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Crete’ Eating: It’s the Family Style that makes it work...

Before “jumping” into our favorite eating experiences on Crete, a note on the local style of eating. Family style is the name of the game... Everyone shares everything on Crete!

Villages in Rethymno you have to visit!

Are you searching for the most characteristic Rethymno Villages you should visit and go there? There are some villages you have to visit... Find out why?

Western Crete simply has it all!

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. Crete is, after all, a small universe, with beauties and treasures...

Τen dishes you cannot leave Greece without eating! One of them on Crete!

Continuing our series on unmissable dishes in popular destinations, our Greece expert reveals her favourites.

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Rethymno photo of the month...

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Time For Rethymno: The other side of Crete is certainly The Rethymno Time


number of additional beds by Pandelis Spiridakis required Journalist by 2022 is around 45 thousand concentrated mainly in Crete (35 thousand), South Aegean (3 thousand) and the Ionian Islands (7 thousand), where the occupancy rates are quite high in peak times (August) The funds needed for the new beds investment are estimated at € 1.7 billion. That is the main isuue on PwC report: ‘’How will Greek tourism remain competitive’’ What do we SAY?

“Crete is a blessed and safe vacations destination, providing all the specifications for high quality tourism” was Governor’s of Crete, Mr Arnaoutakis, message to the tourism shows that launched in Chania and Rethymno in which two of the biggest European tourism organizations took part Winning the pages : Start Living it … NOW! In Rethymno a variety of popular art has been kept alive and is still practiced today, such as pottery, basket weaving, wood carving, stone masonry and of course, textile weaving. The distillation of tsikoudia and the shearing of sheep represent

an occasion for the country folk to celebrate life with dances and plenty of food and drink. Making the differerence from the big ‘’all time classic’’ cities... That is the benefit everyone wants to live. The other side of Crete is certainly The Rethymno Time. Let’s count together up to 3 , is it short or what? 3.It’s not the typical town : cars , noise or crowdy upset visit. There are secret quiet paths for you to discover with basil plant on the windows 2.It’s the unbelievable orange bicycle strip on the pedestrians You will feel the cyclist guys rolling next to you

1.It’s enerything on foot : port , city center , shopping , coffee , beach walking or the Old Town You get the meaning only when you step your foot in ...Step in ! Everything else is just talking without knowing , cooking without tasting , singing without music , laughing without smiling. Be My Guest! • spiridakisp@gmail.com • https://w w w.facebook . com/pantelis.spiridakis.7 • https://twitter.com/spiridakispante • https://www.instagram. com/spiridakispantelis/

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Top tips for choosing home insurance in Greece With so many different types more than if you researched the on these increases. If in doubt,

of home insurance policies available, it can be daunting choosing the right cover for your home. At a basic level buildings insurance covers the cost of replacing the bricks and concrete and rebuilding your home, but most people also choose to cover their contents too.

1)Buying a property abroad and in this case in Greece can be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Wherever it is a permanent residence or holon s click ost.gr w e n iday house, you need re ep for mo ttp://cret h to consider protecting your investment. Your property is exposed to many dangers, caused not only by natural but also by human causes. Fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, burglaries, are all elements that can threaten at any time the property that you acquired with so much effort. We suggest always buying the cover of earthquake.

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2) Beware of the upselling mortgage broker! Many banks and building societies encourage borrowers to take out home insurance that is tied in with their mortgage but you may find you are paying

paying too little or worse - too much! An up to date valuation of your possessions now could save 5) Don’t be afraid to ask for disappointment in the future, cover so take note of what you have You may be surprised at what in your house that is of value can be covered by home insur- and discuss it with your home ance, so don’t be afraid to ask. insurance provider to ensure Here are just a few things that you have everything covered. you may not have considered: Taking photos of your posses* Garden features and outbuild- sions, particularly in the room ings – worth thinking about in- in which they are placed, is also creasing your insurance regard- highly recommended as this ing swimming pool, barbeque, will help support any claims 3) Estimates – the key to the garage and other similar things you may make, if you lose them right policy * Legal cover – offering legal or they become damaged, and Always ensure that you have advice on a wide range of is- as well as this it is always worth accurate estimates for both sues, from identity theft to con- keeping the receipts of housethe re-build cost of your home sumer disputes hold items to provide proof of and the replacement cost of all * Water leaks – many policies purchase, the date of purchase the contents you had in mind will cover these because they and the price you paid. It is likewhen taking out the policy in know that acting quickly will ly your insurers will ask for a rethe first place. This is the only prevent bigger problems/fur- ceipt in the event of a claim. way of seeing which policies ther costs in the future Finally, don’t keep high value are sufficient for your needs. items in a shed, garage or sep6) True value arate outbuilding as it’s unlike4) Keep an eye on annual in- Underestimating the true val- ly they will be covered under creases ue of your home’s contents is a your main household contents Most home insurance policies common mistake. Overlooking policy. will increase year on year on a few of those recent purchas- For small personal possessions the basis that re-build costs es could mean that some items it pays to invest in a safe that are also increasing, but be may not be covered under your can be secured down and hidwary and always keep an eye current policy, or you could be den away in a cupboard. market and insured through a broker. It is always worth looking for the policy that suits you best and provides the best value. Remember – your bank or building society will insist that you take out buildings cover (and prove to them you have covered the accurate re-build cost) but you are free to shop around and choose who you actually insure with.

ask your insurer or provider for more details.

