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Τhe 10 Most Popular and Totally Outstanding Gorges of Rethymno BBC Good Food: Top 10 foods to try in Crete

CRETE RUNS OUT OF BEDS Four million visitors expected in 2017

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Live @ Love @ Laugh Holla

Posters... Our Fist Salut for this season. by Pandelis Spiridakis Journalist But we really feel that we don’t need to break leg or smash down a pomegranate, cause good work always pays. And if it goes with your own heartbeat : bom bom, bombom, bom bom ...then you ‘re really lucky! So Rethymno Posters let’s get started earlier this season. Last year it was June but this one we started March so that we can keep our newspaper in our hands on April. Good summer, better quality

tourism and more favorable expectations has already creayed a better atmosphere at the locals. Compared to last year complaining ,nagging and murmur , this time people working on tourism look different. Yes, we have the ‘’plot’’: sun, sea, mountains, cretan gastronomy, trees, beaches bla bla bla, but these are not enough. People, smiles, companionships, neighbourhoods, treats and a friend’s hand are the fillers. The things that are filling and give THE Meaning to the plot! Otherwise an empty beautiful plot is just shallow.

Articles, stories, Rethymno Guiding Secrets, foods, sports, people, local roads and so many other little every day things are getting in your Bestie Paper. Cause that’s what it actually is... From Aplil to September the most Rethymnable pages you can ever find. We walk all though Rethymn on foot. We do it for you. We ask the storers, the villagers, the boat guys and take all the information for your best tour, walk, food, excursion... One Feeling: Like You Walk, Ask and Find on Your Own. Like you Have Been There... That‘ s our plan! It’s the feeling... So read, mark, let Rethymno

Post protrude to your rucksack... even crimp the page you find interesting and we are all set! April gives usually the idea and May brings the Live Xperience. SO GIVE IT YOUR BESTIE my Rethymno Posters Happy Joyful April everybody! Pantelis spiridakisp@gmail.com • ht t p s : / / w w w. f a ce b o o k . com/pantelis.spiridakis.7 • https://twitter.com/spiridakispante • https://www.instagram. com/spiridakispantelis/

Top villages you have to visit in Rethymno Prefecture “It is not a place you go to... it is a place where you return” The

Prefecture of Rethymno is the heart of the island of Crete and one of the most beautiful places in Greece. It is built between the modern day capital of the island, Heraklion, and the ancient capital of Chania. Rethymnon is the third largest city of the island and is a fascinating combination of old and new: In the old quarter, evidence of Rethymnon’s Venetian and Ottoman past is all around one. Rethymno and its vilon s click ost.gr w e n re lages are live postcards, ep for mo ttp://cret h which are pervaded by the aroma of Cretan cuisine and the sound of the Cretan lyre. The great number of visitors who return repeatedly confirms the words of the poet: ”Rethymno is not a place where you go to, but a place where you return.”

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Discover the 10 best Rethymno villages you should visit... Anogia : It stands at an altitude of 750 metres on Mount Psiloritis, the highest mountain of Crete, and about 50 km east of Rethymno Town. Due to its secluded location, the village retains its strong authentic character, the local customs, traditional costumes and its old Cretan dialect. Birthplace of the famous Cretan singer and composer Nikos Xilouris, Anogia has a great musical tradition and many excellent singers and lyre (a local instrument called lyra in Greek) players are originated from here. Some are still living in the village and can be heard playing during the cultural festival of Anogia in mid-August Plakias is a traditional fishing village located 40 km south of Rethymno town. The village welcomes numerous visitors who are charmed by this pretty and picturesque settlement. The sandy beach stretches for more than 1 kilometre with amazing crystalline waters. Some superb beaches can also be found in the surrounding area, such as the coves of Souda, Amoudi and Damioni, with white sand and appealing crystal clear waters. Plakias is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Crete offering numerous accommo-

dations of all types, plenty of restaurants and fish taverns, lively bars and clubs and sunny cafes. Boats depart regularly for the famous Preveli Monastery, the imposing Frangokastello and the coastal village of Agia Galini from the port of Plakias.

