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elcome to the first edition of Do It Yourself Girl!, a new magazine which aims to inspire young women out there and motivate them to reach their goals. I must admit, it was challenging but each and every challenge meant an extra push to keep moving. Life throws many challenges at us, but even those that seem very too much, can be achieved with help. Thanks for all the support I’ve received in publishing this magazine. I’m grateful for all the support that came from various people. This was a big encouragement to continue with this production, as people showed they believed in Do It Yourself Girl! Magazine. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped on the way. In coming months, look out for topics such as, where to go for that special meal? Where the best place to escape and relax is? And where to pamper yourself after that long day? Please do get in touch, if you have any ideas you want to see in Do It Yourself Girl! Magazine. And remember, when you have finished with this issue, please recycle it rather than just throwing it away. Many Thanks

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Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 




IY Girl!, met up with Daisy Janson for a quick chat just to find out how she made it to where she is today. We discovered that Daisy was a hard working, young woman. She was committed to her work as much as her Studies. Daisy told DIY Girl! that, her dream was to have one day, her own Clothing Label. Daisy went on to explain, “I have a lot of support. My Tutor Jane is absolutely amazing. She has opened so many doors and she has given me so many opportunities.” This is what Daisy further said: DIY GIRL! Who is this wannabe fashion designer? Daisy: My name is Daisy Janson. I’m 18 years old. I’m currently studying Art and Design at Southampton City College. I’m in my second and final year of my course. I’m now specialising in Fashion. DIY GIRL!: What led you into doing what you are doing? Daisy: When I was about seven years old, it was really strange. I was watching this show and it was basically based on all the fashion designers and their catwalks. I liked it. I was really interested and ever since I have been drawing models and doing my own clothes, because my mom used to work for Topshop. DIY GIRL!: What did that mean to you as you were growing up? Daisy: I have always been brought up with retail and clothes, so they have sort of like

Daisy wearing her own design inspired me to do what I want to do. DIY GIRL!: What support have you got from City College? Daisy: I’ve a lot of support. My Tutor Jane, she is absolutely amazing. She does everything for me. She has opened so many doors. She has given me so many opportunities. I’m so grateful. She got me this far and I want to prove to her that I can do it. She has just done so much.

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 

4 DIY GIRL!: What other things have you done outside your course?

able to help?” I did 32 costumes in three months. That was quite a lot.

Daisy: I do quite a lot, outside of College. I make dresses for people, for example my family. If they are going out one night, they will be like would you be able to make me a top or anything. My cousin has even asked me to make her wedding dress for next year.

DIY GIRL!: How did you manage to meet the deadline?

DIY GIRL!: Is that going to be challenging for you? Daisy: Yes, that will be a bit of a challenge but with a bit of experience as well. My room is basically like a top studio. It’s got material everywhere. I’ve got a machine and mannequin too. DIY GIRL!: Are you always busy? Daisy: Yes. My mother goes pretty mad because my room has got material everywhere. DIY GIRL!: What can you say you have given back to City College? Daisy: I have given quiet a lot. I’ve done the costumes for Peter Pan (Pantomime at College). I had Ian (College Tutor), come up to me and just said, “I’ve heard about your dressmaking, would you be abe to help?” I did 32 costumes within 3

Daisy: To meet the tight deadline, I had some help from two girls in the first year class. They were a lot of help. And I’ve also done stuff for the film people, when they wanted to film what I do. I’ve also made covers for their cameras so I’ve been around College a bit and have met new people. So I’ve done my bit. DIY GIRL!: Besides college and sewing, what things do you do to relax?