Western Crete simply has it all! Crete is the largest island in Greece, and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can admire the remnants of brilliant civilizations, explore glorious beaches, impressive mountainscapes, fertile valleys and steep gorges, and become part of the island’s rich gastronomic culture. Crete is, after all, a small universe, with beauties and treasures that you will probably need a lifetime to uncover!

Rethymno Rethymno (Réthymno) region: Crete’s smallest prefecture located between White Mountains and Mt Psilorítis (also called “Ídi”), is synonymous with gorgeous mountainscapes, marvellous beaches, Cretan lyre melodies, tsikoudiá spirit served with “oftó”, legendary caves, historic monasteries and monuments, traditional mountain villages and luxurious holiday resorts. Feel the essence of Incredible Crete in

this mountainous, remote and the choices. The city of Chania self-sufficient region of the is- maintains unaltered all of its land of Crete. characteristics, from the time of the Venetian Rule up until Chania today. The region of Chania (Haniá), Wandering around the Old on the western side of the is- Town’s maze-like alleys with land, is dominated by the im- the beautiful Venetian manpressive White Mountains (in sions, the fountains and the Greek: Lefká Óri) and its famous elaborate churches will help National Park, which occupy you discover well-preserved the largest part of the region. historical monuments. The Prefecture of Chania pro- Get familiar with the city of vides tourist services and ac- Chania by wandering around tivities of all kinds, satisfying all in its streets, visiting its muse-

ums and admiring the different architectural styles presenting the historical route of the city. Chania is a paradise for food and wine lovers. Here you can taste the famous Cretan cuisine with a glass of excellent Cretan wine. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit many wineries, where you will get to know the varieties of the Cretan terrain, the special local gastronomy and – let’s not forget – the outstanding Cretan hospitality!

Villages in Rethymno you have to visit! Are you searching for the

most characteristic Rethymno Villages you should visit and go there? There are some villages you have to visit... Find out why?

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Panormo The village of Panormo is a small coastal village located 25km east of Rethymnon in a small distance from the national road. The village has developed to a tourist resort providing quite a few tourist facilities such as hotels, apartments, lovely taverns and bars. on s click ost.gr w e n There is also a small fishre ep for mo ttp://cret h ing harbour that serves mostly the locals. It is an nice place for swimming as its beaches - with umbrellas, sun beds etc - are with fine sand and clear water. Early-Christian basilica in Panormo In 1948 the archaeological axe brought to light the largest early-Christian basilica of Crete southwest of the village of Panormo. The basilica of Aghia Sofia had a wooden roof and dates back to the 5th century. About 25km from Panormo to the mainland is the archaeological site of Eleftherna. Axos The village “ Axos “ you can go on foot or by car. 600 habitants inhabit the village. There are coffee-shops where you can sit, small market stores and taverns that are open mainly in the summer. The people are friendly and hospitable and will help you out with anything you will ask them for and they can. There are 7 Byzantine churches about a thousand years old in the village. You can admire

Saint Irene’s architecture, the wonderful fresco wall paintings in Saint Ioannis , the exceptional temple at the Timios Stavros church, Saint George, the half destroyed church of Mihail Arhagelus , the also half-destroyed churches of Saint Paraskevi and Afentis Christos .

no, on the road towards Arkadi, at an altitude of 60 meters, 1 km from Adele village. It is situated in the heart of a fertile and relatively smooth area, which in older times it was called Aryan. It is noteworthy that the English traveller Robert Pashley was the one who first wrote about the origin of the name of the village,170 years ago. The relevant note is the two-volume book of this great traveller, printed in London in 1837. He says among other things: “In Pigi - the name comes from a rich source that supplies the village with excellent water.” Pigi is being inhabited from the Venetian period onwards. [3] An airstrip that used to be near Pigi was a strategic target for the German forces during the Battle of Crete.

