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‘Ionis’ Takes Over Ferry Route from Piraeus to Kythira and Kissamos

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The ‘Ionis’ vessel began serving the

Piraeus – Kythira route, which has been out of service for over four months, as of Friday, October 27, the ferry’s operator announced. The vessel, which is run by the Avlemonas Shipping Company also operating the Neapolis-Kythira itinerary on the ‘Porfyrousa’ vessel, will depart twice a week from Piraeus to Kythira, Antikythira, Kissamos (Kastelli, Crete) and Gythio. The ‘Ionis’ comes to replace Lane Sea Lines’ ‘Vitsentzos Kornaros’ that has remained docked due to mechanical failure. The ship has a length of 97,20m, a width of 17,40 and a draft of 4,40m. It can transport up to 1,031 passengers and 180 cars and can develop a speed up to 18.5 knots. “Each time the Ionis is called upon to take on a new mission, it can compete equally with the competition, offering passengers safety and quality during their journeys,” the ferry’s operator said in an announcement. For more than four months there was no ferry serving the Piraeus-Kythira line spurring the reaction of Kythira locals and the island’s mayor, Efstatios Harhalakis, who expressed his discontent in a letter to the shipping minister. Ferry operators interested in serving the state-subsidized routes on the Piraeus-Kythira-Antikythira-Kissamos line were invited to submit a request to the ministry in July.

“N. Kazantzakis” and “Daskalogiannis” in Top 10 Worst Airports of Europe

Increasing Investment Going into Crete Hotel Sector

Crete is attracting greater investment

with the island’s five-star hotels ready to host an additional 25,000 people in terms of bed capacity in the next five years, Regional Governor Stavros Arnaoutakis said during a construction conference in Herkalion. The island’s upgraded hotels as well as its diverse tourism products are in turn attracting higher profile tourists willing to spend more, said Arnaoutakis adding that alternative tourism offerings aim to extend the tourism season beyond the traditional four months of summer injecting much-needed revenue into local and national economies.

In the center of talks between President Trump and PM Tsipras

Agreement for a 5-year extension for the use of NSA Souda Bay

The future of the US Naval base in Souda, Crete was in the center of talks between US President Donald Trump and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras at their meeting in Washington DC. The US called for a five-year agreement to be signed between the two sides for the base.

Ambassador Pyatt lauds strong US ties with Greece

The “key” role of NSA Souda Bay US Ambassador Geoffrey Py- local national civilatt has once again highlighted the strategic importance that the base at Souda Bay in Crete has for Washington, describing it as a model of bilateral military cooperation. Speaking at a reception marking 242 years since the founding of the American navy, Pyatt said Greece and the US are two allies that are pursuing similar goals. The growth, he said, of the base from just 16 personnel in 1969 to approximately 250 commissioned and enlisted personnel and approximately 650 US and

ians and contractors today reflects the growing defense cooperation between the two nations, as well as the strategic importance of the base. “Recent military operations have further underlined Souda’s significance in the Mediterranean,” he said, adding that the base is dedicated to taking care of the fleet and airborne operations in this strategically critical area of the world, and to deepening cooperation with “our


Greek allies.” “This is where the rubber meets the road,” he said. His remarks came a few hours before Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras left for a five-day visit to the US and is indicative of the extremely positive climate that exists between Athens and Washington.

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Photo of the Month (by Stratos Solanakis)


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Letters from our readers I am an artist from England, for cultural exchange and in-

CHANIA Municipal Market, Airport, Public Bus Central Station, Old Harbour, Municipal Tourist Information Desk

creased understanding, both amongst the artists who visit and between them and the local population. Once the residency is operational we aim to host regular open studio events, which will allow local people and tourists to see the work being produced and meet the artists involved. We have chosen Rethymno as our location because we were very impressed with the significant cultural presence here, and we’d love to help expand this through the residency. Its convenient location between Chania and Heraklion will give artists the chance to explore Crete more widely. We feel that the residency

will bring benefits to the local population, tourists, and to Crete, by bringing a new type of visitor to the island. We have already received a lot of support and encouragement, including from Greek individuals who we have met in Rethymno and Crete. We are now aiming to gain as much support for this initiative as possible, and to then begin trying to fund the project. For more information please visit our website www.hellenicislandarts.com - you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions. From here it is also possible to follow us on social media. We would love to know your thoughts on this idea, and to

Maleme together with other handicapped persons from all over Europe. We are very fond of the place with its kind and engaged staff. It is ideal for handicapped people with elevators, elevation beds etc. The staff are kind and Chania and Crete as a whole highly qualified. earn their money on tourists. The director, Diamanto ApostoHowever, they do not always laki, spends most time asking render them what they de- the guests about their well-being and needs. serve. I will try to explain, what I mean: Coming to Crete is like coming I am a Danish tourist who has home. The staff in the airport is servisited Crete numerous times. I am handicapped – paralyzed vice-minded. in the left side after a stroke I am taken off the plane with (brain hemorrhage) 13 years a hydraulic lift. That is the best service, I have experienced anyago. I am using a wheelchair. My wife and I spend 2 weeks where in Europe. Passing the every year in Eria-Resort in customs is fast an unbureau-

cratic, and in the arrival-hall waits Chania’s driver Janis and its handi-bus outside. It has been a pleasure to which how well Grece has overcome the economic crisis. Fewer houses are for sale now and nobody speaks of a ‘Grexit’ anymore. Every year we make one or two excursions to beautiful and charming Chania, where we buy presents and have lunch at the harbor front. It is not easy to negotiate Chania in a wheelchair. The curbstones are high, and although the Greek are helpful and offer to push and pull it is an almost impossible task. Last year – in 2016 – I wrote an open letter to the lord mayor

currently living in London. I wanted to contact you because I have recently visited Rethymno, and I am working on plans for a new artists’ residency that I want to operate in Rethymno, offering accommodation and work space to visiting visual artists and writers from any country, and allowing them the opportunity to experience Rethymno, Crete, and Greece. As an artist, I have found my time at residencies to be some of the most productive and rewarding experiences of my career, and I wish to extend this opportunity to other artists. I also feel it is very valuable to offer opportunities

PLATANIAS Central Square Infokiosk, Botanical Park, Italian Factory Outlet and selected shops in Platanias KISSAMOS Gramvousa and Balos boats, Elafonissi, Falassarna KANDANOS-SELINO Paleochora Info Desk, Sougia, Kandanos SFAKIA Hora Sfakion Infokiosk, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, ANENDYK boats APOKORONAS Georgioupolis, Kavros, Vamos, Kalyves, Vrysses ...and also in more than 100 points throughout Chania Prefecture!

discuss whether its possible to give this project any exposure Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you regarding this. Tamsin Spargo

of Chania with the head-line: ‘Make Chania accessible’. It was printed in this paper. And regarding accessibility nothing has happened in Chania as far as I am informed. However, the roads around Eria in Maleme have been repaired, made smooth, and there are ramps for wheelchairs at the road-crossings. To speed up and enhance the process of making Chania accessible I can suggest the following: Put the lord Mayor and the City Council in wheelchairs and let them try to get around in their own town. That will work wonders, I think. Henrik Bach

