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86% of Greeks see tourism as the only way out of crisis Isn’t this a contradiction in terms of what we see on a daily basis? In a recent survey by MRB, a staggering 86% of Greeks stated that they believe tourism has the potential to take Greece out of the crisis.

A Unique Gene Protects the Heart of Residents in Mylopotamos, Crete

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Rethymno photo of the month...

Live @ Love @ Laugh

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taying Alive is The MUST precious thing by Pandelis Spiridakis Journalist my crazy summer guys ...Where in that June Furious Sun are U??? Eh ???? Watch ou t and dont laugh ΡΕ ....Well let’s do our stuff now , no really ...LET’S DO IT ! So if you are on your favourite beach , enjoying hours sun , swimming and chilling this is Perfect, Awesome or what? Certainly Now , in the Heart of the summer ...ADMIT IT... Moments here count if Only you pay antention. People that pay attention , never regret : sign that they have fully

lived. So Guys RETHIMNO is this mysterious Land of Hope and DOLCE Vita! Yeah ....Rethimno is the side of life , you return to play and Believe from the First Beginning Life is Funny ...Vacation don’t Full Around ...And Great Believers ...WIN!!! The favourite island among the Greeks will be your favourite too when you come to it. Sunny beaches with crystal-clear water, national parks for a hike, Greek cuisine, traces of the Minoan civilisation... Relax & leave worries behind. What else can you ask for? Things cabe Really Simple! CAN we Please Count all The Exciteful Reasons to Celebrate June in Rethimno...

-whistle to the girls...at the beach! -cheers screaming to the opposite company -selfie-ing with the Bar- Girl ...staring all people ....all night! -cocktail – talking...Daquirie staff AND asking the One and Only Watermelon Piece from the Next Guy’s Glass ....Add Vacation in Rethimno can be THE ADVETURE ...yoy want to live! People created life – breaks to fulfill their batteries , forget their problems for a while! People from all over the world are visiting Rethymno with a plan : They are just good life – keepers and not life – spenders! This is certainly Rethimno POST Acting...! Guys ...Give it a Brilliant and

Juicyyyyyyy Break ....Your Turn Reportage , stories , Rethymno Guiding Secrets , foods, sports, people, local roads and so many other little every day things are getting in your Bestie Paper. Cause that’s what it actually is... The most Rethymnable pages you can ever find. We walk all though Rethymn on foot. We do it for you. We ask the storers , the villagers , the boat guys and take all the information for your best tour , walk , food , excursion One Feeling :Like You Walk , Ask and Find on Your Own Like you Have Been There...That ‘ s our plan! It’s the feeling... SO GIVE IT YOUR BESTIE my Rethymno Posters Happy Joyful June everybody!

Cuisines that drug you right from the nose at Mio Gusto Delicious

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cuisines Greek, Hamburgers, Italian, Seafood...ohhh seafood that’s the Big BONUS. Giannis Gioukakis welcomes everyone giving the best ingredients, the most delicate smells and the appetite that wants some more. Gianni’s SEAFOOD Secrets? *Adding olive oil *Rolling out the dough by hand *Making SAUCES all alone and tasting first Himself *Picking the TOUGHEST sauce Know what? Less is more: not more n o than 6- 7 toppings for a click news tepost.gr e r o e /cr GOOD seafood. Mixes for m http:/ and matches the right tastes Ari Velouchioti 56, Rethymno 741 00 Τelephone 2831 054063 Email miogustogioukakis@ gmail.com MiO Gusto is considered to be the most special place to enjoy your time right under the blue sky and right next to the sound of the sea... The most people look up to the sky when they realise the open roof ...it certainly makes them feel lucky to be in such a special place . It’s the atmosphere , the romance , the shining stars ...that makes it something totally different!!! Mediterranean menu at the mediterranean landscape? Irresistable Gianni’s SeaFood Good Secrets? Everyone admitts is that when the cookman is at the same time the host ...he earns the details. Everything fresh . But is

this the only one secret? fresh seafood, and an abunMore secrets to follow ...Dishes dance of hummus (my favoryou should not miss... ite) is what I imagine it would -Sea Salad with Sanmon be like eating in Greece. I enjoy -Shrimb Spaghetti the restaurants that bring me

or having to deal with mollusk shells that puts people off. But there’s nothing to be scared of — not even the fishy smell if you make sure to use the fresh-