Panagia Kavousani Not far from the village going towards Anogia is Panagia Kavousani which buildings have been reinstated and you can see odds and ends from the wonderful fresco wall paintings. The churches are not all open, for that you have to ask for the keys from the village pastor. At the top of the hill there are the remains of ancient acropolis. “ Andrion “, the temple of Aphrodite Astarti, Cyclopian walls and remains from a lot of Mixorouma The village of Mixorouma is a buildings. village of Saint Vassileios muPigi nicipality at the Prefecture of The village of Pigi is located 9 Rethymno. It is situated on km east of the city of Rethym- the central provincial road

Rethymno-Spili, 22 kilometers to the southeast of Rethymno city. It comprises four settlements: Kato Mixorouma, which is the oldest one, Ano Mixorouma, Agia Pelagia and Fratti. Its designation as Mixorouma is exclusively due to the old settlement of Kato Mixorouma and the location on which it was built, that is a triangular juncture formed by the merging or “mixing” of two major streams or “rouma”. One of the streams (“rouma”) flows from northeast and crosses Spilianos River and the other one flows from north and is formed by a large stream (small torrent). Thus was Mixorouma named after the “mix” of the two “rouma”, on which it was built. This old settlement is located about 200 meters to the south of the new settlement Ano Mixorouma and is not visible from the main provincial road. According to historical data and the unaltered morphology of the settlement, it has been deduced that the particular settlement was initiated during the late years of Venetian rule in Crete. Kato Mixoroma is amphitheatrically built on a sloping and idyllic location, with the chapel of Saint Nikolaos, patron saint of the area, looming on the top of a hillock amidst the settlement, in a heavenly landscape with rich vegetation, abundant in plane trees, willows, myrtles, oleanders, reeds and citrus plants. In the settlement, the watermills, which are still maintained in a relatively good condition, constitute significant architectural examples of agricultural products processing during the pre-industrial era.

Let’s travel and view Crete Crete view is a transfer ser- ter a short pass from his house vices company located at Rethymno Crete. We arrange tours all over the island and also support any need of transportation, providing high quality services for our customers. Crete view transfer services created for you six special excursions inspired from the roots of Crete.

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Kournas Lake, Georon gioupolis, Ancient s click re new st.gr o m r Aptera, El. Venizelos fo po /crete http:/ Graves, Chania Lighthouse Kournas Lake is the only lake in Crete with freshwater. Next to Kournas village and about 4 km from the beach of Georgioupolis. You can see the ducks while you walk beside the lake, you can ride a pedalo and of course you can swim or have coffee. This excursion starts from Kournas lake and then continues to Georgioupolis. We can have our coffee there ,next to the beach and take pictures of the small church in the sea. After that we continue to famous historical place of Aptera, the most known town in west Crete in Minoan years. Just 15 km before Chania and above the sea we can enjoy the fortress and the magic view. So, going on our next stop will be at El. Venizelos graves 5km east of the town of Chania, up in the hill in a beautiful park with garden and very nice view. Melidoni, Aksos, Zoniana, Anogeia In this excursion we will first visit the famous Melidoni cave where 250 Greeks were suffocated inside the cave from the Turks. Our next stop will be the Wooden Sculptures Museum in Aksos with up to 100 sculptures. The second cave we will see is the Sfentoni Cave with amazing stalagmites and stalactites, at the village of Zoniana Then we ‘ll visit the Wax Figure Museum with natural size figures that represent scenes of the Cretan history. At Zoniana before lunch, we can visit the local gorge an easily accessible and safe for hiking, even for beginners as its slopes are gentle. The village of Anogia with the rebellion history is our next stop Anogia is the village of the most famous cretan musician and political activist Nikos Xylouris(1936-1980) af-

which is now a small museum with rare photos, we will visit the famous Idaion Antron Cave the birthplace of Zeus From

Anogeia to the cave we will see the archaeological site of Zominthos where a Minoan Palace has been excavated. Lunch: It is organized to have

lunch at Zoniana in a traditional place. Coffee: At the end of the excursion we will have a coffee at Anogeia.

Neighboured accomodation is the next generation It is granted that when you

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leave home, you should discover details that make the difference... A neighboor that reminds everybody the beauty of simplicity. Such a neigboor is Rethymno... between the two biggest cities of Crete- Heraklion and Chania - in an exceptional position, exactly on the beautiful sandy beach of Rethymno, with total length of 15 km. n click o news .gr e r o Odyssia beach Hotel is for m retepost /c http:/ a family made three plus star hotel situated in the north side of Crete. It has 104 rooms with availability to accommodate up to 350 people. One of its great advantages is that it has immediate access to the beach giving the impression that you are still in the hotel even when you are in the sea having your bath or enjoying the sun at the beach. Odyssia Beach Hotel 18 Mandilara Str, 74100 Missiria, Rethymno, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874, 50020 | Fax: +30 28310 54906 | E-mail: info@odyssia.gr If you are looking for something special that will make you feel privileged.... As llong as you are a brave ann artistic checker and finder...Are you? And the answer in your research is Find Quality in just one word... Omiros! The state-of-the-art hotel compound has been designed in striking colour combinations that blend in with the surrounding landscape. The interior design of the rooms is based predominantly on wood and glass, creating an ambience that is bound to bring you back to Omiros Boutique Hotel time and again. This style is reminiscent of ancient Greek courtyards. The Omiros Boutique Hotel is located in the north of the Rethymnon district in the Misiria region, 150 meters from the beach and 3 km from downtown Rethymnon. The coastal road and the footpath start 200 meters from the hotel. Stretching for 3 km along the coast, the footpath is ideal for a stroll, leading straight to the heart of the old Venetian town of Rethymnon and the Venetian harbour. Ionias, Rethymno Town, 74100, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874 or +30 28310 50020

