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STM Seniors Build An

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his issue is dedicated in remembrance of St. Thomas More Chaplain, Rev. O Joseph Breaux (1942 – 2019). From athletics to campus ministry to his presence during lunch, Father Joe’s constant love and encouragement will be missed. Father Joe requested a scholarship be established in his name within the STM Foundation to provide financial aid to a student who qualifies for tuition assistance. Father Joe’s legacy will live on through this scholarship. To make a donation to the Rev. O. Joseph Breaux Scholarship, please visit


INSIDE Chancellor Reverend Michael J. Russo President Richard Lavergne Principal Kelley Leger Assistant Principal Denise Nero Dean of Students Richard Lane Director of Advancement Anne Pitre Athletic Director Kim Broussard Religion Administrator Jeffery Cormier Communications Michelle Curtis Admissions Robyn Alfonso Alumni Danny Broussard Photo Credits Jay Faugot Michelle Curtis STM Students

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Seniors Build An Electric Wheelchair

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Copy Editing Belinda Edwards OUR MISSION St. Thomas More Catholic High School educates students to be seekers of truth,individuals of character and “God’s servant first.”


450 E. Farrel Road Lafayette, LA 70508 Telephone: (337) 988-3700

St. Thomas More Catholic High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin. FOREVER MORE | SUMMER 2017


“Lord, to whom shall we go?” A Conversation From the Heart of the Chancellor By Rev. Michael J. Russo


ord, to whom shall we go?” These words of St. Peter, and the context in which they were asked, are given in one of my favorite scenes in Scripture. Life was becoming increasingly complex for the Apostles. Hard decisions had to be made and St. Peter, looking around and feeling overwhelmed, turns to the Master. Young people often feel the same way in an increasingly complex world.



Overwhelmed, they too search for somewhere to go for answers. This is why Catholic Schools are so important and vital. We believe our Catholic identity and creed help in human flourishing and happiness. We believe we have something positive to offer. Here is the Faith vision we are called to nurture at STM – to provide fresh and verdant

pastures for our students. This is our primary mission — to acquire, as St. Paul exhorts us, a spiritual way of thinking. We do not just educate the mind, we aid in the salvation of a soul. We prepare young hearts for the green pastures of Heaven. Soon to begin my sixth year as Chancellor, I have placed emphasis these past years on strengthening the

school’s Catholic identity. I pray that you have seen, in the humble efforts of your Chancellor, that this mission is being realized, if only baby step by baby step. I thank you for the outpouring of support I have received from so many of you. The recent implementation of the parent meetings has been particularly well received and appreciated. Plug into the many positives at STM and consider, if you have not yet done so, to

do your part to help make our Envision More Campaign a success. We want to expand our “verdant pastures” and keep them healthy and vibrant. All the more, in the complexities of modern life, do we dare to echo those beautiful words of St. Peter: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You alone have the words of everlasting life” (John 6: 68).



Seniors Build An

Electric Wheelchair

for a Young Girl in Need By: Matthew Artall ‘19, Will Delatte ‘19, and William Hebert ‘19




hat may seem like a toy to some is really a new shot at life for a six-yearold girl named Elise. In late October, Elise’s aunt stopped by STM to visit our environmental science teacher and mentioned her desire to build a therapy chair for her niece, who suffers from a mental and muscular deficiency known as hypotonia. Although she’s an engineer, Elise’s aunt lacked the time to build the chair and needed help with electronics and coding. The STM computer science class taught by Mr. Dan Duhon discovered a unique opportunity to help this exceptional young girl. A team of three seniors decided to adapt a Fisher Price Power Wheels Wild Thing into a fullyfunctioning electric therapy wheelchair. At first it was supposed to be a quick, “only the electronics” job that evolved into much more than that over the course of five and a half months. Each team member has unique skills that helped make this project a reality. Matthew is excellent with coding and electronics and completed most of the source code including communication between the arduino

and the parents’ phone. William has a knack for soldering and did much of the wiring between the electronic parts and all of the cable management; he also designed the PCB board that lets the whole device power up and stay working. Will has some extensive and very useful experience with power tools, 3D modeling, and 3D printing that all helped him complete much of the custom fabrication for the buttons, power switches, and other modifications. The hours of coding, 3D modeling and printing - and even more hours of soldering - culminated after five and half months of loving labor in a final product beyond anything that was expected. The chair’s most recent version is fully Bluetooth controllable, includes a button that allows Elise to operate the chair for her therapy, has external switches to easily swap between the two control methods, and has a power switch. We faced many challenges to get the chair to that state - everything from simply learning to read documentation to learning how to document so that we would not repeat mistakes that others had made and to the many, many mistakes we made ourselves. Truly learning how to work as a team was another important lesson that we learned as we accomplished more and grew comfortable doing tasks that we learned as we went. Everyone experimented with the code, everyone did soldering and cable management, and everyone facilitated the 3D printing and designing of custom pieces. Each task had more involvement from one person than another, but each task was done better and quicker than any one of us could have done on our own. As we worked more and more and began to test the chair’s functions on the school grounds, we drew many curious eyes and even more questions. The question we got

asked most was why. Why spend 20 hours a weekend with this little chair? Why work an hour a day every day in class and almost every day after school for five and a half months? The answer is really quite simple. For Elise. We spent over 250 long hours on this project and faced frustrations and setbacks - and so, so many failures. Yet, there is no possible way to convey

the feeling of fulfilment and peace everyone on this team felt when Elise finally sat in her chair. With a smile on her face the entire time she was being driven around, Elise felt a sense of freedom she had never felt before, an excitement for movement when she pressed the big yellow button that barely overshadowed the exhilaration that everyone in that room felt for her. The joy of that little girl was and always has been and always will be why we chose to do what we did; her progress in her therapy and her smile in that chair are the only inspirations we ever needed.

“Why work an hour a day every day in class and almost every day after school for five and a half months? The answer is really quite simple. For Elise.”



Come True DREAMS

By John Dupuis ‘85



Mrs. Lyndley McNabb’s English IV students were challenged to build a creature out of conductive dough, utilize electrical circuits and determine why electricity is a central idea in the novel. 6



he Cougars of STM have proof that dreams really do come true. The goal of the new DREAMS (Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math, Science) space, generously funded by PTC, is for students to creatively apply what they learn in science and technology classes as well as in other areas of the curriculum. Through the Envision More Capital Campaign, an Academic Building created more space for DREAMS. This new space has positively transformed our curriculum. The DREAMS area currently includes three labs: a fabrication lab, an innovation space, and a broadcasting studio. The fabrication lab has industrial workbenches and stools. Additional benches hold power tools and 3D printers. The lab also has a computer-operated router, hand tools and fabrication supplies. The innovation space has collaborative workspace options that include café and standard height tables, modular seating and counter space with stools. The broadcasting lab is home to our weekly TV production, Cougar Cast. It has the components of a TV productions studio: anchor desk (designed and built by students), a green screen wall, modular seating for interviews and state-of-theart equipment and cameras. In the summer of 2019, we are scheduled to complete the renovation of the last DREAMS space—the design lab. It will be the home for digital graphics and animation courses.


THEOLOGY front page of the Lafayette Daily Advertiser with their TED-Ed Student talks. After reading George Orwell’s 1984, students presented themes from the novel in short TED talks. Ms. Robin Herrington’s video production class filmed the talks, which are being vetted for upload to the TED-Ed Student YouTube channel. Other classes utilize the innovation space as well. After reading Frankenstein, Mrs. Lyndley McNabb’s English IV students were challenged to build a creature out of conductive dough, utilize electrical circuits and determine why electricity is a central idea in the novel. Theology got to dream with Mrs. Jacquie Lerille’s freshman classes making beautiful crosses using supplies in the lab. These crosses were presented to nursing home residents for Easter. Madame Cosima Hasenstein’s French II students created French specialty stores—deli, butcher shop, bakery, etc. The students arranged pictures of French food items, priced in Euros, on a poster to look like a store.

The fabrication lab is home to physics, Chemistry II, and engineering classes. Everything STEM can be done here— from class projects to Science Olympiad to preparation for competition at the finalist level of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

The TV production studio, with the guidance of Ms. Robin Herrington, produces Cougar Cast, delivering school news and special interest stories to the entire student population in a polished TV format. Students work with the latest equipment and technology for video production. The Cougar Cast staff has won numerous awards in regional and national competitions.

The DREAMS space is not just limited to use by science and technology classes. Mrs. Cherie Daigle’s English IV Honors classes recently made the

DREAMS have turned to reality countless times this school year as the DREAMS labs help produce the future creative thinkers of the world.





More than

Prepared By Macy Toups ‘15


or a fresh high school graduate, the unknown college world can be extremely scary. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how hard my classes would be, how I would fit in, or if I was really ready to take this next step. However, I never understood how advanced my St. Thomas More education was until I noticed my preparedness compared to that of others around me. I was prepared in many ways: I knew how to do math, I knew how cite sources, I knew how to study, I knew how to pray. But in addition to the academics and spiritual life, I was also prepared for college technology demands. My STM class was the first to have 1:1 laptops all four years. Teachers, students, and staff worked together to use the new technology to broaden our learning. After four years, using a computer for



everything felt normal. My university used Moodle, which is the learning management system used at STM. Colleges also give each student a personalized school e-mail address— we had that at STM. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, these resources made the transition to the next step of my life so easy. Many students struggled with turning assignments in on Moodle, finding their class resources, and understanding Moodle’s many features. Beyond school email and Moodle, I had been using a computer at STM to transform my learning. Other college students were not nearly as prepared. I am now a college graduate and just finished my first semester of an MBA program. For one class project, my group decided to analyze the

Information Technology department at STM. I interviewed Robin Herrington, STM Help Desk Director, who explained that the main goal for her and for the technology department is to ensure students are well-prepared for college as well as the real world. Now that I am working at STM, I see even more advancements. Technology has opened doors to numerous electives, allowed more opportunities for students to find their niche, and created a space for teachers to further personalize their teaching styles. Learning has become more interactive and students more engaged. St. Thomas More is not only a college-prep school in terms of academics and prayer, but also in terms of the constantly evolving world of technology.



Receives Award

LETC with Fujitsu



he STM Library is the 2019 recipient of the James O. Modisette Award. This award is presented annually to an elementary school library, to a middle/junior high school library, and to a high school library to recognize excellence in Louisiana school library programs. Nominees are judged on the quality of their programs and the degree to which the programs meet the needs of the school. The application for the award includes information about the library's collection of print and online resources for student use, the literacy skills the librarians address, and how the librarians collaborate with teachers to improve student research skills. The award was presented at the Louisiana Library Association annual conference to our wonderful librarians: Cinde Sulik, Debbie Kremheller, Belinda Edwards and Jill Johnstone.


t. Thomas More Catholic High School hosted the Louisiana Education Technology Consortium (LETC) sponsored by Fujitsu America. Administrators, educators, librarians and IT directors from across Louisiana attended sessions focusing on effective technology integration in the K-12 classroom. The conference ended with a Technology Showcase, a fun interactive evening of STEM-based activities for students in grades K-12. Exhibitors included St. Joseph's Academy, Sacred Heart in Ville Platte, Our Lady of Fatima, Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, Ovey Comeaux High School, Barnes and Noble, Fujitsu and STM alumni employed with CGI.

--Cinde Sulik

Debbie Kremheller

Belinda Edwards

Jill Johnstone



Class o 2019 Graduation


St. Thomas More Award Ann Clare Fremin

Chancellor’s Award William Francis Hebert

Cougars of the Year Award Meredyth Paige Howard Connor Magee Duffy

St. Thomas More Foundation Award Annabelle Rose Camille Pavy Haden Francis Coleman

Alumni Association Award Emma Cantrelle Luke Henry Hamilton Koke

Margo Comeaux Memorial Award Emily Ann Bourque

Rusty Randol Memorial Award Matthew Paul Artall

Carolyn Michot Memorial Award Olivia Grace Hebert

Jay Faugot Studio Fine Arts Award Anna Elise Lantier

Principal’s Awards Anais Angelle Begnaud, William Russell Cryer, William Edward Delatte, Mason Dane Duhon, Caroline Marie Kennedy, Emily Ann Landry, Michael Bernard Patin, Jr., Khoa Anh Pham, Kade Ryan Simar, Madison Claire Thibodeaux, Clare Elizabeth Werther




Ann Clare Fremin

CelebratingSArts September 28, 2019 STM Café Food | Music | Art Proceeds benefit the



nn Clare Fremin was selected as the 2019 STM Student of the Year. This exceptional young lady leads with a humble and kind spirit. She truly embodies our mission of educating students to be seekers of truth, individuals of character, and "God's servant first." In her time at STM, she has been highly involved in campus ministry, student council, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Cougars for Life, Beta and the musical. She has received numerous awards including Top Cat, Breakfast of Champions, and Rotary Club. She was on the 2019 Homecoming Court and selected by her peers as the Cougar Court queen. In the fall, Ann Clare is attending LSU with plans to major in English.



