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K O W A L S K I ’ S M A R K ET S D FOODS R FO GO O G o f o o d y F o j o od e h t k k T H GO O D H E AL D H k T GO O GO O FOODS R FO D k D H E AL 12 $ 99 6 Wild Caught Tuna Steaks $ Tuna steaks are great for broiling or pan frying. Just sear a few minutes on each side and serve rare. Great to add to salads or use for fish tacos! Kowalski's Naturally Raised Kobe Style Fresh Ground Chuck Not your ordinary ground beef. Kobe Style Wagyu has a very rich, buttery flavor that is excellent in any recipe. Wagyu beef is also lower in saturated fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids. Imported direct from Australia. 99 /lb. Save $3/lb. /lb. Save $2/lb. 11 $ 99 7 Boar's Head Roast Beef $ 39 The freshest, best-tasting deli meat you’ll ever /lb. have. Boar’s Head Roast Beef is oven roasted with no fillers or artificial ingredients. Perfect Save $1.09/lb. for sandwiches and meat trays. 10-Stem Gerbera Bunches These multi-colored gerberas are grown locally in Plymouth, MN. You can't get a fresher flower with more vibrant color because they are cut and brought directly to you! /ea. Save $7/ea. H k T GO O FOODS R FO GO O of hand – and they are particularly good during the winter. They are easy to peel and can be enjoyed with no seeds. Great for snacks and salads. k D H E AL 1 Cara Cara Navel Oranges $ Widely considered the best oranges to eat out Organic Earthbound Farms Salads 49 /lb. Save $1/lb. 2/ 6 $ Even when you’re short on time, it’s easy to add a healthy helping of tender leafy greens, spinach and fresh lettuces to any meal with these delicious organic prewashed salads. Save $1.98 on 2 Kowalski's Mini Cookies $ Our cookies are made from scratch! These are the perfect size to snack on. Check out all the different varieties! 3 $ 49 7 /ea. Our fresh soups are handmade in small batches from our exclusive recipes. Choose from a variety of the most popular flavors as well as some of our originals. You'll find them in the Deli. 20 oz. cup. Aged Gouda from Holland. Flavors of Parmesan and Gouda are condensed in this cheese, which is aged a minimum of 18 months. Sweet and caramelly. Lamberti Prosecco A spread of holiday appetizers have no better friend than a gently sparkling glass of Prosecco. Our most popular is on sale for New Year’s. /pkg. Save $.60/pkg. Kowalski's Fresh Soup Cups Prima Donna Cheese 99 Save $.50/ea. 17 $ 49 /lb. Save $3.50/lb. 12 $ 97 /ea. Save $3 /ea. 02 (The Wine Shop in Eagan, Woodbury, Stillwater & Uptown) FEATURES GOOD: Mon, Dec 30th – Sun, Jan 12th Visit our website for more weekly features and specials in every department.

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