WE TRANSFER YOU FROM/TO PORTS OR AIRPORTS OF CHANIA & HERAKLION TEL: +30 6972460354 info@creteview.gr ww.creteview.gr


in your e c i o h c e l b The relia long r a e y l l a s n io transportat

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Kydonias & Parth. Kelaidi, Chania 73100 Info: 2821 093052 |Storehouse : 28210 97497


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Rethymno Residence in the heart of the Rethymnon Riviera! Rethymno Residence Hotel

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is a four (4) stars complex fully renovated 2016 -2017, located an extremely characteristic, lively area in Adelianos Kambos, within short walk distance to the most of sites and is surrounded only 150m from the beach of Rethymnon Riviera. Rethymno Residence is a well know hotel in couples but also to families and awarded by HolidayCheck (2014, 2015) and Zoover (Silver Award 2014, Gold Award 2015). There several room n o types can satisfy difers click ost.gr re new ep for mo ttp://cret rent needs and provive h visitors the best acomodation : -Double Room -Superior -Family Suite -One Bedroom -Two Bedrooms -Junior Suite Family Suite fully renovated with private balcony or patio

offer direct –dial telephone, one satellite plasma TV 39’at the main room and one satellite plasma TV 32’, DVD players, special kids channels, music channels (through TV), fridge, bathroom with shower, extra bath amenities and hairdryer

in the bathroom, bathrobe & slippers, tea and coffee making facilities, complimentary coffee & tea bags, bottle wine, bottle water, bottle juice upon arrival, Mini Bar (on request, extra charge), pool towels (free of charge), 24h A/C individual

cal alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (draught beer, local spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, water from dispenser, local variety juices, house wine (White, Rose, Red), long drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate. The hotel reserves the right to

control, Free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

choose the brands of imported choose the brands of imported or local spirits, soft drinks, cof- or local spirits, soft drinks, coffees, beers and water. fees, beers and water.

ic drinks (draught beer, local spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, water from dispenser, local variety juices, house wine (White, Rose, Red), long drinks, coffee, tea, chocolate, ice cream 11.00 -18.00h. The hotel reserves the right to

The LOBBY BAR The Lobby Bar is located in the main building. In a calm and Cabana Pool Bar Adelianos Kambos - Crete, relaxing atmosphere offers Unlimited consumption of lo- Greece Unlimited consumption of lo- cal alcoholic and non-alcohol- (+30) 28310 72633/4

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The Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete grew from the ashes of that devastating fire Nearly 20 hectares of land

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are waiting to welcome you, full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants in a park different from others, where the land’s formation and the region’s microclimate make it a paradise for hundreds of plants and animals! In the midst of this colorful and vivid landscape stands a burnt centennial olive tree, a memorial and a reference to the dismal fires of 2003, the park’s history and origin. The newest and one of the most interesting sites of the Prefecture of Chania lies only 18 kilometers outside the city, on the feet of the White Mountains. It is ideal for visitors of all ages, comon s click .gr w e n t e r s bining enjoyments that for mo p://cretepo htt only Crete can offer! Shortly after you pass Fournes village and before the historical Lakkoi-Skordalou, a sign will direct you towards the Botanical Park, to an unprecedented tour of the region’s magical nature and the creative imagination of the four brothers who dreamt of and realized this unique heaven on earth! When you first see the park and its facilities, it is impossible to imagine that this is the same expanse of the 15-20 hectares which burnt to the ground in the fires of 2003, today literary reborn from its ashes. In the place of the grey landscape stands a walking, educational and entertainment park-unique in its kind

in Crete – waiting for young and old, locals and foreigners, to get acquainted with the more than 150 species of fruit trees together with the dozens of herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants it hosts, while enjoying their walk through a lush natural environment. The secret of enjoying your visit to the maximum is to wander through the paths of the Botanical Park slowly and leisurely, making many stops for rest in the various suitable rest points available. Thus you shall have the opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty which you will encounter. No matter how you see your visit here, whether as a scenic trek, or an interesting tour of nature’s paths, the Botanical Park is the ideal alternative proposal for a day’s escape from

the city’s noise and the fashionable beaches. The dramatic scenery here is composed of rare samples of the local flora and fauna, as well as tropical and subtropical species from all over the world, with new samples added daily, changing the look of the Botanical Park and providing visitors with a motive to enjoy it over and over again! This adventure in nature which lasts one to two hours, follows paths of unique natural beauty and provides visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the numerous different plants and trees that grow on the two hundred square kilometers of the well-designed planted hillside. The appropriate signposting of the paths leads the visitor to various sections of the Botanical Park

