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The village of Argyroupoli

The sources you should taste the mountains natural cretan water Argiroupoli is a village which belongs to the municipality of Rethymno. According to the census of 2001, the population consists of 402 inhabitants, while its elevation is approximately 260 meters.

Cretan Festivals is the No 1 Thing You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Rethymno photo of the month...

The traditional Cretan custom of “Klidonas”

Live @ Love @ Laugh

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if you are on your favourite beach, enby Pandelis Spiridakis Journalist joying hours sun, swimming and chilling this is Julu or what? Certainly JULY , in the middle of the summer ... ..and if you have listened over 12 times the next girl’s cell phone ringing and playing the ringtone ‘’Surfing Usa – Beach Boys’’ Then it’s certainly July! We are here , we are ready and you are everywhere or doing beach safari? Checking which is the best beach to choose and have the best time with the magnificent sunrise and a Tequila Sunrise . What? No? Not even close? Preparing yourself for the

So don’t worry at all. Beach or talking and making But you know July Problems the final desicion for the des- are huge, inappropriate and tination you will have this year unspeakable!!! your holiday time...These are How to Pick a Juicy Significant July Things!!! Rethymnian Watermelon And need luck and hope. The one and only SOLD OUT That is a Problem ...Solve it Crete issue is the Rethymno cause Summer is Here and you are The July Winner!!! Seaside... What’s hot : Rethymno Beaches 1. Pick It Up:Big or small, the are each one a tropical experi- watermelon should feel heavy for its size. ence. Triopetra, Akoumiani Gialia, 2. Look for the Yellow Spot:Watermelons develop a splotch Adelianos Kampos, Ligres. They are all Completely exotic, where they rest on the ground. with a sandy landscape bor- When this splotch is creamy dered by beautiful clear waters, yellow, it’s ripe. it’s a little easy to find and the 3. Give It a Thump:Tap the unwalk from the car park to the derbelly of the watermelon. A beach can be a game, but its ripe one will have a deep holsize guarantees everyone their low sound. Under-ripe or overown space, and its remoteness ripe melons will sound dull. makes for an utterly peaceful, So cheer up and Laugh – Time and Fun – Time is all yours! relaxing experience. People created life – breaks

to fulfill their batteries , forget their problems for a while! People from all over the world are visiting Rethymno with a plan : They are just good life – keepers and not life – spenders! So ...it’s A ‘HAVE FUN’ DATE! Spicy – up your world with a bit of trips, communication and smart well living July yelling , laughs , greetings , street way singings are all yours ...Live it for Good ! Roll throughout your very special summer...It really works I’m telling you! Pantelis • • • •

spiridakisp@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/pantelis.spiridakis.7 https://twitter.com/spiridakispante https://www.instagram.com/ spiridakispantelis/

Summer dream in Crete begins at... Rethymno Cretan yacht welcomes you

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welcomes you on SUMMER DREAM for an unforgettable experience. The freedom of movement, the quality of service, the comfort of your surroundings and your privacy make your holidays a unique and enjoyable experience. SUMMER DREAM is a 24,15 m boat and provides a master stateroom with a double bed and a sofa, one twin stateroom and two triple staterooms, a kitchen, a mail saloon, a generous sun deck and n o of course a well equiclick news tepost.gr e r o e /cr ped cockpit. for m http:/ We offer a wide range of services: • dinning on board afloat • fishing • weddings or any other special events • chartering from one day to ten days Santorini We welcome you with a light dinner and then you can enjoy your sleep in our convenient cabins. Our departure is at 3.30 a.m. You wake up on Santorini and have breakfast on board. Then your day is Free For Fun. Our departure is after sunset!!! And don’t forget... A holiday on SUMMER DREAM is an experience like no other vacation can offer you!!! Email : kfetokakis@gmail.com Τelephone : 6979115533

Agios Pavlos...

