adele Hightower born February 9, 2103 to Jeff and Jill Henry ‘96 Hightower Kensington Mary Margarita Russell born February 15, 2013 to Hamilton ’91 and Britney Russell Hope Esther Broussard born February 22, 2013 to Blake and Brittany Landry ‘07 Broussard Vivienne Blake Glass born March 5, 2013 to Sean and Julia Meehan ‘93 Glass Margauerite Jane Brooksher born April 11, 2013 to Steven and Mauree Harris ’01 Brooksher Caroline Louise Ber born April 24, 2013 to Benjamin and Jaime Avant ‘98 Ber Joan Evangeline Barousse born June 1, 2013 to Chris’02 and Nicole Barousse Juliette Elizabeth Angelle born June 12, 2013 to Justin ’99 and Natalie Harris ’93 Angelle Caroline Rose Rabeaux, born July 8, 2013 to Scott and Natalie Gauthier ‘04 Rabeaux Elizabeth Ann Marine born August 2, 2013 to Ryan ‘97 and Jennifer Martin ‘99 Marine Preslie Kay Richard born August 6, 2013 to Cullen and Ashley Brodhead ’96 Richard Madeline Anne Johnson born on August 8, 2013 to Jonathan ‘98 and Elizabeth West Johnson Eliza Jane Ashy Boyd born August 12, 2012 to Darren and Amanda Ashy ‘95 Boyd Caroline Elizabeth Kahn born August 16, 2013 to Chris and Courtney Kellner ’02 Kahn Grace Kathryn Ashy born September 7, 2013 to Steven ’03 and Whitney Andrus ’04 Ashy Kathryn Elizabeth Drakey born October 11, 2013 to Chris and Kelly Melebeck’99 Drakey Charlee Kate Sanner born October 17, 2013 to Gabe and Kiely Trahan ’05 Sanner Remi Marie Townley born October 29,2013 to Adam and Katelyn Bradley ‘06 Townley Merryn Renee Miller and Mckaye Marie Miller born October 31, 2013 to Clinton and Lavelle Arceneaux ‘93Miller Caroline Jane Coussan born November 11, 2013 to Jean-Paul ‘96 and Jennifer Joy ‘99 Coussan Charlotte Anne Pacanovsky born November 11, 2013 to Paul and Aimee Sonnier ‘91 Pacanovsky Cecilia Ann Grimley born November 15, 2013 to Corey and Angèle Lafleur ‘95 Grimley . Amelia Kate LeBlanc born November 27, 2013 to Noah and Stephanie DesOrmeaux ‘03 LeBlanc Landry Katherine Page born December 3, 2013 to Ryan and Lauren Landry ‘05 Page Nora Jane Roy born December 4, 2013 to Robert and Rebecca Blanda ’01 Roy Alice Louise Brewer born December 6, 2013 to Justin and Lauren Voelker ’04 Brewer Violet Amelie Crenshaw born December 6, 2013 to Will and Beverly Meehan ‘92 Crenshaw Hanna Marina Shea born December 10, 2013 to Casey and Rachel Campos ‘98 Shea Ella Catherine Stone born December 28, 2012 to Rocky and Lauren Bourgeois ‘96 Stone Ava-Marie Kate Fruge’ born January 24, 2013 to John Michael ‘94 and Angela Fruge’

A Son

William Robert Glass born January 29, 2011 to Sean and Julia Meehan ‘93 Glass Tucker Paul Thomas born May 14, 2012 to Joshua and Erin Hawkins ’03 Thomas Charles Edward Mouton born June 25 2012 to Alex and Kim Champion ’94 Mouton Jonah Masters Hetherwick born August 10, 2012 to Scott ’93 and Rebecca Surratt ’95 Hetherwick Nathon Charles Leckelt & Layton Joseph Leckelt born August 27, 2012 to Charles Jr. and Mandie Stutes ‘98 Leckelt Robert Giles Holbrook III born October 4, 2012 to Robert and Jennifer McDonner ’00 Holbrook Jackson Thomas Mhire born October 29, 2012 to Kyle and Lindsey Hamman ’04 Mhire Cy Joseph Guidry born November 30, 2012 to Josh and Jamie Blue ’04 Guidry Jack Ellis Kleinke born December 14, 2012 to Scott and Kellee Fell ’00 Keinke


Walter Allen Hudson III born December 17, 2012 to Walter and Amanda Andrus ’06 Hudson Isaac John Boquet born December 17, 2012 to Kevin and Meghan McKay ‘02 Boquet Jack Henry and Elise Katherine Sims born January 30, 2013 to David ‘95 and Allison Heil Sims Carson Charles Guidry born March 13, 2013 to Ross and Dory Walters’05 Guidry Sloane Frances Harris born March 13, 2013 to Frankie ‘99 and Natalie Harris Mitchell Ethan Mouton April 6, 2013 to Britton ‘94 and Alicia Abdalla ‘96 Mouton Owen Andrew Romero born April 16, 2013 to Matt ‘96 and Jennifer Gaar Romero Henry Thomas Gray April 22, 2013 to Alex and Melissa Kahn ‘99 Gray Rex Emery Zuschlag born April 24, 2013 to Blaise ’02 and Monica Zuschlag Cannon Michael Duffy born May 9, 2013 to Hunter ’03 and Mary-Carolyn Duffy Charles Howard Fenstermaker IV born May 22, 2013 to Charles ’95 and Erin Chance ’02 Fenstermaker Alex Jude Rabeaux, born May 24, 2013 to Matt and Callie Stagno ’97 Rabeaux Henry Michael Judice born June 18, 2013 to Trevor ’03 and Emily Judice Anderson Scott Huggard born on June 20, 2013 to Blake and Mary Frances Prejean ‘97 Huggard Graham Oliver Leach born July 2, 2013 to Christian ’99 and Christina Leach Christopher Michael “Mikey” Cortese III born July 11, 2013 to Christopher Jr.‘01 and Jennifer Falgout ‘01 Cortese William Christopher Zito born August 8, 2013 to Christopher and Elizabeth Johnson ’02 Zito Harper Marie Begneaud born August 21, 2013 to Joey and Sommer Sheffield ‘98 Begneaud Sawyer Joseph Whittington born on September 21, 2013 to Andy ‘99 and Katie Ducrest ‘01 Whittington Thomas Christian Niles born September 27, 2013 to Brandon and Pamela Leblanc ’04 Niles Max Joseph Mautner born October 11, 2013 to Brian ’05 and Natalie Mautner Parker Leland Greer born October 18, 2013 to Scott and Katherine Guilbeau ’92 Guillot Eli James Desormeaux born October 18, 2013 to Adam ’00 and Jill ’00 Ashy Desormeaux Abram Menard Landry born October 30, 2013 to Jeff ’99 and Caroline Wilson Landry Isaih Paul Bienvenu born November 4, 2013 to Andrew ’05 and Yvonne Goodyear ’06 Bienvenu Andrew Charles Eppley born November 9, 2013 to Jason and Cheryn Boustany ’95 Eppley Asher Hugh Marks born December 2, 2013 to Jacob and Taylor Boudreau ‘04 Marks Briggs Xavier Berthelot born December 11, 2013 to Ben ‘94 and Ashley Bertrand Berthelot Dominic Jonathan Daly born December 23, 2013 to Ben ‘02 and Britney Daly

