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Beaches of Rethymno

Magnificent beaches along the coasts of Rethymno, both on the northern and the southern side of the prefecture Spirulina from Crete

Something good for your health

Sports in Minoan Crete... Bull-Leaping

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Top-5 reasons for the one & only “Must Go� Place to Be...

Eleftherna Archaeological Museum Inaugurated by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos

Rethymno POST

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Rethymno photo of the month...

Live @ Love @ Laugh

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if you are on your favourite beach, enby Pandelis Spiridakis gelamou.gr joying hours sun, swimming and chilling this is Julu or what? Certainly JULY , in the middle of the summer ... ...and if you have listened over 12 times the next girl’s cell phone ringing and playing the ringtone ‘’Surfing Usa – Beach Boys’’ Then it’s certainly July! We are here , we are ready and you are everywhere or doing beach safari? Checking which is the best beach to choose and have the best time with the magnificent sunrise and a Tequila Sunrise . What? No? Not even close? Preparing yourself for the Beach or talking and making the final desicion for the destination you will have this year your holiday time...These are Significant July Things!!!

And need luck and hope. The one and only SOLD OUT Crete issue is the Rethymno Seaside... What’s hot Rethymno Beaches are each one a tropical experience. Triopetra , Akoumiani Gialia, Adelianos Kampos, Ligres . They are all Completely exotic, with a sandy landscape bordered by beautiful clear waters, it’s a little easy to find and the walk from the car park to the beach can be a game, but its size guarantees everyone their own space, and its remoteness makes for an utterly peaceful, relaxing experience. So don’t worry at all. But you know July Problems are huge, inappropriate and unspeakable!!! How to Pick a Juicy Rethymnian Watermelon That is a Problem ...Solve it cause Summer is Here and you

are The July Winner!!! 1. Pick It Up:Big or small, the watermelon should feel heavy for its size. 2. Look for the Yellow Spot:Watermelons develop a splotch where they rest on the ground. When this splotch is creamy yellow, it’s ripe. 3. Give It a Thump:Tap the underbelly of the watermelon. A ripe one will have a deep hollow sound. Under-ripe or overripe melons will sound dull. So cheer up and Laugh – Time and Fun – Time is all yours! People created life – breaks to fulfill their batteries , forget their problems for a while!

People from all over the world are visiting Rethymno with a plan : They are just good life – keepers and not life – spenders! So ...it’s A ‘HAVE FUN’ DATE! Spicy – up your world with a bit of trips, communication and smart well living July yelling , laughs , greetings , street way singings are all yours ...Live it for Good ! Roll throughout your very special summer... It really works I’m telling you! • • • •

spiridakisp@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/pantelis.spiridakis.7 https://twitter.com/spiridakispante https://www.instagram.com/ spiridakispantelis/


Top-5 reasons for the one & only ‘’Must Go’’ Place to Be...

This city has eventually something magic... all visitors admit that whatever you might have listened, you leave it behind. And you start all over again creating from the very beginning the picture you get from this place. The best critic published about Rethymno writes... “prepare yourselves for the shy diamond of Crete...” And here we go with... Top 10 reasons for the one & only ‘’MUST GO’’ Place to on s click ost.gr w e be... this summer. n retep r more c

/ http:/

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1. Rethymno isn’t only the city! Don’t forget... You are here for vacation, mini tours, walks. Leave the town and look for the countryside. The greatest villages are waiting for you to explore them and discover hospitality, great nature, smiley people and tasteful traditional products.

Each year the Monastery receives and hosts many visitors and pilgrims from all over the world, from distant civilizations. Here are blended many languages, cultures, traditions, history and polymorphism.

ness. Possibly because the old is livelier than the new, and the modern is often more mature than the aged. Each pilgrim and visitor feels something which is exclusively his, personal, original in his ex-

2. The Arkadi Monastery situated on the island of Crete doesn’t solely belong to this island... it belongs to Greece, Europe and to all five continents – it belongs to the whole world. It is one of the Eastern Orthodox Monasteries underlining the catholicity and universality of the Church.