-Tuna Pizza -Shrimb Risoto cooked with ouzo -Mediterranean Surprise Barley -Mini Octopus Piercing blue waters, beautiful

est stuff. Actually, some would say it’s a lot harder to make a proper every day dish than it is to cook up seafood. Mio Gusto is another delicious culture that has an array of flavor experiences from light, delicate dishes to rich, deeper dishes. Here is where you will discover how to keep Mediterranean fare as part of your healthier and lower-calorie lifestyle. – Taste the smell of the sea – Mix and match with the right tastes (ask Giannis) – Get it with the right wine ...it will complement your seafood properly Ari Velouchioti 56, Rethymno 741 00 Τelephone 2831 054063 Email miogustogioukakis@ gmail.com The slogan LIKE HERE NOWHERE...seems to become a live experience... Breath the difference and live the quality in a place that could be the painting of your own holidays!!!

as close to that experience at their table. Seafood’s one of those ingredients that not everyone feels comfortable cooking. There’s something about fish scales

Sinatsakis Villas

What else can you expect from a dream? When anyone dream of ideal vacation, the picture that emerges in the mind is that of a independent villa. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of living in an independent villa.

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ADVANTAGES OF AN INDEPENDENT VILLA An independent villa provides you greater degree of freedom. • Ability to enjoy and schedule the house-programme as per your wish. • Future modification of on k c li c s exteriors as per the lat.gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret h est trends and wishes. • If you have keen interest in gardening then you would have a space to build on your interest or grow your pets. • More privacy with no more problems with regard to sound sweepage. DISADVANTAGES OF AN INDEPENDENT VILLA Non Existed , Synatsakis Villas ARE here to prove the Difference and the Quality in the Details... Call us...+30 6970820714 Passionate travellers who crave to discover the true soul of the places they visit and who seek to enrich their journeys with indelible experiences would hardly consider the typical hotel accommodation options. Staying at a villa instantly transforms plain tourists into sophisticated life connoisseurs who approach each destination as a unique opportunity to expand their horizons. Mail us ...sinatsakisvillas@ yahoo.com Sinatsakis villas are located in Pigi village, only 1.9 km away

from the long sandy beach of need in a walking distance! The nos Kampos” with many organRethymno. village has taverns, mini mar- ised beaches, night clubs, big “Pigi” is one of the biggest vil- ket, bakeries, cafeterias and a market and restaurants. People who value the privacy and intimacy of a home away from home indulge in the luxury of a Cretan villa regardless of their exact travel expectations. In fact, over time, The Villas have been ideal havens for various types of guests: Families reuniting under the same roof in a relaxed, children friendly atmosphere; Couples staging romantic escapes; Friends sharing lifetime experiences. Villa Anna,Villa Maria or...Villa Ioanna The hospitality of the owner and his family who will be on hand with helpful advice and information whenever it is needed. The owners have a wide knowledge of the island and will be only to willing to lages in Rethymno with great pharmacy. history. Staying in Pigi village Also very close to the villa (3 - 5 suggest places of interest and you will be able to find almost km) are the well known tourist routes to get there. everything that you might areas of “Platanias” and “Adelia- The Cretan landscape, rough and unspoiled, holds a predominant role, but still travellers have options that vary from the serenity of a private cape, miles away from civilization, to the convenience of houses on the sea front just a stone’s throw from the bustling local community with shops, cafes and restaurants within easy reach. Find us...Pigi, Rethymno Nevertheless, in less than two thoughts, you will realise that although you have not automatically become a true islander, you will certainly feel like one. And that is the essence of The Villas’ experience that will lure you back to Synatsakis Villas over and over again.


The Fishing Village

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Plakias is considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Crete offering numerous accommodations of all types, plenty of restaurants and fish taverns, lively bars and clubs and sunny cafes. Boats depart regularly for the famous Preveli Monastery, the imposing Frangokastello and the coastal village of Agia Galini from the port of Plakias Plakias is a traditionck on li c s al fishing village lore new r for mo retepost.g c / :/ cated 40 km south of p htt Rethymno town. The village welcomes numerous visitors who are charmed by this pretty and picturesque settlement. HISTORY Initially just a fishing jetty and a few houses, Plakias developed during the last few decades into a tourist resort. The first official mention of Plakias was in 1961, when it was recorded in a census as the permanent home of six fishermen. The recorded history of surrounding mountain villages like Myrthios and Sellia goes back to the 10th century, when the Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas (961 AD) built roads and bridges in order to link those villages, and there are some fragments of wall remaining from a fortified area on a hill top just northeast of the present main town . The local area is geographically suitable for a settlement, hav-