COUGARWEDDINGS Claire Elise Stidham to Connor Braden Despot ’06, May 25, 2013 Grace Elyse Alexander ’09 to Brett Patrick Heil, June 29, 2013 Kristen Marie McFaul ’07 to Ryckman Cleo Callais, July 13, 2013 Claire Leigh Angers ’02 to Mark James Risher ’03, June 21, 2013 Megan Lee Jenkins to Adam Douglas Saloom ’08, June 22, 2013 Meredith Ann Lacoste to Matthew Paul Rongey ’02, June 29, 2013 Arielle Nicole Sonnier ’03 to Stephen Conrad, July 6, 2013 Naomi Primeaux ‘07 to Travis Dupuis, August 2, 2013 Catherine Wise ’99 to John Simmons, August 10, 2013 Savri Angelle Guillory to Charles Ryan Degatur ’03, August 16, 2013 Jaclyn Elizabeth Vidos to Tyler Michael Seaux ’08, August 16, 2013 Lacey Marie Broussard ’04 to Richard Kyle Carrigee, September 14, 2013 Lindsay Marie Graham ’04 to Pratt Farnsworth Faulkner, September 28, 2013 Kristen Michelle Toups ’08 to Timothy Peter Vondenstein, October 5, 2013 Aimee Kaye Bissenberger ’01 to Brennan Jules Billeaud ’01, October 11, 2013 Lindsey Nicole Petro to Blake Louis Budden ’06, October 11, 2013 Meghan Elise Cornay ’04 to Nicholas Lawrence Lavin ’03, October 25, 2013 Sarah Rose Winski to Benjamin Thomas Lognion ’05, October 25, 2013 Hailey Claire Angelle ’02 to Mark Mosby Manning, October 26, 2013 Anne-Marie Saab’05 to Nicholas Allen Clark, November 2, 2013 Amanda Leigh Harvin ‘07 to Lloyd Runyan, November 15, 2013 Blair Kathryn Dugas ‘04 to Jeremy Paul Dupuis ‘04, November 29, 2013


Northwestern Mutual expects to pay a record $5.2 billion in dividends to participating policy owners during 2014. In fact, we’ve paid more dividends than any other company in the industry over the past 17 years. Who’s helping you build your financial future?

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STM What is the Building More Annual Appeal?

What is the STM Foundation?

The St. Thomas More Building More Annual Appeal is made up of gifs from alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends of STM. All gifts are used for the sole purpose of supporting the most pressing needs of the school as identified by our Leadership Team, Facility Committee and Advisory Council. This appeal is an opportunity to show your support and commitment to St. Thomas More Catholic High School.

The STM Foundation is a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of providing supplemental funding for St. Thomas More Catholic High School through an endowed fund. A portion of the interest earned by the fund is returned to the school annually to support such programs as tuition assistance and teacher salaries and benefits. GIfts may be given to the Foundation through planned gifts, scholarships, and unrestricted gifts. Invest in the future of STM through a gift to the Foundation today!

How can I help St. Thomas More Catholic High School? Participate today! Your gift to the Building More Campaign will be used to build a parking lot and to insure the future of the St. Thomas More endowment. If you have never given to the Building More Campaign, please make a gift today. To our annual donors, thank you! Your gift is vital to the success of this campaign. Contact: Anne Pitre Director of Advancement (337) 988-2550 Danny Broussard Asst. Director of Alumni (337) 988-2550 Give online at





Your gift makes parking easy. Give today.


STM SUPPORT TECHNOLOGYFUND By Greg Logan In addition to the federal charitable deduction, Louisiana law provides a 40 percent credit against personal or corporate income tax for the donation of new computer or related equipment used by STM in the direct education of the students (La. R.S. 47:37). The Louisiana Department of Revenue allows the donor to donate money to the school and the school to purchase the equipment that best fits the needs of the school and that is compatible with the school’s other technology. The donor simply writes a check to the school, and the school provides the donor with a form detailing the new computer equipment purchased; the form will be attached to the donor’s state tax return.

This state tax credit is in addition to the deduction allowed against federal income taxes for charitable donations. For instance, assuming the donor is in the 39.6 percent federal tax bracket and subject to the Obamacare tax of 3.9 percent, he/she can make a donation of $10,000 to STM for the purchase of computer and other technology-related equipment and receive tax benefits in the amount of $8,350 so that the final out-of-pocket cost to the donor is $1,650. If the taxpayer is in a lower federal tax bracket, such as the 28 percent tax bracket, the tax benefit of the same $10,000 donation would be $6,800 for an actual out-of-pocket cost of $3,200. What powerful giving! STM gets $10,000 for new computer equipment for the classroom that only costs the donor $3,200.

Set Sail into Spring STM PTC Fashion Show Saturday, March 22 2 - 5 p.m.

Silent Auction to close at 3:15 p.m. For more information, visit

1405 || TFUODROE RV ERRO M S EO R| ES |P RWI NI NGT E2R0 1240 1 4

PLANNED Make a Significant Difference for STM with a “Planned Gift “ By Rob Eddy

Perhaps you have never heard the term “planned gift.” You could be someone who has read countless newsletters and articles that discuss planned gifts yet never really understood exactly what a planned gift is and why it is important to understand. In the simplest of terms, a planned gift is just that…. a gift in which some planning takes place prior to the gift. In other words, it is not simply writing a check to a charity. The planning creates the opportunity to accomplish one or more of the following: • Assures that your gift is aligned with your objectives for the gift and the needs of the organization. • Creates the opportunity for your gift to be leveraged into a gift greater than the net cost or value of the gift made. • Saves income tax • Avoids capital gains taxes • Reduces estate taxes • Increases income


Planned Gifts can result in a gift that is complete during your lifetime or at your death. Planned gifts do not need to be complex or difficult to accomplish. Examples of simple strategies to leverage your assets to make meaningful gifts to STM include: • Bequest in your Will: A charitable bequest could be made in your will with a specific dollar amount or with a percentage of your estate. In addition, specific assets could be designated for a certain charity • IRA and 401k Plan beneficiary arrangements: You can provide that a dollar amount or a percentage of your retirement account is designated to be given to a charitable organization. • Life Insurance: A simple gift includes naming a charitable organization as beneficiary for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the policy. • Appreciated stock or mutual funds: One great opportunity is to transfer appreciated assets such as stocks or mutual funds to a charity. This approach saves capital gains taxation thereby leveraging the value of the gift. This approach is actually a very common and simple process to accomplish.

DGIFT For individuals and families who have a need for more complex estate planning, other opportunities exist such as gifts of real estate and charitable income trust. Gifts of real estate will avoid capital gains and estate tax on appreciated assets. Charitable trust strategies can also be a great retirement planning tool in addition to making a meaningful gift to STM. In many situations, you can leverage tax strategies in order to create greater retirement income. If you study the history of Catholic schools and foundations, you will find that the most meaningful gifts have often come from planned gifts. These gifts allow all supporters to become benefactors in a significant way and create financial security for the

school and add capacity to deliver an even better Catholic education. The next step is to discuss with your financial and/or legal advisor your desire to support STM in a manner that addresses your financial needs as well. A planned gift does not need to be complex. You should also contact Anne Pitre in the Advancement Office. She can help you identify the resources and information you need in order to determine what is the best way for you to express your financial support for the students of STM ‌ today and tomorrow! Your planned gift could be one of the gifts that makes a significant difference in the lives of the students at STM.

STM Sporting Clays Shoot Saturday, April 26 50/50 Raffle






ADVISORYCOUNCIL By Bryan Sibley “St. Thomas More Catholic High School educates students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character and “God’s Servant First.” Shortly after I was elected to the STM Advisory Council, this mission statement was reviewed as part of the new-member orientation. Since then I’ve made a practice of frequently reviewing this simple but meaningful testimonial to all that STM embodies. This habit has been particularly helpful to me in my role as Chairman of the Advisory Council because the sources of all of our successes, the solutions to any of our problems, and the answers to all of our questions are entrenched in this mission statement. Our mission statement defines who we are as a school family, a family which, as of this year, is beginning its 4th generation! Our particular family is blessed to be comprised of students, alumni, faculty, administrators, clergy, parents, grandparents and even greatgrandparents.