Memorial A Scholarship

AWARDS The following students were presented memorial and scholarship awards for the 2018 - 2019 year:

Spring Awards Miles Arceneaux Memorial Award Katherine Grace Hughes ‘20 Zach Burch Memorial Award Matthew Todd Weber ‘19 B.H. Dehart, Jr. Memorial Lucas Gardner Mouton ‘21

Baccalaureate Mass Awards

Future Catholic Educators Award Amelia Claire Hebert ‘20

Eraste Autin '01 Memorial Scholarship William Russel Cryer

Josh Johns Memorial Scholarship Julia Ann Spielmann ‘19

Jacob Crouch '99 Memorial Scholarship Peyton Joseph Wilson Mark W. Graham '02 Memorial Scholarship Landon Wyatt Sellers Sgt. Patrick Oliver Williamson '04 Memorial Scholarship Connor Magee Duffy

B.J. Jourdan Award Alexis Marie Zerangue ‘21 Amanda Claire Judice Memorial Anne Claire Frederick ‘20 Knight Family Scholarship Award Cyndol Germandy Ceasar ‘20 Louis A. Labbe Memorial Award Grant Joseph Dupuis ‘19

Incoming Freshmen Awards Harry and Jessie Greig Memorial Music Award Remy Angelle ‘23 Noémie Echeverria ‘23 Yvonne B. Jumonville Scholarship Award Camille Hebert ‘23

William J. Moss Courage Award Meredyth Paige Howard ‘19 Austin Paul Rivault Memorial Christopher Kolbe Benton ‘22 Leah Richardson Saloom Award Dalen Matthew Cambre ‘19 Emily Ann Landry ‘19 Scott Savoy Memorial Award Veronica Maria Colmenarez ‘20 Ryan Tate Memorial Scholarship Mia Grace Parker ‘19 Dumesnil Scholarship Award Jacob Paul George ‘21



Congrats! FOREVER MORE | SUMMER 2018


1 Corinthians 12:7-11 14



But the manifestation of

the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. 8

For to one is given by

the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; 9 To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; 10

To another the working

of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: 11

But all these worketh

that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every 15 man severally as he will.



MARCH By: Shannon Phillips

Each year around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22, hundreds of thousands descend on our nation’s capital to participate in the national March for Life. Christians and non-



Christians, men and women, young and old, black and white—all march with a common purpose, to be a voice for the unborn who are voiceless. St. Thomas More has a long tradition

of joining in the march. Students, faculty, parents, priests, deacons, and administrators journey to Washington DC to blend their voices with the thousands of other marchers. Some students march for the first time while others march all four years of high school. Their reasons for marching are as unique as the person, which is fitting since this year’s theme was “Unique from Day One.”

A question was asked of the students who made the pilgrimage this year: why do you march? One by one students (voluntarily) stood to answer for themselves this question. Here are some of their responses:

• I march for my sister, who was diagnosed in the womb to have a spinal defect. • I am adopted, and I march to thank my birth mom for life and the opportunities I have been afforded. • I march for those unable to have children. • I march because abortion is murder and it needs to be stopped. • I march because I witnessed the pain miscarriage had on my mom and I never want anyone to experience that. • I march because I have two very young siblings, and I cannot imagine my life without them. • I march because my mom was told to abort me, and she did not. • I march because women deserve better than abortion. • I march because women have been lied to about the effects of abortion. • I march for those who have chosen abortion and those who felt they had no other option.

The list could go on,but the one common thread is that they used their voices to speak up for a great injustice. Students used their voices in a completely selfless way—for the rights of those whom they may never meet. They march for those who cannot march for themselves. This STM delegation becomes the soldier at the tomb of the unknown soldier in Arlington Cemetery who keeps watch over the tomb of someone he does not know. That soldier marches regardless of weather or government shutdown or the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Over the years, our students, along with hundreds of thousands of others, have marched in a blizzard and government shutdown all for the millions of aborted children and mothers whose names they do not know. They march because it matters. They march because human life is

valuable—ALL human life is valuable. They march because they will not allow their voices to be silenced. This is a generation that is not waiting to speak up. Today, they stand. Today, they speak. Our Lord reminds the prophet Jeremiah, “Do not say ‘I am too young.’ To whomever I send you, you shall go; whatever I command you shall speak.” (Jeremiah 1:7) These students have answered the call. They have listened to the command of God to “choose life” (Deuteronomy 30:19). They offer a reminder to each of us. Our faith must be lived. Our voices must be heard. Our lives must bear witness to the love and mercy of the God of life. Today, choose life—in thought, word, and deed. Our students have, and their lives have been transformed.



Discernment ON CAMPUS By Sophie Varisco ‘19




“We’ve had a couple of breakfasts so that people who are thinking about a religious vocation can hear a little something about vocations,” noted Father Broussard.

Hebert commented, “Having people from religious orders come visit on campus has absolutely been an influence. I don’t think I’ve ever been intimidated by religious sisters, but it’s different seeing them in a church, in their convents or in their homes rather than seeing them out interacting with people on a day-to-day basis. I think I’ve seen that before but not on the scale I did this year, and it was a reminder that they are still people.”

Freshman Alexa Kiefner added,“The breakfasts have influenced my discernment of a vocation. They have opened up a community of people who are also discerning, and getting to talk with Fr. Patrick Broussard is pretty awesome.”

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “An inherent part of life is the responsibility to make difficult, challenging, and sometimes even painful decisions. Important decisions often require prayer time and discernment.”

uring the year, STM and Father Patrick Broussard, diocesan vocations director, sponsored discernment breakfasts for students interested in the priesthood or religious life.

“An inherent part of life is the responsibility to make difficult, challenging, and sometimes even painful decisions. Important decisions often require prayer time and discernment.” Senior Olivia Hebert shared, “I knew [the breakfasts] happened but didn’t know when they were. I went to one this year and thought it was helpful because I got to see who else was discerning or thinking about discerning. Also, Fr. Broussard just made it normal and comfortable.” The school has also provided opportunities for the students to meet members of different religious communities who have been invited on campus. These include: the Servants of the Lord of Matara (Servidoras), the Brothers of the Incarnate Word (IVE) and the Carmelites of the Divine Heart of Jesus (Carmelites). The school also encourages the presence of diocesan priests on campus.

Fr. Broussard said, “I think everybody should discern. Marriage is a natural vocation, so I think everyone is called to it because it’s natural, but then you have to discern to see if God’s calling you to forsake that good natural thing for some better supernatural thing—a higher calling.” “After seeing STM alums Sr. Marie Jardin Clos Toups, Sr. Mary of Calvary, and Sr. Mary, Mother of God, I definitely think STM has a way of spreading love and joy and just being open to whatever vocation God’s calling us to. Their four years here have born a lot of fruit; just look at where they are now with the Servidoras,” Kiefner remarked.

Alumni Seminarians


Religious Sisters ALUMNI SEMINARIANS Sal Istre Br. John Joseph [Peyton Bourque] David Furka Andrew Killeen Jonathan Harris Andrew Furka Seth Ransonet

Class of 2011 Class of 2011 Class of 2012 Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2016 Class of 2018


Class of 2013

[Sarah Padgett] Discalced Carmelites of Covington

Sr. Ali Rabalais

Class of 2013

Sisters of Life Hebert also advised, “Get comfortable with asking questions; don’t be afraid to do that— and also get to know priests. I found that very helpful because I don’t see religious sisters on a day-to-day basis, but priests I see much more frequently. Interacting with them on a friend basis I has made discerning religious life more personal and more reachable.”

Sr. Mary Mother of God

Class of 2014

[Alaina Kiefner] Servants of the Lord of Matara [Servidoras]

Sr. Mary of Calvary

Class of 2016

[Magdolyn LeBlanc] Servants of the Lord of Matara [Servidoras]

Sr. Marie Jardin Clos

Class of 2017

[Caroline Toups] Servants of the Lord of Matara [Servidoras] FOREVER MORE | SUMMER 2018


Step Out Boat! OF THE



tep out of the boat,” this year’s Campus Ministry theme, has led the STM family to think of their faith lives in terms of the imagery of stepping out of a boat, implying that we should take the initiative in our relationship with Christ. However, I can affirm that this phrase truly goes beyond the boundaries of the campus ministry program and encompasses the very essence of the well-rounded STM education. The success and charm of STM stems from one mindset: the faculty, staff, coaches, and mentors all expect greatness. In every sport, club, or extra-curricular activity, students are called to step out of the boat, to take any challenge head on. Through the rigorous academics, the intensity of the extra-curriculars, and dedication of the teachers, we have been raised to set and achieve goals. Over the last four years, we have become reliable, competent



individuals due to the environment here. STM not only provided us all the tools to be successful, but it also provided us a home with the support of people around us. With my time at STM quickly coming to an end, I can’t help but have a different perspective on this familiar phrase—stepping out of the boat. Seniors are about to take a huge step out of the boat and are wondering what the tumultuous waters have in store. The boat is comfortable and familiar. It has provided glorious memories and relationships that are difficult to say goodbye to. As this step inches closer, it is important to reflect on our time here in the boat. Through every retreat, campus ministry event and theology class we were taught that our faith is what ties our lives together and that the call to be God’s servant first is a mission we are to

live out daily. Our class came together through Hopefest and continued to bond as we led the underclassmen in retreats this year. We contributed to something bigger than ourselves for the glory of God’s kingdom. This 2019 class’ leadership did not stop in campus ministry; we were there to cheer for and participate in many championships in various sports. Through every club and activity, we formed relationships with each other that will connect us for a lifetime. As we take this final step, we bring with us all the lessons and relationships that St. Thomas More has provided. May we always remember what these last four years have taught us: to strive for greatness. We are well equipped for whatever lies outside the boat; we just have to take the final step to see what our adventure holds.




houses with Habitat for Humanity

students attended Pro Life March

boxes of toys were donated to Toys for Tots



cans were collected through CANstruction

hours served on Puerto Rico mission trip

1,728 hours dedicated to technology in Haiti

21,600 services hours performed this year

1 Peter 4:10 “Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. Be good servants of God’s various gifts of grace.”



Options Students Embraced by Athletics By: Kim Broussard, Athletic Director


eople come into your life and sometimes stay for just a short time. Then there are others who make a huge impact that lasts a lifetime. In 2007, STM began the Options Program to provide a modified academic inclusion program designed to meet the needs of developmentally disabled students. The students in the program are integrated into the regular curriculum and school community as much as possible depending upon their cognitive abilities. In 2008, the Athletic Department had a vision of embracing these students within the athletic community by allowing them to be part of a team in some capacity. In 2009, with the assistance of Options teachers Julie Spedale and Danielle Price, the vision came to life by allowing Elliot Venable (a freshman at the time), along with



his dad Mike, to assist the athletic trainers with hydration during the football season. As the years went by, Elliott progressively became more involved. He was allowed to attend summer workouts, and during his junior and senior years he dressed out with the team. He practiced every day and dressed out for all the games. He experienced everything the other players did - walking from the locker room to the field, running down the ramp through the smoke - he was even seen a few times on the sideline during the game giving encouragement and “advice” to players.

“A very big impact it changed his life in such a positive way. He was no longer confined to labeled activities and was able to be with his “boys.” When Elliot’s mom was asked about the impact this level of participation had on her son, she answered, “A very big impact - it changed his life in such a positive way. He was no longer

confined to labeled activities and was able to be with his “boys.” Dressing out was a big deal for Elliot, but probably the most profound experience was to have the “Elliot Special’ play every Thursday as the team’s final workout before the Friday game. It was HIS play and HIS time to shine! Senior Night for the football team was a very special moment for the Venable family to know that Elliot was truly one of the guys. Marlene said, “It was always a very special moment when Elliot led the prayer in the huddle,

and this was all possible because the coaching staff embraced him. Our hearts belong to STM.” Elliot is a 2013 graduate and is just one example of the exceptional students God has given to STM; many other Options students have followed in these same footsteps and have become members of many athletic teams on campus. These athletes have given STM so much more than STM has given them. Their stay at STM is a few short years, but their impact will be for a lifetime.

“It was always a very special moment when Elliot led the prayer in the huddle, and this was all possible because the coaching staff embraced him. Our hearts belong to STM.”