Nothing from the above can impede the faith unity, the catholicity of the orthodox spirit, the universality of the ecclesiastical testimony. The Arkadi Monastery has a unique natural beauty, a prestigious history, numerous legends deeply rooted in the time, heirlooms and thesaurus rich-

periential and spiritual experi- Swan Beauty and Spa in the Old City welcomes you in the ence. world of senses. 3. Rethymnians... are an experi- Swan Beauty & Spa 198, Αrkadiou str. ence Once you live it, you will total- Telephone: +30 28310 51828 ly realise this... Local people The old stone made hamam ofwill be the most extraordinary fer the happy ending every one memory of your vacation in the is looking for... city. Don’t avoid their treat (otherwise they are insulted). Say “Cheers” with some raki and listen carefully to their stories... 4. Cretan cuisine is the worldwide phenomenon... The way of cretan cooking and all the secrets are totally myhtical to all the visitors. That’s why the No 1 thing to live is the live – cooking seminars with old Rethymnian women. Mediterranean Cretan Gastronomy lives here. Kneading bread and preparing the food in a traditional external ceramic oven, milking and

pushing grapes are the basic things every visitor asks to live! 5. Discover if LUCK is on you! Get in the splendid old baths – hamams and you will really say you enoyed yourself as a soultan.

Eleftherna Archaeological Museum Inaugurated by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos

In the heart of Crete, on the

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center of the island, there is one of the most important archaeological sites of Crete, embraced by mountains, overlooking the sea: the Eleftherna Archaeological Museum, in Rethyn o mo, opened its doors click news tepost.gr e r o /cre on Sunday, June 19th for m http:/ for first year and awaits for you to visit it. The President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopis Pavlopoulos, inaugurated the new museum. This was a really important event, as the excavations at the point “Orthi Petra” in Eleftherna began thirty years ago. Today, in this position, there is an entire archaeological park and an impressive museum, which aspires to become the first museum of archaeological site on Crete and the fourth largest in Greece after those of Olympia, Delphi and Vergina. The Archaeological Site of Eleftherna features paths, bridges, resting points, explanatory signs and two large canopies to protect the cemetery and the Basilica of Archangel Michael. The visitors can enjoy a combination of nature, flora and fauna, as well as antiquities, in a landscape of unique beauty. Houses, villas, roads, public buildings and baths, tanks and cisterns, terraces and walls, temples and churches, furnaces and workshops, and above all the necropolis of warriors and their relatives at the dawn of Greek history, dig methodically and systematically from 1985 until today (as the excavation still continues), revealing

little by little the city’s secrets in 3000 BC until the 14th century. A.D. The building of the Eleftherna Archaeological Museum resembles a box emerging from the earth, overlooking Psiloritis Mountains. In the excavations have been involved students from the University of Crete, University of Greece and abroad (Europe, USA, Asia, Africa, Australia), and people from the surrounding villages. The history of Eleftherna unfolds in three consecutive rooms, hosting exhibits from 3000 BC to 1300 AD. Four and a half millenniums are revealed to the visitors via objects and handicrafts of art from prehistoric, Geometric, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine and Byzantine times. Room A, the largest in size, includes exhibits that present the public, political, religious, social and everyday life of Eleftherna, but mainly, objects imported from other Cretan cities and regions such as Attica, Pelopon-

nese, Cyclades, the islands of the eastern Aegean, Minor Asia, Cyprus e.t.c. In Room B is developed the religious and devotional life of Eleftherna, from the Early Iron Age until the Byzantine period. Here, is exposed one of the most important finds of the Necropolis excavated in Orthi Petra, the “Daughter of Eleftherna”. This statue is related to the masterpiece statue, the famous “Lady of Oser,” exhibited in the Louvre in Paris. Room C is dedicated to the Necropolis of Eleftherna. Here are presented finds only from the excavations of Necropolis, such as wall paintings from the Homeric world, i.e. the ritual of the cremation of dead bodies. In the same room, you will see the figures of the aristocrat priestesses of Eleftherna with all their wealth: brilliant, exquisite jewelry art, glass and earthenware, clay and bronze vases, figurines etc. The three rooms of the Eleftherna Archaeological Museum,

can accommodate simultaneously at least 4 groups of visitors (50 visitors each). In each room, there is a screen that displays stories associated with objects in each room, movies and documentaries referred to Homer and Herodotus, some of which have received awards in international archaeological film festivals. In the south part of the museum, there is the Research Center with a library, offices and the archives of excavations. On the ground floor, there are the warehouses and maintenance workshops, equipped with the latest technology, while in the large courtyard of the museum is created a small theater displaying performances, concerts and events. Finally, if you spend your family holidays in Crete, a visit the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Eleftherna is an ideal activity, as your children may attend the special educational programs of the museum. creti.co