There are so many ways in which we can build our STM community: donations of our time, talents, prayers, gifts and witness. As you prayerfully consider the shape your individual support will take, I encourage you to remember that whether your interests are in the areas of campus ministry, academics, music, art, athletics or elsewhere, we are all much more alike than we are different; and it is because of these similarities that we should seek to utilize our unique talents and gifts in supporting the collective good of our school. I wish you all a blessed and prosperous new year, and I remind you that, albeit imperfect, we are a unique, living, loving, growing, multifaceted, and beautiful family. As we strive to enhance our diversity while we focus on our unity through living our mission, it is by the grace of God, the love of Jesus Christ, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, that we will achieve all that God has planned for us at St. Thomas More Catholic High School.

ADVISORY COUNCIL 2013 - 2014 Bryan Sibley President

Like any family, our members are diverse in their appearance, thought patterns, abilities, talents and interests. While this diversity has occasionally created tension, it has more often led to the collective success we have so often enjoyed as the STM family. For this reason, I believe it is our responsibility to continually seek and employ all methods of championing this diversity among our members while remaining true to our mission.

Robert Mahtook Vice President

As I think about this idea of diversity among family members, I’m reminded of St. Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians 12:12-13, 26-27 in which he writes, “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. For we were all baptized by one Spirit so as to form one body… If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it. Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. “

Sheila Zepernick Member


David LaBorde Secretary Traci Aucoin Member Michelle Breaux Member Robert Eddy Member David Koke '83 Member E. J. Krampe Member

Bobby Darnall Past President Rev. Louis J. Richard Chancellor Anna Larriviere Superintendent Richard D. Lavergne Principal Roxanne Breaux Foundation President Kellie Brewer PTC President

GRANTS ACADEMICS Acadiana Bottling Co., Inc. Lourdes Foundation, Inc. The Grad Shoppe, Inc.


ART Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. LeBlanc Thomas J. Montgomery, M.D.

BAND Dr. and Mrs. Joe Abendroth Mr. and Mrs. Randy Adams Ms. Pamela Anzalone Billy J. Rosson, Jr., M.D., FCCP Bishop Maurice Schexnayder Assembly Ms. Gerri Brunet Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Coco Ms. Laurie W. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Cravens Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis Mr. and Mrs. Andre Desforges Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Domingue Mr. and Mrs. Kim Mark Duplantis Dynamic Oilfield Services, Inc. Mr. Mark Fabre Mr. Thomas ‘83 and Mrs. Stephanie ‘84 Favaloro Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Fontenot Mr. and Mrs. James Furka Dr. Scott ‘86 and Mrs. Kelley Gauthreaux Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goodrich Greater Horizons Ms. Tonielle Hebert Ms. Susan Higginbotham The Krampe Family McDonald’s of Acadiana Lafayette City Deanery Lafayette Music Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Lavergne Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lavergne Ms. Suzanne Lavergne Mr. and Mrs. David P. LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Scott Longon Mr. and Mrs. Irving Manuel Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Manuel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Marcel Mason Specialty Tools, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. David P. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. John Melancon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Milazzo Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moras, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Louis Nigreville Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Osborn Paul J. Azar, Jr., M.D. Professional Arts Pharmacy Mr. Edsel J. Roy Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Roy Ms. Melanie Roy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stegall Dr. Peter and Mrs. Jeanne ‘85 Vizzi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Charlotte ‘84 Welch Mr. and Mrs. Paul Welch Mr. Jerry Wetzel Dr. and Mrs. Juan C. Zeik

BOYS BASKETBALL Acadiana Stars Sports, Inc. Advanced Therapy Specialist The Appraisal Group of La., LLC B & B Oilfield Services, LLC Babineaux, Poche, Anthony & Slavich Mr. and Mrs. Bart Begue Bobby’s Paint and Body Shop Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Candace ‘87 Broussard Champagne Pointer Kennel Chase Desormeaux State Farm Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Jay Duhon Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Theophile Dupre’, Jr. Dwight Andrus Insurance ECM, L.L.C. Mr. Bryan Hicks Home Bank Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jude Hymel Innovations Facial Plastic Surgery Jason Cormier M.D. John Oubre, D.D.S. Juneau David, APLC Landry Harris & Co., LLC Mr. and Mrs. Richard Langlinais Mr. and Mrs. Ned LeBlanc Ms. Shirley LeBreton Lipari Sporting Goods & Specialties Malcolm J. Stubbs M.D., LLC Ms. Dani J. Marine McLeod-Trahan Physical Therapy Michael J. Broussard Land Services Mr. Marc Moncla ‘90 Mr. Daniel ‘84 and Mrs. Joan Moody ‘84 Mr. Bobby W. Neveaux


Overton Taylor Davis Dr. and Mrs. Charles Padgett, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Patin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brian Recatto Ms. Suzanne C. Roberts Mr. Albert Nelson Robinson ‘01 Sacred Heart Church Slam and Jam Basketball Camp Mr. James P. Sonnier Therapeutic Consultants, Inc. Thirty Two Consulting, LLC Ms. Coni Trahan Mr. Logan Moore Trotter ‘00 Mr. Kenny ‘83 and Mrs. Cindy Vincent Mr. and Mrs. James Vining Workover Equipment Rental, Co.

BASEBALL Acadian Ambulance Acadiana Dodge, Inc. Acadiana Foot Centers, LLC Acadiana Prescription Shop Boturn LLC - Subway Brad Markerson Agency LLC Cajun Manufacturing, LLC Courtesy Automotive Group Mr. and Mrs. David Dauterive Mr. and Mrs. Hille Domingue Doucet ENT Essi Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harris Holbert Steel of Louisiana, LLC Hurlburt, Monrose, and Ernest Icare Pharmacy, LLC Jack Gardner’s 10 Min Oil Chg. Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Judice The Krampe Family McDonald’s of Acadiana Louisiana Cardiovascular & Limb Salvage Center LTAC of Louisiana, LLC M & L Specialty, Inc. Malcolm J. Stubbs M.D., LLC Dr. and Mrs. James Noriega Nunu’s Fresh Market Oilfield Instrumentation USA, Inc. The Original Kevin Guidry Produce Market, Inc. Penterra Services LLC Pixus Digital Printing Preis & Roy Raising Cane’s Red Lerille’s Health Club Richard K. Broussard, M.D., LLC Scott A. Dartez, A Professional Law Corp. Shoreline Energy LLC

Star Enterprises, Inc. of Morgan City Tarpley PVS, LLC Venoscope, LLC The Vision Clinic Vortex Energy Partners, Inc. Workover Equipment Rental, Co.

