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Cretan State and The Union with Greece Celebrating 100 years since 1913 The role of the greatest Greek politician, Eleftherios Venizelos >> p. 8

Spinaloga in Top-10

Of most beautiful abandoned places in the world

>> p. 4

Wedding tourism in Crete

Chinese are getting married in Chania next year

>> p. 10

A map showing what Europe will look like in 2022

Germans are dominating Western Europe (again)

>> p.11

RyanAir’s charity calendar smashes sales record - New Chania to Dublin route from April 1st - Summer 2014 schedule has been launched

>> p. 6

Be a Santa for one day

And offer for a lifetime...Santa Run is coming!

>> p.4

OPPORTUNITIES BEYOND ECONOMIC CRISIS Michael Marakakis, President and CEO of Cooperative Bank of Chania is talking to Chania Post about the prospects of Greek economy >> p. 3

Public bus is the best affordable way to travel to Chania - Rethimno - Heraklion... and to all Southwestern Crete

p. 2 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

“I hope that...”



WOOF : It’s the greek “goal” at surviving …everywhere!

Hope is a dream in the mind of what by Elpida “Hope” Katsarakis can come NEA TV Journalist Hope gives you a future whatever has passed whatever done Hope is a light that breaks through the darkness that us surround Hope helps us find our way through to safer loving ground Hope fights for you when things get so very tough Hope means keeping going when you have had enough Hope though dims on times stays through your sorrow Hope brings you through by dreaming of tomorrow Hope tries to console you when your eyes glisten with tears Hope gives you something to keep going whatever your fears Hope is free beautiful may fade but never dies Hope is always there even if its light seems dim on times Salma Torrez I chose to hope again today To believe in beauty, In sunsets, In the rain I chose to laugh again, To dream, To dance And to sing with abandonment, I chose joy instead of despair, Smiles instead of many tears, Colors replaced the dull And a rainbow filled my vision When all around me I could not see And when the coffee was toxin in my blood When the world was full of trouble and nothing else I chose hope Jessica Nobubele Frame

“Opportunities beyond economic crisis”

Michael Marakakis, President and CEO of Cooperative Bank of Chania is talking to Chania Post about the prospects of Greek economy When you need someone to talk about economic issues, then you have to find Michael Marakakis *. He is talking to Chania Post about Greek economy, economic crisis, the role of Cooperative Banks, all strateinterview to gic investments of Cooperative Bank Pandelis Giaitsis of Chania and advice us to give our best, work hard and have patience.

Woof is our new slogan… Buffering…buffering…buffering… New season – reloaded All messages mixed up 1. Greece is good at football 2. A 28 years old man can be killed in the centre of Athens for 700 euros 3. Christmas is almost knocking our door 4. Mayors are smiling to me again..elections are knocking our door by Pandelis Spiridakis KYDON TV Host - gelamou.gr

Conclusion : woof is our first thought coming up. Why woof is the new greek syndrome? I may not bark, but I still bite! That’s the point… Greeks may have stopped yelling, but they haven’t stopped acting. So even if it’s Christmas, elections, bills or debts are knocking our door. The true story is the passport we give to the matters that will cross our doors… And in the end there is something with the water here, that’s the thing all countries love with Greeks. We are good at football and at party-

ing… We will now choose a cd with christmas songs, we will grab the Christmas tree and guess what? SURPRISE... WOOF… GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHRISTMAS No martini, no party? Bull shit. We will “cook” in the oven Christmas ornamentis from pasta for the tree, we don’t need money to spend... We just need joy to spend, no limits, pal… stand up for your right, smile and mainly think. This is extraordinary sexy and Woof is our new slogan… Protecting life, giving your best and counting your guts! Surviving can be our new game… got u! And everything started from a football goal …but it was a dressed – up life goal!

www.gelamou.gr... only the good news !!! Sports radio on the web... www.sportfmxania.gr

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During recent years, the economic crisis has affected You have done some strategic significantly the country and the national economy, but economic moves by purchasalso the Greek people in their business and everyday life. ing 50% of a well-known local Within this framework the Cretan economy has been af- food business and 100% of fected to a lesser extent thanks to the versatility of its VIOCHYM. I suppose that you believe that there is a light in economy. In addition, local economies, businesses and house- the dark of the economic criholds, have had a reliable ally throughout this period: sis. the cooperative banks. We offer continuous and substantial support, as our cor- At Cooperative Bank of Chania, porate philosophy dictates, but also, because we have we truly believe in the prospects of healthy firms. strong personal relationships with our customers, who To this end, we have proceeded to business developwe see and meet every day. ment actions in non-banking sectors “There are opportunities for such as those that you refer to. Tell us a few words about the future of healthy entrepreneurship These are companies that have great pocooperative banks in Greece. It seems in all times and situations. tential and room for growth, with proper that economic crisis has affected them Even the Greek crisis holds guidance from specialized personnel. less than systemic banks. opportunities in areas where our country has com- Can local businesses from Chania, and It’s a fact that cooperative banks because petitive advantages, such our products in general, acquire their of their conservative policy were less ex- as tourism, energy, targeted own special place in foreign markets? posed to risky lending and investments. agricultural production.“ Particularly, food companies with local Most of us have not invested in government bonds, the haircut of which led to very significant products start their business abroad with a competitive advantage: the top quality of Cretan agricultural prodlosses for commercial banks. Of course, cooperative banks did not go completely in- ucts and raw materials. With the development of the appropriate infrastructure tact by the crisis. and product distribution channels abroad we believe that these businesses can flourish in foreign markets, since our products are in many cases superior to competitive products from other countries.

There are opportunities for healthy entrepreneurship in all times and situations. Even the Greek crisis holds opportunities in areas where our country has competitive advantages, such as tourism, energy,

by Pandelis Giaitsis

Just... thank you Theo!

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We live in a difficult economic situation that affects us all. Do you believe that local market has its own strengths against this crisis?

They have had their share from the crisis’ impact, and since they have not been funded by the FSF, several of them now face capital adequacy problems. In this framework, certain cooperative banks have recently proceeded to share capital increases in order to meet their capital needs. The success or failure of this endeavour will form the future face of the sector.

Do you believe that there are some growth opportunities in Greece’s crisis?

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p. 3 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

targeted agricultural “... we truly believe in the production. prospects of healthy firms. At Cooperative Bank of To this end, we have Chania, we believe that proceeded to business we have a dual obligadevelopment actions in tion, as a responsible non-banking sectors....“ member of the local community and as a pillar of local economy, to promote, strengthen and support entrepreneurial efforts of this kind. That is why the Cooperative Bank of Chania provides business and financial support to local businesses. What is the advice to all of us who expect a ray of light for Greece from someone like you who knows a lot about economy? At the moment, there is a need for a lot of work and patience from everyone. We have to wait for all necessary structural changes to be completed, which will liberate us of the distortions created in the past. This effort requires everyone’s contribution because its successful completion will benefit both the country as a whole but also each one of us as individual citizens. * Michael Marakakis is the President and Chairman of Board in Cooperative Bank of Chania.

p. 4 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

Be a Santa for one day and... offer for a lifetime

Crete… The land of great contradictions

by Katerina Polizou NEA TV Journalist

27th of December is coming. Another Santa Run in Chania, another great day for all of us, in order to gather money for charity reasons. What is Santa Run... First year we were 400. Last year we became 1500. This year we want to be 3000! 3000 Santa Claus will paint Chania in red on the 27th of December. They will run a distance of 3.5 km in the historic and commercial center of Chania with the one and only purpose to gather money for children with health problems. Santa Run is a festive, charitable organization, a parody of the famous Santa Run held in various cities of the world every December. It is a walking in the city of Chania with Santa Claus costumes. Refueling stations for the run are the shops of the city and instead of water we drink beer (and raki ). Official timing and placement sites do not exist. In Santa Run we are all winners because we offer to children in need. Last year we collected 27,147 euro, which were given to ELEPAP, KIFAMEA, MEGALOCHARI and ORIZONTAS, the four clubs of the city that help children with health problems. Santa Run started in Chania from a volunteer group and managed to become one of the most pioneering events of 2012 in Greece, a case of the whole city of Chania. This year , we want even more entries. We know that other cities will support the Santa Run loudly and decisively. All together we are 3000 Santa Claus and we want to make Chania happier, livelier, and more festive than ever. We invite you to be a part of the biggest celebration of the year. Help us to multiply the fun, joy, love and tender. This year 3000 Santa Claus will carry a message of solidarity and sympathy. 3000 Santa Claus will bring the celebrations within our city and in our hearts. This year Santa Claus will come in Chania on 27 December. And there won’t be only one... but 3,000!

Bartering your possessions one by one, In international markets and common bazaars, So you’re left without eyes to see, without ears to hear, with lips sealed and you say nothing. For which of man’s sacred rights are

you arraigning us? I know: preaching and rhetoric again, you’ll say. Well, yes! Preaching and rhetoric. Words have to be hammered like nails. If they’re not to be lost in the wind. (Poetics, by Manolis Anagnostakis)

Crete has been the land of great contradictions since the first human settlement on the island that dates 130,000 years ago, during the Paleolithic age. Mountains, gorges and fertile valleys, meet with both the cosmopolitan and historic heritage of the Minoan civilization, the Roman rule, the Byzantine Empire, the influence of the Emirate of Crete, the Venetian and the Ottoman rule. An endless history of constant struggle against enemies and “Great Allies”, since the times of the Cretan State, to the unification with Greece and the significant resistance during the World War II. What is it with Crete? Is it the climate, the fine products, the hospital people… or perhaps its history, the attractive combination of archaeological to nature sites? Is it the unique combination of the White Mountains reaching softly the tropic blue coastline of the Libyan Sea? Our land has been repeatedly characterized as one of the “Best Islands to Live”… and so it is…

Spinaloga in top-10 of most beautiful abandoned places in the world Although many abandoned places are considered to be ghost towns or haunted locations, it cannot be denied that some of these forgotten places are also considered as one of the most eerily beautiful locations in the world. Some of these sites are even considered as popular tourist attractions or World Heritage Sites of UNESCO ! These places are usually a showcase of previous thriving civilizations, a religious monument, an abandoned town carved out during the Medieval period, or sunken statues or ships. They may have been abandoned by their previous residents, but they are thriving today as popular tourist attractions and historic relics! Spinaloga: Once a part of Crete, Greece until it was carved out from the inland, the abandoned island of

Life of an “Expat” “When we talk about islands, we think about small places. But you don’t have that feeling with Crete,” says Eva Smith. “It would take you at least a year to explore the island from one end to the other.” Eva, 50, a former retail executive and consultant, and husband Rob, a telecommun- ications entrepreneur, retired to Crete from California in 2004. (www.islands.com) - Are we proud of Crete? - Yesssssssss! - Do we care for Crete? - Well… that depends… Great issues call for a debate over the definition of the term “development”…

Crete, the prefecture combining energy, sea, products, water sufficiency, the island hosting university, polytechnic, technical education institutes, the home of sealife, telecommunication, and other innovation foundations, should clearly define –through its representatives- the terms of the forthcoming development… Crete, should become the land of productivity… instead of a well organized source of provided services.

Spinalonga is now a famous tourist attraction in the region. The isolated island was developed during the time of the Venetian rule and was intended to be a leper colony, until it was abandoned in 1957. It is believed that it is the last active leper colonies in Europe. Today, many tourists and local villagers from nearby towns continue to do regular boat visits in the island.

p. 6 CHANIA POST Your local free paper

RyanAir ‘s charity calendar smashes sales record - New Chania to Dublin route from April 1st - Summer 2014 schedule has been launched Ryanair, Europe’s favourite low fares airline, announced record sales of its 2014 Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar, which has sold over 5,000 copies in just three weeks, smashing previous calendar sales records and leaving just 5,000 copies remaining. And a behind-the-scenes ‘making of’ video showing the 13 Ryanair cabin crew calendar stars, shot on location in Chania, Crete, earlier this year, has also broken records, with over 640,000 views on YouTube to date, proving without doubt that the 2014 Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar, and video, are the best yet. Ryanair’s brilliant cabin crew have raised over €600,000 for charity since 2008 and are well on course to raise another €100,000 this year. The remaining 5,000 calendars are available onboard all Ryanair aircraft, online at www.ryanair.com and from Teenage Cancer Trust for just €10/£10, with all proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust (UK), to help support young people in the UK battling with cancer. Ryanair’s John Alborante said: “Once again, support for Ryanair’s Cabin Crew Charity Calendar has been a huge hit with over 5,000 calendars sold so far – as well as over 640,000 video views on YouTube. Our 2014 Charity Calendar is on course to reach its goal of raising €100,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust in re-

cord time, supporting the outstanding work helping young people aged between 13 and 24 with cancer. We encourage everyone to buy one of the few remaining copies for themselves.” RYANAIR ANNOUNCES NEW CHANIA TO DUBLIN ROUTE Ryanair, Europe’s only ultra-low cost airline, announced a new Chania to Dublin route (from 1st April 2014, 2 times per week on Tuesday and Saturday). Ryanair’s John Alborante said: “Ryanair is pleased to announce this new Chania to Dublin route which will start on the 1st of April 2014 while boosting Greek tourism and economy. Visitors and Greek consumers can now beat the recession by flying at the guaranteed lowest fares and no fuel surcharges to exciting destinations all over Europe.” 91% OF RYANAIR FLIGHTS ARRIVE ON-TIME IN OCTOBER Ryanair, Europe’s favourite low fares airline, released its October customer service statistics which confirm that Ryanair is Europe’s No 1 customer service airline as follows; • 91% of 51,000 flights arrived on-time • Less than 1 complaint per 1,000 passengers • Less than 1 bag complaint per 2,000 passengers • 99% of complaints answered within 7 days. Ryanair’s John Alborante said: “During October, 91% of our 51,000 flights arrived ontime, as Ryanair continued to improve our industry leading customer service. Ryanair’s unbeatable formula of the lowest fares, no fuel surcharges and No 1 customer service delivery continues to encourage passengers to switch from high fare, fuel surcharging competitors, which is why we are on target to carry over 81m passengers this year.”

