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$5.00 WARD 32 FIVE DOLLARS Your Eye In City Hall Collectible Back Page Poster! 2 A 0 U1 G4 JAMES SEARS IN, McMAHON OUT! By our investigative journalist J.J. “That James Sears is a REAL pain in my neck!” Your Ward News endorses James Sears to be the next councillor for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York). As Election Day on Monday, October 27th draws near, more revelations have surfaced about our present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon. Our last several issues have shaken the Beaches to its foundation. Beachers are now uniformly opposed to allowing Mary-Margaret McMahon to continue being our councillor. Let us quickly review exactly what Your Ward News’ investigators have uncovered to date: - Councillor McMahon often mentions her involvement with the East Lynn Farmer’s Market to solidify her image as a country bumpkin. Your Ward News exposed the fact that her father Ronald Emo was not only the ex-mayor of Collingwood, but also a member on the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board). The OMB approves or denies applications seeking to build condominiums and all other major developments in Ontario. He also owns a piece of a development firm. - Councillor McMahon’s “Visioning” Study was comprised of several meetings that conned Beachers into believing that their input about future development of Queen Street in the Beaches actually mattered. We now know that this was the biggest scam since ‘24-hour Martinizing’ for your car. An even bigger joke was the meeting to consult locals about alterations to Kew Gardens. According to the design team it was difficult to enter the ‘Kew’ from Queen Street. After all, it took a whole step. - Councillor McMahon conspired with local “grass-roots” organizations that turned out to be ‘astro-turf’ operations; a tried and true strategy that attracts disgruntled citizens like fly-paper attracts flies. Fellow conspirators Graff and Hykamp led these bogus outfits. Many of these revelations were brought to light by our highly-capable candidate for Ward 32 councillor. The best disinfectant of municipal corruption is sunlight, but that’s not sufficient for the Your Ward News Investigative Division (NID). We cross-checked Mr. Sears’ allegations and they all panned-out. Then, much to our surprise, he uncovered MORE interesting details. The Oak Ridges Moraine’s ecological functions are vital to all of us, yet Mary-Margaret’s McMahon’s dad, ex-mayor of Collingwood Ronald Emo wants massive development to destroy it A.S.A.P. 9,000 years ago, giant ice sheets and glacial lakes seeped away from Southern Ontario leaving the Oak Ridges Moraine; 200 meters thick and rising to over 300 meters above Lake Ontario. A coalition of 25 citizen’s groups are dedicated to protecting this hydrological marvel, but Mary-Margaret’s dad says that “there are inherent problems with petitions and polls as a form of direct democracy”. A truly disgusting disregard of environmental concerns. Just like his daughter who does not give a darn about the hydrological concerns in our Beaches. SHE HAS PROVEN IT!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!----A ‘wild-card’ candidate has been shuffled into the deck of those running for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) Councillor. Many Beachers that have contacted us characterize BRIAN GRAFF as a joker who honestly believes that he is a financial analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle, a big player in the commercial real estate industry. These same Beachers claim that he lives in his mom’s basement. We refuse to slag on someone with these types of problems, as our Beaches Blues Fest has raised awareness of mental health concerns in the past. Will Mr. Graff stay and play, or will he drop out of the race and back Mary-Margaret McMahon? Time will tell. October 27th is Election Day and Beachers will vote for the future of our children’s children by electing James Sears as councillor of Ward 32. If you love our Beaches as much as we do then James Sears is your man. If for any reason you require transportation to the polling booth, Your Ward News will provide a lift for you. We would carry you on our backs if we had to, because the future of The Beaches (NOT Beach Village) is at stake. SEARS IN! McMAHON OUT!!! Songs For Seniors and the Senior Citizen Report China End Game. Freedom Of The Press??? Taxi Cab Blues. Life In Oz. 12 Steps Down! Restaurant Review Hippie Wake Up Call. Fraud Alert! “Green” Energy Kills. BACK COVER OFFICIAL POSTER

Ward 32 News Aug 2014

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