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(015) 516 1535/6/7 Fax: 516 1786 TELEFUNKEN CELLPHONE WITH BUILT-IN TV AND RADIO 799 R NOW ONLY 99 50TH BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! Zoutpansberger 25 Mei 2012 (015) 516 1535/6/7 Fax: 516 1786 LEXMARK PRO 905 WIFI TOUCHSCREEN MULTI FUNCTION COLOUR PRINTER PRYS: R3,00 BTW Ing. Levubu-boer oorleef mesaanval, vrou ook slagoffer - bladsy 2 Joubertstraat 16B Louis Trichardt TEL: 516 4996/7/8 “Departementele” swendelaars bedrieg getroue werker uit die helfte van sy pensioen - bladsy 3 Jaargang 28 Vol. 20 NOW ONLY YOU SAVE R1000 99999 R 50TH BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! Droogte noop boere om te begin voer, maar reën op pad - bladsy 4 Makhado residents up in arms as taps dry up due to unannounced maintenance to reservoirs No bucket, no water By Isabel Venter Guaranteed service delivery for all … just bring your own bucket. Water service delivery in the Makhado municipal area again came under fire the past week with taps running dry for days on end. Many residents only realized that there was no water, when their storage tanks started running dry. Tshikota residents were also spotted last Friday frantically trying to fill empty containers with water from a municipal tanker, claiming that they have been without a single drop of water for three weeks. (Log on to to watch the video clip) As to the reason for the problem, Makhado municipal spokesperson Mr Louis Bobodi dropped off a press release at the offices of the Zoutpansberger in Friday, explaining that the Vhembe District Municipality embarked on a reservoir maintenance plan that will interrupt the normal supply of water. The release was dated two days earlier. According to the release, the maintenance plan entails the cleaning of three Albasini dam pump stations, as well as an additional eight reservoirs in Louis Trichardt. These reservoirs include the Mowkop, Hospital, Extension 7 and Railway pump station as well as the four reservoirs in Berg Street. In their release the Vhembe Municipality explains that the cleaning programme forms part of their “goal to supply every household with an adequate and reliable water supply.” From Monday to Tuesday the three pump stations were cleaned, thereafter the Mowkop reservoir on Wednesday and Thursday and the remaining reservoirs from 26 to 30 May. Confusion, however, exists regarding which parts of town and surrounding areas will be affected and for how long. According to a source close to the cleaning programme, water will be pumped directly from the Albasini dam into the existing supply pipeline for the duration of the programme. This is allegedly due to the fact that the reservoirs will apparently be emptied out. Both the Makhado and Vhembe Municipalities were contacted to provide further details regarding the programme. “We are faced with challenges in respect of water, and are struggling to cope” 2008 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D-4D Questions asked included which parts of town will be affected during the cleaning programme, when maintenance work will be completed, and why Tshikota has been without water for three weeks. Answers provided by the respective municipal spokespersons, however, only seemed to further dent the already fragile reputations of both municipalities when it comes to water service delivery. “We are faced with challenges in respect of water, and are struggling to cope,” said Mr Ralushai Matodzi, spokesperson for the district municipality on Tuesday. He acknowledged that the municipality is “disappointing a lot of people” and said that “Since Monday, we received many, many complaints from the public.” Bobodi in turn responded that he was not aware of the water crisis currently experienced by Tshikota residents. “If that is the case [no water], I was not aware of the challenges,” he said on Monday. He then referred all further media questions to Matodzi because the Makhado Municipality is no longer responsible for water. Asked where residents can find municipal water trucks, Bobodi referred the issue to the municipality’s assistant manager for water services, Mr David Mukosi, who is responsible for the deployment of the emergency water trucks. He responded by saying that residents should phone the trucks themselves if they want to know These people, most of them residents from Tshikota, were spotted where they are. The number given was frantically trying to fill empty containers with water last Friday, They claimed they have been without water for the past three weeks. 082 941 8171. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P6200 FEATURES Android OS R239 995 Tel: (015) 516 5175 C SAMSUNG N7000 GALAXY NOTE DISCOUNT WORLD FEATURES Android OS LCD Touchscreen Bluetooth & USB Bluetooth & USB 8MP Digital Camera R299 per month on CasualChat 100 100 Off peak minutes included 3GB Data PLUS once-off Corner Songozwi & Burger Streets, Louis Trichardt Tel: (015) 516 1535 / Fax: (015) 516 1786 Email: PO Box 333, Louis Trichardt 0920 R399 per month on CasualChat 100 100 Off peak minutes included 2GB Data PLUS per month Cnr Hans van Rensburg & Hospital Streets, Polokwane Tel: (015) 297 8800/1/2/3 / Fax: (015) 297 7051 Email: PO Box 812, Polokwane 0700

Zoutpansberger 25 Mei 2012

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