In the center of talks between President Trump and PM Tsipras

Agreement for a 5-year extension for the use of NSA Souda Bay The future of the US Naval

possibly since World War II, are based on mutual respect and are fueled by U.S. support in helping Greece exit the crisis. Tsipras said that Athens is looking forward to at- for more news clic k on http://cre tracting significant US tepost.gr investments: “I want to assure you that the meeting was very productive. I never felt threatened. On the contrary, I felt there is a fruitful perspective in order to overcome any differences that may exist and to see the common ground that is very important for the relations of our two peoples that are traditional and historical and for our common goals.” In regards to Greece – Turkey relationships that have recently gone sour, Tsipras urged Turkey to stop its provocations in the Aegean adding that the country supports a just and sustainable solution for Cyprus. Asked about whether he believed Turkey should remain in NATO, he reiterated Greece’s position that it supports both Turkey’s NATO membership and its EU course, noting however that the neighboring country must respect international law and treaties. “Greece is following a new dogma of a multi-dimensional foreign policy, with its main objective to upgrade Greece’s role as a country, that is a pillar of stability and security in an unstable region,” Tsipras said. References - Greek Reporter - AMNA

Small Planet Airlines is looking for Airbus A320 First Officers to be based in Chania airport I​ f you have: • Minimum EASA CPL with ATPL theory knowledge completed, • Valid Airbus A320 type rating, • Valid class 1 medical certificate, • A total of 500 hours on Airbus

A320, line, • Minimum ICAO level 4 English • Interested in working in a dylanguage proficiency. namic international environment. And if you are: • Flexible in working time, Why not try? • Ready to work in a charter air- Send your CV cvpilots@small-

planet.aero with full working history showing the dates of employment in English with subject line: «A320 First Officer <preferred base>». Only selected candidates will be informed».

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Trump added that the relations between Greece and the United States have “long and durable” bilateral relationships. “I also commend Greece on being one of the few NATO countries currently spending at least two percent of the GDP on defense,” he said, while also thanking the country and its government for hosting U.S. Naval Forces in Souda Bay, Crete, adding that Greece is one of the few countries that keep their military spending above NATO’s target. Commenting on their bilateral talks, he said that Greece is planning to upgrade its fleet of F-16 military jets. “My administration has also informed Congress of a potential sale to Greece to upgrade its F-16 aircraft. This agreement to strengthen the Hellenic Air Force is worth up to 2.4 billion dollars and will generate thousands of American jobs,” he said. On energy, the president said he appreciates Greek contributions to European energy security through its support of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP); the Greece-Bulgaria Interconnector (GBI), and the liquefied natural gas facilities that are capable of transporting diverse sources of energy to Europe; including potential liquefied natural gas exports from the United States. “These initiatives make both our people safer and create jobs,” the U.S. president noted. In turn, the Greek Prime Minister said that Greek-American relations are at their best;

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base in Souda, Crete was in the center of talks between US President Donald Trump and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras at their meeting in Washington DC. The US called for a five-year agreement to be signed between the two sides for the base. The Americans closed the deal, because of the problems that Turkey’s president, Tayyip Erdogan, is creating in eastern Mediterranean. ues-don’t forget that the values of freedom and democracy D. Trump: Greece has done a which we share were born in ‘terrific job of coming back’ Greece-so I’m very happy to be from the crisis here, it’s an honour for me,” he Greece has “gone through a added. lot” and now must be assisted Talks between the two leaders in its efforts to exit the crisis, covered a wide range of issues U.S. President Donald Trump including defense cooperation, said in his address to Prime economic investment, regional Minister Alexis Tsipras in their developments and energy. brief exchange in the Oval Office in front of the press. The Press Conference “They’ve done a terrific job of U.S. President Donald Trump coming back, they will be back. said his country supports We’re working with them on “responsible debt relief” for many different things. They’re Greece, while Greek Prime upgrading their fleets, their air- Minister Alexis Tsipras said planes, the F-16 airplane which there is a “fruitful perspective” is a terrific plane. They’re doing in relations between the two big upgrades”, he said. countries, during a joint press “We talked about additional conference in the White House ways where Greece will help Rose Garden. us and we will help Greece,” The American president spoke he said. “We’ve had a long- of defense issues, energy and term relationship with Greece, trade and supported investthey’ve been great friends and ments in debt-ridden Greece. loyal friends and allies and we He said that Greece is a “beaulook forward to our discussion tiful country” with lots of “potoday. Thank you Mr. Prime tential”. Minister.” “We’re also making great On his side, Tsipras thanked the strides in our economic cooppresident for the invitation say- eration. The American people ing it is an important moment stand with the Greek people for the strategic cooperation as they recover from the ecobetween the two countries. nomic crisis that has recently “I am sure that we had very afflicted their nation,” Trump fruitful discussion. I think that it told reporters. is a very important moment for “I’ve encouraged the prime our strategic cooperation and I minister in his continued imam sure that we wi ll do what- plementation of reforms and ever it takes to enhance this I have totally reaffirmed our cooperation,” he told Trump. support for a responsible debt “Greece is a very strategic part- relief plan. A strong and flourner in a very sensitive region. ishing Greece provides imBut every time has been a very mense opportunity for Amerireliable partner of the United can trade, investment and job States. We share common val- creation,” said Trump.

The Yesterdays of Crete (part 3) by Hobson Tarrant

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The Byzantine Empire The Roman Emperor Constantine 1st had transferred Crete and Cyrene rule to the diocese of Macedonia, which was a part of the Eastern Roman lands, these were known as the Byzantine Empire. Crete was destined to remain thus throughout the periods known as the ‘Late Antiquity and Middle Ages’, during this time the empires capital was in Constantinople which is the modern day Istanbul. Throughout this period the Byzantine, or Eastern ck on li c r s Roman Empire, became .g re new epost for mo ttp://cret h the most powerful economic, cultural and military force in the whole of Europe. Its citizens which included the peoples of Crete became very proud to be a part of this successful empire and happily described themselves as “Romans”. It was during this period that Constantine 1st broke with the Roman tradition and bravely legalised Christianity (which was a factor in his ultimate canonisation in the Orthodox Christian church to Saint Constantine). Then later in approximately 379-395AD the new Roman ruler for the diocese ‘Theodosius’ went further and declared Christianity to be the Byzantine Empires new official state religion and he prohibited all other forms of religion by law. With the years changed the rulers, and in between 610-641AD, Heraclius adopted the Greek language as the new Byzantine tongue in replacement for the official Roman state language which had been Latin. Thus it was in this period that the Eastern Roman empire from the diocese of Macedonia, continued with its traditions, yet became more oriented towards Greek culture and the Orthodox church of Christianity. It was also around this time in the 5th Century AD that the Western Roman Empire began to crumble, but the Byzantine Empire was destined to survive for a further thousand years, yet Crete was not always to remain a static partner in its future before the Byzantine Empire finally fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. Emirate of Crete Although Crete was a part of the Eastern Roman Empire,

this did not totally protect the island from opportunistic attackers, or natural events that could cause havoc. In the year 365AD, the first of ‘The Great Earthquakes’ rocked the land and caused widespread death and destruction. Then in year 415AD another earthquake created mayhem. In 467AD Crete was besieged by a force of ‘Vandals’, these were organised barbarians from the East of Germany, but their attacks were repelled. Less than two centuries later in 623AD, the island was raided by the Slavs. Then the Arabs tried twice in 654AD and 670AD, but again their raids were repelled. However the Roman Emperor ‘Leo 3rd the Isaurian’ in the 8th century, circa 732, realised that the island was far too vulnerable to protect whilst it remained under the distant jurisdiction of The Pope of Rome and so he transferred its control to the Patriarchate of Constantinople (The local Bishop or Patriarch of Constantinople). But still in 820AD and after 900 years as Romans, Crete was captured by the Andalusian Muladis, who were a significant force of Muslim exiles led by Abu Hans. Their attacks were successful and the island was taken, after which Abu Hans established what was known as ‘The Emirate of Crete’. The Byzantines naturally launched their forces into a campaign of counter attack and succeeded in taking most of the island back in 842-843AD under a commander named Theokristos, yet his attempts to launch further campaigns to secure the rest of the island

back to Roman rule in 911AD and 949AD both failed. But then in 960-961AD and under a new commander called ‘Nikephoros Phokas’ the campaigns succeeded and Crete was completely restored into the Byzantine Empire after a century and a half of predominantly Arab control.