Daisy: I like to hang out with my friends. Every Friday, we go to Nando’s and have a couple of drinks, just to get together. Also, usually once I am out of College, I head for Starbucks. My friends and I, are just addicted to Starbucks. We are either hanging out in there or we are out in the town. DIY GIRL!: Where do you see yourself, say in five or ten years time? Daisy: Hopefully, I will have my own clothing label or even be working with one of the big designers, just to get experience and their knowledge through, and stuff. But I would really love to have my own

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 

5 label and be able to do my bit in fashion. DIY GIRL!: Do you have any word you can say to young women out there? Daisy: Definitely. I think if you want something and you have a dream, I think you should go for it no matter what anyone says. For example, people used to take a mickey out of me like fashion designer, thus a piece of peas basically. And then you sort of think, well about it.. And then when you come to College you really think actually it’s not easy. There is a lot of work. But I think no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, as long as you are happy in what you want to do, just go for it.

Daisy’s special mannequins, in her room...

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 




here is every reason to go out there in Shirley. The snow, has snowed away and just around the corner is that recently opened Ladies and Gentleman’s Hair Salon. Having worked from one salon to another, Ida Broadway finally built up all the courage to start her own Unisex Hair Salon in

hair to permanently straight hair. Prices varying on how think or long your hair is. JAVA offers a variety of affordable services. As a young woman, it might have seemed a bigger risk to take, but looking back it seems worth it. This seemed a very challenging thing to do but with the continuous support Ida gets, this makes her stand within her business. JAVA Unisex Hair Styling is open from Tuesday to Friday (9:30am – 5:30pm), Saturdays (9am – 3:30pm) and closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Shirley. Accompanied by over a decade of experience in hair, JAVA was finally born, with a lot of encouragement and support from family and friends. Trendy haircuts and the most popular clinical hair treatments, has resulted in customers often coming back for more. JAVA uses award winning, Philip Kingsley Hair products. These products have succeeded in helping people with damaged hair and scalp problems, achieve great results, on regular use. Permanent hair straightening starts from as little as £80. This includes permanent hair straightening from frizzy or curly

To try any services at JAVA, visit the salon at No: 11 St James Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5FB. If not, simply book an appointment on 023 8178 0438 or email Quote “DIY Girl” (and present this advert) for 10% discount on all services.

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 



t’s phenomenal to see how young women explore diversity in various ways. DIY GIRL! went all the way to Bristol to share Eugenia’s passion in dancing. In Egypt, dating back to over 6000 years Belly Dancing was at the time, mainly linked with rituals of fertility. It was used to encourage women during giving birth. Today Belly Dancing is used as a social entertainment and is adopted as a form of public entertainment. Eugenia took advantage and not only made it a social but also a professional activity. Dancing is life to Eugenia as she revealed that she still travels to Egypt for further classes. “As today’s world rapidly evolves, so are the skills in Belly Dancing. That is why I need to keep up to date”. Eugenia’s friend, Chad, also added that all over the world, Eugenia has contacts, that is why she has to keep an eye on what is happening. As a young woman, it was fascinating to learn how Eugenia was making money from a raw talent. It needed dedication and continuous persistency to be able to keep up with the changes. Happy with her profession, Eugenia is proud to share that

she also goes around England for special events, if her mentors sees it worthy. It was revealed that in this industry, and in life generally, it was advisable to have mentors who positively guide us in our day to day growth. When it comes to keeping fit, Eugenia confessed that Belly Dancing on its own would not do her enough justice. Eugenia runs, does yoga and also plays with her dog. As an artistic woman, Eugenia also mentioned that there were a lot of things out there that young people can do in their lives so as to burn all the vibrant energy inside them. For example, young people could focus on singing, painting or drawing, just to name a few. Eugenia values good health. People are always asking her why she does not take any alcoholic drinks at all, but Eugenia only tells them how much she loves her dancing and hence always want to keep fit and healthy. On a closing note, Eugenia also stated that there are a lot of centres and clubs out there that young people can utilise in order for them to stay out of trouble.