Live it like a Summer Prince ! Situated 58 kilometers far

from Rethymnon, at the Southeast, some 13 kilometers from the main road leading to Agia Galini at the South (some 19 kilometers from the village Akoumia), the beach Agios Pavlos is a long sandy beach affected by the southern winds. The beach is ideal for snorkeling. Well enough organised, it offers accommodation facilities, cafes and taverns with excellent dishes and fresh on k c li c s seafood. .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret h There are also facilities for swimming and sunbathing (sunbeds, umbrellas) and sea sports. The beach is so beautiful that it is worth spending a few days there. Access from Rethymnon is possible by rented or private car and motorbike. You will take the road to Agia Galini, turn right after the village Nea Krya Vryssi (after circa 45 kilometers from Rethymnon) and drive for another 14 kilometers.

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Agios Pavlos beach (westwards) Situated 58 kilometers far from

Rethymnon, at the Southeast, some 13 kilometers from the main road leading to Aghia Galini at the South, the beach at the west of Aghios Pavlos is a beautiful long sandy beach affected by the southern winds. The beach is rather isolated, with few people and tolerant to nudism. It’s a peaceful place, well-hidden in a sheltered bay, which is ideal for family holidays. The bay has a beautiful beach with green deep waters and magnificent rocky seabed. Near the beach you can find a few rooms and taverns. Moreover, basic services are provided on the beach, such as umbrellas, sunbeds and pedal

boats. Although the beach in front of the village is pretty, visitors mainly prefer St. Paul for accommodation and food, but swim in the nearby idyllic beach with the huge sand dunes.

Akoumiani Gialia, as this beach is called, is behind the western edge of St. Paul bay and is probably the best beach in Rethymno. You can get there through a path that starts from St. Paul.

Cretan Festivals is the No 1 Thing You Shouldn’t Miss! Every summer the tradition-

al Cretan festivals and feasts attract not only locals, but also foreigners who want to meet genuine Crete. The Cretan festivals, usually associated with the celebration of a Saint, take place in the village square. You will have the chance to enjoy dancing to the sounds of the lyre and the lute and of course, several local dishes and plenty of wine. The summer Cretan festivals, once, were important stages in the cycle of the year. People used to make a break from their jobs and interrupted, for a while, the monotonous rhythm of life. They gathered inside and outside the churches and the, walked in the village, in small processions. At the end of the day, they gathered in the square of the village, around a lyre player. They were dancing and enjoying wine, raki, and the the appetizers of each summer celebration. The people of Crete are known

for their intense localism and the love they have towards their traditions. First, they like to introduce themselves as Cretans and then as Greeks! What fascinates tourists and guests of the island the most is, certainly, the Cretan musical culture, the folk dancing and the much loved Cretan instruments. The Cretan musical tradition is considered to be the most ‘alive’ of those in Greece: not only does it continue to evolve

by absorbing creative contemporary musical elements, but at the same time manages to express and comment upon contemporary realities in a lifelike manner. Mantinades The traditional music of Crete sometimes incorporates dance tunes, sometimes sticks to that of the song itself. Mantinades are the commonest form of song: each line has fifteen syllables and the pair

rhyme. Their chief theme is to do with love: they are the most frequent means of expressing feelings and emotional situations – such as love, separation, pain, serenades etc. Frequently made up on the spot, they draw on their own particular vocabulary with an especial virtuosity. RizitikaA second and contemporary category of song is the rizitika, which is sung in the main around the foothills (rizes) of the White Mountains in the Chania region. Depending on the subject of the verse, they can be divided into groups – those to do with Akritas (frontier guards), others heroic, historical, revolutionary, allegorical, of exile and of love. Though their homeland is in West Crete, they are popular enough in the centre too. So don’t hesitate. Check, find and get in the soul of the cretan summer celebrations This will be an experience you will always remember...