non Town. Preserving its traditional architecture, Agios Vasilios has small stone houses and narrow streets. The natural surrounding of Agios Vasilios is lush green and consists of plane trees and fur trees. Two famous gorges are also closeby, Kourtaliotiko Gorge and Myli Rethymno: The village Kotsifou Gorge, ideal for trekactually consists of two settle- king. ments, Paleoi (old) and Neoi (new) Myli. Only 7 kilome- Triopetra: Ιts name comes tres separate the village from from its dominating feature: Rethymno Town, while it counts three impressive rocks that on 40 permanent inhabitants emerge from the blue sea: two most of whom are engaged in strands make it up – Large (at farming and cattle - breeding. the west) and Little (at the east). The picturesque village of Pa- Essentially this division is occaleoi Myli was constructed on sioned by a small promontory the borders of a river and had that so creates two bays: this many watermills projecting land terminates in the three rocks mentioned, Spili is a picturesque village they are impressive geological located at an altitude of 430 formations. Beside them is a metres and 28 km south-east magnificent and spacious cave, of Rethymno Town. Due to which you can visit and partake its fabulous location the vil- of its shade. lage offers an astonishing The beach is sandy, with crysview to the sea and the entire tal-clear water – and breathtaksurrounding filled with trees, ing sunsets: a perfect setting fountains, springs and chapels for peace and quiet and so reand churches with wonderful laxation. murals. The main square of the It is not a coincidence that a village is lovely and has a fine Yoga centre has chosen to stone fountain constituted by a operate here: in the summer row of stone carved lion heads months, it offers accommodafrom where crystal clear water tion and conducts lessons on flows. the beach; at night meditation sessions are conducted by the Μyrthios seaside, under the starry heavAt a distance of 20 km south ens. of Rethymnon Town and at an Little Triopetra is a mildly oraltitude of 480 metres, there is ganized beach – umbrellas, Myrthios, a traditional village sunbeds and showers, whilst with stone houses and beau- nearby you will find tavernas tiful nature. Myrthios is a tiny and rent-rooms. At the east settlement of 80 permanent in- end, called Stomio (the Mouth), habitants who deal mostly with there exists a small harbour. agriculture and cattle breed- Melambes is found on the old ing. The closest large village is road from Rethymnon Town Prassies, about 8 km away. to Agia Galini. A winding road leads to this lovely village with Agios Vasilios is a small vil- the stone houses and the wild lage in the inland of Rethymno, mountainsides. In the middle about 27 km south of Rethym- of the square of the village,

there is a monument. Many churches are found all around Melambes. There are some tourist facilities there, such as studios, mini-markets, a tavern and few cafes. The closest developed resort is Agia Galini, about 5 km away. Agia Galini is a pretty coastal village lying around the sheltered bay of Messara which opens to the Libyan Sea. The village is located 55 km south east of Rethymno town and 75 km from Heraklion. On the eastern side of the bay, where the village coils up, many marine caves hide in the rocky shores and can be visited by boats which regularly leave from the port of Agia Galini. Those wonderful caves are really worth the visit because of the astonishing light effects created by the rays of the sun on the blue sea. Frequent boat excursions are organized to the southern part of Crete. The village Rodakino is located 45km southeast of Rethymno city, on the exit of a steep canyon that runs across the mountain Kryoneritis, a few kilometers west of Plakias resort and east of Fragokastelo. This traditional village is built on both sides of the gorge, which separates it into two sub-villages, namely Kato and Ano Rodakino. The village overlooks the deep blue Libyan Sea. The village’s name means peach in Greek, taken after a peach tree that grew here, despite the dry climate of the region. Others say that the gorge was called Rikinthos, that was later paraphrased to Rodakino. At the exit of the river that runs in the canyon, 2km south of the village, there are many beautiful and tranquil beaches. To visit them you should take the road that leads to Korakas.

Sinatsakis Villas

Something different at the village of Pigi

Sinatsakis villas located in a

This experience was that made him realize the meaning of the right hospitality and the appropriate infrastructure A Big HOTEL usually sticks in common problems... The big number of the clients brings a negative issue: Τhey

People there often miss their privacy! So Matthew felt the desire to create a small business that respects the visitors and to assist them 24hr in everything they need as a friend and a happy host... and not as manager.

fessionalism together. Check out the website for more photos, videos and informations: www.sinatsakisvillas.gr And don’t hesitate to dare and make now the reservation – surpse in the e-mail: sinatsakisvillas@yahoo.com and earn

- 10 kilometers away from the town of Rethymno -14 kilometers away from Arkadi Monastery - 2 kilometers from the sandy beach of Pigianos kampos. It is in the middle of two prefectures Chania and Heraklion so you can visit twice as many destinations as you wish during your vacation. The villas were created by a young man named Sinatsakis Mathew in 2016. Mathew is 25 years old and studied in the Tourism Professions School from 2008 to 2010. He worked in great hotels as a waiter and later as a reception assistant.

treat the hotel customers as room numbers, and not as people. And there is the other matter.

If you decide to stay in Sinatsakis villas get ready to learn what does hospitality actually means, Cretan luxury and pro-

-20% discount !!! (you can ask everything you want at e-mail about the villas, the values and the availability).

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peaceful and graphic village of Crete named Pigi. Pigi is a large village with pharmacy, mini market, butcher shop, tavern, n o cafe bar, bakery, basket s click ost.gr re new ep for mo ttp://cret court and playground h