STM Seniors Receive

Academic All State



he Louisiana High School Athletic Association recognizes student athletes who have maintained a 4.0 overall GPA from the previous 6 semesters with AllAcademic Composite recognition. Our top scholar athletes are Kate David (soccer), Grant Dupuis (basketball), Henry Koke (football), John Lanie (soccer), Kade Simar (bowling and football), Chase Taylor (bowling and football), Kyle Taylor (bowling), Claire Werther (soccer), Peyton Wilson (football) and Jerry Wimberly (bowling and football). The following seniors received LHSAA All-Academic Class recognition for maintaining a 3.5 or higher overall GPA from the previous 6 semesters: William Alexander (cross country and track), Chris Aucoin (soccer), Aiden Babineaux (football), Adam Barousse (bowling), Lindsey Barrilleaux (track), William Blanchet (football), Emily Bourque (basketball and volleyball), Emily Champion (soccer), Jackson Courville (swimming), Ethan Dartez (tennis), Paityn Desormeaux (softball), Connor Duffy (baseball), Camille Hensarling (track), Devyn Hogan (track), Meredyth Howard (volleyball), Dawson Judice (cross country, track and soccer), William Kallam (cross country and soccer), Kenneth Kaufman (soccer), Kennedy Kieta (cross country and track), John King (bowling), Emily Landry (softball), Maria Lugo (cross country), Madison Marullo (swimming), Garrett Montgomery (bowling), Maddie Moreau (soccer and track), Nick Musso (bowling), Mia Parker (cross country and track), Michael Patin, (football and baseball), Landon Sellers (soccer), Hayden Sorrells (soccer), Julia Spielmann (soccer) and Matt Weber (golf).



2018 - 2019 STM State

Champions Dalen Cambre LHSAA Boys Track and Field Class 4A Javelin Individual State Champion

LHSAA Boys Basketball Division II State Champions LHSAA Girls Soccer Division II State Champions

Matt Weber LHSAA Boys Golf Individual Division II Individual State Champion

LHSAA Golf Division II State Champions

Mia Parker

Grant Landreth

LHSAA Girls Track and Field Class 4A 3200m Run Individual State Champion

LHSAA Boys Tennis Singles Division II Individual State Champion

LHSAA Boys Tennis Division II State Champions








PREVIOUS Record Held by



330 Career Points

Logan Stinson


Saban Sellers



Tied record for most charges in a game (6)

Logan Rader

6 charges

Stephen Strojny



57.75 sec in 400m

Maddie Moreau


Maddie Moreau



11.85 in 100m

Camille Hensarling


Amy Dore



Boys 4 X 800 m relay – 8:40.49

Seth Sonnier Dawson Judice Brody Hollier Iggie Castille





Girls - 4 X 800m relay – 10:08.22

Meredith Hebert Sere Mocek Cyndol Caesar Mia Parker




Track & Field

Long Jump – 24’8.5”

C.J. Hill

23’1 ¾”

Fred Flugence



Offensive Points Scored in a Season (592 Pts)

Team Record

469 Pts

Team Record



Offensive Total Yards in a Single Season (4,855 yds)

Team Record

4485 Yds

Team Record



Most Passing Yards in a Single Season (2921 Yds)

Caleb Holstein

2792 Yds

Brandon Bergeron



Individual Points Scored in a Single Season (128 Pts)

William Cryer

116 Pts

Matthew Flores



Kick Off Return Yards in a Single Season (369 Yds)

William Cryer

332 Pts

Cooper Gerami





Alumni Softball




Rodeo Oct 19 July

19 & 20 FOREVER MORE | SUMMER 2018



Alumna ~

By: Lori Debaillon Crain ‘96




I “In 2005, I truly witnessed what it meant to be ‘God’s servant first’ at STM when we took in so many students from the New Orleans area after Katrina.”

n May of 1996, I became an alumna of St. Thomas More Catholic High School. Twentythree years later, I am about to watch my son do the same in the class of 2019. Back in 1996, I thought I would leave 450 E. Farrel Road and did not really envision returning back as much as I have. However, over the past 23 years, many things brought me back to this school. I would return to judge speech tournaments, and I would watch my younger siblings each take their turn graduating. In 2003, after completing graduate school, I returned to STM as a teacher. I spent three years in the classroom and gained a different perspective of the school. In 2005, I truly witnessed what it meant to be ‘God’s servant first’ at STM when we took in so many students from the New Orleans area after Katrina. That moment, and countless others, reminded me of

how much STM continues to give and to have a lasting impact. Thirteen years ago, I moved to my current role as an Assistant Dean at UL Lafayette. Yet, I still kept coming back to STM. My son would attend Slam and Jam Basketball camps for years, and now my daughter attends Sparkler and Cheerleading camps over the summer. I also became involved with the STM Alumni Association as a Class Captain and currently serve as an Alumni Board member. It has been great to reconnect with alumni and meet others through our different events. My favorite event is St. Thomas More Career Day. I love that current students have the opportunity to hear from alumni in nearly every career field. It is such a fun day for both students and alumni. One of the best parts of being an alumna has been watching my son there for the past four years. We have been part of the Cougar Football family, and it has been a great learning experience for him. Seeing your child grow up and find his passions in the same place you found yours is extremely rewarding. I am constantly impressed with all that St. Thomas More has done for my family and for others. From events like Hopefest, to the inclusiveness of the Options program, and all the other opportunities STM continues to offer its students and the community, I am very proud to call myself an alumna of St. Thomas More!






n February, our alumni class captains kicked off the Cougar Class Challenge getting our alumni involved in giving to Envision More. Winners of the challenge were announced at the Alumni Crawfish Boil on March 23. The Class of 1992 raised the most money for the campaign, and the Class of 1984 had the most participation.

A special thanks goes out to alumnae, Cathi Pavy for sharing her creative talents with us to produce a fun and catchy campaign. We were lucky to have Stephanie Stevenson and Terrie St. Martin give a lesson on how giving to the campaign is as simple as a math equation - 7,500 alumni x $10 x 60 months = $4,500,000.


1992 1984

Most Money raised $121,998

Class Participation 25%

$710,295.31 Tota l r a i s e d b y 371 a lu m n i 30


If you are interested in making a gift to the campaign, please visit For more information, please contact anne. (For a listing of alumni donors, please see page 38) Thank you to our Class Captains! Stacy Fisher Brown '83 Angie Bradley Moreau '83 Andre Moreau '84 Charlotte Laperouse Segura '84 Betsy Busch Koke '85 Mike Moncla '85 Laurence Boullion Vincent '85 Larry Hutter '86 Dee Garrett '87 Catherine Abshire Rountree '87 Todd Trahan '87 Mary Guilbeau Quoyeser '88 Lane Breaux '89 Hunter Trahan '89 Torie Moody Valicevic '89 Skeet Anseman '90 Greg Geoffroy '90 Bryan Lege '90 Julie Andrus Underwood '90 Chris Domingue '91 Paige Smith Soileau '91 Brett Broussard '92 Troy Cloutier '92 Scott Domingue '92 Brandon Hyde '92 Jenny Broussard Folse '93 Kim Rodgers Hebert '93 Ben Berthelot '94

Ken David '94 Aimee Degravelle Trahan '94 Meredith Preis Lalonde '95 Elisabeth Kraft Cortez '96 Jim Keaty '96 Lance Strother '96 Danny Jones '97 Jared Sere '97 Josh Adams '99 Laura Nicolosi White '00 Henri Hebert '01 Camille Autin '02 Beau Nicolosi, Jr. '02 Brittany Poole Eskridge '03 Brennan Castille '04 Jenci Hollier Lavergne '05 Andre Hebert '06 Mallory Comeaux Hutchinson '06 Britt Schoeffler '06 Jesse White '07 Byrnes Tatford '08 Ellen Manuel Bienvenu '09 Emile Joseph '09 Jeanne Foreman '10 Tucker Nims '10 Hannah Hampton '11 Annie Briley '12 Maxie Benoit '13 Taylor Reed ‘14 Macy Toups '15 Nigel Perks '17 Peyton Landry '18

Cougars births

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Vivian Rose Faber born on February 5, 2018 to Chris and Emma Dietlein '09 Faber Elliot Demary Sellers born on May 4, 2018 to Jacob '08 and Hillary Vincent '10 Sellers Finley Joan Niland born on May 7, 2018 to Mike '09 and Chelsea Niland Thomas Allen Domingue born on May 15, 2018 to Beau '11 and Mallory Dugas '11 Domingue Lily Anai Lavergne born on May 23, 2018 to Cory and Jenci Hollier '05 Lavergne Bryce Madison Townley born on May 29, 2018 to Adam and Katelyn Bradley '06 Townley Alexander Bartlett Robinson Jr. born on June 18, 2018 to Bart '03 and Mary Escott '08 Robinson Jane Ellis Hensgens born on July 3, 2018 to Michael and Olivia Joseph '08 Hensgens Theodore Samuel McCabe born on July 7, 2018 to Sam and Cherie LeJeune '10 McCabe Ryan Matthew Pitre born on July 19, 2018 to Josh ’07 and Rachel Saboe Pitre Elyse Cait DeVillier born on July 24, 2018 to Anthony and Caitlin Cassidy '09 DeVillier Grace Elizabeth Breaux born on August 14, 2018 to Stephen and Meredith Stokes '10 Breaux Caroline Elizabeth Myers born on August 25, 2018 to Cody and Meghan Cassidy '06 Myers Thomas James Hightower born on September 3, 2018 to Trey '01 and Paige Hensgens '05 Hightower James Thomas Baudoin born on September 21, 2018 to Ben '05 and Catherine '06 Baudoin Everette Matthew Samson born on October 3, 2018 to Joseph and Michelle Morvant '06 Samson Reese Caroline McElligott born on October 23, 2018 to Bill '06 and Mary Beth '06 McElligott Wyatt John Schmid born on October 25, 2018 to Matthew and Taryn Breaux '04 Schmid William Regan Tatford born on December 21, 2018 to Regan '01 and Kristie Tatford Abigail Faye Wise born on December 28, 2018 to Justin and Katherine Blankenship '05 Wise Connor James McElligott born on January 3, 2019 to Patrick '02 and Lauren Mestayer '02 McElligott Brexton Major Hamilton born on January 24, 2019 to Bret and Jennifer David '98 Hamilton Sutton Margaret James born on January 29, 2019 to Adam '03 and Lindsey '03 James Mary Stuart Elizabeth Clark born on February 5, 2019 to Stuart "Beau" '01 and Camille DeRouen '01 Clark Adelaide Elizabeth Darnall born on February 20, 2019 to Michael '11 and Ashleigh Schneider '11 Darnall Olivia Jane Menard born on March 7, 2019 to Daniel J. '08 and Jessica Menard Charlotte Elise Kaufman born on March 12, 2019 to William '98 and Michele Domengeaux '05 Kaufman Rosemary Miranda Heath born on March 13, 2019 to William and Mackensie Duhon '07 Heath Theodore Victor Kirkley born on April 2, 2019 to David and Jennifer Block '98 Kirkley Christopher Michael Roy born on April 5, 2019 to Michael '11 and Kelsey Raeuchle '10 Roy Mills Landry Stinson born on May 14, 2019 to Jason and Paige Broussard ’07 Stinson

Cougars weddings

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Murphi Laurenzano '05 to Jerry Helmstetter, January 27, 2018 Julia Friedman to Tyler Guidroz '08, April 14, 2018 Natalie Kidder '05 to Thomas Guillory, April 27, 2018 Sarah Ledet to Brandon LeJeune '12, June 1, 2018 Brianne Thibodeaux '10 to Jesse White '07, June 8, 2018 Lauren Johnston '11 to Kevin Johnston, June 9, 2018 Katherine Boomer to Stephen Breaud '09, June 18, 2018 Camille Carloss '13 to Dylan Simon '13, July 27, 2018 Ashley Laperouse '03 to William Hill, Jr., September 8, 2018 Caroline Moody '00 to Danny Jones '97, September 8, 2018 Michelle Gauthier to Andrew Stevenson '12, December 14, 2018 Camille Comeaux to Damon Gilmore '05, December 22, 2018 Emily Sagrera to Zachary Pitre ’12, December 28, 2018 Heidi Pittman '12 to Adam Grashoff, January 5, 2019 Taylor Marie Christensen to Robert A. Mahtook III ’10, January 19, 2019 Holly Michelle Fruge '07 to Christopher Biessenberger '05, March 30, 2019 Catherine Ledet '11 to Adam Mier, May 25, 2019 Jasmine Abdalla '12 to Andrew Mahtook '12, June 1, 2019

If you have been married for less than one year or want to announce your new cougar in the next issue of Forever More, please visit





STM offers more than 50 extra-curricular opportunities to enhance our outstanding academics and invites you to be a vital part of the Cougar family, a part of the STM tradition, a legacy. You are challenged to get involved and Be More! 32



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Feeder School Visits

2019 – 2020 ADMISSIONS TIMELINE Thurs October 17, 2019 Open House


Jan 10 – 16, 2020 Admissions & Counselors visit feeder schools for curriculum and scheduling


Wed Jan 17-24, 2020

Jan 21-23, 2020

2020 - 2021 Applications for priority status available online

Accepting Required Documents


TM welcomed the 7th grade students from Cathedral Carmel School, Our Lady of Fatima, St. Cecilia School and St. Pius Elementary for Mass and a fun and engaging morning in our Innovation & Chemistry Labs and TV Production classroom. The visit also included talks about all the opportunities in athletics, clubs and Campus Ministry.