(tropical trees, fruit-bearing trees, citrus trees, herbs and vineyards). The lush landscape is completed by the lake in the lower part of the part, offering accommodation and protection to ducks, geese and other water birds (and rare species), even to hawks that fly in the area. The park also has an open-air, stone atmospheric amphitheatre suitable for small (capacity for approximately 250 persons) events. Depending on the time of the year, you will have the opportunity to enjoy flowers, plants and trees through all phases of their life-cycle, parallel to the various species of wild flora and fauna which they attract each season. Any time of the year you visit the Botanical Park, you will be impressed by the colors, fragrances and variety of species. During the summer months, the best time to schedule your visit is early in the morning, avoiding the strong heat, and having the opportunity to complete your experience with an excellent meal in the park’s restaurant. Its totally local, organic and seasonal philosophy will be unforgettable. Operating Hours Twenty-tree of March to Noveber every day: Entrance is allowed starting at 9 am, all through the day, with the last entrance allowed no later than one hour before sunset. • Admission: 6 Euros • Ages 6 to 12: 4 Euros • Ages 6 and under: Free with parents!

Your Rethimno Sightseeing The Rethymno city consistis has arches on its three aban-

over 10 settlements you can visti. Within its borders there is a ample cardinal of archaeological monuments and acceptable barrio of abundant value. The burghal of Rethymno is a baby burghal which preserves a active medieval-renaissance color. The old, but awfully preserved burghal centermost is amid below the walls of its hawkeye guard, the Venetian Fortezza fortress. The bank of the Municipality of Rethymno is characterized by the admirable albino beach, the apple-pie sea, the Venetian port, the arresting alleys and the n o k c openhearted citizens. li c news .gr


news & articles

re st for mo p://cretepo htt

Saint Francesco Church The abbey of Saint Francesco is one of the best important monuments of Rethymno. It was the capital temple of the Monastery of the Francesca Order. The architectonics of the architecture and its ornaments are actual interesting. Next to the east ancillary of the temple two bare chapels are preserved. Its capital aperture is impressive, with capitals of blended order. During contempo excavations about the abbey admired archeological allegation accept been discovered, including two tombs of Venetian nobles. Rimondi Fountain The Rimondi bubbler was congenital in 1626 by the city’s Rector A. Rimondi. It covered allotment of the city’s baptize needs and it is amid in the Platanou square, which was again the centre of the Venetian city. It has three baptize basins, three bobcat shaped baptize exits, and three columns crowned by Corinthian capitals address a Latin inscription. Today the bubbler still springs baptize through the three bobcat heads. The Arcade of Rethymno Loggia has been congenital during the 16th aeon and was advised by the acclaimed artist Michel Snamicheli. Arcade was an eminent architecture of the burghal centre and has been a affair point for the nobles to altercate political and economical issues. The architecture is actual able-bodied preserved; it is aboveboard and

don (besides its west side). The consoles of its bump are spectacular. During the Turkish activity the arcade became a abbey and a minaret was constructed, which was after burst in 1930. The accomplished 40 decades the architecture of Arcade hosted the archeological architecture of the city, which has now confused to a architecture abutting to Fortezza. Today arcade hosts a bazaar of archeological art copies. The Fortezza fortress The Venetian Fortezza breastwork is congenital on the “Paleokastro” hill, amid on the west ancillary of the city. On the aforementioned acropolis the Acropolis of the age-old burghal of Rithymna was located, forth with a altar committed to Goddess Artemis. The Fortezza breastwork was congenital amid 1573-1580 by the Venetians in adjustment to assure the citizens from the Turkish threat. It is shaped like a star, it has three gates and six ramparts. The temple of Saint Nicolo has been angry into the abbey of Sultan Ibraim Han. There was the architecture of the Commander, the architecture of the Counselor, army camps, stables, armament depots, a baptize accumulation backlog and some houses that were after destroyed. Archaeological site of Eleftherna Eleftherna was recently declared an archaeological site and zoned into areas for complete protection (Zone A) and controlled development (Zone B), so that both the core of the archaeological site and the surrounding area are effectively protected. In fact, the area has been designated a landscape of historic significance and natural beauty since the 1960s, because, in addition to the antiquities, particularly those uncovered by the University of Crete over the past 30 years, which have triggered the interest of the international scientific community, the natural landscape, which coexists with the cultural heritage, also requires protection. Thus, the 2000s saw the creation of the Eleuthernian Grove, an archaeological park with dirt and stone-paved paths, wooden steps and