The village of Argyroupoli

The sources you should taste the mountains natural cretan water Argiroupoli is a village

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which belongs to the municipality of Rethymno. According to the census of 2001, the population consists of 402 inhabitants, while its elevation is approximately 260 meters. The village is located where Lappa city used to be during the antiquity, and was called Stimpolis (translating as “at the city”) during the Middle Ages. Later on s click w e n e r r it became known simfor mo retepost.g /c http:/ ply as Polis. The village got its current name in the 19th century. There are various ancient references to Lapa, as, for example, in the narrations about the War of Lyttos (220 B.C.) and the Cretan War (205 B.C.-200 B.C.). Although it had been completely destroyed by the Romans, it was rebuilt by Augustus, as the residents had assisted him in the battle with Marcus Antonius. Also, it had been granted the right to issue its own coin. The village is filled with traces of ancient and modern culture. Within and around the village there are excavated parts of the ancient city, Roman residues, Venetian buildings with lovely gates and Byzantine churches. The local attractions include a mosaic of the Roman period. A bit further from the village, one can visit an ancient necropolis (“city of the dead”), and a century-old tree. In addition, the area is famous for the springs of Holy

Force, a verdant place with flowing waters. There, you can have a rest in one of the taverns serving hundreds of tourists. In 2008, it was even awarded as the “cleanest organized traditional settlement” by the Tourism Committee of Rethymno prefecture. Argyroupolis is the site of the ancient city of Lappa. According to the myths, Lappa was created by Agamemnon, the hero of the Trojan war. The older coins of the city show the goddess Vritomartis Artemis, who was a Cretan goddess influenced by the Minoan religion. In the Greek wars they were allies of Knossos but when Knossos destroyed Lyttos the people of Lappa accepted the Lyttoans in their city and their homes.

Lappa was one of the most important cities of western Crete during Roman times. It controlled the area around it from the north to the south coast. It had two harbours, one on the north coast of Crete and anoth-

er on the south. It is said that its harbour was Phoenix on the south coast of Crete (in present-day Loutro or Plakias). The coins of Lappa at this time had a representation of Poseidon on them.


CHANIA 6,80 € HERAKLION 8,30 € BALI 3,80 € ARKADI 3,10 € PREVELI 5,00 € AGIA GALINI 6,80 € CHANIA AIRPORT 8,00 € ELEFTHERNA MUSEUM 3,30 € Scan the QR code to book online your ticket !

Kydonias & Parth. Kelaidi, Chania 73100 Info: 2821 093052 |Storehouse : 2821 97497

Th e rel iab le cho ice in you r sum me r tra nsp ort ati ons

www.e-ktel.com email: info@e-ktel.gr Kefalogiannidon Street, Rethymnon 74100 Info: 2831 022785 |Storehouse : 2831 022659

One “must – stop – lab”

The brilliant Terzis Art Lab in the heart of the city - center everybody loves Vaggelis Terzis is the Mr. Art

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Gallery in the heart of the town center you should definately get to know.His artistic nature and his brilliant character has made him ‘’the must – stop – artist’’ to all the foreigner visitors He is a very talented artist – sculptor and his lab is in Gerakari Street Recently two of his many workshop have left for London and his foreigner KARMA still flies high ... ‘’I live in Rethymno, n click o st.gr s w e the city where I was re n epo for mo ttp://cret h born and grew up. Everything here reminds me of something I have experienced. Stone, sea and myth were the materials to dream. Everything that I was offered, comes to the surface again as are incarnation of memory. I always admired what the hand of man can make. The magic of the hand made and the curve redeem the normality of everyday life. I consider the value of detail equal to the whole. Some things seem easy and some others are to be discovered in another time, more personal. Nothing dies unless you forget it. The strength of an abandoned metal, of a fabric or wood offers immense emotion. I am not giving up the challenge to make it alive again. Rags of any texture and composition are still valuable. I never throw away things except the ones that hurt me. I invite you to visit my heroes. I believe in them. None of them resembles another. But they all share the same blood. Waste material thrown in ev-

ery corner of the neighbor- lives and works in Rethymnon. hood, in dilapidated houses or dusty warehouses. They have Group exhibitions wrinkles from rusty paint and • 2013 Ships and Seas

- Art throws II – Group exhibition2010. - Catwalk-Arkadiou252 Catwalk (with models)

• Imagine town Rethymno – Group exhibition2012 • Art throws III -Group exhibition2012 • DECEMBER2011 - Cafe- HAAGEN DAZS Exhibition of works by artists