October 2012 On-time flights 92% Complaints per 1,000 pax 0.53 Bag complaints per 1,000 pax 0.34 Complaints answered within 7 days 99%

2013 91%* 0.64* 0.39* 99%

RYANAIR LAUNCHES SUMMER 2014 SCHEDULE OVER 1,600 ROUTES ON SALE NOW FROM €14.99 Ryanair, Europe’s favourite low fares airline, released its summer 2014 schedule, with over 1,600 low fare routes between 29 countries, with millions of seats on sale at fares from €14.99 on www.ryanair.com. 2014 will be the first summer where customers can not only enjoy Ryanair’s low fares, but also its recent service improvements including allocated seating, a small 2nd carry-on bag, an easier website booking platform and quiet flights before 8am and after 9am, which makes Ryanair the ideal choice for family and friends planning their summer 2014 holiday. Ryanair’s John Alborante said: “Ryanair is pleased to release our summer 2014 schedule, with over 1,600 routes across Europe, which are now on sale with prices from €14.99 on the Ryanair website. Passengers can forget the winter blues and book their 2014 holiday, thanks to Ryanair’s low fare summer routes – with more to be announced soon.”

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Cretan State and The Union with Greece - Celebrating 100 years since 1913 The role of the greatest Greek politician, Eleftherios Venizelos On Sunday, the December 1st, 1913 the flag of the Hellenic Republic was raised on the top of the fortress of Firka, on the western side of the Harbor of Chania in presence of the King of Hellenes, Constantine, as well as the Greek Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos, whose role was key in the long struggle for Enosis, and a large, emotional and enthusiastic crowd of the proud Hellenes of Crete. The raising of the flag signified the long sought union of Crete with Mother Greece. The brutal occupation of Christian Crete by the Moslem Turks lasted from 1669 to 1913, over 267 years, part of that time administered by the Egyptian Muslim lackeys of the Sublime Porte. During this bloody epoch, the constant and continuous battle cry by the heroic Cretan Christians was “Enosis”; for they knew that they were Hellenes and belonged as part of the nation known as the Hellenic Republic. When the Cretans raised their guns and fought, died and suffered, they did it for freedom and Enosis with Mother Greece. Aid to the people of Crete during the period from 1830 through the time of Enosis was primarily from Greece, at times openly but many times surreptitiously, because the “Great Powers” for the most part opposed the rebellions and the removal of Ottoman authority. Many Philhellenes also came to the island in support of the Cretan cause. In 1867, some of the “Great Powers”, in a humanitarian gesture, supplied ships to remove Christian refugees from Crete, and to forestall future massacres. Unfortunately, many Cretans converted to Islam during the 267 years, based on economic reasons for the most part. These Muslim converts often took part in Muslim militias known as “Bashi-Bazouks”, and participated in attacks and massacres against the Christians. It is estimated that the population of Crete was about 290,000 in the mid 19th century, with approximately 80,000 to 90,000 of these being converts to Islam. However, throughout this period, the Greek Christians were always a strong majority on the island. It was the existence and strong adherence of the Cretan Christians to their Orthodox faith throughout the struggle that sustained these heroes and permitted their ultimate emancipation and Enosis with Greece. This faith has existed on the island since the time of Saint Titus in 57AD. The Greek War of Independence, celebrated each year on March 25, lasted from 1821 to 1829, when Greece was finally recognized as an independent nation at the signing of the “Protocol of London” on January 22nd, 1830. However, the agreements of the “Great Powers” (Austria, Prussia, Britain, France, Russia) prevented Crete from joining in this, and the Cretans had to struggle for another 83 years to achieve union with Greece. Bloody rebellions against the Muslim Ottoman Turks and their Egyptian lackeys were a way of life for

the Christian Cretan people, and there were many such uprisings, including: • Daskalogiannis Revolt (1770) • Crete during the Greek War of Independence (1821–1828) • Cretan Revolt (1841) • Cretan Revolt (1866–1869) • Cretan Revolt (1878) • Cretan Revolt (1897-1898) • Theriso Revolt (1905-1912) One of the biggest and most important of all the Cretan rebellions was the revolt of 1866 to 1869. It was during this revolt that the Holocaust of the Monastery of Arkadi occurred, on November 8th 1866. It was the international recognition of the struggle of the people of Crete after the Holocaust of Arkadi that eventually lead, after additional bloody revolts and political struggles, to Enosis. The last revolt on the list, at Theriso, under the leadership of Eleftherios Venizelos, Konstantinos Foumis and Konstantinos Manos, took place after the Turks were forced to grant autonomy to the Island on December 4, 1897. Although Crete was granted autonomy, legally it was still under the authority of the Ottoman Turkish Empire during this period, and officially remained a part of the

Empire until Enosis. The goal of the Theriso revolt was to force the hands of the Great Powers and the King of Greece to finally end Turkish rule, and unite the island with Greece. There never existed an independent Cretan State, although many incorrect references may be found to this term, as well as a flag purporting to represent it. Since there never existed an independent nation of Crete, there can not be an official flag for it as a nation, although there was a flag used while the island continued under autonomous Turkish authority. The first Balkan War against Turkey in October 1912 was the spark needed by the Cretans to finally achieve Enosis. The defeat of Turkey in this war and the “Treaty of London” on May 30, 1913 required Turkey to relinquish her title to Crete. On November 1, 1913, Greece and Turkey signed an agreement in which the Sultan gave up all claims to Crete. Exactly one month later, on December 1, 1913, the flag of the Hellenic Republic was raised over the

Firka in Chania; Crete was at last free, and part of the independent nation of Greece. The Cretan State The Cretan State was established in 1898, following the intervention by the Great Powers (Britain, France, Italy and Russia) on the island of Crete. In 1897 an insurrection in Crete led the Ottoman Empire to declare war on Greece, which led Great Britain, France, Italy and Russia to intervene on the grounds that the Ottoman Empire could no longer maintain control. It was the prelude of the island’s final annexation to the Kingdom of Greece, which occurred de facto in 1908 and de jure in 1913. The island of Crete, an Ottoman possession since the end of the Cretan War, was inhabited by a mostly Greek-speaking population, whose majority was Christian. During and after the Greek War of Independence, the Christians of the island rebelled several times against external Ottoman rule, pursuing union with Greece. These were brutally subdued, but secured some concessions from the Ottoman government under the pressure of European public opinion. In 1878, the Pact of Halepa established the island as an autonomous state under Ottoman suzerainty, until the Ottomans reneged on that agreement in 1889. The collapse of the Pact heightened tensions in the island, leading to another rebellion in 1895, which greatly expanded in 1896–1897 to cover most of the island. Nationalist secret societies and a fervently irredentist public opinion forced the Greek government to send military forces to the island, provoking a war with the Ottoman Empire. Although most of Crete came under the control of the Greek forces, the unprepared Greek Army was crushed by the Ottomans, who occupied Thessaly. The war was ended by the intervention of the Great Powers (Great Britain, France, Italy and Russia), who forced the Greek contingent to withdraw from Crete and the Ottoman Army to stop its advance. In the Treaty of Constantinople the Ottoman Government promised to implement the provisions of the Halepa Pact. Establishment of the Cretan State By March 1897, the Great Powers decided to restore order by governing the island temporarily through a committee of four admirals who remained in charge until the arrival of Prince George of Greece as the first High Commissioner of an autonomous Crete, effectively detached from the Ottoman Empire, on 9 December 1898. On the 25th of August in 1898, a Turkish mob massacred hundreds of Cretan Greeks, the British Consul and 17 British soldiers. As a result, the Turkish forces were expelled from the island by the Great Powers in November 1898, and an autonomous Cretan State, under Ottoman suzerainty, garrisoned by an international military force, and with its High Commissioner provided by Greece, was founded.

p. 9 CHANIA POST Your local free paper Internal turmoil - the Therisos Revolt On 13 December 1898, George of Greece arrived as High Commissioner for a three-year tenure. On 27 April 1899, an Executive Committee was created, in which a young, Athens-trained lawyer from Chania, Eleftherios Venizelos, participated as Minister of Justice. By 1900, Venizelos and the Prince had developed differences over domestic policies, as well as the issue of Enosis, the union with Greece. Venizelos resigned in early 1901, and for the next three years, he and his supporters waged a bitter political struggle with the Prince’s faction, leading to a political and administrative deadlock on the island. Eventually, in March 1905, Venizelos and his supporters gathered in the village of Therisos, in the hills near Chania, constituted a “Revolutionary Assembly”, demanded political reforms and declared the “political union of Crete with Greece as a single free constitutional state” in a manifesto delivered to the consuls of the Great Powers. The Cretan Gendarmerie remained loyal to the Prince, but numerous deputies joined the revolt, and despite the Powers’ declaration of military law on 18 July, their military forces did not move against the rebels. On 15 August, the Cretan Assembly voted for the proposals of Venizelos, and the Great Powers brokered an agreement, whereby Prince George would resign and a new constitution created. In the 1906 elections the pro-Prince parties took 38,127 votes while pro-Venizelos parties took 33,279 votes, but in September 1906 Prince George was replaced by former Greek prime minister Alexandros Zaimis and left the island. In addition, Greek officers came to replace the Italians in the organization of the Gendarmerie, and the withdrawal of the foreign troops began, leaving Crete de facto under Greek control. Union with Greece A Constitution was promulgated in February 1907, but in 1908, taking advantage of domestic turmoil in Turkey as well as the timing of Zaimis’s vacation away from the island, the Cretan deputies declared unilateral union with Greece, but this act was not recognized by Greece until October 1912 and internationally until 1913, after the Balkan Wars. By the Treaty of London, Sultan Mehmed V relinquished

his formal rights to the island. In December, the Greek flag was raised at the Firka Fortress in Chania, with Eleftherios Venizelos and King Constantine in attendance, and Crete was formally unified with mainland Greece. The Muslim minority of Crete initially remained on the island but was later relocated to Turkey under the general population exchange agreed to in the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne between Turkey and Greece. Eleftherios Venizelos Eleftherios Venizelos was an eminent Greek revolutionary, a prominent and illustrious statesman, and a charismatic leader of the early 20th century. Elected several times as Prime Minister of Greece, serving from 1910 to 1920 and from 1928 to 1932, Venizelos had such profound influence on the internal and external affairs of Greece that he is credited with being “the maker

of modern Greece”, and is still widely known as the “Ethnarch”. His first entry into the international scene was with his significant role in the autonomy of the Cretan State and later in the union of Crete with Greece. Soon, he was invited to Greece to resolve the political deadlock and became the country’s Prime Minister. Not only did he initiate constitutional and economic reforms that set the basis for the modernization of Greek society, but also reorganized both army and navy in preparation of future conflicts. Before the Balkan Wars of 1912–1913, Venizelos’ catalytic role helped gain Greece entrance to the Balkan League, an alliance of the Balkan states against Ottoman Turkey. Through his diplomatic acumen, Greece doubled her area and population with the liberation of Macedonia, Epirus, and the rest of the Aegean islands. In World War I (1914–1918), he brought Greece on the side of the Allies, further expanding the Greek borders. However, his pro-Allied foreign policy brought him in direct conflict with the monarchy, causing the National Schism. The Schism polarized the population between the royalists and Venizelists and the struggle for power between the two groups afflicted the political and social life of Greece for decades. Following the Allied victory, Venizelos secured new territorial gains, especially in Anatolia, coming close to realizing the Megali Idea. Despite his achievements, Venizelos was defeated in the 1920 General Election, which contributed to the eventual Greek defeat in the Greco-Turkish War (1919–22). Venizelos, in self-imposed exile, represented Greece in the negotiations that led to the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, and the agreement of a mutual exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey. In his subsequent periods in office Venizelos succeeded in restoring normal relations with Greece’s neighbors and expanded his constitutional and economical reforms. In 1935 Venizelos resurfaced from retirement to support a military coup and its failure severely weakened the Second Hellenic Republic, the republic he had created. References: http://www.examiner.com http://en.wikipedia.org


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Supporting Terra Creta for the EBA Terra Creta from Greece will compete for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ in this year’s European Business Awards, sponsored by RSM International, as the public vote opens for the first time. Please visit the following link for voting Terra Creta and watch the video entry: http://www.businessawardseurope.com/vote/detail/greece/7610 The company, already named as one of the national champions in the internally judged part of the competition, has submitted a video of its company online, giving an in-depth story of their business and its successes. It will now compete against all other country national champions for the public vote. The company with the most votes will be named ‘National Public Champion’ for Greece on 14th January. This first phase of the online voting is open from 11th November to 2nd January, giving Terra Creta 7 weeks to get as many votes as possible. For more information on the European Business Awards, please visit www.businessawardseurope.com. There are two stages of achievement as a result of public voting: 1. National Public Champion 2. European Public Champion The first phase of online voting allows the public to vote for their favorite National Champion and the business that receives the highest number of votes in their country will be announced as ‘National Public Champion’. There will be one National Public Champion per country (up to a maximum of 31). The second phase will follow later. An innovative, strong and thriving business community makes a successful and prosperous Europe Terra Creta was founded in 2001 in Chania and currently operates at its ultra-modern production facilities in Kolymvari, Crete, Greece. The farming, production and exports of top quality, Cretan extra virgin olive oil is our primary function. Being export focused, with a commitment to quality and innovation, the company has managed to expand sales into more than 20 countries and win many international awards within a very few years. Terra Creta was the first company to develop and launch an online traceability system for its olive oil. The company produces extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality using innovative extraction methods in its advanced olive mill in Kolymvari.