Jan 24, 2020 Priority status deadline

Fri Feb 14, 2020 Letters of Acceptance mailed

March 9 - 11, 2020

Thursday, January 23 | 6 p.m. | STM Mall Tuesday, February 4 | 6 p.m. | STM Mall Tuesday, February 18 | 6 p.m. | STM Mall

New parent registration

Mandatory Parent Education





s part of Catholic Schools week, STM recognized Mrs. Lola Champagne as the 2019 Outstanding Educator of the Year and Mrs. Carolyn Artall as the Outstanding Supporter of the Year. St. Thomas More is proud to honor these outstanding individuals who are integral parts of the STM family.

Mrs. Lola Champagne Outstanding Educator of the Year Mr. Richard Lavergne STM President

Mrs. Carolyn Artall, Outstanding Supporter of the Year

Anne Pitre, Advancement Director


s the Director of Advancement, I find great joy in working with our many supporters and in seeing their passion for St. Thomas More. Most are current parents and past parents, some are grandparents and alumni, but all carry a beautiful passion for our wonderful STM community. Giving—whether time, talent or treasures—isn’t always easy or convenient. Giving requires commitment, devotion, and most of all sacrifice. I thank you, our supporters, for your gifts and for your sacrifice. The impact you have made remains with us forever. Over the years, our supporters have made an impact in educating over 7,500 children and have created jobs for faculty and staff. Your gifts create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and

academic and athletic excellence. The impact goes far beyond these walls. Our students participate in pilgrimages and mission trips; they feed the hungry, visit the sick, rebuild homes, and, through Hopefest, give to non-profits in our community. One day, like you, many of these students will be the leaders and generous supporters of Catholic education and our Lafayette community. So, to all of you, thank you for the endless volunteer hours you provide to our academic, athletic, extracurricular and campus ministry programs. Thank you for the gifts you have given and the difference you have made in the lives of our students. Thank you for helping to provide a Catholic environment that challenges our students to prosper and encourages all of us to be “God’s Servant First.”

Aug 2018 Relocation of the softball and tennis complex





n August 2018, we launched the 3rd capital campaign in the 37year history of St. Thomas More Catholic High School. This campaign establishes a clear vision for our future and will increase the quality of each student’s experience at St. Thomas More. The plan affects each student today and in the future. The first phase of the campaign included the relocation of the softball and tennis complex and an academic building with two options classrooms. Still to come this fall are the Cougar Stadium ticket booth and the softball and tennis concession area and restrooms.

We are thrilled to announce our next step has been approved by our Advisory Council and will include the selection of the architect for the Chapel. The Chapel addition to the front of the existing school clearly defines St. Thomas More as a Catholic high school. Benefits of the Chapel include: • Stand-alone space for morning, mid-day and afternoon prayer • Confessional • Celebration of the liturgy by grade level • Adoration

Additional areas of the campaign include the Athletic and Fitness Center and the Creative Arts and Community Center. Please mark your calendar for two events that will benefit these two areas. • August 24, 2019 | Le Pavillon Cougar Athletic Fundraiser For more information, contact: Brent Romero at (337) 962-7990 • September 28, 2019 | STM Café Celebrating the Arts For more information, contact: Andrea Guarino (337) 288-6279 For more information, please visit or contact


Aug 24, 2019 Academic building with two options classrooms

Sept 28, 2019 Fall 2019

Cougar Athletic Fundraiser

Celebrating the Arts

Le Pavillon

STM Café


Cougar Stadium ticket booth and the softball and tennis concession area and restrooms.


Envision More


Richard & Elaine Zuschlag


Louis & Chandelle Richard Rodney & Cindi Savoy St. Thomas More Foundation


Blane & Kathi Comeaux Scott ‘92 & Crystal ‘91 Domingue Howard & Anne Dupuis Rob & Toni Eddy Greg ‘90 & Elaine Geoffroy Joe & Debbie Giglio Mac & Andrea Guarino Chad ‘89 & Carrie Hollier


Steve & Debbie Ashy Kevin & Annie ‘89 Barnes Philip & Robyn Boudreaux Michael & Claire ‘86 Haydel Craig & Jamie Henry Tommy ‘87 & Karen Juneau The Eddy Knight Family Foundation David & Katherine Laborde Joseph & Rachel Labruzzo Todd & Louise ‘88 Lambert Todd & Amy Landry Ross ‘99 & Beth ‘99 LeBlanc Robert & Judy Mahtook Jared ‘87 & Mary ‘88 Quoyeser Andrew ‘00 & Elizabeth Robertson Bryan & Shelley Sibley Kerney & Claudette Simoneaux Richard & Linda Sturlese Sam & Ellen Wright Blaise ‘02 & Monica Zuschlag Blair ‘99 & Sara Zuschlag


Brett ‘92 & Bethany Broussard Sterling & Carla Broussard Iggie & Tia Castille Troy ‘92 & Jeanne Cloutier Kevin ‘94 & Jennifer Couvillion Russell & Charlotte ‘89 Cryer John & Jill Deats Colby & Katherine Domingue Danny & Becky Domingue Charles & Carla Dronet Justin & Alyssa Fontenot Joel & Cheryl Fruge Jake & Janee’ Garber Neal & Ashley ‘91 Guidry James ‘92 & Brandi Holmes Jim ‘90 & Ashley ‘90 Hutchinson Scott ‘93 & Angela ‘95 Hutchinson Brandon ‘92 & Sarah Hyde


David & Aimee John Danny ‘97 & Caroline ‘00 Jones Jeffrey & April Kreger Red & Emma Lerille Melissa Menard Andre ‘84 & Angela ‘83 Moreau J.B. Mouton, LLC Lane & Lori Parker Cranston & Matilde Smith Jeffrey J. Thibodeaux, M.D. Coni Trahan Hunter ‘89 & Renae Trahan


Chris & Marisa Alack Greg & Erin Ardoin Mark & Carolyn Artall Rev. Joseph Breaux Buzzy & Johannah ‘84 Brown Henry & Annette Busch Frank & Andree Caillet Richard & Tanya Campbell Richard & Teeta Chappuis Rene ‘86 & Kristine Chaze Rusty & Brenda Cloutier David & Elisabeth ‘96 Cortez Taylor ‘84 & Yvette ‘88 Davis Paul & Rochelle Duplechin Fisher’s Early Childhood Philip & Tina Fremin James ‘90 & Joel Godchaux Karen Goodrich Raymond & Stephanie Goodrich Jerry & Nancy Greig Cyril & Lydia Guidry Steve ‘92 & Jennifer Habetz Barry & Kathleen Heinen Jamie Howard ‘92 Jim ‘96 & Danielle Keaty David ‘83 & Betsy ‘85 Koke Joey & Lisa LeBeau Rick & Jo Ellen Leoni Brent & Tonya Mouton Phillip & Michele Noel Christopher & Kennis Pippin Gordon & Catherine ‘87 Rountree Brian & Nannette ‘86 St. Cyr David & Veronica Stinson STM 2019 Senior Football Lance ‘96 & Kathryn ‘96 Strother Chris & Torie ‘89 Valicevic


Herbert & Dawn Alexander Walter & Kimberly Allred Michael & Jodie Andrus Jerry ‘02 & Marielle ‘02 Babb Bryan & Abbe Benoit Shawn & Livia Benoit Martial F. Billeaud, Sr. Foundation Randy & Carol Bonnecaze Troy & Emilie Boudreaux Richard & Leslie ‘84 Brauns


Mike & Maria Breaux Bradley & Kathleen Broussard Danny & Dena Broussard Jerome Broussard Jonathan ‘05 & Megan ‘05 Broussard Connie Byrne Robert ‘87 & Jane Cabes, Jr. Brennan ‘04 & Melissa ‘03 Castille Wes & Denise Castille Todd ‘84 & Jill ‘84 Citron Christine Abshire Cook ‘87 Matthew Cormier ‘02 Kevin ‘94 & Jennifer Couvillion John & Lori ‘96 Crain Tracy & Michelle Curtis Cordell & Linda Dartez Stewart & Renee Delcambre Marie Doiron Duane ‘86 & Amy ‘86 Donner Gil Dozier Tom & Celia Foard Jacques ‘97 & Danielle Fontenot Kynan & Kimberly ‘87 Fontenot Dodd ‘84 & Amy ‘85 Foreman Robert & Joan Frederick Scott ‘86 & Kelley Gauthreaux Mitch & Kay Gautreaux Chuck & Margaret Gower, Jr. Ruth Griesser David & Susan Guidry Robert ‘98 & Holly Guidry Paul Guilbeau ‘84 Stuart & Aimee ‘83 Hamilton Kevin & Dianne ‘88 Hebert Warren & Ramona Hebert Hutco, Inc. Scott & Jill ‘94 Johnstone Michael & Maureen Judice Sam Kasparek ‘91 Tim ‘97 & Angie Keefe Harold & Mary Kennedy Ralph & Cherie Kraft Jonah & Meredith ‘95 Lalonde Expadie & Linda Laperouse Debbie Latiolais Vince & Melanie ‘96 Lauer Richard & Yvette Lavergne Bryan ‘90 & Cally Lege Michael & Kelley Leger Dr. Leland & Dr. Christy Lenahan Mark & Jacquie ‘83 Lerille Mark & Cynthia Lipari Andrew & Sarah Lopez Jerome & Angelle MacDougall Pablo Mejia III ‘92 Andrew ‘04 & Christy ‘04 Mims Mike ‘85 & Cathy ‘91 Moncla Bruce & Stacy Montesano Daniel F. ‘84 & Joan ‘84 Moody Tiffani Morales Ben ‘83 & Melissa Mouton Denise Breaux Nero Beau ‘02 & Abby ‘02 Nicolosi, Jr. Nicholas ‘94 & Elizabeth ‘94 Oge’ Kirk & Brenda Piccione Mark & Anne Pitre Horace J. Pontiff Mike & Teri Poole James Rees ‘84 Brad ‘95 & Tiffany Rodrigue Shane & Jessica Roger Eugene & Phallie Sellers Jay & Kimberly Seymour Kirk & Lisa Smith Thomas & Julie Spedale STM Senior Football 2018 Darren ‘92 & Nicole ‘92 Strother Mark & Leslie ‘84 Tammariello Victor & Sonya Tedesco B.C. & Catherine ‘04 Thibeaux Blaine ‘84 & Gretchen Thomas Corwin & Catherine Thomas Todd ‘87 & Mignon Trahan Peter & Jeanne ‘85 Vizzi Brian ‘92 & Melanie Voisin Brian & Donielle Watkins Paul & Michelle Zehnder


A & L Valve & Fitting Joshua ‘99 & Marietta Adams Eric & Robyn Alfonso Todd ‘89 & Lisa Allendorph Steve & Frances Angers Allen & Sarah Berard Jason ‘99 & Kerrie Bourque Kim & Cheryl Broussard Leon & Karin Broussard Ronald & Shirley Burkhead Kelly ‘96 & Kelly ‘01 Cahill Val & Lola Champagne Stuart & Camille ‘01 Clark Jean-Paul ‘96 & Jennifer ‘99 Coussan David & Shoney Dauterive Chip & Renee ‘86 Davis Bryant & Beth DeLoach Chris ‘91 & Melissa Domingue Jonathon ‘96 & Kellie Domingue Nicholas & Maria Doucet Mark & Marie Dugas Roland & Amelie Dugas Eddie & Loretta Evans William Fadaol ‘84 Thomas ‘83 & Stephanie ‘84 Favaloro Timothy & Stacey Gabor Brandon ‘09 & Lauren ‘09 Gardner Paul & Gretchen ‘93 George Jim Gesser Mark Guilbeau ‘84 Doug & Sharon Guillory John & Jennifer Hall Camille Harman ‘84 Raymond & Allyson ‘86 Hebert Jay & Holly ‘84 Hurley Zach Judice ‘05 Pat & Truly Juneau Lacey LaHaye ‘89 Rich & Sally Lane Bradford Laperouse ‘07 Richie ‘84 & Holly LeBlanc Tommy & Haley LeBlanc Louis Ledet & Becky Greig-Ledet Chris ‘89 & Candace Mahoney Daniel McCoy ‘92 Liz Miller Mark & Michelle Miller Philip & Ashley ‘92 Morgan Chuck Oge’ ‘97 Patrick & Cheryl Ottinger Michael Patin ‘89 Bryant ‘86 & Brenda Poche Jack & Julie Quinn Jon & Joan Ransonet Heidi Reed Richard Oil & Fuel, LLC Britt ‘06 & Taryn Schoeffler Todd & Maggie Simar Ted & Vicky Smith Chuck & Meg Soprano Terry & Jeanette St. Cyr David & Tammy Stepanek Will ‘09 & Hailey ‘10 Stevenson Brett & Cynthia ‘84 Stevens Stephen ‘93 & Alison Strojny Bobby & Dana Tierney Guy & Tracy Vincent Chris Wallace ‘94 Cathy Walz O’Neal & Michelle Weber Stephen & Martha Wyatt


