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a simple and brilliant idea !

Indeed, it is an innovative perspective on conductivity that transforms an entire surface into a secured power outlet, as it is powered by 12 V (SELV). Complex tooling is unnecessary to install spotlights in a room. The light is simply pinned by hand into the panel. The link between the lown voltage transformer, the panel and the luminaries is so tenuous that the panel itself simply becomes the central element of the concept. Eveything becomes easier when the light shines at will, in a safe environment. The more the technology of the product evolves, the simpler the concept becomes : a panel liberates the user from wiring, decorates a wall or a ceiling. The innovation concept morphs into freeform light that bends to the imagination.






The wiring is the result of extensive experience and skill.

The collection includes three light transformers, which are compact and specific for use with our products. Their power capacité (70, 150 and 250w) allows to cover a range of 0 to 250 w (they actually start at 0 w !) They are perfectif well adapted to our luminaries and conform with european régulations. They are protected and protect the panels from short-circuits and other electrical overloads. They can be adapted on switches, remote controls, dimmers and other common détectons.

Midlightsun commercializes luminaries specifically adapted to the technology of conductive panels thanks to their pins. The latter can be integrated (LEDs, Pinlights) or not integrated (spotlights). Among this range adapted to the SELV power supply (12V AC), one can find LEDs, whose light is electronic and come in various colors, the Pinlights, with incandescent and warm light, and the Spotlights, whose design is very sleek.



The four collections have been created in light of several commercial and technical considerations : the maximum power, the duration of use, the context in which the products is likely to be implemented and the choice of lighting elements. Midlightsun collaborated with people from dierent fields in order to establish them so as to bring forth solutions adapted to each of their needs. - Architects will thus be able to find large-sized high power panels and customized solutions in full adequacy with their need to create and surprise in the "Interior Architecture" line. - Decorators will have access to creative, modular, customizable and ready-to-use solutions adapted to the atmospheres they wish to create within the "Decoration" line. - The "Event & Communication" line will provide event planners with finished, custom-made and easy-to-install product, and they will also benefit from the contribution of the Midlightsun study services. - The "Industriel design" line oers modular and adaptable solutions as well as its expertise to designers wishing to create new types of panels and electrical connections.



TECHNICAL INSTALLATION Solutions for professional

Pin it, it lights ! The installation of a crÊation takes place in five steps. First, a luminous atmosphère has to be chosen. This means that one must choose between a warm and dim ambiance, in which case pinlights will be used (approximately 20 per m2); a more design and bright atmosphere, in which case one will use LEDs (approximately 10 per m2), or a lighting solution, in which case spotlights will be recommended. Of course, a combination between several types of lighting elements is possible. The second step involves calculating the power necessary for the installation. For this, one has to add the powers of the chosen lighting elements and to multiply it by two in order to ensure modularity in time, especially when it comes to the amount of lighting elements to be used. The power thus obtained will then give the number of transformers necessary for the realization of the project. The third step consists in realizing a slab lay-out in order to position the panels, connectors and transformers used for the project on the walls or ceiling. Next, the panels are mounted. They can be attached with glue or our insulated screws. The panels will be connected to one annoter with edge to edge connectors and then decorated as the user dishes, with fabric, paint, stones (e.g. opposite), etc. Finally, the lighting elements can be inserted at will... They will light up instantly !


Through the years, the quality and novelty have lead it to be implemented for many projects enhancing products of brands of prestige and renown in various fields such as...


"There is no limit !

Power and endurance characterize this collection. These products comply with the strictes of safety and quality norms. To impose even more stringent than the legal requirements constraints.

all o our


Combining SELV transformers (12 V), connectors, panels and lighting elements, this technologie offers a wide collection of secure solutions that can be adapted to your wishes.



0,1-70 W* Transformers

0,1-150 W* Transformers

0,1-250 W* Transformers

Unit. Ref.: DP61201

Unit. Ref.: DP61401

Unit. Ref.: DP61501

Technical characteristics :

Technical characteristics :

Technical characteristics :

Power : 0,1 - 70 W

Power : 0,1 - 150 W

Power : 0,1 - 250 W

Primary tension : 230 V AC

Primary tension : 230 V AC

Primary tension : 230 V AC

Secondary tension : 12 V AC

Secondary tension : 12 V AC

Secondary tension : 12 V AC

Operating température : -10 to 50°c

Operating température : -10 to 50°c

Operating température : -10 to 50°c

Frequency : 50 Hz

Frequency : 50 Hz

Frequency : 50 Hz

12 Volts outlets : 2

12 Volts outlets : 3

12 Volts outlets : 3

Safety standards :