Crete runs out of beds

Four million visitors expected in 2017 Greece is turning out to be

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a bestseller for tourism this year, with demand being so high that hotels have already started to run out of available rooms. According to announcements being made by a series of European and Russian tour operators, the number of tourists wanting to visit this year, is bigger than the number that Greece can acck on ws cli post.gr e n e r e tually accommodate! for mo ttp://cret h As a result of this huge increase in bookings, as is being seen from the sales of the biggest tourist organisations around the world, the hotels in the most popular destinations such as, Crete, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Corfu, Santorini, and Mykonos, have already called for “stop sales” for the dates between 15th June and 15th September 2017, due to overbookings. In order to deal with the surge in demand for Greece, many foreign tour companies are extending their holiday packages, to include smaller hotels and self catering accommodation, such as apartments and rooms. Last year, around 28 million people visited Greece and this year, that figure is expected to be over 30 million according to the more modest forecasts. Greece is being asked to host an unprecedentedly high number of visitors – triple its own

population, whilst there are areas, such as Crete, who is being called this year, to accommodate 4 million tourists, when the normal population on the island is only a mere 800,000. The Ministry for Tourism can now see their planning paying off, but efforts continue for the growth of up and coming areas, such as Peloponnese, Thasos, the Sporades and a more even “spread” of tourists throughout the Country. In addition, and in cooperation with airlines and tour operators, they are working on the extension of the summer season, from April until November. The season has already begun

in some of the more popular areas such as Crete, Rhodes, Santorini and Zakynthos and in 2017, high occupancies are not expected to be limited to the “high season” months alone. Good occupancies are expected early on due to the common dates for Easter between Catholic and Orthodox countries, with charter flights programmed to commence much sooner than previous years. The Minister, Ms. Elena Koundoura, is determined to increase the numbers of passengers arriving into Greece from the non-Schengen countries of Russia, Israel, U.S.A. China and Arab countries, as the statistics

show that tourist from these countries spend more during their holidays in Greece and in the majority of cases, they have a higher level of income. The next target of the Minister and the Ministry, is India which is a huge market that travels regularly in Europe and there is no reason why Greece could not gain a “piece” of that market, starting this year. It seems, that the positive progress of the tourist industry in Greece in 2017 will bring important help for the economy, with possibly as much as an additional 1 billion immediate income, and helping national growth with an estimated +2,7%, overall for the year.



The reliable choice in your transportations

Αγοράστε online το εισιτήριο σας You can buy online your ticket

www.e-ktel.com email: info@e-ktel.gr Kydonias & Parth. Kelaidi, Chania 73100 Information : 2821 093052 Storehouse : 2821 97497

Kefalogiannidon Street, Rethymnon 74100 Information : 2831 022785 Storehouse : 2831 022659

Τhe 10 Most Popular and Totally Outstanding Gorges of Rethymno Rethymnon

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hosts several accessible beautiful canyons. The most famous is the Gorge Kourtaliotiko, in which flows the river Megalos that ends at the beautiful beach of Preveli with the dreamy palm grove. The gorge has the largest quantity of water in Crete and river trekking along its bed, from the springs to the beach, is an exciting experience. Other hiking-friendly canyons of Rethymnon include the twin Kollita gorges at the area of Argyroupon click o r s w e lis, the gorge Kotsifos re n ost.g for mo p://cretep t ht by Plakias, the gorge of Saint Anthony at Patsos, the gorge Prasano and the gorge Platania. Next to the town of Rethymnon there are the lush canyons of Myli, Vederi and Gallos. The Gorge of Kourtaliotis is located 22km south of Rethymno and has a length of 3km. It is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Rethymnon. It starts from the village Koxare and flows between the mountains Kouroupis (984 m) and Xiro Oros (Dry Mountain - 904m). The huge cliffs of the canyon reach a height of 600 meters and are full of openings and caves, where significant fauna species live. The canyon is crossed by the Kourtaliotis River which flows up to Lake Preveli, after merging with Frati Gorge. In its latest part it is called Big River. It is a wonderful gorge worth visiting and trekking along its riverbed, while playing with water. The canyon is crossed by a road, but walking in it is really nice. By following the steps at the side of street Koxare – Asomatos, you reach the bottom of the gorge, where the church of St. Nicholas is located. The springs of Kourtaliotis, near the chapel, are one of the nicest attractions of the gorge. The gorge of Patsos or Agios Antonios is located 8 km southwest of the Monastery of Arkadi, in the heart of the lush province of Amari. The water of the gorge is poured in the the dam of Potamoi. Trekking in the gorge is very easy, since it is managed by the Forest Service. Mili Gorge is a stunning green oasis near the town of Rethymno. It is actuallya ravine inside which hosts a huge number of plants and trees, a real botanic garden. It is located north of the village Chromonastiri and

south of Xero Chorio. In recent years it attracts many walkers who trek along a nice trail. Kollita Gorges, i.e. Twin Ravines are located nearby the picturesque village Argyroupolis, about 22km southwest of Rethymnon city. They are named so, as they consist of two parallel canyons that end near Kato Poros settlement. Here we refer to the easternmost gorge of Moundros. Margarites is a village, well known for its marvelous architecture and the traditional pottery. However, in the wider area

of the villages of Margarites, Orthe and Eleftherna appear a series of small, parallel gorges. Small streams such as Margaritianos flow towards the north and are tributaries of the Geropotamos River. The gorges are developed in white-yellow marly limestone of the Upper Miocene period (8-10 million years ago) as a result of the uplift of the whole area and the erosion by water. Petres Gorge is located 13km west of Rethymno and its mouth is situated on the beach of Episkopi. The river of