BOYS SOCCER Doctors Rod and Tina Clark David S. Cook Attorney H L P Engineering, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Juneau Dr. and Mrs. Victor Tedesco IV Uniformity Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wyatt

CAMPUS MINISTRY Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Angelle Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Babin Mr. Richard and Mrs. Leslie ‘84 Brauns Dr. and Mrs. Edward Breaux, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brewer, Jr. Mr. Nicholas Cart ‘05 Hub City Ford Kathryn Giglio Strother, M.D. ‘96 Thomas J. Montgomery, M.D. Preis and Roy R and B Consulting Mr. Jason Savoie Stro Bros., LLC Unico Specialties, LLC Mr. Dan Viator

Rivergate Energy Partners, LLC Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc. Wildgame Innovations, LLC

FOOTBALL Acadiana Security Plus Adam Kennedy M.D. Complete Engineering and Construction Delta World Tire Co. FM Bank and Trust J & J Exterminating Knight Miller SK Enterprises LLC Smoothie King #556 Laborde Diagnostics, Inc. Martin and Castille Funeral Home Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. McElderry, Jr. Mike Baker Brick Co. Pizza Village Preis and Roy Shetler-Corley Motors, Ltd. Tarpley PVS, LLC The Vision Clinic

GIRLS BASKETBALL Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bacon Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Thomas Carey, Jr. Eagle Capital Management, LLC Last In Enterprises Mr. and Mrs. William Logan III Mr. and Mrs. Fulton Olivier, Jr. Rayne State Bank Tarpley PVS, LLC



D & S Entertainment LLC

Chitimacha Louisiana Open



Acadiana Dodge, Inc. Angelle and Donohue Mr. Adam and Mrs. Nicole Angers ‘00 Barton W. Bernard, APLC Buckfins-N-Feathers, LLC Dynamic Production Services, Inc. Gauthier’s Oilfield Rental J.B. Mouton, Inc. JJ’s Holdings, LLC John “Bubba” Montesano State Farm Insurance Knight Oil Tools Magellan Construction, LLC Pride Oil & Gas Properties, Inc. Railside Feed and Supply Reagan Energy Services, Inc.

Chitimacha Louisiana Open

GREIG MEMORIAL MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP Mrs. Becky Greig - Ledet Reverend Monsignor Harry D. Greig II Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Greig

GIRLS SOCCER Acadiana Doors, Windows & Millwork Mr. and Mrs. Brian David Begnaud C and G Boats, Inc. Cohesive Connections, LLC David S. Cook Attorney Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dincau Mr. and Mrs. Neil Joseph Fontenot Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kennedy


Mr. Chris ‘Buck’ Moncla ‘89 Pat’s Grocery and Meats, Inc. Mr. Francis and Mrs. Cathi ‘87 Pavy Performance Medical Group Petroleum Engineers,Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Richard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stringer Thibodeaux’s Town and Country Mr. Glenn D. Trahan Mr. and Mrs. Nick Zaunbrecher

HOPEFEST Acadiana Dodge, Inc. Acadiana Prescription Shop Apex Management Group, LLC Mikki Bordelon Dr. Jennifer Boustany Dr. and Mrs. Edward Breaux, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Broussard Ms. Tanya W. Broussard Burgersmith C.L. Jack Stelly & Associates, Inc. Mr. Shawn ‘95 and Mrs. Lori ‘97 Carter Cashway Pharmacy of Scott, Inc. Ms. Marie Adele Comeaux Craig S. Landry, DDS, APDC Crush Yogurt, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Dauterive Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne David Mr. Taylor ‘84 and Mrs. Yvette S. ‘88 Davis Mr. Thomas D. DeBlieux Dr. Edward F. Breaux Dr. Jeffrey J. Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Joey Durel F & B Equipment Sales and Rental, Inc. Flowers by Rodney Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Fontenot Game Performance & Rehabilitation Institute, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Joe Giglio, Jr. Heart of Hospice, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Hebert, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Hightower Jill Listi Dance Studio, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Emile Joseph, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Listi Louisiana Title & Abstracting Services LLC Magnificat Travel Jimmy Mallia Mark A. Weber Real Estate Finance Specialist Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Jeannine McCloskey Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCollum

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody Mr. Stephen Moore Mr. and Mrs. Barry Neal O’Neal Weber, Jr., CLU/CHFC The Onebane Law Firm Overton Taylor Davis Mr. and Mrs. Harry Patin, Jr. Patrick McCarthy, Ltd. Physical Therapy South, Inc. Pilates Plus Evolution LLC Process Piping Materials, Inc. Quality Plus Insurance, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Rick Revels Ricky Smith’s Audio Mr. and Mrs. William Sack Mr. Warren Shepherd Sheriff Mike Neustrom Charities Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sonnier St. Pius X Church St. Pius X KC #8901 Stallion Construction Stephen Salopek, MD, LLC Dr. Darren ‘92 and Mrs. Nicole B. ‘92 Strother Mr. and Mrs. Derrel Strother Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sullivan Tag Oil U.S. Raceworks, LLC University of Louisiana Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Chip Vosburg Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar Wilson Chiropractic Center, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yandle Zeus Cafe, Inc.



PARENT TEACHER CLUB Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Ardoin Caroline and Company Complete Engineering and Construction Ms. Valerie Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ketteringham Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lantier, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brad LeBlanc, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ned LeBlanc Mr. Gregory ‘85 and Mrs. Darcy Logan Mr. and Mrs. William Logan III Mark G. Artall, APLC Mr. and Mrs. Joseph John ‘Bubba’ Montesano III Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody Mr. and Mrs. Barry Neal Omni Energy Services Park Lane Mr. and Mrs. James Piccione Mr. and Mrs. Brian Recatto Red Lerille’s Health Club Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc. Scott Equipment Co., L.L.C. State Farm Insurance The Grad Shoppe, Inc. Ms. Marlene Venable

RENAISSANCE Acadiana Cinemas, LLC Engineering Management Group Mr. and Mrs. Dale Huval State Farm Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Guy Zimmerman

Dr. and Mrs. Leonder Labbe



Acadiana Gastroenterology Assoc. LLC Acadiana Urgent Care Assoc. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Acosta ARC Energy Equipment LLC Mr. and Mrs. Dale Arceneaux Aries Marine Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Badeaux, Sr. Beta Land Services LLC Bosco Machine Shop, Inc. Brett Guidry Sales, LLC Cecil Perry Contractors, LLC Champagne Valve Supply, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stafford Champagne Control Concepts & Technology, Darnall, Sikes, Gardes & Frederick

Mrs. Irene David Thomas J. Montgomery, M.D.

LEAH SALOOM MEMORIAL AWARD Mr. and Mrs. Bob Richardson

MISCELLANEOUS Dr. Kelly ‘96 and Mrs. Kelly ‘01 Cahill Patrick Williamson Memorial Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Sack Sofas and Chairs


David O. Way Professional Law Corp. Del Corporation Delta World Tire Co. FM Bank and Trust Mr. and Mrs. Juno Guedry Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Harrison, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hemphill Hub City Ford Mr. and Mrs. Jeff J. Hunter Infinity Valve and Supply, LLC Mr. Pete Klentos Knight Oil Tools Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Landry Louisiana Safety Systems, Inc. Louisiana Valve Source, Inc. McCollum Enterprises Mr. Martin O. Miller Pat’s Grocery and Meats, Inc. Quality Construction & Production LLC Raising Cane’s Randol’s Seafood Restaurant Red Lerille’s Health Club Ricky Smith’s Audio Mr. and Mrs. Paul Romero Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Romero II Dr. Kirk and Dr. Lisa Smith T & B Repairs, Inc. Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Charlotte ‘84 Welch

SPARKLERS Acadiana Otolaryngology Advanced Agriculture, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Durelle Allen, Jr. Allendorph Specialties, Inc. Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Center Mr. and Mrs. Remy Angelle Mr. Paul ‘83 and Mrs. Jhan Beaullieu BEO Contractors, Inc. Billeaud’s Superette, Inc. Bradley and Moreau Dr. and Mrs. Craig Broussard Mrs. Sharon Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Walter Broussard Bryan D. Scofield, Inc. Carl J. Breaux, DDS Clark Chiropractic Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Comeaux Mr. and Mrs. Paul Comeaux Comfort Inn and Suites Complete Engineering and Construction Cooper General Contractors Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Curtis DataCom, LLC

