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Volume 01 ISSUE 03 December 2012 PUBLICATION OF THE WATSON COLLEGE OF EDUCATION WatsonChronicle Watson UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA WILMINGTON In this issue WCE Educational Projects 6 NCHS Mentors in WCE Training 8 WCE Holiday Lunch 23 Sections WCE Celebrations 2 Faculty Events & Announcements 3 Alumni News 7 Our Family Corner 7 Calendar of Events 9 Visions: Our Students Speak 10 Student News 11 News & Views from Departments and Programs 14 Diversity Dividends 17 Staff News 19 DEAN Kenneth Teitelbaum DEAN’S DISCOURSE Dr. Kenneth Teitelbaum I’m going to cheat a little for this December issue of the Watson Chronicle – and repeat a column that I wrote for a similar monthly publication when I was dean at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Several folks there told me that it was meaningful to them, so perhaps it’s worth repeating and will be of interest to some of you as well. Here’s what I wrote exactly two years ago: Sometimes the events in your personal life stop you in your tracks. As many of you know, my mother passed away unexpectedly on December 3. As I told my three daughters often during the last two decades, we were very fortunate to have both my parents and my wife’s parents live to a ripe old age. All four parents/grandparents were well into their late 80s when they died, my mother the oldest at 90. What I regret is not visiting my mother more often since I moved to Carbondale in 2007. I always had so much work to do, and it seemed like such a long trip to make, 1,000 miles to New Jersey, so I relied on phone calls to fill in between the trips I did make. Of course now my mother is gone, and somehow, at one of the busiest times of the year, I managed to make the long trip to NJ for her funeral. Why could I not have made such trips more often when she was alive? It’s an old and oftrepeated story, I know . . . I wish I had. EDITOR Elizabeth Foster GRAPHIC DESIGNER Krystine Wetherill Watson College of Education, UNCW 601 S. College Road Wilmington NC 28403 So during this season when families and friends get together to celebrate the holidays and the new year, try to leave your work and other travails behind, and enjoy the company of some of those who are closest to you. Take great pleasure in the love and camaraderie when you can. And maybe – to your parents and children, spouses/partners and other family members, and close friends – give them an extra hug. As I wish I could still do with my mother. The WATSON CHRONICLE is a publication of the Watson College of Education The Thanksgiving holiday is over – and there is much work to be done during the next several weeks, with the last classes of the semester, students’ final assignments, submission of final grades, graduation ceremonies, end-of-thesemester reports and meetings, etc. And of course it will also soon be the start of the winter holiday season, with Hanukkah (December 8-16), Christmas (December 25) and Kwanzaa (December 26-January 1), among others. (December is also Universal Human Rights Month and of course December 7 is Pearl Harbor Day). I hope during the busy days ahead that you can in fact find (make) the time to give “an extra hug” to the ones you love – and perhaps also to those whom you just like a whole lot! And I hope as well that the next year will be one of greater peace in the world than was the case this past year. Speaking for all my colleagues in the Dean’s Office, we wish you a very Happy New Year! (The Watson Chronicle will return for its February 2013 issue.) Vol.1 Issue 3

WCE Chronicle - December 2012

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