the gorge is fed by the waters of Kollita Gorges and the surrounding area, covering almost half Rethymnon Prefecture. It has water all year round and forms an important wetland of Crete, especially at its mouth near Episkopi. The canyon Kakoperatos is located by Agios Vasilios village at the province of Agios Vasilios. It’s a tributary of the Megalos River (Kourtaliotis) and as its name suggests (bad passage in Greek) it cannot be accessed from humans The Gorge of Arkadi starts just north of the Arkadi monastery and after a scenic route of 2 hours (some parts along the bed of the gorge as it is inaccessible), it ends near the village Pikris, where visitors can admire important Venetian architectural monuments. In the gorge of the exceptional natural beauty, the visitor has the opportunity to admire representative species of Cretan flora and fossils. The canyon of Zoniana is located south of Zoniana village. Starting at an altitude of 950m, it ends at the village at an altitude of 650m. Through the gorge runs the “serpentine” Oaxis river that has water till spring. The gorge is easily accessible and safe for hiking, as its slope is small. The canyon is formed north of Rodakino village and is inaccessible without the use of canyoning equipment. It starts south of the summit of Kryoneritis Mount and after 5km it merges with the canyon of Sykia, just before reaching the bridge of Rodakino.

Yiorgos Hatziparaskos: Filo Pastry Chef (last of the Mohicans!) Yiorgos

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Hatziparaskos is consistently proving that, turning out handmade filo dough with the belief that quality is better than quantity, and that patience and skill are two more ingredients that help define such a quality product. And Yiorgos clearly enjoys his work. He plays the showman for groups who come to see him work, but you can see in the way that he handles the dough and from the aura he exudes while he putters around in a cloud of flour that n click o st.gr s w e it’s not a chore for him, re n epo for mo ttp://cret h but a pleasure. When someone is so excited about what they’re doing, it makes you all the more excited to be a part of it. And with Yiorgos’s excitement, flour, water, oil and salt became a simply complex wonder. He is one of the last traditional Filo Masters in all of Greece. He makes super-fine pastry by hand in his traditional workshop. He has been doing this for over 60 years, ably assisted by his wife Katerina for the last 50. The Baklava and Kataifi is by far the best I have ever eaten. If you are ever in Rethymno, Crete, indulge yourself. For over half a century Yiorgos Haziparaskos has been busy in his workshop on Manouil Bernardou Street in the Old Town of Rethymno, making Kadaifi in the traditional way, just as he did when he started: syrup, nuts, lot’s of love and passion and ofcourse with the handmade filo pastry made in the traditional way. He has been doing this job since 1946, when he was 25 years old, first as an apprentice and from 1958 till today in his own shop, in the same place in the Old Town. If you by chance should meet him when he opens his shop, don’t

be surprised if he arrives with his bicycle, defying the Doctors who have on many occasions advised him to retire. His laboratory is a large high-ceiling room. Bare white walls surround a bench completely covered with burlap. A sour smell of flour fills the Venetian room. Mister George does not speak much. He works with quick, sure movements. We watched him carefully while he was making the filo. Ahh… an act of pure magic! It’s really a pleasure to see him open the filo by pulling the dough like rubber until he opens it up to diameter greater than 2 – 2.5 meters! It looks like a huge sheet made out of dough. With a highly skilful gesture he throws the dough in the air which lands and settles on the huge bench covered with the brown burlap. For a few moments the dough looks like an extra-large white donut! And then he starts again from scratch… an astonishing, never-ending “dough-juggler”. His laboratory is a large high-ceiling room. Bare white

walls surround a bench completely covered with burlap. A sour smell of flour fills the Venetian room. Mister George does not speak much. He works with quick, sure movements. We watched him carefully while he was making the filo. Ahh… an act of pure magic! It’s really a pleasure to see him open the filo by pulling the dough like rubber until he opens it up to diameter greater than 2 – 2.5 meters! It looks like a huge sheet made out of dough. With a highly skilful gesture he throws the dough in the air which lands and settles on the huge bench covered with the brown burlap. For a few moments the dough looks like an extra-large white donut! And then he starts again from scratch… an astonishing, never-ending “dough-juggler”. Mister George originally came from Asia Minor and he has been doing the same job in this same way for over fifty years. He works only when there is enough moisture, has his whims and impulses and

he does not want any spectators in this unusual show. The dough has its own rules and limitations. Moreover, it dries by itself… His wife, Mrs. Catherina, helps him pave the burlap and offers us baklava made with what else – their own exquisite filo! Off to the side, Yiorgos’s wife silently cuts small pieces of baklava, crunchy pastries of her husband’s product layered with pistachios and dripping with honey; you can’t leave without trying something that showcases his hard work in its intended form. Her quiet sales pitch works, and the product speaks for itself. The flaky pastry crackles and breaks cleanly, without the usual cascading shards sputtering out of your mouth. This means it’s hasn’t lost its texture, but it’s still moist enough to stay together. It’s everything you could want from filo dough. He really is a unique, gifted and humble man. If you’re ever in the vicinity, go and greet the man, I’m sure that it will be worth your while.

