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Polish business delegation in Crete

Eight representatives from Poland are coming to the island in order to achieve commercial agreements >> p. 4

More than 1.600 signatures since the 27th of July

E-petition: Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete >> p. 6

Conclusions of a tourist season

Members of Business Association of Platanias - “Iardanos” are talking to Chania Post >> p. 9

Crete in the top-5 destinations for autumn

The German magazine “Spiegel” chooses the island as one of the best places for tourists >> p. 10

The life of a laborer in Germany May be the best paid worker in the world

Vine harvest in Crete

September and October are the... vineyards months

>> p. 14

>> p. 20

POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE? Τhe results for this year’s tourist season and what we should expect for the next year >> p. 3

Public bus is the best affordable way to travel to Chania - Rethimno - Heraklion... and to all the southwestern Crete

p. 2 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

“I hope that...”


... in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, by Elpida “Hope” Katsarakis living, pushing yourself, changNEA TV Journalist ing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something. So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life. Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever. (Neil Gaiman).

You want to tell me that if I hide a pig under the blanket, I can’t figure out it’s a pig. Holly molly… come on now. by Pandelis Spiridakis 1. If u cover the fascistic political parKYDON TV Host - gelamou.gr ty in the legal parliament… I can’t figure out the fascistic actions. 2. If u change the name of the newspaper with the awful publication of Pavlos Fissas, I can’t figure out the newspaper itself. Just a minute… because some people are starting to feel really inconvenient. Money, politicians, salaries, education and social affairs are standing in the raw one by one! But guess what? Politicians have now a big problem. No more dialogue on tv, just recorded monologues, no more talking in the road with people, just facebook and twitter. Safe? I don’t think so… Knowledge. On the other hand people protest, live with less money, love somewhere aside their debts and laugh in a 0 euro walk at their village. Safe? I don’t think so … Naked simple choices. It’s not the sun in Greece….it’s not enough. It’s not the DNA …it does not last. And certainly it’s not the ignorance… People lived their own personal earthquake, loved the survival and laughed with their new decision: PASSWORD – CORRECT /WRONG You only have 3 times to risk. Change: MIND LIFE COUNTRY Safe? I don’t think so…

... a little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success. (Elbert Hubbard) ... it’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. (Anne Frank) ... the world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater. (J.R.R. Tolkien) ... if you’re reading this... congratulations, you’re alive. If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is. (Chad Sugg)

DIRECT simple choices. Even more, life in Greece is organized brilliantly. People in Crete this period go to their villages, collect grapes and make their wine. And now, lawyers, doctors, teachers and unemployed return to their home land. We live@love@laugh all different people together… things, problems, circumstances as a mini festival. It’ s not just a way of living , that’s survival. In a cruel environment, that’s how we remain healthy minds and we return to our debts to fight! Now –more than any other time– if someone shows a greek the photo with a pig covered with a blanket, he will straight notice just the pig! And you know why? He gave space to the important stuff… so that afterwards he will be able to live@love@laugh.

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“Sorry, we change” People say that “some things never change”. Also, in “soccer language” coaches are saying that “you should not make any changes in a winning team”. They are by Pandelis Giaitsis right for sure, but in Chania Post, we like changes. As the tourist season comes to an end, the newspaper is changing its image, following your requests. Also, new editors are here to help our effort with their articles. In addition, you will find new pages and interesting articles to read. That’ s all for and from us... But all those days “big” things happened in Greece that no Greek could expect a few months ago. There are some times to be written in modern history and after a lot of years our grandchildren will read them and it is likely possible... not to believe. Our complex society with its needs, the challenges we are facing and dealing with, our shrinking economy, our daily life and work... make us think.


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Are there any future prospects for our children in this country? Do you believe that the answer is simple? No, it is difficult to answer and more complex than we think. What can I say to my 6-years old son when he is watching TV and asks me... “Hey dad, what is the Golden Dawn? Why do we watch the news saying only about those guys? Why my classmate asks the teacher for money in order to buy something to eat? Why is this old man searching the dumpster on the road? What is the meaning of “we are on strike”? Why don’t we have teachers in all classes of our school? Why all those people are on the road yelling against the government? Why do you give our money to the bank? Why can’t you buy me a toy any more? Why is mom crying?”. Sorry Mr Prime Minister, I cannot give any answer to my son, because you have taken all of my answers. Sorry Mr Minister of Economics, I cannot buy the toy my son is asking for. Sorry my fellow neighbors, I cannot overtake the image of a poor man searching the dumpster. For all of the above... sorry my son!

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p. 3 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

Positive or negative?

- The role of tourism in Chania and the future of Crete - Τhe results for this year’s tourist season and what we should expect for the next year Chania is currently in a high growth period, is one of the most popular destinations, its growth frequently occurring outside of the formal system owing to a tradition of informal sector activity. Its development trajectory exhibits by Periklis Hinopoulos President of tourist agents a departure from sustainability as a booming economy coexists with serious environmental and sociocultural problems, dependence on external sources and weakening self-reliance. If the forces underlying this imbalance are left unchecked and those that may counteract it are not encouraged to intervene, then the time may be approaching when Crete’s sustainability will be seriously threatened and its irreplaceable natural and cultural resources and valuable tourist resources will be irreversibly damaged. Regional authorities and business circles are deeply concerned about the sustainability prospects of the island and about the particular role of tourism in this. To reduce seasonality and to increase the length of the tourist season, the length of stay and tourist spending, proposals include: the development of new facilities; new poles of tourist attraction (e.g. Mountainous areas); integrated tourist packages and alternative forms of tourism; alliances among tourist and non-tourist businesses, local government bodies, corporations and associations; the modernization and improvement of tourist facilities and businesses; improved education and training of personnel; the provision of consulting services for small-and medium-sized tourist enterprises; infrastructure improvement; the protection and enhancement of natural and cultural resources; and a focused promotion of Chain for particular types of tourists. These are supply-side solutions, however, that disregard the critical role of tourist demand and of the broader socioeconomic context. Moreover, they mostly address the supply-side symptoms of unsustainability rather than the essential causes and mechanisms at work. Two groups of essential requirements to secure sustainability in the development of the island and of its tourist sector are outlined : (a) decoupling development from the factors causing its current imbalance; and (b) capitalizing on factors favouring long-term sustainable development. Both external and internal factors are involved here that, on the one hand, shape demand for the island’s products, services and resources and, on the other, provide the necessary financial, human and other resources for development. Internal factors obtain a particular, deeper importance as sustainability is determined crucially by local choices about the preferred development patterns and courses of action. Development should be decoupled from external factors that are uncertain,volatile or beyond effective local control, although these always remain critical for the viability of any development option. These include EU and national funding, foreign private investment, in-migration, tourist demand, tour opera-

tors and other tourism intermediaries. Development should be decoupled also from internal factors that hamper the enforcement and implementation of urban, regional and environmental planning and legislation. These include strong political pressures associated with particular local cultural traits, the unquestioning adoption of short-term, high-revenue development opportunities, weak or non-existent environmental awareness, a diffuse perception of powerlessness and risk aversion. Under such conditions, the prescription of the sustainable development literature for formal local participation in decision-making should be viewed with scepticism. Instead, development should capitalise on such external factors as Crete and especially Chania mild climate and strategic position and, more selectively, on EU and national funding, foreign private investment, in-migration and favourable future socioeconomic developments. It should also capitalise on internal factors that have been instrumental in its past and recent growth. Its inherent potential, due to its physiographic and economic diversity and heterogeneity, for forms of development other than tourism should be protected against current overexploitation. Development should be managed so as to integrate the economy and the tourist Tourism and Sustainable Development in Crete sector and to differentiate the tourist product, thereby providing long-term safety valves against the uncertainty of such external factors as competition from other destinations and unfavourable future socioeconomic developments. Entrepreneurship, local capital and extant collaborations and partnerships – especially between businesses and educational institutes – are crucial, locally controlled assets that should be oriented towards long-run development options in order to increase the island’s self-reliance, bargaining power and resilience to future stress. These are only broad suggestions. An absolute priority is the activation –implementation and enforcement – of integrated spatial planning to guide and orchestrate the rational and effective use of Crete’s natural and human resources and to provide for foreseeable contingencies; with fluctuations in tourism demand being important among them. Ideally, spatial development plans should be adapted to the island’s environmental and sociocultural traits and should involve local actors in the development process. Institutionalising informal tourist and other arrangements and developments is a parallel action to contain the current ‘tyranny of small decisions and to ensure minimum implementation. Lastly, tourist education remains always the longer-term mechanism for the value change needed to support sustainable development choices where tourism develops harmoniously with the other sectors of the Cretan economy.

What kind of tourists have visited Rethymno this summer? Quality research by two students of the UOC

Germans and Russians were the mostly foreign visitors of Rethymno, this summer, according to a research carried out by two students of the University of Crete, in Economics Dpt., Kadianakis Mary and Constantine Tzanis, and it was held in July and August with a sample of 300 foreign visitors. According to the results of the survey, the majority of respondents were Germans (23%), Russians (19.3%), English (15.3%), French (14%), followed by tourists from other countries at a total of 28.3 % (Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, Ukraine, Scandinavia, etc.). The profile of foreign visitors in Rethymno in these two months of the research was: - The average visitor is aged 18-34 years and 44-54 years. - They know everything about Crete from a travel agency. - They choose Rethymno for their summer holidays and come for the first time in the city. - They stay for 8 to 15 days and say that they would choose again Rethymno as a destination. - They organize their trip with a travel agency and selects all-inclusive hotels for their holidays. - They spend about 201-400 euros, mainly for fun (food, drink, coffee, recreation, etc.) or buying gifts. - In generally, they are satisfied by their choice of Rethymno as destination.

p. 4 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

Ticket offers by ΑΝΕΚ Lines ANEK LINES takes you to Chania in Autumn with its new offers until the end of October 2013. Visit Chania with special offers and significant discounts offered by ANEK LINES , considering the difficult economic conditions. For those who plan their trip in Chania, ANEK LINES provides new offers until the 31st of October. Individual prices range at: • 84 € for 1 passenger (on deck) and one vehicle • 158 € for 2 passengers (in AB2) and one vehicle • 178 € for 3 passengers (in AB3) and one vehicle • 196 € for 4 passengers ( in AB4) and one vehicle The new offers are valid for limited seats per itinerary. Also, the benefits include: • 3 +1 free ticket: of 4 tickets one is free for purchases with a single booking code in 4 bed cabin. • 20% discount on return fares to tickets outbound and inbound. • Free tickets for children up to 4 years on deck. • 50% discount for children from 4-10 years. • Up to 50 % discount for students, large families, three cildren families, soldiers, disabled etc. These new offers may not be combined with other trade discounts. More info at www.anek.gr or at tel: +30 2104197400, 2821027500 and your local travel agent.

Coop Wines of Greece win Gold and Silver Awards in China Lots of gold and silver medals earned by the participation of Coop Wines of Greece in the Golden Bottle Awards 2013, which is the most important competition in China. The competition was organized by the specialized “Wine magazine” and the lead judge was the MW Debra Meiburg (who had visited Greece this summer). The competition aims to select the best wines that are more suited to Chinese consumers. The wines awarded are Pathos and Boheme from CAIR, Nissos from UAC of Peza and Robola Classic from Kefalonia. All wines prooved that through the Coop Wines of Greece are constituting a portfolio of wines filling the taste standards of the Chinese market.

