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Xcell journal ISSUE 86, FIRST QUARTER 2014 ISSUE 85, FOURTH QUARTER 2013 SS O O LL U UT T II O N S F O R A B LL E E P R O G R A M M A B Xilinx’s UltraFast Xilinx Ships Industry’s First 20-nm Methodology: Formula All ProgrammableADevices for Generation-Ahead Productivity Using Vivado HLS to Design a Median Filter and Sorting Network for Video WO OR R LL D D W Accelerate Cloud Computing with the Zynq SoC Zynq SoC Enables Red Pitaya Open-Source Instruments How to Design IIR Filters for Interpolation and Decimation Middleware Turns Zynq SoC into Dynamically Reallocating Processing Platform Ins and Outs of Testbench Creation How to Add an RTOS to Your Zynq SoC Design page 30 Demystifying Kintex-7 Receiver Mines TV ‘White Clocks Unexpanded Space’ for New Comms Services 16

Xcell journal issue 86

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