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EN FURI  A WORLD FULL OF EXPERIENCES suspension bridge, herbs, gardens, gorges FURI CIRCULAR TRAIL 2 From Furi, a signposted trail leads to the suspension bridge, not recommended for people who suffer from vertigo (90 metres high, 100 metres long). The circular trail from Furi to the suspension bridge, onward to the glacier garden and back, takes around 1h 15 minutes and is suitable for families. From the suspension bridge there is a breathtaking view down into the Gornera, where the thundering glacial meltwater tosses and turns in the valley. The suspension bridge permits easy access to Dossen Glacier Garden and to the “Schweizer Familie� barbecue area and playground. There is also an option to circumvent the suspension bridge for people who suffer from vertigo. "SCHWEIZER FAMILIE" BARBECUE AREA The barbecue area with its forest playground is the perfect excursion destination for families. Families and hikers will enjoy the children's playground, tables and benches as well as a fire pit complete with wood. The Glacier Garden is a little further up in the larch and stone pine forest. 3 GORNER GORGE  BELOW FURI 4 For everyone The Gorner Gorge is a place of unique natural beauty. In summer you can cross the lower part of the raging Gorner Gorge as far as Blatten without special equipment (chargeable). An unforgettable spectacle of nature, only 20 minutes from Zermatt. The lower part of the Gorge is really simple and therefore very sutibale for families. For adventurer The upper section of the gorge can be crossed with climbing gear in 3 to 4 hours. The climbing route is around 1 kilometre long. The dynamic fixed rope route leads over natural rock formations with climbing aids firmly anchored in the rocks. Visitors can only cross the gorge with the help of a mountain guide. RICOLA HERB GARDEN 5 A half hour's walk to the e picturesque hamlet of Blatten takes you to the Ricola Herb Garden, situated next to hey barns and the Blatten Chapel. Allow yourself to be carried off into the thrilling world of famous Ricola herbs! The circular educationally designed herb garden is entertaining with information boards from which you can read and learn. ADVENTUROUS EXCITING FAMILIAL NATURAL INTERESTING GIGANTIC THUNDEROUS BREATHTAKING FIERY STONY Zermatt Tourism CH-3920 Zermatt Tel. +41 (0)27 966 81 00 Faltblatt-Gletschergarten-DE-FR-EN-JP.indd 1-5 19.07.13 15:16

Furi a world full of experiences

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