Polish business delegation in Crete

Eight representatives from Poland are coming to the island in order to achieve commercial agreements The Region of Crete and the Agri-food Partnership, in cooperation with the four chambers of the island and the Exporters’ Association of Crete, is organizing a Polish business delegation in Crete from 21st to 23rd October 2013, with the support of the Greek Embassy in Warsaw. The mission will consist of eight representatives of companies importing fruit and vegetables, food, supermarkets, as well as representatives from the four major tour operators in Poland. The Polish delegation will be accompanied by the Greek Ambassador in Warsaw, Ms. Tasia Athanassiou, the Head of the Office for Economic & Commercial Affairs Mr. Pandelis Giannoulis and the Head of the Press Office of the Embassy, Mr. Alexis Georgiadis. Three journalists from Polish media will cover the visit to Crete. The meetings with the Cretan entrepreneurs are programmed as follows: -21/10/2013: At Chania, for businesses from Rethymnon and Chania -22 & 23/10/2013: At Agios Nikolaos for businesses from Heraklion and Lasithi The scheduled meetings are: 1. Food and beverage industry 2. Tourism sector For the food industry we are focusing in virgin olive oil, olives, fruit and vegetables, raisins, dairy products, confectionery, pasta and honey. Companies from Poland and their representatives: 1. Alma Supermarket with an annual turnover of 225 million euros in 2012 and 45 outlets. 2. The Greek Trade (importers, wholesale) with an annual turnover of 39 million euros in 2012, with two warehouses and customers in Spain, Greece, China, Italy and Thailand.

3. Dorapol Sp. J. ( importers , wholesale ) with an annual turnover of 3.5 million euros in 2012 and customers in Spain, Italy representative Mr. Jarek Brozyna. 4. The Greek Gourmet (importers, wholesale), with exclusive cooperation in Greece. 5. Phi Befra Frankwski Sp. J. (importers, wholesale) with an annual turnover of 1 million euros in 2012 and customers in Germany and Italy. 6. Garcia & Bartnicki PL Sp. Z.o.o. (importers, wholesale) with an annual turnover of 16 million euros in 2012 and exclusively imports of fruit and vegetables. 7. Eliza Fruit, with an annual turnover of 7 million euros in 2012 and exclusively imports of fruit and vegetables. 8. Bakoma with an annual turnover of 150 million euros in 2012, engaging in imports of fruit and cheese, snacks, olive oil and olives. In the field of tourism, meetings and collaborations in Crete, are seeking by the following companies: 1. Grecos Holidays. 2. Fly.Pl. 3. Easy Travel (www.easytravel.pl). 4. Hellas Travel (http://vafidis.pl). The mission will also be accompanied by Mr. JeanJacques Tourell, spokesman for the World Trade Center Warsaw (international organization operating in business networking, marketing, and market research). It is worth noting that the flow of tourists from Poland to Crete recorded increase in charter flights in 2013 by 23.4 % at Heraklion airport and 59% at Chania airport, compared to 2012. For information and applications you can communicate with the Chambers of the four Regional Units of the island or with the Region of Crete, Tel. 2813-400225 and E-mail: theanobs@gmail.com.

Record 94% of Ryanair flights on-time in August

• Only Ryanair guarantees the lowest fares and ‘no fuel surcharges ever’ • Ryanair operates Europe’s youngest, greenest, cleanest fleet • Ryanair is Europe’s No.1 on-time major airline Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said, “Ryanair carried over 9m passengers in August, while a record 94% of our 54,000 flights arrived on-time, as we continued to improve our customer service. Ryanair’s unbeatable formula of the lowest fares, no fuel surcharges and No 1 customer service delivery continues to encourage passengers to switch from Europe’s high fare, fuel surcharging flag carriers, which is why we’ll carry over 81m passengers this year.”

Ryanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC), today (9 Sep) released its August customer service statistics which confirm that Ryanair remains Europe’s No 1 customer service airline. During August 2013, when Ryanair became the first European airline ever to carry over 9m passengers in one month: • 94% of 54,000 flights arrived on-time (a record) • Less than 1 complaint per 1,000 passengers • Less than 1 bag complaint per 2,000 passengers

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p. 6 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

Greece among world’s most hospitable destinations

More than 1.600 signatures since the 27th of July

Greece is among the top 10 most hospitable tourism destinations in the world according to a survey conducted by the Hotels.com website on a sample of 27,000 travelers globally. The website places Greece alongside the US, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Britain and Australia, noting the increase in arrivals from abroad and in tourism revenues (by 10 percent) and that hotel prices continued to be low in relation to the quality of accommodation on offer. Greece is the 25th cheapest among 68 destinations around the world based on hotel rates for the first half of this year. The average rate in Greek hotels (for a twin room per night) amounted to 106 euros, with no change from last year. At the same time, rival destinations are more expensive, with Turkey on an average rate of 118 euros (same as in 2012) and Egypt adding 25 percent to reach 110 euros. Cyprus has the same average rate as Greece while Spain rose 2 percent from 2012 to reach 104 euros. Tunisia posted a 22 percent rise year-on-year to reach 87 euros.

“It is time to start winter flights to Crete”. That’ s what they sign about in epetitions.net more than 1.600 people living in Chania, focusing on that “Crete makes an ideal all year round holiday destinationyet there are no direct flights from anywhere in the United Kingdom to Crete from November to March”. And they continue by saying that “thousands of UK expats have made Crete their home, while thousands more own holiday homes in Crete and most travel frequently to the UK, in both summer and winter. Some of the comments: - “I have a hotel complex and need to extend the season whenever possible” (Lisa Evans-Kalantzi). - “I used to leave in the UK. I have now moved to Chania, Crete, but I regularly visit relatives and friends in UK” (Maria Zafiropoulou). - “We also have friends & family who would like to visit during the ‘off’ season” (Kim Boorman). - “I visit Crete twice a year, and would love to come over the winter months” (Ann Galbraith). - ” This is an excellent idea profiting the local economy as well as those thousands of grecophiles” (Margaret Jenner). - “I live in Kissamos with my family, I work in Norway and winter flights via London would be fantastic” (Wayne Pena). - “I am an enthusiastic visitor to Crete who prefers to avoid the heat of high summer. I have travelled by rail and ship to

Deli Creta... a tasteful brand name Kritiko Ergastiri is expanding to foreign markets

It is with great pleasure to announce that “KRITIKO ERGASTIRI” has been certified with ISO22000 – HACCP by TUV Austria Hellas. Our strong commitment to produce high quality products according to most modern standards is now certified by one of the greatest inspection and certification organizations. In its effort to expand to foreign markets, Kritiko Ergastiri will travel abroad under a new brand name; Deli Creta. The new company logo and the new packaging box were especially designed for foreign customers. With our already known successful recipes, we will present Deli Creta for the first time in the Anuga 2013 International Food and Beverage Fair hosted in Cologne, Germany from 5 to 9 October. The products which will be presented to those who are willing to travel to the Cretan traditional tastes are among others: the fennel pie with wild fennels, our gourmet kalitsounia pies with filling of three cheeses (pichtogalo, anthoryros and tyromalama) and a new original taste, zucchini-feta pie with Greek feta cheese PDO. Kritiko Ergastiri would like to thank you for your trust in our products during all these years and promises to continue with the same passion to bring to you the purest Cretan tastes.

E-petition: Easyjet and Ryanair for year-round flights to Crete

reach Chania. I would greatly appreciate the option to fly direct to this lovely island during the winter months” (Ann Aveling). - “I own a house in crete and often visit in winter as do many people so find the flight via Athens tiresome and a long day I’m sure there is a market for winter flights as there are a lot of people wanting to visit in the winter months” (Nick Harrison). - “I would certainly fly to the UK between November and March on a regular basis if we had direct flights from Crete. Come on Ryanair and Easyjet listen to your customers for once” (Nina Blyth).

From Russia with... love

Tour operators have big expectations from Greek hotel market

Russian Tour Operators are focusing in Greek hotel market, trying to arrange contracts for 2014 and for subsequent years. According to information from “Imerisia” newspaper, Russian Tour Operators, noting the extremely high demand that Greece had as a destination by tourists, they paid cash for contracts in 2014 and in some cases they have already prepaid a part for the tourist season from 2015 to 2016 .

Russian tourists this summer grew over 50 % and especially for some weeks the increase reached even 100%. The contracts with the Russian Tour Operators have increased the price of rooms, which will be followed by other tour operators from the rest of Europe if they want to arrange full contracts for 2014. The increase recorded in tourist arrivals from Russia this year wasa over 50% and is likely to reach 1.2 millions. According to the president of HATTA, arrivals in 2014 are expected to be 1.5 millions, while if Greece simplifies the procedure for Visa, this number may even be doubled to reach 2 million tourists. In 2012, the 900,000 Russians who visited our country spent only for hotel services over 1 billion, when the total tourist arrivals in Greece reached 16 million and total revenue of our country did not exceed 9.5 billion. More important is the fact that the Russians and secondarily the Ukranians are those who spend money in the local markets or rent a car or spend for food or buying local goods.

A member of the Royal Family of Qatar acquired land in Rethymno One of the richer men in Qatar and member of the Royal Family has visited Rethymno and showed a special interest in investing in real estate and the possibilities for tourism development. As kathimerini.gr reported, the Arab “Croesus”, who frequently visits Greece for holidays, had talks with local businessmen and he was interested to be informed about the possibilities in the development of combined investments, from golf courses to hunting tourism in mountain areas of Rethymno. After that, he decided to buy 100 acres in Adelianos Kampos. Without giving any answer about his decision to buy land, he returned to Qatar right after his agreement. As locals say, the Arab prince may use this area for a big tourist investment, which is possible to happen, because of his interest in tourism. After all, he may move to other investements in Rethymno in the near future.

ad koukouvagia_Layout 1 6/5/2013 12:50 PM Page 1

Welcome Ranked #3 of 116 most important things to do in Hania by Lonely Planet travellers, you will adore this Cafe-bar located at the prominent hill of Profitis Ilias with its magnificent view of Hania. It is cool even during the hottest summer days, which makes it an all-day hangout for locals of all ages. It serves coffee, drinks, salads, omelettes, pastries and ice-cream from 10 am till late at night. Once you try one of the desserts you will keep coming back for more! 1,Alexi Minoti str, Venizelos Graves, Chania, Phone:+30 28210 27449 www.koukouvaya.com

p. 9 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

Conclusions of a tourist season

Members of Business Association of Platanias - “Iardanos” are talking to Chania Post Platanias is the center of tourism in Chania. Every summer hosts thousands of tourists. But, is Platanias capable to handle all this “tourist wave”? What are the positives of this tourist season? What are the negatives? Businessmen from Platanias are talking to Chania Post about the prospects and the future of their small village which became a popular tourist destination throughout the years. Thrassivoulos Marakis Platanias was a amsll village and evolved as a tourist destination the last 15 to 20 years, but without having the proper infrastructure to face the upcoming challenges. We have the same sidewalks as we built it back in 1972, when the habitants were just 500. But with one big difference… right now we have 15.000 visitors per week! The infrastructure is the beginning and the end for Platanias and we have to focus on it. Another major problem is traffic. There lots of cars and buses in the heart of Platanias, having no other ways to move around than the main round. We have done nothing for this problem, which is one of the biggest in our area. Last but not least is the solicitation. Our visitors are forced to go to some places, like restaurants and bars. As a business association, we have more than 250 members. After a long effort, we have managed to crack down on illegal trading. Especially this summer, Hellenic police and Municipal police have done a perfect job, until the time the government closed Municipal police. Since then, we are paying a security company to protect our area from illegal traders. Antonis Kokolodimitrakis There are two types of gaps in tourism. Infrastructure and ourselves. Infrastructure is related to the overall strategy in tourism from the government. We have to do our job the best way we can, to upgrade our product, to support cretan hospitality, culture and of course cretan diet. Platanias is not by accident the center of tourism in Chania. There were very good businessmen along with tour operators who gave Platanias another prospect.