- Handmade clothes, bags and accessories Solo exhibitions • Solo exhibition 2014 entitled “Modern Art Comics Sculptures” Fortetza castle under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Rethymnon. • Solo Exhibition 2013 “Indelible Forms‘’ Fortetza castle under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Rethymnon. • NOVEMBER 2011 - Artistic convention and space arrangement, and exhibit. - Cafe 9/8 (nine eighths) Sculptures, Artwork ( mixed technique sand recyclable materials). Outdoor Projects • Snowman Cafe “Strawberries” ’2014 (2,40hχ1w)

clothes wrinkled from the journey. Others are true and can give me hope.’’ Vaggelis Terzis was born in Rethymno, Crete, Greece in 1981. He graduated at TEE the graphic design industry. He

www.terzisart.com Gerakari 31 , Rethymno Tel. : 2831 026240

Luxury in a villa If you can dream your hol-

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iday destination, then you can be happy for your colorfoul vacation. Pigi is such a place that fascinates most people and it’s the atmosphere all around It’s where delightful private villas close to sandy beach - Villa Anna, Maria and Ioanna will elevate your accommodation needs for your holidays Sinatsakis villas located in a peaceful and graphic village of Crete named Pigi. And the distances are like a mini excursion to a magic landscape... Pigi is a large village with pharmacy, mini market, butcher shop, tavern, cafe bar, bakery, basket court and playground. 10 kilometers away on s click .gr w e n t e r s from the town of for mo p://cretepo htt Rethymno -14 kilometers away from Arkadi Monastery -2 kilometers from the sandy beach of Pigianos kampos. It is in the middle of two prefectures Chania and Heraklion so you can visit twice as many destinations as you wish during your vacation. The villas were created by a young man named Sinatsakis Mathew in 2016. Mathew is 25 years old and studied in the Tourism Professions School from 2008 to 2010. He worked in great hotels as a waiter and later as a reception assistant. This experience was that made him realize the meaning of the right hospitality and the appropriate infrastructure A Big HOTEL usually sticks in common problems... The big number of the clients brings a negative issue... Τhey treat the hotel customers as room numbers, and not as people And there is the other matter. People there often miss their

privacy! So Matthew felt the desire to create a small business that respects the visitors and to assist them 24hr in everything they need as a friend and a happy host... and not as manager. If you decide to stay in Sinat-

Each of them have 1 or 2 bedrooms and they are perfect holiday destinations for couples or families with young children. Benefits to enjoy -Cleaning, linen/towel change every 3 days

And don’t hesitate to dare and make now your reservation in the following e-mail: sinatsakisvillas@yahoo.com and earn -20% discount !!! (you can ask everything you want at e-mail about the villas, the values and the availability)

sakis villas get ready to learn what does hospitality actually means, Cretan luxury and professionalism together. The villas “Anna”, “Maria” and “Ioanna” are totally refurbished in a minimal and romantic style with all the modern amenities.

-Pool & garden maintenance -Holiday advisor service available by landline -Concierge service, Dinner & excursion arrangements Check out the website for more photos, videos and informations: www.sinatsakisvillas.gr

Rethymno is a life-changing island. It’s a place in which you feel you belong and in which you’ll always return. In this mesmerizing location we have created a dreamy villa where you can experience heaven on earth.

Trips you will remember for a lifetime... Plakias


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Horse Riding Center is a family-run company founded by Nikos Vardakis, who’d liked to combine his love for horses with his business, tourism. The stables started in 2004, and gradually grew bigger to what is now known as “the place to ride” in Plakias and surroundings. Since 2013, it works as a Horse Riding Center by organizing riding courses and participating in athletic races. In the stables, there are 2 large olive grove/meadows for the horses to graze and roam around in, enjoying the amazing natural environment of Crete. Each horse has it’s own roomy stable in case the n click o r s w weather conditions are e re n st.g for mo p://cretepo t not so favourable (only ht about 10% of the year if not less). Furthermore there are 3 semisized paddocks, a small arena for lessons and training, lots of space for grooming and tacking up, and a little office/tackroom. Our menagerie consists of more than 30 horses of various breeds like mini Shetlandponies, Jorgalidiko’s, Merens and Shire-mix And the grand dillema is the 2 most popular trips ...Nobody can choose the one of them , cause they are both trips you will remember for a lifetime Preveli Bridge Trip This trip starts from the horse riding center in Damnoni following the “Avlaka” with direction to the Preveli Bridge. Avlakas is a water-channel that irrigates all the farms of the area, with water coming from the springs of “Kourtaliotis” river.