ing plenty of agricultural space, and there may well have been a settlement there since Minoan times . A big crescent bay holding a fine beach between two immense wind tunnels, the gorges fo Selia and Kourtaliiotiko. This is quite a busy tourist destination, but has a unique feel, which appeals to some who normally choose to stay in smaller, quieter places. Beautiful surrounding countryside, fine walks and gorges. Plakias is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Libyan Sea to the south. The name in Greek means “flat” but the approach and coastline are quite mountainous and dramatic. Small hotels and many beachfront restaurants & cafes. The large crescent bay of sandy

beach and the harbour provide a varied and yet not too busy destination. Frangokastello and Sfakia is a pleasant twisting and scenic short drive. Above Plakias, Myrthios, affords gorgeous views of the bay, coastline and sea. The gorges of Prevelli (and the monastery), Kourtaliotis and Kotsifos are easily visited. In addition visit the mountain village of Spili, Preveli Monastery and Preveli beach and the wonderful villages in the hills on the road to Sfakia. The name in Greek means “flat”, because the town stands on an alluvial fan of material that has washed down the Kotsifou gorge directly to the north . What to do Hiking. There are plenty of

walks locally, and bolder walkers will enjoy the high green country beyond the coastal mountain range north of town. Mountain biking and cycle touring are other local attractions. There are well-worn walking paths to the scenic village of Selia, Moni Finika, Lefkogia and a lovely walk along the Kourtaliotiko Gorge to Moni Preveli. An easy 30-minute uphill path to Myrthios Village begins just before the youth hostel. Diving. Several diving operators run shore and boat dives to nearby rocky bays, caves and canyons, as well as all manner of courses. Birdwatching. Lots of bird species, migratory and other, build their nests and lay their eggs near the coast. On Nature’s path to the north of Plakias, both Kotsifos and Kourtaliotis gorges shelter rare and endangered species like the “Royal Eagle” or “Eleonora’s Falcon”. Nature lovers. The herbs in the area are worldwide known for their variety and their healing power. Plants like the Cretan Tulip, the Cretan Saffron and many more are part of a unique ecosystem in this area. Villages. Visit the small postcard-pretty villages draped across the hillside above Plakias, one of them is Mirthios with a couple of excellent tavernas, both with bay-view terraces.



Scan the QR code to book online your ticket !

Kydonias & Parth. Kelaidi, Chania 73100 Info: 2821 093052 |Storehouse : 2821 97497

Th e reli abl e cho ice in you r tra nsp ort atio ns

www.e-ktel.com email: info@e-ktel.gr

Kefalogiannidon Street, Rethymnon 74100 Info: 2831 022785 |Storehouse : 2831 022659

Matala Beach Festival

Three days full of craze A real feel good hippy vibe beach, there were about four or

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will be on the agenda at the Matala Beach Festival (16, 17 & 18 June 2017). This year will be the seventh time the event has been held and word continues to spread. This gorgeous little getaway destination attracted the likes of Joni Mitchell back in the 60s and she even wrote a song about Matala called “Carey” which featured on her album Blue. The 60s and 70s was the era which saw hippie travellers live on the n click o news post.gr e r o beach and in the nearfor m p://crete htt by caves of Matala. The following extract is from an interview with Joni Mitchell by

Rolling Stone in early 1971. “Matala was a very small bay with cliffs on two sides. And between the two cliffs, on the

five small buildings. There were also a few fishermen huts. “The caves were on high sedimentary cliffs, sandstone, a lot of seashells in it. The caves were carved out by the Minoans hundreds of years ago. Then they were used later on for leper caves. Then after that the Romans came, and they used them for burial crypts. Then some of them were filled in and sealed up for a long time. People began living there, beatniks, in the fifties. Kids gradually dug out more rooms. There were some people there who were wearing human teeth necklaces around their necks,” some food. “The village pretty well survived from the tourist trade, which was the kids that lived in the caves. I don’t know what their business was before people came. There were a couple of fishing boats that went out, that got enough fish to supply the two restaurants there. “The bakery lady who had the grocery store there had fresh bread, fresh rice pudding, made nice yogurt every day, did a thriving business; and ended up just before I left, she installed a refrigerator. She had the only cold drinks in town. It was all chrome and glass. It was a symbol of her success. “Then the cops came and kicked everyone out of the caves, but it was getting a little crazy there. Everybody was she said with a slight frown. “We all put on a lot of weight. getting a little crazy there. EvWe were eating a lot of apple erybody was getting more and pies, good bacon. We were more into open nudity. They eating really well, good whole- were really going back to the