Find your Ithaca in Rethymno Crete offers countless choic-

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es in its unique physical environment, with great variety of routes in the inland and countless kilometers of beach. Rethymno is rich in monuments of great beauty like temples, monasteries, Venetian villages and castles. A living historical and cultural tradition is inviting the visitor for enjoyment, exploration and for a get to know with the soul of Crete which will remain in your heart! Discover Your Own Hotel Style in the One Dream Especially for you... Odyssia beach Hotel is a family managed three plus star hotel situated in the north side of Crete in n o k the county of Rethyms clic .gr re new st for mo p://cretepo no and in the region htt of Missiria, only 3 Km from the Center of the old Venetian

town of Rethymno. Rethymno is between the two biggest cities of Crete- Heraklion and Chania - in an exceptional position, exactly on the beautiful sandy beach of Rethymno, with total length of 15 km. it is the longest beach of all Crete! It has 104 rooms with availability to accommodate up to 350 people. One of its great advantages is that it has immediate access to the beach giving the impression that you are still in the hotel even when you are in the sea having your bath or enjoying the sun at the beach. Odyssia Beach Hotel 18 Mandilara Str, 74100 Missiria, Rethymno, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874, 50020 | Fax: +30 28310 54906 | E-mail: info@odyssia.gr

If you are looking for something special that will make you feel privileged.... The Omiros Boutique Hotel is a new hotel compound offering luxurious accommodation. Located in the north of the

the-art hotel compound has been designed in striking colour combinations that blend in with the surrounding landscape. The interior design of the rooms is based predominantly on wood and glass, creating

and equipment are designed to blend in perfectly with the courtyard and the swimming pool. This style is reminiscent of ancient Greek courtyards. The reception, the snack bar, and the open-plan kitchen designed for show cooking, the lounge and dining area, the library complete with PC and printer and a large-screen TV all form a harmonized unit. Guests preferring to start their day with breakfast outdoors or those who enjoy their lunch or dinner al fresco are welcome to use the garden with its sun-filled veranda and the swimming pool area with its comfortable lounge chairs that invite you to relax.

Your choices !!! Ionias, Rethymno Town, 74100, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874 or +30 28310 50020 Fax: +30 28310 54906 E-mail: info@omirosboutiqueRethymnon district in the Mi- an ambience that is bound to hotel.com siria region, the hotel is situat- bring you back to Omiros Boued a mere 150 meters from the tique Hotel time and again. Choose from 16 luxurious and beach and 3 km from down- Omiros recommends the vaca- spacious rooms, Junior Suites, town Rethymnon. In operation tion mini - world ...you want to King Suites and One-Bedroom since 2015, the hotel features sink in... Suites and wind down in a all the amenities that ensure a As you enter the complex, you light-filled, beautifully decoratluxurious holiday. The state-of- will find that all furnishings ed room featuring ornamental wood elements on the ceilings and furniture. Experience moments of pure relaxation on the hotel’s veranda adjacent to the swimming pool or on the beach. Start your day with a light snack, coffee and refreshing drinks from the bar, or enjoy your breakfast on the veranda, at the swimming-pool, or in your room. Feel the Magic ...by deciphering the secret code!

Not even one more summer... same, predictable or usual?

That’s the idea? Any details to fix the difference? Keyword is Tropic nature protection, Creates an environment that distinguishes the beauty and relaxation! Changes your space into an Exotic Paradise!! Stand out, be different! Since 2001 TROPIC started a business that suceeded to subvert traditional forms of housing-shading-building and give an ‘’exotic air “ in many spaces throughout Greece and abroad. Their mission from the beginning was to provide projects with excellent performance, quality, style and value, in order to surpass the expectations of the customers. From the exclusive Constructions up to the functional

Beach and Pool Products, you have everything you need to create your dream spaces and provide your guests an environment that distinguish beauty and relaxation. Now, after so many years of successful presence and

social responsibility and total customer and employee satisfaction. Whatever your dreams or goals are, TROPIC is here to help anytime, anywhere . They are here to inspire beautiful decoration for any outdoor space through catalogs, website, by phone or appointment in your space. To adapt to new trends of each season, stay connected for sharing fresh ideas that will inspire you every day. This Summer Can Be So Much Different... It’s Up to YOU!!!

warmly received by all customers this mission guides even more, motivates and encourages to continue with joy and optimism effort getting better results in terms of research, de- Call Tropic: +30 28240 31550 sign, manufacture and service Neriana, Chania 73002, Crete With a philosophy based on E-mail : infotropic.gr

for more n ews click o n http://cre tepost.gr

from all corners of the world jet off to Old City of Rethimno to dip into its small flowered roas and stroll through the local people while soaking in the Cretan culture, traditions and unique flair. Top of everyone’s list is AXOS collection with delicious food and drinks! On behalf of all you food lovers out there, I have put together a Great Surprise! ucts Free Tasting Experience by the Souliou 26 - 28 Rethymno Axos Team and all the things Tel. 2831400091, Fb axosshop you need to taste. Email : axosshop@yahoo.gr Axos Cretan Traditional ProdA landmark for any gourmand traveler, this classic tasting corner of one of the most pleasurable food & drinks neighbourhood welcomes you with a very best treat , in which every visitor reacts with laughs and a big Ooooooooh!!!