of ecclesiastical law) and he used his Fourth Lateran Council( Council of Bishops), to enforce them. Pope Innocent was notable for using commands and censures to compel kings and princes to obey his decisions. He called for Christian crusades to crush any deviations in religious beliefs such as the Muslim of Byzantine Empire – the sec- Spain, the Holy Land and the ond period Cathars in Southern France. Despite the Byzantine em- He was not a man to accept depires continued strength, the viations from his rulings, howsecond period of Cretan rule ever when the Forth Crusade by the Romans became com- went against his explicit orders paratively short lived (961AD by attacking Constantinople, -1204AD). he reluctantly accepted this as ‘The Will of God’ as it had the The Fourth Crusade.... effect of reuniting the Latin In 1204AD the Fourth Crusade and Orthodox Churches. seized and sacked the Byzan- Yet in reality this particular retine capital of Constantinople. unification only led to a later The Fourth Crusade (1202AD– increase of hostility between 1204AD) was a Western Euro- the two churches. pean armed expedition called for by Pope Innocent III. Crete awarded as a prize... It was originally intended to After the sacking of Constantire-conquer Muslim controlled nople, the island of Crete was Jerusalem by means of an inva- given, by way of reward, to the sion through Egypt, although leading crusader ‘Boniface of a sequence of unexpected Montferrat’ in what was known events culminated in the Cru- as the partition of spoils. saders sacking the city of Con- But Boniface had no interest in stantinople instead, this being becoming the owner of this isthe capital of the Christian-con- land and so he sold his claim to trolled Byzantine Empire. the ‘Republic of Venice’ whose Pope Innocent III reigned from forces had made up the majori8 January 1198AD to his death ty of the crusades troops. in 1216AD. However even before the rePope Innocent was one of the public managed to secure most powerful and influential their purchase, their close rival, of Popes, he exerted a wide ‘The Republic of Genoa’ had influence over the Christian attacked and seized Crete for states of Europe and claimed themselves and it was not unsupremacy over all of Europe’s til 1212AD that the Republic of kings and princes. Venice finally secured Crete as Pope Innocent was central in its own new colony. enforcing the Catholic Church’s reforms of ecclesiastical affairs (To follow – part 4 - The Venetian through his ‘decretals’ (letters Rule)

Chania Tourism Pros Call for Crisis Management Plan in Time of Disruptions Tourism professionals in incidents impacting tourism ment is a unique occasion for Souda port and of Kastelli air-

the Crete city of Chania are calling on all stakeholders to draw up an action plan for the island’s promotion as well as a mode of operation in times of disruption. Days after Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair cancelled a number of its flights to Crete, the Western Crete Tourist Office Association presented a five-point plan which should take effect when

occur. “Ryanair’s latest action and rumored internal company conflicts undoubtedly create a great deal of concern for Chania’s tourism sector,” the association said in a statement adding that in the short-term “impact on the labor market, the flow of incoming tourism and the cost of transport are given. However, this develop-

all those involved in tourism in Chania to identify the challenges ahead”. In its statement the association underlines the need to safeguard the “vulnerable” tourist product ensuring access via diverse means, avoiding monopolistic practices and dependency on single service providers. It further stresses the need to proceed with the upgrade of

port in order to attract new airlines interested in doing business and underlines that the Ryanair incident is an opportunity to set things straight and invest in Chania’s branding and promotion on the international market, which will boost demand and thus shield the sector from future disruptions. news.gtp.gr

SDC on Crete for another erotic escapade A sexy Grecian play- sexy 5 star resort, where Greek ing through the night!

ground, where one of the most prominent male Olympian gods, Zeus roamed while making passionate love to at least nine different goddesses in ancient times! This event provides you with absolutely the perfect lifestyle vacation at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe! The all-inclusive concept at this

on r s click re new cretepost.g o m r / fo :/ p t ht

Ottoman mosques and Byzanhospitality is key!All-Inclusive, Soak up the charming atmo- tine monasteries from past civunique theme nights and with sphere of a laid-back beach ilizations.If you haven’t been to our biggest playroom ever, town decked out with a nice Crete before, imagine the most Crete is like nothing you’ve selection of cafe’s, taverna’s and beautiful coast line ever, with seen before. Let our DJ keep shops within walking distance. both rocky and sandy beaches, you moving as you sunbathe Being the largest island off the mountains in the background by the pool, get swept away coast of Greece, located in the and scents of orange blossom as our MC brings the heat with southern side of the Aegean and jasmine, plus about 350 sexy poolside games! Dance Sea, Crete is truly an exquisite like-minded adventurous peothe night way in the spicy destination where you can dis- ple just like yourself holding a nightclub where our DJ plays cover Minoan palaces, Vene- glass of iced raki ready to party! only the best to keep you danc- tian towns, Medieval castles, Yiamas!

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‘Jet2 for one’ Author Karon Grieve flies solo to Crete… and gets private jet treatment for £46 Author Karon Grieve paid there were three people through. £46 for a private Jet – all 2 herself. The writer and telly food expert was flying to Crete to work on her latest novel. And she was stunned to find she was the only passenger on the Jet2 plane from Glasgow to Heraklion. Her solo status meant she got a VIP service on the four-hour flight and personal tannoy messages from the captain. Karon, from Dunlop, in Ayrshire, said: “When I turned up for the flight, I expected it to be quiet because it’s the very end of season and most people are coming home. “I asked the girl at check-in how many were going to be flying and she said I should guess, so I counted it down from 10 and it turned out

booked on. “Imagine my surprise when I got to the gate and the flight crew greeted me saying, ‘Hi, you are our only passenger. You have your own private jet today.’ “I was amazed. The captain Laura came and chatted before take-off and I was in first name terms with Viktoria, Ashleigh, Toyah and Diane before the doors even closed. Later, the first officer Lee came for a chat. “As we flew over places of interest, Laura would come on the tannoy saying, ‘Hi, Karon and the girls. We are now flying over Croatia, look to your left.’ “She also had us watch the most amazing lightning storm that we flew serenely

“This added to the magic of this once in a lifetime experience. This really was my very own private Jet2.” Karon, who appears on STV The Hour and BBC Radio Scotland, says retreating to a quiet resort is a great way to focus on the book she is writing, A Cosy Crime. She rents an apartment in Crete and has already done 18 flights this year. A spokeswoman for Jet2 said: “We’re delighted Karon got to experience our VIP customer service in style. “It is not unusual for the final outbound flight of the season to have fewer bookings than normal. We hope Karon has a fantastic time in Crete.” Daily Record

Crete and Rhodes most popular destinations for Apollo in 2017

Crete and Rhodes were the top

holiday destinations of Swedish tour operator Apollo that attracted the largest number of travelers during the summer season of 2017, followed by Croatia, Kos and Mallorca. Crete is also the first in percentage increase of travelers compared to last year, followed by Mallorca, Kos, Cyprus and Zakynthos. The 5 most popular hotels for the tour operator during the 2017 season were located in Rhodes, Crete, Fuerteventura and Kos:

1. Mythos Beach (Mondo Family) Rhodes 2. Stellina Village Resort (Mondo Enjoy) Crete 3. Playitas (Apollo Sports) Fuerteventura 4. Kypriotis Maris (Mondo Family) Kos 5. Cavo Spada (Apollo Sports) Crete

Ambassador met British residents in Chania and the local Governor in Heraklion The British ambassador to

Greece, Kate Smith, had a meeting with British residents in Chania, following meetings with Chania Deputy Governor Voulgarakis and Chania Mayor Vamvoukas Claire Frangakis, British consul general in Heraklion was also present. At the meeting, attended by a number of British residents in Crete who braved the torrential rain, Ms Smith assured British residents that protecting the rights of British citizens living in EU countries in relation to pensions, on s click ost.gr w e n e r health provision and ep for mo ttp://cret h work is a priority for the British government. At the local level, Ms Fragakis is talking with the Greek authorities to improve the flow of information and communications with the the British residents of Crete. She also discussed the possibilities of using a social media

platform to update the British residents of any Brexit developments. General information about the progress of Brexit negotiations is available at gov.uk You can also sign-up for email alerts to receive updates to Brexit pages on gov.uk as the

negotiations progress.