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 




What can you see? Some say a vase. Some say two faces. I say both. Usually what people are told day in, day out is what tends to stick in their heads. Giving an example of the picture above, if the media told people that the picture presented to them, was a vase, people would see a vase. If later people were told the picture above, were two faces , people again, will start seeing two faces. It is what is constantly fed in people’s heads that tends to stick in their heads. The young generation today, is easily swept off by what they are made to see and what they are made to listen to. If for example, recognised OK or HEAT Magazine was to tell a young girl that in order for her to become a celebrity overnight, she would need to immediately lose weight from a dress size 12 to size 0, that girl would be forced to do likewise for the love of celebrity-life. Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 

9 DIY Girl! Magazine is set to make a difference. We are set not to pressure young women out there. We would not mislead young women but guide them positively. This has already proved highly favoured by organisations willing to associate, one way or the other, with DIY Girl! Magazine. There will be means to foresee that a positive message is sent out, to positively help vulnerable young women. A lot of young women, have a lot to share or a lot of opportunities to try, but without proper guidance, most of them would not even come up and do anything in life. Even if help would be around the corner, most young women would shun standing up and be counted. It’s about time a difference is made.

GROSVENOR VAT CONSULTANTS Are you stuck in a rut? Not sure how to go about with Valued Added Tax (VAT)? Young/ old or new entrepreneurs out there, you need not to worry any more. Mike is around the corner.

Mike Payne has worked in VAT for over 35 years. He was formerly a VAT Inspector with H M Customs and Excise for 17 years, for the last five years of which he was in charge of the Salisbury VAT office. He then joined a national firm, and for 15 years advised its clients on VAT, and the last 4 years, as a partner. From 2005 Mike has operated his own consultancy business, through which he is able to provide more flexible and practical advice. Mike provides advice to clients on all aspects of VAT and gives advice to other firms of accountants and solicitors who do not have their own VAT in-house expertise. Mike has a particular interest in the travel industry, education, training, charities and welfare services, in advising on the VAT issues, which are particularly complex. He is a member of the Association of Indirect Tax Practitioners. As an example of his practical and specialised approach he advises the Association of Learning Providers on VAT matters regularly giving seminars, attending conferences and exhibiting, to provide a readily accessible source of VAT advice to Training Providers, who suffer severe complexities in the application of VAT. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Mike’s seminars, clients have to date, benefited, by refunds totalling over £6 million pounds, and in addition enjoyed the benefits of more advantageous VAT treatment. His fee structures encourage clients to seek advice, where possible fees being tied to successful application of more cost effective and appropriate treatment.

Grosvenor VAT Consultants Salt Mill Barn, Old Salisbury Lane, Romsey, Hampshire S051 0GD Email: Fax: 0845 130 6381 Mobile: 07818 062915

Tel: 0845 130 6380

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 


“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” Rose doesn’t have a clue about “Balanced Diet”. She is 16 yeras old and watching TV is all she cares about. Most of the times, TV portrays the likes of Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Nina Ricci etc, as the most admirable and desirable women most young women (including Rose), envy to be. To fulfil her passion for reading, Rose always bought either an OK Magazine or HEAT Magazine to keep up-to-date with celebrities’ glamorous lives. In magazines, Rose will always be fed with ideas of eating a meal a day in order to look like Victoria Beckham or indulging yourself in the so called “Toothbrush desert” where Nina would go and through up everything she would have eaten, as means to maintain her size zero. Not forgetting the hot topic of Cheryl Cole who has been claimed wants to lose more weight as a bid to fit in the American celebrity lifestyle. What’s all this? Mental, of course but to Rose, that was how life was supposed to be. Emulating the media, Rose would follow one or two things she watches on TV or reads from magazines. Rose started hating some of the food cooked at home for the way they were cooked or simple because Victoria

or Nina also resented those foods. From a perfect size ten, beautiful Rose started trying to lose weight too, aiming to get to size eight for a start and later size six, if not zero. However, one day, Rose was invited to attend a New Heath Gallery, in Town. Reluctantly Rose went and amazingly, she was completely blown by what she saw. Immediately on entering the Gallery, there was this huge smiley picture tittled: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”. It was a plate full of an a p p e ti si n g m e a l . There were potatoes, red beans, sweet corn, b r u s s e l sprouts, carrots, topped around with some cheese. Rose stared at the plate for ages until the Gallery attendant came and asked her if everything was okay. Rose could not hide but confided with the attendant and said “I never thought food could be so eye catching and look so appetising at the same time”. Rose added “I have always hated potatoes but after seeing this picture, it immediately made me realise that people were missing a lot, when they chose to ignore some of the healthy foods out there”. Remember, “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”.

