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IMPACT Preserving the legacy of the YMCA winter 2011 PLAN GIVE IMPACT Your YMCA Endowment Committee is very excited to announce the launch of a new Planned Giving resource page on our website. The YMCA of Snohomish County has contracted with The Stelter Company to build a useful tool for Heritage Club members, Y members, donors, volunteers, and professional advisors. The web page features: • A comprehensive library of articles covering ways and what to give, together with estate planning basics. The site contains fresh content every month. • An array of interactive tools including Stelter’s research-based Plan-by-Life-Stage Library, Build Your Gift, Compare Gifts, Quiz Yourself, Gift Calculator complete with automated responses, and free eBrochures. In this Issue: • Message from the Chair • A special section for professional advisors containing comprehensive technical articles. • Heritage Dinner Invite Please visit the site today at • Donor Profile YMCA ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS Judy Baker, Brenda Baltrusch, Nancy Cavassa, Jeff Dunleavy, Nick Gottuso, Dan Leach, Dick Lyons, Loren Van Loo, George Youngstrom • Retirement Plan Beneficiaries • Managing the Endowment Fund

Impact Newsletter - Winter 2011

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