Delcambre Pharmacy, Inc. Delta World Tire Co. Mrs. Lawoka Dionne Dore’s Corner Mrs. Russell Duet Mr. and Mrs. Andre P. Dugas Mr. Mark and Mrs. Marie ‘84 Dugas Mr. and Mrs. John F. Duncan Dwight Andrus Insurance Edward Jones Evans Drug Company Explore Orthodontics Mr. Greg Faulk Mr. Roland R. Faulk First National Bank Mr. Hugh Fisher ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fruge Mr. and Mrs. James Greenlaw Mr. Mark Greenlaw Mr. and Mrs. Paul Guilliot Hair A Fair, Inc. Hair Expressions Heart of Hospice, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hebert Mr. and Mrs. Richard Helmer Dr. John Hendry Iberia Bank J. Jerome Smith, D.D.S. Jill Listi Dance Studio, Inc. Jim Nichols, D.D.S. John Oubre, D.D.S. Judice & Adley Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Juneau, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David W. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kenner Kevin P. Tauzin, APLC Mr. and Mrs. Christian Kiefner La. Capital Certified Development Lafayette Landscape, Inc. Lafayette Restaurant Supply, Inc. LandCoast Ms. Gertrude LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lebourgeois Mr. and Mrs. Rene’ Ledet Legends LLC Jimmy Mallia Mason Specialty Tools, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mitchell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Moncla, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Montesano Thomas J. Montgomery, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody Musson Patout

Mr. and Mrs. Christon Nelson Dr. and Mrs. James Louis Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Jay Neu Ms. Barbara O’Friel Ms. Jan O’Friel Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Friel Mr. and Mrs. George Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Harry Patin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Pearson Peter D. Vizzi M.D. AMC Physical Therapy South, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powell Mrs. Meg C. Reggie Richard K. Broussard, M.D., LLC River Dance Centre LLC Mr. and Mrs. William Rucks IV Rug Gallery by Gerami’s S. Troy Miller, DDS, APDC Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Simon, Jr. Mr. James P. Sonnier Southeast Physicians Services, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. St. Amant Mr. and Mrs. Allen Starkovich Dr. Stacy Ste. Marie Stephen Salopek, MD, LLC Mr. H. Allen Stuart, Jr. The Ultimate Thomas Development Corporation Total Wellness Institute, LLC Towne Pharmacy, LLC Virginia Coreil, M.D., APMC WKM, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wright IV

SUNKIST SHOOTOUT Acadiana Bottling Co., Inc. Acadiana Foot Centers, LLC Babineaux, Poche, Anthony & Slavich Badger Daylighting of Louisiana, LLC Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Candace ‘87 Broussard Courtesy Automotive Group Digitech Office Machines Dominique’s Livestock Market, Inc. Gallagher Homes, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jude Hymel Icare Pharmacy, LLC Jack Gardner’s 10 Min Oil Chg. JCR Land & Title, LLC Jill Listi Dance Studio, Inc. Killeen Investments, LLC Kishbaugh Construction, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ned LeBlanc


MidSouth Bank Overton Taylor Davis Dr. and Mrs. Charles Padgett Prime Title QS Media Group LLC Quality Plus Insurance, Inc. Sofas and Chairs Therapeutic Consultants, Inc.

TECHNOLOGY Mr. Andre ‘84 and Mrs. Angela ‘83 Moreau Mr. and Mrs. William Sack

TENNIS Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Bill) Busch, Jr. Mr. Russell and Mrs. Charlotte ‘89 Cryer

TRACK Beaver Club of Lafayette, Inc.

VOLLEYBALL Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Adams Mr. and Mrs. Dale Arceneaux Mr. and Mrs. Philip Aucoin Bell’s Sporting Goods Blue Sky Innovations, LLC Mr. and Mrs. David Comeaux Craig S. Landry, DDS, APDC Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Davis Grady J. Abraham Attorney At Law Hannie Consulting, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hemphill Hub City Ford Kay Karre Gautreaux, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Landry Libby Heinen Law Office LLC Mainline Machine, Inc. Petrofoss, Inc. Red Lerille’s Health Club Mr. and Mrs. Nick Romero Sam Robertson Real Estate Co. Ms. Ronni Lynn Smith Tampico Mexican Restaurant Texas Roadhouse V3 Solutions, LLC Mr. and Mrs. James Rod Wimberley Mr. James ‘87 and Mrs. Elisa Zehnder Mr. and Mrs. Jay Zimmer



The Aveda Institute Bevo’s of Lafayette Burgersmith Caroline and Company Coco Eros Deano’s Pizza The Grand Theater Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haydell Hemline Herringstones Iberia Bank Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kergan The Kitchenary Koi Lemon Drop Little Town Mr. and Mrs. Damon Menard MidSouth Bank Pamplona Tapas Bar & Restaurant Park Lane Party Central Paul’s Jewelry Store, Inc. Pizza Village Raising Cane’s Ms. Heidi Reed Regal Decisions Shoe La La Slam and Jam Basketball Camp Stallion Construction Super 1 Foods TCBY Yogurt Texas Roadhouse The Tux Shoppe, Inc.

Just Print It Mr. and Mrs. Chip Vosburg


ACADEMICS Dr. Joan Marshak

BOYS’ BASKETBALL Mr. Mike ‘85 and Mrs. Cathy ‘91 Moncla Talk’N T-Shirts

BASEBALL Pixus Digital Printing

BOYS’ SOCCER Piccadilly Cafeteria

CAMPUS MINISTRY Acadiana Lanes Mr. Richard and Mrs. Leslie ‘84 Brauns Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Crissy ‘86 Campo Mr. and Mrs. Brent Culotta The Grand Theater Judice Inn Mr. Patrick ‘85 and Mrs. Michelle ‘85 Killeen Mr. and Mrs. Damon Menard Mr. and Mrs. William Sack Mr. and Mrs. Gus Zepernick, Jr.


HOPEFEST Racetrac Petroleum, Inc. Red Arrow Workshop

MISCELLANEOUS Acadiana Bottling Co., Inc. Copy and Camera Jay Faugot Photography Just Print It Medco Energi USA, Inc. RaceTrac Raising Cane’s Super 1 Foods

PARENT TEACHER CLUB Albertsons Arabie Construction


Just Print It

SUNKIST SHOOTOUT 2 Paul’s, LLC Acadiana Bottling Co., Inc. Ms. Marilyn Adams Albertsons Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Carrabba’s Chick-Fil-A Coyote Blues Deano’s Pizza Dwight’s Dwyer’s Cafe Edie’ Express Frankie’s Burgers Downtown Hebert’s Specialty Meats Heleaux’s Grocery

Honey Baked Ham Judice Inn La Pizzeria Lagneaux’s Logan’s Roadhouse McAlister’s Deli Meche’s Donuts Mello Joy O’Charley’s Restaurant Olde Tyme Grocery Papa John’s Pizza Pete’s Piccadilly Cafeteria Pizza Village Posado’s Quizno’s Raising Cane’s Subway Took’s Fine Meats Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar Ms. Marilyn Zerangue

“Many things are accomplished by the PTC throughout the year because of willing volunteers that make it all possible. The volunteers of PTC are both moms and dads that have a desire to make STM a better home for our children.” Kellie Brewer PTC President


July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013 Income Tuition and Fees Recurring Income Non-recurring Income Miscellaneous Total Income

$ 7,549,919.00 $ 117,516.00 $ 265,985.00 $ 949.00 $ 7,934,369.00

Expenses Administration Instructional Plant Employee Benefits Capital Expenses Miscellaneous Total Expenses

$ 1,293,268.00 $ 4,435,636.00 $ 531,375.00 $ 1,486,418.00 $ 169,626.00 $ 30,961.00 $ 7,947,284.00

