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Elafonissi and Balos Among Top European Beaches for 2018


beaches in Greece are ranked among Europe’s best for this year, according to TripAdvisor’s recently released 2018 Travelers’ Choice Awards for Beaches. According to TripAdvisor, the beach of Elafonissi on Crete was crowned the second best among the top 25 beaches in Europe. It also ranked eleventh among the world’s top 25 best beaches for 2018. Furthermore, the Balos beach and lagoon on Crete and the Simos beach in Elafonissos in the Peloponnese ranked eighth and eleventh respectively on the list of Tripadvisor’s top 25 beaches in Europe for 2018. TripAdvisor has awarded 355 beaches overall, including the top 25 in the world and local lists for Asia, Europe, Africa, South Pacific, South America, Middle East, France, Germany, Greece and India among other countries. “Soft sand, clear waters and balmy temperatures are common threads among these Travelers’ Choice award-winning beaches that have delighted millions of TripAdvisor reviewers across the globe,” said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor. The Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos has won the top honor as the best beach in the world this year.

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Trivago Reveals Travelers’ Favorite Winter Destinations in Greece. Chania is one of them

Chania is one of the top 10 favorite winter destinations in Greece for foreign travelers, according to data released by trivago. Fira (2), Firostefani (5), Imerovigli (6) and Oia (7) in Santorini are among the most popular destinations, with Mykonos town (9), Chania (8), Rhodes medieval

town (4), Athens (1), Thessaloniki (2) and Ekaterini Beach (10) being the other top 10 choices. Vacationers from Germany (10%), the UK (9&), Romania (8%) and Italy (7%) are willing to pay more for accommodation on Santorini and Mykonos, while seeking more affordable hotels in Rhodes old town and Chania.

Direct Flights to Link Belgium with Greece, incl. Chania

The Greek Tourism Ministry said that Greece will welcome a number of new flights from Belgium this year. According to an announcement, seven new direct flights from Belgium to Kalamata, Chania, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini, Thessaloniki and Zakynthos will take place this year following a cooperation agreement between tour operator Thomas Cook and Brussels Airlines. Also, a new direct flight from Brussels to Kavala will soon launch for the first time, as TUI Group has added the destination of Thassos to its portfolio.

Hydrocarbon exploration to focus on region south of Crete

The sea region south of Crete will attract the interest of the oil industry in the coming months after the confirmation of exploratory drilling in Cyprus and a completion of expression of interest in the Ionian Sea and the west/southwest of Crete, said Yiannis Basias, chairman and CEO of Greek Hydrocarbons Resources Management SA. Addressing the Athens Energy Forum, Basias said bids for the two regions will be submitted early in March, in the framework of a process that began with the expression of interest by the Hellenic Petroleum, Total and Exxon consortium for Crete and Energean for the Ionian Sea.

New diving park given “green light” in Apokoronas commodate as many groups of The Committee for the Envi-

ronment and Spatial Planning of the Region of Crete has given a positive recommendation on the environmental terms of the Environmental Impact Assessment of the project: “Diving Park in the Marine area of Ormos Bros Gialos, Apokoronas, Chania.” The diving park is located in the coastal area of Bros Gialos bay, outside the Natura 2000 region and the project is managed by the Municipality of Apokoronas. The diving park expands across a 15-acre area, with 190 X 315 meters dimensions and includes

visitors as possible The first route is 370 meters long and 20 meters deep, exploring the first wreck as well as a group of five reefs. The second route is 350 meters long and 20 meters deep, exploring the second wreck as well as a group of 8 reefs.

artificial reefs as well as two shipwrecks. For the secure operation of the diving park, scuba diving surface floating points and boats will be used while separate diving areas and routes will be charted so that the Park can simultaneously ac-


The third route 250 meters long and 20 meters deep exploring a group of 8 reefs. The Diving Park service will be based on the ports of Georgioupoli, Almirida, Kalives Marathi and Bros Gialos.

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What does Nature bring us in March? by David Capon chrysanthemum species and the method that some species Most of our avian winter vis-

itors (e.g. Robins and Song thrushes) will have left the island by the beginning of March but their departures are heralded by the arrival of the first of our summer visitors. During the early days of March the first hoopoes and swallows will be arriving. Swifts, martins and nightingales will follow very shortly after. I shall need to start getting my paperwork together ready to carry out the censuses and breeding bird records for the Hellenic Ornithological Society. But it is not only our bird friends that provide a celebration of spring. Regular readers of the Chania Post will remember that 2 years ago I watched and estimated the number of several thousand Painted lady butterflies migrating northwards near my house. Cleopatra, swallowtails and festoons are also large and colourful butterfly species that will be seen often during the month. By the end of the month, tadpoles of toads and frogs will be found in many wet areas; they will be a target for many predators and if that is not bad enough many of these damp areas will be drying out rapidly as the sun climbs higher in the sky. However, I think the most spectacular display of Nature is provided by the flowering wild plants on lower areas. There is a rainbow of colours: the reds of anemones, poppies and geraniums; the oranges of field marigolds; yellows of flowers of the

charlock; the greenish flowers of euphorbia species, especially the large globular Tree euphorbia; blues of lupins and grape hyacinths; the indigo and violet of anemones, broomrapes and violets. There are also many white flowers such as cyclamen, other species of anemone and members of the daisy family such as chamomile. There are large flowers such as those of chrysanthemum, the large flowering stalks of Giant fennel but also delicate small flowers such as found on the ground hugging sand crocus. In the above paragraph I have not included the orchid plants that have survived, many of which flower at lower levels during March. The number of plants has diminished greatly over the last few decades due to herbicides, new farming methods, over grazing and building development. From a distance, individual plants do not provide the grand show of other flowering plants as the flowers are small but if you come across a colony in flower the impact can be impressive. But, if you get on your hands and knees (caring for surrounding plants) you can see the intricate design and colours used to fool pollinators; you may also catch part of the scent that is often used as an alternative attractant. But do not be tempted to dig the plants up to transplant in your garden; not only is it illegal but the plant will not survive.

of ants use to direct other colony members to a food source and how dead ants are removed and dumped in a cemetery. As I mentioned last year, these insects are detested by so many people yet for an animal so small they provide so many surprises. In an article accepted by The Royal Society in January, Erik Frank of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, and his colleagues have discovered that ‘nurses’ in colonies of Matabele ants (Megaponera analis) care for many wounded. Several times a day a few hundred soldier ants of a Matabele ant colony set out to hunt termites and carry them back. The termites do fight back and with their powerful jaws they can remove limbs from the ants. The scientists followed raiding parties and noted that severely wounded individuals (e.g losing 4 or 5 legs) were left behind but others were carried back to the nest. Injured ants sent a pheromone to ask for assistance and individuals that had lost one or two legs pulled in the remaining limbs and kept still in order to facilitate carrying. Once back at the nest ‘nurse ants’ lick the wounds. Experiments in which some ants were denied the licking suggest it is a lifesaver. Without it, 80% of ants that had lost limbs died within a few hours. Of those that received medical care, 90% survived. These figures are impressive and Frank says, “We don’t know yet if the ants are just cleaning Nursing Ants the wound and removing deIn April last year I wrote about bris, as we do with our wounds

CHANIA Municipal Market, Airport, Public Bus Central Station, Old Harbour, Municipal Tourist Information Desk PLATANIAS Central Square Infokiosk, Botanical Park, Italian Factory Outlet and selected shops in Platanias KISSAMOS Gramvousa and Balos boats, Elafonissi, Falassarna KANDANOS-SELINO Paleochora Info Desk, Sougia, Kandanos SFAKIA Hora Sfakion Infokiosk, Loutro, Agia Roumeli, ANENDYK boats APOKORONAS Georgioupolis, Kavros, Vamos, Kalyves, Vrysses ...and also in more than 100 points throughout Chania Prefecture!

to prevent infection, or if they are also applying antimicrobial substances with their saliva”. Either way, the treatment seems to work. “The ants are able to reach running speeds similar to healthy ants, despite missing a leg or two,” he says. It is known that many primates tend their own wounds, but this is the first time an animal other than a human has been shown to give medical care to others. “The behaviour probably doesn’t arise from feelings of compassion”, comments Frank, “but because the ants’ survival depends upon it. Matabele ants live in small colonies with low birth rates, and their taste for termites means each ant risks mortal injury every day. Roughly a third of the colony have lost a limb at one point, so if they didn’t rescue them then many would be killed on the return journey. The treatment may also prevent infection spreading in the colony”. Insect behaviour continues to astonish.

easyJet adds three new routes from Greece this summer, two from Chania easyJet, Europe’s leading

