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PUBLICATION OF THE WATSON COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Volume 02 WatsonChronicle Watson UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA WILMINGTON ISSUE 02 November 2013 Sections Watson College News 2 Upcoming Events 6 Education Updates 6 Student Opportunities and Student News 7 Support for Educators in the Field 14 Programs for P-12 Students 15 Our College Community 16 DEAN Kenneth Teitelbaum EDITOR Susan Finley GRAPHIC DESIGNER Krystine Wetherill PHOTOGRAPHY Bobby Hall Melissa Harbour Dave Munson Watson College of Education UNCW 601 S. College Road Wilmington NC 28403-5994 The WATSON CHRONICLE is a publication of UNCW’s Watson College of Education LEARN LEAD CREATE INSPIRE Vol.2 Issue 2

Watson Chronicle November 2013

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