Nathan & Kimberly ‘93 Abercrombie Acadiana Urgent Care Dane Adams Eric ‘92 & Jenn Adcock Randall Ahrabi ‘92 Stephanie Anderson ‘95 Adam ‘00 & Nicole ‘00 Angers George & Raine Anselmo Hunter Arceneaux ‘11

Kevin & Jill Ardoin Traci Aucoin Fannie Rose Augustine Camille Autin ‘02 Lawrence & Barbara Bahlinger Ben ‘05 & Catherine ‘06 Baudoin Ashley Becnel ‘11 Brian & Lisa ‘95 Benefield Ben ‘94 & Ashley Berthelot Hayes Berthelot ‘09 Edward ‘09 & Ellen ‘09 Bienvenu Stephen & Kay Bienvenu Raymond & Paige ‘84 Biggar Helen Billeaud Phillip Billeaud ‘84 Brittany Billedeaux ‘12 John & Marguerite ‘99 Blanchard Nicholas ‘96 & Lauren ‘99 Blanda Anthony & Shawnessy Bloom Adam Blum ‘18 Kenneth & Phyllis Boone Jeanne-Marie Bouillion ‘16 Angell Boustany Ryan & Belinda Boutte Marta Brasseaux ‘84 Aaron Breaux ‘05 Berton Breaux ‘87 Carl & Kathleen Breaux Lauren Breaux ‘09 Natalie Breaux Kevin & Misty ‘89 Brien Annie Briley ‘12 Ethan Broussard ‘16 Heath & Rani ‘98 Broussard Rico Broussard Robert & Molly ‘01 Broussard Sharon Broussard Bruce & Kristen ‘95 Brown Blair ‘04 & Katy ‘05 Budden Tom & Jessica Burke Kyle & Lacey ‘04 Carrigee John & Elizabeth ‘91 Carmody Bobby Champagne ‘85 Champagne Enterprises LLC Natalie Chance ‘15 Brian ‘90 & Elise ‘92 Colomb Joe Comeaux Willie & Kathleen Cooper Michael & Denise ‘91 Cope Jeffrey & Becky Cormier Troy & Camille Cormier Nicholas ‘09 & Allie ‘10 Cortese Wesley Cortese ‘07 Bryan ‘96 & Danielle ‘96 Couvillion Caroline Cryer ‘15 William Cryer ‘19 Hailey Curtis ‘12 Nicole Curtis ‘13 Dwaine & Paula ‘84 Daigle John & Cherie Daigle Randal & Gretchen ‘97 Daniel, Jr. James R. Dean Ben Degatur ‘01 Kayla Degueyter ‘11 John & Lucille Delaune John & Betsy ‘91 Deshotels Lianne Dick ‘15 Mike ‘89 & Kendra Domingue Ravely & Marguerite Domingue Stephen ‘84 & Shannon Dorton Dax & Tiffany Douet Daniel & Debbie Duhon Whitney & Nancye Duhon Tyler Dunphy ‘07 John Dupuis ‘85 Brad & Kelly ‘99 Durio Sara Duvernay Craig & Jennifer ‘89 East Belinda Edwards Scott & Kelly ‘03 Eldridge William & Joyce ‘94 Elliott John & Randy Ellis Julie Evans Chad & Danielle ‘94 Farris Susan Fambrough ‘87 Amanda Faucheux

Amy Fontenot ‘06 Jade Fontenot ‘02 John & Linda Fontenot Neil & Kim Fontenot Andrew ‘98 & Emily ‘97 Foreman Susan Foret Jeff ‘93 & Melissa Fortenberry Michael Frederic ‘89 Alex Frederick ‘13 Brian & Jennifer ‘88 Frederick Ryan & Kim Frederick Gary & M’Neil ‘84 Fudge James & Angela Furka Lima Fuselier Edgar D. Gankendorff Michael & Kim ‘84 Gardner Phyllis Garza-Druihet Ariane Gaudet ‘84 Michael ‘85 & Jodi Gibbens Ernest & Alice Girouard Kelly Glascock Jesse Greene ‘95 Eric & Lisa Greenwood Nebert & Donna Gobert Gina Gondron ‘02 Reagan Guidry ‘12 Rebecca Guidry ‘09 Anna Guillory ‘18 Erin Guillory ‘16 Michelle Hamilton ‘84 Will & Kendall ‘00 Hammack Hannah Hampton ‘11 Andrew Harding ‘15 Shannon Hardy ‘87 Cosima Hasenstein Douglas ‘85 & Mary ‘84 Hawes Tyler Hayes ‘12 William & MacKensie ‘07 Heath Ed & Malise Hebert Jordan & Jennifer ‘08 Hebert Mary Catherine Hebert Jamie Herndon ‘87 Robin Herrington Michael Hernandez ‘84 Matt & Tori ‘05 Hicks Megan Higginbotham ‘11 Trey ‘01 & Paige ‘05 Hightower Karla Hoffpauir Dominic & Emily ‘00 Hood Keith & Heidey ‘12 Hornsby Patrick ‘94 & Joanie ‘95 Howard Lynn Hunt Lawrence Huter ‘86 Adam ‘03 & Lindsey ‘03 James Charlie & Mandy Jaubert Mark ‘04 & Katharine Jennings Stuart & Sharon Johnson Christopher & Julie ‘84 Johnson Stewart & Amy ‘00 Jolly Bernard & Lois Joubert Chad & Ashley Judice Lindsey Kastner ‘00 Michael & Judy Keefe Bill & Mary Kellner Kent & Felicia Kerne Brian & Kellie ‘98 Kerstetter Thomas & Micke Kieta Patrick ‘85 & Michelle ‘85 Killeen Ryan Killeen ‘18 Kraig Kinchen ‘86 Nicholas ‘06 & Brennan ‘07 Knight Zach ‘09 & Brittney ‘09 Knight Michael & Claire ‘95 Knox Jenny H. Kohl ‘92 Claire Koke ‘18 Elizabeth Koke ‘13 Mark & Lana Kopieczek Walter & Debbie Kremheller Colin Kreuz ‘12 John ‘94 & Claire Labbe Gaby LaBruzzo ‘14 Joseph LaBruzzo ‘12 Glenn & Sandra LaGrange Patrick Laperouse ‘93 Christopher & Sarah Landreneau Robert & Ruby Landry

Wayne & Debbie Landry Gerald & Anne Lasseigne ‘84 Cory & Jenci ‘05 Lavergne Joseph & Judy Lavergne Scott ‘94 & Melanie Lavergne Wayne & Trudy Lavergne W.C. Pete Lavergne Victoria Laville ‘11 David & Amy ‘92 LeBlanc Jim & Betty LeBlanc Randy ‘92 & Monique LeBlanc Roy & Florence Lebouef Marcus Ledet ‘06 Emilee Leger ‘15 Lindsay Legnon ‘94 Mike & Brenda Lejeune Taylor & Ashley ‘00 Lemaster Seamus Perry & Leah Lemoine ‘01 Carolyn Lemoine Nikki Lentini Willie Lewis Kyle & Michelle Libersat Benny & Trista Littell Sheryl Lyons ‘84 Jeff & Leah ‘85 Maddox Christina Mahtook ‘10 Paul & Tabatha ‘84 Maletich Scott Mansfield ‘07 Ryan ‘97 & Jennifer ‘99 Marine Jon Marks ‘00 Philip & Lauren ‘09 Marsiglia Robert Martina ‘11 John Paul & Claire Masterson Brian & Kathryn May Matthew & Katherine ‘04 Mayer Phillip & Nell Mayeux Herb ‘91 & Kisha McCullum John & Judith McLure Cody & Lyndley McNabb Collin ‘07 & Jillian Melancon John Melancon ‘04 Rick & Barbara Melebeck Rick ‘02 & Jackie Melebeck Gloria Menard Clifford & Lorenia Meyers Lynwood & June Meyers Vincent & Michelle Miholic Andrea Miller ‘92 Matthew Miller ‘92 Xiaoqing Yan Karen Minor Bryan & Kathleen Molaison Michael & Emily ‘00 Moore Eric & Kimberly Morse Lorraine Mouton Brian Murphy ‘09 Andrew & Melissa Naquin Brian & Lauren ‘91 Nordquist Samuel Norman ‘15 Chris ‘98 & Ashley ‘98 Noto Kerry ‘84 & Noelle ‘85 O’Neal Kevin ‘83 & Fran ‘85 O’Neal Burt & Wendy Orgeto Christopher Ortte ‘09 Austin & Sarah ‘04 Palmer Tony & Elizabeth Parker Gary & Jo Perkins Max Perret ‘15 William & Natalie ‘03 Person Dan & Shannon Phillips Francesca Piccione ‘14 Joe Piccione ‘10 Marie Piccione ‘12 Kyle & Gabriele Pirtle Anne-Elyse Pitre ‘17 Josh ‘07 & Rachel Pitre Zach ‘12 & Emily Pitre Andrew & Kristin ‘84 Plauche Chad ‘97 & Brandey Porter Kristen Porter ‘00 Broc Prejean Jan Quincie Privat ‘91 Jaime & Brigitte ‘88 Quebedeaux Brian & Cherie Quiring Shelby Reagan ‘11 David & Debra Reed

Taylor Reed ‘14 Gerard & Suzanne Richard Bill & Angie Riehl Eddie & Yvonne Roberts Doug & Lorraine Robichaux Anna Robicheaux ‘09 Jacob Rodrigue Matthew ‘96 & Jennifer Romero Merrick & Christy Romero Paul & Mamie Romero Scott & Parrish ‘94 Romero Ashley Roth ‘13 Regan Roth ‘11 Stephen & Gerilyn Roth Karl & Angela ‘85 Rothermel Robert & Rebecca ‘01 Roy Barry & Linda Rozas Samuel & Jennifer Russo Scott Saloom ‘09 Conrad & Heather ‘94 Schaefer Erin Segura Paul & Charlotte ‘84 Segura Jared ‘97 & Kally ‘98 Sere Ron & Kathy ‘96 Sharp Jennifer Sibille ‘01 Thomas & Linda Simar Amy Beth Slate ‘84 Leale ‘84 & Rita Slate Jonathan ‘93 & Simone ‘95 Snatic Benjamin ‘85 & Allison Sonnier Cambrie Sonnier ‘18 Joseph & Pearl Sonnier May & Vicente Soria Terrie St. Martin Carly Ste. Marie ‘04 William & Irma Stevenson William ‘84 & Stephanie ‘83 Stevenson Jason & Paige ‘07 Stinson Mary Morgan Stipe Kevin ‘87 & Robyn ‘91 Stockstill Jacob & Emily Stoehr Keith & Melanie ‘87 Stokes Ben & Robin Stonecipher Adam & Jennifer ‘85 Strait Eric & Ellen Stutes Cinde Sulik Eddie & Lori Talbot Dustin Tatum ‘04 Doug & Sandra Taylor Daniel Terrebonne Jakob & Ainsley ‘06 Terrebone Tommy & Allison Thevenot John & Tisha ‘84 Thomas Lisa Thomas Ogden & Linda Thomas Cooper Thomson ‘16 Da vid & Paula Thompson Macy Toups ‘15 Cynthia Tracy David & Alexis Trahan Laura Trahan Rick & Courtney ‘83 Travis Michael & Adrienne ‘94 Uffman Heather Vallilee ‘89 Michael & Tiffany ‘89 Vanderlick Lauren Versaggi ‘00 David & Laurence ‘85 Vincent Gregory & Andria Waguespack Robby & Jamie ‘88 Waguespack Ronald & Frances Waguespack Margaret Waits Mike & Libby ‘92 Waters Catherine Weber ‘15 Douglas & Alexis ‘01 Webre Seth & Emilie ‘98 Welty Jerome & Marlene Wenzel Kenneth & Mary Werther Gary & Debbie Wetzel William & Maureen Whitehead Jesse ‘07 & Brianne ‘10 White Kipp & Brooke Womack Jeff ‘84 & Ansley ‘90 Zehnder Joey & Tiffany Zerangue