Malpensa. Thomas Haagensen, Country Director said: “We’re very pleased to be adding even more routes to our Greek network for this summer. easyJet now operates 85 routes from Greece and we expect to carry over 2.5 million passengers this year. easyJet is committed to make travel easy and affordable for our Greek customers, offering them great connections to Europe’s main cities, whether it is for a city break, a business trip or to visit friends and relatives.” * Fares per person including admin fee and credit card fees, one way, based on two people travelling on the same booking. About easyJet easyJet flies on more of Eu-

rope’s most popular routes than any other airline. easyJet carries over 81 million passengers annually, of which more than 13 million are travelling on business. easyJet flies over 280 aircraft on more than 890 routes to over 140 airports across 31 countries. More than 300 million Europeans live within one hour’s drive of an easyJet airport. easyJet aims to be a good corporate citizen, employing people on local contracts in seven countries across Europe in full compliance with national laws and recognising their trade unions. The airline supports a number of local charities and also has a corporate partnership with UNICEF which has raised over £10m for the most vulnerable children since it was estab-

Conde Nast Traveler

lished in 2012. The airline takes sustainability seriously. easyJet invests in the latest technology, operates for more news click on efficiently and fills most http://cre tepost.gr of its seats. Since 2000 easyJet has reduced its carbon emissions per passenger, per kilometre by over 30%. Its latest target is a further 10% reduction from today’s performance by 2022 and a 38% improvement from 2000. Innovation is in easyJet’s DNA – from our launch almost 20 years ago when we changed the way people fly to the present day where we lead the industry in digital, web, engineering and operational innovations to make travel more easy and affordable for our passengers.

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airline, continues to grow in Greece with the launch of three new routes from the country. In addition to its existing daily service to London Gatwick, easyJet is starting two new routes from Chania to Lyon and Nice, strengthening the links between Greece and France. The airline is also launching a new service from Corfu to Venice, its 13th destination from the Ionian island. Flights are now on sale at easyJet.com, on the easyJet mobile app and GDS, with fares starting from as little as EUR 13.68*. • Chania to Lyon, twice weekly flights (Monday, Friday) starting from 25 June 2018 • Chania to Nice, once-weekly flight (Tuesday) starting from 26 June 2018 • Corfu to Venice, once-weekly flight (Sunday) starting from 01 July 2018 With these three new additional routes to and from Greece, easyJet will operate over 5,700 flights in July and August, with over one million seats on sale, up 4% over the same period in 2017. Since its first flight to Heraklion in 2008, easyJet grew rapidly in Crete and now connects the island to five European countries and over 12 different destinations including Berlin Schönefeld, Geneva and Milan

among Europe’s best seaside boutique accommodation units, according to leading travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler. The hotels are located in Halkidiki, Peloponnese and Crete and offer good value-for-money along with immediate access to the beach and are overall considered ideal for summer holidays. This is how CNT describes AMMOS HOTEL, CHANIA, CRETE, GREECE Breakfast alone makes the trip to this chic little beach resort on the west coast of Crete worthwhile. You could stay for a week and still not try everything: freshly baked spinach pie; orange cake; sesame cookies; Cretan yogurt with honey and nuts; mini barley rusks piled high with feta, olives and tomato. All are served in the groovy, Mo-

roccan-tiled dining room with its primary-bright mismatched chairs until a very Mediterranean 11.30am (practically lunchtime for the many new parents who have wised up to this family-friendly getaway). Tables at the laid-back restaurant spill out past the swimming pool and down to a shallow, sandy beach, where the hotel has its own sunbeds and umbrellas. There’s a playroom if you want to keep toddlers out of the sun, and babysitters are

on call in the evening. Bedrooms in the low-rise, sugarcube-shaped building are perky, with bright, colour-blocked walls, Marimekko cushions of clashing patterns and African-print Moroso stools adding a grown-up touch. The best are the deluxe sea-view studios – freshly revamped for this summer – where you can watch the sunset from your balcony and nod off to the sound of the waves. This is a feel-good hotel with-

staff have been around for years and many guests are regulars, which comes as no surprise as the place is astonishingly good value. Owner Nikos Tsepetis, a self-confessed design junkie, has a black book packed with insider information about the region’s stunning beaches and remote mountain villages, plus details on where to go in the lively Venetian harbour of Chania. • Distance to the water: Right on the beach. • Travel time: Three-hour, 50-minute flight to Chania, then a 20-minute drive. • Inside tip: Ask Nikos for directions to Dounias, a taverna hidden in the foothills of the White Mountains. Everything from the goat to the aubergines comes from the owner’s farm and is slow-cooked in a woodfired oven.

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Three Greek resorts among Best Beach Hotels in Europe, One of Them on Crete out any formality; most of the Three Greek hotels are

The Yesterdays of Crete (part 6) - World War I by Hobson Tarrant but during the fighting the Crete had existed as an au-

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tonomous state under Ottoman sovereignty since 1898 with Prince George as its High Commissioner until he was replaced by Alexandros Zaimis in 1906. Then in 1908, Turkey’s domestic situation turned into turmoil and Alexandros left the island on a vacation which left only the Cretan deputies in control, these deputies stole their chance and unilaterally declared the island of Crete to be in a political union with Greece. ck on li c r s However this unity .g re new epost for mo ttp://cret h wasn’t officially recognised by Turkey and remained in conflict until the December of 1913, when the Ottoman Empire themselves came under attack from the Balkan states. This attack escalated into what became known as the Balkan War which Turkey lost, and as a result the Ottoman Empire was then stripped of much of its previous territory. With Turkey no longer able to contest the Cretan unity with mainland Greece any further the alliance effectively took hold. At the outbreak of World War I in August 1914, the Kingdom of Greece initially declared itself as a neutral country, which included Crete. But Greece had previously signed a defence treaty with the Kingdom of Serbia back in 1913. This treaty effectively obliged Greece to come to Serbia’s aid whenever needed and this became the case when the Serbian neighbours, the Bulgarians began to mobilize their troops in 1914. The Greek Prime Minister of the time, Eleftherios Venizelos ( after whom the Athens International airport was named), passionately believed that Greece should now enter the war on the side of the Allies, but he was stopped from doing so by the Greek king. King Constantine 1st of Greece, held strong sympathies with Germany who were on the opposing side to the Prime Minister’s chosen partners, however somehow, and despite the King’s allegiances, Eleftherios gained permission for the British, Australian and New Zealand troops and transport ships to use the island of Lemnos as a jump off base from which to

town of Smyrna caught fire and effectively burnt to the ground leaving nothing but worthless rubble. With nothing left worth fighting for, both sides effectively gave up and went their separate ways. As a result, the Greek government accepted the demands of the Turkish National Movement and returned to its own pre-war borders, thus leaving Eastern Thrace and Western Anatolia to Turkey as it was before The War.

launch their attack on Gallipoli in 1915. Eleftherios Venizelos continued to make strong protests to the king that Greece should be allowed to join the Allies against the Axis forces. But the King remained undecided, as in addition to his pro German sympathies, he also had family ties with Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, whose forces fought on the side of the Allies and therefore the king favoured neutrality as a middle ground policy. But the dynamic was suddenly and brutally changed when the ‘Russian February Revolution’ removed and killed Tsar Nicholas II and his family, under the influence of Marxist revolutionaries such as Trotsky, Kerensky and Lenin. As a result and in fear of befalling a similar fate, King Constantine abdicated his throne in June 1917, and set his second son Alexander to become the new king. This proved to be a highly unpopular move to the followers of Venizelos who had strong ambitions to move Greece from a Monarchy and to a Republic. But undeterred, Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, moved quickly before the new King, Alexander, could take command of his new powers. Eleftherios simply stepped up and assumed control over the entire country. The new king was treated with contempt and ultimately sent into exile along with all of his followers who would go, the rest were imprisoned, thus ensuring that all significant opposition had been removed. Greece, then politically enabled, soon settled down and united itself under a single government. They had become free to fol-

low their preference to join the Allies and they officially declared themselves at war against the Central Axis Powers on the 30th of June 1917. Greece eventually raised ten divisions of men at arms for the ‘Entente Effort’. In addition they brought into force, on the Allies side, the significant power of the Royal Hellenic Navy. When the Allies emerged victorious from World War I, Greece received commendation for its contributions and achievements. They also received by way of reward, the territorial acquisition of Western Thrace, Eastern Thrace, and the Smyrna area ( modern day Turkish city of Ismir). The Greco- Turkish War of 1919-1922 Although not directly related to Crete, Greece as its Motherland, did not get to enjoy any long term benefits from its newly awarded territories. The British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, as a leading force in making the territorial gifts to Greece had promised the lands to be taken from the Ottoman Empire, yet armed conflict resulted as soon as Greek forces landed in Smyrna. On the 15th May 1919, the Greek forces advanced inland from Smyrna with the aim of taking control of parts of Anatolia. But their advance was checked by the Turkish National Movement Army in an armed conflict that took place in 1921 and became known as the Battle of Sakarya. Then in the August of 1922, the Turks organised a powerful counter attack which forced the Greek front to simply collapse. The Turks recaptured Smyrna,