Safety standards :

Safety standards :

EN61347-1 EN61347-2/A2 EN60598-2-1 (1989) + EN60598-1 (2008) EN55015 RoHS IP20

EN61347-1 EN61347-2/A2 EN60598-2-1 (1989) + EN60598-1 (2008) EN55015 RoHS IP20

EN61347-1 EN61347-2/A2 EN60598-2-1 (1989) + EN60598-1 (2008) EN55015 RoHS IP20

Note : Compatible with a dimmer

Note : Compatible with a dimmer

Note : Compatible with a dimmer

*Only the use these transformers guarantee the operation of your installation


for these panels


There are three standard types of finishes: raw, coated paper one side or both sides

You can cover our panels with a large variety of finishings, for example :


The advantage of our panels is that they can be handled as any other construction material, except that they are very light. Fastenings


Ref. by 100 : DP80121

Ref. by 100 : DP80301

Description : These fastening are made of a screw and a wall plug.

Description : White PVC insulated tubes

The first is to tighten panels with our screws are designed to avoid short-circuit in the panel.

Safety standards : RoHS

Safety standards : RoHS

They can also be glued using any kind of neoprene or polyurethane glue for instance (on the ceiling, it is best to use a quick setting glue in order to avoid the use of shores).

They can be fastened to the walls, ceiling and floors using various methods.

A mix solution (glue and screws) remains the most eďŹƒcient one in order to preserve the rigidity of the panel, especially on the ceiling. These panels can also be fitted into other rigid structures, as many other construction plaques do.








The 75 x 75 cm panel comes from the "ECO" professional collection : it allows to create starry skies, headboards of desk lamps.




Everywhere that light can emphasize a picture or a brand, Midlightsun becomes decoration, window display, POS advertisement, graphic design or even furniture... 34 28


Advertisement, decorations, shortlived media installations and window displays for businesses or events often require the use of a specific style of scenography in which light becomes decoration, color and shadow.

Laid on a table, panels can be dressed with a table -





Only the use of these transformers ensures your installation


The Industriel Design collection illustrantes our exper-


Panels standard

Products The conductive panels Classic panel High power

These panels are made of either an electrically conductive elastomeric complex or thin mĂŠtallique sheets. Many years of research allow us today to say that we possess extensive knowledge in terms of electrically conductive sandwich panels. Though standard panels cannot be bent, other formulations can now be.

These panels are made of high densitĂŠ polyurethane foam and a highly resilient conductive complex. They can be used with Spotlights, Pinlights and LEDs. They are suited for intensive use indoor installations and allow for a wide variety of finishes. 2 faces raw Unit. Ref.: DP 10001 Technical characteristics : See p 17 Safety standards : Classified not fire M1 IEC 60598-2-1 et EN60598-2-1


Panels not standard Upon request, we will develop the panel that will be best suited to your needs. Here are a few examples...

Eco Panel

POS Panel

Medium power

Low power

Made of a low densité polyuréthane foam between two layers of high densité foam and thin conductive sheets, they are adapted for the use of LEDs and pinlights.

Made of high densité polystyrène plaques and thin conductive sheets, il is well suited for shortlived créations.

2 faces raw Unit. Ref.: DP1A001

2 faces raw Unit. ref.: DP1P001

Technical characteristics : see p 17

Technical characteristics : see p 35

Safety standards : Classified not fire M1 IEC 60598-2-1 et EN60598-2-1

Safety standards : Classified not fire M1 IEC 60598-2-1 et EN60598-2-1

Pet Panel

Balsa Panel

Multi- layers


Set of 2 25 A Edge connectors

Set of 2 4 A Face connectors

Set of 2 1,5 A pins

Set of 2 4 A pins

Unit. Ref. : DP40041

Unit. Ref. : DP44A71

Unit. Ref. : DP44951

Unit. Ref. : DP44A61

Technical characteristics : Power : 25 A

Technical characteristics : Power : 4 A

Technical characteristics : Power : 1,5 A

Technical characteristics : Power : 4 A

Note : Ready to weld

Note : Ready to be clipped on a cylindre (diameter 5)

Note : Ready to be screwed on M3 nut

Note : Ready to be screwed on M3 nut

Safety standards : RoHS

Safety standards : RoHS

Safety standards : RoHS

Safety standards : RoHS





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