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Flowers We’re Your MUFFLER Specialists WE DO IT RIGHT All About Owner/ Designer 6 - 146 Broadway St. E. - Yorkton — THE FIRST TIME 39 Smith St. W., Yorkton, Sask. Phone Stephanie Buckle 782-4222 782-6050 YORKTON TIRE & AUTO CENTRE Auto Centre 131 PALLISER WAY YORKTON PHONE 782-2431 THE NEWS REVIEW 18-1st Avenue North, Yorkton, SK S3N 1J4 Thursday, October 4, 2012 - Volume 15, Number 33 College unfolds strategic plan for growth The Parkland College has a new focus and it recently announced that its strategic plan for 2012-2015 is in effect in time for the new academic year. The plan is the result of a year of discussions, debate, and brainstorming among Parkland College staff, board members, and the public. It was officially introduced at the college’s annual board/staff workshop held in Yorkton last week. The final document was approved by the Parkland College Board of Governors at the end of June and will lead the college for the next three years and beyond. The plan includes revamped high level policy including a new positioning statement, mission, and visionary outcomes. “Our strategic plan will guide us through an exciting time as the college and the region grow together. The policies and targets in the plan will prepare us for continued success in the years to come,” comments President Dr. Fay Myers. “We are focused on being engaged, passionate, and innovative. Our mission is to change lives, communities, and industries – one learner at a time. And our vision is to create prosperous individuals, enterprises, and economies driven by excellence at Parkland College.” Myers adds that the college is constantly adapting to better meet the needs of its stakeholders. The strategic directions that have guided the college since 2007 were productive and Quick fact: Established in 1973, Parkland College was the first regional college in Saskatchewan. successful. They form the basis for six priorities in the new strategy: • Quality Assured Education and Training: improve student satisfaction, graduation rates, graduate employment rates, and employer satisfaction; maintain high completion rates for university courses; introduce a comprehensive quality assurance system. • Trades and Technology Centre: Capital Campaign goal attained by year end 2012; building completed by year end 2014; improve overall effectiveness and efficiency of programs, services, and administrative support. • Building Business: increase generated revenue; grow International department; increase formal training partnerships; gain annual philanthropic support and invest- ment. • Organizational Engagement and Empowerment: staff aligned with new college strategies; improve employee satisfaction and staff retention rates; succession planning for critical positions. • Aboriginal Collaboration: increase participation rates, graduation rates, and employment rates for Aboriginal students; improve First Nations satisfaction; program partnerships with all 11 First Nations communities and two tribal councils. • Building Awareness and Reputation: grow public awareness of college services; enhance reputation; increase website activity; annual enrollment growth. A BIRD’S EYE VIEW – The Yellowhead Flyway Bird Trail Association (YFBTA) recently held an event that gave people a rare experience of watching two trained peregrine falcons demonstrate their hunting prowess. Forty-two people from numerous communities in the parkland area gathered for the unique experience. See more on Page 3. 2012 NISSAN SENTRA 2012 NISSAN TITAN CC $ 14,000 HAAS in Discounts* For Cash Purchases Phone 783-9461 * See dealer for details 0.9% 84 FOR MONTHS* WITH 1,500 $ ONLY $ 98 BI-WEEKLY* DOWN For more information on these cars, please visit our website at:

Yorkton News Review - October 4, 2012

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