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Look inside for... Be fuddy-duddies At the about Spring break shelter Try our Sudoku! 50 cents Yancey County News Crabtree - Egypt - Green Mountain - Jacks Creek Brush Creek - Burnsville - Cane River Pensacola - Price’s Creek - Ramseytown - South Toe vTo be a voice, and to allow the voices of our community to be heard.v March 7 , 2013 W Vol. 3, No. 10 v Recipient of the 2011 E.W. Scripps Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment v Schools adjust calendar for snow By Jonathan Austin Yancey County News The Yancey County Schools calendar has gone through some “significant modifications” due to the recent snow days, but the Spring break schedule is unchanged. The snow cancellations have forced school administrators to use up the optional and floating teacher workdays, and as of now the last day of school will be Tuesday, May 28, according to school Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton. “We’ve rearranged the calendar and taken a couple of the teacher work days and made them school days,” he said. This week, the day missed on Wednesday was counted as an annual leave day, Tipton said, while Thursday was a teacher work day. “We’re in pretty good shape,” he said, though any additional days lost to weather will mean bumping the last day of school back. He said the May 28 day will be a half day for students. “The question has been asked, ‘With all these changes, will we lose Spring Break?’“ Tipton said in a statement released Thursday morning. “The answer is - No. In creating the calendar, optional teacher workdays were built in and have now been reclaimed as snow days, allowing us to save the Spring break holidays See page 7 In like a lion ... Photos by Jonathan Austin/Yancey County News Some areas of Yancey saw more than five inches of snow from the storm that hit this week, though temperatures are supposed to reach the 60s this weekend. Here the snow drapes the cougar at Mountain Heritage High School and a bus mechanic clears the parking lot at Micaville Elementary School. See more images on our Facebook page. Poll shows North Carolina supports gun limits More than half of North Carolina residents favor a variety of measures to regulate gun purchases in the United States, with the greatest support shown toward mandatory background checks for all individuals buying a firearm, according to the latest Elon University Poll. Nine out of 10 people in the state say they support background checks. Nearly as many (83 percent) support waiting periods before citizens can purchase handguns, and banning the sale of semi-automatic assault rifles (56 percent) and limiting the number of rounds of ammunition in clips or magazines (55 percent) also have the backing of a majority of North Carolina residents. Democrats, women, African Americans, and poll respondents with college degrees or higher were the most supportive of the measures. See page 2 Shop local to keep your economy thriving! Make it a great year for your friends and neighbors!

March 7 Yancey County News

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