The meeting focused on Crete’s comparative advantages, espeMeeting with Mr. Stavros Ar- cially as a tourism destination, naoutakis and actions taken at a regional British Ambassador in Athens level for a more open economy. Kate Smith also held a meet- Smith said the meeting reafing with the head of the Crete firmed the already good relaregional authority Stavros Ar- tions between Crete and Britain naoutakis. on a local and national level.

Greek Airports Record Surge in Nine-Month Passenger Traffic


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“N. Kazantzakis” and “Daskalogiannis” in Top 10 Worst Airports of Europe port, Greece (RHO) worst airports as rated by travAn additional 4.1 mil- flyers by 10.9 percent.

lion passengers have gone through Greece’s airports so far this year compared to the first nine months of 2016, reaching a total of 48.2 million, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Administration (HCAA) said. A total of 393,885 flights were carried out at Greek airports (151,613 domestic and 242,272 international flights) up by 1.5 percent (4.5 percent for international flights) compared to the corresponding period in 2016 at 388,182 flights. For the month of September, 7.9 million passengers traveled through Greece’s airports, recording 9.8 percent growth against the same month in 2016. Specifically, the number of domestic passengers rose by 6.1 percent and of international

4. Paris Beauvais–Tillé, France (BVA) 5. London Luton Airport, United Kingdom (LTN) 6. Rome Ciampino International Airport, Italy (CIA) 7. Chania International Airport, Greece, Greece (CHQ) 8. Cluj International Airport, Romania (CLJ) 9. Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Germany (SXF) 10. Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany (TXL) At these airports travellers reported long queues, inefficient Top 10 Worst Airports in Eu- staff, dirty bathrooms’ lack of air conditioning, a lack of seating rope and overcrowding. Heraklion and Chania make 1. Heraklion International Air- Sleeping in Airports however says travellers should not to let port, Greece (HER) the list of top-10 worst air2. Santorini National Airport, the airport experience colour ports in Europe an otherwise delightful Greek Sleeping in Airports published Greece (JTR) its annual survey on best and 3. Rhodes International Air- island holiday, says website. The airports of Athens, Heraklion, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Corfu handled the brunt of incoming traffic while airports on Paros, Naxos and Sitia, Crete recorded the highest percentage increase in the number of passengers over the nine months. For the same period, Paros airport marked the highest passenger traffic growth up by 140.7 percent, handling 142,816 passengers compared to 59,334 in the corresponding months last year. Traffic also increased by 43.4 percent at Naxos airport and by 41.6 percent at Sitia airport.

ellers based on their overall airport experience. They ranked their experience based on: • Comfort (Gate seating & availability of rest zones) • Services, facilities & things to do • Food options • Immigration/Security • Customer service • Cleanliness • Navigation and ease of transit • Sleepability

Motorway Madness? (Environmental perspective by David Capon) It is important to recognize


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four important facts about Crete: 1. Crete is a small, narrow island, 2. Crete hosts many rare and very rare species and is a world hotspot for biodiversity, 3. The landscape and Nature are fragile and becoming more fragile, and 4. The essence of Crete that ‘good’ tourists desire is being eroded: the friendliness and culture remain but quiet beaches, views, back lanes and wildlife are being lost – I was a regular on s click ost.gr w e n tourist once. e r ep for mo ttp://cret h The Prime Minister has announced that the Motorway for Crete (Northern Road Axis) is imminent, but that the natural environment will be considered. Will the Environment be damaged? No road is good for the environment and the bigger the road the greater the effect. There are many obvious damaging factors: habitat destruction, elimination of plants (including rarities), removal of trees and other shrubs, destruction of homes and feeding areas of reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians, damage to soil structure, import to site of materials such as concrete and suchlike for the road surface, spoiling of vistas. For most of these the situation is essentially irreversible over the short- or medium-term. But there are many factors that are not so obvious: One of those is habitat fragmentation. Many animals, birds and insects require areas that are appropriate for their needs and large enough to sustain their population. Isolated pockets, especially for many species, mean limited food resources and often no contact with other populations causing genetic problems and eventually extinction in that pocket. Populations of many species will have used the same route for feeding, drinking, roosting over many generations. A new road cutting across these routes will mean individuals are killed by traffic when continuing their usual activities. Noise pollution: New or better roads bring more traffic, faster speeds and more noise. This can be a huge problem for species that rely on communication via sound, and can be stressful for humans living

nearby. Light pollution: Many species of animals, birds, reptiles and insects are badly affected by light during the night. The problem is accentuated when moving lights start appearing in new areas. Junctions, toll collection areas if any, new petrol stations and service areas will damage even more habitat. Will the motorway reduce travel times? A lot will depend upon where you start and finish the journey. There will be an increase in traffic between locations on the line of the motorway. I suppose, even if there are tolls imposed in certain sections, that the journey time between Chania and Rethymno might be reduced by twenty minutes. The problem with increased traffic is once the motorway part of the journey is completed, because of increased congestion, that saving could be lost very quickly when trying to get to the final destination, especially if that is near the centre of the city. Tourists staying in Malia may consider, because of the motorway, that a day trip to Chania will not be a strain. These tourists will probably want to visit the centre of Chania. The roads into Chania are already busy and queues will increase as the number of cars increases and people try to find areas to park. If tolls are introduced in certain sections I can envisage some drivers leaving the motorway and using the old highway or other roads not fit for increased traffic (such as has happened when farmers blocked the highway at Aptera and traffic used the narrow lanes to bypass the problem).

These thoughts do not include slows heavy traffic, there could the delays that will occur during be a short stretch of widening the building of the motorway. to allow vehicles to overtake. In many parts of Europe there Will it be Costly? are signs by the side of the road I have outlined many of the that advise drivers they are environmental costs and these travelling too fast or too close cannot be calculated, as they to the car in front. These could are so large and complicated be implemented here. There (how can you put a price on ex- should be escalating penalties tinction, even locally?) for repeated traffic offences: The monetary cost of building prevention by education. the motorway will be great My experience of the northern (and I am not sure that it will highway is that the main probbring an economic value any- lems occur between Chania where near the costs of con- and Georgioupoli. That may struction). Higher speeds that be because I have travelled will be expected will need con- the other parts less often. One tinual maintenance of the road. of the problems mentioned Potholes or rockfalls that are above is that some drivers igoften part of the winter expe- nore hatching at junctions and rience here will need repairing think that because the road is or clearing immediately as they wider it is a place to overtake. will be more dangerous be- Examples of this are the Soucause of increased speed. There da turning, the Afrata turning will be a need for education of (where it can be especially danmany drivers for whom the gerous for someone wanting to concept of motorway driving turn left from the Kalyves direcwill be alien. These latter com- tion) and the junction at Kalami ments are not environmental (where once I was in the filter but do indicate some other as- lane to turn left to Kalami and sociated costs. someone overtook me!). These junctions could be improved Safety Problems with the ex- by islands (concrete and visible) isting Highway and bollards. These measures A lot of the present safety should stop overtaking and problems are associated with also slow traffic at these sites. the poor standard of driving of There are many other measures some – speed, handheld mo- that could help safety and trafbile phones, impatience, inap- fic flow. propriate overtaking, improper use of hatched areas and tail- Summary gating. The Cretan environment is not just important for its biodiversiCould the existing highway ty, rare species, landscape and be made safer and be an al- geology but also for the importternative? ant economic sector of ‘benefiThere are many cheaper op- cial’ tourism. The question to be tions (in comparison to a mo- answered is therefore “In view torway) that would assist in of the large financial costs and helping safety and traffic flow the immense environmental on our island and have a much damage as well as the effect lesser environmental impact. on the ‘essence’ of the island is Where there is a steep incline a motorway the best way foron the present highway that ward for Crete?”