ANNUAL REPORT 2017-2018 ADVISORY COUNCIL David Stinson, President Robert Luke, Vice-President Traci Aucoin, Secretary Richard Brauns, Member Michelle Breaux, Member Kenneth Clay, Member Andre Moreau ’84, Member Bryan Sibley, M.D, Member Charles Stemmans, Member Hunter Trahan ’89, Member Rev. Michael Russo, Chancellor* Anna Larriviere, Superintendent* Kelley Leger, Principal* Greg Geoffroy ‘90, Alumni Assoc. President* Brett Broussard, Foundation President* Carolyn Artall , PTC President* *ex officio members

PARENTTEACHERCLUB Carolyn Artall, President Dee Dee Luke, Vice President Betsy Koke, Secretary Denise Torian, Treasurer Sandra Cambre, Assistant Treasurer Judy Mahtook, Past President Anne Pitre, Advancement Director Lori Crain, Alumni Liaison Jill Deats, Campus Ministry Liaison Karen Juneau, Cougar Closet Inventory Judy Mahtook, Cougar Closet Inventory Laura Stoma, Cougar Closet Events Kristen Hebert, Cougar Closet Games Kristen Blankenship, Cougar Closet Games Hunter Trahan, Cougar Dads Allyson Hebert, Events Hospitality Renee Delcambre, Events Hospitality Co-Chairman Jennifer Lantier, Faculty Hospitality Colleen Dill, Fashion Show Bridget Lemoine, Fashion Show Auction Nicole Hebert, Lip Sync Battle on the Bayou Judy Prudhomme, Senior Liaison Claire Haydel, Junior Liaison Paige Billeaud, Sophomore Liaison Andrea Guarino, Freshman Liaison Shelley Sibley, Publicity & Communications (P&C) Chairman Liz Miller, P & C - Volunteer Coordinator Leslie Miller, Talent Show Amy Landry, Teacher Grants

ALUMNIASSOCIATION Melissa Bienvenu Andrade ‘03 Adam Angers ‘00 Camille Autin ‘02 Bart Bernard ‘87 Ben Berthelot ‘94 Emily Breaux ‘05 40


Ben Broussard ‘99 Troy Cloutier ‘92 Elisabeth Kraft Cortez ‘96 Lori Debaillon Crain ‘96 Gretchen Neuner Daniel ‘97 Charlotte Busch Cryer ‘89

Gregory Geoffroy ‘90 Emily Hamner ‘96 Thomas Hebert ‘92 Michelle Domengeaux Kaufman ‘05 Jennifer Erin Sibille ‘01 Regan Tatford ‘01


A gift of cash (personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or personal credit card) received by St. Thomas More Catholic High School. Grants are usually spent within the fiscal year and are for the purpose intended by the donor. A & A Sewing Center 24 Hour Safety Abacus Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. Acadian Comprehensive Therapy Acadian Orthodontics Acadian Religious Acadiana Bottling Co., Inc. Acadiana Brain Injury Center Acadiana Dodge, Inc. Acadiana Foot Centers, LLC Acadiana Garage Doors Acadiana Prescription Shop Acadiana Urgent Care Assoc. ACI Hearing & Balance Center The Acuity Group Advanced E-Line Solutions Agave Cantina, Inc. Andrew and Rebecca Ahrens AJ Watercare Christopher and Marisa Alack Carolyn Albarado Albertsons Eric and Robyn Alfonso All Star Signs and Specialties Amerigas Ancillary Services of Acadiana Bennett Anderson Michael and Jodie Andrus Anesthesiology and Pain Consultants, LLC Antoni’s Jacob and Michelle Aranza Ronald Arceneaux Ronnie and Dawn Arceneaux Architectural Windows-Doors & Millworks Ardoin-Kennedy, L.L.C. Jamie Armentor Brian and Elisabeth Arnold Arrow Aviation Co., L.L.C. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Steve and Debbie Ashy Shawn and Mandi Babineaux Bank of America Charitable Foundation Barras Family Dentistry Bart Bernard Personal Injury Law Firm, LLC Bayou Electric & Specialty, Inc. BBR Creative, Inc.

Bead Busters & Float Rentals L.L.C. Mike and Veronica Bednarz Bella Sophia Benos, Inc. Bernard C. Fruge’ Jr., M.D. Bernhard Mechanical Bienvenu Travel LLC Billeaud’s Superette, Inc. Blaine J. Barrilleaux LLC BMH Enterprises 3, LLC Bob Croom, Inc. Borden’s Ice Cream Ryan and Jodie Boudreaux Bouncing Buddies Bonnie Bourdier MacKenzie Bourg ‘12 Maurice Bourgeois Scott and Amber Bourque Patrick and Juliette Breaux Brother’s On The Boulevard Brett ‘92 and Bethany Broussard Tony Broussard Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Burgersmith Bill and Annette Busch Business First Bank CAD Control Systems, Inc. Cajun Oilfield Supply, Inc. Cal-Chlor Corporation Calco Enterprises, Inc. Campaign To Elect Mark Garber Carl J. Breaux, Dds Cheryl Carpenter Mark and Dana Carter Shawn ‘95 and Lori ‘97 Carter Cashway Pharmacy of Scott, Inc. Leonard and Patricia Castille Dr. and Mrs. Wartelle Castille Cecil’s Legacy Chad M. Bailey, C.P.A. Brett ‘88 and Elizabeth Champion Chase Marshall Architects Chicken Salad Chick Chick-Fil-A Ronald and Michelle Christie Church Point Wholesale Energy & Marine Division Chuy’s Clark Integrated Medical Clinic Ronald and Monique Clark Coastal Land Services, Inc. Cohen, Schwarz & Company, L.L.C. Mr. Brad Cohen Coil Tubing Partners Barry Comeaux Complete Title of Louisiana Cooper General Contractors

Core Insurance Solutions L.L.C. Corner Bar Page and Angela Cortez Corwin Ashford Gordon Thomas PC, Inc. Courtesy Automotive Group Craig S. Landry, Dds, Apdc Curtis Hunter Roy, Inc. Tracy and Michelle Curtis CWK Nutrition Cypress Fabrication Services The Dance Warehouse Inc. Mike and Shannon Dartez David & Eldridge, ENT Specialists David J. Foreman, M.D. Irvin David ‘98 Robert and Lisa David DBMC Tommy and Therese Debaillon Deep South Chemical Inc. Delcambre Pharmacy, Inc. Bryant and Beth Deloach Delta World Tire Co. Derek Baumbouree M.D. Lauren Deville ‘98 DimarkHomes, Inc. Wanda Dischler Judy Dodge Ravely and Marguerite Domingue Don’s Specialty Meats Doug and Lisa Dorsey Double B Anesthesia, Llc Dr. Luke St. Pierre, DDS Driltech, LLC Kyle and Natalie Driscoll DSF Wealth Management Mark and Lynne Duay Bobby Duhon J. Kevin and Debby Duplechain Danny Dupre Fayetta Dupre Shawn and Kim Dupre John Dupuis Steve and Missy Dupuis Dwight Andrus Insurance Digger and Amy Earles EDI Environmental Services, Inc. EnviroResources, LLC Essi Corporation Eddie and Loretta Evans Lance and Alyse Evans Family Care of Acadiana Faust Holdings, L.L.C. Fezzo’s Seafood, Steakhouse & Oyster Bar First National Bank of Louisiana Fisher Early Childhood Development Fitness and Beyond Health Club



John and Linda Fontenot Neil and Kim Fontenot Enrique Fontova Todd and Susan Foret Dr. Frank Caillet Frey Insurance Partners, Llc Lima Fuselier Mary Fuselier Gachassin Law Firm Jennifer Galvez Gambino’s Bakery Christopher and Ruth Ann ‘86 Gannon Mr. Chris Pippin Bobby ‘95 and Allison Gauthier Scott ‘86 and Kelley Gauthreaux Greg ‘90 and Elaine Geoffroy Byron and Diana Gesser Amy Giffin Joe and Debbie Giglio Joe and Loretta Giglio Margaret Gillaspie Mr. Glenn Armentor Jay ‘90 and Joel Godchaux Brenda Green Blain and Tonia Griffon The Grouse Room Growler Usa Mac and Andrea Guarino Cyril and Lydia Guidry Doug and Sharon Guillory Gulf Coast Welding Contractors Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hader William and Jeanne Hagle Hair A Fair, Inc. Hair of River Ranch Harry K. Burdette, PLC Charles and Lanette Hebert Ed and Malise Hebert Kevin and Dianne ‘88 Hebert Lisa Hebert Paul and Suzanne Hebert Raymond and Allyson ‘86 Hebert Heleaux’s Grocery Richard and Renee Helmer Mark and Christi Hemphill John Hendry Hille Investments, LLC Home Bank Horizon Capital Management Jason and Paula ‘90 Hornback Hub City Ford Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hughes Hurlburt, Monrose, and Ernest Doug and Susan Hutchinson Ideal Energy Solutions Industrial & Oilfield Services, Inc.



Infinity Valve and Supply, LLC Initials Insurance Unlimited Investment Partners of Acadiana Jed and Anna Claire Inzerella J & J Exterminating J. Kevin Stockstill, Attorney At Law J.D. Manufacturing, Inc. The Jambalaya Shoppe Jason M. Welborn, Aplc Jeffrey J. Thibodeaux, M.D. John Jewell John S. Dowling & Company Kim and Kay Judice Pat and Truley Juneau Tommy ‘87 and Karen Juneau Just Print It K & F Restaurant Holdings, Ltd. K & J Supplies, Inc. K. Wade Trahan L.L.C. Kart Ranch, Inc. Kathryn D. Howard & Associates LLC Keaty Real Estate, LLC Harold and Mary Kennedy Chase Kenner Kergan Brothers, Inc. Kevin Couvillion, L.L.C. Thomas and Micki Kieta Sharon Kliebert Knight-Billeaud SK Enterprises David ‘83 and Betsy ‘85 Koke Thomas and Alicia Kreamer Jeff and April Kreger Laborde Earles Law Firm, LLC Jeffrey and Angela Laborde Lafayette Music Co. Inc. Lafayette Pediatrics Lafayette Restaurant Supply, Inc. Lafayette Skeet Academy Lafayette Veterinary Care Center Ed and Kaja Lafleur LaFonda Lamar Advertising LaMay Group, LLC Todd and Myra ‘88 Lambert Lamm Foods John and Paula Landry Wynn and Laurel Landry Langland L.L.C. Bradford Laperouse ‘07 Mr. and Mrs. Sean Laughlin Lauren Elizabeth Design LLC Pete Lavergne Law Office of Jamie D. Parker, LLC Law Office of Steven J. Dupuis La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery

Andre and Rita LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Brennon Emile Leblanc Mr. and Mrs. Terry LeBlanc Thomas and Julie Leblanc Bryan ‘90 and Cally Lege Ricardo and Jo Ellen Leoni Barry Levet Liggio Insurance Agency, Inc. MacArthur ‘95 and Tomika Lindon Mr. Andre Clemons Lisa I. Heath, Cfp Baltazar and Juana Lopez Louisiana Hydro Blast Solution LLC Louisiana Slam, L.L.C. Lourdes After Hours Lowry’s Printing and Copying LSE Crane and Transportation Lucretia Pecantte & Associates, Llc Justin and Kristen Lynd Dexter and Dierdre Lyons M & E Consulting, Inc. Mad Packer, LLC Jeff and Leah Maddox Mahoney-Baus Agency LLC Maloney Land Services Mandez’s Seafood Bar & Grill Bob and Lou Manuel Robert Marak Marcantel-Dupre, Llc Marshall Montgomery, Attorney At Law Martin & Castille Funeral Home MAS Transportation Phyllip Mayer Mazen Grill Sean and Stephanie McDaniel Pablo ‘92 and Kodi Meija Mel’s Diner Gloria Menard Melissa Menard Micah R. Vidrine, CPA Michael S. Haydel, M.D., A.P.M.C. Mickimac, L.L.C. Midsouth Bank Joey Migues Mike Baker Brick Co. Dal and Leslie Miller Jude and Ann Miller Mindys La Belle Vie MinuteMed Clinic Group, LLC Mkw Management Llc Bryan and Kathleen Molaison Moncla Marine Alyce Moncla ‘87 Charlie and Rhonda Moncla Buck ‘89 and Emily Moncla Monica Daigle, LCSW, LLC