Wedding tourism in Crete Chinese are getting married in Chania next year Tourism representatives and entrepreneurs from Shanghai, who specialize in promoting wedding tourism packages for couples from China, accompanied by the President of the Hotel Association of Chania, Manolis Giannoulis, and tourism administration member for the Regional Unit of Chania, Manolis Volikakis, visited Apostolos Voulgarakis– Regional Vice Governor–to let him know that they have scheduled 16 wedding packages for this April, in Chania. This initiative is part of the “Rose Weddings” program implemented by the region in order to develop tourism. During their stay in Chania, the delegation members visited several places to choose the appropriate venues for the wedding ceremonies. On his part, Regional Vice Governor of Chania, Apostolos Voulgarakis, promised that the city of Chania will fully support these actions. Weddings are among the most memorable events in life, and Greece is one of the top wedding destinations in the world. The view of the sea, the sandy beaches, the food, the weather, the scenery and the people, make Greek wedding destinations among the most sought-after in the world. The Chinese are very keen on Crete as a holiday and wedding destination, and are eager to set a new trend for the Chinese, following in the footsteps of other foreigners that take their wedding vows in Crete. The Chinese prefer to call it “Rose Weddings,” which are mass nuptials with many couples. They fell in love in China and they will get married in Crete. Sixteen couples from a country far away from Greece decided that they will get married at the same time, in a romantic sea view setting of Chania, or alterna-

tively at an archeological site of the island. The weddings will take place next April, a few days after Greek Easter. The “Rose Weddings,” is a program that started last year with the participation of the region of Crete, aiming to develop wedding tourism on the island. The authorities of Chania seems that they have found one more “alternative” type of tourism.

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This map shows what Europe will look like in 2022 by Chris Miles, map by Yanko Tsvetkov The year is 2022 and the Germans are dominating Western Europe (again). France, Belgium, Austria, and most of Italy are under die Germans dominion. But this time, it’s not the German military that has conquered from Warsaw to Marseille. Hell, this time around the French actually invited the Germans to run their country. Why? German economic policy. Germany gets it. Under Chancellor Angela Merkel, German industry has prospered (of course), and propelled the nations formerly known as France, Belgium, and Italy to new heights. Austerity works. And everybody loves it. No more lax French welfare and piss-poor public transportation. Autobahns and Deutsche Bahn get people from Dresden to Lyon more efficiently than ever. No more Italian antics. The Italian crooks were all sent to Brooklyn (including Berlusconi), Barilla was told to drop the whole anti-gay thing, and Ferrari was bought by VW which now produces fuel-efficient and affordable Ferrari compact cars. There is a bierhalle on every corner. And it’s wonderful. This new domain is known as Merkelreich. Neuberlin is the capital. The European Union has failed (of course). Er, rather, the Germans and French have seen the light, adopted the German currency, and moved on with their lives. Eastern Europe — having been just recently admitted into the EU, and seeing as they had to wait so damn long for admittance — is still trying the whole EU thing out. Just for a little bit. Just until something better comes along. Turkey, of course, is still eagerly awaiting its membership. China purchased Greece, and regrets it. Beautiful islands, but that’s about it. Taiwan purchased an indebted Ireland. The annual

Greek-Ireland football match always causes an international diplomatic crisis (usually fueled by whichever boozy Irishman burns a Chinese flag). Britain claims it is still a regional power (per usual), but doesn’t really get it. They say a lot of threatening things, but nobody really takes them seriously. They still can’t win a World Cup and they still have the worst culinary taste on the continent (and yes, they are part of the continent — not separate, as they would have you believe). Scotland seceded a long time ago, and it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. Switzerland is one big bank, and that makes sense. The Vatican gave up on Italy, and it was the best thing to ever happen to the Italian fashion scene. It’ll be interesting to see what the “gays” from Florence to Rome do with Italy now that there is no religion keeping everyone in check. The Vatican has relocated to Spain. Barcelona seceded from Spain a long time ago, and it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. The Netherlands still houses all of the useless international organizations that nobody really pays any attention to. So how did we get here? The complete dissolving of Europe all started with Scandinavia. Around 2014, they realized their superior social welfare programs, standard of living, life expectancy, health care, and business practices were better kept from the rest of the barbarian continent. The Second Kalnar Union was born. And it has flourished. Life expectancy these days is pushing 150 years. There is no crime. No hate. Everyone is beautiful. Clean energy powered by windfarms fuel everything. Ikea has overtaken Walmart in international corporate power. Iceland, though, long ago decided to join the United States, and is now an extension of Alaska. It’s the worst decision they’ve ever made. The United States is currently surviving (thriving?) under year six of the Rand Paul administration. Russia is still a dick to everyone.

Thalassa Beach Resort honored by TUI as a Top Hotel for hosting couples

Thalassa Beach Resort on Crete, once again was voted by TUI customers as one of the best hotels that specializes in hosting couples. The resort was honored with the “Blue Award 2013 at TUI UK & Ireland’s annual Gold Awards hosted recently at the Banqueting House in London, UK. The Cretan hotel stood out for its excellent performance, according to feedback scores from Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires, completed by TUI holidaymakers this summer. Thalassa Beach Resort is located in Agia Marina on Crete, nine kilometers west of the city center of Chania, on the main road near the northern coastline.

Triple agreement on global promotion of Crete The region is in agreement with large travel agencies and travel websites to advertise the island for free via «Incredible Crete» and outstanding videos of Th.Papadoulakis! TUI, Millenium and TripAdvisor agreed with the Region of Crete to ask for the promotional videos and the website to start their own project through their websites and their presentations to the millions of customers. “The intention to ask us the promotional videos and the web site shows that our work is very good and recognizable all over the world“, said the district commissioner Stavros Arnaoutakis who believes that the targeted marketing movements will give Crete an even stronger brand name in the next few years.

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The traditional tsikoudia from Crete Similar to tsipouro, orujo or marc but... more original and tasteful Tsikoudia is an authentic Greek product closely interwoven with the Greek lifestyle, hospitality and entertainment. It is produced by the distillation of grape marc. Tsikoudia –or also commonly raki in by Petros Marinakis the eastern part of Crete– is an alBotanical Park & Gardens coholic beverage, a fragrant, grapebased pomace brandy of Cretan origin that contains 35%–60% alcohol by volume. Tsikoudia is made by distilling of pomace, i.e., the pieces of grapes (sometimes including the stems and seeds) that were pressed for the winemaking process. The pomace is kept for about six weeks after the grapes have been pressed, in a tightly-sealed barrel, and then the fermented mush is distilled. It is similar to tsipouro made in mainland Greece, to the Spanish orujo, French marc, Georgian chacha, Portuguese bagaceira and Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian (in Istria: rakija and grappa), Romanian tescovină, Albanian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Turkish raki. In the eastern part of Crete tsikoudia is commonly referred to as “raki”, but apparently less so in the west. It is often home-produced by individuals in villages throughout Crete, and so the alcohol content varies by producer. Typically each Cretan village has one or two residents

who are licensed to distill, and tsikoudia is produced continuously for two or three weeks in late October and early November. Tsikoudia is sometimes served cold from a bottle kept in a freezer. This is commonly offered as an after dinner digestif and in most tavernas in Crete it is offered as a complimentary aperitif with fruits and sweets after the meal. It can be flavored using lemon rind, rosemary, or honey (rakomelo). Rakomelo (or racomelo) from raki + meli, meaning honey) is a Greek mixed alcoholic drink. It is made by combining raki or Tsipouro with honey and several spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, or other regional herbs. It is produced in Crete and other islands of the Aegean Sea and on the Greek mainland, chiefly consumed during the winter as a warm drink. A similar drink is baked raki, which is a regional drink of

Christmas Traditions and New Year Celebrations in Crete After Easter, Christmas (Christouyenna) is the second important religious holiday in whole Greece. During the time the traditions changed and some of the Christian traditions are hold as well, such as the Christmas tree and the turkey. Meanwhile also in Crete the Christmas time is getting more and more commercial, store windows are decorated approx 1month in advance, streets and town squares are lit with Christmas lightning and as the holiday period lasts from Christmas, New Year until Epiphany some Greeks are going abroad for winter sport. In Crete it was custom to decorate instead of the Christmas tree a boat; the reason may be that Saint Nikolas (whose name day is the 6th December) is the Saint of the fishermen and sailors. But even the tradition decorating a Christmas tree may come from Greece as the use of decorated greenery and branches around New Year is recorded as far back as in Greek antiquity. A few days before Christmas day, the Christmas tree is decorated, some are fasting 40 days before Christmas (faithful would not eat any animal or its related products, i.e. meat, dairy or eggs), houses would be cleaned with extra care and housewives prepare the honey cookies, or Melomakarona (sweet honey covered biscuits), which will be eaten on Christmas Day when the fasting ended. On Christmas day (24th December), children go from house to house singing the carols (the “Kalanda”), while accompanied by the sounds of the triangle, guitars, accordions, lyres or harmonicas. They will ask the house owner “na to poume?” (more or less - shall we sing it?) before starting to sing. This is in case there has been a recent death in the family as those in mourning celebrate Christmas quietly. Afterwards the children are given sweets or coins by the house owner. On the 25th December the actual celebration starts and will be usually spent with family and the traditional Christmas dinner is roast lamb, pork or turkey, fricassee lamb or pork cooked with egg and lemon sauce. As it is also the Name Day of Christos, Christina and Chrysoula, many people are also busy to attend or host Name Day parties on Christmas Day evening. On the 26th December also the name days of Manolis or Emanuel or Manos or Emanuela are all celebrated, and friends and relatives will stop by to wish them “many happy returns” or “chronia pola”. In older times the villagers would cut up pork meat and make sausages, apakia (the pork is cut into chunks and

then smoked), Pihti (the pig’s head is boned and all the meat is boiled; Then the stock, after special preparation, is made into a delicious gelatin mold with pieces of the meat in it), Siglina (the pork meat is cut into small pieces, then cooked and stored, covered with lard, in large pots. This way the meat could be kept for many months), Omathies (the pig’s intestines are stuffed with rice, raisins and bits of liver) and Tsigarithes (pieces of lard cooked with spices and eaten with leaven bread for the mid-morning meal when they picked olives.) Nothing was wasted from the pig, as there was a use for each piece of the animal. Even the bladder, or “balloon” as it’s known, would be washed out and cleaned, then blown up and used as a ball - a precious gift for the children of that day. On the 27th December is again a Name day which allows to party, the day of Stephanos and Stephania.

