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Different types of Trade Show Equipment

There are various equipment to choose from for a trade show from portable tables to flooring and booths. Some of the common equipments are: 1. Table Throws and covers: These are used to give a presentable look to the booth. They are economical, pleasing and are convenient as most of them are suitable for machine wash and are flame resistant. 2. Portable Tables and counters: They are light weight made of plastic and are even scratch resistant. They are used for displaying logso of companies. 3. Trade Show Flooring: It enhances the appearance of the booth and the colour of the flooring can be chosen to complement the display. It is simple and takes less time to assemble. 4. Trade show cases: It is an important item required for a trade show. It is used for transporting products and other equipments to and from a trade show also used for storage and protection of the Trade Show Equipment when they are not in use.

5. Brochure stand: Presenting brochures on a brochure stand gives a professional appeal about the company and also grabs attention of visitors at the booth and the trade show. To conclude, trade shows are an effective and great way of advertising, promoting business and improving sales.

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Different types of trade show equipment