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PHOTOS COURTESY OF HENRY NAKAI/NAKIA RODEO PHOTOS The Southwest’s source for rodeo, roping and barrel racing news and information ll-Around November 2011 Volume 17 • Number 11 $2.00 NMRA Crowns 2011 Champions T he New Mexico Rodeo Association wrapped up the 2011 season linking it to a history of great rodeos throughout the past. The NMRA State Championship is a cherished treasure for many cowboys and cowgirls throughout the Southwest and the association has always set a standard for quality in the rodeo world. This season once again matched those in the past with many great rodeos throughout the year as well as their Finals. The Bernalillo County Sheriffs Posse Arena in Albuquerque played host to this years Finals and the covered facility was a welcoming sight for competitors. Great ground condition accompanied by plenty of room and a large arena to host the event, was joined by great stock by three of the NMRA producers made for a great event. In addition, lots of great prizes and a pile of cash was handed out to winners of the rodeo, as well as this years state champions. Winning the highest awards this season were those who took home the NMRA State Championships. These cowboys and cowgirls covered lots of miles attending rodeos all across the Southwest earning money and awards along the way. But the states granddaddy of them all is those collected at the NMRA Finals – NMRA State Champion! Congratulations to this year’s Winners! Bareback - Larry Carter Saddle Bronc - Chance Barnes Ranch Bronc Riding - Cody LeSueur Bull Riding - Joseph McConnel Rookie Bull Riding - Wyatt Harper Open Barrel Race - Caren Lamb Incentive Barrel Race Year End Champion - Lisa Girdner Breakaway Roping - Jessica Silva Open Calf Roping - JoDan Mirabal Incentive Calf Roping - Brian Sullivan Steer Wrestling - Kyle Smith Open Team Roping Header - Brandon Gonzales Heeler - Brian Sullivan Incentive Team Roping Header - JoDan Mirabal Heeler - Cody Mirabal The rodeo played out over the weekend of October 14-15, 2011. With Arena Director, Jeremy Sours taking the lead of the event, the stock contractors Richard Hodgson of the Bucking H Rodeo, longtime NMRA producer, Buster Webb of the W/A Rodeo and Mark Sanchez of Crossroads Rodeo Co. the event kicked things off in grand style. Randy Lewis played host to the announcers stand while judges, L.J. Braught and Gid Allen marked rides flagged events and made sure the rodeo was ran smooth and fair for this years top 15 contestants in every event. As the rodeo played out, several top names hit the spotlight including AllAround Cowboy Year End champion, JoDan Mirabal and All-Around Cowgirl Year End champion, Jessica Silva. JoDan made several stops along the winning trail throughout the rodeo and took home not only the All-Around title, but also gathered the Open Calf Roping Year-End title, as well as the Incentive Team Roping header year-end Titles. Silvia earned her share on the way to her All-Around women’s title. She collected checks in the Breakaway roping, in which she also claimed the year-end titles for and in the Incentive team roping. Others who topped their events at the rodeo included, Saddle Bronc rider Lon Danley who won both rounds and the Average, but was unable to unseat Chance Barns who claimed this years ?NMRA state championship. Adding the Ranch Bronc Riding to this year’s event list opened up another chance for cowboys to claim part of the NMRA history. Winning the year-end championships was Cody LeSuer who placed in both rounds. However, Caleb Gillard took the win on both rounds and the Average of the NMRA finals. In the Open Bull Riding Joseph McConnel opened up the first round with a win that eventually catapulted him to the top of the standings earning him the year-end title. Winning the second round, Lon Danley’s high marked ride of 88 points also earned him the Average title of this years NMRA Finals. In the Rookie Bull Riding, Wyatt Harper was the man to beat. Although no one continued on page 2

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