handrails, rest areas, outdoor sitting areas, and signs in both Greek and English, connecting the excavated areas and other places of interest. There is also a plan to create a unique botanical garden with Cretan plants, where visitors will learn in detail about their therapeutic and aromatic properties and their use from antiquity to the present day. Next to the old olive trees, cypresses, carob trees, pomegranate trees, oaks, oleanders, etc., which dominate the landscape, several other endemic trees were planted, particularly during this past decade, so that the visitors use these to find their way around the site. For example, visitors follow the path lined by the almond trees in order to reach the necropolis or turn at the three cypresses in order to reach the museum. The archaeological site already features two shelters, the construction of which was funded

by the Third National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), a curved shelter over the necropolis on the west side of Prines hill and a stepped shelter over the basilica on its eastern side. Moderate restoration was carried out respecting the site’s character both in the necropolis and the ancient city, in order to enable the general public to easily identify and understand the different monuments while preserving the character of the excavation area. Professor N. Chr. Stampolidis’s vision is to “to deliver to the world what Greek culture is. In addition to history and aesthetics, human measure and the relation of humans to naturemeasure... No virtual tour on the Internet can rival the reality of this place ... They will not have seen the sunlight or experienced the aromas of the different seasons.”

Crete’ Eating: It’s the Family Style that makes it work... Before “jumping” into our

favorite eating experiences on Crete, a note on the local style of eating. Family style is the name of the game! Everyone shares... Every local you will meet is chuckled at you before you figured this out. As you serve salad to your plates from the community bowl, they observe as a Cretan might, “You are strange. Just use your fork and eat right out of the bowl.” Agreed. Community eating , just might make meals taste that much better. The history of Cretan Cuisine is lost in the mists of time. It is the continuation of a tradition that starts from the Minoan times and reaches our days.

of Cretan plants and herbs. As the centuries passed, the Cretan cuisine gathered knowledge and experience transmitted from generation to generation, so that the Athenian, a Greek writer of the Roman period, inform us about two delicious desserts made in ancient Crete with molasses and honey with nuts, sesame and poppy seeds. The excellent health and longevity of Cretans is due to their traditional diet. But remember that the philosophy of the food The findings of archaeological today. excavations prove that ancient In the Minoan palaces were in Crete does not consist only Cretans, the Minoans, con- found large jars for the olive of its pure ingredients but also sumed 4000 years ago almost oil, cereal fruits, legumes and the hospitality, enthusiasm the same products that are honey. In various murals you of the genuine people sitting consumed by modern Cretans can see the magnificent world around the table.

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cheese and mustard. One of the recipes Othonas surpsise even the locals is the fried feta cheese with molasses and sesame. This is the proof of the simplicity and the rare taste Othonas creates...just by collecting the right local products , gettinh in the kitchen , studying and preparing delicious foods for all the people all over the world! You will never believe the sense in the unbelievable yard with the kind welcoming open arms ...it makes everything different. So make it worth for your own memory!!!

Othonas Taverna T.Petixaki Square (Old Town Rethymno). Tel. +30 2831 055500


say ‘’one picture stands for a thousand words’’.If you are in the neighbourhood of Titos Petihaki Square you can rephrase ‘’one smell stands for a thousand words’’. Othonas taverna at Titou Petihaki Square, in Rethymno Old Town, is the best choice for authentic, Cretan cuisine dishes. Knowledge , cretan authentic meze and quality is the secret combination that wins... All of the dishes are based on traditional recipes and are prepared by the owner himself, Mr Othonas (hence the name of the taverna). Try the Othonas spaghetti with apaki (smoked pork) and anthotiro cheese, lamb with artichokes, stamna, chicken with apples and wal-

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Othonas... Welcoming open arms make everything different! In Rethymno, old people nuts, pork fillet with raki, feta

Rethymno... You never want to leave! Let’s discover the secrets of the city! The stories of people or

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families that made the BIG CHANGE are growing year to year. And it certainly makes sense. People come for their holidays, they get to know the local advantages, they dream bigger How could it be with the quality of life and the mediterranean clima? And the dream – chase begins easily. Know what? Whati if it finally works? Testins is knowing and not just imagining!!! AND THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE HERE FOR YOU ... For over a decade, Kreon s click .gr w e ta Eiendom has helped n re ost for mo p://cretep t t h hundreds of people turn their dreams of owning a property on Crete into reality. It’s easy to fall in love with this wonderful island, as it has so much to offer. Whether you are looking to acquire a new permanent residence, a holiday home or just make a solid investment, there’s no better place and noone more experienced than Kreta Eiendom to help you achieve your goal. Established by Ellen Hansen in 2002, Kreta Eiendom has rapidly become one of the most reputable property developers on the island. The main office is located in the old town of Rethymno on the north coast. Easily accessible, Rethymno is approximately half way between Hania in the west and the capital city of Heraklion towards the east. As an international company, they are able to communicate in many languages. RETHYMNO – YOU NEVER WANT TO LEAVE... Rethymno was carefully chosen by Kreta Eiendom, not only for its beauty, but also for its location. Situated in the heart of the island, Rethymno is within easy reach of Hania, Heraklion and the un-spoilt south coast. There’s something for everyone and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. With the White Mountains to the west and Psiloritis to the east, the prefecture of Rethymno is the most diverse and mountainous of the four counties. Flourishing valleys and wonderful ravines meet rocky coves and sandy beaches. The fauna and flora include over two hundred species of