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A. ENTRANCE & EXIT 9-11, Grigoriou 5th str. (Kolokotroni Square) B. ENTRANCE & EXIT Markou Botsari str.(opp. old cinema “Apollon”) Tel:+3028210 86066 - Fax:+3028210 86076


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With ZGAS we have a passion for energy and our customers! 1. TANKS - INSTALLATIONS ZOUMPOULAKI BROS as the main pillar of LPG trading in Crete, with a dynamic course since 1990, is a technical and commercial company for the installation of all LPG applications by licensed and licensed technical gas fuel installers. Loading of tanks from 500 to 5,000 ltr 2. CENTRAL HEATING The modern economic solution! Providing economies of up to 35% compared to oil, LPG is ideal for district heatn ing systems offering o click news st.gr e r o o economy, improving for m /cretep http:/ the quality of life in heating easily and quickly, and hot water throughout the year. 3. GAS APPLIANCES Built-in & gas-fired hotplates, high performance ovens will make cooking easy to save time and money.

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4. FIRE EXTINGUISER We have fire extinguishers of all types and sizes. - Fire extinguishers maintenance and retreading. - Installing local application systems. 5. LPG The tankers of the company on a daily basis serve, directly and safely, the supply needs of LPG tanks. 6. GAS BOTTLES The extensive distribution network of the company serves ideally, hotels, restaurants, industrial and craft units, gas stations and the majority of household consumers. 7. AUTOGAS With the lowest market prices! 45% -50% Economy, Reduce Moving Cost in Half! LPG is the safest and most friendly form of energy! Longevity of engine and catalyst. 8. SERVICE With a complete, well-organized technical department, it offers excellent professional and reliable solutions of high standards. It undertakes the service of machinery and appliances, in all professional spaces as well as in domestic consumers. QUALITY - DIRECT SERVICE SAFETY - ECONOMY

Liquid gas touches nearly every aspect of our lives every single day.

It powers our homes and businesses with electricity. It heats and cools them, too. Natural gas fuels many of transportation fleets and trucks that deliver goods to market. We all depend on natural gas to make every aspect of our lives possible and to support every sector of our economy. Visit us in our stores in Rethymno and Chania and we will answer in everything you are afraid to ask!

Walter Lassaly... R.I.P.

Walter Lassally (18 Decem-

ber 1926 – 23 October 2017) was a German-born n British-Greek cinemao click news st.gr e r o o tographer. for m /cretep http:/ He won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in 1965 for the film Zorba the Greek.

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Life and Work Walter Lassally was born in Berlin, Germany, and moved to England in 1939.

He was closely associated with the Free cinema movement in the 1950s, and the British New Wave in the early 1960s. His work in the 1960s was well known for projects directed by Tony Richardson. He also worked with Greek filmmaker Michael Cacoyannis between 1956 and 1967, and with James Ivory in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 1990s he moved to Stavros, near Chania in Crete, the town where he shot Zorba the Greek in 1963. His autobiography, Itinerant Cameraman, was published in 1987. He was featured in the book Conversations with Cinematographers by David A. Ellis, published by Scarecrow Press in 2011. He made his debut as an actor in Richard Linklater’s Before Midnight (2013), where he played an older British writer settled in Greece.

Lassally died on October 23, • 2017 at the age of 90 in Crete, • Greece. • Awards • In 1965, Lassally won an Acad- • emy Award for Best Cinematography (Black-and-White) for • Zorba the Greek (1964). This Oscar melted during a fire • at Christiana’s Restaurant, on • the night of January 1, 2012. • On January 26, 2008, the Amer- • ican Society of Cinematogra- •

Electra (1962) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (1962) Tom Jones (1963) Psyche 59 (1964) Zorba the Greek (1964) Academy Award winner The Day the Fish Came Out (1967) Open Letter (1967) Oedipus the King (1968) Joanna (1968) Assignment Skybolt (1968) Three Into Two Won’t Go

phers (ASC) presented Lassally with an International Achievement Award at the 22nd Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards celebration, at the Hollywood and Highland Grand Ballroom, Los Angeles.

(1969) The Adding Machine (1969) Lola (1970) Something for Everyone (1970) Savages (1972) To Kill a Clown (1972) Visions of Eight (1973) (one sequence: “The Highest”) Happy Mother’s Day, Love George (1973) Malachi’s Cove (1973) The Wild Party (1975) Autobiography of a Princess (1975) The Clown (1976) Pleasantville (1976) Attempted Flight (1976) The Woman Across the Way

Filmography • Passing Stranger (1954) • Another Sky (1954) • A Girl in Black (1956) • A Matter of Dignity (1956) • The Day Shall Dawn (1959) • Our Last Spring (1960) • Madelena (1960) • Wild for Kicks (1960) • Alice in the Navy (1961) • A Taste of Honey (1961)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

(1978) The Great Bank Hoax (1978) Something Short of Paradise (1979) The Pilot (1980) The Blood of Hussain (1980) Angels of Iron (1981) Memoirs of a Survivor (1981) Tuxedo Warrior (1982) Heat and Dust (1983) BAFTA nominee Private School (1983) The Bostonians (1984) -

British Society of Cinematographers nominee The Case of Marcel Duchamp (1984) Indian Summer (1987) The Perfect Murder (1988) The Deceivers (1988) Fragments of Isabella (1989) Diary of a Madman (1990) The Ballad of the Sad Cafe (1991) The Little Dolphins (1993) Crescent Heart (2001)

photos by Linda McGuire (A little tribute album in memory of the incredible Cinematographer #WalterLassally (23.10.17) and all those who took part in the filming and making of ZorbaTheGreek in the coastal village of Stavros in Crete back in 1963/64. I took these snaps in Stavros village September 2017 when I visited in the hope of meeting Walter to discuss a documentary idea about his life and work. I’ve converted the photos to Black and White as a Tribute. The Taverna in the photos is where the cast and crew used to dine during Filming. Some of the photos are Photos of Photos at Mama’s Taverna

How to Take Care of Plants in Winter No season is harsher on plants and flowers than winter, with cold temperatures and bad weather meaning that it can be difficult for our favourite blooms to survive. If you don’t want to have to start from scratch in your home or garden each year then these tips on how to encourage winter plant survival could be a lifesaver…for both you and your plants!