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 



The year has begun. We all want to do something about keeping fit, especially after all the chocolates and sweeties munched during Christmas. What if I can’t afford the £35 or so, monthly subscription at the gym? Why not DIY, wherever you are. If you have the love to keep fit but can’t afford it, follow the few demo steps below. Enjoy and most of all, keeping your wallet happy too. (1) Exercising can be made fun. Whether exercising or generally sitting down, it is advised to sit up straight. This will control stomach muscles as well as back muscles.

(3) Holding the edges of the chair, relax going down. Hold it for a while as you build your muscles.

(5) Sit properly back into the chair and relax.

(2) Firming arm and thigh muscles, sit on edge of the chair balancing with your hand on the edge.

(4) After a few seconds, lift yourself back to the edge of the chair. Repeat (3) and (4) for 5 minutes

(6) To shed the waistline from Christmas chocolates, both hands holding one side, twist to the left without moving your bottom part of your body. Hold it for a minute then relax.

(7) Still on same position, twist to the right, hold it for a minute then relax. Repeat step (6) and (7) for ten minutes then relax. If frequently done every day, if not every other day, significant results would be seen

Women, surely, that is worth a try, especially after all the Christmas munchies. Keep fit while having fun too!

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 


AWARD WINNING MANAGERESS AT 18 Sabrina Alime, proved how far determined women could go. In her untold world, Sabrina explained how she ended up where she is. It all started when Sabrina’s parents acquired a Londis shop with a Post Office service at the back. Sabrina’s mum manages the Londis shop while Sabrina immediately took over the management of the Post Office. Sabrina, works with two other ladies. It turned out to be a crucial time for Sabrina as at the time, she was also looking for a place at University to study Languages (Spanish and French). Sabrina successfully got a place at Glamorgan University. Having tasted Post Office challenges, Sabrina thought of binning Language Studies, opting for Accounting, instead. As someone who had always loved Maths and figures, Sabrina saw Accounting more compatible with her type of work as she added “It helps me especially at the Post Office. When working at the Post Office, it is different from when you are learning it, at the university. At the Post Office you are actually physically doing it. Whatever I read at university, I find it more useful now”. Hard working Sabrina travels to University at least four times a week. It takes her about 40 minutes by train to get there and dedicates her Friday and Saturdays to the Post Office. This leaves Sabrina with only Sundays, to have a break. Fortunately on Wednesdays, Sabrina does half days at university but, as a Manageress, she has to do “Balance” at the Post Office, basically checking everything in the Post Office like stock, cash, currency and so on. Given any discrepancy, Sabrina has to find it, sort it out and then rollover to the next trading day. Of all the days at work, Sabrina explained that this half day, was the most challenging as Post Offices were also checked by the government. Good management skills led to Sabrina increase their returns up to 20% on the first three months of managing the Post Office. This meant the balancing was appropriately done at all times without making any losses. As a result, Sabrina successfully scooped the Best Post Office Award of the whole southern region of England. Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 


This was a big surprise for Sabrina. Having barely put her feet down in the industry, Sabrina said “It was such an amazing feeling. I didn’t even see it coming. This has set me a standard I now have to ensure I continuously uphold. It is sometimes a bit scary though”. Being the only girl in her family and also been the eldest of them, Sabrina has to also play a sisterly role to her brothers. She is glad, they all get along well. Above all, Sabrina, took her mum as her best friend to confide in. Despite having both parents from Pakistan, Sabrina was also glad that her parents were not very cultural-restrictive with her. She was not forced to wear head scarf all the times. She admitted though, that she still followed their valued Ramadan (fasting) and Eid (Christmas). Having a strong bond with her mum especially, has made it easier for her to turn to her mum whenever in need. Sabrina stated that she was so lucky to have a family like hers.


Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 




Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 

15 This is Gamuchirai Nhengu, aged 18 years. Who would ever forget her when she cried a river, in the X-Factor. To most people, she got to be popularly known as the “X FACTOR REJECT”. Who wants to be adressed as a “REJECT”? Surely, no one but for Gamu, there was no way out. She echoed her voice during the X Factor auditions all the way to the boot camp where she was axed out as a “REJECT”. Dominating the media, at that time, for some, that could have immediately crashed their dreams. For some, the first place to go would have been their GP to seek solace with some antidepressants or something. For some, that could have meant crying a river for the rest of their lives. But for Gamu, that was a different story all together. That gave her more courage to stand up for herself. That gave her the power against all odds, to strongly hold onto her dreams with every reason to do so. As a choir girl, Gamu continued to work herself up, in the music business. While still wiping off her tears from being booted out from the X Factor, news came out that Gamu was going to release a single. On 13th December 2010, Gamu released a Christmas single which came as a surprise. Most famous singers, who have been in the industry for many years, don’t even have a Christmas song. Gamu went straight, to making one. It was all through perseverance and not looking back. Gamu had a dream and she believed in her dream. The New Year saw her even with great expectations. It was revealed that 50 Cents, the popularly know American Hip Hop Singer, succeeded amongst several recording companies to sign up Gamu a lucrative recording deal. It turns out Gamu is going to even get better record deals compared to some of the 2010 X Factor finalists. From being the popular “REJECT”, Gamu has gone straight to “REIGN”. Most artists struggle to make it to America, but for Gamu, it just happened over night. Even her two minute mentor, Cheryl Cole/Tweedy, is struggling to make it, in America. Some people would say “Fate brought me her” but for Game it could be better than that. Maybe her whole church prayed for her, we don’t know. Maybe we can get the best answer from 50 Cents. Or, the answer is simple “DON’T STOP BELIEVING”. People have different talents. Some people don’t get up when they stumble, while some people get up again, when they fall. It might not be easy but it always pays off to keep holding on, no matter what.


Harbour Lights Picturehouse, is located in Ocean Village, Southampton, SO14 3TL. Tel: 087 1902 5733

Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 


Do It Yourself Girl! met Sally White, City Reach Youth Project Lead Worker, and explored what the Project was all about. Most people are not even aware of local and free services they can use in their communities. Amongst the discovered ones, was City Reach. City Reach runs from centres in St Mary’s, Holyrood, and Northam. The projects have been running for about 20 years. City Reach is a charitable project managed by volunteers. The main reason why these projects were set up, was to facilitate a safe environment for children from five to twenty one years, to meet and play in harmony. With children going to 23 schools around the city, the Project saw a need to come up with means to get these kids together and provide socially, for them. A lot of activities are delivered. Some projects involved, are delivered in a fun way, to enable kids to have fun whilst learning about serious issues. To also accommodate some form of belonging and ownership, when the Northam 521 Centre was being built, the kids planned and designed all the colour schemes.