Raki, cretan cheese, rakomelo, virgin local oil from the Rethymno villages gives the very best first opinion ...Adore it? It has been described as a fun and informative way to taste, ask and learn about Cretan wines and cheeses. Cretan Tsikoudia, or otherwise Raki, is the island’s most famous drink. Axos will offer you a shot of

Tsikoudia-no wonder they know how to hold their drink-practice makes perfect! Tsikoudia is made from the leftovers of wine and accompanies any Cretan dish! The whole tasting experience in Axos shop always creates the best company in the whole neighbourhood , making the rumour of the cretan hospitality a live experience which diffuses the interactive energy amongst people all over different countries in the most happy and extrovert way! A Game you Certainly don’t want to miss... Salute !



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Axos... All Crete in a shop!

Donkey Riding in Crete for Adults and Children Another way to get the real


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Cretan feeling is a ride on a donkey. Donkeys are very gentle animals and offer a very peaceful ride. These tours are ideal for children and light adults. Donkeys were very popular in Greece untils the end of 60’s. Each family, lived in the countryside, had it’s own donkey that mainly used for movings and agricultural activities. Unfortunately, in our days donkey is a species on the brink of extinction. Donkey is a very gentle and patient animal and offers a very peachful ride. Our guests from Europe, get surprised and live an unforgotten experience when choosing a donkey ride! n o The donkey rides mays click .gr re new st be guided or non-guidfor mo p://cretepo htt ed. In the guided tours, our guests ride the donkeys, and our personnel lead the riding group on foot. The duration of the guided tours can be about 20 minutes up to 4 hours. In the non-guided tours you can go out toward the mountains for an hour or longer. In this case, the parents will lead the donkey while the children ride. It’s desirable that they have a little riding experience. We will give you a route description and detailed information about the visiting area as well as the appropriate equipment. In many cases, our donkeys are requested to participate in traditional greek weddings and other cultural events. Donkey Mountain Trip This trip starts from the horse riding center in Damnoni towards the mountains around Plakias, following the “Avlaka”. Avlakas is a water-channel that irrigates all the farms of the area, with water coming from the springs of “Kourtaliotis” river. The riders will enjoy a slow ride among paths with luxuriant vegetation because of the

water, and will meet the Cretan flora and fauna: herds of sheep, meadows with wild flowers and olive groves. The spectacle is very bucolic. Taking the way back, the riders will enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains around Plakias and the valley of Damnoni.

and enjoy the view of the small mountains around Plakias. Donkey MirthiosTrip This trip starts from the horse riding center in Damnoni with direction to “Mirthios”, a traditional village located at the top of the hills, following the “Avlaka”. Avlakas is a water-channel that irrigates all the farms of the area, with water coming from the springs of “Kourtaliotis” river. The riders will pass through amazing paths with luxuriant vegetation because of the water, and will meet the Cretan flora and fauna: herds of sheep, meadows with wild flowers and olive groves. By arriving at the village, the caravan will stop at the traditional springs of the village for refreshment and relaxing, and the riders will taste the crystal clear water of the springs. The spectacle is very bucolic. Taking the way back, the riders will enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains around Plakias and a panoramic breath-taking view to Plakias bay.

Donkey Damnoni Trip This trip takes the riders to an amazing ride beside the sea, with direction to Damnoni and Ammoudi beaches. Starting from the horse riding center, the riders follow a path through flowers and olive groves with direction to Damnoni beach. During this short path they can enjoy the flora and fauna of south Crete as well as the view to the Damnoni beach. By arriving at the beach, the riders follow a path beside the sea to the east, with direction to Ammoudi Beach. The view of the coast of southern Crete and the Libyan Sea is fantastic. After exploring the Ammoudi Beach, the riders take the way back, where they can discern the top of the White Mountains Donkey Mariou Trip (usually with snow until June) This trip starts from the horse

riding center in Damnoni with direction to “Mariou”, a traditional small village located at the top of the hills, following the “Avlaka”. Avlakas is a water-channel that irrigates all the farms of the area, with water coming from the springs of “Kourtaliotis” river. The riders will pass through amazing paths with luxuriant vegetation because of the water, and will meet the Cretan flora and fauna: herds of sheep, meadows with wild flowers and olive groves, until they reach the Mariou village. The spectacle is very bucolic. Taking the way back, the riders will enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains around Plakias and a panoramic breath-taking view to the valley of Damnoni and Plakias bay. All the riding tours on the beaches of Plakias, the olive groves, or the surrounding mountains are amazing and very picturesque. The scenery with it’s beautiful flora and fauna is very enjoyable to take at an easy pace,but also suitable for active riding.

Test your taste sense in Asikiko

Local products, traditional recipes, unique flavors The most Famous sidewalk...

in the Old Town of Rethymno... is the first thing everybody is searching. Everybody though soon realises that he doesn’t have to ask, or search or look at google Maps. There are secrets to be revealed here Asikiko is the first spot everybody wants to go. How ? Lead your steps according to 1. the laughs you listen 2. the smells of cretan cuisine you smell 3. the great music you hear 4. the minaret everybody is photographing... Asikiko is the most highly guaranteed Crete Traditional Restaurant with a menu you will never forget, cretan fla-

ond and third time.