caveman. They were wearing little loincloths. The Greeks couldn’t understand what was happening.” A number of years ago in the summer of 2011 the Mayor of the region threw a festival on the beach to celebrate the launch of the ‘Myth of Matala’ book featuring photos of the hippie cave residents during the 60s & 70s. It was a hippie reunion. 35,000 people heard about it and flocked to Matala beach. In 2012 over 58,000 people visited the festival weekend. With a great beach location, free music and art events for all ages throughout the week and a big hippie love-in vibe the Matala Beach Festival should continue to delight visitors to Crete. Whatever the line-up this year’s festival it’s sure to be good time tunes – on the beach – all weekend.

‘’Swimming with the horse in the beach of Plakias is definitely an unforgettable experience! The stables are located

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in Damnoni, Plakias in a six-hectare area, just 30 Km (25 min driving time) away from the city of Rethimnon, Crete. In the stables, there are 2 large olive grove/meadows for the horses to graze and roam around in, enjoying the amazing natural environment of Crete. Each horse has it’s own roomy stable in case the weather conditions are not so favourable (only about 10% of the year if n click o st.gr s w e not less). re n epo for mo ttp://cret h Furthermore there are 3 semisized paddocks, a small arena for lessons and training, lots of space for grooming and tacking up, and a little office/ tackroom. Our menagerie consists of more than 30 horses of various breeds like mini Shetlandponies, Jorgalidiko’s, Merens and Shire-mix, as well as many athletic horses that have participated in races. Plakias Beach Trip Starting from the horse riding center in Damnoni, the riders are heading west with direction to Plakias beach. The riders follow a path through flowers and olive groves where they can enjoy the flora and fauna of south Crete as well as the view to the Plakias beach. Eventually they will reach the central beach of Plakias which is about 1.4 km long. Information Plakias Horse Riding Center, 7460 Plakias Rethimno, Crete, Greece Phone: +30.28320.31196, 32033, 32034, 32018 Fax: +30.28320.31196, 32033,

32034, 32018 Mobile: 694-2011620 Email: info@cretehorseriding. com The riders can try a slow or ac-

of experience in guiding trails and teaching, and will provide you with an enjoyable and safe ride/lesson. Besides this they take care of the animals, their

suitable for active riding.

tive ride in the sandy beach beside the waves and enjoy the panoramic view of the bay of Plakias, the villages Myrthios and Sellia located on the hills above Plakias, and the mountains around. Our staff is competent and multilingual. They have lots

training and their accomodation. This riding trip on the beach of Plakias, the olive groves, or the surrounding mountains is amazing and very picturesque. The scenery with it’s beautiful flora and fauna is very beautiful to take at an easy pace, but also

are heading west with direction to Plakias beach. The riders follow a path through meadows of flowers and olive groves where they can enjoy the flora and fauna of south Crete as well as the view to the Plakias beach. Eventually they will reach the central beach of Plakias which is about 1.4 km long. The riders can try a slow or quick ride in the sandy beach beside the waves. In specific points of the beach, where the waters are shallow and the bottom of the sea is quite smooth, the riders can try to swim with their horse. Swimming is very enjoyable for the horses that can participate in games with their riders and go to deeper waters. Apart from this, they will enjoy the panoramic view of the Plakias bay, the villages Myrthios and Sellia located on the hills above Plakias, and the mountains around. This trip occurs only early in the morning or later in the evening. Our guests should be advanced riders and good swimmers.