The riders will enjoy a slow or active ride among paths with luxuriant vegetation because of the water, and will meet the Cretan flora and fauna: herds

The spectacle is very bucolic. The final destination is the Preveli Bridge and the Kourtaliotis River. Taking the way back, the riders

of Damnoni. Plakias Sunset Trip This trip, which scheduled during the evening, combines a ride with the view of the

of sheep, meadows with wild flowers, small rivers and olive groves.

will enjoy a magnificent view of the east mountains of Plakias, the valley and the beach

breath-taking sunset in Plakias bay. Starting from the horse riding center in Damnoni, the riders follow a path through olive groves and meadows of flowers, pass through the Damnoni settlement and slope up to the small hill located between the Plakias and Damnoni beaches (the hill with the antennas). From there, the riders can enjoy not only a peaceful or active ride but also the amazing view of the beach of Damnoni looking to their left and the breath-taking panoramic view of the Plakias bay, the villages of Myrthios and Sellia and the sunset looking to their right. • Phone: +30 28320 31196, 32033, 32034, 32018 • Mobile: +30 694 2011620 • Email: info@cretehorseriding.com • Contact Person: Eleni Vardakis

Comfort and luxury for your vacation in Rethymno

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ODYSSIA AND OMIROS BOUTIQUE HOTELS are the best way for Rethymno guesting ...as a LIVE Xperience to unbelievable indoor moments! The new way to stay in a city is get out of the city and live the benefits of Rethimno city without the centre trouble! The area of Missiria is the golden Idea...the most famous neighbourhood of Rethimno, really close to almost everything! We checked Odyssia Beach Hotel and Omiros Boutique Hotel and here on k c li we are...Find out why c s .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret this is the best way to h make your holidays glow... Details will certainly inspire you! The hotel “Odyssia beach” is situated on the north coast of the island of Crete and 3 kilometers from the old Venetian town of Rethymno.

Top 5 visitor advantages -smiling people with te sense of familiar enviroment -walking at the main beach road (is next to the hotel) -years of experience which qualifies the hotel people for immediate response -facilities that make you want to live the special nights offered -a menu that will give you the pleasure you will remember and discuss for the local cooking tastes It commends in an excellent position directly on the seashore of Missiria. In a joyfull and friendly atmosphere it offers many choices of relaxation and entertainment. The hotel offers 104 rooms

composed from doubles, triples, quadruples & suites with 2 bedrooms with 4 or 5 beds, and adjacent rooms with connecting door. Odyssia Beach Hotel 18 Mandilara Str, 74100

Missiria, Rethymno, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874, 50020 Fax: +30 28310 54906 E-mail: info@odyssia.gr

OMIROS BOUTIQUE is in the Misiria region, the hotel is situated a mere 150 meters from the beach and 3 km from downtown Rethymnon. In operation since 2015, the hotel features all

the amenities that ensure a luxurious holiday. The state-of-the-art hotel compound has been designed in striking colour combinations that blend in with the

surrounding landscape. The interior design of the rooms is based predominantly on wood and glass, creating an ambience that is bound to bring you back to Omiros Boutique Hotel time and again. THE BEST IDEAS...are here • The archaeological museum of Rethymnon is 3.3 km away • The picturesque Venetian harbour 3.1 km. • Discover the quaint town of Rethymnon with its cheerful colours and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. • The town is surrounded by impressive mountains while at the same time boasting the endless blue of the Cretan sea. • Visit Fortezza fortress with its remarkable architecture and let a stroll around the historic site take you back in time. OMIROS BOUTIQUE HOTEL Ionias, Rethymno Town, 74100, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28310 27874 or +30 28310 50020

Cretan cheese

More than a simple taste... a mix of flavors and tradition Cheese is consumed in Crete at any hour of the day – morn to midnight: as an accompaniment or as the main ingredient, as appetizer or for dessert. At a formal gathering or the family table, no Cretan meal is complete without its cheese. Superior gourmands will take their watermelon with feta, their honeydew with graviera and consume mizithra with honey!