But the problems are also here… Traffic, sidewalks, illegal trading and expensive rents. We are trying for the best and we know the problems. Platanias is a “multifunctional product” for tourism. We have accommodation of all categories, restaurants of all kinds, clean and organized beaches. The tourism product has to do also with dozens of attractions, which means that the tourist has many choices. Platanias contributes the most, directly or indirectly, to the local economy. Petros Marinakis I can’t say that we are fully satisfied with this tourist season. We are not satisfied from the Municipal authority. For sure, there were some efforts, but… that’s all. We think, however, that the Mayor has to manage a difficult task with four municipalities (Platanias, Kolimbari, Voukolies, Moussouron) and reduced revenues. Platanias certainly has the biggest needs of all, but… Here is the “money” of the municipality and the authority has to understand that. There was an increase in tourist arrivals, but also a spread of the visitors in all Chania Prefecture. Hotels were filled all around the county. But Platanias is something special, attracting the most people after the Venetian port of Chania. We think that this year all tourists, especially Scandinavians, supported Chania once more and spent enough money in our country. Platanias has repeated visitors by 20% - 30%, due to the hospitality and that tourists can find almost everything. Beaches, restaurants, good nightlife, excellent hotels and rooms to rent.

“Dilemmas of a tourist season” By the association of commerce, business, cafe bars and restaurants of Kalives

“The tourist season is ending. Kalives is a popular tourist destination and in order to offer a satisfying level of services, we are mentioning the following: We are not going to say something about the hotels, because we want to focus in the “new way” of tourism (all inclusive). Many tour operators, local tourist agents, specific hotel owners and airliners are satisfied with the “increase” of tourism in Chania. But what about all of us? We haven’t seen our income to be raised, on the contrary, it has been reduced by 40%50%. By the end of tourist season, the government will ask from us to pay all the taxes with the excuse that we earned a lot of money during summer. All the mass media are talking about the increase of the “tourist wave” to Chania and Greece in general.But, reality is not like they say. “All inclusive” is the end for every tourist business outside a hotel, for every small store, for every restaurant, for everyone who is out of this “system”. We cannot survive and we will have to close our businesses. Dear Mr. President of Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Chania, if you believe that all of our problems are true and that there is “fire” and not only “smoke”, we would like to ask for a meeting of all tourism stakeholders to discuss about our concerns and what we think has happened this summer in Chania. The outcomes of this meeting will be written into a letter for the Ministry of Tourism, so that the next years things will be better and a possible new increase in tourist arrivals will be good for all of us. I wish us the best for next summer, Matzorakis Pandelis President of the association of commerce, business, cafe bars and restaurants of Kalives

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George Partsalakis: “I think of my permanent return to Crete”

Crete in the top-5 destinations for autumn

The famous Cretan actor George Partsalakis talked to Ackeloos TV about his thoughts of returning permanently to Crete. As he said, he is thinking of giving up everything in Athens and return to its home village in Chania. “I have made a proposal to my two children to go back to Crete and deal with our olive trees and produce olive oil in order to have an income. It would be ideal for me if this could happen. I believe that when I went to Athens back in 1969 there were endless prospects to have a career, having or without having any qualifications. In this difficult time for our country, young people have no prospects in Greece and they are leaving to other countries. This leads to a dead end for Greece. We have to go back to our roots, to return to our home villages, if we want to save our country. I believe that if we won’t leave Athens in the near future, Greece cannot survive. Our country depends on tourism and agriculture. It is important to have farmers working. I am 61 years old and I cannot do any kind of job. Where can I work and have o proper wage for living? That’ why I proposed my kids to go to Crete”, said the famous actor.

The German magazine selects the five ideal choices for Germans who want to go on vacation in the fall and looking for sun, sea and heat. These choces include the island of Crete, because it is not only the largest island in Greece, but also the hottest. “When Majorca and the Adriatic are already too cold to swim, the great advantages of the island of Minos are here. In autumn you can lie down under the olive trees, follow the footsteps of the ancient culture of Europe, aged 3.500 years, and then dive in the blue sea for swimming and have lunch or diner in a seaside tavern with chairs painted in the blue sky colour”. “As of high temperatures, nothing can go wrong at the beach of a typical Cretan village, like Koutsounari, near Ierapetra. On the south shore, the Libyan Sea, the water is always one to two degrees warmer than the nearby northern beaches. The water temperature reaches 23 degrees Celsius, the day temperature is at 26 degrees Celsius and in combination with seven hours of sunlight per day, swimming, even at the end of October, is a pleasure”, writes the editor of the magazine, giving ideas to the Germans who want to

“Brusko” is coming on ANT1 TV The new TV series was filmed in Chania

The new TV series “Brusko“, filmed in Chania, is coming this October on ANT1 TV. That was the reason for the intense activity observed in the alleys of the old town of Chania this summer. Apostolis Totsikas and Evelina Papoulias are the protagonists in “Brusko”. “It was seven in the evening and an entire city , along with tourists, is watching lyre players and a lute player walking down the stairs of a mansion, singing marriage serenades. The filmmakers are trying to capture on camera the sunset, with Sifis (Apostolis Totsikas ) riding the Storm, as he

The German magazine “Spiegel” chooses the island as one of the best places for tourists

has named his horse, in order to reach the port. Many habitants of Chania wear their “breeches and turbans“ and participated as actors in new series. Set against the Venetian harbor, the directors, Vana Dimitriou, Andreas Georgiou and Stamows Tsamis, have filmed one of the most special scenes, as a response to shots of Istanbul in Turkish serials. Andreas Georgiou said: “It was a dream for me to make a series on Crete. I was thinking of it since 2001. I had a relationship in Crete for five consecutive years. Crete and Cyprus are very similar in music, passion and manners. For me, “Brusko” gives a message... that in this crisis, Greece and Cyprus can collaborate and stand on their feet . “ Evelina Papoyulias explained the reason for her participation in “Brusko”.

go far away from the cold. The article concludes that visitors of Crete not only choose five or four stars hotels during their stay, but also like to stay in traditional houses of a village, which have been renovated. The cost of accommodation for two people for one week in October is below 700 euros. The four other warm destinations proposed by “Spiegel“ are Turkey , Italy , Spain and Dubai.

“The directors are young, not bored, do not go with the beaten track“, while on of the protagonists of the series, Helen Vaitsou revealed that the proposal to participate became at 12 at night, because, as she said, “I realized that Andreas has no relation to time“. Chania... come to your TV sets in October!

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Gold and antimony in an underwater volcano close to Santorini Quantities of gold and other rare metals from Kolumbo A group of scientists has detected at sea near Santorini surprising quantities of gold and other rare metals such as antimony which are being discharged from the underwater volcano Kolumbo, located to the northeast of the island. The members of the group, researchers from the University of Athens and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, had examined the seabed at a depth of 500 metres, establishing at the geothermal field of Kolumbo rare phenomena which have not been observed ever before. According to Stephanos Kilias, Professor of Economic Geology and head of the group, impressive natural processes are taking place in the magma chamber of the submarine volcano which is five kilometres deep into the crust. These processes are forming elements such as gold, antimony, thallium, silver, arsenic, mercury, zinc and carbon dioxide in impressive quantities. At the same time, the scientists have discovered microorganisms which react in an unusual way and seem to play an important role in the formation of the specific metals and minerals. These vents are in the form of rocky hills dotted with holes. It is worth noting that they have no analogues in the caldera of Santorini. They are located in the north-eastern part of the bottom of the volcano and the highest among them is five metres whereas the widest is 1.5 metres in diameter.

Scientists had been aware of the presence of the vents in 2006 but not of the elements which form them. In 2011 and 2012, members of the Greek research group led by Paraskevi Nomikou who were involved in the oceanographic expedition of the American University in Rhode Island collected rock samples using a submarine robot. In addition, they were able to collect bubbles of gas discharged from the cracks on the bottom of the volcano and samples of hot water. Initially, the researchers were impressed by the fact that there were no signs of life ten metres above the bottom of the volcano. There were neither small fish nor deepsea shrimp. They found only a strange microbial ecosystem in bright orange colour mixed with amorphous Fe-oxyhydroxide deposits scattered everywhere. It is already clear that they discharge carbon dioxide bubbles and this actually turns the bottom of Kolumbo into a toxic lake. The researchers made a complex analysis of the samples from the vents using various methods and equipment at the University of Athens and in some specialized laboratories abroad. Their aim was to determine the chemical composition of the samples, namely the primary, secondary and the trace elements they contain. The results of the analysis indicate that under the volcano there are deposits of various metals in “rudimentary” stage.

The Greek villages and Facebook

50 scientists predict an earthquake with a magnitude of 9 in Greece

Facebook and other social media has become a channel of communication for Greek villages. One of those villages is Pigi in Rethymno. Thanks to two or three people, who have the enthusiasm and passion, together with youth, they show the beauties of their village to more and more users of Facebook. They upload photographs and videos, search historical data, scavenge beautiful corners and they share all this information in social media. Pigi remains one of the most historic villages of Crete. Social media give voice and power in Cretan villages and people to show their homeland to other countries without expecting something more from the government. And there are many villages in Greece trying hard to survive via the World Wide Web.

The French newspaper “Le Monde” published an article entitled “Unprecedented major earthquakes are possible in Europe,” in which 50 scientists-seismologists and engineers say that countries such as Greece, Italy and Turkey could become the epicentre of an earthquake with a magnitude of about 9 degrees on the Richter scale. The article also published maps which marked the most dangerous areas where a major earthquake may occur in the respective colour varying from yellow to dark red. The study was carried out within the SHAPE programme. by collecting seismic activities for over 30 years. In the extremely dangerous areas for this earthquake is Crete.

Austrians urged to buy greek properties Extolling the beauties of Greece, “where the prices have significantly dropped and there are real opportunities for the tourists to enjoy the sun, Greek beaches and the sea at favorable prices,” an Austrian tourism market company is urging Austrians to buy a holiday residence in Greece, making at the same time a great investment. The communication notes that prices for holiday apartments and houses in Greece are very low and anyone can actually make his dream come true with 80,000 euros ($106,700) buying a private property on his favorite Greek resort. However, the buyer should be careful and informed of the current legal status. The advantages of the holiday residence market are being promoted particularly in Crete, which is an ideal destination for many tourists who want to combine the sun with the endless blue seas and the breathtaking view of the Greek sunset. It is noteworthy that any investor can buy a comfortable apartment in the north part of Crete with a view to the sea and swimming pool for 125,000 euros, ($166,760).

American interest for hydrocarbons and natural gas sources in Ionian Sea and Crete A road show in SEG Conference in Houston, Texas (22-27 of September) has been organized by Petroleum Geo Services, in cooperation with Greek government, in order to present to american oil companies the first results of its researches on the Ionian Sea and south of Crete. It seems like there is a particular interest for the development of the Greek exploitation program hydrocarbons and natural gas. Meanwhile, at the end of 2013, the Ministry of Environment will receive the whole package of seismic data from Ionian Sea and Crete. Till now, PGS has completed elaborating 80% of its data from the research program. The practice of investigating the prospects for cooperations in order to submit a joint proposal, seeks to maximize public benefits and has been followed by many countries with long experience in hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation. It is internationally known as «forced marriage», and for the first time has been successfully applied in Greece.

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“A photostory... a story and the history” The opening of the photographic exhibition in Kipos Cafe

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Seaplanes terminals in Crete

Junicoast in Crete and the South Aegean Actions for the conservation of coastal dunes with juniperus spp.