Net Loss Transfer from designated funds Net Income


$ (12,915.00) 12,915.00 $ 0.00

BUILDING MORE ANNUAL APPEAL 2012 FOREVER MORE SOCIETY Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ahrens Mr. William ‘85 and Mrs. Rebecca ‘86 Blanchet Mr. and Mrs. David Dauterive Eddy Knight Family Foundation Mr. Patrick ‘85 and Mrs. Michelle ‘85 Killeen Mr. Gregory ‘85 and Mrs. Darcy Logan Mr. and Mrs. Louis Richard, Jr. Mr. Todd ‘90 and Mrs. Jeanne Schoeffler St. Thomas More Patent Teacher Club Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wright IV

FOUNDER’S CIRCLE Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Candace ‘87 Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chance Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Domingue Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Juneau

UTOPIAN CIRCLE Mr. and Mrs. Durelle Allen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Angelle Mr. and Mrs. Ted Anthony Mr. and Mrs. Joel Babineaux Mrs. Anne Marie Barnes, Jr. ‘89 Mr. Martin and Mrs. Michelle ‘86 Bech Dr. and Mrs. Edward Breaux, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Broussard Dr. Kelly ‘96 and Mrs. Kelly ‘01 Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cart Mr. and Mrs. Wes Castille Mr. Stafford Champagne Ms. Sarah Chance Doctors Rod and Tina Clark Drs. Robert and Rachel Colligan Mr. Greg and Mrs. Crissy ‘86 Campo Mr. Russell and Mrs. Charlotte ‘89 Cryer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darnall Mr. and Mrs. Cordell Dartez Mr. Taylor ‘84 and Mrs. Yvette S. ‘88 Davis Dr. Michael Duval Dr. Scott ‘86 and Mrs. Kelley Gauthreaux Girls of the Class of 2013 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Guidry Dr. Michael and Mrs. Claire ‘86 Haydel Mr. and Mrs. David Huval, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert John Mr. Daniel Jones ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kramer

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Laborde, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Elmo Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Clif Lane Mr. Mark and Mrs. Jacquie R. ‘83 Lerille Mr. and Mrs. William Logan III Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mahtook, Jr. Jimmy Mallia Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Montesano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph John ‘Bubba’ Montesano III Mr. Daniel ‘84 and Mrs. Joan Moody ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pilgrim Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poole Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Powell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Price Mr. and Mrs. Brian Recatto Mr. Paul and Dr. Sheryl Rodts-Palenik Dr. and Mrs. Billy J. Rosson, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Sibley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stegall Mr. and Mrs. Jason Stone Dr. Peter and Mrs. Jeanne ‘85 Vizzi Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Charlotte ‘84 Welch Dr. and Mrs. Juan C. Zeik Mr. and Mrs. Gus Zepernick, Jr.

COUGAR LEVEL Mr. and Mrs. Michael Van Ardoin Mr. and Mrs. Mark Artall Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ashy Mr. Reed Barbier Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brodnax, Jr. Mr. Matt Chiasson Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Cox Mr. and Mrs. John Davidson Dr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Duplechain Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eddy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Joel Fruge Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilder Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. John Guillory Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hemphill Mr. James Hutchison, Jr. ‘90 Mr. and Mrs. Emile Joseph, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Joseph, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Juneau, Jr. Mr. David ‘83 and Mrs. Betsy ‘85 Koke Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Merchant Mr. and Mrs. David Orsak Dr. and Mrs. Charles Padgett, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeffer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Raborn, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Salopek Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schoeffler Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth St. Pe’ Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tammariello Dr. and Mrs. Victor Tedesco Mr. Kenny ‘83 and Mrs. Cindy Vincent


LEADERSHIP LEVEL Mr. and Mrs. Grady Abraham Mr. Todd ‘89 and Mrs. Lisa Allendorph Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Belloni III Mr. and Mrs. D. Jackson Brink, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Broussard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott Champagne Mr. and Mrs. Clay Evans Darnall Mr. and Mrs. James D. Docherty Mr. John ‘85 and Stephanie Dupuis IV Mrs. Joyce Elliott ‘94 Ms. Libby Fenstermaker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giosa Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Goodrich Mr. and Mrs. Darren Guidry Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Harding Mr. Charles ‘Charlie’ Hohorst ‘87 Ms. Amy Jones ‘92 Mrs. Ella Koury Mrs. Loula Landry Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lantier, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LaSalle Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Ned LeBlanc Alfred S. and Gail P. Lippman Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jason Picard Mr. and Mrs. James Piccione Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valley Rachal Rev. Louis J. Richard Dr. Brad ‘95 and Mrs. Tiffany Rodrigue Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith Dr. Scott A. Sonnier ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Stevens Mr. Hunter ‘93 and Mrs. Meri Thibeaux Mrs. Lisa M. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Ogden Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Victor Varisco Mrs. Jamie Waguespack ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker Mr. and Mrs. Paul Welch Mr. and Mrs. Dana Westphal Dr. and Mrs. Golden Zenon

NAVY AND MAROON Mrs. Jane Ardoin Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Authement Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Bergeron Mr. and Mrs. Doug Bourque Dr. and Mrs. Carl Breaux Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brewer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Michael Briggs Mrs. Jeanette Broussard Mr. Phillip ‘98 and Mrs. Lacy Brupbacher Mr. Tim Buller Mr. and Mrs. Paul Calaway Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Thomas Carey, Jr. Mrs. Barbara Champagne ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Coco Mr. and Mrs. David Comeaux Comfort Inn and Suites Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cormier Mrs. Lori D. Crain ‘96

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Culotta Dr. and Mrs. John E. Daigle Mrs. Marlene H. Dauterive Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Domangue Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Domengeaux Mr. Stephen Domingue ‘88 Mrs. Lisa R. Dugal ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Dugas Mr. Robert Eddy Mr. Dirk and Mrs. Donna ‘86 Forman Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Dean Frame Mr. and Mrs. Keith French, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fruge Mr. and Mrs. James Furka Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Gates Mr. Garrett ‘99 and Mrs. Mallory J. ‘02 Gauthier Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Gautreaux Mr. Jesse Greene ‘95 Drs. Tony and Janis Guilbeau Mr. and Mrs. Doug Guillory Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gumpert Mrs. Emily H. Hagius ‘96 Ms. Christina Burton Harper Mr. John Herpin Sr. Mr. Patrick Huval Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edward Jumonville Dr. Kraig Kinchen ‘86 Ms. Simonne B. Klusman ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kopieczek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaBruzzo, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David Landry Mr. and Mrs. Rich Lane Mrs. Dianne Langlinais Mr. Mike ‘88 and Mrs. Sue Lasseigne Mr. and Mrs. Pete Lavergne Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leger Mr. and Mrs. Michael LeJeune Mrs. Jennifer Moncus Lewis Mr. and Mrs. James Lochridge, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Louviere Mr. Ryan ‘97 and Mrs. Jennifer ‘99 Marine Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Martin Ms. Jessica L. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Dan Menard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Milazzo Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Joseph Molaison Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Guy Musso Dr. and Mrs. James Noriega Mr. and Mrs. William Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Louis Perret Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pitre Mr. and Mrs. Joel Plauche Mr. and Mrs. Ken Porche’ Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Brigitte ‘88 Quebedeaux Mr. Patrick William Reagan Jr. ‘13 Mrs. Shirley Richard Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Catherine ‘87 Rountree Ms. Melanie Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Roder Russo Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scelfo Mrs. Jeannine Sibille Slam and Jam Basketball Camp Mr. Benjamin ‘85 & Mrs. Allison Sonnier Mr. Charles Stewart III ‘88 Mr. Stephen ‘93 and Mrs. Alison Strojny Mr. Lance ‘96 and Dr. Kathryn ‘96 Strother Mrs. Jada Theriot Mr. and Mrs. William E. Trotter III Mr. and Mrs. Doug Truxillo Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Valentino Mr. and Mrs. Robert Verret Mr. and Mrs. Nolan C. Vice, Jr. Mr. David and Mrs. Laurence ‘85 Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Bob Andrew Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wood Mr. and Mrs. Nick Zaunbrecher