Apart from the 25th December, Greeks will party at clubs, at bouzoukia, which have almost disappeared in Crete, or stay at home and watch some impressive holiday show on television. After Christmas, the children impatiently await the New Year (Protochronia) because that’s when St. Basil (Agios Vasilios) delivers their gifts. In Greece it is the custom to exchange gifts on the New Year instead of Christmas. The presents are delivered by St. Basil, who is the same as the Santa Claus of the western world. On New Year’s Eve in Crete it is customary for most people to gather in the town’s centre, or plaza, for last minute shopping or just a pleasant stroll. On the main roads, teenagers and other young ones create a maniacal scene

the island of Amorgos that is made from raki, sugar and spices and is served at room temperature. Baked raki contains more spices than rakomelo which usually only contains cinnamon. Rakomelo can be found as a bottled mixed drink in liquor stores, ready to be served. Baked raki is also available mixed and bottled, ready for consumption (served at room temperature). A general recipe for rakomelo is 1-2 teaspoons of honey for every 4 shots of raki, along with one clove and about 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, modified to suit different tastes.

by declaring a bloodless war on each other, using plastic clubs, giant plastic hammers, foam spray and whistles as “weapons.” Later, all the friends gather at one of their houses to ring in the New Year together. In the homes it is also the custom for cards to be played on New Year’s Eve while waiting for the year to change. The betting sums are usually kept low, so as to offer a friendly diversion without upsetting the losers. In recent years elaborate firework displays have been established in the central squares of the cities throughout Greece. They are organized responsibly by the various municipalities, who also put up festive decorations and sponsor musical events for the Eve’s celebrations. New Year (Protochronia) is a Bank Holiday in Greece and the day of St. Basil (Agios Vasilios) who brings the gifts for the children. It is the custom for money (Kali Chera) to be given to children visiting on New Year’s Day - usually grandchildren or nieces and nephews. Several decades ago, the money was the only gift the children received on New Year’s Day. And, in many cases, the gift was just sweets or pastries, as money was scarce and toy shops were almost non-existent. Because Greeks consider the New Year lucky, it is the custom to participate in games of chance on the first day. In addition to the state lottery which raffles 10 million Euros on New Year’s Day, people play cards and roll dice in coffeehouses, clubhouses and homes throughout the country. The end of the holidays is 6th January, Epiphany (Theofania or Fota -the Light-). The first sanctification of the Epiphany (The Enlightenment) takes place in church on the eve of the 6th January. Then the village priests go round all houses and sprinkle holy water to bless the houses and all those who live there. The big sanctification takes place the following day, 6th January, the day of the Epiphany. A long procession is formed and follows whatever road that leads to a body of water - the sea, a river or even a reservoir. Up in front of the procession are the cherub icons, followed by the priests dressed in their best holiday splendour, then the VIPs, followed by all the people. In the bigger cities, the procession becomes more elaborate with the addition of music and military contingents. At the end of the sanctification ceremony a priest throws a cross into the water, thus blessing the waters and commemorates Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan. Then, those who dare - mostly the younger people of the village - jump in the usually icy water and compete in retrieving the cross. The one who brings the cross up to the surface will enjoy good luck and health for the entire year.

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Main differences between olive oil and other vegetable oils Fat components in our daily diet are important for a stable diet. All oils seem to tout different health and cooking benefits, but what exactly are these benefits? Oils are composed of heart healthy or good fats, and artery clogging, or by Manolis Karpadakis bad fats. Good fats include monoTERRA CRETA Marketing Manager unsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat, both of which lower total cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol, the bad type of cholesterol. Bad fats include saturated fat and trans fat, both of which raise LDL cholesterol. The Magic Olive Oil (for us Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Extra Virgin (or Virgin olive oil) is the natural juice of the olives (Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional crop of the Mediterranean region, that today is produced also in other countries like USA, Australia, Chile, China etc. It is extracted only mechanically and can be consumed also freshly pressed from the fruit. This oil is edible, and has a distinctive flavor when used in cooking. Olive oil contains a significant amount of the fat-soluble vitamin E and vitamin A and K. Other beneficial ingredients are oleocanthal, squalene, triterpenes, etc. Also it is known to be rich minerals due to its non-chemical mode of extraction. It is believed to decrease the rate of heart disease due to its high content of monosaturated fatty acids (MUFA) such as oleic acids (an omega-9 fatty acid). This helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises HDL (good cholesterol) levels, and makes the arterial walls more elastic. Its anti-oxidative properties (contributed by presence of polyphenols in the oil) also help lower the cholesterol level in the blood and also protect the body from free radical damage. Olive oil has the largest amount of heart healthy monounsaturated fat compared to all other naturally produced oils. The taste varies by the variety of olives, region, altitude, time of harvest, extraction method and other factors. Because of its low saturated fat content, it is popular oil for baking, salad dressings and stir-frying. There is no cholesterol in olive oil, as this is not an animal-based product.

Olive oil has a low smoke point, which makes it the preferred oil when requiring medium to high heat, such as when you are stir-frying or pan searing foods. Olive oil has a distinct taste that can add flavor to foods, like pastas or grilled vegetables. Each tablespoon contains 120 calories Olive oil must reach 190oC (or 375oF) to start emitting smoke. The smoke emitted will be less, as the fat in olive oil is less (ort as acidity is lower), making it the suitable oil

for all kinds of cooking at medium temperatures. A good quality olive oil (Extra Virgin) should be preserved in an air tight and dark place at room temperature, as it tends to become rancid and oxidized if exposed. Olive oil is used for cooking, is good for the skin, and has some uses for medicinal purposes as well, such as being used as a laxative or in the preparation of some medications. In some religions like Christianity and Judaism, olive oil is used as a symbol for healing. FDA Approves Qualified Health Claim for Olive Oil in Fighting Heart Disease (2004) “Limited and not conclusive scientific evidence suggests that eating about 2 tablespoons (23 grams) of olive oil daily may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease due to the monounsaturated fat in olive oil. To achieve this possible benefit, olive oil is to replace a

similar amount of saturated fat and not increase the total number of calories you eat in a day”.

If somebody asked you to describe

The Vegetable Oil Vegetable oils are produced from plants using industrial methods and solvent process to extract the oil. Most vegetable oil extracts are suitable for consumption and even though are considered to be healthy, they do have other components, like rancidity. Oil with a rancid property tends to lose their nutritious aspect, and it is less useful for cooking. Vegetable oils look lighter and thinner when compared to a few other types of oils, and they do not add flavor like that of olive oil. Different vegetable oils have different percentages of saturated, monosaturated and polysaturated fat. Coconut oil has the highest amount of saturated fat (92%) and mainly used in desserts, and as shortening. Canola and sunflower oil have the least amount of saturated fats (6% and 9%, respectively), and contain a higher percentage of monosaturated fat (62% and 82% respectively), but ist is not better than a good olive oil. One tablespoon of regular vegetable oil contains 120 calories. These numbers are approximate; there is a slight variation depending upon the source of data. Common varieties in vegetable oil include soybean oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, palm oil and peanut oil. Vegetable oils are used for cooking, fuel, cosmetics & medicines and other industrial purposes.

would you say? It is so difficult for me

Christmas with three words, what to decide. Because Christmas for me are reminiscent of warmth, holidays, family dinners, gifts to each other and most of all love. In the island of Crete, long before the commercialization of Christmas, this celebration of the year had a different purpose and was celebrated much more simply than today. People were poor and did not have the financial means to buy all the material goods that we crave for today. They used to keep a fast for 40 days before Christmas (November 14th to December 24th) in order to be prepared body and soul for the birth of the Lord. This nativity fast was good for their body since during this period they consumed mostly herbs, pulses, fennel pies, kalitsounia herb pies, kalitsounia onion pies and olive oil. Melomakarona was also consumed during this period. They abstained from red meat, poultry and dairy products and this helped to detoxify the body. If you are lucky enough to be in Crete during Christmas you will

In conclusion: • Olive oil is mostly used, and it is the preferred oil, for cooking at moderate temperatures, • Olive oil is the preferred oil for health conscious people. • Only selected vegetable oils are used in cooking, while all varieties of olive oil can be used for cooking. • Olive oil is produced only mechanically while almost all other vegetable oils no. • For cooking purposes, olive oil is superior to vegetable oils in taste, nutrition and integrity.

have the chance to taste our traditional Sfakia pies with mizithra cheese served with locally produced thyme honey on top, kalitsounia with filling of three cheeses (anthotiros, mizithra and pichotogalo Chanion cheese) our exceptional lamb pie as well as

s e t s a t s a m t s i r Ch rete! C e lik

other local delicacies. After tasting the gastronomic paradise of Crete, you will find out for yourselves that

TIP OF THE MONTH A good olive oil must have a pleasant and fruity taste. Depending on the type of olive and the date of its extraction -mid-autumn to early winter- extra virgin olive oil can taste delicate and buttery, fragrant and fruity, olive-y and peppery, or leafy green and grassy.

Eleni Bouchli

Deli Creta PR Executive info@delicreta.com

Kritiko Ergastiri has been preparing since 2003 the original Cretan home-made recipes that our grandmothers used to make with respect to tradition and the

ideals of the Cretan Diet. Recently certified with ISO 22000- HACCP, it guarantees

Melomakarona by Kritiko Ergastiri Melomakarona are a Christmas delicacy not only in Crete but all over Greece. At Christmas kitchens are filled with the wonderful smell of these spice cookies that adorn tables, are given as hostess gifts, and eaten in huge quantities. You do not have to worry if you don’t have the time to prepare them by yourselves. You can always find them at our shops.

For the syrup

2 cups of sugar 2 cups of water 1 cup of honey 1 cinnamon stick orange & lemon peel

For the cookies

2 cups of olive oil 1 cup of orange juice 1 cup of sugar 1 kg of cake flour 1 tsp. of baking soda 1 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon 1/2 tsp. of cloves 1/3 cups of fine semolina 1 full tsp. of baking powder


Beat all the ingredients together until they are well mixed. To roll cookies, pinch a portion of dough off about the size of a walnut. Shape in your palms into a smooth oblong shape, almost like a small egg. Bake in a preheated 180-degree oven for about 20 minutes until lightly browned. While the cookies are baking, prepare the syrup. Bring the mixture of the syrup -except the honey - to a boil and let it simmer uncovered for about 10 to 15 minutes. When the syrup cools down a little, add the honey. When the cookies are cold, carefully float them in the tepid syrup and allow them to absorb syrup on both sides. Press ground walnuts and sesame lightly into the tops of the cookies (syrup will help it adhere) and your melomakarona are ready!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

quality and food safety.

We offer catering services for your special moments.

Lamp Pie


Get the recognition your business deserves Since 2007, the European Business Awards has been shining a light on the most innovative businesses on the continent by promoting success, innovation and ethics in the European business community. In 2011, the EBAs engaged with over 15,000 organisations in over 30 countries showcasing the best in class, the winners from a diverse range of industries including cosmetics, engineering, fashion, online businesses, manufacturing and transport were congratulated by an audience comprising heads of state, leading industrialists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, media owners and academics from across 30 European nations. Participants represented a combined turnover of over €1 trillion Euros (8.23% of EU GDP)*, employing over 2.7 million people.




You are welcome to visit us: 109 Apokoronou st., Chania TEL./FAX 2821042200 176 Papanastasiou st., Chania

Fennel Pie

TEL. 2821057185 FAX. 2821057172

Gourmet Cheeses Kalitsounia

Sfakia Cheese Pie Our products travel abroad with the brand name of

DELI CRETA by Lampakis Family


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Why do I have moisture in my walls? What might cause moisture? Preventing moisture with high quality products Life without moisture is scarcely imaginable. Even inside your home, it’s inevitable. Running baths, boiling water, breathing and even the materials comprising your house combine with outdoor air to create by Petros Chatzistavros humidity - a measure of moisture Civil Engineer (T.E.) contained in the air. Proper building practices are intended to prevent moisture infiltration inside your walls, however. The exterior walls are covered with a moisture barrier and siding, while the interior generally features another moisture barrier underneath the sheathing. In most cases, it’s enough to keep the water from soaking the wall material. If there’s a leak, however, the water can quickly saturate the wall and breed mold or rot. To test for moisture inside the walls, start with manual tests and proceed to moisture meters. When is Moisture a Problem? Even though you need some moisture in the air you breathe, too much moisture in your home can cause problems. When moist airtouches a cold surface, some of the moisture may leave the air and become liquid,

or condense. If this happens on a cold pane of window glass, you will see the water run down and collect on the window sill, where it may ruin the paint or rot the wood trim. The water may even freeze, producing frost on the inside surface of the window. If moisture condenses inside a wall, or in your attic, you will not be able to see the water, but it can cause a number of problems. For example, mold and mildew grow in moist areas, causing allergic reactions and damaging buildings. Structural wood may rot and drywall can swell. If moisture gets into your insulation, the insulation will not work as well as it should, and your heating and cooling bills will increase. How Does Moisture Come into Your Home, and How Does it Move Around Indside the Building? The most obvious way that moisture enters your home is through rain, either falling on a leaky roof, wind-driven against a poorly-sealed wall, or collecting against (and eventually leaking through) the walls of your basement or crawlspace. Roof leaks are usually noticeable and must be repaired immediately. Rain coming through a wall may be less apparent, especially if it is a relatively small leak and the water remains inside the wall cavity. These kinds