Marshall and Patricia Montgomery Thomas J. Montgomery, M.D. Moody BBQ L.L.C. Moon Griffon Enterprises Morgan Claire Phillip and Ashley ‘92 Morgan Carolyn Mouton Alex and Kimberly ‘94 Mouton Marc and Cecile Mouton The Movement Dance Academy Mula Family Pharmacy, LLC Jared Mula Mark and Stacey Mula Multisport LLC N2 Solutions The Nerve Health Institute New Life Homes Pete and Maxine Nicolosi Nitetown Nobull Investments, LLC Noel P. Dragon, Jr., D.D.S. Orthodontist Michael ‘86 and Shannon Norse Northwestern Mutual Foundation Nunu’s Fresh Market Nursing Specialties Olde Tyme Grocery Bill and Jenny Oliver O’Neal Weber, Jr., CLU/CHFC Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Overton Taylor Davis ‘84 Park Place Surgery Center Parkside Management, LLC Mike Patin ‘89 Patrick A. Laperouse MD LLC Pelican Oilfield Rentals, LLC Perry Law Firm Petra Consultants, Inc. Petroleum Club Phillip E. Noel, M.D. Physical Therapy Clinic of Lafayette Jeffery Picard Christopher and Kennis Pippin Mark and Anne Pitre Pixus Digital Printing Pizza Village Jim and Linda Poche Mike and Teri Poole Pour Restaurant and Bar Dwight and Judy Prudhomme Jared ‘87 and Mary ‘88 Quoyeser Raders Insulation Express, LLC Raising Cane’s Duane and Denise Ramon Randazzo Giglio & Bailey L.L.C. Louis and Lori Ray Raymond and Kathy Reaux

Rebacon, Inc. Red Lerille’s Health Club David and Debra Reed Terry and Angela Reeves Rehabilitation & Vocational Consultants, LLC Patrick and Janelle Rentrop Richard Oil and Fuel, LLC Louis and Chandelle Richard Rickey Meche’s Donut King Ricky Tucker Custom Homes, Inc. River Oaks Catering and Event Center RLS Properties L.L.C. Jeanne and Jimmy Roberts Mark and Nicole Robertson Eric and Dodi Robicheaux Rochettos Pizzeria L.L.C. Scott and Parrish ‘94 Romero Gordon and Catherine ‘87 Rountree Marguerite Roussel Curtis ‘88 and Lisa Roy The Rucks Family Foundation Ruffino’s on the River Russo Exploration Ryan Squared, L.L.C. S & R Resources, Inc. Kae Sanders Corey and Sonni Savant Rodney and Cindi Savoy Scapes, Inc. Seidl & Associates, Inc. Shelter Insurance-Kevin Couvillion Shivers Brothers Construction, LLC Shop Rite, Inc. Jeannine Sibille Bryan and Shelley Sibley Todd and Maggie Simar Single Source Supply Jimmy and Laura Skrasek Cranston and Matilde Smith Social Southern Table and Bar Sonny Greer Construction, LLC Southern Security, Inc. Spartan Directional, LLC Lenora and Kevin St. Pierre Luke ‘88 and Evelyn St. Pierre Ste. Marie Orthodontics Hailey Stevenson ‘10 Bill and Irma Stevenson David and Veronica Stinson STM Foundation Rosalind Stockstill Jason and Kerie Stone Stonemont Pizza, LLC Darren ‘92 and Nicole ‘92 Strother Derrel and Shirley Strother Lance ‘96 and Kat ‘96 Strother

Super 1 Foods Surbo Tubular Services, Inc. Surgical Hospital Management Synergy Land Group, LLC Talk’N T-Shirts Christopher and Marilyn Tanner Tarpley PVS, LLC Jack and Debra Taylor T-Coon’s Technical Inspectors, Inc. Tech-Test Inc. of Louisiana The Grad Shoppe, Inc. The Interior Fabric Shoppe, Inc. Thomas and Allison Thevenot Jeff Thibodeaux Third Coast Soccer Tiger Safety TMC Capital LLC Deidre and Chad Toups Jay and Robin Toups Coni Trahan Charles Trent Trap and Kim Trepagnier William Trotter, II Tumbling Express The Tux Shoppe, Inc. Marty and Donna Usie Van Eaton & Romero Lee and Therese Verret Vet Med Inc. Dan Viator Vida Paint and Supply, Inc. Virginia Coreil, M.D., APMC Peter and Jeanne ‘85 Vizzi Chad Voisin Wade Trahan L.L.C. Jay Waguespack Walk-On’s Bistreaux and Bar Hank and Melissa Wallis Washington State Bank Charles and Katrina Webre Whitco Supply Wilbert Gary & Sons, Inc. Willcare, LLC Wolf Vacuum Truck Service, Inc. W.O. Woolley Workstrings, LLC Sam and Ellen Wright William and Michele Young Zea Rotisserie & Grill Jim and Rose Zehnder Tiffany Zehnder Zeus Cafe, Inc. Kenny and Mynette Zimmer

ANNUAL APPEAL Abear-Nunez Farms LLC Kevin and Michelle ‘93 Abshire Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. Eric and Robyn Alfonso Fannie Augustine Margaret Bartelme Mike and Veronica Bednarz Mark and Dawn Benoit Jeanne Billeaud R. Luke Bordelon Roy and Jeannette Boudreaux Troy and Emilie Boudreaux Angell Boustany Ed and Roxanne Breaux Joseph and Sandra Breaux Brett ‘92 and Bethany Broussard Danny and Dena Broussard Jerome and Lennie Buller Carolyn Burnside Bill and Annette Busch Robert and Blair Cabes Greg and Crissy ‘86 Campo Marty and Janie Cannon Carl J. Breaux, Dds Wes and Denise Castille John and Colleen Chappuis Gary and Billie Chiasson Ronald and Monique Clark Mary Combal Verona Courville Kevin ‘94 and Jennifer Couvillion George and Merilyn Crain John and Lori ‘96 Crain Eva Crochet James Crosby Russell and Charlotte ‘89 Cryer Kevin and Melissa Curry Hailey Curtis ‘12 Tracy and Michelle Curtis D & S Entertainment LLC James Darby ‘89 Mike and Shannon Dartez John and Lucille Delaune Renee and Stewart Delcambre Leslie Deslatte Jim Dicharry Norma Dill Wanda Dischler Judy Dodge Danny and Becky Domingue Jonathan and Katherine Domingue Ravely and Marguerite Domingue Stephen Domingue ‘88 Don’s Seafood & Steakhouse Dwayne and Sheri Dugal

Bobby Duhon Whitney and Nancye Duhon John Dupuis Steve and Missy Dupuis Elizabeth Egan ‘89 Eddie and Loretta Evans Tommy ‘83 and Stephanie ‘84 Favaloro Lee B. Foley John and Linda Fontenot Neil and Kim Fontenot Robert and Joan Frederick Philip and Tina Fremin James and Gwen Fruge James and Angela Furka Lima Fuselier Timothy and Stacey Gabor Jim and Arlene Gandy Steve and Beverly Gardes Margaret Gillaspie Paul Giroir Nebert and Donna Gobert Doug and Diane Gonzales Judge and Mrs. Gonzales Gonzales Joel and Janet Gooch Karen Goodrich Grier Dale Gossen ‘14 Gary and Ann Governale Cyril and Lydia Guidry David and Susan Guidry Andrew Guidry ‘03 Rhonda Guidry Doug and Sharon Guillory Gerald and Jamie Guzzino Aimee Hamilton Jordan and Sarah Harding Dr. and Mrs. Haydel Haydel Haynie Family Foundation Chip ‘95 and Amy Hebert Ed and Malise Hebert Jon and Toni Hebert Barry and Kat Heinen Cynthia Mills Henderson ‘85 Lorraine Henry Richard and Rachel Hensarling Lloyd and Margaret Hernandez Shawn and Holly Hernandez Clyde Hightower Trey ‘01 and Paige ‘05 Hightower Doug Hinton Jamie Howard ‘92 Andy and Eddie Hunter Jim ‘90 and Ashley ‘90 Hutchison Jim and Corky Hutchison Hutco, Inc. J.B. Mouton, LLC Josh and Leah Jones Van and Louise Junot Adrian and Karen King Ella Koury Ralph and Cherie Kraft Krewe of Bonaparte Todd and Louise ‘88 Lambert Beverly Landry

Edward Landry John and Sandra Landry Loula Landry Bradford Laperouse ‘07 Darren and Kim LaRive Thomas and Katherine LaSalle Pete Lavergne David and Leah LeBlanc Jim and Betty Leblanc Roy and Florence Lebouef Michael and Brenda Lejeune Carolyn Lemoine Ricardo and Jo Ellen Leoni David and Rosemary Lestage Barry Levet Baltazar and Juana Lopez Bob and Lou Manuel Martial F. Billeaud, Sr. Foundation David Matthews Brady McKay ‘04 John and Betty McLachlan Gloria Menard Melissa Menard Clifford Meyers Lynwood and June Meyers Dal and Leslie Miller Liz Miller Christy Mims ‘04 Ellen Minvielle Steve ‘90 and Callie ‘93 Mocek Bryan and Kathleen Molaison Spook ‘90 and Ashley Moncla Mike ‘85 and Cathy ‘91 Moncla Joel and Maria Morton Joe and Catherine Morton Michael A. Moss Brent and Tonya Mouton Denise Nero Lauren Nordquist ‘91 Bill and Jenny Oliver Burt and Wendy Ortego Charles and Elizabeth Padgett Tracy Panepinto Charles Penney Philip ‘85 and Angelle ‘86 Perret Rusty and Becky Peyton Scott and Connie Pharr Guy and Michelle Picard Mark and Anne Pitre Mike and Teri Poole Ken and Kim Porche Charles and Susan Pourciau Preis PLC Jack and Martha Pryor Red Robin (Kula Foundation) David and Debra Reed Catherine Rein Richard Oil and Fuel, LLC Shirley Richard Tammy Rivault Robert Eddy, Jr. Jeanne and Jimmy Roberts Sam and Rosalind Robertson

Jeff and Patti ‘90 Robichaux Brad and Tiffany Rodrigue David and Mary Romagosa Donald and Melissa Ross Bill and Peggy Rosson James Roy Rosary Russo Kae Sanders Stephanie Savor ‘94 Sylvia Schwarzenbach Jeannine Sibille Todd and Maggie Simar Dayton Simon Kerney and Claudette Simoneaux Randall and Leslie Sizemore Cranston and Matilde Smith Keith and Ashley Smith Cecilia Soileau Craig and Nicole Stansbury David and Tammy Stepanek Hailey Stevenson ‘10 Bill and Irma Stevenson Kevin ‘87 and Robyn ‘91 Stockstill Darren ‘92 and Nicole ‘92 Strother Lance ‘96 and Kat ‘96 Strother Richard and Linda Sturlese Herman ‘89 and Ashley Thibeaux Francis and Joyce Thibodeaux Kemp and Wendy Thibodeaux Ogden and Linda Thomas Chad and Deidre Toups Richard and Lynette Tucker University of Louisiana Foundation Stephen and Trebie ‘94 Valancius Guy and Tracy Vincent Timothy and Donna Vincent Everett and Carmen Voisin Chip and Tammy Vosburg Emily Waguespack Ronald and Frances Waguespack Hank and Melissa Wallis Chong Wang Jerome and Marlene Wenzel Fred and Babette Werner Whitney Bank Douglas and Anne Womack Stephen and Martha Wyatt


CAMPAIGN 1982 Campaign 1982 was designed using the initiation year of St. Thomas More Catholic High School. The Campaign appeals to STM alumni to contribute at least $19.82 in order to establish a scholarship for a student in financial need.

Todd ‘89 and Lisa Allendorph Melissa Bienvenu Andrade ‘03 Michelle Dugas Arceneaux ‘03 Tyra Boudreaux Arceneaux ‘92 Renee Coreil Babaz ‘85 Allen ‘94 and Tanya Bares Annie F. Barnes ‘89 Joey Bernard ‘87 Benjamin’94 and Ashley Berthelot Heather Knight Billeaud ‘03 Raymond Blanco, Jr. ‘91 Natalie Molbert Broussard ‘02 Brooke S. Bruns ‘01 Desiree Elizabeth Comeaux ‘03 David and Elisabeth ‘96 Cortez John and Lori ‘96 Debaillon Caroline Cryer ‘15 Charlotte B. Cryer ‘89 James ‘03 and Ailene ‘04 Debaillon Jennifer R. East ‘89 Jacques Fontenot ‘97 Scott ‘89 and E’Lisa Garber Brandon Gianfala ‘91 Dana V. Grimsley ‘85 Aimee Touchet Hamilton ‘83 Raymond and Allyson ‘86 Hebert Patrick ‘94 and Joanie ‘95 Howard Robert ‘83 and Michelle Kallam William ‘98 and Michelle ‘05 Kaufman Lacey LaHaye ‘89 Bradford Thomas Laperouse ‘07 Marcus William Ledet ‘06 Lesley Maxwell ‘87 Taylor Reed ‘14

Terry and Kay ‘83 Richard Angela Q. Rothermel ‘85 Angele Coussan Roy ‘97 Brooke Cranfield Schexnaildre ‘03 Benjamin ‘85 and Allison Sonnier Paige Broussard Stinson ‘07 Regan Tatford ‘01 Tiffany Zehnder Alumi Softball Tournament/Fishing Rodeo Donations towards these events benefit Campaign 1982.