The 3 advantages of Asikiko – perfect cretan original recipes – smiley staff – oriental culture, smoking shisha The dishes you shouldn’t miss to taste: • split peas with caramelised onion • crunchy potato peels with cream, cheese & bacon • juicy pork bites with mustard and smashed potatoes with leek vours you will mention to your 13, Emmanouil Venardou str., • lamp meat in the oven cooked traditionally as friends and Rethymno people Old City of Rethymno home made delicious Crefull of madness and company Telephone: 2831 042496 tan Food you can’t resist… mood to share the best mo- It certainly constitutes the best ments! haunt you will return and sec- Be A First Class Guest !

for more n ews click o n http://cre tepost.gr

Taste something different but traditional in Mio Gusto Mediterranean cuisine with fresh local products Wondering around the cen-


food & wine

tral beach road of Rethymno is a destination every visitor adores. The best pizza in town …seaside listening, eating , enjoying & biting the absolute summer fetish. Mediterranean menu at the mediterranean landscape? Irresistable. Cuisines that you can enjoy at Mio Gusto include Greek, Hamburgers, Italian, Seafood, Vegetarian, Continental, Café, Pizza & Pasta, Grill and Fish & Chips. Mio Gusto is also good for Breakfast/Brunch, Reservations, Delivery and Late Night. Giannis Gioukakis welcomes

or pesto sauce will compliment a good pizza very well. Monitoring the consistency of the sauce…is delicious! One plan for a great menu is also the so home – cooked spaghetti and risotto. The basic instict everyone admitts is that when the cookman is at the same time the host… everyone giving the best in- U Know what? gredients, the most delicate Less is more: not more than 6- Everything fresh... even the tosmells and the appetite that 7 toppings for a pizza. Mixes mato for the pizza sauce, That makes the difference. and matches the right tastes wants some more. Ari Velouchioti 56, Rethymno So you can make it Your Gusto , Gianni’s Pizza Secrets? Mio Gusto pays you back in the 741 00 • Adding olive oil best way… • Rolling out the dough by Τelephone 2831 054063 hand Email miogustogioukakis@ The best pizza in town …seaside is Definitely a “Mio Gusto” gmail.com • Making pizza crust crispy • Picking the sauce Gentle cream cheese, hummus Matter !

BBC Good Food: Top 10 foods to try in Crete

Crete stands free of mainland

Greece, complex and proud with wild, mountainous terrain and a strong traditional culture. Cretan cuisine is renowned both in Greece and internationally for its unique ingredients and flavours. Based on simple techniques, it’s the variety of local produce that distinguishes the dishes: mountain herbs and greens, bulbs, unique cheeses, fresh fish, the famous Cretan oil, and raki a bracing grape brandy. Don’t leave Crete without trying… Cretan Cheeses It seems that almost every Cretan village has its own signature cheese. They are usually made from sheep or goat’s milk, or a combination of both and each cheese variety has its local interpretation. Of the legion of delicious cheeses, look for graviera, a harder cheese that’s sweeter when new, but nutty and flavourful after aging. Soft, creamy cheeses, abound like pichtogalo Chanion, which has

p. 20

food & wine

n click o news tepost.gr e r o /cre for m http:/

AOC protection, or myzithra, a young whey cheese with a lovely mild taste. Dakos The ever-popular dakos is known by regional names throughout Crete…some call it koukouvagia (literally ‘owl’); in the east they call itkouloukopsomo (literally ‘puppy bread’). What is it? A fantastic Greekmeze or salad reminiscent of bruschetta, but based on barley rusks orpaximadi, not on bread. The rusks are lightly soaked in water or olive oil to soften them, and then they are topped with grated fresh tomato andmyzithra, the creamy sheep or goat’s milk cheese. They are then drizzled with Cretan virgin olive oil and dusted with salt, oregano, pepper. Fried snails (Chochlioi bou-

bouristi) It’s not only the French who treat snails as a delicacy. In fact, snails have been eaten for millennia. In the Cretan dialect chochlios means snail, and in this dish they are fried with flour and hot olive oil in a pan, then doused with wine (or vinegar), and voila, ready to serve. Some like to add a dash of wild rosemary. Locally, women collect the snails by hand and the creatures are cooked up live. Cretan Cheese Pies (Kaltsounia) These small pies may look like the multitude of cheese pies

you’ll encounter throughout Greece, but these are unique! To start, handmade pastry dough is a must, usually shaped into tiny cups. The fillings vary – every region and often each household has its favourite. They tend toward the sweet, and count on any number of those luscious Cretan cheeses, like myzithra or malaka, but not feta. We like the ones that incorporate a hint of rosewater. The final touch is Cretan honey on the top, making the pies a heady combination of sweet and savoury. Lamb with stamnagathi As with most Greek foods, Cretans have their own take on lamb. Their version incorporates stamnagathi, a wild green that has become trendy of late, and features on many top-end restaurant menus. The Cretan

lamb is sautéed in hot olive oil and oregano accompanied with thestamnagathi green and the well-known avgolemono (egg and lemon-based) sauce, or, more simply, a squeeze of fresh lemon. Gamopilafo As the name hints (gamos means ‘wedding’ in Greek) this rice dish is offered at traditional Cretan weddings. These days you will find it not only when the whole village is celebrating nuptials in the town square, but also in many Cretan tavernas. Like a deluxe risotto, it is prepared in a rich meat broth that

other dishes. Smoked Pork (Hirina apakia) Not an easy one to recreate outside of Greece, this dish of succulent smoked pork, is made in a multi-day process. First, strips of pork are marinated in vinegar for several days. Then a fire is made using local herbs – sage, bay, rosemary – and the meat is hung above it to smoke. The smoke is continuously stoked to keep the herby aroma infusing the meat. The final product tastes of the fresh herbs and can be served later, cold, in thin slices.