Mrs. Kimberly Cannon Hirschman ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kellner Mr. and Mrs. Adrian King Mrs. Claire Connolly Knox, PhD ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn LaGrange Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Lamkin Doctors Leo and Beth Landry Mr. and Mrs. William Lannes Mr. Larry J. Lantier Mr. and Mrs. Brad LeBlanc, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lebreton Mrs. Rose Listi Mrs. Marion Lochridge Mr. Eric ‘84 and Mrs. Amy Marter Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Meijer Ms. Kim Miguez Ms. Karen Minor Mrs. Ellen Johnson Minvielle Mrs. Emily Marine Moore ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. John O’Banion Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Perez Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Pontiff Ms. Heidi Reed Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Richard Mr. and Mrs. Bill Riehl Mr. and Mrs. John Rimes Ms. Rosalind Mary Robertson ‘03 Mr. Edsel J. Roy Mr. and Mrs. Burton Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sonnier Mrs. Michelle Stelly ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. Doug Taylor Mrs. Teresa Theriot Mrs. Theresa P. Toups Mrs. Dolores Trosclair Mrs. Trebie Valancius ‘94 Mrs. June Voorhies Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker Mrs. Elizabeth Naylor Waters ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wetzel Mrs. Mary Whipple Mr. Max ‘90 and Mrs. Yvonne ‘92 Winchell

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Alfonso Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andrus Mr. Douglas ‘98 and Mrs. Konni Ashy Mrs. Fannie Rose Augustine Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Babineaux, Jr. Mr. Chris ‘93 and Mrs. April ‘96 Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Banna Mr. and Mrs. Brian David Begnaud Ms. Helen Billeaud Mrs. Robert Earle Billeaud Mr. Alvin Blanchard Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Boudreaux Mr. Ernest Bouvier, Jr. Mr. Brett ‘92 and Mrs. Bethany V. Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Kim Broussard Mr. Patrick ‘97 and Mrs. Natalie ‘00 Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Walter Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Camel Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Crissy ‘86 Campo Mr. Brett ‘88 and Mrs. Elizabeth Champion Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Collins Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Courville Mrs. Rena Courville “2014 is going to be a great year for the STM Alumni Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Curtis Association. Get involved!” Mr. and Mrs. Brian David Taylor Davis ‘83 Mrs. Joycelyn Desormeaux Mr. and Mrs. Larry Domingue Alumni Association President Mrs. Elizabeth Egan ‘89 Mr. Jeremiah Fisher ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Neil Joseph Fontenot Mr. Andrew ‘98 and Dr. Emily Foreman ‘97 Mr. Michael Frederic ‘89 Ms. Jodi Claire Fremin Mrs. Mavis A. Fruge Mr. and Mrs. William Gentry Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gilmore Ms. Heather Girouard ‘96 Mrs. Kristina Ashy Hammett ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harris Hebert


Take a



Visit holy places on pilgrimage Find out more about journeys to Italy, France & Costa Rica 59 | FOREVER MORE | WINTER 2014



Roxanne Breaux President Danny Gilder Past President

STM FOUNDATION BALANCE SHEET AUGUST 1, 2012 TO JULY 31, 2013 ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents .........................................118,355.40 Investments, at market value ...................................2,253,569.04 Deferred Gifts ..............................................................455,405.01 Fixed Assets .........................................................................28.00 Total Assets ..............................................................2,827,357.45

Beth Zuschlag LeBlanc ’99 Secretary


Charlotte Welch ’84 Vice President

Current Liabilities ..........................................................13,866.03 Total Current Liabilities ..................................................13,866.03 Long Term Liabilities ..............................................................0.00 Total Long Term Liabilities ......................................................0.00

Martha B. Wyatt Treasurer MEMBERS

Rev. Louis J. Richard Chancellor Richard Lavergne Principal Anne Pitre Executive Director Durelle Allen Angi Davis Libby Fenstermaker Philip Fremin W.J. “Tony” Gordon III Roger Ishee Gregory Logan Andrew Robertson ‘00 Fred Werner


FUND BALANCES General Fund.............................................................1,562,594.39 Angers/Veazey Fund......................................................22,991.27 Harkrider Memorial........................................................49,746.69 Savoy Memorial.............................................................25,581.46 Crossroads Scholarship..................................................12,226.15 DeHart Memorial...........................................................15,760.56 Arceneaux Memorial........................................................4,095.47 Jourdan Memorial..........................................................25,104.80 Donna Lemaire Fund........................................................7,796.16 Josh Johns Memorial.......................................................7,445.20 Moss Memorial................................................................4,410.16 Moody Memorial..............................................................8,294.27 Jumonville Memorial........................................................1,457.52 Louis Labbe Memorial....................................................12,783.30 Ryan Tate Memorial.......................................................11,146.15 Zach Burch Memorial.....................................................29,404.07 Knight Family Scholarship.............................................65,325.94 Greig Memorial Music Scholarship................................67,317.53 Mark Graham Memorial Scholarship.............................31,471.48 Jacob Crouch Memorial.................................................19,167.42 Williamson Memorial.....................................................26,832.75 Simon Fund....................................................................31,751.80 Br. Ephrem Hebert Memorial.........................................16,673.69 Deferred Gifts...............................................................455,405.01 Net Income (Loss)........................................................297,708.18 Total Fund Balances................................................$2,813,491.42 Total Liabilities and Fund Balances.........................$2,827,357.45

ANNUAL DRIVE FOUNDATION UTOPIAN CIRCLE Mr. and Mrs. Durelle Allen, Jr. Dr. Marcus Andrepont and Dr. Francine Manuel Dr. and Mrs. Edward Breaux, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Carl Breaux Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ‘Red’ Dumesnil Mr. and Mrs. Philip Fremin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gilder Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Tony Gordon III Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ishee Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kraft Jimmy Mallia J. B. Mouton and Sons Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner

COUGAR LEVEL Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Peyton Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeffer, Jr.

LEADERSHIP LEVEL Mr. and Mrs. Paul Falgout Mr. and Mrs. John Guillory Mr. and Mrs. James Judice Mr. Ross ‘99 and Mrs. Beth Z. ‘99 LeBlanc Mrs. Marilyn Martin Dr. Christopher ‘98 and Mrs. Stacy ‘98 Matt Mr. Jason Anthony Matt ‘02 Ms. Rebecca Jean Matt ‘09 Mr. Steven J. Matt ‘06 Mr. Corey James Myers ‘10 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Montesano in honor of Stuart Clark IV Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wyatt

ANNUAL DRIVE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDER’S CIRCLE Mr. and Mrs. William Logan III Rodney and Cindi Savoy

UTOPIAN CIRCLE Kathleen and Barry Heinen

“The STM Foundation's purpose is to enhance the present and support the future of Catholic education through endowed funds. A donation to the foundation is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It is an opportunity to appreciate the generosity of our past donors by continuing to pay it forward.” Roxanne Breaux STM Foundation President