Crete between the war years 1922-1939.. There is surprisingly little documentation of any specific developments on Crete for between the end of the first, and start of the Second World War. However one point of interest that was found was the development of a Narrow Gauge Railway that served as a method of industrial transport around the Heraklion area. This railway was apparently commissioned much earlier by an unnamed investor, at sometime between the Balkan and First World Wars. It was originally planned to ship Lignite from a small mine on the Cretan south coast. For those with specific interest in railways, it was a 2’6” gauge which was constructed using mostly parts borrowed or purchased from the existing railways of the time from Cyprus and Malta. The initial main line, which ran to Heraklion was soon commissioned to be extended to also supply and transport goods from the agricultural lands of the interior of Crete which also included the rich mineral resources from Mount Ida. A later development was then a further extension south through the Kofinas Range to provide a route to coastal shipping. No details of the cause of the railways demise or dismantling could be found, but it may be of no coincidence that the paper trail appears to cease with the invasion and occupation of the island of Crete by Nazi Germany in 1939. (To follow – part 7 – World War 2) The full story of the ‘Yesterdays of Crete’ is now available in paperback from Amazon or as an ebook from Kindle.

Fraport Greece: -5.1% traffic at 14 regional airports in January

Passenger traffic at the 14

regional airports run by Fraport Greece in January 2018 dropped by 5.1% compared to the corresponding month of 2017, with passengers totaling 549,506 passengers. Thessaloniki Airport, the largest airport under the company’s management in Greece, serviced 309,586 passengers, down by 12.2% yoy. The second largest, Rhodes, attracted 58,673 passengers, up by 6.3% from last year while the third largest in n o k Chania, saw 43,255 pass clic ost.gr re new ep for mo ttp://cret sengers, down 36.2% h from last year. On the other hand, Greek airports are set to attract more than 55 million passengers in 2018 following a record year in 2017 at 58 million while significant passenger growth was

recorded in Corfu airports (+ athos (+ 40%) and Kos (63.6%), 31.3%), Kavala (+ 100%), Ski- as shown on the table.

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New Luxury Hotels to Open in Chania in 2018 Visitors to the Greek islands this In Chania, the third Casa Cook ho- Mathioulakis

year will find many new luxury hotels to choose from as a number of major investment projects are near completion. According to GBR Consulting’s latest report on Greece’s hospitality industry performance, hoteliers are very optimistic for 2018 and In regards to investment activity on the Greek islands, GBRC has reported the following:

tel of tour operator Thomas Cook will open after Rhodes and Kos. The Casa Cook Chania will target families and offer 65 rooms designed to accommodate two adults and a child, while some suites will be bigger for larger families. Many suites will have shared or private pools. In April, the 5-star and 287-room Euphoria Resort will open in Chania. The new hotel belongs to the

family, which also owns and operates the Minoa Palace Resort in Chania. The new property is marketed as a premium all-inclusive family resort. In Hersonissos, the 5-star Nana Princess will open, offering 112 luxury suites and villas. The new hotel of the Karatzis Group is located next to its 5-star Nana Beach. Furthermore, in January it was announced that Dolphin Capital In-

Minoan Lines interested in six routes to Cyclades isles and Chania

Minoan Lines has reportedly submitted at least six applications to commence routes connecting the Greek mainland with the Cyclades islands and the large port city of Hania (Chania) on Crete, according to sources that spoke to Greek newspaper “Naftemporiki”. Minoan’s purported expansion into the lucrative Cyclades routes comes after the company, a subsidiary of Grimaldi shipping, sold the shares it controlled in Hellenic Seaways to rival Attica Group. The development is seen as positive by the relevant shipping ministry, given the expectation of stronger competition and better services for the Aegean routes. vestors entered into an agreement for the disposal of its 77.8 percent interest in the Sitia Bay Resort project, the group’s residential resort development in Sitia, eastern Crete, to its minority partner in the project, Iktinos Hellas SA. The project consists of a 5-star hotel, operated by a luxury hotel brand, an 18hole Nicklaus Design golf course, 85-berth marina and residential units.

Tourism Minister: Impressive Rise in Bookings to Greece for 2018 Bookings to Greece for the

2018 season are seeing an impressive increase compared to last year, Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura said. Speaking on the opening day of the Horeca 2018 exhibition in Athens, Minister Kountoura noted that until now, bookings from Greece’s traditional and new markets have recorded an increase of 15 to 30 percent. The minister underlined that the flight programs of airlines are including new direct connections to more Greek destinations from more foreign airports this year. “The strategic agreements we have concluded with leading international travel groups and airlines have helped boost our tourism share for the third consecutive year and strengthen the connectivity of all Greek destinations,” she said. New tourism legislation

During her speech at the 7th Hellenic Chamber of Hotels General Assembly held on the sidelines of HORECA, the minister presented the new institutional framework for the development of thematic forms of tourism in Greece. According to Minister Kountoura, for Greece to reach the

goal of becoming a 365 days a year tourism destination, thematic tourism is a main priority for the ministry. “We have completed and brought to public consultation an overall bill to cover all needs and to settle issues related to the tourism sector,” Kountura said.

She added that the new draft bill includes a comprehensive institutional framework that will support the development of thematic forms of tourism in Greece over the coming years, based on international standards and modern world trends. news.gtp.gr

Top tips for choosing home insurance in Greece With so many different types

by John Paterakis - InsuranceLine

of home insurance policies available, it can be daunting choosing the right cover for your home. At a basic level buildings insurance covers the cost of replacing the bricks and concrete and rebuilding your home, but most people also choose to cover their contents too.


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1) Buying a property abroad and in this case in Greece can be a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Wherever it is a permanent residence or holon s click ost.gr w e n e r iday house, you need ep for mo ttp://cret h to consider protecting your investment. Your property is exposed to many dangers, caused not only by natural but also by human causes. Fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, burglaries, are all elements that can threaten at any time the property that you acquired with so much effort. We suggest always buying the cover of earthquake. 2) Beware of the upselling mortgage broker! Many banks and building societies encourage borrowers to take out home insurance that is tied in with their mortgage but you may find you are paying more than if you researched the market and insured through a broker. It is always worth looking for the policy that suits you best and provides the best val-

ue. Remember – your bank or building society will insist that you take out buildings cover (and prove to them you have covered the accurate re-build cost) but you are free to shop around and choose who you actually insure with. 3) Estimates – the key to the right policy Always ensure that you have accurate estimates for both the re-build cost of your home and the replacement cost of all the contents you had in mind when taking out the policy in the first place. This is the only way of seeing which policies are sufficient for your needs. 4) Keep an eye on annual increases Most home insurance policies will increase year on year on the basis that re-build costs are also increasing, but be wary and always keep an eye on these increases. If in doubt, ask your insurer or provider for more details.

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for cover You may be surprised at what can be covered by home insurance, so don’t be afraid to ask. Here are just a few things that you may not have considered: * Garden features and outbuildings – worth thinking about increasing your insurance regarding swimming pool, barbeque, garage and other similar things * Legal cover – offering legal advice on a wide range of issues, from identity theft to consumer disputes * Water leaks – many policies will cover these because they know that acting quickly will prevent bigger problems/further costs in the future 6) True value Underestimating the true value of your home’s contents is a common mistake. Overlooking a few of those recent purchases could mean that some items may not be covered under your current policy, or you could be paying too little or worse - too much!

Greek Islands Dominate 2018 European Travel Bookings This year, Greece has had no

less than four islands chosen by travelers as their intended destination for summer 2018. According to an analysis by Check 24, the most popular German platform dedicated to travel price comparison, there are four Greek islands among the 10 most popular islands for holidays in Europe.

Listed pre-bookings state that the most popular among the Greek islands is Crete, which holds a 17.2-percent prefer-

ence for 2018. Following the biggest of the Greek islands, we find Rhodes on seven percent and Kos on

An up to date valuation of your possessions now could save disappointment in the future, so take note of what you have in your house that is of value and discuss it with your home insurance provider to ensure you have everything covered. Taking photos of your possessions, particularly in the room in which they are placed, is also highly recommended as this will help support any claims you may make, if you lose them or they become damaged, and as well as this it is always worth keeping the receipts of household items to provide proof of purchase, the date of purchase and the price you paid. It is likely your insurers will ask for a receipt in the event of a claim. Finally, don’t keep high value items in a shed, garage or separate outbuilding as it’s unlikely they will be covered under your main household contents policy. For small personal possessions it pays to invest in a safe that can be secured down and hidden away in a cupboard.