Appearance of black spots (mould) and shadows in bathroom and kitchen ceilings

of leaks may occur around window or door frames, so it is important to replace any missing or cracked caulking. Rain seeping through the ground into your basement or crawl space may appear as damp, moldy walls or may be handled by a sump pump. In any event, you want to be sure that all rain coming from the roof, gutters, or across the landscape is directed well away from your house. What is a Vapor Retarder? Vapor retarders are special materials including treated papers, paints, plastic sheets, and metallic foils that reduce the passage of water vapor. Tests are made to measure how much water vapor can travel through each material, and the results are called permeance, or perms. The lower the perm, the better the vapor retarder. Table 1 lets you compare the permeance of some of the vapor retarders used in buildings. So How Can You Avoid Moisture Problems? 1. Look at the wall surface carefully. Check for surface discoloration, such as yellowing material, rounded brown spots or black, often furry-looking discolorations that indicate mold and mildew growths. Pay close attention to the wall texture. Peeling paint is a prime indicator of moisture problems, along with warping or buckling surfaces. 2. Push on the wall slightly to see how it feels. Moisture-damaged drywall will feel soft and spongy, while wood-sheathed walls may feel slightly solid even with a

p. 19 CHANIA POST Your local free paper moisture problem. A butter knife, screwdriver or similar tool scraped across the surface or poked into it slightly will often reveal damaged wood. 3. Smell the wall to test for moisture. When the interior of a wall gets wet, it’s the perfect environment for mildew and mold to grow: it’s dark, it’s moist and there’s plenty of food available for the fungus. The more moisture, the quicker the mold and the ensuing wood rot occurs. If the wall smells musty, it’s a sure sign of a problem. Sometimes, removing the faceplate from a wall outlet to get your nose closer to the wall interior will help you identify the problem more quickly. 4. Drill two small holes, about 3/16 inch in diameter and about 1 inch apart, into the wall. Work from the house interior or exterior -- either method works. Outside, drill just deep enough to pass through the siding without drilling into the exterior wall sheathing. Inside, drill through the wall, past the vapor barrier and into the insulation. 5. Insert the probes from a probe moisture meter into the bored holes. Turn the meter on and, following the manufacturer’s instructions, read the moisture content display. Adjust the probes as necessary to ensure a steady reading and accurate results. Taking several readings spread out over a period of time - such as three readings in a half hour - helps. 6. Compare the reading to ideal moisture levels. Zero moisture is unrealistic -- even wood used to frame a house contains some amount of moisture. Normal readings measure between 7 and 13 percent moisture. Slightly higher readings may be normal for your house, but excessively high readings require immediate attention.

7. Fill the test holes if visual and mechanical readings indicate normal moisture levels inside your wall. Outside, squirt colored or clear silicone caulk into the hole to fill it and render it waterproof. Inside the house, use wood putty or spackling compound and drywall tape to cover holes. If, however, you have a moisture problem, you may need to tear off the wall sheathing to repair the interior, as appropriate. QUALITY PRODUCTS DUROSTICK shows great concern in environmental issues. This is evident to its introduction of a wide range of environmentally friendly products (VOC free ones, biodegradable ones, etc.) The installation of new and the upgrading of older equipment with advanced filtering systems not only prevents the dispersion of production waste into the atmosphere but also re-processes production waste to new product, virtually eliminating pollutants and waste in all. Extensive use of recycled materials packaging solutions is common practice of the company for several years, and a conscious strategic choice to the direction of protecting the planet’s natural resources. THE COMPANY DUROSTICK was founded in 1988 and is domiciled at Agioi Anargyroi, Attica. The founders’ mission and vision were always corporate development with respect to the human and the environment. Supplying reliable and quality oriented solutions and providing excellent materials to the dream of all humans, their home,

Energy conservation on the island The Region of Crete joined an innovative and strategic program of the European Union, in order to save energy by implementing new technologies. This program is called “Energein”, and the Region of Crete

DUROSTICK moved on, making their name synonymous to quality and reliability. Over the years in business, DUROSTICK managed to conquer a dominant position among the industries of the sector. The company operates ultra-modern, high tech mechanical equipment with a daily capacity of 900 tons of adhesives and paints. The company’s product range covers all building disciplines to satisfy even the most demanding among customers. The company has a staff count of 280 while the company’s comprehensive chemistry lab constitutes a modern R & D centerboth for the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. The company’s sales follow a trend of dynamic growth and its export effort grows stronger each year in markets such as England, Cyprus, Russia, Albania, Serbia, Romania, UAR, Libya, Kuwait and Egypt. DUROSTICK turned the concept of sustained development into a reality by investing in new environment protection technologies. The systematic effort to improve the occupational environment conditions and the employees’ health and safety, is one of the company’s core objectives. DUROSTICK mindset for offering salaries above union minimum wages, under modern management concepts that maintains that in a company, all employees must be chosen among the best, is proof of meaningful investment to the most valuable of assets: human resources! DUROSTICK would like to thank all those that contributed to its growth so far and is committed to the continuous development of their products and services for honesty and integrity in the relations with clients and associates and loyalty to the needs of professional or DIYer consumers of DUROSTICK products.

participates among with the regions of North and South Aegean and Cyprus. The basic aim is to save energy as long as economic resources, that will exceed 50% and the extension of these applications until the new european programming period of 2014-2020, both for local authorities and private sector.

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culture POST Reading... Post

Book proposals for your free time CRETE 1898-1899 Photographic Testimonies from the personal album of Prince George

Introductory texts: Haris Yiakoumis, Ioannis Kokkinakis Research – documentation: Irene Lidakis The photographs published in this volume belong to the personal album of Prince George, first High Commissioner of Crete during the period of the island’s Autonomy (1898-1913). This album contains photographs showing instances of the Prince’s public and private life during the first months of his Commission. The photographs were taken by Pericles Diamandopoulos, the Prince’s official photographer, but also by the Prince himself or by members of his retinue. The 193 photographs in the present publication are important documents of a critical period in the history of Crete: they shed light on aspects of Prince George’s role in the government of the island after centuries of Ottoman rule and they also preserve important features of the physiognomy of the land and its inhabitants who saw the High Commissioner as the symbol of a transitional era that would soon reach its end leading to the union of Crete with the Greek State. ISBN-13: 978-960-524-285-5 Characteristics: 24,5 X 29,5 εκ., 336 σελ. Published: 2009

“Shades of Crete” by Mary Pink A tribute to monumental trees of Crete

Let’s welcome Christmas spirit Smart ideas to change the interior of your home

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” (Mahatma Gandhi) Monumental trees exist all over Crete; this is their story. Like people, all trees are individuals. Trees understand the meaning of patience. They do everything they can to get our attention, flowering, fruiting and swaying in the breeze. Sadly, modern life has made us blind to them. Echoes of ancient times are found in hidden corners of Crete. Here on this beautiful island, ageing Mythical and Holy trees have lived through and witnessed turbulent periods of history. Their temporary human custodians first revered and then protected them over hundreds of years. Why have these venerable trees survived? What is their silent story? What happened to the ancient forests of Crete? Discover in my book, the reasons behind the symbiosis that began between stone-age humankind and trees. My quest was triggered by a cycle ride one spring on an unmetalled road along Rodopou peninsula. Freewheeling down a mountainside, I found a ruined monastery and a well-loved church with a giant plane tree silently marking time beside it. Inspired by this discovery, I set off on an arboreal pilgrimage to find its ancient companions on Crete. Come with me as I travel through my beautiful adopted country to pay homage to these magnificent solitary survivors of multiple wars, fires and climatic catastrophes. My book unravels the mystery of their survival, describing the local historical events and the inhabitants that kept them safe. Commiserate with these remnants of the once mighty Cretan forests and question the destructive attitude of mankind towards the arboreal dwellers of this planet. Photographs or prose cannot do justice to either the tree or the location, you must visit them yourself to sense the spiritual residue found in the atmosphere of their sanctuaries. When you arrive, take your time and compose yourself. Shut out the 21st century, drift back to an era when life was harsh and depended on the whims of nature. Listen to these trees and you will leave with haunting memories to be recalled in the quieter moments of your life. The miraculous survival of these forests and trees on Crete reflects the various cultures and religions of numerous invaders who have occupied this beautiful and surprisingly verdant island. Travel with me to stunning locations with intriguing and complex histories. Together we will visit plateaus, ravines, mountaintops and even a tiny island off the south coast. Here ancient

photostory by freshome.com

planes, hawthorn, myrtle, oak, olive, palm and sea juniper exist, many over 2000 years old. Standing under their vast canopies you will be overwhelmed with emotion and appreciation for the fragility of their existence. To prevent this keystone species of nature from being turned into a book, my photographs are displayed on Facebook: Shades Of Crete, and for those of you who do not participate in social networking there are a few on www. shadesofcrete.com. I hope these arboreal behemoths in Crete survive for many more years to captivate and inspire future generations of nature lovers. My story also touches on the importance of trees to humanity not only as a remedy for global warming, but also as a solution to food shortages and providers of medicinal cures. The Cretan people have endured many hardships during history, but their trees have provided them with sustenance and advice whispered from the immortals. In the spring, lemon and orange blossoms smother the island of Crete in a heavenly perfume, whilst in the winter the musty aroma of the olive harvest pervades the air. The longevity of the Cretans is partly due to their renowned diet of citrus fruit, olive oil and other tree fruits such as almond, avocado, walnut and chestnut. The harvesting of these crops is still celebrated today with many festivals. Vast groves of edible fruits have replaced the ancient forests that first attracted humankind to Crete. Plundered by egotistical rulers in antiquity and then by mediaeval boat-builders, the great forests of Crete were reduced to isolated remnants and the few ancient individual trees that survive today. At a religious level, trees were of great importance in world faith. Our ancestors chose woods, glades, groves or forests to celebrate their rituals and to worship divine powers. For them the forest was a sacred place. Shades of Crete by Mary Pink is available as an eBook for Kindle on Amazon.

Christmas decorations should all be about “magic”. And what better way to welcome Christmas spirit, than forgetting all the bad, focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy? For thismonth we decided to gather a collection of beautiful living rooms, all of them featuring charming holiday decorations.

We believe that transforming the core of your homewhichever that may be- into a cozy and colorful interior, the magic can take place. Each of the rooms presented in this post exudes a happy feel and seems ready for many cheerful guests. Whether it is a fireplace with stockings that brings warmth to an interior, a decorated Christmas tree, a colorful lighting installation, or a creative message on one of the walls, the living room is the focal point of many residences and should set the tone for the entire house. We invite you to have a look at the photos, get inspired and by Christmas time- who knows?- perhaps you will even share your Christmas decorations with us and our readers.

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Christmas food temptations What to eat, what to drink and what to avoid during holidays Every year from Christmas to Epiphany, the longest holiday season of the year, with many tables and festive meetings, put in food temptation even the most abstemious. by Niki Voulgarakis The average weight gain during this Dietician - Nutritionist period is about 2 kilos which rarely lost and added to over the years. Imagine that in just one decade, one can only get from these holidays 20 kilos! Moreover, should be very careful those who suffer from a food-related illness, such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, gastrointestinal disorders, because the holiday menu is usually eating ‘bombs’ in salt, fat, sugars and alcohol.

It is a great solution to satisfy your hungry with fewer calories and filling your plate at a festive table. It is a very good choice for a first course. Choose simple salads, avoiding those who may have in-

protein (some meat), ¼ of the plate carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, stuffing) and ½ of the plate vegetables (raw salad or garnish grilled or boiled vegetables). The usual meals is pork with celery or stuffed or with some sauce and the stuffed turkey. Choose lean meat, eg turkey breast instead of pork and remove visible fat and skin. Prefer to garnish plain rice instead of stuffing which is usually rich in calories or even better vegetables.

Tricks to avoid temptations Do not go hungry in the call. Make sure you have eaten before, a light snack, such as fruit, soup or salad, so you can control what you eat at lunch. However, if you get hungry, drink plenty of water, shortly before eating.