The young people also helped to design the decorations and subsequent redecorations at the St Mary’s (Underground) Centre. City Reach also works with some keen citizens in the community. Young people help to cook meals at Christmas for local residents. There has also been Clean Up Campaigns on different estates, in order to show a positive image for young people. City Reach do different programmes around culture, drugs, sexual health and related subjects. Where they have different ages of young people attending, they also try to explain some subjects at different levels for everyone’s understanding. City Reach deals with children from ages between five to twenty one years. One thing interestingly pointed out was that they are some people who use the services from when they first start school up to when they are 21. Sally pointed out “One unique thing about these projects is that we do go from young age right the way through. If a young person is going to go down the wrong pathway, if

City Reach Youth and Staff with the Blue Chip Staff. Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 


we didn’t get to work with them until they are older, or even in their teenage years, it is very hard trying to change things. But if we work with them from when they are a young age and educate them from a younger age, very often they go down the right pathway”. This was encouraging children to start using community services when they are still young so as to help them as they grow. City Reach helps young people deal with all of the basic stages of moving towards adulthood from when they first start school, through the transition from primary to secondary school and subsequently into work or higher education/ apprenticeship. City Reach is associated with various agencies. Recently, an IT specialist company called Blue

Chip and Canford School in Dosert, sponsored some young people from City Reach to go to Tanzania (Africa). City Reach has made two trips to Tanzania, to help with the building of an orphanage, now called the Light In Africa (visit About 14 Youths, seven from City Reach and seven from Canford School, a private school in Poole, went to Tanzania last year. This enriched the Youth with a different and positive way of appreciating life in general. Kandice Yates (turn to next page), was also interviewed sharing her journey with City Reach. Sally expressed how the funding cuts would make things hard for Projects, but remained positive as the Projects are really important to keep children off the streets and keep them in a safer environment while also educating them in a fun way. Outward bound activity weeks are also common.

City Reach Youth Project, helping in Tanzania.

Any children between the ages of five to twenty one, are welcome at City Reach. Volunteers are required. For more information, why not get in touch with contacts below. Help to make a difference in your community. City Reach Youth Project Northam Community Centre Kent Street Northam Southampton SO14 5SP Tel: 023 80334722 Email: Registered Charity No. 1086532 Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 




encouraging children to start using community we didn’t get to work with them until they are services when they are still young so as to help older, or even in their teenage years, it is very them astothey grow. hard trying to change things. But if we work Always great to see the young generation committed help in our communities. Kandice with them from when they are a young age and Yates aged 21, seemed to be amongst those sticking out. Kandice started associating hereducate them from a younger verywhen oftensheCity self with the City Reach Youthage, Project was Reach only fivehelps yearsyoung old. people deal with all of the basic stages of moving towards they go down the right pathway”. This was

Kandice started voluntarily working for the Project when she was 13 and became a paid worker at 18. Kandice is also currently working at JD Sports as a part time worker. This shows dedication to the community as Kandice has been loyal working with the City Reach Project for over eight years. Sharing her journey with City Reach, Kandice explained how she had grown to be a different person ever since working with the Project especially after the trip to Tanzania in 2008. This opened her eyes to another different way of life as she stated “I think it has changed my way of thinking about things and not just to waste things but to give more. It was really good experience”. She also explained the advantages of having younger workers or volunteers at the Project. This gave the younger users good role models and an opportunity, to easily approach the young staff members with no difficulties. Her journey at City Reach, has made Kandice grow and develop in different ways. She also loves to help young people out there, to grow as well. Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011  Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 


Here is your chance to be a real DIY Girl! There will be a DIY Girl! Engagement Forum, in April. Why not join us and share your dreams. Do you have something to inspire others? Why not take this opportunity to meet other women who will be sharing their stories. Besides, grab this opportunity to feature in our future magazines.

DIY Girl! ENGAGEMENT FORUM Date: Friday 15 April 2011 Time: 3 - 6pm Guest Speaker: 1st Lady, Samantha Cameron (to be confirmed) Venue: Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Ocean Village, Southampton, SO14 3TL NB: There will be limited spaces so, let us know as soon as possible at or leave a notice on our website at Do It Yourself Girl !                                                                            January/February 2011 

“Don’t miss our next issues. They will be packed with “Places  to eat”, “Pamper yourself”, “Fashion for less”, “Places to go for  fun” and a lot more. So don’t miss out.” 

do it yourself girl magazine issue 1  

do it yourself girl magazine issue 1

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