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PRESORTED STANDARD PERMIT #3036 WHITE PLAINS NY Vol. VI I No. I Westchester’s Most Influential Weekly Westchester County Hits a Dead End Thursday, January 3, 2013 $1.00 B. A. JOHNSON Conservative Kurt Colucci for County Executive Page 4 SHERIF AWAD Color Me Kubrick Page 6 ROBERT SCOTT Inez Milholland: Beautiful Suffragist Page 7 WORSHIP Trembling Before G_d Page 8 RAYMOND IBRAHIM Egypt’s Christians Page 8 By Nancy King, Page 13 ”Asinine Journal News Editors treat Sex Offenders Better than Law Abiding Gun Owners.” Senator Greg Ball, Page 13 Have A Very Happy and Healthy New Year HEZI ARIS Yonkers City Hall vs Unions Page 9 JOHN SIMON Two Remembered Page 11 BOB WEIR Life Turns On a Dime Page 15

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