6.2 percent. The fourth destination includes Corfu with Paxos, with a 2.8-percent preference. The analysis also reveals that the island of Kos is more affordable than in 2017, with a general decrease in prices reaching two percent. On the other hand, Corfu and Paxos show a more than 18-percent rise in prices compared to last year.

24 Hour Guarded Parking

Car Wash

A. ENTRANCE & EXIT 9-11, Grigoriou 5th str. (Kolokotroni Square) B. ENTRANCE & EXIT Markou Botsari str.(opp. old cinema “Apollon”) Tel:+3028210 86066 - Fax:+3028210 86076

GOD => The Demon within... The Demon of Socrates was a daimonion, a “divine principle or inward oracle.”

Having explored all corners

by Panagiotis Terpandros Zachariou


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of the earth, we turn our curiosity to the infinity of space to enrich our knowledge and understanding of the universe. Once we come to the frontier of our understanding, we resort to that which we call God, or we develop theories since only theoretically can we approach that which is inaccessible. Interestingly enough, the word theory stems from the Greek compound of theos (god) and orein on r s click re new cretepost.g (to see); that is to say, o m r / fo http:/ we see God in all that is beyond our mental grasp. But man does not leave it at that - his fear of the unknown compels him to cut the inaccessible down to his measures - anthropomorphically simplifying it by producing man-like gods. In fact, the latest version (the Christian one) walked the earth in flesh and bone. And why not? Do our bodies not accommodate particles of cosmic energy, the immortal, divine substance we call soul? And if so, do we not carry a god within our incarnate career? Is it possible that the true god, or the conduit to the divine, is that which pre-Christian Greeks referred to as the “Demon” (Δαίμων)? The very demon that Socrates invoked for guidance in his Apology? To clarify things, before the church distorted its meaning to mean “the god of the heathen,” in order to exact the self-governing power from the individual, rendering the latter as an exploitable sheep dependent on a pastor (church), the word Demon* literally meant one’s god within. In other words, one’s conscience. If this is the case, we need not pursue costly explorations of space or fall back on religious ambiguities to find answers to the inaccessible mysteries that frame our earthly existence. Nor do we need commandments to distinguish betwen right and wrong. We need merely search within to acquaint ourselves with our god - a god who is a microcosm of nature and the universe, a god who bears all the eΙements of creation. All we need to do is simply relate the natural phenomena to the oscillations of our souls to confirm this parallelism: Like nature, we are turbulently capricious, subject to periods of darkness and light, bloom (like that of Spring) and dormancy (like that of Winter); now we are lashed at by inner storms and then we are

soothed by tranquility; now we walk on air through our dreams and ambitions and then we come down to earth on materializing them; our thoughts flow like rivers that irrigate the complexity of our forest-like being. Know thyself, therefore, as urges us the Delphic Maxim. But there’s the rub. How can one know this self if one does not find it first? And how can this be achieved within the distractions of so many role models peddled by our screen-addicted communities - in societies where those who search in depth are looked upon with contempt and ridicule? Might this explain the once fashionable monastic life or that of hermits who conducted the inner quest of self in seclusion? But seclusion bears no fruit of self-knowledge. In fact, it incarcerates God even further in the impenetrable depths of the soul since in such a state of existence one minimizes the stimuli that would bring Him to the surface. Neither is it wise for one to avoid worldly contact, simply due to the fact that he will not have measures of comparison about him as to the flow of events that he should witness and analyze. Such an individual is literally an idiot, which stems from the Greek idioteia = private, withdrawn person. The interaction of intelligent, demon-bearing beings is indispensable to one’s psychic/ intellectual development since he accumulates knowledge and experience through it and comes closer to self knowledge. We therefore have a human being who seeks knowledge and thus lives as a philosopher (from the Greek philos = lover and sophia = wisdom: a lover of wisdom). Besides, if humans were meant to withdraw within themselves as idiots, they would not be in need of eyes, ears, a voice or any of the senses that keep them in touch with the environment. And if we assume, as widely accepted, that harmony presides in nature and that all biological organs are integral parts of nature, then they would be doing themselves a great injustice to reject their use and would be sinning against the creator Himself, the One Who endowed them with these senses, which should be employed in their full capacity as an active form of thanksgiving. On encountering a mystery, we are filled with wonder. The Greek word for wonder is aporia (formed from the negative prefix a- and poros, which means passing, hence port, pore, etc.). In other words, we come to an impasse - a dead end. In such a predicament the philosopher

activates all his mental capacities, which have in turn been nourished by experiences and accumulated knowledge, and approaches the query from all angles until he converts theory to practical knowledge that will assist his quest further beyond. Of course, in order to achieve this, historical memory is required. However, traditions should never be accepted as indisputable practices, for one should filter them through scrutinizing study weighing their validity in relation to the present state of things and retain only the ones that contribute to a healthy human identity. Simultaneously, we should welcome new experiences and experiment with our spiritual reactions to them. By doing so, we awaken the god within ourselves and not only do we gradually get acquainted with him, but by stimulating him we have direct access to his counsel, which guides our deeds for which he holds us absolutely responsible. We call this conscience (from the Latin con meaning together/with and sciere, meaning to know), a word whose prefix implies the existence of a second entity within, since the prefix conpresupposes more than one; that is to say, our existence and that of our God, our daemon. Mutual interaction (ours and the daemon within), therefore, begets what we call conscience. In this way, mediating priests and postulates that control passive human masses and the strings of dangerous religious fundamentalism are rendered obsolete for the thinking person, who is not in need of external sects that dictate his/ her behaviour. The thinker distinguishes between good and evil on the basis of logic and the ordinances of nature as dictated by the demon within - conscience. The study of self in relationship to a healthy natural environment sets a standard of excellence that will avert acts and habits detrimental to one’s physical and mental health. Inevitably one becomes more eclectic and seeks quality in all his/her actions. Thus, accumulated experiences enrich spirituality and consequently enables one to relate to the grandeur of Godliness as it is manifested throughout the universe. Having fulfilled all the physical and spiritual potential at our disposal during our existence, our restless life is interpreted as a form of prayer that prepares us for a peaceful death, which in turn will bring forth life. And this is where we come to the age - old question: Is there life

after death? As Socrates argues in Plato’s Phaedon: The universe is made up of opposites and contrasts since everything begets its opposite: day begets night, pain - relief and so on. Therefore, death must also beget its opposite, that is, life. In order for a person to understand one thing, he must thoroughly study its other side so that its cognition will be enforced by the power of contrast. When Socrates was asked, just before his death, what his most significant revelation in life was, he uttered the phrase that will resound through the infinity of the eons, “I only know one thing - that I know nothing.” On being able to admit this, he must have reached the ultimate state of completion the fulfillment of the cycle of his inquisitive existence since something begets nothing. Keeping this in mind, to the philosopher, life is a study of death, and the more intensely and explicitly he experiences it, the smoother his approach will be to the inaccessible element of death. We should, therefore, really seize life and lead it as philosophers, counceled by the word of God - the word of the Demon within through the conduit of our senses - as did a Greek Christ (Christ stems from chrein - to anoint, thus, Christ = the anointed one), who heeded the god inside him. This is the only way for one to save himself from the darkness of passivity. As the Delphic Oracle once warned the Athenians on the impending Persian invasion: Saved is the one who saves one’s self. * demon (n) c. 1200, from Latin daemon “spirit,” from Greek daimon “deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity” (sometimes including souls of the dead); “one’s genius, lot, or fortune;” from PIE *dai-mon- “divider, provider” (of fortunes or destinies), from root *da- “to divide” (see tide (n.)). Used (with daimonion) in Christian Greek translations and Vulgate for “god of the heathen” and “unclean spirit.” Jewish authors earlier had employed the Greek word in this sense, using it to render Shedim “lords, idols” in the Septuagint, and Matthew viii.31 has daimones, translated as deofol in Old English, fiend or devil in Middle English. Another Old English word for this was hellcniht, literally “hell-knight.” The original mythological sense is sometimes written daemon for purposes of distinction. The Demon of Socrates was a daimonion, a “divine principle or inward oracle.” His accusers, and later the Church Fathers, however, represented this otherwise. The Demon Star (1895) is Algol.