Golden rules before the holidays Try to start the festivities without excess weight. This means balanced and / or low calorie diet, along with exercise, a few weeks before the holidays. It would be even better if you follow the fasting of Christmas. Do not ever skip meals. The most likely is that you will be so hungry at mealtime, leading to consume more calories. Give special attention to your breakfast to start your day. Try to know what will be in the menu and plan in advance what you will eat. When you arrive at the buffet or sit down at the table, take some time to see what is included, which of the foods you like and what is better to select. Intermediate Christmas, New Year and Epiphany make sure to balance your weight with diet and exercise, so as not to accumulate weight. Salads – Soups

Prefer to put in your drink water or juice instead of soda. If you want to eat something together, prefer cucumber, carrot, fruit and unsalted nuts

side pasta, potatoes, nuts, croutons, lots of mayonnaise or other dressings - sauces. Prefer those which have fruit such as pomegranate or orange or nuts, such as walnuts or pine nuts. If the first course is soup, try not to eat bread or croutons together. Main meal If you have a choice, go for the lunch instead of the evening cries for food. Follow the golden rule ¼ of the plate

Avoid sauces and fried foods. If you eat rice or potatoes, not eat bread together. Sweets - Dessert These days the desserts are many in number and variety. Honey cakes, buns, turnovers, pudding, soufflés, cheesecake, and of course the traditional pie... The sweet, as is known combining high in sugar and fat, making calorie “dangerous” with regard to our weight. If you want to eat some sweet, it’s good to have included in your nutritional plan to hold a little calorie “space” for this. Eat a small amount slowly to enjoy it. Prefer melomakarona or buns or better yet a light dessert, such as fruit, jelly or some variation of the classic sweet with yoghurt or sweeteners. Drinks and accompanying Avoid drinking too much alcohol at festive gatherings. First it gives empty calories in the body, decreases the ability to control food intake, so we eat more. Be careful at beverages that are high in sugar. Also avoid savory accompaniments such as nuts, patatatakia, crackers, plain or with dips. Prefer wine or beer to whiskey and other drinks which have high concentration of alcohol. Dilute your drink with water or ice in order to drink less. Avoid cocktails, which are calorically contaminated compared to pure drinks. Prefer to put in your drink soda or better yet simple enough water or carbon, to prevent dehydration and hangover. continue on p. 24

Take a look at the food buffet or table and served with the least burdensome. Select the simplest appetizers and/or food, which have less material, more clearly and less sauce. Help yourself to a small dish or if it is large, half fill it with salad. Eat slowly, touching your cutlery down before the next bite and take some time to others. In this way you have time to realize satisfaction and enjoy better what you eat. Once you finish your food, go away from the buffet or table politely. Chew some gum after eating, to stop the extra snacking. Between Christmas and New Year Detoxify! Not with diets, but with light cuisine and full meals, which will be based on vegetables, legumes, fish, and fruit. Avoid sweet temptations which are home. Do not grieve for sweets left and left over and so you consume them, because in the end you will be sorry about your weight. Keep the mood for dessert for only festive cries. Avoid alcohol, salt and lots of fat. Seek to work out and to hydrate more these days. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!! nvoulgaraki@hotmail.gr

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a long-term condition that causes inflammation in the lungs, damaged lung tissue and a narrowing of the airways, making breathing difficult. by Miltiades Markatos The symptoms of COPD are breathPneumonologist lessness and chronic cough, with or without phlegm. Fatigue, anorexia and weight loss can also occur over time. A key characteristic of the condition is periods of worsening symptoms, known as exacerbations. This can be triggered by infections or exposure to high amounts of air pollution. Symptoms of COPD get worse over time and exacerbations can speed up this decline. The most common conditions that occur alongside COPD include heart disease, anxiety and depression, osteoporosis, gastro-oesophageal reflux, skeletal muscle dysfunction, anaemia, lung cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. COPD is caused by factors that trigger inflammation in the lungs. These include tobacco smoke, which is the main risk factor for COPD, occupational exposure, outdoor and indoor air pollution and some genetic factors such as a condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. Identifying the risk factors, and preventing exposure to these factors, is the most important step in preventing the disease. COPD is diagnosed via a spirometry test. This test involves breathing into a device called a spirometer, which measures the amount of air in the lungs and how fast a person can breathe out. If the test shows that the amount of air a person breathes out is low, it may indicate a narrowing of the airways and the early stages of COPD. There is no known cure for COPD but it can be effectively managed to ease the impact of the symptoms on quality of life. Management of the condition includes: • Reducing exposure to risk factors, including smoking and air pollution • Improving exercise ability to help relieve symptoms • Medical treatment with bronchodilators to help prevent exacerbations • Oxygen therapy to help ease breathlessness People with COPD can be referred onto exercise programmes known as pulmonary rehabilitation. These focus on improving a person’s ability to exercise and providing education to help a person manage their own condition.

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What are cataracts? What causes cataracts?

“Made for iPhone®”

Hearing aids and how the new iOS and iPhone models work with hearing aids

Types, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, surgery and prevention Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens inside the eye - which is normally clear. Cataracts can develop in one or both eyes. If they develop in both eyes, one will be more severely affected than the other. by Nick Lazakis A normally clear lens allows light to Optical expert pass through to the back of the eye, so that the patient can see well-defined images. If a part of the lens becomes opaque light does not pass through easily and the patient’s vision becomes blurry - like looking through cloudy water or a fogged-up window. The more opaque (cloudier) the lens becomes, the worse the person’s vision will be. There are two types of cataracts: - Age related cataracts - they appear later in life; the most common form. - Congenital cataracts (childhood cataracts) - these may be present when the baby is born, or shortly after birth. Both men and women are affected equally. According to the National Health Service (NHS), UK, approximately one third of people aged 65 or over have cataracts in one or both eyes. We are all at risk of developing cataracts because we will all get old one day - the greatest risk factor is age. In the USA approximately 50% of people aged 65 or more have some degree of lens clouding. 70% of Americans aged 75 or more have their vision significantly impaired by cataracts. Researchers at the Wilmer Eye Institute at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore predicted that the number of people in the USA affected by cataracts is estimated to rise to 30.1 million people in the next 20 years, an increase of 50 percent, because people will live longer. The following factors may increase a person’s chances of developing cataracts: Age, Close relatives who have/had cataracts (family history), Diabetes, Ionizing radiation exposure, statins, long-term exposure to bright sunlight, long-term use of corticosteroids, previous eye inflammation, previous eye injury, exposure to lead, crystallins loss of function. What are the symptoms of age-related cataracts? Symptoms usually creep up many years after onset - usually when the person is elderly. Progressively, more of the lens becomes cloudy. People with mild cataracts will not notice they have it for a long time. Cataracts often affect both eyes, but rarely equally. People with cataracts may have the following symptoms: Blurry, cloudy, or misty vision. some describe it as similar to looking through frosted glass. Vision may be affected by small spots or dots. The patient sees small patches which blur parts of his/her field of vision. Vision gets worse when lights are dim. Vision is sometimes worse when light is very bright (glare). Some people with cataracts also comment that colors appear less clear and faded. Reading becomes very difficult, and eventually impossible. Glasses need to be changed more frequently. Eventually wearing glasses becomes less effective. In some rare cases patients can see a halo around bright

objects, such as car headlights or street lights. Double vision in one eye (rare). As the person’s vision deteriorates, and the glare of oncoming headlights and street lights gets worse, driving becomes awkward and potentially very dangerous - research carried out by optometrists and psychologists in Australia shows that motorists suffering from cataracts are less able to spot potentially dangerous hazards on the roads. Drivers with cataracts eventually start suffering from eyestrain and find themselves blinking more frequently in an attempt to clear their vision. Cataracts do not usually cause any change in the appearance of the eye. Any discomforts, such as irritation, aching, itching or redness are most likely caused by some other eye disorder. Cataracts are not hazardous to the sufferer’s health, or the health of the eye. If the cataract becomes hypermature (completely white), the sufferer may experience inflammation, headache and some pain. Hypermature cataracts need to be removed if there is inflammation or pain. How are cataracts diagnosed? Anybody who experiences vision problems should see a GP (general practitioner, primary care physician), an ophthalmologist, or an optometrist. The GP will most likely refer the patient to an ophthalmologist, or an optometrist. Ophthalmologist - a doctor who specializes in the medical and surgical care of the eye. Optometrist - a person practicing eye care, but does not perform surgery. Treatment for cataracts If the patient is found to be only mildly affected surgical

treatment may not be needed. During its early stages, stronger glasses and brighter lights may help improve vision. The following simple approaches may assist people who are not ready yet to have surgery: Make sure your glasses are the most accurate prescription possible. Use a magnifying glass for reading. Get brighter lamps for your house. Halogen lights may help a lot. Wear sunglasses to reduce glare on sunny days. Try to refrain from driving at night. Surgery However, these are only temporary measures - the cataracts will continue developing and gradually impair eyesight more. Patients who take alpha-blockers or are considering taking alpha-blockers should be aware that the drugs may increase the difficulty of cataract surgery. While Flomax (an alpha-blocker) is largely prescribed to men to treat prostate enlargement, some women also take the drug to treat urinary retention problems. Other alpha-blockers are used to treat hypertension. The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery issued an advisory telling patients and GPs to inform their surgeon if they are taking alpha-blockers, or took them in the past. Once informed,

the ophthalmologist can anticipate certain problems and employ different surgical techniques that help to achieve excellent outcomes. When the cataracts are severe the only effective treatment is surgery. The specialist will recommend surgery if the patient: Is having trouble looking after himself/herself. Is having difficulties looking after someone else. Cannot drive, or finds driving difficult. Has problems leaving the house. Finds it hard to see or recognize people’s faces. Has problems doing his/her job. Cannot read properly. Can no longer watch television properly. Prevention of cataracts To prevent suffering the complications of cataracts it is advisable to have regular eye exams, especially as you get older. The following steps are advisable to lower your risk of developing cataracts - some of them have convincing circumstantial evidence of their worth, while others (smoking, diet) are proven measures: Give up smoking - several studies have indicated that a higher percentage of smokers develop cataracts, compared to non-smokers. There are also indications that smokers are likely to experience cataract symptoms earlier. Smoking also increases the risk of other eye disease/ conditions. Nutrition - eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unrefined carbohydrates, good quality fats (avocado, olive oil, omega oils), and either plant sourced proteins or lean animal sourced proteins. The findings by researchers at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, USA suggest that vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids - two categories of nutrients believed to have health benefits - may both affect cataract development, although not necessarily in beneficial ways. Women who consume plenty of dark leafy vegetables which are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as sufficient vitamin E from supplements/foods seem to have better protection against developing cataracts, scientists from the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston found. Sunlight - wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet B rays (UV radiation). Many people are not aware of the damage UV radiation can cause to the eyes - a study found that only 49% of Americans said UV protection was the most important factor when purchasing sunglasses. Sleep - make sure you get at least 7 hours of good quality, continuous sleep every night. Obesity - obesity significantly raises the risk of developing diabetes type 2, which in turn is an important cataract risk factor. Keeping your weight within the recommended limits will help prevent your risk from increasing. Diabetes - be careful to have your diabetes under control; follow your treatment plan assiduously. Exercise - Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reported that running reduces the risk of both cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Pine bark extract - researchers from Western University reported in Current Eye Research that pycnogenol, a pine bark extract, can reduce the risk of cataracts. Head researcher, John R. Trevithick, explained that combinations of vitamin C, beta carotene and pycnogenol have already shown promising results of reducing cataract risk caused by space radiation in Mars mission simulations. Complications Blindness - If the cataracts are left untreated, they may lead to blindness. Higher mortality rates - people aged 49 and older with cataract and those aged 49 to 74 years with age-related macular degeneration appear to have higher mortality rates over an 11-year period than those without such visual impairments, according to a study carried out by researchers at the University of Sydney, Australia.

by Dimitris Xepapadakis Hearing specialist

With the release of the new iOS7 operating system and iPhone® 5s and 5c models, Apple appears to be taking another step closer to “made for iPhone” hearing instruments. In theory, “made for iPhone” hearing aids would provide two valuable fea-

tures: - Seamless connectivity between hearing aids and smartphones - iPhone accessibility to hearing aid settings (use your iPhone to access and adjust the settings of the hearing aids) GN ReSound has introduced the world’s first “made for iPhone” hearing aid!

The GN ReSound LiNX™ is the first hearing aid to earn the “made for iPhone” label. This means that the audio from an iPhone can be directly transmitted to both hearing aids without the use of a streamer or intermediary device. For more details, click here. iOS7 provides a few advances with the hearing impaired in mind: - Additional support for “made for iPhone” hearing aids (in preparation for when they become available) - Support for stereo audio for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th generation) - Improved integration with Bluetooth® 4.0 accessories (BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy) Bluetooth 4.0 technology could eventually lead to three

important advances in hearing instrument and iPhone compatibility: - Direct connection between hearing aids and iPhones (without the use of a streamer) - Clearer, more natural sounding audio (due to improved wireless transmission of the audio) - Lower power consumption (leading to improved battery life) Jordan Kahn of “9to5 Mac” predicts that hearing aids and Apple designed hearing aid technology with Bluetooth 4.0 will be released by the end of 2013. Bluetooth 4.0 technology is not currently available in hearing instruments. However, GN Resound has released technology featuring a 2.4 gHz low-power communications protocol in line with Bluetooth 4.0 functionality. Also, Oticon’s new Inium technology boasts of faster processing speeds and lower power consumption than the 2.4 gHz protocol. Three hearing aid manufacturers- GN Resound, Oticon, and Starkey, are working with Apple to release technology with the “made for iPhone” label by the end of 2013. Setting Your iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, and 4 to Hearing Aid Mode iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and 4 models comply with the FCC’s hearing aid compatibility standards. However, to maximize the clarity of your particular model of iPhone, you will need to activate the “Hearing Aid Mode.” To do this on an iPhone with the iOS 5 or later, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and make the appropriate adjustment to turn the Hearing Aid Mode to “on.” For more information on iPhones and hearing aid compatibility, visit Apple’s hearing aid compatibility page. While hearing aid manufacturers are busy creating “made for iPhone” hearing aids, Apple is working on new advances to improve the hearing aid user’s experience of their devices. Social Networking for Hearing Aid Users A patent applied for by Apple implies that the global innovator is seeking to create a social network for hearing aid users. The goal would be to facilitate connection among hear-

ing aid users through a social media platform where their unique instrument settings could be openly shared. iPhones and Automatic Hearing Aid Detection Apple has also applied for a patent for new technology that would enable an iPhone to automatically detect whether or not the user is wearing a hearing aid. The technology features two types of sensors that detect a hearing aid and its distance from the iPhone. If a hearing aid is detected, the iPhone would automatically change its audio configuration to a hearing aid compatible mode. This would eliminate the need for an iPhone user to manually switch the iPhone to the “hearing aid mode” of operation. It is unknown when this feature will be available. Until it’s released, iPhone users will have to manually switch to hearing aid mode to promote a higher degree of voice clarity.