by clearing away the debris and covering delicate plants to shield them from the cold Cut them back: annual flowers, plants and vegetables should be trimmed and pruned with blackened stems and foliage completely removed to prevent them from harbouring disease over the winter Spread mulch: elsewhere in the garden and you need to make sure your soil is taken care of in advance of next spring. Spreading a new layer of mulch is highly recommended in winter and will feed your plants in the coming seasons. You should focus on your bulb beds as well as the general garden soil, as frost can

require any extra care or attention over the winter – after all, they’re not exposed to the elements in the same way that gardens are. While it may be true that in-

is especially important for tropical plants which thrive in humidity – you can always place plants near an indoor water feature or in a humid part of

the house (bathrooms) to help Wipe plants: dusting your plants may sound odd, but these particles can actually block the pores of leaves and make it difficult for plants to ‘breathe’. By giving them a quick wipe you will help them to survive and keep them looking fresh and clean Put plants in light: it may seem an obvious point but plants need light to grow. As the winter season means shorter days and longer nights, it’s important you place any houseplants in a prominent position where they can receive as much light as possible to stay healthy Reduce watering: while misting plants is important, overwatering them should be avoided at all costs. Plants grow at a slower rate in winter and this means they require less watering. If you’re not sure when to water them, a good way to find out is to stick your finger about two inches into the soil – if it comes out dry then you need to water your plant

for more n ews click http://cre tepost.gr

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door plants are in a more privileged position to those kept outside, they still need to be • cared for. Things you need to do include: • Mist plants: spray plants with a light mist at least once a day but preferably two or three times. This

plants and gardening

Outdoors Outdoor plants need the most attention in winter as the colder temperature and freeze and crack the soil, bad weather can take its toll. causing bulbs to rise to the Things you need to do include: surface. Evergreen boughs • Clearing away debris: are an ideal mulch choice most summer plants will for this begin to die away or prepare for a type of floral hibernation, as the tempera- Indoors ture drops so you need to It is a common misconcepgive them a helping hand tion that indoor plants don’t

Top 5 foods to try in Crete Cretan cuisine is distin- ly made from sheep or goat’s guished and traditional. Local cheese, famous olive oil and punchy liqueurs are just three of the treats on offer...

Top 5 foods to try in Crete Crete stands free of mainland Greece, complex and proud with wild, mountainous terrain and a strong traditional culture. Cretan cuisine is renowned both in Greece and internationally for its unique ingredients and flavours. Based on simple techniques, it’s the variety of local produce that distinguishes the dishes: mountain herbs and n o k c greens, bulbs, unique s cli .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret h cheeses, fresh fish, the famous Cretan oil, and raki a bracing grape brandy. Don’t leave Crete without trying... Cretan Cheeses It seems that almost every Cretan village has its own signature cheese. They are usual-

milk, or a combination of both and each cheese variety has its local interpretation. Of the legion of delicious cheeses, look for graviera, a harder cheese that’s sweeter when new, but nutty and flavourful after aging. Soft, creamy cheeses, abound like pichtogalo Chanion, which has AOC protection, or myzithra, a young whey cheese with a lovely mild taste.

Fried snails (Chochlioi boubouristi) It’s not only the French who treat snails as a delicacy. In fact, snails have been eaten for millennia. In the Cretan dialect chochlios means snail, and in this dish they are fried with flour and hot olive oil in a pan, Dakos then doused with wine (or vinDakosThe ever-popular dakos egar), and voila, ready to serve. is known by regional names Some like to add a dash of wild throughout Crete…some call it rosemary. koukouvagia (literally ‘owl’); in Locally, women collect the the east they call it kouloukop- snails by hand and the creasomo (literally ‘puppy bread’). tures are cooked up live. What is it? A fantastic Greek meze or salad reminiscent of Cretan Cheese Pies (Kaltbruschetta, but based on bar- sounia) ley rusks or paximadi, not on These small pies may look like bread. the multitude of cheese pies The rusks are lightly soaked you’ll encounter throughout in water or olive oil to soft- Greece, but these are unique! en them, and then they are To start, handmade pastry topped with grated fresh to- dough is a must, usually shaped mato and myzithra, the creamy into tiny cups. The fillings vary

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OiNotika, Athens 2018 Wouldn’t it be great if wine

was really accessible to all? Wines of Crete, the local association that groups most of the island wineries keeps walking towards this goal. If you love wine and if you happen to be in Athens at the beginning of November, there’s an appointment you shouldn’t miss: OiNotika, the Cretan Wine Fair that, following the success of the past editions, will be held once again in the Greek capital on November 5. The exhibition’s main goal is making the wines of Crete reachable by a wider audience through national exposure, wine-tasting seminars and wine education. The fair is open both to insiders of the industry as well as to the general public.

sheep or goat’s milk cheese. They are then drizzled with Cretan virgin olive oil and dusted with salt, oregano, pepper.

– every region and often each household has its favourite. They tend toward the sweet, and count on any number of those luscious Cretan cheeses, like myzithra or malaka, but not feta. We like the ones that incorporate a hint of rosewater. The final touch is Cretan honey on the top, making the pies a heady combination of sweet and savoury. Lamb with stamnagathi LambAs with most Greek foods, Cretans have their own take on lamb. Their version incorporates stamnagathi, a wild green that has become trendy of late, and features on many top-end restaurant menus. The Cretan lamb is sautéed in hot olive oil and oregano accompanied with the stamnagathi green and the well-known avgolemono (egg and lemon-based) sauce, or, more simply, a squeeze of fresh lemon. BBC Good Food

Greek wines. There’s not better opportunity than this one, having them all together in one venue. Twenty-five enthusiastic producers will guide you through the local flavors, with expert and passionate advice.

those interested in red varieties won’t be disappointed. It’s a good idea to start with a 100% Liatiko dry (Lyrarakis, Liatiko Aggelis), and then move to a blend, for instance Kotsifali-Mandilari (Idaia GI). As far as rosés is concerned, it’s impossible to go wrong with an organic semi-dry wine, fresh and full of fruity aromas (Gavala, An, a blend of Kotsifali,-Cabernet Sauvignon). For those consumers interested in desert wines, making a choice is significantly difficult, among the labels suggested we include Lyrarakis Malvazia of Crete (Dafni, Plyto, Vilana, Vidiano) as well as Efrosini Aureo (Liatiko Liasto) and Toplou Monastery, Toplou Sweet (Liatiko).

Try Some Local Varieties For those not yet well acquainted with the Cretan labels and in search for unique experiencThe Growing Trend of Cretan es, a sampling session of local Wines wines should at least include Cretan wines are on the rise, the local star variety, Vidiano gaining continuous recogni(for instance Silva Daskalaki, tion not only at a local level Vorinos White); the uniquebut also internationally. They ness of Dafni (Lyrarakis, Dafni have been recognized due to Psarades), a variety saved by its unicity, and keep surprising extinction through the efforts new audiences with unexpectmade by the Lyrarakis family; ed twists of taste and aromas. and another favorite of the isAudacious local winemakers land, a Vilana, (we suggest Gadetermined to innovate are vala, Vilana). producing a slow but firm revEven when Crete is better Visit the Cretan Wine Fair olution in the panorama of known for its white wines, The calendar of Cretan wine

by Gabi Ancarola (*)

exhibitions starts with OiNotika in Athens, but it also continues on the island with two more exhibitions in early 2018, one in Heraklion (10th-12th February) and the second in Chania (3rd-4th March). The appointment is then in Athens, on November 5 at the Great Bretagne Hotel. Throughout the day, some of the best-known wineries from the island will welcome wine entrepreneurs and winelovers to taste over 250 labels of Cretan wine. The fair will open the doors at 11 am for wine professionals, while wine lovers will be able to access the exhibition after 2 pm until 8 pm. (*) - Short bio (Gabi Ancarola is a translator and journalist based in Chania, author of different travel guides about several Greek destinations).