Plakias Beach Swimming Trip Starting from the horse riding center in Damnoni, the riders

‘’Ηοw to travel to Rethymno without killing each other? Escape the crowds and enjoy

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the great outdoors on this walking holiday in Western Crete. Your local experts are your instict, who will lead five guided walks on the picturesque Rethymno, through olive groves, along unspoiled coastlines and to tottaly interesting but different destinations. Your base is Rethymno, a coastal town, and close to unspoiled rural beauty. Catch a glimpse of traditional island life as you explore the villages of Anogia and Zoniana with their beautiful local people in the tradiotional village coffee spots, and enter the cave of Melidoni. Walk through mountains and gorges and live the wild Cretan Beauty BUT... Traveling with your on s click .gr w e n t e r s partner is terrifically for mo p://cretepo htt satisfying. Shared experiences are fulfilling; your relationship can find itself strengthening in new ways. However, stress and challenges are a reality in all relationships, and especially so when traveling full time. Many people have asked how everyone manages a relationship on the road We gave this question some thought and reverse-engineered our approach. Here’s what we came up with. We imagine many of these will resonate with you — whether you plan to take them around the world or just around the block. 1. Ditch the “perfection narrative” “What’s the perfection narrative?” you ask. It’s the storyline you see in books or on TV that implies marriages are supposed to be perfect. Anything less and you’ve failed. Manage your expectations. No relationship is 100% perfect; each of us is human. Marriage (any committed long-term re-

lationship) is hard work. Sometimes it thrives, sometimes it falters and sometimes it inches along toward shared goals. Recognize that you are not perfect and neither is he; perhaps you can accept your partner’s faults and he can love you for all of yours.

Maybe you are proficient in all things. If – like the rest of us — you are not, leverage the strengths (yours and your partner’s) and manage the weaknesses. Then of course there’s the case when you both share a weakness. In this case, do the best you can. For example, neither of us has a particularly good sense of direction. Even with a map we sometimes get turned around. Instead of becoming frustrated with each another, we accept that we’ll likely get lost…like, all the time.

2. Communicate actively After being together for a long time , it’s easy to believe you can read one another without having to speak. Active and honest verbal communication should never go out of style. Ask questions and share, particularly if something 5. Share the burden is bothering you. There will likely be tasks that neither of you wants to do. Be 3. Create mental space honest about which tasks these When physical space is limited, are and divide them up. Otherlearn to create mental space. wise, one of you may feel unduSome find it surprising that ly burdened and taken advansome people can be in each tage of. other’s company for hours on It may surprise you that neither end without speaking. It’s per- of you especially enjoys the fectly acceptable not to talk logistical planning associated with one another all the time with travel. Once you get on when you’re together. Silence the ground, you’re great. But is not only golden, it’s healthy transport and accommodation too. planning is something you ofThis is especially important if ten consider a necessary evil. one or both of you is an intro- Divide these responsibilities vert (i.e., someone who derives by divvying up countries or reenergy from time alone). gions, and on a daily basis you can sometimes resort to “My 4. Recognize strengths and Day, Your Day” as a manageweaknesses ment technique.

6. Ride the ups and downs Ideally, your individual ups and down will occur in opposite cycles so that when one person is feeling down, the other can compensate by taking on more responsibilities. The important thing is to recognize is that “downs” do occur; this is natural and not cause for a freak-out when it happens. 7. Do something goofy Humor and laughter are great stress relievers. When things get heavy and tough, crack a bad joke, break into song and dance in the middle of the street, resort to childhood tactics or do whatever you need to do in order to break the serious mood. You’ll both feel better after a good laugh and the situation won’t feel quite so overwhelming anymore. 8. Don’t take your partner for granted When you spend so much time with someone, it’s dangerously easy to take him for granted and to forget to actively appreciate your time together. Unfortunately, life circumstances can change that in an instant. Even if you believe your partner knows it already, make it a practice to tell him how much he means to you.


A Unique Gene Protects the Heart of Residents in Mylopotamos, Crete Greek and British scien-

tists discovered a gene that protects the heart of the residents in the villages of Mylopotamos, Rethymno prefecture on Crete. In their research, the scientists have analyzed the genome of 250 inhabitants of those villages. Although the inhabitants of Mylopotamos eat animal fats, their health is good and they usually live for many years. That is why scientists wanted to shed more light on the genetic profile of these people. Researchers at Britain’s largest genetics institute, Wellcome Trust Sanger, led by the Greek Professor of Genetics Epidemiology, Elefthen o ria Zeggini, who made s click .gr re new st for mo p://cretepo the publication in Nahtt ture Communications, created a genetic portrait of the inhabitants of Mylopotamos, analyzing sample DNA of 250 inhabitants.