Interested companies are joining forces

Two of the companies already active in the Greek seaplane industry are joining forces in a bid to offer more services through that mode of transportation. The deal concerns Greek companies K2 Smart Jets and Water Airports CA. The former already has a presence in VIP flights and the latter has undertaken the construction of four seaplane bases – at Corfu, Paxos, Othoni and Erikousa, all in the northern Ionian Sea. After the ratification of a draft law regarding the creation and operation of seaplane bases, the company is in talks to undertake terminals in Crete, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Saronic Gulf and the Sporades. K2 Smart Jets has bought 50 percent of Water Airports. The aim of the two firms is speed up the process so that their joint collaboration can start offering integrated services as of early 2014. Visits to Greece have thickened foreign funds and foreign companies interested in investing in waterways, following the enactment of the new investment law. Greece is one of the most suitable countries for establishing airports at sea, with a total coastline length 16.000 km. This fact, combined with the settings of the bill for the formation of a business friendly environment has revived the - “frozen” until recently- investment interest. In this context, the creation of central waterways in Corfu, the Greek company waterways SA be undertaken on behalf of the Port Corfu to implement the necessary procedures. “We are committed to proceed with the licensing of waterways in Corfu, Paxos, and Ereikoussa and Othonous on the Diapontia islands, which ports belong to the Port Authority of Corfu” says Tassos Govas, president of the Greek waterways. Already, investors have made preparations (creating operational manuals, surveying the maps etc) and in the next few days will be submitted for approval to the technical documentation of the project. “It is positive that the law sets certain intervals and processes control of the permitting process” says Mr. Govas. The seaplane network on Corfu will form the basis for the entire area of the ​​ Ionian Sea, while its own waterways is licensed and ready to Ithaca. In the list of islands where seaplanes will have scheduled flights will be Crete. The Island of the Minotaur shows potential for creating synergies with cruise ships and cover

nearby destinations such as Gavdos, Kythira and the Dodecanese. “The big advantage of Crete compared to the Ionian is the extended season” notes Mr. Govas. Benefits The economic benefits from implementing waterways are very important and translated into the creation of many direct and indirect jobs. Waterways a year-round from sunrise to sunset ask for an investment of EUR 5 million. An amount that could gradually touch 50 million in connection with the expansion of the activities of a company. In this context, investors from Canada, Dubai and the UK have expressed their interest of in investing in waterways. Investment in frame and repositioned Greek companies like AirSeaLines, which was founded in 2004 but was forced to cease operations in 2009 due to serious bureaucratic obstacles. Of course, given that it takes about three months to put a seaplane network in full operation, seaplanes will be added to the map of transport from the next tourist season. References: http://www.kathimerini.gr http://www.sfakia-crete.com http://www.cretalive.gr

Coastal dunes with Juniperus spp. are classified as priority habitat (code 2250*) by the “Habitats Directive”. They occur on the coasts of Southern and Western Europe. This rare and beautiful habitat features sparse junipers that are prostrate or erect depending on wind action and the adverse conditions typical of sand dunes. In Greece this habitat is under threat from factors such as restricted natural regeneration, tourism, lack of public awareness, solid waste disposal, fire, wood cutting, grazing and browsing. In view of this, the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Regional Development Fund of Crete (PTA) and the Decentralised Administration of Crete (Forest Directorates of Chania and Lasithi) are implementing the LIFE+ Nature project “Actions for the conservation of coastal dunes with Juniperus spp. in Crete and the South Aegean (Greece)”, JUNICOAST. This demonstration project will put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate actions/methodologies that are unfamiliar to the Greek geographical, ecological and socio-economical context. The distribution of these habitats in Greece is mainly confined to South of the country. This project will deal with all the known localities of the habitat in Greek Natura 2000 network in the regions of Crete and South Aegean. All the actions of this project will be carried out in all the Natura 2000 designated habitats of Crete comprising approximately 54 % of the total number of this habitat type in Greece. The particular project sites in Crete have been selected for the demonstration aspect of this project due to their high ecological significance, the serious threats that demand immediate response, and their geographical distribution that allows preservation of high proportion of this habitat type (ecological coherence) by using rational financial means. Additionally, the sites in Crete are suitable for the demonstration purposes of this project as they are representative of the full range of habitat contextual characteristics and threats of all habitat localities in Greece.

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Reading... Post

Book proposals for your free time “Crete”, by Barry Unsworth ISBN: 9780792255581 Published: 15/04/2007 Imprint: National Geographic

Booker Prizewinning novelist Unsworth (Sacred Hunger, etc.) travels with his wife to the ancient island of Crete, where, according to the Greeks, ‘everything began.’ The island’s history is gruesome due to centuries of occupation by Venetian, German and Turkish conquerors, so Crete can ‘sometimes seem a patchwork of stories, from primal myth to heroic legend, to the embroideries of local gossip.’ Just as the ‘Cretans love stories,’ so does Unsworth, and on visiting the wonders of the island-the ‘holy cavern of Psychro’ (the supposed birthplace of Zeus), the gorges of Samaria and Therisso, the Lasithi Plateau-he infuses his narrative with historical facts, mythic lore and a deep appreciation for nature. His keen understanding of history and legend also illuminates his visits to the island’s churches and monasteries, and particularly the ruined palace at Knossos, where the hero Theseus was said to have defeated the ‘monstrous Minotaur.’ A reverence for Crete’s flora and fauna pervades Unsworth’s exacting prose (‘the scrub glows with a soft burnish, flame-colored, forming a landscape almost too beautiful to be quite believed in’), and he often couples these descriptions with sadness over Crete’s invasive, oppressive tourism industry. The people of Crete, Unsworth notes more than once, are ‘of great spirit and generous hospitality [but also possess an] implacable vindictiveness,’ often still upholding ‘blood feuds’ that originated centuries ago. Despite Unsworth’s bouts of melancholy and occasional frustrations, the author’s thoughtful journey eventually finds peace and comfort in ‘the vitality and warmth of the people and the unfailing charm of the landscape.’

A Cretan laborer in Germany with a wage of 13.000 DM May be the best paid worker in the world

He is 82 years old today. Mr. Theodore Lagoudakis was born in Pirouniana of Aghia Varvara in Heraklion. He had eleven brothers and sisters, but four of them didn’t stand starving in World War 2. Mr. Lagoudakis left Crete in 1981 and went to Germany to find a job. He used to work for Bayer Co. in tires section. The peculiarity was that he was working in a specific section of the factory, where no one wanted to work. When he was finishing his job, he was going to the bathroom to be cleaned for almost two hours. Even though Mr. Lagoudakis has gone to elementary school for four years, the German company didn’t want to lose the “Greek worker”, as they used to call him. When he completed 30 years of working, Bayer asked him if he wanted to stay in job. “I was getting more money than the personnel’s officer. I started with the basic wage and I reached to get 13,000 DM per month from Bayer. My work was difficult and unhealthy. But I had a little secret to... survive. I was drinking 2-3 liters of milk every day. I don’t know what is going on right now, but when I was working for Bayer the campany had 5 millions of employees worldwide. I was alone in my section, no one else was coming. There was only an invisible dust and when I was going out after 10-12 hours of work, my colleagues could only see my eyes. That’s why I was getting so much money, much more even than the personnel’s officer. I needed two hours to get cleaned up and for these two hours Bayer was paying me more money. My colleagues had never seen my face clean. I remember myself going to a wedding.

Four Greeks in Top 200 of Young Economists

One of them is from Technical University of Crete in Chania - Costas Arkolakis, Economics Department, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (USA), 21st place - Elias Papaioannou, Department of Economics, London Business School (LBS), United Kingdom, 29th place - Nikos Nikiforakis, Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne, Australia, 113rd place - Fotios Pasiouras, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom and Department of Production Engineering and Management, Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece, 153rd place.

I took a bath and I was well-dressed. Next to me sat a colleague of me in Bayer... Zacharioudakis from Megali Vrissi. He turned his face to me and asked who I am! “Don’t you recognize me? Every day we eat together! Don’t you know me? “, was my answer”. Mr. Lagoudakis retired in 1991 but he returned to Crete seven years later. He was doing the same work for 30 years and he was living in the same house for 27 years. When he decided to return to Crete his German landlady gave him 50 cows and a place to stay. He denied everything, he took his wife and they returned together in Pirouniana. The first thing he did was to buy 100 sheeps and start taking deep breaths of his homeland’s oxygen... By Korina Kafetzopoulou / madeincreta.gr Those four brilliant scientific greek minds are in the Top 200 of Young Economists for http://ideas.repec.org. RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) is a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 78 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in Economics and related sciences. The heart of the project is a decentralized bibliographic database of working papers, journal articles, books, books chapters and software components, all maintained by volunteers. So far, over 1500 archives from 77 countries have contributed about 1.4 million research pieces from 1,700 journals and 3,700 working paper series. Over 35,000 authors have registered and 70,000 email subscriptions are served every week.

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Prefabricated houses

The “next” generation of building houses in Crete The world is changing, the materials are changing , the time is getting less, as our money. We live in blessed region, and we must find a cheap and sure solution to build our dream house. by Petros Chatzistavros Which is that? Civil Engineer (T.E.) A wish that Kofinas Prefabricated Houses company keeps offering you the chance to hear since 1977. For years, the top company of the prefabricated houses field, leads you to your own house fast and most of all, economically. We have developed our own philosophy about houses – we consider them to be an outer shell for human, which need to be in harmony with the natural environment. A prefabricated house designed according to the modern architectural trends, with comfortable and functional spaces, all in a few square meters. For this reason, we never negotiate our choice of ecological materials for the construction. Wood is the king of materials for us. The feeling created when staying in such a house cannot be described, but only experienced. A main house for you and your family or a vacation house for your relaxation. We have a large variety of prefabricated house designs, ready to be adjust based on your personal choices and requirements. The possibilities for the arrangement of the spaces are limitless. Our company collaborates with numerous architectural engineers and specialized personnel, who will responsibly deliver your house ready to be inhabited. You can monitor all the stages of the construction of the prefab house you will choose. That’s why we are addressing to you, who are looking for something unique, special. Who do not see a house only as “four walls”, but as an extension of your personality. Our people will provide you with all the necessary information, not only till you settle in your new prefabricated house, but also afterwards. And that is the most important thing… to keep our relation warm… homely, like it began! The prefabricated house, and specifically the wooden house of the KOFI-

NAS construction. So let me give you some serious reasons ,why to choose the KOFINAS prefabricated houses. Best raw materials of the global market The continuous masonry production production of company, gives us the advantage of being able to import large amounts of building materials. With the mass import we can achieve better prices, thus we are able to buy the “expensive” (for the Greek market) building materials, which are of the best quality worldwide. The timber of the masonry,which is : • Swedish: which means that it is really compact • Pine: which means better moisture resistance • Dried: which means that the timber is furniced for weeks, undergoing a natural deworming process (unlike the green-colored timber), and also reaches the ideal, for house construction, level of humidity which is 15-16%. • Ecological: which means that the timber does not contain chemical loads and that the policy of the Swedish Timber Industry aids with the absorption of carbon dioxide. • Planned: which means that it has perfectly flat surfaces which, in conjunction with the factory connection methods, we can achieve a perfect assembly with no margins at the joints for all the construction parts of the house. • C24 class: which means that it has great mechanical strength, showing up to 80% more carrying capacity when compared to conventional timber Full factory produced The KOFINAS company constructs each masonry piece in the factory using TORX screws and always follows strictly the following production steps of the company:

The factory construction ensures the superb stability of each masonry piece and the zero relaxation through time. The ready-made masonry pieces act as monolithic bodies, which can withstand any oscillation, ensuring the high seismic resistance and most of all, the robustness of the KOFINAS construction. Your house is NOT constructed on-site! The company innovates, since the technical defects due to the on-site construction of the masonry belong to the distant past. You can construct every house design The specialized engineers of KOFINAS company can study and realize any house design, either brought by the client or created with the client’s instructions. There are no boundaries, so we can respond to every need there might be! Alternatively, you can choose a house from our catalog and use it or alter it according to your needs! Experience and successful course Since 1977, we have been experimentally studying and improving our wooden constructions and our expertise. We are in position to offer solid and reliable solutions and we do not rest, but we keep moving forward with constant research and scientific experiments. Our customer’s satisfaction proves our successful course through time and the quality that describes the KOFINAS brand! Constant scientific and experimental research The KOFINAS company is not satisfied by a single theoretical research, but moves further, investing in the experimental research in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens! In 2009, we tested the response of the building system of the company against seismic action utilizing the seismic simulator of the NTUA.