plants and trees that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There are forty thousand inhabitants residing in Rethymno County. Rich in history, the old town was almost completely rebuilt

joined Greece. Today the Old town of Rethymno still retains its aristocratic appearance. Venetian, Byzantine and Turkish influences are strongly visible throughout the narrow streets. Arched doorways, minorets

place. Away from the tourist areas, life moves at a much slower pace. As you make your way in the sunshine, through charming villages and up into the mountains you’ll find time rarely moves on.

during the Venetian occupation. The Venetians of course were not the first to occupy Crete. The Romans, Arabs and Turks to name but a few, all invaded at some point, until 1913 when Crete officially

and stone steps are common sights, with the beautifully preserved Old Venetian Harbour and prominent Venetian Fortress, said to be one of the finest examples of fortification in the world, taking pride of

KRETA EIENDOM Arkadiou 1, Réthymno Telephone: 2831 021430, post@kretaeiendom.com www.kretaeiendom.com

Τen dishes you cannot leave Greece without eating! One of them on Crete! sprinkled with oregano. Continuing our series on back in 1999, and has been

5. Moussaka What makes it great This perennial favourite, known far and wide beyond Greece, combines fried sliced aubergines, layered with a tomato and minced meat sauce, flavoured with onion, garlic and cinnamon, and topped with béchamel and grated cheese. Oven-baked to perfection. Where to try it For a good old-fashioned moussaka, try Klimataria in 3. Tomatokeftedes Athens. Here the open-plan What makes them great Similar to kolokithokeftedes, kitchen has been serving up but using tomatoes instead of hearty home-cooking since courgettes as the core ingre- 1927, and they also offer dient, tomato fritters are tast- cookery classes, so you can iest when made with cherry learn to make moussaka just as they do. tomatoes from Santorini. These tiny fruits are packed Or, for a modern take on the with flavour, thanks to the is- dish, visit Santorini, known for its white aubergines. Here, land’s arid volcanic soil. in Fira, award-winning gourWhere to try them On Santorini, locals recom- met restaurant Koukoumavmend homemade toma- los does a moussaka soufflé, tokeftedes at Penelope’s next combining Santorinian white to the church in hilltop Pyr- aubergines, smoked beef cargos. Owner-cook Penelope paccio, smoked paprika oil opened this informal eatery and tomato confit with cranberries.

7. Lamb Kleftiko What makes it great What made it great originally was that it was free – arni kleftiko means “stolen lamb”, and this dish probably dates back to the time of the klephts (highwaymen who robbed the Ottoman Turks). There are numerous variations on this dish, but it is basically slow-cooked lamb, seasoned with vegetables and herbs, either baked in grease-proof paper parcels or braised in an earthenware pot. Some recipes add a chunk of cheese too. Where to try it Since ancient times, the Greeks have farmed sheep and goats, which do well on the poor pastures of its rugged mountains. Metsovo, in the Pindos mountains, was founded by Vlach shepherds. Here both Taverna Metsovitiko Saloni (+30 26560 42142) To Koutouki tou Nikola (+30 26560 41732) serve up excellent lamb kleftiko, best accompanied by a bottle of local red Katogi wine. 8. Greek salad What makes it great This ubiquitous side dish (known to Greeks as horiatiki), combines fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumber and purple onions, topped with a generous hunk of feta cheese and a handful of black olives, drizzled with olive oil and

Where to try it In Kardamyli, Lela’s Taverna does a traditional horiatiki (generous portions, so you might want one to share between two), using good local feta cheese and succulent black olives from nearby Kalamata. Or, for an unusual contemporary twist, try Michelin-starred Funky Gourmet in Athens – their degustation menu includes the most surprising horiatiki, in the form of a white granita, bursting with all the fresh flavours of a classic Greek salad. 9. Bougatsa What makes it great Warm, sweet and sticky, for most Greeks bougatsa is a filo pastry custard cream pie. If you live in Thessaloniki, the term bougatsa includes savoury pies too, filled with either kimas (minced meat) or tiri (cheese), as well as the sweet krema (custard cream) version, sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon. Whichever you choose, it makes a delicious start to the day, served up cut into bitesize pieces, with coffee for breakfast. Where to try it In Thessaloniki, head for oldschool favourite Bantis (since 1969), featured on Rick Stein’s Long Weekends: Thessaloniki (BBC2, 2016). Alternatively, Giannis is excellent too, and stays open till 3am, making it ideal for a late-night snack.