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food & wine

Anthotiros Made from a mix of on k c li whey and fresh milk c s .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret from sheep or goat, h it coheres into a mass, with a high liquid content at 70%, and

is only slightly salty; as it dries (with time and the addition of salt) it hardens. When fully dry it has a fat content of at least 65%: high! When ripe the exterior looks as if it has had ash thrown on it. The word for ash (athos) may contribute to its name; others derive the name from Anthos, as the flower of the cheese. It is most suitable grated onto a pasta dish, like spaghetti. Galomizithra A very simple form of cheese: the milk is spiked by a natural agent which curdles it. It is produced mostly for household consumption, being less suited for transport to the market. Galomizithra has the same texture and taste as Chaniot mizithra, or Cretan sour-cheese(xinomizithra): very tasty, with a gentle sourness to it – ideal for a dakos! Graviera Often made from goats’ milk, yet the best quality is from sheep’salone. It is rich, full of butter and milk proteins: 38% moisture, 38.4% fat and 1.5%

in moderation, if dieting. It is also full of moisture, up to 70%; even dry it contains 50% fat. In confectionery, it fills small sweet pies. With fruit it is an excellent companion to fresh fruit; and works equally well as an appetizer or as a dessert with a dribble of honey. Xigala from Sitia A creamy textured cheese only found in east Crete. Its taste recalls that of xinomizithra and Pichtogalo Chanion: rich, slightly sharp and fresh,

salt. With a strong taste and slightly salty, it has something of a cheddar to it – to British tastes. A wheel may weigh anything between 5 to 25 kilos! It can be eaten just by itself, with

duced in many parts of Greece from sheep’s’ milk or a mix of sheep and goat. Its moisture is low at 38%, with only 40% fat and sufficiency of salt. The flavour is salty, strong – even

fruit or bread, cooked in pies piquant, and somewhat fatty. and other dishes, and as saga- Perfect for grating onto pasta. naki (breaded and fried). Malaka/Soft of Chania Pichtogalo of Chania This is a curd, the first step in A simple, everyday cheese making a graviera. Malleable, from the Chania region: it re- well-mixed – and excellent for sembles yoghurt in texture and pies. Especially the Chaniot has a slightly sharp taste, It can tourta – with its filling of cheesbe made from sheep’s milk, or es, lamb-meat and spearmint. a mix of that and goat, Fresh, it has a moisture content of 65%, Mizithra when dry its fat levels are 50%, A pan-Greek cheese, produced protein 16-20% and salt 1%. from the whey of any other Eaten by itself, or cooked in cheese production. To the whey pies (bougatsa à la Chania). is added fresh milk; the whole then reheated in a pot, producKephalotiri ing a soft and fresh cheese with A solid and compact cheese, a neutral note. Fresh, it is high of a darker yellow colour, pro- in fat and so should be eaten

Xinomizithra Exclusively a Cretan product: whey is mixed with fresh milk (a mix of sheep and goat) and left for 24 hours in a naturally

warm environment to sour or ‘turn’. It has some 50% moisture, only 23% fat, 15% protein and 2% salt. Most suitable for pies – and dieting. Staka Somewhere between cheese and yoghurt – a rather different dairy product. The top of the milk when freshly drawn is collected and lightly salted. When enough has been got, it is warmed over a low heat for several hours – to it is added a little flour, which separates out the protein from the fat content. The fat is skimmed off and kept separate: this is the famed stakovoutouro, and can be treated just like butter. The thick mass of protein is the staka proper: cook eggswith it, eat on spaghetti, pilafi – or in pies. Tirozouli A traditional cheese from sheep and goat milk: boiled, coagulated by adding an acid/ vinegar – or the juice of figs in stead of rennet. Lightly salted, or not at all, with a malleable consistency.

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