p. 19 CHANIA POST Your local free paper The undeniable results confirm the sturdiness and the quality of our construction. In 2011, we move even further and we make a new experiment with a three-story construction with equally impressive results! No matter the objective certification that the above researches have already offered to the company, we keep moving further with new experiments to come… Anti-seismic resistance The KOFINAS houses are proven to be (and not generally speaking) totally anti-seismic constructions. The company, being sure about the robustness of the masonry, did not rest on a theoretical level but tested and certified the strength through scientific researches. The screw, which is robotically placed on all the parts of the house, the metal brackets, with which we “tie” the construction, the oversizing of the bearing structure through mechanical study and the enforcement, at the stress points, through a special statical computer program, are the technological advantages that persuaded top scientists to speak in public about the anti-seismic behavior of the KOFINAS constructions. Collaborating Companies We collaborate with the largest and most trusted companies so that they can respond to the high construction standards set by our company.

icals, like the green-colored timber (click here to see our ecological timber certification), the Knauf gypsum boards are made of natural gypsum and have been biologically checked by an international institution and the glues are certified for use for house construction. We believe that the best way is the natural way and we apply this belief to each and every house we construct. Furthermore, our collaborating factory plants three new trees for every one that is cut, in respect towards the natural environment. The company In 1977, the KOFINAS brothers make their first steps in the prefabricated houses field. At the same time, they begin research that, through decades, brings constant evolution and forms the idea of the new method of building for prefabricated houses. Aiming to have a more spherical evolution, the company has focused on the energy efficiency of the constructions. The utilization of Swedish and Finnish timber as the main construction material, makes the house totally ecological, since the replacement of the conventional building materials with wood, reduces the carbon dioxide emis-

Energy efficiency The KOFINAS construction, apart from the maximum thermo-insulation provided by the masonry with a factor that reaches as low as 0,11 W/m2K, can offer you a variety of options in order to further improve the energy efficiency of your new house, something that has not only an ecological impact, but also reduces the expenses of the household, since you pay less for heating, watering and electricity. Health and ecology All the materials used by KOFINAS company are chosen so as to have the least possible impact on your health and the environment. That’s why our timber is furniced, not infused with chem-

sions in the atmosphere by 1,1tn per cubic meter. Even more when, for the Swedish and Finnish timber, we collaborate with factories that, as a principle, for each tree that is cut, they plant from three to five new, producing a negative carbon footprint. Furthermore, the houses are designed in a bio-climatic aspect, so that through the openings, the shading systems, the orientation and the mechanical equipment, we will have the desired interior conditions and energy for heating, cooling and lighting will be saved. All the above, along with the thermal transmittance factor of the masonry (which can be as low as 0,11 W/m2K and can attain an energy consumption reduction of about 75-80% compared to conventional masonry), can justify the reason that we have already received energy efficiency certifications of class A for our houses! Our company has gathered trusted collaborators and partners, creating a sales network all around Greece, exporting our product at the same time. At our exhibitions, which also function as learning centers for schools and technical faculties, you can see in first hand the “philosophy” and the quality of KOFINAS houses!

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Vine harvest in Crete

September and October are the... vineyards months The harvesting of wine grapes (Vintage) is one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking. The time of harvest is determined priby Petros Marinakis marily by the ripeness of the Botanical Park & Gardens grape as measured by sugar, acid and tannin levels with winemakers basing their decision to pick based on the style of wine they wish to produce. The weather can also shape the timetable of harvesting with the threat of heat, rain, hail, and frost which can damage the grapes and bring about various vine diseases. In addition to determining the time of the harvest, winemakers and vineyard owners must also determine whether to utilize hand pickers or mechanical harvesters. The harvest season typically falls between August & October in the Northern Hemisphere and February & April in the Southern Hemisphere. With various climate conditions, grape varieties, and wine styles the harvesting of grapes could happen in every month of the calendar year somewhere in the world. The majority of the world’s wine producing regions lie between the temperate latitudes of 30° and 50° in both hemispheres with regions lying closer to the equator typically harvesting earlier due to their warmer climates. In the Northern Hemisphere, vineyards in Cyprus begin harvesting as early as July. The majority of Northern Hemisphere harvesting occurs in late August to early October with some late harvest wine grapes being harvested throughout the autumn. Despite the costs, some wineries prefer the use

of human workers to hand-pick grapes. The main advantage is the knowledge and discernment of the worker to pick only healthy bunches and the gentler handling of the grapes. In Crete Wine is a basic component of the Greek culture. There are thousands references from the Minoan times to the cultivation of vineyards for wine making. Minoan varieties are still grown today, in the same fields and sometimes with the same methods. There is no Cretan meal without wine, which the landlord particularly praises. Almost every house has its own wine. The vineyard needs care after the harvest, starting with a basic trimming. The main trimming takes place, depending on the area and the altitude, in January or February. The vineyard needs of course a lot more works, like disinfection with sulphur. The ripening and the harvest take place depending on the variety and the altitude of the area in the first ten days of August until the beginning of October. Until then the vine requires constant supervision and work, for the prevention of various diseases. The social dimension of the grape-harvest gives us a characteristic aspect of agricultural life in Crete. From dawn friends and relatives collect

and carry the grapes. When the grape-harvest ends, the grapes are pressed either with the feet or with machines and the grape juice is produced. The sunshine of Crete gives the juice a lot of sugars so we have several high-degree wines. At this moment the landlady will take grape juice, “boil” it with ashes and serve it with almonds, walnuts, sesame and cinnamon. When the pressing ends, the grape juice is placed in barrels or remains in the press for some hours to obtain colour and tannins. Then it’s time party time. Everybody sits around the rich table with the best wines of the house and gives wishes to the landlord. The fatigue of the day is transformed into song and dance. References: http://en.wikipedia.org http://www.incrediblecrete.gr

…where nature embraces the senses

The only one of its kind in Europe

το μοναδικό στο είδος του στην Ευρώπη


The area was reborn from its own ashes after the great fire of 2003.

undreds of different types of fruit trees, herbs and flowers in a uniquely landscaped area, offering you the opportunity to experience and get to know the blessed island of Crete in the most ideal way.


e are waiting for you in an area of approximately 200,000 m² to discover trees from all over the world, bearing edible fruit, as well as herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants.



n entertaining, educational park, ideal for walks.

Crete… a small continent


he area of the Botanical Park of Crete, 18 km from the city of Chania, at the foot of the White Mountains with its terrain and microclimate becomes a unique paradise for thousands of cold- and warm-climate plants!


he restaurant of the Botanical Park of Crete combines the revival of traditional recipes with cooking methods such as the hearth, woodburning oven, baking plate, etc, and flavours and products from the rich ground of the park such as vegetables, fruits, greens, garden produce, pulses, cheeses and bread... all flavoured with herbs from the park.

18th km of the National Road Chania-Omalos, Chania, Crete, Greece tel. +30 6976 860573

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Grape... one “blessed” fruit

Ancient Greeks used to say that grapes are the food of the gods The grape was, is and will be one of the most favorite fruit of the Greeks. Although the story is connected with the wine, the Greek culinary and pastry proves for the Greeks by Niki Voulgarakis that grape and vine does not mean Dietician - Nutritionist exclusively wine. There are countless other ways to exploit and some of them are discussed below: Wine Varieties The varieties of grapes produced for commercial purposes can be divided into two main categories: Those for wine production and those intended for consumption as table fruit. Apart from these two main categories, there are varieties for the production of dried grapes and varieties for the production of juices, cocktails and cans. Some other varieties are grown exclusively for the production of vine leaves and they are used in cooking. It is worth to mention that an important characteristic of the Cretan diet in the 1960s was moderate wine consumption, mostly in the form of wine that accompanied meals. It was mainly a men’s habit, as women rarely consumed alcohol. Moderate wine consumption seems to lower allcause mortality, mortality from cardiovascular diseases, as well as the risk of heart attacks. Among all alcoholic beverages, wine, and especially red wine, is even more beneficial as it contains phenols, substances that exert anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effects, protecting our vessels from the formation of the atheromatous plaque. The safe limit for alcohol consumption is set to 2 drinks/day for men and 1 drink/day for women. One glass of red wine contains 70-90 calories, one glass of white wine contains 60 calories. Raisins Dried grapes are otherwise known as raisins. It is one of the end products of grapes, we can’t categorize this under processed but at the same time we can’t say it is not processed, so it is considered as a semi processed grape product. The economic and wise solution to enjoy the grapes throughout the year is the “dried raisin.” Raisins

are produced mainly from the varieties of sultanas and currants. They are very effective and inexpensive way maintenance and processing of grapes and a very high nutritional value, since they contain a considerable percentage of calcium, iron, vitamin A and other elements. Raisins are eaten neat or may be combined with a mixture of nuts for a very nutritious snack. They along with some nuts can turn plain yogurt into nutritious and delicious dessert while you can melt into the blender with a little tahini and give a special ointment for bread. Raisins are also used in many recipes where they add a natural sweetness without adding sugar. They typically found in rice dishes, stuffed and of course in turkey stuffing. Confectioners and bakers put raisins in cakes, cookies and breads with more feature our favorite plum cake. 100 grams raisins provide 250 calories, while 100 grams grapes provide 70 calories. Grape juice Fresh grape juice is not just a great refreshing drink but also a beneficial elixir as it contains all the nutrients of grape in a format, easily digested and assimilated by the body. Furthermore it contains many flavonoids that help prevent blood clots. Due to its antiseptic properties, juice acts against high cholesterol, the chant, constipation, renal disorders and digestive disorders. (200 calories / per glass) Must The juice of fresh-processed grapes is called moustos or glaucous. If moustos suffers from alcoholic fermentation under appropriate conditions, it becomes wine. But if we boil and remove part of moisture, becomes molasses, a thick sweet syrup which forms a basis for many recipes in pastry. Molasses Molasses is known as stafylomeli comes from boiling the fresh grape. Molasses is the oldest sweetener, used in Europe long before the sugar imported from America. It is considered as one of the healthiest sweeteners. Also, due to its content of antioxidants, it can be consumed regularly to strengthen the immune system and prevent

against chronic diseases. It is a concentrated form of grapes, that’s why a single scoop can provide almost the same as a bunch of grapes. The price of high caloric load shows nothing compared to the content in B vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and copper. It does not contain additives (preservatives, colorings, sugar). Also, It is maintained for a long time without refrigeration. Moreover, molasses is ideally suited to traditional plain yogurt and it is an excellent alternative to spread with bread. It is also ideal for sauces and salad dressing. 1 tablespoon provides 80 calories. Moustokouloura Moustokouloura are wonderful Lenten cookies with spices. They don’t contain sugar, since the main sweetening substance is molasses which owe their distinctive flavor and unique texture. The authentic moustokouloura melt in your mouth and smell delicious cinnamon and cloves. A piece (35 grams), Calories (Kcal) 139, Protein (g) 2,1, Car-

p. 23 CHANIA POST Your local free paper bohydrate (g) 21,5, Fat (g) 5,0 Moustalevria Moustalevria is a simple dessert made with flour and grape. Moustalevria is a healthy, fragrant, traditional sweet of September, made all over Greece. Here in the Cretan version is with lots of herbs, nuts and sesame. The jelly is rich in anti-oxidants present in grapes, while the fat content is very low (typically minimal, a beneficial fat that is liable for the amount in sesame and walnut). Calories per serving: about 460 Kcal. Sweet grape The sweet grape is made with seedless varieties. They are among the most beautiful sweets! Energy: 50 calories per one tea spoon. Grape jam The grape jam is not very widespread but it is easy to make one at home. Its manufacture is like the sweet grape with the difference that the grapes pulped. Energy: 50 calories per one tea spoon. Grape compote In many preserves with fruit mixture we found grapes. This is another way to exploit the fruit of the grape and keep it up for very long. It can be served cold after a meal, as dinner or as a supplement to breakfast cereals. 3 tea spoons contain 120 calories. Vines The leaves which are used in cooking can be gathered in the spring of vines for wine or table grapes. The taste and texture of leaves of these varieties are not the same varieties which are grown exclusively for their leaves. “Sultanas are used for the industrial production of specific varieties of vine leaves which gives soft and palatable sheet, but has a low yield of grapes.