Beaches of Rethymno

Magnificent beaches are found along the coasts of Rethymno, both on the northern and the southern side of the prefecture It’s the beaches that turn heads in the Rethymno area. This part of Crete has some of the best stretches of sand on the island. RETHYMNO The beach in the city of Rethymno is of 20 kilometers long. It is usually crowded during summer months, because is the most ck on ws cli post.gr e n e r e popular beach of the for mo ttp://cret h city. It is well organized with umbrellas, sun beds, sport activities, and lifeguards. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist shops available.

GEROPOTAMOS Located 20 kilometers east of Rethymno city, under the bridge of Geropotamos, in the

PREVELI Preveli beach is found near the famous Preveli Moanastery and abstains 40 kilometers from the capital of Rethymno.

are umbrellas, sun beds, as well in the Eastern coast. It is worth visiting in order to enjoy a great as restaurants for the visitors. sunset. AGIOS PAVLOS It is located in distance of 58 AGIA GALINI kilometers from Rethymno and The fish village of Agia Galini 50 kilometers from Agia Galini abstains 58 kilometers from village. Visit it if you want to es- Rethymno and has 2 of the cape in a calm beach far from most beautiful beaches of the the crowd and the trouble. You island. can sunbathe on the pebbles They are completely organized and swim in the crystal waters. with umbrellas and sun beds In the village of Saint Pavlos and are very popular. During there are rooms to rent, hotels summers are usually over crowded. There are sport faciland taverns. ities, a lot of hotels, taverns and TRIOPETRA bars to have fun, up to the first Triopetra beach is situated in morning hours.

national street that leads to Heraklion. It is a small picturesque beach with sand and pebble. The deep waters make it suitable for those that can swim. rethymnon holiday The beach

It is an idyllic beach of Rethymno prefecture and you will be surprised by the exotic beauty! Crystal waters, the delta of river Koyrtaliotis, lush vegetation, palm trees, are some of the el-

distance of 50 kilometers south of Rethymno, near the village Saint Pavlos. It took its name because of the three big rocks existing in the coast. It is more popular to the locals but if you

PANORMOS Panormos beach is located 20 kilometers east of Rethymno, in the homonym village. It became very popular in the last few years and for this, the beach

is impressive with spotless waters, umbrellas and a restaurant that serves unique dishes of Cretan cuisine.

ements composing the setting of the beach Preveli. During summer is full of tourists who come to admire the splendid beauty of this location. There

want to visit it, combines the quietness for those who want to relax in an isolated beach and the comfort because you can find restaurants and hotels

is well organized. You will be impressed by the unique location and the picturesque ports.

PIGI - ADELE A popular bay located only 10 kilometers east of Rethymno city. It is a sandy coast, with golden sand and turquoise waters, ideal for swimming for many hours! In the nearby villages Pigi and Adele you can find taverns serving fresh fish and some hotels for your stay.

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BALI The village Bali is located in distance of 34 kilometers east of Rethymno, in the northern coast of Crete. You can go there from the national street Rethymno-Heraklion. The village became a tourist resort in the last few years. There are many, small beautiful coasts with spotless, azure waters and picturesque ports.

Have your best dive...!

Αγοράστε online το εισιτήριο σας You can buy online your ticket

Kefalogiannidon Street 74100 Informations : 2831 022212 Storehouse: 2831 022659

Kydonias & Parth. Kelaidi Chania 73100 Informations : 2821 093052 Storehouse: 2821 097497

Spirulina from Crete

Something good for your health This is really great new and

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they come from Rethymno and the village Maroulas! George Maravelakis left his successful career as a mechanic and followed the way back to his village. His big dream didn’t have to do with the most popular traditional products of Cretan earth: olive oil, cheese, vegetables, meat & wine. He had strong faith, hope and passion. So he created the infrastructure to produce n click o news tepost.gr e r the magical SPIRULINA. o /cre for m http:/ In a beautiful place with view to the Cretan Sea, Psiloritis and White Mountains he visualized a seaweed tank. Cretan spirulina was out to the markets at July 2015. The next step is to create the conditions and make it a strong exportable product. Cretan spirulina is 100% natural in the form of flakes. It is collected and dried in the sun (All the necessary information in www.spirulinakritis.gr). So for a another time Greeks and Crete blows their mind and create new products and exportable chances. Pure, creative implementation... simply ... Laughter, communication and hanging around Rethymno is the best Life Sharing to Feel! That’s the trophy. And good brains create it! Good chances roll and good plans reveal in dareful minds. It’s called freedom and creativity in Rethymno ! And this time it STARTED something well known all over the world – SPIRULINA KRITIS! The hypolipidaemic effects of Spirulina (Arthrospira