TUI Russia – Mouzenidis Group Join Forces to Boost Incoming Tourism to Greece TUI Russia and Greek travel

operator Mouzenidis Group recently announced from Moscow that they had entered a strategic partnership with the aim of increasing incoming tourism flows to Greece. The deal was finalized by TUI Russia Director-General, Taras Demura, Mouzenidis Travel Greece MD Yiorgos Masmanidis and Mouzenidis Travel Russia GM Alexandros Tsandekidis. TUI Russia management said the agreement will allow for more affordable rates for Russian travelers, double pre-bookings to Greece, and triple the number of stays. Last year, the Russian operator handled 20,000 tourists to Greece, and expects after the collaboration this year to have served 60,000. At the same time, both compa-

nies are forecasting improved overall performance for the year ahead. In the meantime, Ellinair, a Mouzendis Group airline, has boosted seats by 20-25 percent for its fleet of 10 planes operating Greece-Russia routes and plans to strengthen connectiv-

ity and frequency in view of the agreement. Mouzenidis Travel Greece coaches will also be re-branded in order to handle TUI Russia’s clientele. TUI Russia will continue to serve Greece through Yekaterinburg-based carrier Ural Airlines.

TUI Russia’s Demura said for more n ews click o he believes demand n http://cre tepost.gr will pick up for Rhodes, Corfu, Crete, Halkidiki and the Peloponnese, while package deals with multi-destination Athens tours will be included in the offers.

Impressive presentation of Creta Maris Beach Resort at the Brussels Holiday Fair the local character of the resort Creta Maris Beach Resort

itself. “The pure, traditional and local products that Creta Maris choose to use in all its restaurants are the ones that make the difference and the reason our guests love the Cretan cuisine. I am very glad that with our participation in this wonderful 2nd and Saturday 3rd of Febru- with tomatoes, feta cheese cooking action, we managed ary. During the first day, the vis- and dried oregano- and “Kalt- to promote once again our auitors had the chance to watch sounia” -sweet Cheese Pastries- thentic cuisine and to “fly” the and taste two favorite Cretan to the visitors of the GNTO’s visitors of the fair to Crete!”, recipes with sea bass and lamb. booth, reminding thereby the stated the Executive Chef of On the second day, the resort value of the genuine Greek Creta Maris Beach Resort, Dimioffered Cretan “Ntakos” -rusks hospitality and highlighting tris Makrakis.

11 Greek hotels won HolidayCheck gold awards 2018, two of them in Chania itors | Rating 5.9 / 6 The most popular Greek ho-

3. ROBINSON CLUB DAIDALOS, Kos Recommended by 97% of visitors | Rating 5.7 / 6 4. Apollon Xenonas Apparthotel, Sparti Recommended by 100% of vis-

7. Neptune Hotel – Resort Convention Center & Spa, Mastichari Recommended by 98% of visitors | Rating 5.8 / 6 8 / Hotel Corissia Beach, Georgioupolis Recommended by 100% of visitors | Rating 5.7 / 6 9. Hotel Kalithea Horizon Royal, Kallithea Recommended by 99% of visitors | Rating 5.8 / 6 10. Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa, Elia Winner Recommended by 97% of visitors | Rating 5.6 / 6 11. Hotel Horizon Beach Resort, Mastichari Recommended by 98% of visitors | Rating 5.7 / 6

itors | Rating 6/6 5. Hotel Corissia Princess, Georgioupolis Recommended by 100% of visitors | Rating 5.7 / 6 6. Hotel Maistrali, Sparti Tornos News Recommended by 100% of vis-

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tels that won HolidayCheck’s Gold Awards for 2018 were announced by the leading German travel platform. Most Greek hotels are located in Halkidiki, Kos, Crete and Rhodes and have been popular choice of the platoform’s users in recent years, continuing to… The list includes: HolidayCheck Gold Award 2018 1. Hotel Apollon, Sparti Recommended by 99% of visitors: Rating 5.9 / 6 “Exclusive holidays, whether for lonely travelers or for friends” 2. Villa Stella Apartments, Kavala Recommended by 100% of visitors | Rate 6/6 “If you stay once, you will be returning there”

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impressed the visitors of Brussels Holiday Fair during a two-day event dedicated to Cretan gastronomy, which took place on the 2nd & 3rd February, in Brussels, in the presence of the Greek Tourism Minister, Εlena Kountoura. In the context of Brussels Holiday Fair, Creta Maris Beach Resort and the Region of Crete in collaboration with the Netherlands’ GNTO (Netherland – Brussels – Luxembourg), held a two-day event dedicated to Cretan gastronomy, on Friday


email: info@e-ktel.gr

Scan the QR to book online your ticket !

Kydonias & Parth. Kelaidi, Chania 73100 |Information : 2821 093052 |Storehouse : 28210 97497 Kefalogiannidon Street, Rethymnon |Information: 2831 022212| Storehouse : 2831 022659

Foreign Real Estate Agents Eyeing Greek Market Foreign real estate agents erties in Athens, and in the the said properties and agencies are springing meantime make a commission. up like mushrooms aiming This activity has resulted in to get a bite out of Athens’ increased prices, while Greek real estate professionals are booming property market. Indicatively, property going warning of potential decepfor 150,000 euros can reach tion. 250,000 euros if the commis- According to Greek media resion for the foreign broker is ports, tourist operators also appear to be eyeing the pracincluded. Agents and agencies based tice including agents in China, in Europe, primarily in Balkan who are looking to sell quick countries, are offering real and get the commission in estate services to foreigners view of increased interest by seeking to buy prop- buyers seeking to make use of on s click re new post.gr o m r o e f /cret http:/

as shortterm Airbnb-style rentals. In the meantime, all the more Chinese, Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese go-betweens are clinching properties from Greek real estate agents promising a steady flow of clients with the aim to earn a large bonus ranging between 40-80 percent of the sale price. Properties costing 50,000150,000 euros in Athens, and at popular tourist destinations are among the mostly sought

after by foreign buyers, while commission depends on the asking price. The property market in Greece has gained momentum as of late in great part due to the ongoing golden visa program, which offers five-year residency rights to non-European Union citizens in return for real estate acquisitions or for strategic investments exceeding 250,000 euros. news.gtp.gr

Smart wings will fly from Crete to Prague


earlier this month filed operational schedule schedule for its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft during summer 2018 season, between 25 Mar 2018 and 27

Oct 2018. The following is the plan of 737 MAX 8 operational routes. Note that some routes may be served by the aircraft on onetime basis.

• Brno – Ostrava – Corfu – • Prague – Kos • Prague – Preveza Brno • Prague – Rhodes • Prague – Chania • Prague – Samos • Prague – Corfu • Prague – Thessaloniki • Prague – Heraklion • Prague – Zakynthos • Prague – Kavala

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Crete’s Galaxy Hotel Iraklio Launches ‘PURE Wellness Rooms’ The five-star Galaxy Hotel

Iraklio on the island of Crete recently launched its new “PURE Wellness Rooms”, offering guests a complete hospitality experience based on innovative cleanliness technology. “The PURE Wellness Rooms are the best choice for our guests, who travel either for business or pleasure,” the hotel said in an announcement. Teaming up with PURE Greece and using a special natural surface and air treatment, the hotels’ rooms are purified removing up to 99 percent of surface and airborne allergens, germs, bacteria, odors, dust and microorganisms. The Galaxy Hotel Iraklio is the first hotel in Greece to use the technology of PURE Greece. “Our PURE Wellness Rooms constitute a significant element which differentiates our product and makes it very popular to our guests, who seek for

high-quality hospitality and wellness,” said Yiannis Economou, CEO of Economou Hotels, the operator of the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio. An additional seven-stage cleanliness process is applied in the PURE Wellness Rooms, which is also used in more than 5,000 hotel rooms in 20 coun-

tries. It includes cleaning and decontaminating the room’s air treatment units; cleaning the carpets and upholstery with the Pure Porous Surface Cleaner; disinfecting the room with an ozone device; installing the IntelliPure professional air cleaner system; using waterproof, hypoallergenic protec-

Over 27 million tourists visited Greece in 2017 Over 27 million tourists visited Greece in 2017, according to Bank of Greece (BoG) figures. Tourist traffic increased by 9.7 percent, reaching 27,194 million visitors against 24,799 million visitors in 2016. Specifically, visitor flows through airports increased by 9.9%, while visitor flows through road border-crossing points also increased, by 8.7%. In 2017, travel receipts rose by 10.5%, compared with the previous year, to 14,596 million eu-

ros. This development is attributed to increases in receipts from within the EU28 by 13.8% to 9,843 million euros and in receipts from outside the EU28

by 5.6% to 4,327 million euros. In particular, receipts from euro area residents rose by 20.6% to 6,270 million euros, while receipts from residents of non-euro area EU28 countries

tive mats and pads. Located in the city of Heraklio on Crete, the Galaxy Hotel Iraklio includes 127 rooms and suites with a view to the central pool or the city, two gourmet restaurants, a gym and a hammam, state of the art conference facilities and a business center.

also increased, by 3.6% to 3,573 million euros. Specifically, receipts from France rose by 17.3% to 992 million euros, as did receipts from Germany, by 31.5% to 2,553 million euros. Receipts from the United Kingdom also increased, by 11.6% to 2,061 million euros. Turning to non-EU28 countries, receipts from Russia decreased by 3.6% to 418 million euros, whereas receipts from the United States rose by 4.4% to 803 million euros.