Remedies for 8 Common Winter Illnesses Here, learn about the most bronchiolitis, an infection of by Miltiades Markatos Pneumonologist

common childhood maladies and the best treatments for them -- so you don’t freak out when your child comes down with something this season.


health & nutrition

Common cold Chances your child will catch it: 99 percent. Young kids typically get three to 10 colds every year. Symptoms: A runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, sore throat, headache, and mild fever. Contagious? Yes, for about five days. Rx: Make sure your child gets plenty of fluids and rest. Use a cool-mist humidifier. Give her infants’ or ck on li c children’s ibuprofen r s .g re new epost for mo ttp://cret or acetaminophen to h reduce the fever and achiness and saline nose drops if she’s congested. Avoid cold medication if your child is under 6. You need to know: Cold germs can live on toys, door handles, and other surfaces for up to two days. There are more than 200 cold-causing viruses, so chances are your child will catch a different bug each time. But she’s more likely to stay healthy if you teach her to avoid touching her eyes and nose and to wash her hands frequently (and thoroughly). Reduce your child’s exposure to germs by wiping down grocery carts, restaurant tabletops, and high chairs before using them. RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Chances your child will catch it: 90 percent of children are infected by age 2. Symptoms: RSV causes common cold symptoms and in up to 40 percent of cases triggers

the small airways, which leads to wheezing, rapid breathing, and a persistent cough. Contagious? Yes, both during the incubation period (four to six days) and for three to eight days afterward. Rx: Treat RSV as you would a cold. But call your doctor ASAP if your child has fast or labored breathing. He might need inhaled medication or, in severe cases, could require hospitalization. You need to know: Air irritants make RSV symptoms worse, so avoid exposing your child to cigarette smoke, wood-burning fireplaces, and perfumes, says Ellen Schumann, MD, a pediatrician at Marshfield Clinic in Weston, Wisconsin. Stomach Flu (Viral Gastroenteritis) Chances your child will catch it: 90 percent of kids will get at least one stomach bug by age 4. Symptoms: Vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. Contagious? Extremely. Your child is highly infectious for as long as she has diarrhea, and the virus can live in her stool for several weeks after that. Rx: Give your child plenty of fluids (such as water and Pedialyte) to prevent dehydration. If she can’t hold anything down, have her take small sips through a straw or from a spoon or a dropper. You can also try ice pops and Jell-O -the sweet taste might make it more fun to eat. You need to know: Thanks to the relatively new rotavirus oral vaccine (which is safe for babies 2 months and older), 79 percent fewer children now get this serious stomach bug.

Roseola Chances your child will catch it: 77 percent of children come down with this virus by age 2. Symptoms: Although the telltale sign is a red rash across the body that can last for a few days, most infected kids simply develop a fever, a cough, and possibly diarrhea. “Many parents don’t ever know their child has had roseola,” says Philip R. Fischer, MD, medical director of Mayo Eugenio Litta Children’s Hospital, in Rochester, Minnesota. “Without the rash, it just seems like a fever or a cold.” Contagious? Your child can infect others until his fever breaks, but the rash itself isn’t contagious. Rx: Treat the fever with ibuprofen (for children 6 months and older) or acetaminophen. Simply ignore the rash, which looks a bit like measles but isn’t itchy or painful and will go away on its own. You need to know: The virus that causes roseola can stay in the body and reactivate, so it’s possible your child could get it again. Ear Infection Chances your child will catch it: 75 percent of kids have one by age 3. Symptoms: Your child will likely have a fever, pull at her ears, and be irritable. She may also have trouble sleeping. Contagious? No, but the cold that led to the ear infection probably is. Rx: Ibuprofen or acetaminophen will reduce the pain and fever. Your pediatrician may prescribe antibiotics or wait to see if the infection clears up on its own. Also try this remedy from Richard Burnstine, MD, clinical professor of pediatrics

A life changing visit to our pharmacy can make you change the way you see life and put your body and mind in harmony. Have you ever visited a pharmacy to taste health? A different pharmacy in the centre of the old town of Chania is waiting to share with you secrets of well being and longevity. Taste the biolo gical honey, the royal jelly, tea from plants carefully chosen in therapeutic recipes, high concentration and purity juices of pomegranate, cranberry, aloe. Orthomolecular nutrition with suggestions on detox programs and a carefully selected range of supplements, vitamins an gluten free products from all over the world. In the same premises you can find a live homeopathic lab with 6.000 homeopathic remedies in stock and the ability to produce any kind of homeopathic form i.e. pills, granules, solutions etc Evangelia Sakka is the pharmacist in charge who has created that special pharmacy and will be happy to introduce you to that fantastic world but also suggest whatever will be more settable for you. Our philosophy doesn’t stop on food and supplements but we want you to think of your mind and body as well. That’s why we have created next to our pharmacy the Green Care SPA. A SPA that helps to uplift your mind and body with biological face an body treatments, reflexology, reiky, su jok and moxa treatment, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy sessions, bowtech as well as nail therapies. We are waiting for you to restart your life at Daskalogianni 43 - 45, SAKKA Pharmacy www.my-pharmacy.gr / www.greencarespa.gr

at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, in Chicago: Place a paper towel in the bottom of a small plastic cup, pour in a little hot water, squeeze off the excess liquid into a sink, and put the cup over your child’s ear. The warm moisture will ease her pain. You need to know: An ear infection can literally appear overnight. “The ear may look perfectly fine one day, and the next day there’s a full-blown flare-up,” says Jennifer Shu, MD, a Parents advisor and editor of American Academy of Pediatrics’ Baby & Child Health. Flu (Influenza) Chances your child will catch it: Up to 40 percent of all kids come down with the flu each year. Symptoms: High fever, body aches, chills, sore throat, cough, runny nose. Contagious? Yes -- your child could pass it on for about two weeks. Rx: The best medicine is prevention: Make sure your child gets a flu shot every fall (once he’s at least 6 months old). If the virus is diagnosed within 48 hours and he’s at least a year old, your doctor may give him Tamiflu to reduce the symptoms and duration of the illness. Otherwise, simply treat it as you would a common cold. You need to know: Flu shots won’t completely protect your child since different strains of the virus hit every winter, but they’re still well worth getting: Kids under 2 (and those of any age who have asthma) are at high risk for complications -- including dehydration and breathing problems -- that may require hospitalization. Parents mag

How to Organize an Indoor Drop Station for Winter Gear Like it or not, winter is just

around the corner. With it comes heavy coats, boots, rain, snow, and a mess in your entryway. Get ready for the season with a little organization and a new space to make sure everything lands in the right place!