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10. Loukoumades What makes them great Another outrageously sweet and sticky calorie-laden treat, loukoumades are bite-size deep-fried doughnuts, traditionally served warm, drizzled with honey and dusted with cinnamon. A more modern version sees them topped with melted chocolate, chopped walnuts and a dollop of ice cream. Where to try them In Athens, Aigaion (Panepistimiou 46) has been specializing in loukoumades since 1926. Made to order, they’ll fry them up for you while you wait, and you can either eat them in the Spartan tiled interior, at one of a dozen marble-top tables, or take them away in a little white cardboard box. Telegraph


a light batter of egg and flour, and fried. A perfect choice for vegetarians. Where to try them Although you’ll find kolokithokeftedes throughout Greece, they’re at their best on Crete. Take a table at Tamam in the former Turkish hamam in Chania and order a platter of kolokithokeftedes to share as a starters. “Tamam” means “just right” – and they are.

6. Pastisada What makes it great A Corfiot speciality of Venetian origin, pastisada is a delicious meat casserole, usually made with beef, slow cooked with tomato, onion, garlic and olive oil, plus spices including cinnamon, cloves, all spice, cumin, nutmeg, paprika, black pepper and bay leaf. Served with thick tubular spaghetti. Where to try it In Corfu Town, just off the Esplanade, family-run Rex has been serving up Corfiot specialities since 1932 – they do both moshari pastisada (made with beef ) and kokoras pastisada (with rooster). Or, in Kato Korakiana, likewise on Corfu, Ettore Botrini’s Etrusco (voted the top restaurant in Greece 2017 by Athinorama and Alphaguide) also does a smashing pastisada.

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unmissable dishes in popu- serving up authentic home lar destinations, our Greece cooking ever since. expert reveals her favour4. Fresh fish ites. What makes it great Minoan frescoes, dating back 1. Taramasalata to 1500BC, from Knossos on What makes it great This creamy pungent dip Crete, depict fish and dolis many people’s favourite. phins in great details. But Made from smoked fish roe going back even further, fish(cod, carp or mullet), blend- ing hooks and fish bones dised with olive oil and lemon, covered by archaeologists in homemade taramasalata is several caves in Greece prove indisputably superior to the that people were already conbright pink industrial version suming fish here some 11,000 years ago. sold in supermarkets. With its extensive coastline Where to try it After a swim at Agios Sostis, (at 13,000km, the second an arc of golden sand giving longest in Europe) and deep onto a turquoise bay on the clean sea, Greece remains reremote north coast of Myko- nowned for its excellent seafood. Fresh fish should smell nos. Above the beach, next to a like the sea, have shiny eyes whitewashed church, Kiki’s and red gills. Taverna (May-Oct; lunch only) Where to try it Varoulko is much loved for its short Michelin-starred Seaside in Piraeus, Athens, is homely no-fuss menu, includwidely regarded as Greece’s ing taramasalata appetiser. top seafood restaurant. Here, owner-chef Lefteris 2. Kolokithokeftedes Lazarou serves up exquisite What makes them great Irresistible and best eaten seafood dishes at tables overhot, while they’re still crispy looking the fishing boats in on the outside but moist in Mikrolimano harbour – try the middle, these tasty fritters the fresh sea bass or sea are made from grated cour- bream, simply grilled, drizgettes, flavoured with onion, zled with extra virgin olive fresh mint and crumbled feta oil, and served with a slice of cheese, bound together with lemon.

Antikristo: Your real Cretan food experience!

Taste your way through the old city of Rethymnon on this evening food tour that uncovers the hidden spots not found in guidebooks. Eat and drink the best products of the region, talk to local vendors and find out why Crete is a foodies’ paradise!

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Experience real Cretan food: Antikristo “Ofto” or “Antikristo” meat is prepared only in mountainous areas usually by shepherds (though, today you can find it in restaurants as well). Very convenient because it does not require any on k c li c s .gr utensils. re new epost for mo ttp://cret h Once the animal (lamb or goat) is butchered and the saddle removed, it is then divided into four pieces, called “goulidia”. Each piece is placed on a wooden or metal skewer and salted. Then stones are placed in a circle and they set up the meat skewers on top of them. At the center of the circle, keeping the appropriate distance, a fire is lit using dry wood logs in order for the meat to cook facing the fire (andikrista). They place stones in the shape of a square, where they set up the meat skewers. In the middle of it, keeping the appropriate distance (not too close or too far) they place a stack of dry woods. They lit the fire in order for the meat to be cooked by the flames of the fire. The meat is placed facing the fire (antikrista) and not on top of the fire. The meat is left in this position for 45 minutes and then it is turned over. The secret for the meat to become tasty is the fat. You should definitely taste this meat !!!! Antikristo is the food brand name of Crete!

RETHYMNO POST IS BACK AGAIN The only newspaper in English language for Rethymno Prefecture Enjoy your holidays! Enjoy Cretan summer! Enjoy Rethymno! for more info: +306943823577

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