Abell + Crozier Architects, Inc. Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. Acadiana Dodge, Inc. Amg Acadiana Management Group Angelle and Donohue Briggs Equipment Buckfins-N-Feathers, LLC Chase Desormeaux State Farm Insurance Page and Angela Cortez Jean-Paul and Jennifer Coussan Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier, McElligott, Fontenot, Gideon & Edwards Fremin Store & Lock Gauthiers’ Oilfield Rental J.B. Mouton, LLC Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches John “Bubba” Montesano State Farm Insurance Keaty Real Estate, Llc Laborde Earles Law Firm, Llc Magellan Construction, LLC Coury Moss Cory Mouton N2 Solutions Oge’s Rent-All Center Pride Oil & Gas Properties, Inc. Quality Plus Insurance, Inc. Railside Feed and Supply Robertson Energy Rudick Company, Inc. Schoeffler Energy Group, Inc. Shelter Insurance-Kevin Couvillion Synergy Land Group, LLC TRA-V LLC Triad Construction Services, LLC

July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 Income Tuition and Fees Recurring Income Nonrecurring Income Fundraising & Advancement

$8,590,843.95 98,219.52 209,458.46 68,979.42

Total Income


Expenses General & Administrative Operational Salaries & Benefits Fundraising & Advancement Total Expenses

$1,043,133.91 589,959.53 6,973,356.08 8,550.79 $8,615,000.31

Net Income



Board of Trustees EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Brett Broussard ‘92, President Beth Zuschlag LeBlanc ’99, Vice President Charlotte Busch Cryer ‘89, Secretary Martha B. Wyatt, Treasurer

STM FOUNDATION BALANCE SHEET AUGUST 1, 2017 TO JULY 31, 2018 ASSETS Total Checking/Savings ...................................................... $298,608.62 Investments at market value ............................................. 3,418,678.14 Accrued Interest ........................................................................... 511.90 Due from STM ........................................................................ 22,288.99 Total assets ...................................................................... $3,740,087.65

LIABILITIES Due STM ............................................................................... $35,770.00

EQUITY - FUND BALANCES MEMBERS Roxanne Breaux Charles “Tad” Hightower ‘05 Larry Huter ‘86 Tommy Juneau ‘87 Robert Kallam ‘83 Todd Lambert Mike Moncla ‘85 Mary Guilbeau Quoyeser ‘88 Reverend Michael Russo, Chancellor Richard Lavergne, President Kelley Leger, Principal Anne Pitre, Executive Director Carolyn Artall, PTC President Greg Geoffroy ‘90, Alumni Assoc. Rep. Greg Logan, Past President David Stinson, Advisory Council President

General Fund .................................................................... $2,783,396.24 Alum Scholarship .................................................................... 34,457.10 Angers/Veazey Memorial Fund............................................... 34,720.14 Miles Arceneaux Memorial Fund .............................................. 3,821.68 Austin Rivault Fund ................................................................. 44,313.85 Br. Ephrem Hebert Memorial Fund ......................................... 24,232.29 Crossroads Scholarship ........................................................... 16,583.77 B.H. DeHart Memorial Fund ................................................... 19,879.94 Donna Lemaire Fund ............................................................... 10,362.46 Bryce Harkrider Memorial Scholarship .................................. 70,939.58 Greig Memorial Music Scholarship ......................................... 99,165.24 Jacob Crouch Memorial Fund ................................................. 23,259.20 Josh Johns Memorial Fund ....................................................... 9,592.51 B.J. Jourdan Memorial Fund ................................................... 35,178.44 Amanda Judice Memorial Fund .............................................. 18,849.28 Yvonne Jumonville Memorial Fund........................................... 5,324.86 Knight Family Scholarship ...................................................... 82,803.29 Louis Labbe Memorial Fund .................................................... 17,910.89 Mark Graham Memorial Scholarship ...................................... 44,330.78 Moody Memorial Fund............................................................ 11,925.61 Moss Memorial Fund ................................................................ 5,426.89 Options Fund ........................................................................... 12,593.07 Ryan Tate Memorial Fund ....................................................... 13,668.76 Scott Savoy Memorial Scholarship ......................................... 30,556.44 Raymond R. Simon Fund......................................................... 45,778.85 Patrick Williamson Memorial Scholarship .............................. 40,394.47 Zach Burch Memorial Scholarship .......................................... 43,974.52 Total Fund Balances ......................................................... $3,583,440.15 Net Income .......................................................................... $120,877.50 Total Equity....................................................................... $3,704,317.65 Total Liabilities & Equity.................................................... $3,740,087.65



Endowed gifts are received by the St. Thomas More Catholic High School Foundation. The Foundation receives both restricted and unrestricted gifts of cash and/or stocks. Restricted gifts are generally in the form of donations to a named memorial fund or scholarship. Unrestricted gifts are added to the corpus of the Foundation’s endowment fund. A portion of the interest earned by the endowment fund is returned to the school annually to support such programs as tuition assistance and teacher salaries and benefits. Endowed gifts can be made in memory of or in honor of a loved one.

Restricted Memorials

Kim and Kay Judice Velma Kallam Bradford Laperouse ‘07 John and Claire Robert Ronald and Margaret Rome Raymond R. Simon Faculty and Staff Endowment Fund Bryan and Lorraine Martin Sgt. Patrick Oliver Williamson ‘04 Memorial Scholarship Fund Quinlan Duhon ‘04 Jack and Lucie McElligott Buddy and Sybil Williamson

Other Memorial Gifts In memory of J.H. “Red” Dumesnil First National Bank of Louisiana John and Rose Miller Randall Prather

Miles Arceneaux ‘87 Memorial Fund Berton Breaux ‘87 Donald ‘87 and Jennifer Burts Robert ‘87 and Jane Cabes Cycle Bar Susan Fambrough ‘87 Jody and Robin ‘87 Ferguson Sephen and Christina ‘87 Gauthier Chris Gossen ‘10 Tommy ‘87 and Karen Juneau Keith and Melanie ‘87 Stokes

In memory of Jillian Zulema Garza ‘04 Phyllis Garza-Druilhet

Jacob Crouch ’99 Memorial Award Kenny and Michelle Crouch Jack and Lucie McElligott

In memory of Leah Richardson Saloom Marsha Richardson

In memory of Shelby Guilbeau Lee and Therese Verret In memory of Brommel Langlinais Irene David In memory of Ronald Reaux Irene David

Mark W. Graham ‘02 Memorial Award Buddy and Sybil Williamson Jack and Lucie McElligott

In memory of Sheila Ringuet Sawyer Harry and Estelle Barton Byron and Kay Fogleman Jackson Walker LLP Malcolm and Michele Meijer

Harry and Jessie Greig Memorial Music Scholarship Fund Jerry and Nancy Greig Louis and Becky Ledet

In memory of Rocky Scelfo ‘00 Jack and Lucie McElligott

Bryce Harkrider ‘94 Memorial Fund Bill and Anne Harkrider Thomas and Marie Pelle Robert Pratka The Brother Ephrem Hebert Memorial Fund Seth and Emilie ‘98 Welty B.J. Jourdan ‘92 Memorial Award George and Carolyn Jourdan Rick and Courtney ‘83 Travis Amanda Claire Judice ‘07 Memorial Scholarship Award Ridge ‘07 and Kathleen Blanchard Molly Broussard ‘01 Thomas and Claudette Cason Bill and Bobbie Conly Andrew ‘98 and Emily ‘97 Foreman Lauren Hadden ‘07

LEGACY SOCIETY The STM Legacy Society honors donors who have made STM the beneficiary of a planned gift. Planned gifts include a bequest in a will, a charitable remainder trust, a gift annuity, a gift of real estate, a gift through a retirement plan designation, or a gift of life insurance. The following persons are graciously acknowledged as members of the STM Legacy Society.

Anonymous Mr. James Bernhard Mr. Rusty Cloutier Mr. J. Hubert “Red Dumesnil Mrs. Cecelia “Ceci’ Neustrom


MEMORIALS Miles Arceneaux ‘87 Memorial Fund Zach Burch ‘02 Sportsmanship Award Jacob Crouch ‘99 Memorial Award Mark W. Graham ‘02 Memorial Award Harry and Jessie Greig Memorial Music Scholarship Fund Bryce Harkrider ‘94 Memorial Fund William J. Moss Courage Award Austin Paul Rivault ‘16 Memorial Scholarship Fund Scott Savoy ‘88 Memorial The Raymond R. Simon Faculty and Staff Endowment Fund Ryan Tate ‘00 Scholarship Fund Sgt. Patrick Oliver Williamson ‘04 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Brother Ephrem Hebert Memorial Fund Josh Johns ‘01 Memorial Award B. J. Jourdan ‘92 Memorial Fund Amanda Claire Judice ‘07 Memorial Scholarship Award Louis A. Labbe Memorial Charles A. Moody Memorial Fund Alumni Association Scholarship


UTOPIAN CIRCLE MEMBERS Lifetime Utopians Mrs. Bella C. AbramsonU Acadian Ambulance Mr. and Mrs. Steve Angers Miles Arceneaux ‘87 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ashy Mr. and Mrs James M. Bernhard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Berthelot Dr. and Mrs. James Bienvenu Mr. and Mrs. Alan Breaud Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Breaux, Sr. U Dr. and Mrs. Edward Breaux, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Wood Breazeale, Jr. Mr. Bob Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Broussard Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Burch Zach Burch ‘02 Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Donald Burts Mr. and Mrs. Bill Busbice Mrs. Anne Calhoun Mr. and Mrs. Wes Castille Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cefalu Mr. James Chance Mrs. Joretta Chance Ms. Sarah Chance Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chance Mr. John Chance U Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Cloutier Crossroads Catholic Bookstore Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Crouch, Sr. Jacob Crouch ‘99 Memorial B.H. DeHart Memorial

Domengeaux, Wright, Roy and Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Domingue Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Dufrene, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ‘Red’ Dumesnil Mr. and Mrs. David Enright Mr. and Mrs. William Fenstermaker Anne Foley Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Tom Galloway, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Giglio, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Gossen Mark Graham ‘02 Memorial Reverend Monsignor Harry D. Greig II Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Greig Harry and Jessie Greig Memorial Mrs. Becky Greig-Ledet Bryce Harkrider ‘94 Memorial Dr. and Mrs. William Harkrider Haynie Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haynie Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hebert Kathleen and Barry Heinen Mr. Kevin Higgins Dr. and Mrs. Floyd Michael Hindelang, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hoppe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ishee B.J. Jourdan ‘92 Memorial Deacon and Mrs. George Jourdan Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Judice Knight Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kraft Dr. and Mrs. Leon Labbe Louis Labbe Memorial Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Laborde The Moody Co. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Lemoine Mr. Gregory ‘85 and Mrs. Darcy Logan Mr. and Mrs. William Logan III Lowry’s Printing and Copying Macro Oil Co., Inc. Jimmy Mallia Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. McElderry, Jr. Mrs. Mildred ‘Mimi’ McElligott Mr. and Mrs. William McElligott Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Moncla, Jr.

Mrs. Marguerite Montagnet Mr. O.P. “Monty” Montagnet U Mr. and Mrs. R. Kevin Moody Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody J.B. Mouton, LLC Msgr. Richard Von Phul Mouton U Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Munchrath Dr. and Mrs. Edmund Nagem, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neuner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeffer, Jr. Pinhook Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poole Mrs. Geraldine Boesch Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard Austin Paul Rivault ‘16 Memorial Award Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rivault Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Robertson Rodney and Cindi Savoy Scott Savoy ‘88 Memorial Dr. and Mrs. J. Jerome Smith St. Thomas More Catholic Boys High School Mr. C.J. Stelly Stuller Family Foundation Sunbelt Energy, LTD. Ryan Tate ‘00 Memorial Veazey Angers Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Leon Williamson Sgt. Patrick Oliver Williamson ‘04 Memorial Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Wilt Mr. Louis Woodson Mrs. Georgia Woodson U Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Wyatt Mr. and Mrs. Gus Zepernick, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zuschlag UDeceased

The Lifetime Utopian Circle Members are friends of STM who have contributed $10,000 or more to the STM Foundation. These donors are recognized by a bronze plaque on the Wall of Honor along the entry way to the school.

The Vision Comes Alive

A Campaign for the Future of St. Thomas More

Our Priorities:

St. Thomas More Chapel Academic Building (completed July 2017) Athletic & Fitness Center Creative Arts & Community Center

Help us to reach our goal while we continue to educate the whole student spiritually, academically, physically and artistically.

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Permit No. 129 Lafayette, LA

Cougar Athletics

Fundraiser "The best way to predict your future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln

August 24, 2019 - 6:00pm-11:00pm at

Le Pavillon

Complimentary Food & Drinks & Entertainment by Krossfyre For more information, contact Brent Romero at (337) 962-7990 or Brad Markerson at (337) 852-2020 Email completed form to

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