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Daniel Kwasi Twum -Acheampong Is Studying Civil Engineering From University Of Virginia

Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong is a student of University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, US. He is studying Civil Engineering from engineering college of the public research university. This is one of the oldest universities in the US and was established in 1819. The University was developed on a farmland owned by James Monroe, a former President of the United States and the idea to form the university was conceived and developed by US President Thomas Jefferson who was the founder of the University.

The University campus is included among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Before joining college, Acheampong was studying at Eastern Regional High School, Voorhees, New Jersey. He graduated from the school in June 2011. The teams of Easter are called Vikings. He developed keen interest in sports from the early years of schooling and played various games including soccer, golf, tennis, lacrosse, basketball and volleyball. He played soccer for the school team and was captain of the team.

While studying in school, Daniel Kwasi TwumAcheampong participated in various extracurricular activities. Music is his passion. He received awards for showing excellence in musicianship and guitarship. He is a hard working, ambitious student and is a member of National Honor Society. Even in college, he is part of various associations including Engineer Student Council, Sigma Nu Beta Chapter, and Inter Fraternity Council Judicial Committee.

The Engineering student Council organizes events for university's engineering community and contacts companies to send representatives for annual career fair. The Sigma Nu Beta Chapter is involved with community service and organizes gatherings of students. Inter Fraternity Council Judicial Committee investigates fraternity related complaints and incidents.

Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong utilizes his summer breaks for acquiring work experience. During summer vacations in 2012, he worked at Kresson View Center Nursing Home in Voorhees, NJ and served food to residents and patients according to their diet plans. He set up dining areas in patient rooms and the dining hall. In summer of 2011, he completed his internship at Drexel Medical School in Philadelphia, PA.

He learned proper medical procedures and techniques of research. Before that, he volunteered as Sunday School Supervisor at Ashland Church, Voorhees, NJ from 2008 to 2011. Here, he taught children of age 3 to 6, and planned, implemented, and supervised their activities. He is a good soccer player and has a promising career in Soccer.

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Daniel Kwasi Twum -Acheampong  

Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong is a student of University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, US. Daniel Kwasi Twum-Acheampong utilizes h...

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