It was the first time that the entire genome of the inhabitants of the area was analyzed, and these data were combined with genetic data for 3,200 inhabitants, which were already known. Scientists have discovered a new gene variant (rs145556679), not yet known, that has cardioprotective prop-

erties. Thanks to this gene, a person naturally has lower levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) and lower levels of “bad” lipids (triglycerides). This reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease for anyone with this gene, even if he does not follow a particularly healthy diet. The variation of this gene is probably found only in the My-

lopotamos population. To date, genetic analyses on thousands of Europeans have revealed a single copy of this gene to only one person in Tuscany, Italy. A different variant of the same gene has been found to be associated with lower triglycerides in the Amish population in the U.S. ANA-MPA

Omiros or Odyssia?


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It depends on your hotel style! Neighbour accomodation is

the next generation Style in making the Right Choice. It is granted that when you leave home , you should discover facts that make the difference... A neighboor that reminds everybody the beauty of simplicity. Such a neigboor is Rethymno... between the two biggest cities of Crete- Heraklion and Chania- in an exceptional position, right on the beautiful sandy beach of Rethymno, with a total length of 15 km. Odyssia beach Hotel is a family made three plus star hotel situated in the north side of Crete. It has 104 rooms with availability to accommodate up to 350 people. One of its great advantages is that it has immediate access to the beach giving the impression that you are still in the hotel even when you are in the sea having your bath or enjoying the sun at the beach. Odyssia Beach Hotel 18 Mandilara Str, 74100 Missiria, Rethymno, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874, 50020 | Fax: +30 28310 54906 E-mail: info@odyssia.gr If you are looking for something special that will make you feel privileged....

As llong as you are a brave ann artistic checker and finder...Are you? And the answer in your research is Find Quality in JUST ONE WORD OMIROS... OMIROS BOUTIQUE HOTEL is The One And Only The hotel for all of you

The state-of-the-art hotel compound has been designed in striking colour combinations that blend in with the surrounding landscape. The interior design of the rooms is based predominantly on wood and glass, creating an ambience that is bound to bring you back to

Omiros Boutique Hotel time and again. This style is reminiscent of ancient Greek courtyards. The Omiros Boutique Hotel is located in the north of the Rethymnon district in the Misiria region, 150 meters from the beach and 3 km from downtown Rethymnon. The coastal road and the footpath start 200 meters from the hotel. Stretching for 3 km along the coast, the footpath is ideal for a stroll, leading straight to the heart of the old Venetian town of Rethymnon and the Venetian harbour. OMIROS BOUTIQUE HOTEL Ionias, Rethymno Town, 74100, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874 or +30 28310 50020

‘’5 Τhings Most People Take Home...About Cretan Food’ Greek food has become quite popular in the past decade. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Crete is a popular vacation destination or that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular diets (lifestyles) around. State of the art Cretan restaurants are now in every big city and chefs and cooks are doing great things in showcasing Greek food. Not only are you not getting the authentic flavor, you may be enjoying on several health benefits. So here are my top 5 things many people -including food and culinary professionals- get wrong about Cretan n food. ck o ws cli .gr

re ne epost for mo ttp://cret h

p. 20

food & wine

1. They don’t use enough olive oil You will need more than a few teaspoons of olive oil. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen so-called traditional

Cretan recipes calling for a fraction of olive oil that is normally used. When we make the traditional vegetable based recipes such as briami, green beans, legumes and so much more, we add a lot of olive oil. There is a reason for this, all that olive oil makes these vegetables delicious and easy to eat. These dishes are meant to be a main course so in essence you are getting over 4 servings of vegetables in one sitting easily. The olive oil that these vegetables are cooked in makes them tasty and actually decadent and filling. My proof ? Everybody love these dishes, they eat almost a pound of vegetables a day, and olive oil plays an important role in that. And if you are trying to save calories, you need to remember that this is a main course so the calorie level is moderate, also plenty of the olive oil will stay on your plate, so you are not consuming all those calories. If you want to use only a teaspoon of olive oil, go ahead, you’ll end up with

a watery, bland dish that has Crete. But did you know that little resemblance to anything traditionally Greeks did not eat Greek. meat for over 180 days a year? Their diet was mostly vege2. Anything with feta and tarian. Lamb was consumed oregano is so “Cretan” during celebrations and hol-

What’s with this? Really, feta is Greek, and parmesan is Italian. Add a few Greek or Mediterranean ingredients to a recipe and you will stuck in the plate itself. It’s one thing to be inspired by Greek cuisine and you can make it happen every time you are making dinner for yourself

idays, it was not an everyday occurrence. The same goes for souvlaki. In fact a few decades ago you could only find souvlaki at bus stops or rest areas in Greece.