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by Antonia Tsakirakis cook

Dough For a 32cm-diameter Cretan meat pie you need for the dough (substitute pizza dough) 1 cup warm water 6 -9 g dried yeast (one packet) 1 dash salt 1/4 cup olive oil 3 -4 cups flour Filling 600 g lamb, chunks boiled until tender (20 oz.) 350 g mizithra cheese (substitute ricotta) 20 leaves mint, finely chopped 1 dash cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon oregano (optional) 1/4 cup meat juice (optional, see note at end of recipe) salt, pepper to taste 1 egg yolk, beaten, for brushing the pastry 2 tablespoons sesame seeds (or a mixture of sesame and black cumin seeds) Traditional Tavern “Tzaneris and Archontissa”

Preparation: 1. Dough (traditional way): Put the water in a large bowl and sprinkle it with the yeast. When you see some small bubbles on the surface of the water, you know that the yeast is working. Add the salt and oil. Mix this into the water, and add about 3 cups of flour to make dough. Add enough flour to make smooth, elastic and not very sticky dough. 2. Dough (with kneading machine): I throw everything in the kneading machine for 10 minutes and it works perfectly, but I cannot assure you that it would be the same for you. 3. Let the dough rise a little before putting it in the baking dish (20 minutes is enough). 4. With 1/2 of the dough, roll out a piece to line a 34 cm tin (2 cm for folding). 5. Place it on the greased baking tray. 6. Season it with salt, pepper and oregano, according to taste. 7. Place the meat chunks on it evenly. 8. Sprinkle the mizithra over the meat, so that it spreads evenly over the pie. 9. Sprinkle the mint over the cheese. 10. Roll out another piece of pastry with the remaining dough. 11. Cover the pie with the dough and seal it around the edges. 12. Make a small opening at the top and bottom of the top pastry sheet (to let out trapped air in the pie while Drakona Keramion, Chania, Crete

What you have to know before you adopt a cat Do you find the need for a companion pet in your life? Perhaps you’re undecided between a cat or a dog, pet bird, or pet hamster or other small exotic pet All of these pets require varying amounts of care for optimum health and happiness, and none are maintenance-free. While each of these pets have their own particular charm, I’d love for you to consider the endearing traits of a cat, who will give you many years of unconditional love. The choice of a pet will depend on a number of factors, including your likes and dislikes and your lifestyle. Let’s compare a cat versus these other potential pets.

cooking). 13. Brush the pie with the beaten egg and sprinkle sesame seed all over it. 14. Cook the pie in a moderate (180°C / 350°F) oven for approximately 45 minutes; only the pastry needs to be cooked, while the meat and mizithra cheese will amalgamate inside the pie with the heat.

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IRISH COFFEE Irish coffee is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar (some recipes specify that brown sugar should be used[1]), stirred, and topped with thick cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream. The original recipe explicitly uses cream that has not been whipped, although drinks made with whipped cream are often sold as “Irish coffee”. Preparation Black coffee is poured into the mug. Whiskey and at least one level teaspoon of sugar is stirred in until fully dissolved. The sugar is essential for floating liquid cream on top. Thick cream is carefully poured over the back of a spoon initially held just above the surface of the coffee and gradually raised a little. The layer of cream will float on the coffee without mixing. The coffee is drunk through the layer of cream.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or your drink in one of the most popular hangouts of Chania ODYSSEIA CAFE 9 Ktistaki str., Chania, Crete Tel. +30 28210 53799

by John Venetakis Zootechnician

Is a cat the best pet for you?

Cretan Meat Pie (Kreatotourta)


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The Case for a Cat as Your First Pet I’ll mention right off the bat that cats can coexist with many other petspecies of pets, and actually become close buddies with some of them. I’ve had cats and dogs, and cats and birds, and my husband had a cat and rabbit as a child. But as a single first pet, a cat cannot be matched. Why? A Cat Can Purr: Nothing matches the relaxation of hearing and feeling the vibrations of a purring cat. A Cat Has No Master: Unlike dogs, cats do not run in pack and his human is not a “pack master,” but, if you are very fortunate, he will consider you an equal. A Cat Loves Unconditionally: While very few humans are able to love unconditionally, if you are kind and loving to your cat, he will love you without reservation, until he draws his last breath. A Cat and/or a Tank of Fish A cat and aquarium fish are not mutually exclusive, provided the tank is well covered to prevent “fishing” by a curious cat. Okay, suppose you don’t have time to maintain two completely different species of pets. I should mention that they probably require equal amounts of time in care, and costs of setting up their initial needs may also be roughly equal. The deciding question is this: Do You Want a Pet You Can Cuddle and Bond With? If so, a cat is the hands-down favorite. Although you can admire and interact with fish to some degree, “petting”

them is tough. A Cat or Rat or Other Exotic Pet? A Cat May Require More Space: If your space is extremely limited, the accessories you need for a cat’s comfort may be a problem. In that case, a small hamster cage or Habitrail may be ideal. However, even a one-bedroom apartment should be big enough for a cat. If your main consideration is confinement of your pet in a small area, with the exception of pets like monkeys, an exotic pet might be preferable to a cat. A cat should not be caged.

your home-based business. A Cat is a Good Companion for At-Home Hobbies: If you enjoy crafts, cooking, or home gardening, a cat is an excellent choice for a pet. However, if your taste runs more to camping, jogging, fishing, or hunting, a dog would probably be a better partner for those hobbies. A Cat Versus a Pet Bird Our experience with combining birds and cats ended badly, especially for the birds. So, we’re talking here about a choice between a cat and a bird. The area around a birdcage can be quite messy, but so can the area around a litter box. Birds can be very affectionate with their humans and some species will ride around on a human’s shoulder. Many Birds Sing Beautifully: On the other hand, some birds, such as parrots, can squawk incessantly. The plus side for parrots is that some of them can live for several decades. It might be difficult to find an avian veterinarian. The choice of pet bird or a cat will have to be left to you.

If Longevity in a Pet is Important, a Cat is a Better Choice: A cat, if kept indoors, can live as long as 20 years or older. Rodents such as hamsters, rats, and gerbils have a limited life span, with 3.5 years being the maximum for most except for guinea pigs, which can live 7.5 years or longer.

Am I ready for a cat? Think seriously about this important step, which is much like entering into a marriage. Bringing a cat into your family should be a lifelong commitment, so give it serious thought. A good place to start is by understanding that no one truly owns a cat. Cats are sentient beings, and your cat (should you decide to welcome one into your home) deserves to be a family member rather than a “collectible.” If you are looking for a cat as an adornment to your home, you definitely should reconsider. However, if you’ve wanted a cat for some time, and think the time is right, read on. Here are some questions to ask yourself and other family members - you all need to share the commitment to make it work, since the cat will be part of your family.

A Cat or a Dog? Consider a Cat if Quiet Relaxation is Important to You: Are you home most of the day and look for quiet companionship in a pet? Do you just want to relax in the evening when you return home from work? A cat might be your best choice. Unless well-trained, many dogs will bark at any given opportunity. A dog may also tend to be more demanding of your attention than a cat, who will quietly sit in your lap while you read, do needlework, or work in

What kind of a cat should I get? You may have some preconceived notions that you want a particular breed of cat, or that you want a kitten instead of an adult kitty. But before that important decision, do some homework. Like life itself, there are many factors involved in choosing a cat, some of which you may never have considered. For example, if there are very young children in your family, a very young kitten would be a poor choice.

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POST Gift-bearing Greek tycoon may seek Greece advances to 2nd straight World Cup Crystal Palace takeover The line-up is complete for the World Cup of Brazil

Here’s how people look at your Facebook profile Eye Track Shop ’s research by Sarah Kessler

When potential dates, employers and friends glance at your online social profiles, what do they see? EyeTrackShop, a startup that runs eye-tracking studies for advertisers, helped Mashable find out by applying its technology to the profile pages of popular social networks. The study used the webcams of 30 participants to record their eye movements as they were shown profile pages from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, Klout, Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Pinterest at 10-second intervals. What participants looked at on each page and in what order is recorded in the images below. It’s not a perfect study. Thirty is a small sample size, and what draws attention on a profile likely varies depending on the content displayed. But we’ve hazarded making a few observations: - Profile pictures matter. The site feature that attracted most attention on Klout, Facebook and StumbleUpon was the profile photo. - Job title garnered more attention than profile photo on LinkedIn. In fact, it got more attention than anything else on the page. - Who you know gets noticed. Even if for no better reason than their placement on the page, people do look at those little thumbnails of friends that appear on many social profiles. You can see this in the data from the Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Klout profiles. - Content on top wins. The further something is down a page, the fewer number of people look at it. This was true on both content-focused profiles such as Pinterest

and Digg as well as socially focused profiles such as Facebook. On the Twitter and YouTube profiles, the effect was less extreme. Here’s what people look at on facebook brand pages In an effort to catch your eye on their Facebook pages, brands have experimented with apps and splashy profile photos. But in almost all cases, it turns out, the humble

Facebook wall itself steals the show. In an webcam eye-tracking study for Mashable by EyeTrackShop, the 30 participants who viewed top Facebook brand pages almost always looked at pages’ walls first — usually for at least four times longer than any other element on the page. On average, the smaller pictures above the wall were no-

ticed 85% of the time, and the “likes” column was noticed just 58% of the time. Here are some other interesting observations that can be gleaned from the eyetracking maps of Facebook brand pages for Coca-Cola, Skittles, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Converse, PlayStation, Pringles and Red Bull: - Content matters. Facebook brand page visitors almost always saw the wall first, and spent more time looking at it than any other element on the page. - The exception: Scantily-clad women. Victoria Secret’s page was the only one in which people looked at the profile photo — a busty woman in a brassiere — before they noticed the Facebook wall. When they did move on to the wall, they spent about 25% less time looking at it than they did other brands’ walls. - Profile photos can be the difference between seeing and not seeing a brand. Most brand pages’ profile photos didn’t get a lot of attention. Only 57% of visitors to Coca-Cola’s page, for instance, even saw the bottle of Coke that occupies this prime piece of real estate. Generally, profile photos with faces in them got the most attention. An exception to this rule was Skittles, which had an image of a bag of Skittles in the profile photo spot that 90% of visitors saw. - Photos on the wall get attention. The Facebook wall with the most images at the time of the test, PlayStation, was also the one that people spent the most time looking at. On average, viewers stayed on the wall for 4.88 seconds. No other page element on any brand’s page held attention for longer than four seconds.

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Next-generation video game consoles... Which should you buy? As the cold, hard reality of the holiday shopping season dawns in earnest, literally millions of shoppers will be considering video-game consoles when they hit the stores. Whether on the hunt for yourself or, more likely, looking for a gift for a friend or family member, the decision isn’t an easy one. Both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One hit stores in the past week or so, and both are off to huge starts. Each sold more than 1 million units in their first 24 hours. Nintendo -- the third player in console gaming’s Big Three

Tech news... post by post Samsung has unveiled the latest model in its line of phablets, the Galaxy Grand 2, bearing a string of enhancements over its predecessor. The company’s latest device has a 5.25-inch screen with a 16:9 ratio. The TFT screen is 0.25 inches larger than the previous model and has a 1280 x 720 resolution, compared with the 800 x 480 pixels of the Galaxy Grand’s WVGA screen. Workers at Amazon in Germany are striking yet again in an effort to coax the company into better pay and conditions. Hundreds of workers at two Amazon centers, one in Bad Hersfeld and one in Leipzig, walked out on Monday. At the heart of the strikes -- there have been a handful of short strikes by Amazon workers in Germany this year -- is Amazon’s classification of itself as a logistics company. Huge electric fields in the radiation belts around Earth may help explain how electrons surrounding the planet can be accelerated to speeds near that of light, researchers have found in a new study. These findings, detailed Dec. 2 in the journal Physical Review Letters.