platensis) supplementation in a Cretan population: a prospective study*

Fifty-two adultCretan outpatients (32 men, 20 women), median age 47 (range, 37-61) years, with recently diagnosed BACKGROUND: dyslipidaemia, consumed oralSpirulina (Arthrospira platensis) ly 1 g Spirulina (Greek producis a filamentous cyanobacteri- tion) per day for 12 weeks. um used as a food supplement. The full lipid profile was meaThe objective of the study was sured in fasting blood samples to determine the lipid-lowering at the beginning and end of the

effects of Spirulina in Cretan Greek dyslipidaemic patients, and to document its effectiveness as a possible alternative treatment for dyslipidaemia.

A pirate fjord located in Crete An incredibly magical land-

scape reminiscent of Norwegian fjords, but with the sun, the colors, the rocks and the wild beauty of Crete is well hidden in the Libyan Sea. In the south Rethymno, between Plakias and the beach of Preveli is located the “Karavos”, an oblong bay about 100 m that is formed between the large vertical rocks creating a well protected natural harbor that leads to a small sandy beach, 2 meters wide. There, the pirates found shel-

ter during the Byzantine period and gave the name to the “Karavos” and in mythology this is the place that Odysseus, enchanted by the beauty of the location and the Queen Calypso, stayed there for seven years before his return to Ithaca. The beach access for the public can be done either by passing through the hotel located in the boundaries of the beach (access from Damnoni) or by boat from Plakias. checkincreta.com

study period. Anthropometric measurements including systolic and diastolic blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index were also recorded.

RESULTS: At the end of the 3-month intervention period the mean levels of triglycerides, low density lipoprotein-cholesterol, total cholesterol, non-high density lipoprotein-cholesterol levels, and the ratio of total cholesterol to high-density lipoproteincholesterol were significantly decreased: 16.3% (P < 0.0001), 10.1% (P < 0.0001), 8.9% (P < 0.0001), 10.8% (P < 0.0001) and 11.5% (P = 0.0006) respectively, whereas the mean high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol levels were not significantly increased (3.5%). Blood pressure, weight and body mass index remained almost unchanged. CONCLUSIONS: Spirulina supplementation at a dose of 1 g daily has powerful hypolipidaemic effects, especially on the triglyceride concentration in dyslipidaemic Cretan outpatients. (*): by Mazokopakis EE1, Starakis IK, Papadomanolaki MG, Mavroeidi NG, Ganotakis ES.

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Swan Beauty and Spa

If you want to... renew your body and mind Swan Beauty and Spa offers

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everything you need to unwind and relax. The healing effects of the mineral rich thermal water that rises is complemented here by revitalizing and relaxing massages, aroma baths and much more. A visit to the spa will renew your body and mind. The “Turkish bath” as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices. In yesteryear Greece, on s click .gr w e n Hammam was regardt e r s for mo p://cretepo htt ed as the “silent healer” of everyday life… …Today, it is back and offers you a big, warm hug in Athens. Let yourself indulge in the

sweet relaxation of Hammam… let yourself indulge in Hammam baths! If you’re looking to kick back and relax over your holiday, Swan is the place to be. Take a dip in one of its thermal baths, enjoy a unique spa experience or stay in one of the health spa sections, and bathe

your cares away. The Turkish bath starts with relaxation in a room (known as the warm room) that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room (known as the hot room) before they wash in cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of

relaxation. Escape from everyday life, enjoy the thermal properties of steam, enjoy a deep exfoliation and a soothing massage. Relax with your tea … and keep your day or evening in downtown Rethymno. Refresh yourself by visiting the hammam baths lifestyle! Swan Beauty And Spa Arkadiou 198, Rethymno 2831051828