Dolmades The most widespread culinary use of vine leaves are stuffed. The leaves on vine are the most important ingredient. In Crete dolmades are made except from rice, stuffed with cracked wheat, olive oil and lots of fresh herbs. (1 serving, 8 pieces): 300 calories. Vinegar Genuine grapes vinegar is not made from sour wine, although this is the most common and economical method. If wine is left and sour, wine can turn into vinegar, but vinegar with good quality is produced from grape in the beginning. The reason is mainly that some grape varieties are ideal for the production of vinegar. Special mention to balsamic vinegar, which according to the original recipe must be matured for three years in oak casks to bring out its rich, balanced flavor and unique aroma. Its uses are limitless, ideal complement to salads, the main ingredient in sauces and marinades. Even when you leave the meat in a marinade of vinegar, this helps meat to be tender. Alongside the vinegar is a natural preservative, food in vinegar reserved for a long time: vegetables pickled in vinegar, anchovies etc. Finally it has antimicrobial action, it is still used as a cleanser. On the other hand, vinegar has few calories: just 12 calories in 100 grams, 0.6 calories per teaspoon! Balsamic vinegar: 14 calories per teaspoon. Additionally, recent research suggests that vinegar can play a positive role in the control of hyperglycemia (especially postprandial glycemia) in diabetes type 1 and 2, but of course in healthy people. Be careful… Drink with moderation!!! Try our Cretan wines and enjoy your stay!!!


How they work, what scientists say about Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, are devices that enable a person to inhale nicotine. E-cigarettes consist of three parts; a battery, a vaporizer and a cartridge. by Miltiades Markatos The device works by vaporizing the Pneumonologist liquid in the cartridge. This creates a mist that can be inhaled by the user and they appear to breathe out smoke. Unlike normal cigarettes these devices do not contain tobacco, but they contain nicotine in the liquid found in the cartridge. The liquid can have different flavors and different amounts of nicotine from which the user can select. E-cigarettes have been the subject of intense debate in the media across Europe as some healthcare professionals are concerned about the promotion and use of the products. • E-cigarettes are currently regulated differently across Europe. This means that there are no restrictions on the chemicals that can be added to the cartridges. • As e-cigarettes look and feel like a cigarette, users are not encouraged to change their behavior. Their addiction to the physical and emotional elements of smoking continues. • Some experts believe that visibility to people smoking e-cigarettes could make smoking seem acceptable and could tempt people, who have quit, or are trying to quit, slipping back into the habit. • Children who are growing up in areas where smoke free legislation has been common since their childhood are exposed to smoking behavior when they see e-cigarette users. • A key concern for healthcare professionals at the moment is a lack of evidence on the potential harm to the user. Although the products are thought to be less harmful than smoking normal cigarettes, the devices contain various chemicals and long-term studies on the health effects of the products have not yet been carried out.

Healthcare professionals play a central role in helping people quit smoking and choosing the most appropriate method out of a range of products and various strategies. These include prescription medicines, nicotine replacement products, such as patches or lozenges and counseling.

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When you think of “tasting” Chania... The first thing to come in mind is boureki

Cretan boureki

A traditional but...easy recipe for your senses

(by Antonia Tsakirakis)

“Boureki is a traditional dish in the region of Chania, Crete. It is a simple peasant dish and it does not require any fancy ingredients or cooking techniques. The best boureki is made with fresh organic courgettes (zucchini), high quality mizithra or graviera cheese and extra virgin olive oil. According to en.wikipedia.org, “the boureki of Chania is a special type of boureki found in the local cuisine of Crete and especially in this area of western Crete. It is a pie filled with sliced zucchini, sliced potatoes, mizithra or feta cheese and spearmint, and may be baked with or without a thick top crust of phyllo”. Have a nice time and... bon appetite!”.

“The aroma of fresh spearmint and mizithra cheese will float in the air as the tantalizing smell of fresh baked dough wafts though out the house, soon the smells of roasted zucchini and potatoes will accompany the festival of aromas as you are carried away to a far away place called Crete”. http://www.grouprecipes.com

Ingredients (for the filling)

- 1 1/2 kg fresh zucchini - 1 kg potatoes - 1 big onion - a little spearmint - salt - pepper - 700 gr mizithra cheese or 200 gr grated graviera cheese

Ingredients (for the dough) - 3 glasses of flour - 1 1/2 glass of water - 1 glass of olive oil - 1 teaspoon of salt - 1 small glass of vinegar - 1 egg

Traditional Tavern “Tzaneris and Archontissa”


- Put the dry ingredients in a large bowl, with the vinegar, the olive oil and the water. - Mix all the ingredients until the dough is not staying on our hands. - Make the dough like a circle and place half of it in the bottom of a pan. - Mince the onion and the spearmint. - Round cut zucchini and potatoes. - Place one layer of potatoes followed by one layer of zucchini. - Salt and pepper. - Place half of mizithra cheese, two tablespoons of flour, half of the spearmint and half of the onion. - Place again one layer of potatoes followed by one layer

Drakona Keramion, Chania, Crete

of zucchini. - Salt and pepper. - Place the other half of mizithra cheese, another two tablespoons of flour, the other half of the spearmint and the other half of the onion. - Place the other halfh of the dough on top of the pan. - With a small brush, mix the egg in a small bowl and place it on top of the dough. - Sprinkle with sesame. - Bake in preheated oven for 50 minutes to 1 hour in 180 degrees Celsius.

Tel. +30 28210 75997 Mob. +30 6973 786747

Espresso & Cappuccino Freddo There are two different kinds of freddo coffee. The first is espresso freddo and the second is cappuccino freddo. In order to make espresso freddo at home you need an espresso machine, some good espresso coffee, ice cubes, (sugar) and a couple of minutes time. Prepare a double shot of espresso and put in in a tall narrow glass. Add some sugar if you want and stir a bit. Then, add 2-3 icecubes and use a milkshake mixer to stir it vigorously until it becomes creamy. If you don’t drink you coffee strong you can add some cold water. For the cappuccino fredddo you basically prepare an espresso freddo and then you top it with frothed cold milk. In order to prepare this milk add some COLD milk in a small container and use the milkshake mixer to froth it until it becomes creamy enough. Then just add it on top of the espresso freddo. So there you have it! Two very nice cold coffees! Now listen, if you don’t have a milkshake mixer you can also use a shaker but don’t expect the same quality, OK?

Enjoy a cup of coffee or your drink in one of the most popular hangouts of Chania ODYSSEIA CAFE 9 Ktistaki str., Chania, Crete Tel. +30 28210 53799



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Turkish Airlines Euroleague stars celebrate NBA 2K14 release! Superstars of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague were shining in Madrid, Spain to celebrate the release of NBA 2K14. A new exclusive multi-year global partnership agreement between 2K Sports and Euroleague Basketball means that Turkish Airlines Euroleague teams appear for the first time in the newest edition of the top-selling and top-rated basketball video game simulation franchise. Players attending the NBA 2K14 pre-launch party in Madrid included three current or former Turkish Airlines Euroleague MVPs: Dimitris Diamantidis of Panathinaikos Athens, Juan Carlos Navarro of FC Barcelona and Vassilis Spanoulis of Olympiacos Piraeus. Representing the hometown club, Real Madrid, was former world champion Felipe Reyes. Former All-Euroleague selections Viktor Khryapa of CSKA Moscow and Shawn James of Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv, Tibor Pleiss of Laboral Kutxa Vitoria and Semih Erden of Anadolu Efes Istanbul also attended to try out the new game and speak with the media about being part of it for the first time. NBA 2K14 launched with 14 Turkish Airlines Euroleague teams on October 1st in the United States and October 4th across Europe. Release dates for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are set for November 15th and 22nd, respectively. Here’s what the Euroleague stars had to say about what fans can expect from NBA 2K14: Felipe Reyes, Real Madrid: “I think that fans will enjoy this a lot. I think it is a good initiative that will make many people who didn’t play this kind of game before buy it now in order to be able to play with their favorite teams. They will enjoy creating Euroleague matchups as well as facing off Euroleague teams against NBA teams.” Viktor Khryapa, CSKA Moscow: “I think this is very important because previous experience with football and

NBA games shows that many people have the chance to play the game without knowing the players or even the teams. It’s pretty exciting and I am looking forward to seeing this product in the stores.” Shawn James, Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv: “I think fans are really going to enjoy this. For the chance of putting great European teams against the NBA teams and having the option to play with their favorite team, I think the fans will enjoy it a lot.” Vassilis Spanoulis, Olympiacos Piraeus: “There are a lot of people over the world who play this game, it’s very global. You know, all the kids and basically people of all ages can play this game, so it’s important for Euroleague teams that fans have the chance to play with their favorite teams and players. It’s very interesting for everybody, to have all the teams in this nice game.” Tibo Pleiss, Laboral Kutxa Vitoria: “It’s great: I talked with a lot of people and teammates about this game. It’s going to be great! You can play with your teammates, different teams and also against NBA teams. It’s something special and something new.” Juan Carlos Navarro, FC Barcelona: “Who doesn’t like to be in a game surrounded by big stars? People tell me about it in the street. For us, it is an honor being there

and at the same time get closer to the NBA and be more interrelated to it.” Dimitris Diamantidis, Panathinaikos Athens: “For me, I don’t have a big relationship with videogames. I hope people will like it. The characters are so good and the realism of the players is pretty good.” Semih Erden, Anadolu Efes Istanbul: “It’s very exciting to be in the game, and I think fans will be excited, too. I think this is important for every team because the NBA is a big company and it’s important for Anadolu Efes to be involved in something like this. It was the first time I tried the game and I am not still very good at it, but soon I will be!”

33 Chrisanthou Episkopou str., Chania Tel. +30 28210 55667 Tech by tech... post by post Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos isn’t comfortable being described as the next Steve Jobs. “That is a very complimentary thing to say,” he responds humbly, “but it’s not how I think about it -- that way. I think we have our own approaches and vision. Nobody would ever be the next Steve Jobs. He was a unique guy, and, you know it would be...”.


Samsung teases two gold-colored Galaxy S4 phones and hints at a smartphone with a curved screen, while Amazon unveils new Kindle Fire HDX

An illegal service that sells personal data “on any U.S. resident” -- which can then be used for identity theft -- hacked into servers at several major data aggregators including LexisNexis and Dun & Bradstreet, according to a report. The service’s customers have, the report said, “spent hundreds of thousands of dollars looking up SSNs, birthdays, driver’s license records, and obtaining unauthorized credit and background reports on more than 4 million Americans.” Though a little late to the party, Google’s search engine has finally embraced #hashtagmania, albeit in a totally self-serving way. The search giant announced that it’s letting people in the US and Canada query its engine for hashtags, meaning now they can type in something like “#emmys” or “#nfl” or “americascup” on Google.com to see related status updates appear to the right of regular results. New iOS 7 has quickly blown past its predecessor. At least in some parts of the world. That’s according to advertising network Chitika, which said that iOS 7 is now found on 51.8 percent of iOS devices.