Sfakia pies (Sfakianes pites) These yummy pies hale from southern Crete, from a mountainous coastal region called Sfakia. At a glance, these treats look like pancakes, but beyond the flour, the dough contains, local olive oil, and the infamous Cretan liquor, raki. Then, any number of the various Cretan fresh, soft, white goat or sheep’s milk cheeses like myzithra or pichtogalo Chanion are incorporated into the centre of the pie. Fried with only a light you make from a lengthy sim- brushing of olive oil, they are mering of goat, lamb or rooster. eaten with a drizzling of thyme Then you incorporate a dash of or heather honey. lemon juice and liberal amounts of stakovoutiro – this is a butter Cretan Brandy (Raki or Tsikcreated from the creamy skin oudia) that forms on the top of boiled In the fall, after the grape harfresh goat’s milk and is turned vest, you will find villagers all into a roux. It is the crème de la around Crete carefully tending crème! open fires under copper stills. They are making raki, the welMountain Bulbs (Askordou- come pomace brandy distilled lakous) from grapes, which you will find Part of the magic of Cretan food served in every Cretan taverna are the ingredients gathered and kafeneio (coffee house). from hillsides and around vil- The local version of tsipouro lages.Askordoulakous are the (which you find throughout bulbs of a wild green, and Cre- the rest of Greece), raki is called tans gather bulbs and eat them tsikoudia in parts of Crete, and as a fresh salad, dressed with oil is drunk from shot glasses, with and vinegar or lemon. no water added. They also pickle them, or stew Not to be confused with ouzo, them with local olive oil, vine- raki has no anise or any other gar and flour. The delicate white herbs. People usually pair their blossoms of the green are also raki with mezes, olives or barley edible, simply boiled or used in rusks and drink it neat (sketo)!

Your... original Rethymno Dictionary Cuisine ! In a Cretan dinner you will

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food & wine

always see, vegetables, pies, fruits, legumes, dairy, bread, olives. Of course, meat is also an element of Cretan alimentation in little quantity, as well as fresh fishes and seafood. Basic element of Cretan cuisine is also the olive oil. Cretan olive oil is of excellent quality, makes good to the health and is exported to the entire world. The Cretan dinner always include wine or raki. So let’s get local , let’s have the original Rethymno Cuisine right here... on k c li c s • Chochlious: .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret h snails cooked with grasses or fried in olive oil. It is a very tasty traditional dish. • Dakos: is a snack including vinegar and water-soaked barley bread, which is accompanied by small pieces of tomato, garlic, onion and cheese feta. • Apaki: smoked meat, usually lamb. • Ofto: meat cooked in a ceramic dish and fried potatoes with the peel. • Cheeses: local mizithra and anthotiro. • Kaltsounia: sweet snack with Cretan honey of excellent quality. Cheese is a major product in Crete that locals use in great amounts, especially when they want to accompany their wine. Rethymno is famous for its great cheese varieties emphasizing on the mizithra, a low fat soft mashed cheese and

anthotyro, a white soft cheese similar to the ricotta cheese. Rethymno owns huge areas of olive tree cultivations and there are two varieties, called tsounates and stafodoelies. Olive oil is recognized for its excellent quality and strong taste. Rethymno products are synonymous with high quality. In the traditional ovens of Rethymno, you will find, apart from the genuine Cretan rusks, lychnarakia (small pies with cheese) and kaltsounia (small

pies with cheese and cinnamon), that will fill your palate with its characteristic slightly sour taste. The wedding coils, which adorn the shop windows, will definitely draw your attention, but do not work up your appetite, it is just dried bread dyed with gloss and is used only as an embellishment. In the traditional taverns, you will definitely try apaki (smoked fat-free pork marinated in vinegar and salt) and sygklino

(pork marinated in sage and thyme) if you like meat, and askorlimpri (wild greens), fresh stamnagkathi (wild greens) and kolokithokorfades (the flowers of vegetable marrows staffed with cheese or other staffings) if you prefer vegetarianism. Those who prefer pasta will satisfy their hunger with handmade noodles and traditional makarounes (handmade pasta with anthotiro/cheese). The more daring lovers of gastronomy will have the opportunity to taste “hochlious”, known as snails. Complete your meal with hot mizithropitakia (pies) with honey or drink raki with watermelon. Raki can be perfectly combined and with fresh raw artichoke, which, however, flourishes only for a month. You could certainly feel like a happy lucky guy tasting all these besties...

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