Evelin Hotel and Evelin Divers

Our way for your... “escape to relax and action” The new way to stay in a city

is get out of the city and live the benefits of Rethimno city without the centre trouble! Platanias is the golden Idea... the most famous neighbourhood of Rethimno, really close to almost everything! We checked Evelin Hotel and here we are... Find out why this is the best way to make your holidays glow... Details will certainly inspire you! Evelin Hotel is 600 metres from the sandy beach of Platanias n Located on the outo k r s clic re new cretepost.g o m r skirts of Platanias it of/ fo http:/ fers a short walk to a large variety of restaurants and bars. A bus stop and a taxi station are at a distance of 200 metres. The scenic harbour of the town, the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno and Fortezza Castle are approximately 6 km away. The Evelin Apartments is a family run hotel with well appointed rooms, maintained to a high standard and reasonably priced. The family mood will take you

there and fancy the neighbourhood feeling will bring you to the Famous Rethymnian culture of welcoming and old – friends talking ...It will really relax you. Certainly you will watch the Greek way of life and

and enjoyable holiday Evelin Divers... “Getting wet is only half the fun”. Located at the Evelin Apartments in the beautiful beach resort of Platanes, which is only 5 kilometres from the historic Venetian town of Rethymnon, we aim to provide everything that the diving experience has to offer, whether you are qualified and want to discover the underwater beauty of our island of Crete day mixing and matching... We are able to offer a selection It also features a beautiful pool of several dive sites, so that the and pool bar, lush grass covered discerning diver can vary their grounds with sun loungers and programmes and choose to parasols and an all day snack discover new and exciting placbar where you and your friends es. and family can enjoy a relaxing Once you have finished your day’s diving, why not come and make the perfect end to a perfect diving day, by having a drink or snack and relaxing at our beautiful pool bar. It is probably the most loving summer combination: a great, very good staying around the city and a diving class that will fascinate you... Once you try it, you won’t leave your self out of the brilliant spot you discovered… Pure pleasuse!!!


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Why don’t you make yourself a happy “Guru” visitor? If you want to be in the heart

of Summerness in Rethimno, your Place is only one... Guru Bar is the mainstream city seaside bar , where you can enjoy all the styles of people , couples, lots of friends together in their close groups ...all of them having fun!!! Hot, hot, very hoooooooooot... is here! Guru Bar is the central beach zone on 2, Ari Velouchioti, Rethymno. You won’t miss it... There are 7 basic reasons you should make yourself a Guru Happy Visitor: 1.You don’t spend a lot of time driving or walking there . This is so close to wherever you are 2.You can enjoy your coffee or snack having the best seaview you can ever find 3.The menu is splendid. So are the ‘’beach girls’’ that serve the tasty dishes down to the sandy beach. (Insist on the fresh fish dishes , salads and spaghetti – You will find that the chef is on a great mood) 4.Don’t waste your big chance

5.The beach – during all the day – is full. Yoy will really have the best time , getting down on the GURU beach and the beach girls will certainly find a way to serve you with smile and joy. 6.GURU is a very good way to live the night watching the city colours changing before night falls. They all make their walk over there and you might ‘’catch’’ the horse carriages with the magnificent sunset. to taste your favourite summer tors check in GURU ...and they 7.Nights in the heart of the cocktail staring at the blue sea. always keep looking again and town gives you the sense that you get the rythm and the beat This is the moment most visi- again. of people all around you. This is an incredible sense to feel. GURU Feeling is top , that’s why! There is always something that makes you search alone. Pleasure the first Rethimno city walk...up to the time your steps reach the place you will really enjoy , stay and make YOUR story to say to your people.... Summerness has only one GURU BAR ...shining over the sea ! Bring out your own GURU Spirit!!!