4. Middle eastern foods such as pita bread and hummus are cooked by the Cretan women in a tradiotional way 3. Meat dishes with pork Several middle eastern dishes and lamb are considered the such as hummus or baba gaquintessential Greek dishes noush are based on traditionYes, lamb is a common meat in al Mediterranean ingredients

and often I see them in Cretan restaurants,and are enriched with so many herbs and aromatics from nature They are healthy and delicious but the feeling , no , it can’t be described when you taste the very first bite As for pita bread, well the main type of bread in Greek cuisine is bread and in some areas rusks, like the famous barley rusks from Crete (paximadia). 5. “Cretan” yogurt is the one that counts all over the world Actually all those yogurts out on the market are made by farmers in the villages . They prepare it with the best way from the sheep. Traditional Cretan yogurt is usually made from sheep’s milk and is consumed plain or with a bit of honey and sometimes walnuts. It is quite different both nutritionally and flavor wise. Decadently rich and creamy, this stuff is to die for. The local Cretan yogurt variety is made with sheep’s milk instead of cow’s milk. Top it with honey, nuts, and some fruit for one of the most beautiful (and healthiest) breakfasts on the planet.

Axos Cretan Traditional Products

Welcome To The Ultimate Wine Spot ...Be Our Guests! Did you know that… Crete The whole tasting experience

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boasts a wine tradition that is 4000 years old! Archaeological finds of the oldest vineyard in Europe, unearthed in the area of Kato Zakro, attest to the above. The oldest wine-press was discovered in nearby Archanes, aged over 3500 years. The island’s long periods of glorious history have always included wine as a product inextricably linked to daily life, and participation to viniculture events and wine festivals is part of a centuries-old on k c li tradition that has lived c s .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret on to our times; only h today tradition and love for

in Axos shop always creates the best company in the whole neighbourhood , making the rumour of the cretan hospitality a live experience which diffuses the interactive energy amongst people all over different countries in the most happy and extrovert way! A Game you Certainly don’t want to miss... Varieties Crete is like a wine ark carrying marvellous indigenous varieties as well as foreign ones which have adapted very well to the local terrain with very positive results. Local white varieties in-

clude Vilana, one of the island’s top white wine grapes, Vidiano, Dafni, Thrapsathiri, Malvazia di Candia (Malvazia of Chandakas), Muscat of Spina, and Plyto. Red varieties include Kotsifali, Mantilari, Liatiko, Tsardana and legendary Romeiko. FINANCIAL TIMES once mentioned about the wine of Rethymno ‘’The indigenous star among Cretan whites is a grape variety called Vidiano, originally from the coastal city of Rethymno. Depending on the altitude at which is it grown, Vidiano can vary from fresh, green and sappy, like a southern echo of Sauvignon Blanc, to peachy and wine-making is aided by accumulated knowledge and technology. This is the way that Cretan wine is made today and you will be able to taste the high quality local labels during your stay on the island. Axos Wine Collection is certainly a chance to taste the best Cretan Wines with the knowledge and the wine culture Giannis Dafermos and the whole AXOS TEAM express and share with all the friends - visitors. Welcome To The Ultimate Wine Spot ...Be Our Guests! Axos Cretan Traditional Products Souliou 26 - 28 Rethymno Tel. 2831400091, Fb axosshop Email : axosshop@yahoo.gr

creamy, with a cascade of petal foam more evocative of Viognier or Roussanne.‘’ Get in the Axos Wine Cellar, smell the cretan varieties, observe the colour and walk from the one side to the other seeking the wine that expresses U ! One island in one cellar including the varieties and the different magics the cretan earth creates and travells all over the world... Axos is the basic source to have the first original cretan wine juices that will make this summer walk tour in the Old Town of Rethymno so special! Raise your glass here in AXOS and say EVIVA !

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