Fifty-three percent of Greeks take their mobile phone in the bed-Huawei research

Fifty-three percent of Greeks

take their mobile phone to bed, while one in 10 falling asleep with their smartphone in their hands, a recent research requested by Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, to get acquaint-

ing to bed, with 53 percent admitting they take the device to bed. The smartphone is also the first thing 58 percent of Greeks check when they wake up. Seventy-four percent of Greek users used the device to exchange messages, 84 percent used it to take pictures and 79 percent to access social media. The research also showed that 54 percent of Greeks use their smartphone several times over an for more n ews click o hour, with the main rean http://cre tepost.gr sons being entertainment, looking for information, interacting in social media, reading latest news, logging into e-banking and navigating the internet. ed with user habits when it Denmark, Croatia, Hungary, Po44% of participants in the recomes to using smartphones land, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, search admitted having the throughout the day, showed. Turkey and the Czech Republic. smartphone on them for more The research, titled “Smart According to the findings, 74 than 13 hours daily, and 27 per(phone) Relationships”, was percent of Greeks read their cent say they actively use it for conducted by IPSOS in January emails, navigates in social me3-4 hours. 2018 in the following 12 mar- dia and sends messages from kets: Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, their mobile phone before go- AMNA

ferences according to sector and area. Compliance is high in retail food shops (bakeries, butchers etc) and organised chains of stores. In other sectors, such as clothing shops, plastic bags are being replaced by other types of bags, such as paper. Implementation in catering, by contrast, is low – with the exception of organised chains – as well as in street markets and kiosks that are exempt from the environmental charge, while compliance is higher in urban areas than in rural areas. Consequently, the overall percentage reduction in the use of

plastic bags is estimated to be much lower than in supermarkets, ranging between 65-70 pct. According to IELKA calculations, even the optimal scenario of a 70 pct reduction leads to the consumption of 110 plastic bags per person a year and is insufficient to meet targets, especially as implementation in other countries has shown that the efficacy of the measure tends to taper off over time. This fails to meet the EU target of restricting per capita annual use of lightweight plastic bags to 90 a year by the end of 2019, something that requires a re-

duction exceeding 75-80 pct. IELKA called on all actors involved to continue to inform consumers about the real nature of the problem caused by plastic bags (marine pollution), to encourage the use of reusable bags and clarify the legislation to properly inform consumers and merchants. The charge for plastic bags is set to increase to 0.07 euros plus VAT as of January 1, 2019 and this may prove sufficient to meet the EU goals while a total ban on use of plastic bags may later be adopted, according to the Hellenic Recycling Agency EOAN.

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to charge for plastic carrier bags have caused a sharp decline in their use at supermarkets during the first month of the law’s implementation, the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA) reported. IELKA carried out a survey of the estimated impact of the new legislation in reducing the use of plastic bags in food retail channels as part of its “Care Today, Live Better Tomorrow” action plan. The data collected concerned mainly supermarket chains, combined with estimates about the use of plastic bags in other types of sales outlets. According to its findings, implementation of the measure is strict and universal in supermarkets, with data for January 2018 showing a 75-80 pct drop in the use of lightweight plastic bags in comparison with January 2017. This was combined with a 5,000 pct rise in the sales of reusable shopping bags. IELKA estimates that this translates into the entry of roughly 2.5-3.0 million new reusable bags on the market, with two in three households opting for their use rather than paying for a disposable plastic bag. Implementation in other retail channels and catering outlets is also high but with dif-

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Use of plastic bags plummeted after introduction of charges New laws obliging retailers

Art Competition 2018 The Art Flow Gallery in Pa-

leochora, Crete, in co-operation with the Municipality of Kandanos-Selinou are delighted to announce the launch of a themed Art Competition and Exhibition:

The Phaistos Disc reveals its secrets The Phaistos Disc, probably professor of phonetics at Ox-

dating back to the 17th century, gradually reveals its secrets. The linguist Dr. Gareth Owens, who has been living in Crete for the past 30 years (25 working in the Technical University of Crete and the last 10 as Erasmus + coordinator), has devoted his research to decipher the disc. In fact, in collaboration with Professor John Coleman,

ford, he has managed to decipher the disc in a 99 percentage. “We are reading the Phaistos disc with the vocal values of Linear B and with the help of comparative linguistics, ie comparing with other relative languages from the Indo-European language family. Reading something, however, does not mean understanding,” Owens

Confiscate his keypad

The “Ochi” said with real regret.

The Oval Office – lost the plot And throwing toys out of his cot. Incoherent, indiscreet; “Diplomacy” by means of tweet. It’s common sense – to stay alive, You can’t be texting while you drive. Proof positive, I really feel, He shouldn’t be behind the wheel. **********

Movers and shakers

With Cretans you don’t often see The head move horizontally To reinforce unpleasant news – It’s out of stock, or they don’t choose To go along with what you said. They gesture vertically instead. The forehead bare of any frown, The head is tilted back then down. With other people, such a nod Would say quite clearly “Oh my God, Who is this twit?” With rolling eyes, The person seems to search the skies. A different custom. In this place The eyes still focus on your face As they have done from when you met,


Rien de rien

The greatest sound in French, by far, Is Edith Piaff’s full-rolled “r” With which the lady used to sing “I don’t regret a single thing.” That’s how I’d also like to be But “nothing” doesn’t work for me. A man forgives, a man forgets But somewhere he will have regrets. No man is born but that he makes His human share of men’s mistakes. Some turn out minor in the end; Some lose you wife or house or friend. Hard lessons learnt but in the main What I regret is causing pain. Those thoughtless actions that have let A dear one wish we hadn’t met. But if it’s true we live and learn I hope I get another turn. **********

Well disposed

I have a friend who’s terrified Of being buried once she’s died.

said in an interview with the Athens - Macedonian News Agency on the occasion of his speech to the National Research Foundation on Wednesday, February 7. “The Disc of Phaistos is written in the Minoan script that records the Minoan language. This is the best sample of ‘Cretan hieroglyphics’, always in quotes, because it is not the writing system of ancient

A mention of it and she squirms “I hate the thought of bugs and worms! Incinerate me when I die The churchy version of a braai. And if by chance that cannot be, A Viking burial at sea.” Cremation’s not allowed in Greece And I won’t get a moment’s peace Until I come up with a scheme To fit in with her heart-felt dream Of being recycled nature’s way By fishes out in Suda Bay. Much less easy done than said Since she would rather they were fed In one big bang – a cosmic lunch Not piece by piece and munch by munch. The thought itself is not so daft – One puts the body on a raft At dusk when there’s a gentle breeze And floats it seawards at one’s ease. Too simple – it might float ashore And then be buried, furthermore There is another snag I think Since even if the raft did sink The body would be still intact Which means that I in point of fact Must twist the arm of fickle fate So raft and load disintegrate.

Egypt. The name is wrong. The scripts of the Phaistos Disc is also Minoan Linear A,” he added. Moreover, he noted that the sound syllables from the disc have been recorded “because I want people to hear them. Minoan is not a dead language. Knossos, Phaistos, Crete are Minoan words, as well as many still used today.” AMNA

Which means that there will have to be What they call now an IED – Whereby I improvise a nice Exploding kind of neat device. Provided that I get the hang Of timing when the thing goes bang, This could be quite the way to go – The kind of multi-media show The French with all their Gallic flair Would christen “son et lumière”. With candles burning merrily And several kilos TNT The raft could take its one-way trip… But there’s a slip twixt cup and lip Since I, of course, will have to face The problem of the NATO base. I wouldn’t like the bang to be The way of starting World War III: “I’m sorry, no, we didn’t mean To sink your nice new submarine: I’m sure my partner wouldn’t like The fact she launched a missile strike.” Although a Helen once before Was instrumental in a war She’s just my partner, not my spouse And I’m by no means Menelaus.

