Issuu on Google+ (015) 516 1535/6/7 Fax: 516 1786 SAMSUNG DIGITAL ONE TOUCH COMPACT METALLIC MICROWAVE OVEN 20 LITRE YOU SAVE R300 • Power output 50Wx4 Max • MOSFET Power amp • 3-Band iEQ • Wireless remote control 49999 R NOW ONLY R3,00 VAT Inc. (015) 516 1535/6/7 Fax: 516 1786 JVC KDG335 DIGITAL CAR STEREO RADIO / CD COMBINATION / MP3 49999 R NOW ONLY Shop no. 5 Madar Centre, next to the Post Office, Thohoyandou Tel: (015) 962 1008 2 December 2011 Year 22 Vol: 14 Bloodbath... By Elmon Tshikhudo as ANC nomination process intensifies As the nomination proccesses for this month’s ANC conference in Limpopo draws to a close, incidents of infighting and intimidation have surfaced in Vhembe. A debate over the preferred candidates for Limpopo nearly ended tragically, when an enraged man allegedly lost his cool and poured beer over another, before stabbing him. Mushoni Tshifhango, a senior Thulamela municipality management committee member, a full-time coun- cillor and the Thulamela ANC subre- gional secretary, is said to have been involved in a heated argument over preferred candidates to lead the province after the December conference. The incident happened at Ngwenani ya Ha Mapholi on Saturday. The incident left Mr Nelson Ntsumbedzeni Tshitahe, an ex-Robben Island prisoner, seriously injured and still nursing fresh wounds. Tshitahe (58), who spent 10 years on Robben Island for his involvement in politics, said it was after a Ludzimatshithu ANC branch meeting in the village that their secretary invited them to his house for a political discussion. He said when he arrived there, he realised that representatives of many branches of the ANC were already there. “Everything was going well and I also took part in preparing meat for the braai,” said Tshitahe. “As a senior politician, I like this type of discussion as it help the new politicians to gain insight about our history and it empowers them to mature politically,” he said. He said a selected few of the men, including himself, were invited to a room in the house, where they discussed the current political situation, which also touched the question of who is to lead the province. “I could sense that the whole thing was planned, as Tshifhango started lecturing us on who is to lead the province and not giving us the chance to voice our opinions,” said Tshitahe. He said Tshifhango gave those A bloodied and bandaged Mr Nelson Tshitahe after he was allegedly stabbed for gathered the latest information on the having an opposing political view. 2008 TOYOTA FORTUNER 3.0 D-4D 57 000km R269 995 Check out our website C V T Hussain: 083 378 6000 provincial nominations as per some [people] took me aside and district. “I told him that we were not convinced me to leave, but I refused sure what he was talking about and as I wanted to engage constructively that was when I noticed that he was with others,” he said. not prepared to listen to anybody,” He said on coming back to the he said. room, “he found him [Tshifhango] He said Tshifhango was very par- still speaking like a lecturer to tial when he started to paint some students. On seeing me, he became of the leaders as being corrupt and very angry, jumped straight to me others as being in a better position and started stabbing me on the head to lead the province in a better way. with a broken drinking glass, while “I told him to his face that there is I tried to block the blows with my no one among the leaders whom we hands,” he said. can say is the best as even those he - Continues on p2 commended have been involved in corrupt activites,” said Tshitahe. He said Tshifhango “continued with his character assassination of the Premier and also went to the extent of saying he was worried as to why a person like me, who had spent many years on Robben Island, could support people like a premier whose government was corrupt”. He said he asked on several occasions for others to be given a chance to voice their opinion, but instead Tshifhango poured beer over him (Tshita- Mushoni Tshifhango, who is alleged to have he). “After the incident, stabbed Tshitahe.

Limpopo Mirror 02 December 2011

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