“Weendy”... for all lovers of windsurf and kiteboarding Made in Crete by two fellow students of Technical University of Crete They managed to combine meteorological forecasts with microclimatic conditions and something even more important: the impressions of the people themselves of the conditions prevailing in each area. Two young people from the Technical University of Crete have created the application for smartphones called «Weendy» and “conquer” demanding investors in Silicon Valley. Katerina Stroponiatis and John Varelas, fellow students at the Technical University of Crete and enthusiasts of windsurf and kiteboarding, decided to build an application that caters to lovers of water sports, who were forced to seek daily in forums and websites to find information for places with ideal climatic conditions to practice their hobby. Where the wind blows more to go for windsurf? Which beach is less crowded to play beach volley? «Weendy» gives all the answers. The comments and photos in conjunction with the official weather forecast create a map with the conditions prevailing in real time to destinations around the world. The application running over a few months (only for iphone), is addressed in its first edition to the lovers of water sports. Users fill in their profiles with their favorite sports and destinations they choose to go and then they are informed for the comments of other users, on climate and not only prevailing in each area. Just before the age of 30 , the two creators of the application chased and managed to taste the American dream. It all started when Catherine Stroponiatis went to attend classes at Berkeley. Shortly afterwards Katerina and John moved to San Francisco where they managed to raise 300.000 $ for “Ween-

dy” from individual entrepreneurs and groups of investors ( including the well-known «Archimedes Labs»). The data of «Weendy» is using high flow weather forecasts to improve their own models. In the first seven months of operation, the application has 25.000 downloads and 17,000 users to use it at least one time per month. It has also managed to transform a hobby like watersports to a link for a social network. The most active users are Americans from San Francisco and Oregon, but also about 1,200 Greeks who use the application daily. The new improved version that was released in September will be addressed also to android users. It will also have information about winter activities, ordinary visitors to all beaches, parks or other places...for all who want to know the right weather conditions in order to swim, to read in the countryside, have a picnic or just walk.

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Hearing... one of our “sensitive” senses

Choose sunglasses only for your eyes and not for fashion

Your hearing is precious to you and needs your protection. ‘’ Did you know that up to 1/3 of hearing loss can be prevented with the right protection of hearing and by taking certain precautions? ‘’ by Dimitris Xepapadakis At EarPlus we want to help you so Hearing specialist that you can enjoy your hearing for the longest time possible. That can be achieved by following these 4 simple tips.

There’s more to choosing sunglasses than how good they look on you. Your sunglasses should keep harmful sun rays away from your eyes. Do you love how cool your sunby Nick Lazakis glasses make you look? If you really Optical expert want to be comfortable in the glare and protect your eyes -and your children’s eyes- from future cataracts, there is more to choosing sunglasses than just looking cool. The main enemy is ultraviolet rays. You need to filter as many of these as you can away from your eyes. Most sunglasses, coated with UV blockers, block the ultraviolet B rays, but the cheaper ones may cheat a little on ultraviolet A. Examine the label. (Some contact lenses also block UVB -ask your optometrist.) Look out for the CE or BS EN 1836:2005 marks when choosing your sunglasses-this ensures that they provide a safe level of protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. Apart from UV, brightness is an issue. What people don’t realise is that going from inside to outside involves confronting light thousands of times brighter than what has entered the eye the moment before. Brightness is a comfort issue - it’s uncomfortable to go into the sun from the shade and to have undimmed light flowing into your eyes. So the darker the lens in your sunglasses the better? Clear glass transmits 90% of light. As the glasses get darker, less and less light penetrates. Lightly tinted lenses let in 75% to 80% of light.

Hearing protection and conservation

Avoid loud noises Noise is a major cause of hearing loss, so you must protect your hearing from loud noises exposure for long periods of time. If you work in a place where noise is at high levels , ask your supervisor to make sure that you protect your hearing efficiently , according to national rules. Wear earplugs, when you use noisy machines ( lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc) or when you take part in noisy activities ( concerts, sport events etc). At home, lower the volume of the TV, radio, and music players. Reduce the volume of noisy appliances that work simultaneously in your environment. Be careful when you take medication and other substances Smoke and alcohol are two things that can harm your hearing. Moreover there are many medications that have to be taken carefully, especially certain antibiotics. Ask your doctor for possible side effects on your hearing from the medication prescribed. Immediate treatment of ear infection You will have to avoid ear infections and seek immediate treatment to avoid long-term damages. They can be potentially dangerous, especially in children. Schedule tactical checks Hearing loss, like other diseases, can be corrected or helped if it is traced as soon as possible. After the age of 30, it is preferable to test your hearing periodically especially if you are exposed to loud or prolonged noise or

you already know you have a hearing problem. An annual hearing check is a good solution. You may be here because a person close to you has expressed that you may be suffering from hearing loss. A lot of people know someone with hearing loss and many of them have the same experiences you may have : difficulty chatting through the phone or in person, difficulty understanding speech on TV. DO YOU HAVE A HEARING PROBLEM? People who experience hearing loss go through something similar to the process of mourning. By recognizing the stages, it will help you understand your reluctance and seek help. First comes denial. You do not believe you have a hearing problem and you do not want to talk about it with other people present. Second comes withdrawal. You tend to avoid social gatherings and activities. Anger is the next stage. You feel disappointed and you become less tolerant with other people. Finally you feel depressed, by realizing your hearing loss. Remember, you are not alone 1 out of 7 Europeans suffer from hearing loss and millions of them wear hearing aids. This includes presidents of countries, actors, supervisors of large companies, athletes and people of all social layers. Hearing loss should not become a hurdle in someone’s life. Know that a hearing problem can be dealt with effectively Most confirmed cases of hearing loss can be treated successfully. While hearing cannot be fully restored, most people are amazed by the improvement in their hearing. Research has proved that: - The treatment of hearing loss improved relationships in the house. - The use of hearing aids is associated with reduction in anxiety, anger and frustration. - People who use hearing aids report that they have better health from people who do not use them. - 9 out of 10 users of hearing aids report an improvement in their quality of life.

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Kitesurfing or kiteboarding

power” option to reduce the power in the kite. By using depower, the kite’s angle of attack to the wind is reduced, thereby catching less wind in the kite and reducing the power or pull. Wind speed, rider experience and weight, board size, kite design and riding style are all interdependent and affect the choice of kite. An experienced rider generally carries different sized kites appropriate for the wind speed range. A typical kite quiver might include 8 m², 10 m² and 12 m² traditional “C-kites”. Exact kite sizes will vary depending on rider weight and desired wind ranges.

Flying over the waves

Wind direction Cross-shore and cross-onshore winds are the best for kiteboarding. Offshore winds pose the danger of being blown away from the shore in the event of equipment failure or loss of control. Offshore winds are suitable in a lake or when a safety boat is available, however they are generally more gusty. Direct onshore winds carry the risk of being thrown onto land, and are less favorable. Equipments • Flying lines • Control bar • Kite harness • Kiteboard • Safety hook knife • Helmet • Personal flotation device • Impact vest • Signaling devices • GPS It is true that the last 10 years you can see kitesurfers in big jumps and velocities close to 90 km/h, in many areas. In west Crete you will find them special in Agia Marina, Platanias, Falasarna and Elafonisi. There are different styles of kiteboarding, including freestyle, freeride, downwinders, speed, course racing, wakestyle, jumping and wave-riding. In 2012, the number of kitesurfers has been estimated at 1.5 million persons worldwide. Basics Kiteboarding can pose hazards to surfers, beachgoers, bystanders and others on the water. Many problems and dangers that may be encountered while learning kiting can be avoided or minimized by taking professional instruction through lesson centres. Kitesurfing schools provide courses and lessons to teach skills including kite launching, flying, landing, usage of the bar, lines and safety devices.

Turning A beginner can turn by stopping or sinking backwards into the water, and then turning the kite in the opposite direction and starting again. A ‘heel turn jibe’ is a quicker and more skilful turn that is executed by slowing down, flattening the board, then reversing the board flat on the water by bringing the rear foot around downwind to eventually become the new leading foot. The direction of the kite is then reversed, which swings the surfer’s path in a semi circle, centered on the kite. As the turn ends, the kite is flown over to be in front of the surfer again. Controlled flying and jumping Controlled flying is possible and is one of the biggest attractions of the sport. Before jumping, the surfer builds up tension in the lines by strongly edging the board. Then the kite is flown quickly to an overhead position, sometimes just as the surfer goes over a wave. As the kite begins to lift, the board edge is then ‘released’ and the rider becomes airborne. The kite is then piloted from overhead to the direction of travel. A large variety of manoeuvres and tricks can be performed while jumping. Jumping can be very risky, riders must keep a clear buffer zone downwind when attempting to jump. Board grabs Board grabs are tricks performed while a rider is jumping or has gained air from popping by grabbing the board in a number of positions with either hand. Each grab has a different name dependent on which part of the board is grabbed and with which hand it is grabbed by. Rear hand grabs are known as Crail, Indy, Trindy, Tail, Tailfish, and Stalefish, while front hand grabs are known as Slob, Mute, Seatbelt, Melon, Lien, and Nose. A number of grabs can also be combined into one trick. A rider may perform a tail grab going to indy by moving the rear hand from the back of the board to the middle of the toe side edge. Wind strength and kite sizes Kitesurfers change kite size and/or line length depending on wind strength—stronger winds call for a smaller kite to prevent overpower situations. Kitesurfers will determine the wind strength using either an anemometer or, more typically, visual clues as shown in the Beaufort scale. All modern kites dedicated to kitesurfing provide a “de-

Kitesurfing safety rules Some countries have laws about flying kites and being safe while flying that may also apply to kitesurfing. Kite High Rule - A kiter who is upwind (closest to the wind) must keep their kite high to avoid their lines crossing those of downwind kiters. Similarly, the downwind kiter must keep their kite low to avoid their lines crossing upwind kites. This applies regardless of whether kiters are on the same, or opposing courses. Clearance Rule - A kiter while jumping must have a clear safety zone of at least 50m downwind because they will move downwind during the jump. A rider must also have a clear safety zone of 30m upwind to jump as his lines could touch the kite or the lines of another rider kiteboarding close by (see Kite High rule). It’s important to also consider potential hazards downwind and crosswind of the rider such as people, buildings, trees and other fixed obstacles. Kiters are also considered as sailing vessels – so some standard sailing rules apply such as: Starboard Rule - When kiters approach from opposite directions the kiter who has the wind on the starboard (right side, right leg/arm leads in direction of travel) has right of way. The kiter who has the wind on the port side (left side, left leg/arm are leads in direction of travel) shall keep out of the way of the other. In simple terms, this means “keep right” with the kiter coming in the opposite direction passing on the left. In sailing terms, a sailor or kiter with right of way is entitled to “insist” on exercising that right (warning opposing kiters) by shouting “starboard” very clearly and in good time. Other boating rules such as no-go zones, distance from shore and swimmers also apply.