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up polluting land, fresh water bodies and oceans. 1st Prize € 500 Submitting Artists are completely at liberty to submit Art-

HOW TO ENTER For further information, entry forms and guidelines, visit our website: www.swcrete.wixsite.com/artflowstudiogallery Or E-mail to: work not directly related to this artflowgallerycrete@ for mo re n http:/ ews click on year’s theme. The competition gmail.com /crete post.g r is open to artists International- Τel: 6947044741 ly. 6987856018 • Closing date for submis-


PLASTIC, FRIEND OR FOE? WHAT IS YOUR CREATIVE RESPONSE? It is hard to imagine life without plastic. Because of its low cost, ease of manufacture, versatility and impermeability to water, it is extremely popular and useful. Plastic has helped to make life easier for many of us on the planet. The problem, however, is that when we have finished using our plastic products, they invariably end

sions, April 15th Finalists Exhibition, 12th Μαy Closing Night and Prize presentations by the Mayor, 20th Μay 2018 Finalists exhibition runs from May 12-20 at Art Flow Studio Gallery, Port/Limani, Paleochora

Greek wine exports soar attracting world’s attention Underappreciated and un-

der-marketed, Greek wines are catching on around the world with everyone from sommeliers and connoisseurs and oenophiles to consumers learning of their value and taste. With near-perfect grape-growing regions and oodles of sun and favorable conditions for producing wine in a wide range of varies, from the bitter retsina to the silky smooth Assyrtiko and a host of others, Greece is finally being discovered. From 2009-16, nearly coinciding with an ongon o k c ing crushing economic s cli .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret h crisis that has forced scores of thousands of companies to go out of business, Greek wine sales have increased by 81.6 percent in the USA, 90.7 percent in Canada, 555.9 percent in China, 104.9 percent in Australia and 562 percent in Japan. The soaring results in the campaign to promote Greek wine beyond the borders of the European Union were presented at a recent event organized by the National Inter-Professional Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece (EDOAO) featured by Kathimerini which reported on the growing success and interest around the world. According to the statistics pre-

sented, the gains for Greek wines in the internal European Union market aren’t as impressive in sales, another indicator that Greek wine companies, like other great Greek commodities, aren’t advertised, marketed, pushed or promoted. Still, some 84 percent of all Greek wine exports are inside the EU which leaves room for great growth potential around the world and outside the 28 countries in the bloc. Greek winemakers have not only seen increases in their sales abroad, but also in the prices buyers are willing to pay, a fact that demonstrates that the country is gaining recognition as a source of high-quality

wines, the paper said. In the US, for example, the average price of Greek wines increased by 41.3 percent over the 2009-16 period, with the average price per liter increasing from 2.80 euros ($3.47) to 4.40 euros ($5.46.) In China, it went up from 1.75 euros ($2.17) in 2009 to 4 euros ($4.96) in 2016, an increase of 103.5 percent in a country with growing interest in Greece. Greek wine prices are also going up within the EU where there’s substantial competition from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others, even though the sales of Greek wines aren’t holding in the bloc while climbing outside. But that data also indicates that

“wine snobs” see Greek wines of increasingly high quality and are turning to them and willing to pay more. “The international rhetoric and the image of Greek wine has shifted completely due to the efforts that have been made,” said Kostas Arkoumanis on behalf of Wine of Greece during the presentation of the results. The Director of the Department of Vineyards and Wine at the Agricultural Development Ministry, Dionysis Grammatikos, also announced a new 4.56-million-euro ($5.66 million) funding program for the improvement of Greece’s wines and the marketing of wine products. The National Herald

p. 18

food & wine

Greek delicacy of Gyros in Top-10 US dictionary searches It may be only March but it

is fair to say that Greek food has not been far from the headlines so far this year, according to the following article by greekreporter.com: Even before this month — which saw Greece’s South Aegean win the title of ‘European Region of Gastronomy 2019’ — even the humble “gyros” made it into the international media. U.S. online dictionary Merriam –Webster recently published a list of the 10 most-searched-for words in 2017 and, to the surprise of many, the Greek word “gyros” ranked seventh. Merriam–Webster said the word spiked in March when a widely shared sketch from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and country singer Luke Bryan started with them ordering from a New York City food truck and ended with a music video for a song called “I Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gyro.” The dictionary notes that

around 1970, the word gyro, from the Greek verb gyros (“turn”), was taken into English from Greek cuisine. Its pronunciation follows Greek-influenced phonetic rules rather than English ones to give us /YEE-roh/ and /ZHIHR-oh/ as common pro-

nunciations, it adds. Gyro is a TRADITIONAL dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, traditionally pork, or chicken, and outside Greece with beef, veal or lamb, and usually served wrapped in a flatbread such as pita, with tomato, onion and tzatziki

sauce. By the way, Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2017 is feminism. The word was a top search throughout the year, with several spikes that corresponded to various news reports and events.

Friends of Feta Club rally to promote protected designation of origin cheese beyond EU Agricultural University of

Athens professors, journalists and a consumers association (EKPIZO) founded the Friends of Feta Club, to promote the Greek cheese’s EU status as protected designation of origin (PDO) beyond Europe. Feta has been designated PDO by the European Union, after several legal challenges by other EU countries. The designation ? for cheese Greece and with specific ingre- within the EU, not internationproduced at specific regions in dients ? is legally binding only ally.

Wineries of Crete at Oenorama wine fair in Athens After the success of the Cre-

tan Wine fair “OiNotika” in Heraklion & Chania, 18 Cretan wineries will participate at the wine fair “OENORAMA” that will be held this year on Saturday 10, Sunday 11 and Monday 12 of March 2018 at the Zappeion Megaron Athens. Cretan Wineries occupy an entire room in the Zappeion (room 1 “red”) and there will be a specific booth area supported by Wines of Crete for wineries that are not present there. It is the first time that, such a number of Cretan Wineries at• tends an exhibition in Athens. Region of Crete. As every year the presence of • Stand 1 - Wines of Crete Winemakers from Crete at Oe- • Stand 2 - Domaine Zachar- • ioudakis norama is supported by the

EKPIZO said there was concern that inernational agreements such as that of CETA (EU, Canada) with African countries would allow other countries to use the name “feta”, which “might possibly create confusion as to which product among white cheeses is truly Greek feta.” The association called on Greek consumers to support the effort by logging in on the web site https://fetasos.gr and finding more information.

for mo re n http:/ ews click on /crete post.g r

• • • • • • • • • • •

• Stand 3 - Gavalas Crete • • Wines Stand 4 - Silva Daskalaki Winery

Stand 5 - Lyrarakis Wines Stand 6 - Efrosini Winery Stand 7 - Minos – Miliarakis Winery Stand 8 - Manousakis Winery Stand 9 - Karavitakis Winery Stand 77 - Digenakis wines Stand 78 - Zazazu Stand 79 - Douloufakis Cretan Winery Stand 80 - Domaine Paterianakis Stand 81 - Diamantakis Winery Stand 82 - Winery Maragakis Stand 83 - Ktima Toplou Stand 84 - Michalakis Estate Stand 85 - Rhous – Tamiolaki winery

Crete on The World’s Top 10 Wine Destinations for 2018 by VinePair! cuisine. It’s 2018, which means

Unlike Santorini, which focuses on Assyrtiko, Crete is still experimenting with its local grape varieties, and for good reason: Many of the grapes found in Crete are unknown to any other world region. Tongue-twisting names like Thrapsathiri, Kotsifali, and Mantilari may seem intimidating, but the wines are wild, varied, and worth exploring. This goes hand-in-hand-with Cretan cuisine, which is founded on foraged ingredients like herbs, seeds, olives, and even snails. Restaurants like Peskesi in Heraklion newly emphasize the Cretan diet, similar to the broader Mediterranean diet but with a wildness and aromatic intensity not found elsewhere in Greece.

p. 19

the pack to the tourist-filled (though wonderful) Santorini, head to Crete instead. Greece’s largest island has the gorgeous beaches and iconic stone architecture of other islands, but its cities tend to be Crete, Greece: Local wine- more cosmopolitan, filled with makers and chefs return to nightlife and restaurants. ancient roots on this afford- The port city of Heraklion, on able island the northern coast of Crete, anchors the main wine-growGreece remains an affordable ing area of the island, where destination for world travel- locals place new emphasis on VinePair ers, but instead of following ancient grape varieties and you get to all of them this year, well, consider us wildly jealous. (Also, can we come?) And if you can’t get to all in 2018, good news: There’s always next year.

food & wine

there’s a 12-month-long blank slate in front of you. Why not make this your year of wine travel? Nothing beats the experience of visiting a wine region in person. Winding through vineyards, meeting winemakers face-toface, and sipping a wine on the grounds where it was grown provides a deeper understanding of that area and its grapes. The world of wine is vast, but some regions are particularly worth exploring now, thanks to their emerging producers, under-the-radar cuisine, and unique cultural attributes. That’s why we compiled the top 10 destinations that wine lovers should put on their dockets for 2018. Options for adventurers, urbanites, and beachgoers stretch from South Africa to Spain to the South Pacific. If