Swap steak for Greek salad to slash your risk of diabetes


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has long been used as a model of healthy eating to protect our hearts. Now the ‘Mediterranean diet’ has been proven by scientists to also significantly protect us against type 2 diabetes. Researchers from Harvard University followed the diets and medical histories of 200,000 health professionals in the US over a period of 20 years. Those with a higher consumption of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans, and a lower consumption of meat, were 34 per cent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. n click o st.gr s w e Plant and animal prodre n epo for mo ttp://cret h ucts were ranked in an index giving higher and lower scores respectively, in order to produce an overall ‘grade’ for their diet. It was already known that there are some health benefits to a vegetarian diet, but this study, published in the journal PLOS One, highlighted the importance of the difference between ‘healthy’ and ‘less healthy’ versions of plant-based foods. For example, grains should be consumed as the wholegrain variety, and not be refined. Those who opted for the ‘less healthy’ options of vegetarian foods, such as refined grains, potatoes and sugary drinks, found themselves sixteen percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. A plant-based diet low in animal products was shown to reduce the risk by 20 per cent – rising to thirty four percent

if the healthiest versions were consumed. It’s thought the ‘healthy versions’ work against diabetes because of their high levels of fibre, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and micronutrients such as magnesium They can also help to boost healthy gut bacteria. A study in 2013 by the Universities of Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Navarra showed that this plant based Mediterranean diet also helps to prevent against cardiovascular disease and stroke. And another study showed the ‘good fats’ in Mediterranean olive oil are a more effective way of reducing weight than counting calories. Type 1 Diabetes • Normally develops in early childhood • Present in 10% of diabetes cases • The pancreas gland can’t

produce the hormone insulin, which regulates blood sugar • This can leave blood sugar levels dangerously high • Treatment is normally in the form of regular insulin injections Type 2 Diabetes • Can develop at any age • Present in around 90% of diabetes cases • If the body’s cells are exposed to too much insulin as a result of a high-sugar or unhealthy diet, they can stop reacting to it • This ‘insulin resistance’ leaves blood sugar levels dangerously high • Treatment is normally through an improved diet and exercise regime However this is the first time the diet has been shown to protect t against diabetes – another disease of increasing preva-

lence in Western society. ‘This study highlights even moderate dietary changes in the direction of a healthful plant based diet can play a significant role in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. These findings provide further evidence to support current dietary recommendations for chronic disease prevention,’ said nutritionist Dr Ambika Satija of Harvard University. Co author Professor Frank Hu said: ‘A shift to a dietary pattern higher in healthful plant based foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds, and lower in animal based foods, especially red and processed meats, can confer substantial health benefits in reducing risk of type 2 diabetes.’ Since the study cumulatively measured participants’ diet over a long time, it lowered possible errors in measurement from the data being self reported.

Recipe of the month

DOUGH FOR KALITSOUNIA AND PIES INGREDIENTS • 1kg flour for all uses • water (enough so that the dough does not stick in your hands when kneading it) • 1/2 water glass tsikoudia • 2tsp. olive oil • 1/2 tsp. salt

KALITSOUNIA INGREDIENTS • 2 kilos spinach or other greens • 1/2 cup olive oil • Salt, pepper, spearmint • 1 onion

or bake in the oven at 180oC. If you bake the kalitsounia in the oven, brush them with beaten yolk and sprinkle with sesame seeds beforehand.

PIES FROM SFAKIA INGREDIENTS • 1/2 kilo flour PREPARATION • Salt (20-30 servings) Wash spinach well and chop. • 1 glass water PREPARATION Mix all the ingredients well, Put in an empty pot and cook • 2 teaspoons olive oil knead the dough with your for 5 minutes, until it shrivels, • 1 small glass tsikoudià hands and let it rise for 1-2 squeeze it dry with your hands • 1/2 kilo mizìthra cheese and transfer it into a bowl. Add hours. Kalitsounia: Roll out the pastry the finely chopped onion, salt, PREPARATION using a rolling pin. Make a big pepper, spearmint, olive oil and Knead the flour with the olive sheet, 1/2 cm thick and cut it in mix. Roll out a pastry sheet in oil, the salt and as much water the shape of tea saucer. the size of a saucer. Fill each as it takes into a soft dough. Pies: Rollout a thicker pastry leaf with one tablespoon of the Divide it into 10 pieces and roll sheet and use it without cut- prepared filling, fold it, seal well them out into pastry sheets in and fry in hot oil on both sides, the shape of saucers. ting it.

Shape the mizithra cheese into 10 balls, each in the size of a large egg. Place the mizithra cheese in the middle of the pastry sheet. Fold the pastry sheet around to cover the mizithra cheese. Continue in this fashion in order to shape 10 small balls. Flatten them out by means of a rolling pin and give them a round shape in the size of a saucer. Fry in a pan without oil, turning them over frequently so that they do not burn. Pour honey over each one before serving.