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Cristiano Ronaldo will be in Merengues forever

He signed a three year extension to his contract with Real Madrid, increasing his salary to around 17m euros per year Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed an extension to his contract with Real Madrid, the La Liga giants have confirmed. The Portugal forward will appear alongside Real president Florentino Perez at a press conference later today at the Santiago Bernabeu, where details of Ronaldo’s new deal are expected to be announced. Reports in the Spanish media suggest that the former Manchester United ace has agreed terms on a new threeyear extension to his deal, which would commit him to the club until the summer of 2018. It has also been reported that Ronaldo’s salary has been increased to around 17m euros per year. The 28-year-old had been linked with a move away from the Bernabeu following the arrival of Gareth Bale during the summer transfer window. The 100m-euro fee Real paid to Tottenham for the Wales winger eclipsed the previous world-record of 94m euros they splashed out to lure Ronaldo away from Manchester United in 2009. Ronaldo has scored a remarkable 203 goals in 203 appearances for the Spaniards, helping them secure the King’s Cup in 2011 and the La Liga title in the 2011/12 season. Sky Sports’ Spanish football expert Guillem Balague says that Ronaldo had agreed the extension in the summer, but wanted to wait before signing the deal. When asked if the deal was a reaction to Real’s world record signing of Bale, Balague told Sky Sports News: “Not exactly. “He will renew his contract until 2018 and he will be the best-paid player in Spain, above Messi, on €17m (£14.2m) net, so we are entering a new phase of wage structures here. “Obviously, there were one or two things that Cristiano Ronaldo had to make sure before he actually signed the contract, a contract that was agreed in the summer around mid-July. “Florentino Perez said in L’Equipe that Ronaldo was going

to stay at Real Madrid forever and he knew it because everything had been agreed, just not signed. “Ronaldo wanted to see two things. No.1, the submission of the club to him in the sense that he wanted to feel as important as possible as the No.1, and I think he’s felt that in the last few months. “No.2, he wanted to see Bale coming and if he was going to earn more money than him, and if Real Madrid were going to pay more money for Bale than they paid for Cristiano. “Well, Bale will earn less than €17m for sure, but this is where it gets funny as Real have always said they paid €91m for Bale, which is less than the €96m they paid for Cristiano, but in fact they paid €101m, so they were trying to twist the truth a little so that Cristiano didn’t get upset.” Balague also believes that Ronaldo was never going to join United this summer, despite ‘flirting’ with his former club.

“Like a football fairytale”

Let’s live it, create on it and make an epic... and not a tragedy Once upon a time, there was a place in Crete with no team in professional football leagues. Within three years, this place managed to have two teams to compete in professional level… and with no by Kostas Nitse one to expect it, the fairytale beCHANIA SPORT FM Journalist gins. As a journalist I remember myself sitting in the studio, talking about three or four hours for local teams, searching the phones of soccer general chiefs who had not gone to the match because of their work or ordinary fans who turned out to be the best in giving me information for the teams. I have been many times in discussions with other colleagues, talking about what we have “succeed” by turning the amateur football league into professional, like a local… Champions League. We could never imagine of what would happen in the upcoming years. Back to those years, internet was an unknown word in soccer stadiums, all those amateur stadiums where we could not even sit. I will never forget a TV crew shooting a match on a truck or myself talking on the radio in the middle of a storm and a president of a team holding the umbrella for me. Unforgettable moments but… this is our history. Everything has changed in recent years, we have a new stadium in Perivolia, but this is not enough to get all the problems aside and help football in our region or the dozens of amateur teams. It is obvious that we are living our soccer fairytale but when this will come to an end, we will see if we were just a part of a fairytale with happy-end or a Greek tragedy by Aeschylus or Euripides. Greece is always giving the “lights” of civilization… but this belongs to the past. Right now, we look like an American city where on one side we have the lights and the fanfare and some meters away someone steals a an old lady.

Behind the “lights” of a stadium, there are ten others hosting six or seven teams. From those teams we are expecting to get some players, by overcoming all of the problems. Unfortunately, my belief is going far behind the Super League or Football League, considering the problems of amateur football players. But when all the lights will go, then everyone will look behind them and will find out that we are a small county, where there are no facilities, no personnel to maintain them and therefore, there is nothing local, nothing that have been created by our own work. If the dragon of the fairytale burns the lights and all the mercenaries will leave Chania… how many athletes will we have the right to say that we have? The rise of football in Chania came like an express train and found us overwhelmed. We were not ready, but we have to seize it, to build on it and create. Let’s live the fairytale but also let’s keep it alive… that is the difficult part. As Greeks, we are accustomed to all difficult moments… by the time when a woman’s eyes started the Trojan War, until the return of Ulysses to Ithaca, where Penelope was patiently waiting. Three different stories with common elements, especially the stubbornness of the Greeks. What we want for our football fairytale is to become an epic rather than a tragedy.

“There were certainly contacts between Cristiano Ronaldo, his representatives and Manchester United, no doubt about that,” he added. “And there was no doubt about the interest of Manchester United to bring Cristiano back. “I never believed that Cristiano was going to go to Manchester United. I heard in interviews that he said Manchester United was a place where he’d like to go, he loves it there and the people love him also. “But he felt that, to actually get the heights he wants as a player, he had to stay at Real Madrid, but he had to stay on his conditions. “It was kind of convenient that he was flirting with Manchester United in the last year or two, but it was pretty clear to Real Madrid, and people who know Spanish football, that Cristiano always wanted to stay at Real Madrid.” by SKYSPORTS

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LeBron James marries longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson Intense security measures surrounded the wedding, and even some of the invited guests were unclear on some specific details in the days leading up to the long-awaited event that came less than three months after James and the Heat won their second straight NBA title. Guests were ushered into the wedding areas under the cover of tents, and television footage taken by news helicopters showed that even umbrellas were used to protect the identity of those arriving. Heat owner Micky Arison, coach Erik Spoelstra and many of James’ teammates including Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were on the guest list. And while some with ties to James, such as Wade and his actress girlfriend Gabrielle Union, tweeted that they were in the San Diego area for a wedding, none released any details — since one of the many rules of the wedding was believed to be that no phones would be allowed. Brinson spoke briefly with AP about the wedding last spring, saying she was both excited and nervous. James

Bolt’s stance on drugs (BBC)

“Supplements? No. I take vitamins only. We have remedies in Jamaica - lime and honey. That’s all we take. Never [have I been offered drugs]. “As soon as there’s a drugs scandal, the next day or two the testers are always there to check me. I have no problem, I tell [my whereabouts] them all the time. People say: ‘Probably you don’t get tested enough’. If they need to test me every day I have no problem with that”. “I’m still amazed [people try and cheat] because over the years they’ve caught pretty much everybody. I don’t know if anybody has slipped under the radar but they’re doing a good job.”

America’s Cup victory for Oracle Team USA after stunning comeback

Oracle Team USA won the America’s Cup in a climactic race in San Francisco Bay on Wednesday, capping an epic comeback and rewriting a script that had the plutocratic sailing tournament sinking into pre-ordained ignominy. Thousands of jubilant supporters cheered the American team, the defending champion, on Wednesday as they ploughed past the finish line 44 seconds ahead of Emirates Team New Zealand, sealing one of the most memorable victories in the cup’s 162-year history. Oracle’s feted British tactician, Sir Ben Ainslie, hugged and exchanged high-fives with other crew members and Larry Ellison, the billionaire co-founder of Oracle, amid a shower of champagne on their AC72 catamaran.

Super League - F.C. Platanias

5/10: Ergotelis - Platanias (Pangrition Stadium) 19/10: Platanias - Olympiacos (Perivolia) 27/10: Aris - Platanias (Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium)

Football League - Chania F.C.

6/10: Chania - Fokikos (Perivolia) 13/10: Panachaiki 2005 - Chania (Ayia Stadium) 20/10: Chania - Olympiacos Volou 1937 27/10: Paniliakos - Chania (Municipal Stadium/Pyrgos)

has only discussed the wedding in general terms, once describing his role as only to ensure “that Savannah gets whatever she wants on her day, the wedding day she always dreamed of.” by USA TODAY

REGION OF CRETE....................................2813400300-5 PREFECTURE OF CHANIA....................2821340100-200 MUNICIPALITIES Chania............................................................................2821341600 Apokoronas..................................................................2825340300 Platanias........................................................................2821083570 Sfakia..............................................................................2825391540 Kissamos........................................................................2822340200 Kandanos-Selino........................................................2823349399 Gavdos...........................................................................2823041101 TRANSPORTATION Public bus....................................................................2821093306 City public bus...........................................................2821093024 ANEK Lines...............................................................2821027500-4 ANENDYK..................................................................2821095511-2 Airport...........................................................................2821083800 Aegean Airlines..........................................................2821063366 Olympic Air..................................................................8018010101 Ryan Air...............................................................00448712460002 Hermes taxi.................................................................2821098700

3rd Division - Kissamikos

6/10: Ethnikos Asteras - Kissamikos 20/10: Kissamikos - Trachones 27/10: Olympiacos Lavriou - Kissamikos

FIFA World Ranking (September 2013)

Ex-Chargers DB Paul Oliver commits suicide at 29

Former San Diego Chargers defensive back Paul Oliver died of a self inflicted gunshot at a residence in Marietta, Ga. The weapon was a handgun, but he did not know the location of the wound. Death occurred at approximately 6:45 p.m., he said. Oliver, who played from the Chargers from 2007-2011, was 29.

Novak Djokovic engaged to longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic

Serbian media reports say world No. 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic proposed to his longtime girlfriend Jelena Ristic in Monte Carlo. Djokovic and Ristic have been together for eight years. She’s been a constant fixture in his player’s box during his rise from talented, but immature, youngster to the top of the tennis world. She’s known for her demonstrative presence while watching Djokovic play - a far cry from the stoicism of a Mirka Federer or relative calmness of Andy Murray’s significant other, Kim Sears. The couple expects to get married sometime in 2014, according to the reports.

Britain’s oldest referee to be honoured

Britain’s oldest referee is still refusing to blow the final whistle – at the age of 86. Now Harry Hardy is to receive his own winner’s medal at Buckingham Palace for his work in football. The pensioner has been the man with the whistle for 55 years and still turns out in his local Sunday league.

Useful information and phones in Chania Prefecture Whenever you call a number in Greece, even if it is a local phone call, you have to use the (area code) + (0) + (phone number). For example, if you want to call a phone number in Chania you will have to dial: 2821+ 0 + phone number. If you call from abroad always use 0030 before the phone number.

Football Calendar... October

Kydon taxi....................................................................2821094300 GENERAL Police...............................................................................................100 Tourist Police...............................................................2821025931 Airport Police Station...............................................2821063033 Greek National Tourism Organization...............2821092943 Municipal Tourism Office....................................2821341665-6 Port Authority...............................................2821098388/98888 Fire Department.........................................................................199 First Aid..........................................................................................166 Rental Accomodation Union.................................2821043601 Chania Hotels Association.....................................2821060540 Customs Office...........................................................2821089277 Public Electricity Company.....................................................125 Municipal Water Company....................................2821036250 Telecommunications Organization......................................121 HOSPITALS/CLINICS Red Cross......................................................................2821052550 Aghios Georgios........................................................2821022000 Navy hospital..............................................................2821082000 “Iasis” Gavrilakis clinic..............................................2821070800 Kapakis Clinic..............................................................2821052688 Tsepetis Clinic.............................................................2821028828 Research and Training Institute of Alzheimer Senility Cases..............................................................2821076050 TV STATIONS Nea TV...........................................................................2821036700

Kydon TV......................................................................2821074978 Kriti TV...........................................................................2821083200 Kriti 1.............................................................................2821099119 Chania TV.....................................................................2821041440 NEWSPAPERS Haniotika Nea..............................................2821051003/70563 Dimokratis....................................................................2821099600 Agonas tis Kritis..........................................................2821099119 Kosmos tis polis.........................................................2821086786 Cretavoice....................................................................2821303095 Pyxida............................................................................2821074104 RADIO STATIONS Super FM......................................................................2821052010 Ant1 Dytikis Kritis......................................................2821055505 Chania Sport FM....................................................2821056800-5 Max FM.........................................................................2821055008 CONSULATES Germany.......................................................................2821068876 Denmark.......................................................................2821057330 Italy.................................................................................2821027315 Norway..........................................................................2821057330 Sweden.........................................................................2821057330 France............................................................................6944444757 CHAMBERS Chamber of commerce...........................................2821052329 EOMMEX.......................................................................2821042568 Economic......................................................................2821093001 Technical.......................................................................2821027900

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