-- has its year-old “next generation” console, the Wii U, to consider as well. You’ll want a PlayStation 4 if ... you want a solid social gaming machine offering intricate, beautiful games that players can share easily with friends. The next generation of consoles has more power than its predecessors, so games look more robust and offer expanded environments of play and more intricate detail. In “Knack,” the PS4’s power is on display when hundreds of tiny relics form in a mystical creature with animation that’s near-Pixar quality. Next-gen graphics, improved controllers and social sharing suggest the PlayStation 4. The DualShock 4 controller contains new features that work very well for some games. The touchpad offers a new way to interface with gameplay. In “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” a swipe across the pad activates different features for your robotic companion. A social sharing button directly on the controller allows players to let others see their accomplishments. Video clips, screenshots and direct broadcasts are available through Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Ustream right out of the box. It also should be mentioned that at $399, the PS4 is $100 cheaper than the rival Xbox One. When disc games are $60 and download games run $15, the money saved could be used to get the content you want. You’ll want an Xbox One if ... you are in the market for a multimedia machine that can multitask and switch between games, movies, music and applications quickly and seamlessly. Easily the best thing about the X1 (so far) is how quickly the new interface switches from one application to another with just a voice command (via an improved Ki-

nect). Microsoft has made the Xbox One much more than a gaming device with entertainment and other apps. The hands-free controller not only works for games, it changes the channels on your TV, serves up movie content or uses the Snap function to do two things at once. Snap allows for split-screen multitasking on the fly. Say you are watching the local NFL game through the X1, but you want to know how your fantasy football team is doing. Snap brings up a Web browser in a side window to let you access your online team without missing a handoff in the game you’re watching. And it is all done with voice command through Kinect. It can recognize six voices and learns the games, shows and apps that each of those people likes. Of course, it also can create a new power struggle for the remote control as opposing viewers scream instructions to the console. The X1, which costs $499, has an amazing suite of entertainment choices with partners like Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and more. Microsoft wants to offer people as many television, movie and music choices as possible, and content providers are signing up. You’ll want a Wii U if ... you want a wider selection of games to play now and at a price that won’t blow away your entire holiday budget. Lest we forget, the Nintendo Wii U is also a next-generation gaming console. The Wii U costs just $299 and has a year’s worth of games to choose from. It has the advantage of having been on the market for more than a year. Developers have used that time to produce quality games for all age groups. Titles like “Super Mario 3D World,” make the console more attractive compared with the limited number of titles available on the new PlayStation and Xbox. Nintendo recently cut the price of the Wii U to $299.

The shipping tycoon Evangelos Marinakis, president of top Greek side Olympiakos, has renewed his interest in joining the foreign legion of club owners here. Premier League newcomers Crystal Palace could become a target next season if they go down. Sources close to Marinakis say he is again eyeing an opportunity to break into English football, relishing a fresh challenge after turning around the fortunes of Champions League club Olympiakos, and Palace fit the bill. I understand he is being advised by his friend Ivan Gazidis, the Arsenal chief executive, a South African of Greek origin, and would like a working relationship between Olympiakos and a Championship side. Uefa rules prohibit him owning a Premier League team unless he relinquishes control of Olympiakos, who have won 15 of the last 16 Greek League titles. Ownership of an English club might also see a more philanthropic approach to sponsorship. Rather than the dubious moneylenders and betting firms, his Olympiakos feature the UNICEF logo, with the club aiming to raise €2m (£1.67m) from charity events in the next two years for UNICEF’s child immunisation programme. Big, bearded and flamboyant, Marinakis, 45, turned down offers to buy Glasgow Rangers or a share of Milan. He was also once believed to be interested in West Ham. He has a house in Hampstead and is an ardent Liverpool supporter, providing Olympiakos as the opposition for Steven Gerrard’s testimonial game in August, and personally donating £100,000. Independent


Please note this year we are closed from 25/12 unto 1/1 inclusive. Due to staff holidays from the 16/12 unto 7/1 our opening hours are 9:30 to 14:30, Monday to Saturday. After then back to normal all day 6 days a week. Have a great Christmas and a lovely New Year from all at C.F.S.

To reach the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Greece had to contend with a team on the rise in Bosnia and a dangerous Slovakian side seemingly in decline since its memorable 2010 World Cup qualifying and finals performances. Latvia, a familiar qualification foe for Greece in its previous two major tournaments (2010 World Cup, Euro 2012), joined the fray as well. Ahead of those aforesaid tournaments, Bosnia twice narrowly missed out on its first major international tournament appearance due to consecutive playoff defeats at the hands of Portugal. No playoff would be necessary for Bosnia in 2013 as it won its qualifying group over Greece on goal differential. The decisive match was in Bosnia on 22 March, when Greece succumbed to three restart goals -two free-kick headers, one penalty miss rebound- in a 3-1 defeat. Greece’s defense proved rigid throughout qualifying, conceding zero goals over the flow of play. Four goals were allowed by the Greeks in ten games, the first of which was a penalty by Latvia, and yet four goals were too many for a relatively unproductive Greek attack to overcome. Though Greece was shut out just once, the team managed to score 12 goals, an output Bosnia reached in its second game. Following group play Romania, which claimed second place over Hungary and Turkey in a group dominated by the Dutch, awaited Greece in a two-legged playoff. The last time the two sides met in late 2011, Romania came into Greece and dealt Fernando Santos his first defeat as Greece manager in his 18th game at the helm. The Greeks reversed the prior 3-1 result in their favor this time, converting each goal on skillful one-touch passing and finishing. Kostas Mitroglou accounted for three of Greece’s four

goals in a 4-2 aggregate playoff victory, though none were actual game-winners. Dimitris Salpingidis notched the game winner in Piraeus while the second leg finished 1-1 in Bucharest. GREECE Association: Hellenic Football Federation (HFF) Confederation: UEFA (Europe) Head coach: Fernando Santos (Replacing long-serving Euro 2004 hero Otto Rehhagel, the Portuguese has been in charge of the Greek side since 2010, and has masterminded a fouth successful qualifying campaign in a row for the nation). Asst coach: Leonidas Vokolos Captain: Giorgos Karagounis Most caps: G. Karagounis (131) Top scorer: Nikos Anastopoulos (29) Home stadium: G. Karaiskakis Stadium FIFA code: GRE FIFA ranking: 12 Highest FIFA ranking: 8 (April 2008 – June 2008 and October 2011) Lowest FIFA ranking: 66 (September 1998) Elo ranking: 17 Highest Elo ranking: 7 (August 2004) Lowest Elo ranking: 78 (May 1963 and November 1963) Previous appearances: 1994 - Group Stage, 2010 - Group Stage How we got there: Missing out on automatic qualification on mere goal difference as Bosnia topped Group G, Greece relied on toppling Romania 4-2 in the play-offs (1st leg: 3-1, 2nd leg: 1-1)

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Opening of the official sports store of Platanias F.C. and the new administration office (photostory)

U20 Division A Eurobasket in Crete After the draw in Munich at the end of November, the host cities for nearly all of the 2014 European youth championships have now been released. The U20 Division A Eurobasket will be held in Crete (Heraklion and Rethymno) from 8th to 20th of July 2014. FIBA Europe Acting President Cyriel Coomans opened proceedings while the Draw was conducted by FIBA Europe Head of Competitions Richard Stokes. Mr Coomans reiterated that the draw is the official start of the Youth European Championship 2014 season and underlined the importance of the youth championships. “We are preparing the stars of tomorrow, as both in the men’s and women’s competitions those players will make sure we retain the high level of competition in future years. I wish all participating Federations the best of luck for both the draw and the competition itself next summer.” FIBA Europe Secretary General Kamil Novak spoke prior to the commencement of the draw, stating, “We are all aware of the importance the

Free time for your... mind

Youth European Championships have for FIBA Europe and the National Basketball Federations in Europe.” The four groups are:

Football Calendar... December Super League - F.C. Platanias

7/12: Levadeiakos - Platanias (Municipal Stadium of Livadia) 14/12: Platanias - Skoda Xanthi (Municipal Stadium of Perivolia) 18/12: Panetolikos - Platanias (Panetolikos Stadium) 22/12: Platanias - Panionios (Municipal Stadium of Perivolia)

We are Greeks!

Greeks are famous for their perseverance and the fact that they need to be just a step before destruction, when they wake up their savage instinct and live moments of glory. by Costas Nitse This has happened many times in CHANIA SPORT FM Journalist the past and it is still happening in our everyday life and of course football could not be an exception. Our national football team disappointed us during all group matches, but... when everyone was thinking that the end had come for World Cup Finals in Brazeil, allowing Romanians to have their own dream... everything changed. Just one step before the end, Fernando Santos transformed the team like a modern Cinderella and for two hours played excellent football, showing all over the world what we can do when we try hard. The story already wrote... Greece - Romania 3-1 and Romania - Greece 1-1... Greece has qualifed for the World Cup Finals in Brazil. But, how Greeks manage this wonder? Why should you get to the last moment to play well?

Football League - Chania F.C. I don’t think that Liechtenstein has a good national team, but our national made them look like a huge obstacle. Are we in love with difficult situations? I don’t know! Anyone who plays with fire... will burn and then we will start waht we know better... it’s a familiar process... our national team will be just an average team with moderate level players. Anyway, so far so good... until now God is Greek, just as a sportcaster has said many years ago... until when lady luck will be on our side! Our isnpiration is coming from the Greek soul and strength to bear us up under, obviously there are genes even from the time when Zeus came down from Olympus to have fun with some common humans having the fear of Hera. Even Gods have their weaknesses just like all of us! Our weakness is that we love the difficult, the impossible is to believe and our weakness is the danger. It’s the point that we reach the limits of our balance between man and God and feel super - heroes. Here we are and we are Greeks with many weaknesses and our inner power that makes us supermen in weak ... and difficult to easy.

8/12: Chania - Glifada (Municipal Stadium of Perivolia) 15/12: Asteras Magoulas - Chania (Municipal Stadium of Magoula) 22/12: Chania - Kallithea (Municipal Stadium of Perivolia)

3rd Division - Kissamikos

8/12: Kissamikos - Proodeftiki 22/12: Kissamikos - Atromitos Piraeus

FIFA World Ranking (November 2013)

Useful information and phones in Chania Prefecture Whenever you call a number in Greece, even if it is a local phone call, you have to use the (area code) + (0) + (phone number). For example, if you want to call a phone number in Chania you will have to dial: 2821+ 0 + phone number. If you call from abroad always use 0030 before the phone number. REGION OF CRETE....................................2813400300-5 PREFECTURE OF CHANIA....................2821340100-200 MUNICIPALITIES Chania............................................................................2821341600 Apokoronas..................................................................2825340300 Platanias........................................................................2821083570 Sfakia..............................................................................2825391540 Kissamos........................................................................2822340200 Kandanos-Selino........................................................2823349399 Gavdos...........................................................................2823041101 TRANSPORTATION Public bus....................................................................2821093306 City public bus...........................................................2821093024 ANEK Lines...............................................................2821027500-4 ANENDYK..................................................................2821095511-2 Airport...........................................................................2821083800 Aegean Airlines..........................................................2821063366 Olympic Air..................................................................8018010101 Ryan Air...............................................................00448712460002 Hermes taxi.................................................................2821098700

Kydon taxi....................................................................2821094300 GENERAL Police...............................................................................................100 Tourist Police...............................................................2821025931 Airport Police Station...............................................2821063033 Greek National Tourism Organization...............2821092943 Municipal Tourism Office....................................2821341665-6 Port Authority...............................................2821098388/98888 Fire Department.........................................................................199 First Aid..........................................................................................166 Rental Accomodation Union.................................2821043601 Chania Hotels Association.....................................2821060540 Customs Office...........................................................2821089277 Public Electricity Company.....................................................125 Municipal Water Company....................................2821036250 Telecommunications Organization......................................121 HOSPITALS/CLINICS Red Cross......................................................................2821052550 Aghios Georgios........................................................2821022000 Navy hospital..............................................................2821082000 “Iasis” Gavrilakis clinic..............................................2821070800 Kapakis Clinic..............................................................2821052688 Tsepetis Clinic.............................................................2821028828 Research and Training Institute of Alzheimer Senility Cases..............................................................2821076050 TV STATIONS Nea TV...........................................................................2821036700

Kydon TV......................................................................2821074978 Kriti TV...........................................................................2821083200 Kriti 1.............................................................................2821099119 Chania TV.....................................................................2821041440 NEWSPAPERS Haniotika Nea..............................................2821051003/70563 Dimokratis....................................................................2821099600 Agonas tis Kritis..........................................................2821099119 Kosmos tis polis.........................................................2821086786 Cretavoice....................................................................2821303095 Pyxida............................................................................2821074104 RADIO STATIONS Super FM......................................................................2821052010 Ant1 Dytikis Kritis......................................................2821055505 Chania Sport FM....................................................2821056800-5 Max FM.........................................................................2821055008 CONSULATES Germany.......................................................................2821068876 Denmark.......................................................................2821057330 Italy.................................................................................2821027315 Norway..........................................................................2821057330 Sweden.........................................................................2821057330 France............................................................................6944444757 CHAMBERS Chamber of commerce...........................................2821052329 EOMMEX.......................................................................2821042568 Economic......................................................................2821093001 Technical.......................................................................2821027900

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