Sports in Minoan Crete... Bull-Leaping M inoan


sports & leisure

Crete is the first culture in the Aegean to provide us with ample iconographic evidence of sporting activity held in the Bronze Age. From the representations on stone vases, frescos and sealstones it appears that the Minoans practiced a number of sports, such as boxing, wrestling, bull-leaping and acrobatics. The famous relief on the rhyton from Hagia Triada, dating to the 16th century BC, is divided into zones where different sports such us wrestling, bull-leaping and boxing are depicted. Eventhough the actual n o k c li rules of boxing remain sc .gr re new epost for mo ttp://cret unknown, the posh tures are suggestive of the following practices: competitions were probably always held in pairs. Noteworthy is the absence of interference by a judge; a fact probably attributed to iconographic restrictions. In both sports the athletes had elaborate coiffures, wore sandals and necklaces. Wrestlers wore a special kind of helmet with cheekpieces, whereas boxers had their heads uncovered. The winner is portrayed with his left hand raised, a possible posture to demonstrate his triumph. The defeated is shown in various postures, either on his knees or while trying to avoid the opponent’s blows. In all available scenes, high quality performance conveys long periods of practice and well-developed athletic ability and training. The famous fresco from Thera (ca. 1550 BC), depicting two young boys boxing, proves that training was a main concern from an early age. Each of the boys is wearing a girdle and a boxing glove only on his right hand. Bull-leaping scenes imply absolute precision in action and highly developed acquaintance with the dangers encountered during physical contact with the animal. Acrobatic exercises and wrestling scenes show exercised bodies with narrow waists and well-trained bodies with strong muscles. The consistency and precision in movement shows that athletic activities were

organized activities of repetitive nature in Minoan times. Based on these observations we tend to assign a rather religious character to the athletic activities of Minoan Crete. It appears that they formed part of a ceremonial initiation rite (rite of passage) of noble youths. Alternatively they formed a type of religious spectacle, organized by the palace. Such spectacles would entertain large crowds of people in the vicinity of the palace. Bull-leaping Bull-leaping (also taurokathapsia, from Greek ταυροκαθάψια) is a motif of Middle Bronze Age figurative art, notably of Minoan Crete, but also found in Hittite Anatolia, the Levant, Bactria and the Indus Valley. It is often interpreted as a depiction of a ritual performed in connection with bull worship. This ritual consists of an acrobatic leap over a bull;

when the leaper grasps the bull’s horns, the bull will violently jerk his neck upwards giving the leaper the momentum necessary to perform somersaults and other acrobatic tricks or stunts. Younger (1995) classifies bull-leaping depictions as follows: Type I: the acrobat approaches the bull from the front, grabs the horns, and somersaults backwards Type II: the acrobat approaches the bull from the front, dives over the horns without touching them and pushes himself with his hands from the bull’s back into a backward somersault Type III: the acrobat is depicted in mid-air over the bull’s back, facing the same way as the animal The Type III depictions are often found in Late Minoan IIIB artwork (14th to 13th centuries BC). Frescoes in Tell el-Dab’a (Avaris, Egypt) dating to the 18th dynasty (16th to 14th centuries BC) show similar designs besides genuinely Egyptian motifs, for which reason they have

usually been ascribed to Minoan-taught Egyptian craftsmen (rather than to Minoan ones directly). They could also have been included as palace decorations because the palace was built for an Aegean princess diplomatically married to a Hyksos pharaoh. Other examples of bull-leaping scenes have been found in Syria, such as a cylinder seal impression found in level VII at Alalakh (Old Babylonian period, 19th or 18th century BC) showing two acrobats performing handstands on the back of a bull, with an ankh sign placed between them, another seal belonging to a servant of Shamshi-Adad I (c. 1800 BC), besides other Syrian examples. Furthermore, a relief vase was discovered in Hüseyindede in 1997, dating to the Hittite Old Kingdom (18th to 15th centuries BC). Bull-leaping is thought to have been a key ritual in the religion of the Minoan civilization in Bronze Age Crete. As in the case of other Mediterranean civilizations, the bull was the subject of veneration and worship. Representation of the Bull at the palace of Knossos is a widespread symbol in the art and decoration of this archaeological site. The assumption, widely debated by scholars, is that the iconography represents a ritual sport and/or performance in which human athletes literally vaulted over bulls as part of a ceremonial rite. www.fhw.gr

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