Coats and Jackets Dripping jackets not only bring the outside mess in, but they can also make for a slippery entryway and damage wood floors. Restrain the disorder by having a hanging station immediately inside the door. If your entryway comes through Shoes and Boots the garage, a shoe and coat Again, consider your habits. Do rack as you enter is a perfect you kick your shoes off with way to keep the sloppy stuff your heel when you walk in the outside of the house. Otherdoor? If so, a shelving unit is wise, use an indoor closet, a probably not for you. This solu- wall-mounted series of hooks, tion would only create a big- or a coat tree. If you have wood ger problem when the family floors, protect it from the drips leaves the shoes laying in front with a carpet underneath your of the shelves. (We know; that hanging area. would never happen, right?) One solution is to use a trunk or Umbrellas bench with hidden storage. The Depending on your space,

there are many options for functional and fabulous umbrella stands. Not only will this help keep wetness from infiltrating the house, but it also ensures that you can find the umbrella the next time a downpour threatens your day. Many coat trees have an umbrella stand built-in. You could also use a large crock, urn, or vase that fits your style. Skis, Ski Boots, and Snowboards If winter sports are part of your seasonal norm, make sure you have a system in place to safely store your gear. Skis make great wall décor and hanging those keeps this large item from taking up space leaning against a wall. Make sure to find a wall stud and use proper hooks or hangers that are easy to use and convenient to access. If you have to climb over a freezer to hang the snowboard, it’s unlikely you will be successful in staying organized. If ski lodge isn’t your theme, find a handy spot to hang them on the outside of the house or shed, or in the garage. Make sure there is ample space for all accessories so items can stay

together and are easily located next time you hit the slopes. Gloves and Scarves As some of the first layers to come off, gloves and scarves need a suitable home in your plan, too. Your coat rack can easily double as scarf storage by hanging them with or next to coats. Create a space for your gloves with a small container or basket that won’t be damaged by moisture when wet gloves are tossed in. This can sit on the top of your shoe racks or hang from a wall organization system. Cloth bins add a homey touch to the space and can be used for smaller items as well as articles that need to be returned next time you leave the house. Just make sure that your baskets and bins don’t become a catch-all. Use labels to clearly identify what belongs there. Colder weather during the change of the seasons means more layers and winter toys. Make sure you’re prepared before it gets here by creating a drop spot for all of your commonly-used items!

for more n ews click http://cre tepost.gr

p. 21

bottom of a closet or a large basket are options, too. If you’re a little more regimented about placing your shoes where they belong, place a shoe rack inside a closet or along a wall in your entryway. You can easily make shoe racks with wood or laminated boards. Otherwise, purchase some readymade that will suit your space. If you have a boot dryer, place it in this area as well.

do it yourself

Evaluate Your Needs The first step in the process is to evaluate what it is that you need. The number of family members and frequency of guests will help you decide how many coat hooks you require. Consider your traffic flow. Do all family members come and go through the same doorway? If the kids use one door and the parents typically use another, divide and organize. The key is to work with your current habits so that your system is in place and ready for you before you drag multiple bags of groceries in through the rain. Is your winter cabin at the base of the mountain? If so, chances are that a space for skis, boots, and poles will be part of the plan. For an area that receives regular rain, an umbrella drop is a must-have. Shoes and coats also need a landing pad. Location is everything when it comes to a winter-wear drop spot—if it’s not convenient, no one will use it. Make sure that whatever system you use is located in that main traffic flow area.

Study confirms pet owners’ concerns about veterinary care costs Some are skipping ba-

sic, recommended treatments—and 76 percent of pet owners are getting their diagnoses from ... Dr. Google. The results of the Pet Healthonomics Survey may be self-serving—conducted by PetCareRx.com marketing online prescriptions and prescription cards for pets—but to veterinarians, the claim that three out of four pet owners are concerned about the costs of pet healthcare and their ability to afford care for their pets may be eye-opening. A release by the company says the study reached more than 1,100 pet owners from 440 households and concludes that the cost of pet n o k c healthcare is dramatically s cli .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret influencing pet owners’ h lives and lifestyles. Here’s how the numbers break down:


pets & vets

Owners’ commitments to pet healthcare > 87 percent of respondents say they would be willing to cut back on eating out or going out to provide better healthcare for their pets. > 82 percent would consider paying almost any amount of money to keep their pet healthy. Those respondents said they were willing to make a number of lifestyle sacrifices to fund care for a sick pet. > 76 percent would tighten

their belts to be more frugal on other household expenses. > 71 percent would skip a vacation. > 7 percent would be willing to move from their current home. Cost-cutting measures The study claims that nearly one in five pet owners has taken one of these cost-cutting steps: delayed buying a prescription, used less of a prescription than recommended, or declined to buy a medication their pet was prescribed. > 27 percent of owners are skipping vet visits. > 17 percent scale back on flea and tick protection. > 13 percent on recommended vaccinations.

> 10 percent on prescriptions. health. > 7 percent on heartworm > 22 percent report investing protection. in preventative methods and well pet visits. Dogs versus cats > 21 percent of dog-only own- Annual costs ers said they have dialed back > On average, pet owners their veterinary visits due to spend 400 euros per year per cost. pet on healthcare expenses > 35 percent of cat owners like vet visits, prescriptions, said they have. flea and tick protection and > 43 percent of cat-only own- emergency care. ers surveyed said they only > Pet owners whose pets have went to the veterinarian when a chronic condition spend an there was an active health is- average of $935 per year per sue. pet on healthcare. > 67 percent do not take their cats in for a yearly checkup. Outside the clinic > 38 percent of owners buy Preventive health pet prescriptions online. > 41 percent of pet owners re- > 76 percent go to Google port they have saved by learn- to find answers to their pet ing more about preventative health related questions.

Cretan Gunners travelled to Athens to play Egaleos City Rugby Club. A warm and sunny day saw hot windless conditions for the players to meet a side considerably larger than themselves. Despite this and after 40 minutes of great defensive work and only a few attacking opportunities the half time score was 0-0. Gunners finding themselves without a score despite all their hard work. Egaleos in this first half had failed to get beyond the Gunners 22m line with most of the play being in the Egaleos half. Gunners came very close to scoring with Linoxilakis crossing the line only for the try to be ruled out for a foot in touch. The half had been marred by the loss of several players to injury, Prop Zoulakis and Centre Livadiotakis with leg injuries and the

loss of the very experienced duo of Manolikakis to an upper leg injury and Katsafrakis with a potentially serious ankle and knee injury. All of which threatened to have a serious impact on the Gunners in the second half. The second half with only the experienced Terezakis to lead the Gunners team of begin-

ners, resumed with play much the same as the first half, between the 22m lines. This was until after 15 minutes Maltezos raced through a gap in the Egaleos backs, avoided three tackles and scored the first try which he then converted to put Gunners 7-0 in the lead. Five minutes later Alexandris copied Maltezos by go-

ing racing through a gap and evading a couple of tackles to score the second try which Maltezos narrowly failed to convert. Gunners now 12-0 ahead with 15 minutes to go. The big Egaleos side pushed for the try but great defensive work kept them out most notably Zouganetis in his debut game made two try saving tackles almost on the Gunners try line to prevent Egaleos from scoring. However, pressure told, and the tiring Gunners conceded a try with five minutes to go with the try unconverted. Gunners were still ahead 12-5 and with only minutes to go managed to hold on to win the game. This result was a great credit to the team in only their third game and with four players making their playing debuts. Final Score Egaleos 5 – 12 Cretan Gunners

74-year-old Briton living in Chania will run the Athens Marathon! He raises funds for EACH and Annousakeio Peter is running the Ath- always in need of funding to Thank you for sponsoring Pe- runs a number of fundraising improve and enhance the lives of the people and families they serve. This will be Peter’s 13th Marathon, which is quite an achievement at his age of nearly 74! As part of his training schedule he ran a half-marathon at Heralkion, Crete on 1st October and made good time.

ter and wishing him well for his marathon, your kind sponsorship will certainly motivate him during his training! Check out what his two charities are achieving with donations such as yours at: www. annousakeio.gr and www. each.org.uk Along with some friends, he

activities, including a just giving sponsorship page and a number of his female friends have joined together to produce a ‘Calendar Girls’ 2018 calendar. If you want to help, there is more information at https://www.justgiving. com/crowdfunding/petersaundersmarathon

sports & leisure

ens Marathon on November 12th 2017 to raise funds for good causes that have special significance for him. They span from his hometown of Cambridge to his adopted residence of Western Crete. His chosen beneficiaries also span all ages from babies to the elderly. Both recipients are

for more n ews click o n http://cre tepost.gr


Chania Cretan Gunners Return to Athens On Saturday 21st October

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