LIFETIME UTOPIANS Mrs. Bella C. Abramson Acadian Ambulance Veazey Angers Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Steve Angers Miles Arceneaux ‘87 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ashy Mr. James Bernhard Mr. and Mrs. Barry Berthelot Dr. and Mrs. James Bienvenu Mrs. Geraldine Boesch Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Alan Breaud Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Breaux Dr. and Mrs. Edward Breaux Mr. and Mrs. Wood Breazeale Mr. Bob Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Doug Burch Zach Burch ‘02 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Donald Burts Mr. and Mrs. Bill Busbice Mr. and Mrs. David Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cefalu Mr. John E. Chance Mrs. Joretta Chance Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chance Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Cloutier Crossroads Bookstore Jacob Crouch ‘99 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Ken Crouch B.H. DeHart Memorial Domengeaux, Wright, Roy, and Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Domingue Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Dufrene, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J.Hubert “Red” Dumesnil Mr. and Mrs. David Enright Mr. and Mrs. William Fenstermaker Anne Foley Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Tom Galloway Mr. and Mrs. Joe Giglio, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gossen Mark Graham ’02 Memorial Msgr. Harry D. Greig II Harry and Jesse Greig Memorial Mrs. Becky Greig-Ledet Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Greig Dr. William Harkrider Bryce Harkrider ’94 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haynie Haynie Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hebert Mr. and Mrs. Barry Heinen Mr. Kevin Higgins Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hindelang Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoppe Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ishee B.J. Jourdan ‘92 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. George Jourdan Dr. and Mrs. Michael Judice Knight Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kraft Dr. and Mrs. Leon Labbe Louis Labbe Memorial Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Laborde Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Lemoine


Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Logan Mr. and Mrs. William Logan III Lowry’s Printing and Copying Macro Oil Company Mr. James Mallia Mr. and Mrs. Michael McElderry Mrs. Mildred McElligott Mr. and Mrs. William McElligott Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Moncla Mrs. Marguerite Montagnet Mr. O.P. Montagnet  Mr. Kevin Moody Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody The Moody Co. Foundation Msgr. Richard Mouton Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Munchrath Dr. and Mrs. Edmund Nagem Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neuner Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeffer Pinhook Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poole Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robertson St. Thomas More Catholic Boys High School Scott Savoy ’88 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Savoy Dr. and Mrs. J. Jerome Smith Mr. C.J. Stelly Stuller Family Foundation Sunbelt Energy Ryan Tate ‘00 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whittington Sgt. Patrick O. Williamson ’04 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Leon Williamson Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Wilt Mr. Louis Woodson Mrs. Georgia Woodson Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. “Gus” Zepernick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zuschlag

LEGACY SOCIETY The following friends have made a planned gift for St. Thomas More. Planned gifts are gifts in which a person has made the St. Thomas More Catholic High School Foundation a beneficiary in his or her will, a charitable remainder trust, a gift annuity, a gift of real estate, a gift through a retirement plan designation, or a gift of life insurance. The following persons are members of the STM Legacy Society - STM’s donor recognition club for planned gift donors. Anonymous James Bernhard Hubert “Red” Dumesnil Cecelia “Ceci” Neustrom

HONORARIA AND MEMORIAL TRIBUTES In Honor Of Brooke Marie Hebert ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Hebert, Jr. In honor of Dr. Audrey Menard Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. LeBlanc In Memory of Mrs. Joan Gordon Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adley Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice In Memory of Earline Bernard Mrs. Irene David In Memory of Zachary Burch ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Burch In Memory of Jacob Crouch ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Crouch, Sr. In Memory of Eric Michael Domingue ‘08 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Domingue In Memory of Blaine Duhon ‘92 PrayStrong Fund In Memory of Leland Fontenot Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice In Memory of Mark W. Graham ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. William McElligott In Memory of Harry and Jessie Greig Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Greig In Memory of Bryce Harkrider ‘94 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pelle, Jr. In Memory of Alan Haynie Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice In memory of Jean Hernandez Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice In memory of Maxie Gregg Howe Judge and Mrs. Kaliste Saloom In memory of Amanda Claire Judice ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Darnall III Mrs. Mary C. Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice Mr. and Mrs. Walter Messa, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John Robert, Jr. Tri-Delta Alumni In memory of Louis Labbe Mr. and Mrs. Steve Landry In memory of Bobby Jackson Lane Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barras Mrs. Judi Brents Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Crouch, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. William McElligott Judge and Mrs. Kaliste Saloom Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trent In memory of Carol Moody Ms. Mary Combal Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Gramentz Mr. Mark Joseph Jumonville Mrs. Dorothy S. Mims In memory of Austin Paul Rivault ‘16 Cougar Lacrosse, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Kim Judice Legacy Development Investments LLC Mr. and Mrs. James D. Opie Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Price Mr. Darrin L. Rivault Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rivault

Ms. Tammy Rivault In memory of Leah Richardson Saloom Mr. and Mrs. Bob Richardson Judge and Mrs. Kaliste Saloom In memory of Douglas Walet Mr. and Mrs. Steve Landry In memory of Sgt. Patrick O. Williamson ‘04 Patrick Williamson Memorial Foundation

FOUNDATION FUN CLAYS SHOOT Abell + Crozier Architects, Inc. Abe’s Boat Rentals, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Remo Abraham Acadian Ambulance American Safety and Industrial Supply Apollo Ventures LLC Automated Production Complete Engineering and Construction DACSIS, LLC DAI Engineering Management Mr. Robert Deshotel Mr. Shannon Dowies Downhole Drilling Services, LLC Driltech, LLC EDI Environmental Services, Inc. Fire and Safety Specialists, Inc. H L P Engineering, Inc. Island Operating Co. J.A.D. Properties LLC Knight Oil Tools The Krampe Family McDonald’s of Acadiana Lafayette Veterinary Care Center Mr. Keith Lamm Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. LeBlanc Legacy Development Investments LLC Linear Controls, Inc. Mr. Edwin Manuel MDM Tool Supply Mike Harson Campaign Otis Instruments, Inc. Premier Offshore Catering, Inc. Pride Oil and Gas Properties, Inc. Dr. Carl J. Richard Drs. Jody and Kathleen Rosson Stallion Construction State Farm Insurance Tanner Services LLC Team Management and Consulting, Inc. TRA-V LLC


Foundation Levels of Giving Founder’s Circle $5,000 and up Utopian Circle $1,000 - $4,999 Cougar Level $500 - $999 Leadership Level $1 - $499


Amanda Claire Judice ‘07 Memorial Scholarship This award was established by the Judice family and is presented to a varsity cheerleader who best exemplifies the qualities Amanda is most remembered for by those who knew and loved her. She was a fun-loving and deeply loyal friend, a devout Catholic, with a good and kind heart but not “showy” about it. She was genuine and trustworthy, a model student with a sweet, constant smile and joyful presence. Friends summed it up saying, “There was nothing mean about her, she was quietly wonderful.” She is remembered as “never complaining.” This was especially evident as she battled her illness, where she exhibited one of her qualities in life, the ability to trust God’s will and go about life with peace and joy. Selection is made by STM faculty committee.

Austin Paul Rivault '16 Memorial Scholarship The Austin Paul Rivault '16 Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by family and friends of Austin after a tragic event claimed his life. Austin was a freshman, new to STM as well as the sport of Lacrosse, and he was best known for his zest for life, dry wit, kind disposition and ability to make people smile. This award is presented to a freshman member of the Lacrosse Team who exhibits many of the characteristics that Austin demonstrated; namely, his kindness, politeness, willingness to help others, respect for others, love of life, and easy going disposition.


Miles Arceneaux ‘87 Memorial Zach Burch ‘02 Sportsmanship Award Jacob Crouch ’99 Memorial Mark W. Graham ‘02 Memorial Harry and Jessie Greig Memorial Music Scholarship Bryce Harkrider ‘94 Memorial The Brother Ephrem Hebert Memorial Josh Johns ‘01 Memorial B. J. Jourdan ‘92 Memorial Louis A. Labbe Memorial Charles A. Moody Memorial William J. Moss Courage Award Scott Savoy ‘88 Memorial The Raymond R. Simon Faculty and Staff Endowment Fund Ryan Tate ‘00 Memorial Sgt. Patrick Oliver Williamson ’04 Memorial

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