Concern Grows Over Measles Epidemic in Greece The president of the Hellen-

ic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) by Miltiades Markatos Theofilos Rosenberg exPneumonologist pressed concern about the measles epidemic in Greece. “The epidemic does not seem to stop as there are populations with insufficient vaccination coverage,” he said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) . Rosenberg stressed the importance of vaccination, especially for people living in or working in closed communities and hoped that “mobilization and vaccination across the country will set the epidemic under control, so that mandatory vaccination will not be enforced”. on s click ost.gr w e n He explained that e r ep for mo ttp://cret h people believe that measles is a childhood illness, as “adults are less likely to be infected with measles, but it is more severe than children,” adding that about 30 percent of measles cases will present one or more complications. To date, as reported by KΕELPNO, more than 1,500 cases of

measles have been recorded in Greece, with a higher occurrence in the southern part of the country. The vast majority of victims are Greek citizens, mostly young

health & nutrition

The Most Common Spring Allergies Many people see the start of James Li, MD, board-certified


spring as a welcome change. But with the warm breeze comes airborne pollen and mold spores. And if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you probably feel them with every inhale. Allergens send the body’s immune system into overdrive, leading to allergy symptoms such as sneezing, a stuffy nose, and itching. “Spring is typically considered to be a tree pollen season,” says

asthma and allergy specialist and chair of the division of allergic diseases in the department of internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Summer tends to bring grass pollen allergies, and ragweed allergies usually hit in the fall. Mold, which is considered a year-round allergy, can also wreak havoc in spring. This is especially true when damp and rainy conditions, followed by warmer weather,

children from Roma communities and people from the general population in the 25-44 age group who are not immune to measles. Also, some non-vaccinated health professionals are

among the victims. Overall, three deaths from laboratory-confirmed cases of measles have been recorded so far in Greece.

lead to a high concentration of mold. Trees cause allergies because they produce small pollen cells that are light and dry, and can be carried far by the spring breeze. Mold spores work in a similar way. Mold, such as yeast and mildew, releases seeds called spores that are carried by the wind. They’re very abundant in the air outside and tend to cause the worst allergy symptoms from spring through fall.

Getting Relief From Spring Allergies Your best defense from spring allergies is to keep your doors and windows closed, use allergy filters on your air conditioning unit, wash your clothes and take a shower after you’ve been exposed to pollen and mold spores, and avoid doing yard work or exercising outdoors on days when pollen counts are high. You can also talk to your doctor or allergist about treatment options.

A life changing visit to our pharmacy can make you change the way you see life and put your body and mind in harmony. Have you ever visited a pharmacy to taste health? A different pharmacy in the centre of the old town of Chania is waiting to share with you secrets of well being and longevity. Taste the biolo gical honey, the royal jelly, tea from plants carefully chosen in therapeutic recipes, high concentration and purity juices of pomegranate, cranberry, aloe. Orthomolecular nutrition with suggestions on detox programs and a carefully selected range of supplements, vitamins an gluten free products from all over the world. In the same premises you can find a live homeopathic lab with 6.000 homeopathic remedies in stock and the ability to produce any kind of homeopathic form i.e. pills, granules, solutions etc Evangelia Sakka is the pharmacist in charge who has created that special pharmacy and will be happy to introduce you to that fantastic world but also suggest whatever will be more settable for you. Our philosophy doesn’t stop on food and supplements but we want you to think of your mind and body as well. That’s why we have created next to our pharmacy the Green Care SPA. A SPA that helps to uplift your mind and body with biological face an body treatments, reflexology, reiky, su jok and moxa treatment, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy sessions, bowtech as well as nail therapies. We are waiting for you to restart your life at Daskalogianni 43 - 45, SAKKA Pharmacy www.my-pharmacy.gr / www.greencarespa.gr


8 Super Easy and Quick DIY Crafts dry before hanging. 6. Build a Chalkboard Sign Chalkboard signs are a great way to leave notes to family members or keep track of busy schedules. You can turn an old mirror into a new chalkboard in a few easy steps. Simply paint the old frame a new color and brush over the glass with some chalkboard paint.

3. Make a Personalized Mug You can create your own personalized coffee or tea mug with nothing more than a Sharpie and an oven. Take a blank mug and write or draw a message of your choice on the outside with the Sharpie. Heat the oven to 350 degrees and place the mug inside for half an hour. The ink will stay in place after you take it out.

1. Build a Bathtub Shelf Few things are better than re- 4. Make an Entryway Coat laxing in a warm bubble bath Rack after a hard day at work. But Freshen up your home’s enyou can make that experience even more relaxing by building a shelf that can hold whatever helps you unwind, be it a good book or a glass of wine. Build the shelf using strips of wood that are slightly longer than the width of your tub. Simply stain the wood however you like and then stack them together with two pieces glued on both ends. 2. Construct a Small Zen Garden Looking after a small Zen garden is another way to relax after work. All you need is a small tray, some fine-grain sand, a couple of colorful stones and a rake. The great part about this project is that you can always add on to the garden later and make it as big as you like.

tryway by building a new coat rack. You can make the rack out of any kind of wood, including recycled lumber or even an old board. For the hooks, simply

hours. Once the medium has dried, wet the surface with a damp rag and remove the paper. Seal the picture with a layer of Mod Podge and allow it to

for more n ews click http://cre tepost.gr

choice and place a tea light in the middle. The heat from the flame will release the coffee bean scent and make your house smell amazing.

p. 21

all DIY projects are created equal. While some projects are boring and get pushed back until the last minute, others are fun and can be relaxing. If you are looking for projects that fit into the latter category, here are eight DIY projects that couldn’t be easier or quicker to complete!

do it yourself


7. Assemble a Pebble Trivet You can make your own warming trivet with a few pebbles and some wood circles. Hot use knobs from old furniture glue the pebbles onto the wood surface until you have and screw them into place. an even layer. (You can substitute a sturdy fabric for wood, 5. Create a Wood Photo You can transfer your favor- if you want.) These trivets are ite family photo to a piece of great for keeping food warm or wood in a few easy steps. Start for placing underneath hot by cutting the wood and pic- drinks. ture to the desired size. Apply an acrylic gel medium 8. Coffee Bean Scented to the surface of the wood and Lights place the photo face down on If you like the smell of coffee in the morning, then this project top. Try to get out as many air bub- is right down your alley. Simbles as possible and allow the ply fill a small dish, like a rameproject to dry for about eight kin, with coffee beans of your

Air Animal: Business or Economy Class for your pet? Check the price list Are you making a move that

will require your pet to travel by air? Air Animal promises to handle all the details ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your pet including: • Pet Moving Tips • Frequently Asked Questions • How-to Videos • Pet Moving Videos • Air Animal App • Pet Travel News • Concierge Services • Impostors & Imitators Air Animal was founded by an award-winning Florida vet and provides complete pet travel packages to various destinations around the world including Greece. Passengers – through n o k c their owners, we assume s cli .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret – can choose between h VIP and economy class for a comfortable and safe journey as less stressful as possible for small animals. Air Animal, which is also a member of IATA, has signed co-operation agreements with all major airlines worldwide as well as companies offering travel services. Ticket prices vary according to

services provided pre-flight, during flight and upon arrivals at final destination. There are many different choices that can satisfy the needs of the pet and the owner’s budget, while pet travel associated with the move of their owners for professional needs, are often tax deductible. The main factors that play a role in shaping the package’s price include the species, the breed, the weight, the number (for more than one pet), the special transport case, the procedures for entry through customs, the veterinary inspections, the possible care or quarantine, if applicable, and

the conditions in the countries of destination. Air transport is tailored to the customer’s needs as follows: - VIP from 2,172 euros. The service includes pick up and delivery at home, lounge and airport services, airport fees and preparation of a health certificate for dogs and cats under 20 kilos - Economy from 1,600 euros. The service includes home delivery and delivery at the airport of destination, airport charges and the preparation of a health certificate for dogs and cats under 20 kilos. The microchips that are necessary for some countries like Greece

are provided by the company free of charge For national travel within countries such as the US, ticket prices start at € 1,200. At European level, Air Animal operates in the following countries: Greece, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and flies pets to almost any part of the world.

First custodial sentence for animal abuse in Chania


pets & vets

On Wednesday, 31/1, a Chania court handed a custodial 2 year sentence and a 5000 euro fine for animal abuse and neglect to a local woman for a serious case of abuse

of three dogs in her care. One of the dogs later died while the other two were removed and have now recovered and have been rehomed. This was one of the very few

cases in the whole of Greece where the sentence was not suspended and it was the first in Chania. Animal welfare organisations hope that this kind of sen-

tence will act as a serious deterrent even though their prefered option would always be prevention of cruelty. Apokoronas News

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